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Julie Green Justice in the Fall

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Word Justice in the Fall

Justice Fall and falls on the enemies of Almighty God

Judges take your places of morality and justice or be removed.

I am moving in the justice system of this land, in this hour, rulings and sentencing will be brought down, finalized for your enemies of this land. More justices in the Supreme court will be removed by me, by my hand, for their heinous crimes against you. The ones who are appointed by Obama will also be removed by me, of anyone in the seat of a judge will not rule for justice liberty morality in the constitution, I will do a clean sweep of judges and lawyers in this nation Yes, I am cleaning house of your entire judicial system I will not watch criminals go free and the innocent be locked up. This government has used and abused their powers in the judicial system, along with the FBI the CIA the NSA They were used for another arm of power to destroy the masses, and I am dismantling that system, and that they have become, it has become a cesspool of dirty deals against the people in this nation, to rob to kill the spy for their own gains.

I have spoken destruction over this system, and its coming down in this hour again. All that is against you, every person who has come here illegally to help in the coup, and the destruction of this nation, line up and be prepared for your judgment, for the money that has been given to you to destroy this nation from within. I will rip any freedom that you thought you had, any power and any plans you had, against my nation and my children. I am moving against you, my angel armies are standing against you. You will not strike this nation in that planned attack. You have been given those orders, I will stop you myself, you will not succeed in your plans and destruction of this nation. The party of the blue that has given to you, not only will all of you be taken out, so the ones who paid you to steal and to destroy this nation, Yes the party of the Blue, I am coming for you and the ones who pretended to be Red but were not, just so the blue could control both sides for political gain, financially and with power, to destroy this government, in any, in all systems put in place by me, and all of you know who you are. I have your names, I know where you live, and where you hide, and now my spotlight will shine on you and expose everything hidden in the dark. When I get done with my mighty works no evil will be left standing in your government.

NO, the ones who I have appointed and anointed, will be put in their places for such a time as this. Bill Gates your Gates have come down, You have nowhere to go. My angels are against you for the trial, and this of this nation, and the death that you have caused. Your part in the pedophilia ring sex trafficking coven and the global reset, I will expose it all, and your sentencing will be treason and death shall come to you, but not before you lose everything that you hold dear, which is your money and your power that you sold yourself for. Everything will be taken from you. The angel of death will visit you where you sleep. The angel of death is coming again, mass deaths you will hear in this hour. For the enemies of Almighty God and my children, do not fear when you hear of so many deaths, I am protecting you, just like my children in Goshen, I separated them plea the blood of Jesus and put the hedge of protection over everything that you own. This angel cannot touch you, and my children, who have taken the shot and are concerned about the side effects, and what you are hearing is happening to so many, be still, and know that I am God Almighty God I am wiping away any evidence of anything, that shot was designed for, and it’s not going to harm you. I am moving across this earth to heal and restore all that has been done to you and for your enemy’s plans to destroy you in any way that they could a cleansing across this earth and across its masses.

I will move heal restore and make whole once again miracles are breaking out all over this world as a sign that I am moving and I am still the same yesterday today and forever.

Disney you are being exposed in this hour for all that you have done with the children, and how you have been used by the elites for the lusts of the flesh and your propaganda in your shows, your movies, to control and deceive the masses, I will dismantle you, and destroy your plans against my children and all over this earth. You will not have any power left over after I get done with you saith the lord of hosts

My children their arrests have already started even though the news is hiding what has been going on. Hold on my show is already begun and this show is about to get very interesting

It’s coming to a climactic part where everything changes The storyline, and the plot that was in this earth is wiped out by me. Acts I am about to do will shock the whole world, for this is the hour of the Exodus. Wealth transfer and a new life a new beginning, a new economy, a new everything that you are about to see. Your promised lands, where there is no lack of any kind. Watch my hand move my children to save and deliver you. Shout it’s time of the new !  saith the lord

WOW Obama appointees to be removed, SCOTUS judges told to shape up or ship out, FBI CIA NSA who declared war on their own people to be dismantled, Pedophillic Disney to be destroyed, Bill Gates to be visited by the angel of death but not until he has lost everything and been exposed. A whole new unimaginable world coming starting now. Evil to be removed person by person. Its a long list. What a fantastic show.

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