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Lay Gnosis Feedback 1 Adam UK

Steve when you said people will be brought to you or you will be brought  because you know something that is vital to them believe me I have experienced this on so many occasions far too many to count.
I would be having conversations with people and they would thoroughly enjoy having me in their presence I would be able to sense all of their thoughts I would be able to sense the mental programming that they are dealing with their spirit is telling them information it’s telling them exactly what kind of person I am and it’s very obvious that it’s the very first time in their current lifetime that they have come across someone like me a naturally born gnostic so yes sleepwalkers are able to sense these things instinctively they already understand what source is telling them about the experience that they have had after we have went our separate ways
And in some of these encounters it was so blatantly obvious that source has went to great lengths to make sure that this specific individual comes across me once again I would have a huge smile on my face because i would hear your voice saying the words “Adam source will bring you to people and you might be brought to people and it’s because you know something that is vital to them” and once again I would find myself in an almost perpetual state of laughter and joy because I would look at experiences that I have had and the way my life has played out the way things fall into place perfectly it’s almost too perfect I would keep thinking to myself that it’s no coincidence that I have come across individuals like you.
so I would look at the interactions that I have had with people throughout my life and the answers that I have given them people would keep thanking me over and over again one time I was sitting on a park bench by myself and a woman came and sat next to me and we had a long conversation and when she was about to leave she hugged me and she hugged me for a while just like you said individuals who are born gnostics it takes them years to realise that other people are not like that, so believe me I have always heard source telling me that I should interact with people as much as possible just by having me in their presence people would have their spirits lifted and after we have went our separate ways I am able to sense them thinking about me.
I can just go on and on and I will if you don’t mind Steve this is just too good to be true just like I said I have always been the shyest quietest person that anyone will ever come across so I have not had all that many interactions with people throughout the course of my lifetime but I would always wonder to myself why is it that I am so good at entertaining people and why is it that I am able to see myself existing inside other people as if I am literally inside their body all of their thoughts i am able to read the way they look at me it’s like they are looking at a genuine e.t. that is standing right in front of them.
They look at me and I am able to sense that they are mesmerized by my presence so yes the moment you are standing in the vicinity of an individual you are able to sense their spiritual signature and their electromagnetic accumulation you are able to understand what sort of person they are so yes sleepwalkers instinctively understand perfectly well if a born gnostic is standing in front of them they can sense that there is something about that person that makes them different to all the other people that they have encountered during their lifetime I would not be fazed in the slightest when they would interact with me and make jokes and such ridicule me with a grin on their face but a grin that is telling me that instinctively they agree 100% with what I am saying
For me I would look at them in the same way that I look at my own siblings and and my own parents I would not see them as an adversary in the slightest and they would be able to sense this I would be able to sense that they feel the need to have more interactions with me but they are fearful of being ridiculed by their friends but nonetheless believe me some people have got out of their comfort zone and simply embraced me just like that much to my surprise but at the same time not to my surprise at all.
Because source would tell me that yes people have a natural attraction to you and the things you say when you are in their presence you are always saying godly things and it took me years to realise that I am doing this that I am saying godly things left right and centre and for me I never liked attracting too much attention to myself so just like I have always distances myself from people because of my shyness but just like that when I am walking on the streets the moment people look into my eyes their face would light up and there would be a smile on their face so just like you said it takes years for born gnostics to realise that other people are not gnostic, I would hate to boast or belittle anyone that’s not what I’m doing while I am writing this I’m just being honest and sharing my experiences i’m sure you understand Steve, when you said “Yes there are different levels of attunement” there was a huge smile on my face because I remember the numerous individuals that I have encountered that are much like you but not quite on the same level of attunement as you, you really are a hidden gem a colossal gold nugget that’s neatly tucked away in a desert the table that was holding the keyboard and monitor almost broke when I came across that video where you said the words “what are you?” It almost broke because of the sheer automatic reaction that I have had my hands slammed down on the wooden panel that was holding the keyboard so hard that it almost broke I was thinking to myself that’s the billion dollar question there’s no way he’s about to answer that question so I took a few moments to brace myself before I unpaused the video to hear what you have to say and boy never will I regret that decision, there is so much more I would love to share with you just give me a bit of time k rise is extremely overwhelming. 
Yours sincerely,Adam.

Steve Trueblue

 That’s a wonderful entry for the Blog, Adam. Page will be called “Feedback” Your notes form a very useful teaching aid for. others. Its almost humorous that your note mentioning K rise and tinnitus immediately triggers  tinnitus in me. LOL. Meaning there is a mutual support function as more people awaken, a sort of mass bootstrapping.

I have been busy building a kitchen and its nearly finished, so I will be putting more stuff in the blog.Currently, Gnostic Trevor in Vancouver is gently encouraging a fundamentalist Christian to look up from holy books and see what else is available like TBH. He has studied the bible and philosophers and can produce quotes all over the place, very knowlegable he is, but it means he is carrying way too much baggage. So I am prepared to be disappointed  as all too often fundies can’t step out of the intellectual cage they have fashioned for themselves. 

And an Observation Adam, you would likely make a very good interviewer, counsellor, advisor for people who need help. You will, meet them in your electrical job, randomly, and they will likely be brought to you, in many cases. Its just a thought. ummm…. What sort of electric work do you do ?

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Lay Gnosis and wandering deceased spirits

Adam puts a question. I would like to ask about the non-physical entities that have an extreme service to self nature, astral boo baby talked about this when he made a video about this subject he mentioned how they are unable to incarnate into this reality because of their extreme service to self nature but they can still see us and they live among us in this reality they are able to communicate with us through our minds eye by showing us video clips of undesirable or heartbreaking experiences that we might have had during our lives to push our buttons as much as possible and to discourage is if we are about to do something that will be beneficial for our personal growth, our spiritual growth, astral boo baby talked about how the reason why things like revenge killings and vengeful acts happen is because of these non physical intelligences that are communicating with the individual these non physical entities are much like us a body of consciousness they are a body of awareness and they too are a part of source it seems and they too are able to think and discern and the moment they see an individual who is having a bad time they will automatically latch onto that individual because they believe this Individual is very likely to do what they want these non physical entities are extremely good at manifesting themselves through the host and there are all sorts of these entities they are not all the same some of them are much more deceptive and cunning than others just like with people some people have a high attunement with source because they have had many experiences in many different lifetimes it’s the same thing with these non physical entities they are very good at finding weak points and exploiting these weak points in the individuals psyche in the individual’s emotional architecture, astral boo baby mentioned how these entities congregate in certain places where there is a lot of mindlessness happening places where a lot of people are getting drink or getting high because these things cause hole to be punctured in the individual auric field and this allows these entities to possess the individual and latch onto the individual you see. This is very interesting stuff please do tell me what you think I’m sure your very familiar with this information, it seems that this is one of the biggest vehicles that can be used to get people to understand the true fluid nature of reality and to pay attention to the question of “what are you?” Because when people watch movies like the conjuring movies that are based on non physical intelligences that are present in certain locations what some might call ghosts but really it’s not a ghost it’s a non physical entity that can communicate with us telepathically when the individual stands in that location their sixth sense is telling them that there is something else there that can see them and it’s watching them observing them for instance if a being dies and leaves this world they are able to return to a certain location where they have a connection to they might feel the need to hang around there for a while before they feel it’s right for them to move on. It seems that we are able to speak to these entities using telepathy and ask them to run errands for us on our behalf for instance ask them to tell us certain information that isn’t available to us it seems we can write down word for word what they are telling us just like we can write down what source is telling us about the world, so a piece of source exists inside us each human being and a piece of source exists inside these non physical entities as well.

Malevolent souls I have encountered twice in relatives in the Fiji side of my family.
This is the result of a person dying, their restraining bolt dissolves and they achieve near Godlike powers, from our perspective, they can see us, though we cant see them, and can sometimes message us in dreams and keywords into our minds eye, etc They can influence us in a kind loving way and most do, but we find a few just become trolls doing injury to susceptible. people.

Possession by malevolent souls, yes, Adam that’s two souls in one body.
But just how does this happen ? And why ?
In one young lady Miss X she was the daughter of a very successful mechanic, who effectively worked his way out of poverty, stimulating intense malevolent jealousy in neighbours.
Indian society is very emotional and intense and puritanical. Far more than Europeans. Gossip and rumours abound and people delight in spreading rumours that people are having slacious affairs all over the place. Passing on rumours is a hobby for Fiji Indian people to wile away the hours because they don’t have jobs. They are subsistence farmers, very poor, and their only etertainment is drinking Kava, doing religion, and having 12 hr conversations which is where the rumours are generated.
With all this time on their hands, some people practice what is essentially witchcraft. For lack of a better word.
The malevolent jealousy toward Channan the successful mechanic was so strong that when his daughter was 14 Miss X was fed the ashes of a deceased person, in some food gift which somehow enabled a second soul to reside in her mind and body and cause her endless grief and suffering. This is the malevolent punishment meted out by spitefully jealous neighbours.
So it seems these floating reincarnation failed entities can be “called in” by some cultures.
She has had endless illnesses that have ruined her life. Her illnesses baffle doctors. She has blurted out foolishly wrong conversation in critical places, lost jobs and degrees, and done herself great career damage. Her entire life is an ongoing disaster, still . After 20 yrs. It talks to her.Taunts her, tortures her. Appears in her mindseye. Makes her physically sick. Chest pains etc. In one Muslim Exorcism the damned thing takes over and speaks in a male voice thru her mouth saying “I love her” She is in a sort of trance. Priest yelling Get out Get out, leave this young lady, you don’t belong here. Between prayers and incantations.
It brought some relief, but the symptoms came back , I was involved in the second Exorcism with a different priest, that included laying a goats heart on her chest, while doing prayers and incantations while she lays with eyes closed. I had to drive her to the river, because the contaminated heart had to be dropped into water soon after the ceremony.
She has been a lot better since then, about a year ago.
( My philosophy is if it works do it)
I had suggested to her the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR would install in her MR G unchained within her, who would most likely eject this ugly parasitic soul.
But NO, she cant understand the concept, because she is effectively learning disabled with her low IQ
She was brought up in Fiji knowing only the Meccan “soft” Koran. And remains devout.
But here is where your explanation fits her “it’s the same thing with these non physical entities they are very good at finding weak points and exploiting these weak points in the individuals psyche in the individual’s emotional architecture” Miss X has a low IQ, and is somewhat gullible, and is befuddled by complex situations and that is how this evil entity derails her life repeatedly, by being more cunning.
She simply cannot understand LG, because she cant join evidence dots to learn a new paradigm. So she clings to the rituals of Islam. Its all she has.

In another Fiji relative, on another Island, my Brother-in-law’s sister would periodically fall asleep in a lounge chair and start talking with a male voice. It happened so much, that she was taken to the local temple and the priests instantly knew who it was ! Recognised the voice ! The interloping entity apparently did this to a number of people. He was well known to the priests. They did some exorcism curses and incantations but they were never successful at eliminating the parasitic entity.
I also recall reading years ago an accidental discovery by a therapist treating an army veteran for PTSD. To his astonishment, in a hypnotic trance, reliving the shattering explosion of a land mine, the therapist discovered 5 internal personalities living within this one surviving soldier. The other 5 had been killed in the mine explosion and somewhow they all dived into Joe’s body, because he was the only one left alive. And they were all quite happy living inside Joe. The report didn’t cover how Joe felt about it.
Related to this is something quite exciting. It has been noticed that heart transplant recipients often have a personality change that is identified by the anonymous donor’s family.
So its happened, numerous times that a quiet person who reads books, has a heart transplant and on recovery, suddenly starts eating giant chilli pizzas and riding a huge motorbike. The family explains that’s what the donor did. He was killed in a motor bike accident.
Numerous collected stories on this.
In another very early heart transplant, in the 70s, one male recipient. soon after the successful operation, began talking like a woman. Though he had not been told that’s where his heart came from.
So the moral of the story is we have at least 3 brains. One in the head. One in the heart 40,000 cells and a much bigger brain in our gut. And our personality can be installed and emanate from all 3 brains. And the personality can be transferred to another body.
An ideal place to stay across this sort of stuff is Victor Zammit’s free weekly emails on 150yrs of afterlife evidence, that seriously supports the notion that physical death is our greatest illusion.

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Lay Gnosis answers Atheists

Why don’t some people want to believe in gods? from Quora

Back when I was an atheist, I had a few reasons that seem fairly common to atheists. I’ve met plenty of atheists who have other reasons. Now that I’m on the other side, I’m starting to see a few of the real reasons for it.

Here’s a general list. (I’m not arguing for the validity of these reasons, just listing them.)

Reasons atheists typically give:

1. Lack of evidence. This is probably what the majority of non-militant atheists will claim as their primary reason for lack of faith. They just don’t see any evidence of God.

2. It’s a “crutch,” and I don’t need one. Many atheists view religion as a sort of emotional/personal support that they are strong enough not to need.

3. God is outdated or an old way to explain difficult aspects of the world. This is the “science can explain it all” approach. God is seen as a concept that was used to explain why the sun went up in the morning before we knew about celestial mechanics. It’s a sort of outgrowth of the fallacy of chronological snobbery.

4. Religion has harmed a lot of people. They point to things like the ongoing sectarian violence in the Middle East or the Inquisition and Crusades, and believe that if religion didn’t exist, we would probably live in greater peace. This is typically a view of more militant atheists who want not just to co-exist with religious followers without being proselytized to, but who want to actively stamp out religious belief.

5. Religion is a system of control. This belief views religion as the “opiate of the masses,” as Marx once said. Religious belief tends to be hierarchical, and those at the top use their position to keep people under control. Concepts like blessed are the poor or meek are viewed as keeping people happy in poverty and donating their ten percent to the already wealthy priests at the top.

6. I don’t need God to be moral or “good.” Religion is viewed, similarly to the system of control, as a system of rules and regulations to morality, with justifications for breaking those moral rules when it suits the religious. For example, “do not kill, except the infidels who don’t believe in our cause.” Atheists often state that there are alternative ethical theories that perfectly allow morality without God, such as game theory.

7. The Problem of Pain. Atheists often use the mere fact of an imperfect world as justification that a loving, omnipotent God doesn’t exist. (And if God is not loving or all-powerful, then what’s the point, really?) They believe that if God really was as advertised, we should live in a perfect paradise. Apologists for faith have long sought to reconcile this exact problem, and the fact that there is no convincing answer is often enough for atheists to justify their lack of faith with this.

8. Contradictory holy texts. Many atheists I know typically are against mostly just mainstream Christianity and sometimes Islam, and don’t have a problem with more “philosophical religions” such as Taoism, because they point to apparent contradictions in the religious texts. They view these holy texts as one giant book, not as individual constituent texts written by dozens of people over thousands of years.

8a. Painting all believers with a broad brush. Many atheists point to views like Creationism and paint all believers with that broad brush. They refuse to believe because they are under the impression that they must sign up to all of the views of religion, which often contradict with what they see as rational thought or scientific belief. Because Creationism is easily disproved, the whole thing must be false, in other words. While not all atheists do this, I find a great many of them do, particularly ones who are active on the internet.

Reasons that atheists either won’t admit to or don’t even realize:

1. They personally have been hurt by religion and want revenge. I’ve met a number of atheists, usually the militant ones who want to stamp out religion and not just allow for difference of opinion, who at some point experienced either persecution or ridicule by believers and who have a personal grudge against them. Many of these atheists were believers at one point, and when the church didn’t have the answers they wanted or when they chose not to wholeheartedly march in lockstep theologically with their peers, they were shamed, ridiculed, excommunicated, or otherwise outcast. Religion hurt them, and now they’re going to hurt it back.

2. Religion didn’t live up to their expectations. This is the issue of wanting a god in our own image, rather than the other way around. Founder of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” Dan Barker basically exemplifies this. He was an evangelical pastor, and he found that God didn’t measure up to what he personally expected. He had questions his fellow believers couldn’t answer, and he felt like God didn’t personally speak to him in ways he wanted. So, he took his football and went home, basically. He quit believing and started an organization that, like reason 1 above, sought revenge on the religion that didn’t live up to his expectations. If the God he wanted to exist didn’t, then no god could.

3. The Slot-Machine God. Many believers get frustrated with God and walk away because they view God as a benevolent grandfather who should just give them what they want. Pray the right prayer, say the magic words, and God should shower down some blessings. If God isn’t just blessing you with things you want, it’s because either He doesn’t like you, or you did something wrong. This view of God tends to cause believers to become disillusioned over time, and ultimately walk away from God in many situations as they realize this isn’t true. It’s something of a subset to reason #2 above.

4. They discount evidence because they personally don’t like it. I’ve been in plenty of discussions with atheists where they just keep moving the goalposts because they don’t happen to like the evidence, or it isn’t convincing enough to them, or they have some sort of convoluted potential scientific explanation that might maybe explain it without resorting to God. I’ve met atheists who have twisted themselves into Windsor knots to save themselves when confronted with examples of people who have been healed by God. I would like to be clear, this is not all atheists.

5. Pride. The view “I don’t need a crutch,” or “I can explain things some other way even if I can’t right now, so God can’t exist,” or “I can be moral all on my own, thank you very much,” are really all pride. They don’t want to believe in God because they think that they are better than God. I doubt many if any atheists would say that out loud, but it’s certainly a factor.

6. Insecurity. I think some atheists actually fear God a little bit, though they would absolutely never admit it. These are typically the angry, militant atheists who go online and will probably try to comment on this and call me names or try to talk me out of my faith. I’m starting to realize that these kinds of atheists are just really insecure about their lack of faith and can’t own up to it. They have to justify their lack of belief by going around and disproving believers or putting them down. They can’t genuinely dismiss God, so they have to find fault with anything a believer says to feel better about themselves. These kinds of atheists are usually spotted by lots of snarky comments, insulting statements made towards believers, and other trollish behavior.

This is neither a comprehensive or definitive list, but it is what I have seen in my experience both as an atheist and as a believer.480 viewsView Upvoters8066 That’s from Quora

In my LG experience its mainly about anger. They simply can’t be Calmly Curious. Anger prevents their creative forebrains working. Many will lie and say the BEGINNERS TOUR tour doesn’t work. Nothing happened to me, they badger. So God doesn’t exist so Nyeah. That childishness is so easily dealt with. I simply ask them to get a female, sister or mother, to do the BEGINNERS TOUR and they will teach this militant atheist how to do it

That’s when the militant atheist goes totally quiet.

Its not always anger but frequently Asperger Syndrome which prevents them connecting dots and having metaphorical memories like the rest of us. So Aspergers is a learning disability which dooms them to being 19th century materialists. Spirituality utterly baffles them which makes them angry.

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Lay Gnosis Origin

This is an answer to the question How does a sleepwalker awaken and produce a website that induces Gnosis in others ?

1932 my mother was born and mandatory vaccines came along, at 6 months old, she was given no choice but to have a smallpox vaccine. It gave her instant full blown smallpox. That happens in about 8 pc of cases to people genetically predisposed to eczema a skin rash.. That’s why mass usage of smallpox vaccine was ultimately stopped because it was so injurious. Now back to 1932 the mother was told to take little Audrey home and to not even bother bathing her and just let her die. But a few days later the child was being bathed and unexpectedly Little Audrey beat smallpox and recovered completely (?) She still has visible smallpox scars on her face that can be spotted by keen eyed doctors at age 90.
So in 1952 in Sheffield I was born and screamed for 12 months, never slept, neither did my unfortunate parents. One doctor finally discovered I had ruptured my navel during birth which causes great pain. He simply put a truss a sort of compressive bandage on my navel and I stopped screaming a few minutes later. I was taken home and slept silently for two days. And the navel problem repaired itself.
I have no memory of this because modern researchers say we have don’t have working memories till we are 3 years old.
I was an avid reader. And by 14 I had already noticed that many people were happy to believe things that were wrong. So many people just went along with things.
So, I was still a sleepwalker at this stage.
Age 16 I got an apprenticeship Radio Electronics Technician in the national phone company.
Always had an interest in Psychic phenomena OBEs etc.
In my 20s I did a medical electronics course which explained to me in great detail that we are essentially electric beings. I learned a lot about Electrocardiograph machines ECG Electro encephalographs (EEG Brainwaves ) Lie detectors Defibrillators etc I found this profoundly fascinating but was disappointed in my highly intelligent workmates all electronics experts who were highly resistant to the notion that they were full of natural electronics themselves. That their nervous system was a bucket brigade of cells that flipped their potentials from 20 mv to 90 mv to signal the next nerve cell along the chain drew only blank faces from them.
Age 26 I learned Transcendental Meditation TM which had profound effect on me. It was the beginning of my awakening. The cumulative effects of doing it for 12 months astonished me. I began to think What was I before TM ? I had changed so much. They provided spectrum analyzer graphs of brainwaves of people going in and out of TM trances and the brainwave coherence was visibly different. Differences could be discerned even more when people did group meditations. So the invisible connections between people were here demonstrated. Even more exciting was the siddha techniques that TM teachers learned and the square root of 1pc of the population formula greatly impressed me. One could “feel” a TM teacher walk into the room. Their brainwave coherence radiated and calmed the chemistry of others. I attended group meditations for several years. That had a great effect on me.
While doing this I also did young man stuff, skindiving, rally driving, olympic style weightlifting and learning French at night school, reading lots of new age books and magazines. I had been captured early by french singer Mireille Mathieu collected all her records. Many many years later when youtube began I uploaded 120 of her song videos and with American disk jockey Jim Witt we started Mimi Street which was a shopfront for her videos, hundreds of them. The idea being that it would stimulate other people worldwide to pull their secretly recorded Mimi gem videos out of the closet and make them available on youtube for millions to enjoy. And it worked. Today we have hundreds more song videos from Russia and all sorts of places. Mimi street raises the spirits of millions of people.
In the mid 1990s After some 25 years of TM I was working in Sydney weekend markets and was just playing around with Remote Viewing and was astonished at what I could do. It had a major awakening effect on me because it caused me to seriously ask the question
What am I ? It means my awareness can go anywhere, so do I really have any boundaries?
Clearly my physical body is only the centre point of my awareness
I was also playing about clicking my Amygdala at Neil Slades website, where I also learned something else that is truly mindblowing for a sleepwalker, namely Cloud Busting. YES we can all do this. Its possible to vapourise small clouds with a simple meditation exercise. You pick a group of 4 small clouds, and zap one of them. It can disappear in a few seconds with a simple mental exercise. Which once again raises the huge question Is our existence simply a mental construct ? Like errr.. what else can I get rid of with mind power ? And what could I create ?
So further “games” enabled me to make even more shocking gains that got me laughing a lot. I was able to sit in a food court. And I was able to heat other peoples foreheads so much I could make them drop their newspapers and rub their foreheads vigorously. Then I found I could do it on any part of their face. Couldn’t do it at all if they were munching on food.
It was in food malls I discovered I could Remote View around corners. The moral being that we can do lot more than we suppose if we just try the unthinkable.
So here I was literally awakening to the fact that I was a lot more than a simple 2 legged upright creature created by accident to feed predators, as our scientism technocracy would have us believe. In fact I seemed to be able to stretch in all directions I seemed to be unbounded, the only limitations being my own mind.
It was about 1995 when I was enjoying messing with RV that I began having visions. Outstanding in the fact that they were brilliant in high resolution and clarity. It soon became obvious something was teaching me. I gave all my attention to this stream of communication because it was far mor interesting than RV. A communication protocol was established that included dreams, daytime visions (daydreams) messaging music, hand and foot tingles. (not soft prickles. my K rise hadnt happened yet). I found this wonderfully exciting though I wasn’t quite sure what it was that was doing all this. Being a technician I was doing essentially fault analysis and I have a great interest in psychology so I was adding up all the attributes of this entity. It just cant be a disease because the damned thing loves me so much. Attends me like a newborn child, pouring pure affection on me. Greeting me in the mornings with joyful songs. Showing me wonderous things. It seems to be so much at home within me. Diseases don’t do that……. It was a Wednesday night when a Roy Orbison song spoke to me and I suddenly realised what was possessing me, with such overpowering affection. It was Mr G. Burst into tears of joy did I. Somehow I had made it home. Best day of my life.
I was ecstatic for days. Was totally carefree. Nirvana. But the Euphoria only lasted 3 weeks. Because one morning I was awakened and told something totally unexpected, that I had never given the slightest thought to, as a brainwashed sleepwalker. A very angry voice told me that The Holocaust was a complete fraud. Great anger was communicated. So the holiday was over. Thus I began just collecting information that came across my computer desktop on that subject. And I verified that in a year or two. And l learned so much more about the psychology of H proponents. And that is a great evil force that causes us so much unnecessary misery especially since about 1812. And we might say even off planet forces play a role in this, also.

I was asked later to produce a website TBH. First I had to learn how to make a website.
Many immense difficulties I contended with, such as people’s sleep walker behaviour, where they tend to remain fixated on the obvious externals to themselves, and eschew introspection. The different personalities and IQs and how to deal with religious fundamentalists, secular people, creative people, spiritual people, authoritarian people, asperger people.
I had to consider how all these many personalities could be brought together to contend with very complicated metaphysical terminologies that are often downright confusing and contradictory. So I elected to avoid all psychology psychiatric and metaphysical language.
What was needed, for our modern science mad technocracy was repeatable physical proof, and they be given an entirely new simple but adequate vocabulary, with visual images, written text, teaching videos with much repetition and a drill sergeant delivery. Of all my teachers, Army instructors to me, seem to be the best, because they care.
I was also hugely aware of of the vast amount of preconceived false beliefs inculcated in us by holy books and the avalanche of programming that is poured into us faster than we can ever digest. For example most awakening people seriously believe they should be able to heal all diseases. That’s the power of holy books. I have been to so many healing seminars where nobody gets healed. Its a New Age industry. Makes a fortune.
The idea of the BEGINNERS TOUR is to try and get people to let go of all their beliefs briefly and just learn a simple new plaything, like a small child, which triggers the gentle drip feed of Divinity into a sleepwalkers awareness and give them some physical repeatable proof that something has changed. Something they can practice daily. By so doing they are practising self attunement.
It takes all kinds to make this world. People have asked , What is a drip feed ? What do you mean by that ? Like, they have never seen a Hospital TV show. LOL.
Obviously intelligent people have repeatedly asked me Where do you start ? I discovered some people suffer confusion when seeing new things. A Start button is not enough. They need a moving attention grabbing animation to find the start button. Directly under my Picture. Something to recognize from the videos.
A few people have said they discovered this hand body field thing when they were a kid. But it was useless had no value or meaning so they forgot about it. because of their total lack of introspection. I have shown the handtrick by itself to many people for years and not one person ever came back to me and said I figured it out. I purposely chose a wide range of people, some very bright people. They couldn’t figure out its function. So that’s why everybody needs the formal lesson of the BEGINNERS TOUR.

It definitely works. Many hundreds have come into the site and left much happier. Quite a few are “brought” in by Mr G. It doesn’t occur to many that Mr G could use the Internet.
One finding is that we only get a trickle of shy introspective brights coming in. We have never to my knowledge, had a raving extrovert life- of-the- party drunken fornicator come into the site.
How do I know hundreds have passed thru the site ? Originally there was hit counter on the front page. And very small number of people are kind enough to supply feedback to the email button. So their comments form part of the BEGINNERS TOUR I call them “footprints left by others” and some people are metaphor blind and don’t get that.
I can also receive internal signals that someone significant is rummaging thru the site.
If its an American I will hear American football music, their national anthem. But I will also get Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr President JFK Its a very famous clip and I’m the President of this whole operation, you see.
For Canadians I hear the Lumberjack song. I have a British sense of humour.
French people I get the Marsellaise.
God save the Queen turns up for UK people.
I cant recall what signals Germans finding the site, but it would likely be a Mireille Mathieu song like Mussi Denn or something.
The site is fully automated and requires no activity from myself. This is vital for people who want to keep this wonderful experience completely to themselves. They have a right to that. And they shouldn’t have to talk to me.
So there, I don’t do any hocus pocus, eenie meenie chilli beanie stuff, at all.

Interestingly I have had notes from people who have waited 9yrs to tell me I am the only person speaking the truth on the internet. Because the Internet is essentially disinfo, I suppose.
That’s happened a few times. A lady in Paris found the site in the middle of the night she asked me to explain a couple of things in French and she quickly reported hearing beautiful messaging music that took her breath away. Long silence for 2 years. And she wrote back saying she had done the whole thing, K rise etc and verified everything I said.
Maria was her name I think. Her comments are in the Beginners Tour somewhere. She was pleasantly surprised. At the 2 year report I asked her if she could relate any Gnostic adventures? Being shy the answer was silence. That’s mostly the case. LOL
So I am only briefly inside someones life like a driving instructor to explain the new YOU basics. Gnosis is about doing everything yourself. You don’t need Gurus.
This description of how myself a Godling sleepwalker, awakens to know their divine spark and produces a website to induce gnosis in others, was requested by a fascinating fellow named Adam in the UK. He is a Natural born Gnostic, raised in a Muslim family. He seems lucky to be lacking the brain tissue restraining bolt that everyone else has, possibly by a mere DNA mutation. Same mutation that produces seers, mediums, healers etc So he has enjoyed direct access to God all of his life, not always realising that, and had some difficulty perceivng that he was different to everybody else. His conventional Muslim family doesn’t know what he is talking about. They are sleepwalkers, bless them.
So I can now add something of mild interest.
My wife is a Natural Born Gnostic. Yet still she is devoutly Muslim and enjoys religious rituals Ramadan etc. Her hands are pictured in the BEGINNERS TOUR.
Her understanding of the Koran and Islam is fairly shallow as she only knows the Meccan Koran. That’s all they do in Fiji. Meccan Koran is all about love thy neighbour stuff obviously plagiarised from the bible. That method of recruitment didn’t work for Mohammed for 10 yrs in Mecca. he only got 150 followers. For abusing other faiths in Mecca, he was exiled to Medina where he found a more compelling way to convince people, that he was a divine prophet. Decapitation. Jihad. A remarkable motivator. 260 million deaths followed. And the problem continues today.
My wife has no knowledge of the Jihad section of the Koran. The other half of the book. So she was shocked to learn that muslims elsewhere, like the middle east, are reading a very violent different holy book that includes the Medina section.
So what makes my Natural Gnostic wife still do religious rituals? Answer – its in her DNA, in her brain structures and her nervous system as it is in yours, and everybody else’s.
There has never been an atheist society in the history of man. Scholars explain this. So it must have some survival value. Humorously, Atheist Evolutionists, want Evolution, but Evolution doesn’t want Atheists- LOL it produces naturally religious people in such vast numbers.
I bathe in this irony 3 times daily.

  • Laymans Gnosis
  • Vivid messaging night dreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website

Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis & Afterlife Communications

On the matter of Lay Gnosis and mediums there is an instructive true story. On the TBH Responses page is a fellow named Sam. If memory serves his wife’s name was Gina. They ran a health food store in Greenville South Carolina. Happy Lay Gnostics they were, until Gina caught measles which put her in bed for two weeks with a raging fever. Apparently a small amount of brain damage occurred and Gina discovered she had become a medium as her restraining bolt had dissolved. It meant she couldn’t walk past the town cemetery because dozens of discarnate deceased people were yelling obscenities into her mindseye. So bad it was, she had to stay away from that part of town. Those were deceased people trapped in the cemetery location, who were foul mouthed unpleasant angry people.
But there were some upsides. In he health food shop, Gina would notice people sidling into the shop looking a bit lost and uncomfortable. Didn’t know why they were there. Gina would start talking to them and discover this person was brought into the shop, needing to know some vital information from Gina. That’s happened to myself in Sydney many times also.

In her new medium role, a deceased local grandmother contacted Gina, and explained a vital piece of information that a local family needed to know. Names were not supplied. But the unique marker was, that the person concerned to be contacted, had cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast at precisely 8-10 am. So Gina was reduced to asking every customer entering the shop, about 30 people before lunch, the ridiculous question “Did you fry eggs and bacon at 8-10 this morning ?”
After numerous blank looks and denials finally one puzzled person said Ummm…errr…..YES…..
Hurrah ! Bingo ! Said Gina. A message for you , from your Grandma – “The will is under the carpet beneath the couch” A surprised smile crossed the visitors face. Later the customer returned explaining YES, the lost will was found in that exact place and that’s been a great relief to everyone.
Deceased spirits see the medium essentially as a window back into the world they inhabited formerely.
On physical death. our restraining bolt is removed. We experience a tremendous sense of release and freedom. And from their adjacent channel of existence, they have near Godlike powers, they can see us, though we can’t see them, they can communicate in dreams with us, sometimes even speak out loud, they can tilt pictures, and cause clouds of dragonflies, butterflies and even birds of one kind to congregate around a house. Owls. Plenty Afterlife books on this subject Amazon.

I attended a seance in Wallacia western Sydney suburb, organised by Victor and Wendy Zammit. people arrive in a rag tag fashion and we do tea and biscuits for an hour or so and chat before the main event. As an electrical engineer my attention was drawn to the flickering incandescent light in the middle of the large lounge room. Of course I went into immediate diagnostic mode noticing this wasn’t random arcing caused by a bad connection or broken switch, there was a distinct and very evident clean frequency visible in the pulsing light , a pulse repetition rate that was intelligently sustained. As if by an oscillator or something. None of the other house lights were flickering. Hmmm….. I noticed. I then forgot about that and talked to several other people over more tea and biscuits. One lady surprised me by saying Have you noticed the Flickering Light ? She said Thats my husband, he died two years ago, and he doesn’t like being dead, so he prefers to stay with me, following me around flickering lights everywhere I go.
Since his death, she became a medium, and he chats with her any old time.
That seems a common occurrence. Montague Keens wife went thru the same process of becoming a medium after Keen died thus their married life continued.
Montague Keen was President of the UK SPR group I made a video or two about him. And his contribution to Afterlife studies.

A further instance of this occurred, when my Brother- in- Law Channan in Fiji died unexpectedly at the healthiest happiest time of his life, thanks to me supplying him with a magic pill Benfotiamine that reversed his diabetic neuropathy (Beri Beri) very quickly. He had been diagnosed with untreatable diabetes damage that would soon cause his death. After his rapid recovery on the Benfotiamine he went back the Hospital Endocrinoologist and abused him for not knowing about Benfotiamine. The doctor was taken aback by Channan’s suprising aggression and vigour because 3 weeks earlier he was so ill he couldn’t stand up.
Despite his unexpected return to health Channan began talking about himself in the past tense for about 6 months. As a mechanic he would call up customers and say their car is ready and they would turn up finding Channan playing “dead”slumped over the bonnet. He was a great practical joker. And he got better and better at playing dead and scared numerous superstitious people. (native Fijians) Later it was realised he was preparing everyone for his exit.
He kept telling his 5 sons that they all had to finish building the new house because he wouldnt be around much longer. So he ensured they all new how to do the work required. It was noticed he did this with some noteworthy formal thoroughness.
So it seemed as if he had obtained permission to die as he had achieved all of his life goals.
You can find this in many afterlife books.
So when he died, he was so very healthy and happy thus everyone was shocked, but suddenly it all came clear that he had prepped everybody for his exit. 500 people turned up at his funeral. He was highly respected in the community because he did ultra cheap repairs for the poverty stricken country town of Nadi.
After the funeral, it was noticed, in the new house that the ceiling light was flickering. Being mechanics all, the bulb was quickly replaced. But the new bulb flickered identically.
This is in a newly wired new house full of new switches and cabling. It puzzled the boys.
Anyway, sometime later they were all in another room and the ceiling light was flickering in a notable way. The first room light had stopped flickering.
By the time this had repeated in a third room they deduced it was Channan following them from room to room.
He was essentially proving to them that death is a myth. Just a very convincing illusion.
Which raises the question Who or what produces this most convincing illusion ?
Channan, using his newfound near God- like powers, restraining bolt removed, travelled 3000 Kms to Sydney and flickered lights in 3 Sydney homes of relatives including mine, on many occasions. I would sit and talk to him in the middle of the night, as he flickered overhead lights. I could never see him. But likely he was standing right next to me in a different channel of reality. He also inserted dream greetings to a few people in these three Sydney homes. It went on for 6 months.
So the most convincing illusion might be death, which raises the question, What else is illusion ?

Victor and Wendy Zammit run a free weekly email service that supplies copious amounts of Afterlife evidence compiled over 150 yrs. Its a good reminder of how much we sleepwalk past vital information

Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis and OBEs

Lay Gnosis and OBEs

Only about 10pc of people can actually do OBEs because they have what amounts to a property (defect?) that enables them to do it, whereas 90pc of people can’t do OBEs because they naturally fall asleep when their brainwaves drop to 16 Hz. The 10pc who do succed , seem to have a slight defect such as insomnia, or mild brain damage from an NDE.

Quite a few advocates recommend getting up in the middle of the night staying awake and meditating. Others recommend sleep deprivation so that one is required to take frequent naps and is always tired. Like a shiftworker who is always tired working unnatural hours, which I did for about 20yrs while doing deep meditation with a mind machine. Not one OBE in 20 yrs.
I can do them but only for short periods. One is usually challenged quickly with a thousand foot drop which causes disorientation and going straight back into body. Which is a shame one of my favourite destinations is Grand Canyon where the Coyote lands.

It has seemed to me that biorhythms have an effect on the ability to do OBEs.

So for me Sunday is the best day of the week the peak and Monday is the worst. So my abilities improve as the week goes on toward Friday.

A further problem is that there is NO one technique for OBEs that works for everybody as in Lay Gnosis.
So for OBEs each person must devise their own method. Its connected to lucid dreaming which is difficult, insomniacs find it easier again to become aware one is dreaming and trope the dream where you want it to go.
Another reason only a few people can do OBEs is that they are helped – yanked out of their bodies by spirits or Mr G. So these people are chosen. They have a job to do. Some on youtube.
I have been yanked out of my body because I wanted to go somewhere. Its quite an experience.
Close, your eyes, calm down and go here F681K

Tell me what it is in the comments below

  • Layman’s Gnosis
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
  • 20 min BEGINNERS TOUR.

Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis Observations of bad speech habits

Circulating list of the misused “just……….. ” dismissal phrase

I see it as a serious trap we all enjoy walking into, using the “Just………..” dismissal phrase BUT it provides an obvious solution by its active non-use.

Boiling the Frog Slowly
When is it just too much??
It’s just a mask.
It’s just six feet.
It’s just two weeks.
It’s just non-essential businesses.
It’s just non-essential workers.
It’s just a bar.
It’s just a restaurant.
It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
It’s just until the cases go down.
It’s just to flatten the curve.
It’s just a few inmates.
It’s just to keep others from being scared.
It’s just for a few more weeks.
It’s just church. You could still pray.
It’s just prayer.
It’s just until we get a vaccine.
It’s just a bracelet.
It’s just an app.
It’s just for tracing.
It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.
It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.
It’s just a few more months.
It’s just some more inmates.
It’s just a video.
It’s just a post.
It’s just an email account.
It’s just for protecting other from hate speech.
It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
It’s just a large gathering but for protests.
It’s just a few violent protests.
It’s just a little micro chip.
It’s just a blood test.
It’s just a test.
It’s just a scan.
It’s just for medical information.
It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.
It’s just like a credit card.
It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.
It’s just so you can travel.
It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
It’s just so you can vote.
It’s just mail-in voting.
It’s just a few more years.
It’s just a statue.
It’s just a monument.
It’s just a building.
It’s just a song.
It’s just a lyric.
It’s just an anthem.
It’s just a few words.
It’s just a piece of paper.
It’s just a book.
It’s just a movie.
It’s just a TV show.
It’s just a cartoon character.
It’s just a piece of cloth.
It’s just a flag.
It’s just a dog at a protest.
It’s just a clump of cells.
It’s just a fetus.
It’s just a religion.
It’s just a holiday.
It’s just your guns.
It’s just the police.
It’s just the military
It’s just your freedoms….gone forever.

And “It’s just” the way they planned it.
2% of the impassioned can rule over the 98% apathetic.
It’s not like we don’t see it coming.
Please America, collectively as a nation law abiding citizens of the United States… we MUST FIGHT BACK.
BEFORE ITS ALL GONE and we won’t have the ability to get it back.
Feel free to Copy and Paste on your timeline.

Itsa major mistake we all habitually make,  as a quick convenience to get our head around something we dismiss it as “just………..  ” in order to not take  the thing too seriously,  so that it doesn’t affect our Big Picture “take”. Problem is it’s overdone, way too much.  The more widely it’s applied the more it invites its practitioners  to sneeringly dismiss anything out of habit. Hippies did this in the 60s. A quick glib description, a throw away line, was enough for it to catch on as a cool philosophy that doesn’t require any knowledge of reality. Replacing education. Cool phrases are trendy, people like hearing them, so they propagate. It’s crippled France politically because the “intellectuals” the lefties, dismiss everything as “just……….”.  Always preferring to have a trendy minority sneering anti opinion, is what leads to hating one’s society, from top to bottom.  Because its all  “just………..”   I have met numerous french people who detest everything mainstream, they fancy themselves as elite  with their “just…………”  label on everything conventional. Its a natural tendency exploited by  Cultural Marxism  which has done great damage to the western world.  So we invite Cultural Marxism in, with that  ” it’s just……….”  phrase. 
It’s far superior for a society to value things and be thankful for what we have achieved, on the backs of generations of hard working people, than essentially hating everything and dismissing their legacy with that  well worn phrase. Which is what lefties do.   So they most readily fall into the trap of overusing  that  put down phrase. 

  • Layman’s Gnosis
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
  • 20 min BEGINNERS TOUR.

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Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis replies to the great religions

Encountered a devout bible reader who displayed a tremendous religious enthusiasm and profound knowledge of religious texts including the ancient derivations of many words in different languages. The history of churches he knew well and was also a student of subversive secret societies like the Masons. And for that reason on seeing my use of the word Gnostic he repeatedly and misguidedly insisted I must be a subversive Mason which I am not. But his ardent studies had turned him into a Mason hunter, his motivation being the commendable sniffing out of evil.

Here is my reply summation

Glad to see you working there Narrow, (during Corona) One of the lucky few !

Well, finally I know where you are coming from. You are an effervescent source of book learning and power to you ! Though I suspect you have accumulated so much knowledge of dogmas and ancient texts that it burdens you with a lot of baggage that impedes your journey. Mr G has repeatedly advised me that the complexity of Holy books actually gets between God and the average person. And in modern times (last 30 yrs) has offered much quicker connections to the divine. (virtually instant 20 mins)

So my question to you was- Has your lengthy book learning brought you any closer to God ?. Your answer seems to be no, and that you very much enjoy book studies and a lot of intellectualisation.

So we ask a simple question- Has there ever been an atheist society in the history of man ? Answer NO. We can’t think of one. Which means we are physically built and genetically programmed to do religious rituals. 80pc of our behaviour is genetic. Now it turns out that hunter gatherer societies (aboriginal) were always monotheist and natural Gnostics. They heard an internal mentoring voice and had keywords land in their mindseye. Their divinity was made known to them directly, courtesy of their divine spark.

When they settled down to practice agriculture its known they introduced polytheism. Right across the board. Everywhere. But there is always a competing faction of monotheism. Sound like the Old Testament ? Agricultural settlements have many additional requirements including fencing walls moats farming labour, profound knowledge of calendars and military service. And paying taxes. So the king-prince-chief to stay in power takes advantage of everyone’s innate natural religious tendencies by declaring his divine right to rule, supplemented by a preisthood that constantly reminds people of their obligations to society, and in return for the peasants obedience, they promise a place in heaven. So in becoming civilised we paid a heavy price to live in an organised society, though life in many ways got visibly better. The great religions got in the way between man and God with their complex holy books. But our physiology has not changed in 30 thousand years. We are still born fully equipped to Know God directly (Gnosis) And it no longer takes years of silence, and meditation in caves and chanting and yoga to make contact with one’s divine spark. Rules for quick Gnosis have been supplied for the last 30 yrs. Hope that’s OK with you, Narrow. Can God do that ? Would your priests be OK with that ? A changing of the ancient rules ?

The fact that we are born this way has one BIG Message. You may find this difficult, Narrow. That knowing God in a state of Gnosis is a purely Natural process that requires no belief or faith or priesthood or holy books, hence its NOT a religious process.

Its available to All people That’s worthy of some meditation. Front page of my website. Never did read holy books in my life, but I was chased relentlessly to awaken and once that happens (its quite physical), one sees everyone else as sleepwalkers. And they are. All the people with hope and faith are the blind wandering ones The unborn. The good news is that religious people who become gnostic discover slowly an internal mentoring voice that corrects their inevitable misunderstandings of holy books. I never found in ancient gnostic texts any mention of physical signals. Conclusion they never got them. Modern gnostics do receive physical signals to clarify their mindseye messages. And that suits our modern secular scientism bent, demanding physical evidence of God. Its well provided. So it seems dear Narrow that you are wedded to Holy book studies that separate you from God. I can’t fault you for that. Its the unintended fate of millions. If you did that 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR at it would greatly boost your religious life.

With immediate physical evidence

Vivid messaging dreams within a week

Vivid messaging day dreams ( visions as in biblical heroes)

With physical signals to clarify that you are not just imagining this.

Slowly, a daily drip feed of communications

morphs into an internal mentoring voice

And that provides guidance in book reading

And expect keywords to be typed into your mindseye to direct your studies. ( I have been shown books that I never knew existed)

And its FREE. All questions answered. And LOTS more. And I’m not affiliated with any subversive groups or any group at all. Natural gnostic I am. Hundreds of people I have connected to their divine spark. Never been any complaints but I have been generously thanked many times and it still makes me cry every time I do it after 12 yrs .

http://www.truebluehealer. com/

20 mins Beginners Tour

All questions answered

email link onsite or you can post questions here
Corona Lay Gnosis Transgenderism

Christianity Judaism and Gnosis and Zionism

Unusual fellow Youtube moniker Narrow raises some issues worthy of discussion
It began under my video `Ousting Transgenderism by enforcing Workplace Safety Rules.

Unusual status is announced in the first line
NARROW writes

@Steve Trueblue I am a Jew but I’m not Jewish I am a Christian I know that my brothers and sisters for a long time I’ve been trying to take over the world because they believe in Zionism Rothschild is a Jew he just changed his name as many of them dead when they started Hollywood interesting I had no idea this was going on until you sent me the article so they’re trying to convert our money into digital currency probably because the money that’s currently on the market is worth noting and the world’s economy is going to collapse no matter what we do but if they can change it I could see how this could save their necks. I knew something was up when Trump said that he made a deal with the Federal Reserve you don’t make deals with the Federal Reserve the Jews have on that for a very long time we should have voted that into Treasury and taken out of their hands but they have so much power it’s very hard to take it away the last one who tried to got his head blown off whenever we’ve had a Corona in our Hospital they’ve transferred them somewhere else instead of allowing them to stay here interesting I know the coronavirus has existed forever there’s dozens of versions of the virus I know it’s a real virus something for me to think on understand not all Jews are like these people most of us despise what these Zionist bastards are doing thank you for the information

Steve True blue 
Under my other videos with content critical of jewish behaviour and history he voiced some displeasure at what seemed to be over-the-top emphasis on this subject, though its just a collection of what has been said and observed over centuries.
Here is a reply I penned to him. Its my take on this `elephant in the room`

To @NARROW Done your history studies with admirable thoroughness. Marines Tripoli Barbary Coast etc been there done that. I was awakened to the holy spirit in your parlance in about 1995.
Was euphoric floating around all day in the arms of God. Surrounded by sleepwalkers, the unborn, who think they are awake. Soaring and great upwellings of biochemical bliss were rudely interrupted after only 3 weeks. Mr G suddenly messaged me in a very nasty tone about a subject I had no interest in whatsoever. Had ignored it. All my life. It ruined my whole day. The message was That the Holocaust was a giant lying hoax.  Errr… What ? was my reply. What ? So I dutifully began  collecting information on that subject. And in that I found some jewish heroes. Christopher Jon Bjerkenes, Brother Nathaniel, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finklestein who in  the 60s invented the phrase `Holocaust Industry` So the H event sort of ruined my awakening kinda like a murder at my wedding. The good times did return. But I was nudged around the NET to find and collect and study things. While routinely connecting people to Mr G in 20 minutes at Vastly enjoying that. So I was awakened a little more with every discovery and the information proved very explanatory toward puzzling things. Thrown out of 109 countries, before I came along, I have made videos apologising for them. My explanation is that we are all born into captivity and thus we grow up tame. The same way many wild animals can be raised in a human home like lions who adopt humans as their parents. Our tameness enables our civilisation to flourish. We trust people in the queue at MacDonalds not to eat us. But not all animals can be domesticated. Like Wolves cannot be raised in captivity. Its in their genes. Too savage they are. Similarly not all breeds of human can be completely domesticated and be relaxed and happy surrounded by a herd of people. They suffer a little bit of residual feral fear. Anxiety. Jewish Bro Nathaniel reports most jews take PROZAC because of their anxiety their fear. Which is inherited due to their inbreeding. So they identify themselves in Israel as having proven genetic predispositions to some 25 serious disorders. Aspergers, autism, Crohns, diabetes, schizophrenia. And ANXIETY which is the psychobabble word for FEAR. So surprisingly, what may have got them thrown out of 109 countries could just be lack of a decent tranquiliser. So a solution to jewish anxiety about living amongst a herd of different people, which alters their behaviour adversely, may be solved with better pharmaceuticals. So that`s ONE explanation. Hope it helps.

  • Laymans Gnosis
  • Vivid messaging night dreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website
Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis -Are you one of the many millions of Wandering Ones ?

Steve Trueblue

This is the true life experience of a person hearing `Poor Wandering One` internally for decades. Thus we call Jill Semi Gnostic because she is literally hearing the Divine Spark pleading to join hands with her. But she never got the message, for years, that something wanted dialogue with her. Never asked who is that, singing to me ?

More than 50pc of people hear internal music. Einstein heard it and never figured it out….. so its not about IQ

After Jill had completed the BEGINNERS TOUR 20 mins, at  she finally understood what had desperately wanted her attention for so long.