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Julie Green transcript THERE IS AN ADVANCEMENT TAKING PLACE May 23 22

Transcript for the serious student

Now here is a prophetic word

There is an Advancement taking place

Again this is from May 23rd

For I the Lord this day am telling my children once again that everything is going to be okay with you, nothing you are experiencing will continue to torment, continue to destroy, continue to weigh you down, continue to win against you, for I have spoken your victories and Jesus has guaranteed them with his shed blood and disarming your enemies on the cross with his resurrection.

No power, no enemy, no plan can ever come close to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. So do not, oh sorry no. Not with that name having power over every name and this isn’t bold. My children, focus on your saviour, and what he has already done for you and focus on your victories,

Nothing can stop your enemies days of judgement  coming they are here to stay until full justice is served Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Again I say the Smithsonian will continue to be in your news for surprising reasons all is being uncovered and exposed Saith the Lord

Temperament this word will be used in your news to explain how this fraudulent government is acting. How normal things are no longer normal with any of them, they are breaking down on live TV. They will show how unstable they are, especially when more shakings occur in the coming days Saith the Lord.

Iridescent this word will be used to describe abnormal things in your skies ,another sign of your enemies impending doom.

Kentucky this state will be in your news whether yes but another surprising reason will be reported on Amherst

I say this name again. It will be in your news continue to listen for what they are saying.

Catalog this word will be used in your news for a specific reason. A list is coming of names and what each and every one specifically has done against this nation.

Everything has been logged and this will soon be seen by the world. The perfect storm against your enemies, children of Almighty God and it’s about to hit each and every one of them when it’s all done, freedom and restoration will take place.

Holly this name will be in your news for a very unusual reason.

Adolescent this word will be used in your news to describe certain actions and characteristics of government officials, also for a reason you wouldn’t think of.

I say again Anheiser-Busch will be in your news truth will expose all of their Lies.

Another major dust storm will occur in Africa. How unusual and the size strength and how far it goes.

Pay attention to the direction it is saying and revealing more than you think sayeth the Lord.

The Abbey this will be in your news and this location will also be significant in the coming days.

Aydar This name will be in your news John Durham I told you to get used to hearing his name not only exposing of Hillary Clinton oh yes but someone else is about to be exposed in a major way, a significant player in this fraudulent government will be revealed and down they will all fall.

Greenland will be in your news and not for a reason most are thinking. Things hidden and are being done behind the scenes are about to be seen by the world many unusual things will begin in the Ring of Fire

Watch as it changes in a way no one thought possible.

Atlas this word will be in your news. It’s not what it seems to be, they are hiding the real reason, but it will all come out in the open Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A well-known monastery will be in your news for a surprising reason.

Bell Forge this word will be in your news.

Olivia this name will be in your news Carmichael this name will also be in your news.

Now this is in bold.

There are advancements taking place. Your military is taking back more ground and the finish line is in sight.

A certain skyline will be in your news a change has taken place and it will be seen by the world.

Another major crack will be discovered on the Washington Monument and it will soon topple to the ground.

My children every monument they built will not stand much longer saith the Lord.

Tallahassee will be in your news for something unusual.

A major discovery at your border O United States.

It won’t be hidden any longer this fraudulent government is being exposed and their plans to infiltrate and destroy this nation.

A whistleblower will come forward with the truth, and the plans will be stopped saith the Lord.

Waggenmeyer will be in your news look for this name you will know it when you see it.

My children all your enemies plans are unfolding and falling apart no matter how put together they seem it’s all facade and I’m about to open the curtains and reveal what is behind it all your days of victory are here and what you see won’t last.

So don’t be moved, but get up and live get up and take back what is yours. It’s the time of revival and my glory to fill this earth get excited my children everything is changing for your good,

Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Catalog of the elites crimes has me salivating. Such a document will be devastating to evil elites

Smithsonian Institute has a reputation for burying, disposing of artefacts that threaten the official paradigm. Examples include giant native American skeletons featured in 19th century newspapers. 8 and 9 and 10 feet tall. Found in burial mounds. Double rows of teeth. Different species of human. And God knows what other anomalies have been covered up.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green transcript IT’S TIME FOR THE WAKE UP CALL April 29 22

Searchable transcript for the serious

And here is the prophetic word.

This is your Wake Up Call

For I the Lord this day am telling my children to arise in my strength the authority you have been given through my name in the blood of Jesus this is a time for the wake-up call to anoint and to appoint to be used in a greater way to receive in a greater way, to take back all that is already yours that has been stolen. Arise Army of the Lord not only to fight in the battle but remember this battle has already been won you are now letting your adversary know that no matter the test, trial or adversity you have endured you have been bought and paid for with a price and he is defeated no longer stand by and let him attack you in every area open your mouth and speak my words that will crush him and his attacks against you, no matter how impossible dark horrendous or torturing. Just know I will heal deliver and set you free from it all Sayeth the Lord your Redeemer

Take action in this hour learn to walk in love, despite how you feel let my presence fill your souls in your atmosphere I will expel the darkness against you. Love destroys hate and every weapon of your adversary.

Why do you think he has caused so much division hatred strife and anger ? So you can’t receive and can’t be set free in that condition. Your adversary knows that’s how he can control you, but when you know his ultimate plans and know how to use a power that lives in you, that has already destroyed his power over you, then you can win every time and that’s the way I’ve always intended you to live Saith the Lord

Whispering Pines this will be in your headlines. Exposures scandals dirty deals no matter where they try to conceal them, all is being revealed.

Major breaking news will come out of Connecticut truth is winning no matter what your enemies are trying to do to stop it. All is coming to a close sooner than you think my children. This is bigger than you realize and it took me time to move to deliver to set you free.

This was not only a natural war this was a spiritual war and natural things were affected. Rejoice your most high God  always wins and gives you the victories Saith the Lord.

Wonderment will be used to describe what I’m about to do for this world that no man could dream of, but I the Lord am doing to deliver you. Know I am bigger than you know, and I am on your side, children of almighty God

Twitter will be in the news again but not for what you think. A scandal will be leaked and exposures will be heard. People will fall for the crimes they have committed hashtags will be in the news.

Hashtags Lord Willie yes look and see what is being said. Everything that seems to be innocent wasn’t innocent at all.

Serendipity this word will be used to describe incidents that will take place I told you my children I am in control and I am delivering you from everything you see.

Don Lemon will be exposed once again but this time he is in too deep and there is no way out of this one for him. Watch him fall but he will take others with him Saith the Lord.

The United Kingdom parliament will be in your news. Every country is being cleansed. Lies are being exposed and many people will fall.

A well-known person in the UN will fall to exposures in the coming days and another one will suddenly die.

Key people that were used by the elites, big pharma and big business, will start to step down, retire or will die.

But know this my children, all are being judged by me Saith the Lord.

Another controversy will arise around the star-spangled banner they are continuing their efforts to erase this song from this country’s history they hate it and what it stands for.

It stands for the lives that fought the ones that died and for that very thing your enemies are trying to steal from you. It’s freedom but they don’t have the power to take something away, that I have given to you my children.

So stand up for truth, your flag that stands for freedom this land is a gift and I have not forgotten or forsaken the prayers that have been prayed, the people who sacrifice their lives to fight for it.

I have blessed the USA yes, there has been judgment there, has been shaking, but no this was for a better nation than what you see now. It was a vision I have given to the ones who formed this nation that never got to see it fully you are the generation to see it and experience it so don’t give up now it’s almost time for delivery Saith the Lord

My children throughout the nations of this earth I’m speaking to save and to deliver your nations to.oTthis glory and freedom almost all will experience their systems are falling in every nation. So speak life over your nations. Speak freedom speak their defeat Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Ed Sheeran will be in your headlines look at what is being said my children.

Another Ed this name will be in many different news stories in this hour Mlies are being revealed and truth is prevailing.

Sandy this name will be in your news look at this location and know more is coming Saith the Lord

Brian Kemp will be in major headlines. Truth is exposing all of his lies and deception, his ties with foreign nations that he helped give them intelligence information and of course with the elections in his state, and many others.

He’s a traitor and treason will be written on him for all eternity Saith the Lord of Hosts. A major news story is about to break the Floodgates of truth in Georgia.

Stacey Abrams truth has found you and you’ll be given up to save others in your party. They don’t care about you. You failed to secure your seat even when they they stole it for you, so you shall fall, but what is coming to you will be great judgement Saith the Lord.

Pamela Anderson will be in your news. Remember I told you before this information was reported on so you were reminded I know what happens before they do Sayeth the Lord.

Toby Mack will be in your headlines. Pay attention and see what is being said.

The truth about smartphones will come out and my children what you needed for convenience and what should have been a blessing they tried to destroy you with it.

Apple will be exposed in a major way. Many in this company will fall to scandals, money laundering sex trafficking and the list goes on. How sick and disgusting acts will be reported on and explained using these words.

A war your enemies wanted, but they never intended to start one they couldn’t win. But they are realizing how things aren’t going as planned, and no matter the amount of money is not fixing it. Stand up against them my children.

There are  more of you and my angel armies that are with you they lose and you win because you’re on my side and I never lose Saith the  Lord your Redeemer.

Quite a blast as usual

Truth about smart phones eh ? The destructive intention of its proponents revealed. Intended from the 60s. Apple the usual scandals, human trafficking, money laundering. Liberals always blame the white race for slavery as if no-one else ever did it, LOL Apple phones are manufactured by slave labour, with suicide nets and the irony is utterly lost on the venomous dog dim witted Liberals. And lets add Elon Musks new Tesla Sat phone is far superior to Apple phones. So Apple could sink like Disney and Netflix. Star Spangled Banner under attack again by the death cult Left will only serve to stiffen Conservative resistance..

Brian Kemp Governor Georgia to be exposed, his foreign employment revealed, and branded a traitor which means a death sentence.

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