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Prayer for Donald Trump and this Nation

Good Morning Everybody. Today’s Tuesday, March 21st of 2023. Now usually I will give you a prophetic word, but this morning the Lord had me change what I was doing for this video. Now those of you who know, I always pray, what does God need us to hear for this very day and this very moment because God’s words are spirit. They are life. They can change everything that we see in our life and situations that we are facing. And in this time, as most of you know, our country is under attack. And it has been for a very, very long time, even longer than we ever knew. Now we have our rightful president under another attack. The Lord has prepared us for this time. He’s given us marching orders, decrees, declarations. He’s been giving us the right words to say. He’s been telling us to focus on Him. He’s given us His word. He’s given us the name of Jesus. And of course we have His blood covenant. Even yesterday in that prophetic word, we are supposed to be warriors in the army of the Lord. And now He’s calling us into battle, into action. He’s calling us to rally together. and fight this battle, not with natural means, not with a natural person would do. We fight this with the most powerful weapon in the world, which is prayer, in the authority of the name of Jesus. We have so many things going on right now that our enemy is doing to distract. He’s doing it to overwhelm. He’s doing to get you to be discouraged. and overwhelmed with everything that you see that you won’t fight back. He’s using our rightful president. to get us to the point where we’re so confused. or we’re angry in the wrong way. So, Julie, how there’s a wrong way? Because there’s such thing as a righteous indignation where you’re fighting for justice and truth and you’re doing it in a spiritual way, but you’re doing it in prayer and with God’s words and not by wanting to get revenge. God said in His word in Hebrews 10 and 30, “Vengeance is His.”. All right, I was just gonna quote it, but I have to read it. We’re gonna pray today over our rightful president. and our country. And he gave me a whole page of scriptures and how many I get to is up to him. But this is one thing he’s talking about right now, that we all have to get into our hearts. Don’t be afraid. Don’t get into fear. And don’t worry that the enemy is going to use this to take this nation down in our rightful president. There is more to this indictment than they are telling you. They wanna use this in many different ways. that would kill the soul of our nation forever. Say, Julie, you’re being dramatic. No, there are things that God showed me this morning. they wanna use this for. And this is why it was important for me to get on here, not give a prophetic word today, but to rally the troops, which is the body of Christ, and to standing and using our God-given authority about the attacks on our president and the rightful one in our country. Hebrews 10 and 30, “For we know him who said, “vengeance is mine. “Retribution and the meting out of full justice “rest with me. “I will repay. “I will exact the compensation,” says the Lord. “And again, the Lord will judge and determine “and solve and settle the cause “and the cases of his people.”. We have unlawful laws in this country. We have a two-tiered system. We have a tyrannical government who is just using our judicial system. for their own gain in any way they possibly can use it to take out their opponent. But remember, they’re using their judges. Their judges are limited and they’re restricted to certain things. But we have the judge over all the earth, which is God Almighty. It even says in Psalm 75, and you know that I have read this many times, but I’m gonna read this again because he wants me to. Psalm 75, this is what, again, the reason why I’m giving you scriptures, so Julie, why don’t you just start praying, because he needs to get those faith seeds on the inside of you. That as you hear these written words that God has in this Bible, that he has these words, to plant them into our hearts. so we know that God is a sure thing, so we know that he’s on our side, so we know that there’s nothing impossible to God. So we know that we know, so when we start praying, there is no worrying or there is no doubt. There is no unbelief. That’s why he’s having me do it this way. All right, now, now listen to this very carefully. This is in the written word. Psalm 75 in verse seven, but God is the judge. He puts down one and lifts up another. It doesn’t matter what is keeping our enemies in the positions where it looks like they are now. It doesn’t matter. God is the judge over all the earth. He’s the creator of heaven and earth, and nothing outweighs, and nothing will overthrow God, no matter what they do. Why do you think God has told us. in the last how many months to stay focused, even the last year? Stay focused, rest in him. Do not be distracted. The greatest example of that was Peter walking on the water, and I know I’ve given this example before, but I have to give it again. In Matthew 14, go and read this quick, Matthew 14. Now listen to this. It’s funny because right now it’s five o’clock in the morning, and in Matthew chapter 14 in verses 25 in the fourth watch, we’re on the fourth watch right now. Between three and six A.M. of the night, Jesus came to them walking on the sea, and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, “Is it a ghost?” And they screamed out with fright. Verse 27, but instantly he spoke to them saying, “Take courage, I am.”. What does that mean, I am that I am? He’s saying I am. When else did he say that in the book of Exodus? He says, “I am, stop being afraid.”. And Peter answered him, “Lord, is it you? “Command me to come to you on the water.”. Verse 29, he said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat, walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus. Verse 30, when he perceived, when he perceived, what does our enemy want to do in the midst of a storm? He wants us to perceive the wrong thing. Remember, what is going on right now is smoke and mirrors. It is distractions. It is deceiving us in illusions of this is what’s really going to happen, when over here, this is what’s going to happen. They’re trying to get your focus off God and on fear. Don’t be afraid of what they are trying to do. to this country or to our rightful president. It will not work. Nothing they do will work, and it will not succeed over the plan of Almighty God. Now look at that. So he was perceiving the wrong thing. What, he was walking on the water. He stepped out on faith. He did it. He truly did it. He walked on the water. How powerful that was. But guess what? Satan wanted to take his focus off of Jesus, so he made the storm stronger. The winds blow harder. The waves bigger. Peter, don’t look at Jesus. Look at the storm. And that’s what Satan wants us to do right now is look at the storm. Look at everything that’s going on wrong. Don’t look at God. Don’t be in peace or be at rest. Don’t pray. Don’t fight back. Don’t praise and worship God. Only look at the storm. Look at this. Then he said, “But when he perceived “and felt the strong wind, he was frightened, “and it began to sink. “And he cried out, ‘Lord, save me from death.'”. In verse 31, “Instantly Jesus reached out his hand “and caught him and held him, saying to him, “‘Owe you a little faith, why do you doubt?’. “And when they got back in the boat, the wind seized. “And those in the boat knelt and worshiped him, saying, “‘Truly, you are the Son of God.'”. The chosen did a very great job of perceiving, I mean, showing us what it could have been like. It was beautiful. I cried most of the time when I watched it. They were so afraid. They could have spoken to that storm. But they didn’t. They got afraid. They got discouraged. They were all in that boat together, complaining, getting in worry and getting in fear, when they’ve seen the works of Jesus Christ. Remember, the loaves and the fishes, remember, they went out two by two and were laying hands on the sick. They saw the miracles, Jesus raising people from the dead. They saw people being healed in front of their eyes. They still doubted him. In the midst of that storm, they got into fear. Peter walked in the water. They still got into fear. Our enemy counts on it. He counts on us getting into fear. He counts on us to get our focus off God and a focus on Him, our enemy. Our enemy has infiltrated our nation almost since day one. There’s been a war on this country, freedom, truth, and God. For the longest time, and we had no idea, I remember as a little girl, my grandfather served, my brother served, and looking at that flag, I was blessed with the fact that both of them came home. My grandfather almost didn’t, and we saved two purple hearts. There’s so many men and women that didn’t come home. There’s so many men and women that are fighting right now. for our country. Our president, our rightful one, didn’t have to fight for this country. He could have lived his life. He was living a good one, and then he sacrificed for us. He gave up the life that he was living. to fight for this country against an enemy we didn’t even know was there. We didn’t know our own government was against us. We didn’t know. Three enemies everywhere, and our three-letter agencies, and our government, and our judicial system, waiting, just waiting to take our freedoms away. This is time to fight back, to fight back in a way that our enemies cannot win. They might have more money, it looks like. They might have more power, it looks like. Doesn’t matter, because we have the greater one on the inside of us. We have the power of the name of Jesus. that every me must bow to that name. Our country. This is one of the final things to take down. This is the one thing that they’re counting on. To get us in panic and worry, overwhelmed, afraid, that we won’t fight them back. And this is a time for the body of Christ to fight back more than we ever have before. Remember, we have the lion of the tribe of Judah on the inside of us. We have the greater one, 1 John 4.4, the greater one on the inside of us, and he that’s in the world. Yes, we do. He’s showing me something else. I promise we’re gonna pray. No. But I have to do what he wants me to do. I can’t do things on my own, and I won’t. It’s too important. 1 John 5 and verse four. For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world, and this is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith. Verse five, who is it that is victorious over the world, that conquers the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the son of God, who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on that fact? We conquer the world, not by our own physical ability. Do not fight this battle with natural ability. or natural wisdom or understanding. This battle we fight. We don’t lean and trust on our own understanding, but we lean and trust on God. This is a spiritual battle. You can’t fight a spiritual battle with natural means. If you do, you’ll lose. God is asking us to lean not on our own understanding and not to get into fear and not to get into worry and not to start panicking. No, no, no. We let the greater one rise on the inside of us, and we use his words. We use his authority that he’s given to us. Remember, and Luke, I’m telling you, I’m getting there, I promise. Luke 10 and 19. Behold, I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and physical and mental strength and ability. over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing shown any way harm you. He has given us power and authority over our enemy, over all the power that the enemy has, over all the power. It doesn’t matter what our enemy does. In Isaiah 54, 17, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.”. This is a time where we need to rise up. as the body of Christ and know who we are and to know the power and authority that we have in his name that we are not fighting this battle alone. And this is one nation under God. No matter what the enemies want us to believe, this nation is one nation under God, and they cannot kill this nation. The only thing that is going to die in this situation is their globalist agenda and their plans and their ruling over this country and the world. That is what’s going to die. God knows the end from the beginning. He puts each and every one of us here, why do you think he’s been giving us prophetic words and fresh manna from heaven every day? Is because this time there is more going on than we see. And he’s asking us to get up. He’s asking us to fight. He’s asking us, “Do you believe me more than what you see?” That’s what he’s asking. I want to read one more scripture. In Joshua, Joshua one and chapter five, or chapter one and verse five. “No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life as I was with Moses. So I will be with you. I will not fail you or forsake you.” How was God with Moses? Think about it. “As I was with Moses, so I’ll be with you.” He said, “No man can stand before you.” No man. No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Okay, one more scripture. I’m just going off what he’s telling me to do. I had no plan besides I was going to get on here and pray. And I’m reading you a couple scriptures. All right, 2 Chronicles 7 and 14. “If my people who are called by my name,”. I’m going to read that part again. “If my people who are called by my name. shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”. It even talks about in Jeremiah. that he will return the captivity. This country is not going down. Our rightful president is not going down. And the reason why I can say that so surely. and with confidence is because I know our God. He doesn’t fail. He says our rightful president is his David. And he has the stone to take out the giants. Why do you think they have fought tooth and nail? They’ve thrown every cotton, pick, and thing at him that they can think of. Everything. It’s not going to work. Our God is faithful. Our God is true. And I hope all of this has gotten faith in that righteous inundation to rise up in you. So when we pray that you stand in faith knowing, it says in Luke that God is the God who nothing is impossible. He is the God who nothing is impossible. This looks like a no-win situation. This looks like we are all done for. It looks like a president for the first time in American history is going to be arrested. That’s what it looks like. But God, I love that. But God, the reason why you see me crying. is because the compassion of the Lord comes upon me. for his church. and. for this country. This is the only country in the world. that was formed to serve God, the only one. And Satan has been trying to destroy it. And take it away. And the church didn’t fight. for a long time because they didn’t know what was going on. And now we do. And so what do we do? We don’t throw up our hands and say we have to give up because they’re more powerful than we are. God goes before us and who can be against us? If God’s on our side, whom shall we fear? It is time for the body of Christ to get up. To stand up and take our God-given authority and start using it against our enemy and to save this country with the power of Almighty God and with the authority of his name. We can’t do this on our own. Neither can our president, the rightful one. When you know I say president, you know who I’m talking about. Not the one who is a clown and he thinks he’s in the office of the president. You can’t be in the office of a president if you steal something. It’s time for us to get up. and to fight. And to fight with every fiber of our being. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t keep your focus off God. Put your focus back on God. Don’t put your focus on a man. Keep your focus on God. And let us pray for our nation and our rightful president. For justice to be served. For judgment against our enemy. For what they are doing to our freedoms. What they are doing to our God-given rights as a child of the most high God. We’re not gonna sit back and we’re not gonna take it. And they have to know that. Heavenly Father, right now in the name of Jesus Christ, we lift up our rightful president to you, Donald J. Trump. We lift up your David. With the authority of your name. And we thank you, Father God, that we have power and authority over our enemies. Just like you said in Luke 10 and 19. We thank you that Isaiah 54, 17, no weapon formed against us shall prosper. You also told us that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood in Ephesians six, but against principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world. Heavenly Father, we lift up this indictment. We lift up the situation with our president and we thank you, Father God, that you are placing judgment on our enemies to place blessing on our president and this nation. We thank you, Father God, that these are the days of Haman and what they are trying to do to him. They will fall by their own sword. They will fall by their own plans and tactics. It will boomerang back on them. I thank you, Father God, that this is one nation under God. I thank you, Father God, that we’ve been standing millions around the world, not even just in this own country, have been praying and standing for our nation and our rightful president. And Father God, I know that you said in your word in Joshua one and five, that no man can stand before us all the days of our life. So you were with Moses, so you will be with us. Father God, we thank you. Just like you were with Moses, you are with us right now. You are with our rightful president right now. You are standing guard. Nice, thank you, Father God, for his guardian angels protecting him and standing guard. And I thank you, Father God, that our enemy cannot get past the bloodline. And I plead the blood of Jesus over our rightful president. I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone that surrounds him. I plead the blood of Jesus over his mar-a-lago, his home and any other place that he’s in, over his vehicles. And I thank you, Father God, for giving them and everyone around him wisdom and knowledge and understanding. That nothing, nothing that is when waged against him, it will not go as planned. Father God, I thank you and I praise you, that your army, that your army, angel armies, are protecting our nation. You said they were protecting our borders, they were surrounding our nation, no matter what things look like. Their enemy would fall by their own sword. You even said in Deuteronomy chapter 28 in verse seven, that our enemies come against us one way, they will flee before us seven. I thank and praise you, Father God, that this nation is being reborn. I thank you, Father God, that the church, your body is waking up and standing up and fighting back like never before. I thank you, Father God, that everything that our enemy is doing, every plan, every attack, I thank you, it is coming down like the walls of Jericho. That it cannot and it will not prosper against this country and it will not prosper against our president. It will not prosper against us. And I thank you, Father God, that every freedom they try to take away, I thank you that they have got to give it back seven times, because you say in your word in Proverbs 6, chapter 30 and 31, when the thief has been caught, he’s got to give it back seven times. We don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I thank you that we stand on your word. That it says in Isaiah 55, 11, that your word does not return to you, Lloyd, but it will accomplish what you please and prosper in the things for which you sent it. So we thank you, Father God, that our rightful president has the victory. We thank you, Father God, that our country has the victory, that everything they’re doing will fall, everything they plan will fail. I thank you, Father God, for giving us such a beautiful country, for giving us the ability to, Father God, to live in a country of freedom. You see what these people have done. You see, Father God, how they’ve been trying to tear it apart bit by bit. They’re trying to take away all of our freedoms and all of our rights, and just like in Exodus chapter three, you heard the cries of your people. And not only that you hear the cries of your people, but you promise to deliver us out of it all. That’s what you said in Psalm 34, 17 and 19. You promised to deliver us out of it all, and I thank you, Father God, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You are the great I am, and there is nothing impossible to you or for you. And I thank you, Father God, that your hand is against our enemy, that your hand is against every person against this country that’s trying to take out not only our rightful president, they’re just trying to take him out to get to us. But I thank you, Father God, that you are the way, but you are in the way. You are in the way of our enemies getting to us. You are in the way of our enemies getting to our rightful president. You are in the way. And I thank you, Father God, that you have made a way when there was no other way. And I declare and decree right now in the name of Jesus, you say you always cause the triumph and that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, and we are victorious over the world. So we declare and decree our victory right now. We declare and decree that the United States of America is one nation under God, and they cannot take that away. I thank you, Father God, for restoring our rightful president in everything that belongs to him, in everything that belongs to us as children of Almighty God. Again, it is not by our strength, it is by your strength that we are the way. It is by your strength and your might. You also said that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world. Father God, I thank you this day. Just like you said about David. David said this day you’ve delivered the giant into my hands. And I thank you, Father God, this day you have delivered the enemy into our hands. We thank you, Father God, that this day is our day of victory. and our enemies’ defeat. And we thank you for it in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen and amen. Remember, the reason why I’m not crying is not because of fear, it’s not because of defeat. It’s because of love of Almighty God. and just think of all the evil that our enemy has tried. God’s goodness is greater than that. So what we take away from this today, and I want each and every one of you to say, we have the victory because of Jesus. The battle is the Lord’s. He’s given us plenty of marching orders, decrees and declarations. Go and find them on our website and go and speak them. In your situation, regarding this country, regarding our president, our rightful president, go and speak them and know that God’s got it. Know that the enemy is a loser. and he always will be defeated in everything that he does. He can never win. Jesus has took it away from him. He’s completely disarmed him and brought him to nothing. So today, no matter what, you just know that God’s got it. You just say, “But God!”. And remember, he is the God over all the earth. He’s a judge and he takes down one and brings up another. I hope this encourages you today and I want you to pass this along to everyone you know. to stand in agreement for this country. Remember, God said vengeance is his, that we speak the words that God needs us to speak and not the words that our enemy wants us to. So share this with people that pray for this nation and for our rightful president. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Innocent Donald Trump to be arrested on fake charges from before he was president, way beyond the 2yr statute of limitations for a misdemeanour to distract us from Snowballing crimes of the Bidens. He is unlikely to be Epsteined but the thought must have occurred to many democrats. And he could be held indefinitely like the Jan 6 innocents. Don’t think this has never occurred to the Dems. This the desperate death throes of the criminal Democrat government.

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Searchable transcript for the serious

Good morning, everybody. Today is Monday, July 2022. I know you probably didn’t think you were going to see me again today because I already pre recorded a video for this morning I did last Thursday. But I heard one of the most powerful words that I have heard thus far. All of them have been powerful, but this one is to a different level. I am traveling home tomorrow, and I didn’t want to wait to prerecord this. I wanted to get it out to you right away.

It is called One Government will Fall and Another one will Replace Them. I heard this word, July 23, just a couple of days ago. I will warn you, when I heard it, I cried. And every time I read it, I cried.

This one is imperative for all of us to really get down in our hearts that we are his chosen people. We are the remnant of this very day and this very hour. And God has chosen us to rise above everything that has been attacking each and every one of us all of our lives, especially in these last couple of years. There is nothing impossible for our God. And as I read this word, you can hear the compassion of our Father and what we’re going to experience for the next couple of months and what he is going to do before the end of the year. Again, that’s what it’s called. One Government will fall and another one will replace them.

For I the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to start taking authority over every situation in your lives. So taking authority over the situations in your cities. So taking authority over the situations in your nations. Lord, how do we do that? Some of you may be asking. My children. I have given you my name. I’ve given you my written word. I have given you the armor you needed for this battle and every battle. Get in my presence and I will let you know who you are with me. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. You are not weak. You are not without. Know I have left you with everything you need to defeat your enemy. Anyone he chooses to use, they’re all losers. And they will go down as losers for all eternity. You think it was harsh what I did against Pharaoh and all of his men regarding the Red Sea? What I’m about to do to these world leaders is much bigger than that. Oh, yes. When I am done, everyone will know that I am still the Most High God. And there will be no denying that. Oh, yes, Satan will lie and deceive people, but their blinders are removed, so they will be able to choose what report they believe. My children, things are changing. Things will continue to intensify. Things will occur that will bring shock to most of this world. Interruption is about to take place. But the world has never seen quite like this before. Staggering information is about to be released that will cause an uproar in this nation O United States. One government will fall. Another one is coming to replace them. The government that I have chosen for such a time as this is coming like a freight train to destroy the power of a fake and fraudulent government, says the Lord of Hosts. Chaos will consume some people with fear because of what is going on in this world. A civil war. It will appear like and try to break out, but it will come to nothing, because their power is nothing. For I am the great. I AM, and there is none like me and your enemies. Plans are coming down now, so keep on shouting them down. My children. It’s working. And it will start to speed up in these days. Cry a mighty war cry and watch all these things against you start to turn, shift and turn around will begin. Miracles will start to happen. My blessing will begin to manifest more and more in your lives. My blessing is an empowerment that causes you to rise above everything that would try to hold you down. Remember my words. The principalities in the air over you have been defeated. There is less interference now. So pray like never before. Believe like never before. I am here for you, and your lives are about to change in ways you never thought possible. These are the days you’ve been waiting for. So brace yourselves for what is about to take place that you could never have imagined.

Donald Trump. My son, do not doubt me and do not doubt what I will do for you. I’ll protect whom you love, and I’ll protect this nation from what you are being told is possible. And it could be the worst case scenarios. This will not happen. I will not allow your enemies to go that far. I know it’s hard to imagine less casualties in a situation like this, but I have done this in my ward before. My son. Go to Second Chronicles 20 in my written word and read what I did for my people. The enemies fought each other, and none on my side were lost. This is possible. Get in prayer with me. Surround yourselves with people who can pray with authority, who will lead you in the right direction. Donald, you have had people surrounding you who have purposely given you bad advice. Some know they are sent there to sabotage you. I will reveal the ones who are left. I will tell you who to have near you during this time. My son, it’s go time. So go, and I will be with you. I will be with this nation. You are a part of the new United States. I have called you here for this moment. I promise you, my son, I will not fail you. And I will not fail this Nation.

I love you beyond what you could have imagined. Everything stolen, everything lost. You are about to get back in multiplication my son, beyond your wildest dreams. I will restore and give back more. I will shield your family, and no one will touch them. I have my angel army surrounding you and your family in this time. So go and do what I have called you to do. And I will be with you my son. Thank you for your sacrifice. And thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not backing down and thank you for trusting me in despite what you have seen and what your enemies have tried to do to break you, I will break them and all their plans. This is that time. I will give you peace and rest like you’ve never known. When you sleep, I will come to you and tell you what to do. I am here and I will always be here for you my son. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. My children, your enemies are about to become scatterbrained. Yes, that is what I said. The more you are aligning with me and my words, your enemies will scatter. They’ll become more confused. These are the days of their confusion. These are the days you will see them fall in ways not known to mankind like this. My nation in the United States it’s coming. A takeover, a take back and a restoration and celebration like never before. I told you there will be another inauguration. It is special and you will see why. Oh United States, the walls against you are gone. The people holding you back are themselves being held back. They can’t do what they wanted to do next. My children, listen to my words. It will look darker and more confusing for a short time. Press into my word. There will be a silence when you can’t hear the prophets, but you will always be able to hear me. This blackout is their fall and your victory. So do not fear this time I will bring miracles, my signs, my wonders during this time. This is a time of restoration, healing and refreshing from the effects of the enemy and the damage they have caused against you. Receive from me. Expect more from me like never before. My children. The changing of the guard is about to take place. Get ready for this change. Get ready for the transfer of wealth out of the hands of the wicked. I am giving it to you where it has belonged all along. But I will give it to the ones that I can trust with it and to use to bless the world. You are to separate yourselves from the world and how they act. So do that quickly. Things are shifting now, say the Lord.

Get used to hearing the word unusual in your news. More unusual events will continue to be more common in the next few months. What you know to be normal is gone. In life, as you know it, is about to get so good it will be like a dream. Saeth the Lord.

Jen Psaki is about to be in your news. Oh yes. Great exposures have begun. Thank the Lord.

Adam Schiff is about to be exposed big time. A great fall he will take in front of the world.

The House of Representatives is about to be in the news. A great lie is about to be exposed. The truth is being told and everyone against me will lose their seat they never should have had. I told you before, these are thieves and liars and they are all about to get a hard dose of reality. You don’t prosper when you steal and cheat. They will repay what they have stolen.

Major events are about to take place in Washington DC. And it will never be the same. Saith the Lord.

President Zelensky is about to fall. Oh yes. He’s about to walk away from his powerful position. He can no longer keep it because I am removing him myself. Sayeth The Lord.

Battlefield, this word will be in your news.

All eyes are about to be on Pennsylvania. A major eruption is about to take place. A liar has been caught red handed and is about to shake that state. Pennsylvania. Do not fear. I am here and your enemies will no longer hold your state hostage from the freedom that I have intended to take place in your state. A turnaround is about to take place and you don’t have to wait until the midterms Sayeth The Lord.

Ezekiel, this name will be in your news.

The clock known as Big Ben will be in the headlines. I told you this will be a sign that what the royals have hidden can’t stay that way.

I will say this again. The Statue of Liberty will be in your news. And not in a good way. The monuments and their symbolism is about to fall all over the place. Sayeth Lord.

Something significant is about to take place in New York. Get ready. My time for change is coming like you wouldn’t expect it to change in these ways. Watch more leaders resign and watch some of them will die. This is a time for change in nations around the world. Start to celebrate. My children, you’re about to see me do things for you I have never done before like this in the world. You have been all been hand picked for this great Exodus. So receive what the Lord has already done. My glory shall fill your homes like never before. Yes, changes are coming. Ones you didn’t expect. Because I am the God of surprises and I’m about to surprise the world, saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

Julie commentary And as you can see, why I cried for most of this word, because it is powerful. We have been waiting for a restoration in this nation. We have been waiting for something to change and that change is coming. But until we see it fully, God is saying this to you and I right now. We do have to walk by faith and not by sight. We do have to know who we are in Christ Jesus. We need to get more in His Word so we have that faith. And I’m not crying because it’s bad, believe you me, it’s not a bad cry. I am crying because of what God is about to do for us and how awesome it’s going to be. This is a good thing. These are tears of joy, not tears of sorrow. When you hear these prophetic words in this manner he’s been giving to us every day, it’s awesome knowing, well, right at the end, everything is about to turn around. Everything is about to change the way God has said it for so long. Don’t give up now. He said things are going to get darker. But he said for a short time, it could be a couple of weeks, it could be a day or two, I don’t know. It could be a month. But he did not put you here to abandon you. He put you here because you’re special. And you’ve been hand picked by God Almighty to see something that he has never done ever before, not like this. So if you are about to give up on God, don’t cry out to Him like never before. He promises he’s not going to leave you, but he also promises that he will deliver every person out of every situation. Prophecies he gave me this morning will explain more. I’ll give those to you when I get back home. Just trust in the goodness of Almighty God. He’s bringing our rightful President back. He’s bringing our nation back to a nation that we haven’t seen like this before because we’ve been under such oppression. It’s such a type of slavery, we didn’t even know we were under. We thought this was just a normal natural life. And God is saying, this life is going to be so great for this great time that we’re living in, this great Exodus, the great harvest of souls.

So it’s not time to leave yet. It says, time for us to take what Jesus has paid for us in this earth and taking back our authority as children of the Most High God and taking it back from the hands of the wicked. These people are going down, no matter what it looks like, no matter what they’re going to do in the next couple of weeks, no matter what happens, no matter what they say, no matter what they threaten the world with, no matter what they do remember. But God, he is bigger, he is more powerful, and he will not let them go as far as they want to go. Remember this, he will not let them go as far as they want to go. He is doing something, and it is his will that will be done. On this earth and only God’s will. And I want to pray over each and every one of you, but I want you all to pray over your nation as I’m praying with you. No matter if you live in the United States or no matter what country it is. God is delivering your nation from the hands of the wicked. He’s delivering us from this one world government. He’s delivering us from all these one world leaders. And all their plans that they had for us in this year and what they were going to do, it will not be ushered in. God is going to stop them. His hand is bigger. His power is more than they could ever dream of, they could ever have. They could never have the power of Almighty God. Pharaoh found that out, and they are going to find it out. So, Heavenly Father, right now, in Jesus name, I just looked up every person that is watching this. Father God, how do we thank you for this powerful prophetic word? I know this word is changing people’s hearts and lives as they hear them. Father, thank you for your love and thank you for your goodness. Thank you for what you are doing for us in this nation and the nations around the world. I thank You, Father God, that we come in agreement with this prophetic word. We come in agreement that you are bringing each and every one of them down. I thank you, Father God. They are coming down. They’re coming down right now. We pull down their power. We pull down every person in those positions that have no right to be in our House of Representatives, that don’t have a right to be in our Senate, that don’t have a right to be in our White House or in that government. I thank you, Father God. They are all coming down right now in the name of Jesus. And I thank you, Father God, for the rightful government and the rightful President as they come back. We thank you for the warring angels, for protecting them. They’re guarding angels, protecting them. I plead the blood of Jesus over them. For the blood of Jesus over all the military and all the decisions that they’re having to make right now to take back our country to the countries around the world. I thank you. Father God. Right now in Jesus name. As all these things are shaking. Your children will not shake. But your children will be movable. That they will grow and strengthen you in the time of the Passover. Father God, this is not the Passover, but this is a symbol of a Passover, because you are going to pass us over all these things or judgments are going to go on. Our enemies are going to pass over us all. The angel of death that’s going through our enemies is going to pass over us. I thank You, Father God, because we had the blood of Jesus and nothing, nothing our enemies wanted to do to us this year, it will not happen. By the blood of Jesus, we are calling down every plot, every plan, and every scheme of the enemy. You will not prosper against the children of the Most High God. You will not prosper against our rightful president and anybody who’s with him. You will not prosper against our military. You will not prosper against this country. You will not prosper against the children, the Most High God, everywhere they live in, no matter what nation they live in. I thank You, Father God, that we are seeing revival, that we are going to see your glory fall like never before. I thank You, Father God, that we’re taking back these positions, we’re taking back our authority, we’re taking back our countries, we’re taking back our freedoms. And I thank you that there is this. It is growing around the world. And I thank You, Father God, that you are bringing us to a new level of authority, a new level to live with you. And I want to praise and thank you for the joy of the Lord to touch each and every one of them right now in Jesus name, the peace that passes our understanding. I thank you, and I praise You, Father God, that no up and formed against us shall prosper. And we praise you for these words. We thank you for these words, Father God, that we hold on to, that we are getting a revelation of all these words, it is rising up inside of us. And that we will roar when we speak Your words. And it’s like the line of the tribe of Judah speaking through our mouths. And I thank you that all hell quiver at the sound of these words. I thank you that their plans are destroyed by the sound of these words, that their walls are crumbling down by the sound of these words. And I thank you for it right now, by the blood of Jesus, that we know who we are, that we have our God inside minded, that we know that the greater one lives on the inside of us, and we will not back down. We will not quit. We will never give up and we will never shut up, and we will never give in. We are taking back what’s rightfully ours, and we thank you for that right now, Father God, we thank you for your love and we thank you for our deliverance. We thank you for delivering the nations, for delivering our countries and our freedoms and our children from the hands of the wicked. And we pray the blood of Jesus over all those children that are being released right now out of those sex trafficking rings. Father God. I know it’s happening. I can feel it in my spirit. I play the blood of Jesus over there. Satan meant to destroy them by thank you for their God you’re restoring their soul and you’re restoring a life to them and they never thought they could live. In Jesus name, amen and amen. So I know this is on a different level today and I did warn you beforehand, it is, it’s happening. What we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner and I know some of you have gotten really downtrodden and you’ve been really stressed out and frustrated and upset, thinking nothing is going on, but got to say no, you’re going to see me, just hold on. I’m your Dad and I can be trusted. That’s what he is saying to us right now. So, again, I’m going to remind each and every one of you, I will not be on tomorrow, okay? I am flying back home. So God bless you. You guys know how much I love you. I’m sorry, Paul, for crying today, but it’s just the joy of the Lord and just the compassion I feel in my heart for each and every one of you in this country and all of you around the world. I can just feel his love for you and just know not only that, he loves you, I love you. The whole team loves you. And I’ll be back on Wednesday morning. I’ll be back with another powerful prophetic word and I’m also going to be on with his glory with Pastor David Scarlett at 1130. So I will see you guys on Wednesday morning. So God bless you all and just have a really wonderful and fantastic day, God bless.

After word

Certainly hard not to cry going thru this transcript. The old Wet keyboard trick. And its much about Donald Trump having Gnostic dreams and thus will likely receive an internal mentoring voice and that will be kept quiet to not give enemies an opening. Donald is getting some needed help about choosing allies which is so difficult in the Washington swamp full of chameleons. And the pattern of world leaders being removed and dying will give even militant atheists pause for thought.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green transcript WAR -YOUR VICTORY- THEIR DEFEAT Feb 28 22

Transcript for serious students

Here is the prophecy

for today

War Your Victory and their Defeat. I heard this on February 25th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am making an announcement to my body I win and your victory is at hand.

A major breakthrough in turnarounds is here.

Your enemies all lose and this is a time for their fall and their sentencing.

I have said enough is enough.

No more will I let them stage this world how they want it

War. Yes they want an all-out war. They are thirsty for it- It’s another manouver to control this world.

All they have are lies and false power. You say Lord they do have power over us look at all they are doing.

My children they have played  right into my hands.

They have done exactly what I need them to do and when they would do it for their ultimate destruction and their demise not yours. Yes it’s time for turnarounds. I know this has been hard to deal with, and hard to bear my children, but I the Lord have spoken my words and nothing can stop my words, and my will. What words you ask Let my people go Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Lord, it’s taking too long !

Now there is war. No, there’s not.

This was a strategic attack on things that are going on in part of Ukraine.

No one knows about your nation. Wanted you to believe otherwise. This is not directed at the people of that nation like they would love for you to believe.

Soon you will see why Russia did what they did, in the meantime do not fear it and it can go only so far and not any further. I got this my children, and I got you.

I have said I am your protector and deliverer.

These are your days of deliverance so shout your Exodus is now !

It’s here we declare, we receive our freedom.

Lord we receive our authority and we will not fear.

Jen Psaki found out what’s going on in the W House

Sudden news is about to break regarding

Jen Psaki

Her sudden exit is shocking to some, another sign to you, their plans are falling apart she knows what they have done, and doesn’t want to be a part of it any longer.

Jen, even though you have stepped down and judgment is coming, you know what you have done, against the American people playing into this fraudulent government.

It will be exposed who you actually are, who you took your orders from, and it’s not Biden.

Obama is his name you and all this fake government and fake power will be exposed.

The pressure is building when your days are actually going to END.

You know Jen you can’t take the anticipation of what is about to hit DC.

You refuse to repent and treason will be written on you for all eternity.

An eruption is about to take place in your Congress between house members.

People are splitting apart choosing what side they’re actually on.

Some are scared for their lives and will switch sides.

Others will stay on their ground in defiance and their end is near.

A death blow will rattle DC. Yes a death will rock this nation.

Biden ? you ask.

YES they are finished with the one that’s betraying him. He’s a failure.

They are grasping at straws when to pull the plug on this charade but after this next gaffe of the Biden, it will be their final straw.

Obama wants it to be seen and known he’s in control.

But they don’t know how exactly to make the American people accept that.

A storm is brewing my children. Yes a major storm in the natural, but also in the spirit. A major storm is about to break over DC and many are fleeing do you hear it ?


Yes military marching, but they are not alone.

They are with my angel armies, and they are about to take over and descend on DC.

YES ultimate destruction of that capital, and all who want to protect it, and try to stand their ground against my army.

But failure and defeat they only have.

Yes a major sign to look for— a massive lightning bolt will strike the White House and the Washington monument on the same day.

Watch for a lightning storm to hit your Capital rain and wind and major storm is going to strike there, directed at the ones holding this nation hostage.

Yes a storm is brewing they can’t stop with their money or their power.

Fox news a major scandal is about to break all over. A news anchor will be caught in a scandal along with others in your network. Brace for impact FOX

I’m cleaning house and not many will be left standing.

Only people who spoke the truth and didn’t bow to your every command.

It’s time for a major news break all over, regarding the lies you have been told in your supposed news stations all over the place.

Yes vindication for the ones who’ve told the truth and vengeance for the ones who wouldn’t.

Rudy Giuliani I’m vindicating your name in this hour you’ll be rewarded greatly for standing up for truth. You have what you need to destroy every narrative regarding 2020.

It’s that time to move forward with a plan that you have been given. The walls that have been built up against you have come down.

No longer will they control the narrative so speak, my son and do what needs to be done. I am with you and I have not failed you. I will give you strength to stand and face adversity but this time it will be different. Now it’s time for them all to fall that are against you.

Rudy I have raised you up in this hour and I’ve given you everything you need to overcome and come out victorious in the end. So move my son I will direct your steps.

Donald Trump you have my orders, my son, you know what to do. Remember it is my responsibility to protect the people in this nation.

Don’t hold that care or that responsibility. It belongs to me in the days ahead, when you make your moves that need to be made.

Just remember I have protection around you, and all who are with you, but I also have my angel armies protecting the people of this great nation from their enemies in the attacks against the people of this nation, as you are pursuing them.

Yes I know what they want to do. I know what they are planning when you take these next steps. But my son, it’s my will that will be done. Not theirs So full steam ahead you would say.

Play your next chess move on the board of victory. It’s time to move forward and yes you do have the green light.

Donald Trump you have been chosen by the one true God You are my David. You are also my Moses you’re my vessel sent to help deliver the people out of the hands of these nowadays pharaohs.

The Exodus is upon them now, I will bless you and all who are with you it’s time for the turnarounds so go and do what I need you to do, and I will be with you and I will be with them.

oh United States a uniting is happening amongst you and your states. Things that have been in secret are about to be revealed in this hour great confusion. Yes they are making their last moves on their checkerboard because they are not smart enough to play chess.

Many mistakes they have made and continue to make. Yes they have been caught in everything they have done.

Truth is breaking through all the lies in this hour exposing every player every person what they have done to destroy your nation.

This is the time you have been waiting for my children it’s time to dance and it’s time to sing march forward into your victor. Its time to see turn-arounds like never before

Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Julie Commentary. Now one of the things that he’s talking about, he’s talking about war, Your Victory and Their defeat.

Yes yesterday morning again I recorded this on Monday February 28th but one thing when I heard a word on Sunday February 27th

the Lord had me praying about war, you are going to see it in other nations, they’re going to start announcing it, things are starting to happen, moves are starting to be moved or played I guess in this game they have all over the world right now, to stop what they know is about to come. You will hear of things in Israel you will hear of things in Japan you will hear of things in other nations

Why it’s not just Russia and Ukraine they do want an all-out war

That’s why you are starting to see weather become very erratic and unusual, why God has been speaking so many times before, not only is this a sign to you because he gives you the news before the news, but it’s also to stop the plants and the attacks of the enemies, is to halt things that they want done.

Those weather events will get in their way, they will be there. God is using that to be there, to protect you, not to destroy you, no matter what things seem like this, in this hour. Remember you are on the side of victory and they are the side of defeat.

When God again uses his hand, he references his hand in the bible, he says when I move my hand now look when he moves it.

Judgment always happens to one and justice blessing always happens to the other side.

This is what you’re gonna see, and he’s also given many prophecies about March and how March is going to be Bumpy. March is going to be for some –

Lord they’re going to ask this question what is going on with the month of March ?

The old saying, goes in like a Lion goes out like a lamb –

Weather and many other turnarounds and things are going to happen in the month of March.

So be praying children of Almighty God when things look like what is going on Lord ?

You press in to God Almighty and don’t let confusion don’t let fear and don’t let that spirit of heaviness control you, overwhelm you, get you into the point where you are not trusting and believing God anymore and fear takes over.

God is saying he has this. He has us in the palm of his hand and how many times does he say in his word do not fear?  365 times one for each day of the year.

I think obviously he didn’t do that on purpose there’s no coincidences with God he wants us to know every single day of our life do not fear, look to him, don’t go by your five physical senses, don’t go by feelings, because if you go by feelings, your adversary uses those to deceive you. He uses those to entangle you to entrap you to hold you hostage, and definitely to torment you with it.

God is saying — War Your Victory and Their Defeat

Again all of these prophecies are not only all those are his they’re kids words for you, for this very day and this very hour these words are detailed and they’re specific.

Why because he wants you to know what is going on in the world today, and that he is in control and to keep your faith and trust in him. And these times that we’re living in a lot of times when we go through dark and confusing times. That’s when people will turn away from God but God is so merciful.

Long-suffering he’s given us all these words and of course he gives us encouragement every single day, to be able to say hey I love you, and these words are for you, to be able to hold on to your faith and your trust in me, despite  everything you hear, everything you see in your Don’t know what’s going on ! Lean not unto your own understanding but lean unto me trust me.

I can handle it. That’s why he says in his word in first Peter Chapter five and verse seven cast all of our cares upon him, because he cares for us, he watches over us, he never sleeps he, never slumbers, he never takes a break and he knows the end from the beginning, he’s the Alpha he’s the Omega beginning and the end

He is Elohim the Creator of Heaven and Earth

He’s Jehovah rapha our healer Jehovah jireh our provider jovanis our banner or our victory he’s our Prince of Peace he’s our comforter.

He is the great I am, and he is your Father and that’s all you need to know and focus on in these days and in these hours that we are living in today ,that we are on the winning side we always encourage you today I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly father right now in Jesus name I just want to praise and thank you for freeing each and every one of them for the bondage that they have been living in, regarding their mind heavenly father their mind their will and emotions their soul they have been imprisoned in their soul and we thank you father God this is the hour, these are the days this is the year of the great Exodus to free your people so they can freely serve you so.

We thank you that right now Father God, that you are touching him Jehovah Rapha You are their healer, touch them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet where they have pain pain must go right now in Jesus name where there’s any disease during virus infection it must go right now in Jesus name any affliction any ailment anything that has been said to you that the doctors have said and did not give you any Hope God right now is giving you hope and he’s telling you, you choose Life you choose life, life in the death, in the power of your tongue ,and you have a right to choose Life and God will honor those words. Long life will he satisfy you, so you do not give up, and you do not quit just because somebody else gave you a bad report.

You listen to God’s report by Jesus Christ you were healed and every knee must bow to the name of Jesus so do not give up and do not quit because God is on your side and you will come out unscathed you will come out like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego like you were never in this battle to begin with.

So heavenly father I want to praise and thank you for your healing anointing for your restoration for breakthroughs for miracles signs and wonders in the life today in Jesus name Amen Amen. Well again I hope this encourages you today please like subscribe and share and give this to everybody you know, who needs to hear encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth sets you free well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Such a download of events to come

Keynote stuff. Jen Psaki resigns but chooses hell as her final destination.

Serious attempts to start WW Three as a distraction from revelations in the US regarding the election, and the dementia riddled gerontocracy that bedevils the US Gov guaranteeing its mid term destruction soon. Why it’s not just Russia and Ukraine they do want an all-out war

Obama, Rudy Guiliani, Donald Trump making comebacks. Major storms coming to Washington. Massive record storms, also Eastern Australia- Sydney and Brisbane both flooded. Endless rain coming off warm ocean.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Thrown off Youtube Julie is now broadcasting from Rumble which is out of favour with the Tech Giants. So it cant be embedded here. So its a Red link that opens in another Tab.

All important Transcript here

Good Morning everybody

Today is Thursday February 24th of 2021 and I just want to say God bless you I love you I hope you guys are excited about what God is doing in the earth today, and before I get to this prophecy today um called Brace for the coming Nuclear Bombs of Truth against Your Enemies

God wanted me to give you guys something, a part of a word that I heard this morning. Now I don’t usually do that when God gives me a word again, these are his words and it’s his timing, but there is a certain part of this word he wanted me to give out TODAY because it’s regarding what’s going on over in Russia  and Ukraine, and God wanted to give the body of Christ, he wanted to give them hope and encouragement, and a little insight over what is going on, and what to expect, and of course he always gives us this so as not to fear.

So before I get to the one for today, I wanted to give you guys  now, what. Someone asked me. How do I hear from the Lord ? Because I guess I don’t explain that from the Lord. The Lord gives me certain music to listen to, which lately has been all Robin Bullock pretty much and I have specific ones to watch on specific days.

I listen to that music, and as soon as I do, I get out my notepad and my pen and paper or whatever I have to get out.

A pen and a notepad and I start hearing, it’s like a river or a flood and it just starts going and going. Now I am not a writer. I was not good in English class.

So all of a sudden I just hear this, and it just flows and I write so fast as you can see, it’s not very good handwriting,

But again God I just know his voice, because instead of his word, his sheep know his voice, so I know when he’s speaking, and I turn everything else off, except for he what he wants me to know, what he wants me to hear, and I just start writing what he wants, and how this all started, because a lot of people ask me, first of all, was it prophesied over that I would be in the prophet’s office ? But  here’s how it’s all started.

I was preaching for the last 12 years and one of the things that I asked for is  -God what do you want your people to hear for this very day, in this very hour, that was only for me, what was for you guys, when I was preaching to you, or I was preaching my home church. Anybody who was there before I got on youtube or anywhere else, I said okay these are your sheep, this is your ministry, these are your people, what do you want said ? It’s not my will, but it’s your will that is done, and that’s how I started praying about what he wanted, because we could sit there and preach and just study to show ourselves approved all the time in order to preach God’s word to people. I can sit there and have two or three pages of scriptures, and I may not even use one of them, as soon as I get in the pulpit all of it can change.

Why ? Because I allow him to do that because it’s not my will, it’s his will, and with all these prophecies —

Do I ask for prophecies? No.

I did not ask. The only thing that I want to do, and I’ve cared about is what do you need to hear, what does God’s people need to hear for this very day, in this very hour, and as I can see now what he wants you to hear, is these prophetic words on a more continual basis. I did not ask for that, but a more continual basis, what to get your faith up in him, and so when all of these things are going crazy or all these things are starting to confuse people and I don’t know what’s going on, and why God is giving and putting out these words to give you hope, to give you encouragement, to give you that strong foundation. Okay all this is going on in the world today, but God said this. That’s what he wants  so somebody asked me that, and I want to let you guys know he is giving out these words, because these are words he wants you to hear, each day, and what I find so fascinating, when I hear the word of God, and when he speaks to me in the morning, he’s speaking to me, and not only is he giving his prophetic words, but the love that he has for you, the compassion that he has for you, and he wants you to know that  everything is going to be okay, and I think that’s why it’s so important for you to fill yourself up with the word of God. All the time turn everything else off. Just fill yourself up with a word. I wanted to give that out to somebody because somebody was asking how do you hear this ?

You don’t explain. I want to let you guys know. This is what it is.   I said God what do you want them to know for this very day in this very hour, and he wants you to know what is going on in the world today ?

And he’s getting more detail as you can see, about what information he wants each and every one of you to know, to give you signs, when this all goes out and this all starts to blow up in the spirit, and naturally he wanted you to know that he was in control, that everything was okay and he wanted to give you joy and peace in the midst of it all, because God is absolutely good. So that is how I hear those words. Now all right so this is the word that I heard this morning and I want to give you a short part of it, as I explained earlier in the beginning of the show, this one I probably will give out on Monday of this week or next week. I mean. Because I’m about three or four days ahead of time, when I actually hear them, then to when I actually give them out, so this is what it’s from this morning, so again this is regarding what’s going on in Russia and what’s going on in Ukraine I heard this about five o’clock central standard time just to let you guys know I hear all these prophetic words very very early in the morning between about 4 30 to 5 o’clock in the morning. OK

This starts out again this is a short part of this prophetic word –

Vladimir Putin be careful where you step

Do not cross me Saith the Lord.

You are only allowed to go so far, and not any further, now this is why. My children, things are going on between Russia and Ukraine. You will not understand because the news media is lying through their teeth. What is really going on. Ukraine now anybody if you are from Ukraine and you are watching right now, share this with people in your nation OK. This is for you Ukraine my children who are there do not fear, I will protect you.

From what is going on, I will lead you and shield you from any attack. This is not directed at you. This is directed at people who have infiltrated you, and your land and are being exposed , and will not cause any more damage.

So God is saying people have infiltrated your land and this is specifically against them now he goes on—- you are asking Lord I don’t understand

I the Lord I’m telling you, Ukraine, it will be okay with you, no matter what it seems like I have the final say in this matter

oh United States you are being lied to by this fraudulent government. They paid for this, and they set Russia up, to be forced to move their hand.

Yes, your nation, OBAMA is at the wheel, and they want and he’s thirsty for war they want this direction, so the news is paying attention to that again. This is a distraction all right. God is saying everyone in Ukraine are his children, everything is gonna be okay.

Something was forced into doing this, but it was not um directed at you, it was directed at something that’s in your land now.  I will go on again, further on with that prophetic word on Monday, but he said in that part that Russia’s hand was forced, and I know it sounds like what is going on, I don’t get it, but God is saying they pushed him to do this.

Something is going on that we don’t understand, but this will soon be revealed. But God almighty wanted people in Ukraine to know you are protected everything is gonna be okay.

It is not as it is being told by the news. They’re lying through their teeth, so again everybody that is on here, I want you guys to pass this along to anybody in Ukraine.  Also want people to start praying over people in Ukraine, and we’re going to pray for you, before I end this broadcast okay ? We want to pray put the blood of Jesus over your nation, over your homes that whatever this was that was forced, it will not affect you who are there, and the truth of all of this will be exposed, and remember that God always has the final say, so you don’t have to worry and this was meant for a distraction in this time. This was meant while all these exposures are taking place. The people on the other side want you to pay attention to war, and they want to bring fear, they want to bring confusion, because this was told this wasn’t going to happen, and all of a sudden things are happening, what is going on again ?

This is a distraction our adversary does- three d’s he deceives you, while he’s distracting you, and then on the other side of deceiving and distracting, he’s destroying so we cannot focus on what they are saying about what is going on with Russia and Ukraine.

You cannot focus on what is being told to you he said, they’re lying through their teeth so just hold on and the truth will prevail.

They were provoked into doing something, but God has the final say, and he will. So magnify God and not magnify what they are saying, and do not believe what they are doing, it will not prosper against God’s people, and if you have to remind yourself in the book of Exodus, you sit there and say Lord because he’s no respecter of persons and that is in his written word, Lord you protected the people in the land of Goshen with all those places hit, I thank you that you are protecting me and my nation, and my home and my family, in the name of Jesus plead that blood of Jesus you may not be able to see that blood, but you people who are in Ukraine listen. Plead the blood of your house doors and you do it get God’s wisdom on exactly what he wants to do or where he wants to go and he will lead and guide you in those directions. God said everything’s gonna be okay and he’s on your side and do not fear truth is being told and it will continue to come out but stand your ground and anybody again we’re gonna pray for Ukraine but I also want everybody to know that God is working in your life, and in your nation and so do not get uh, distracted with all these things that they want you to get distracted with.

Magnify God. Focus on God that is what he has for us, and saying to us today he’s giving us specific extra  instructions focus on him, not focus on what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to distract you and again he will protect you. All right God is undefeated I don’t want to tell you guys that again. God is undefeated he will never lose, and so if you stand and you believe in God, in the midst of anything that’s going on, he will give you peace he will give you rest. He will give you joy, which is your strength.

In the midst of it all remember God kept saying Brace for Impact, and he kept saying brace for this, he warned us to get right before him, he warned us to get our houses in order, and what that means is we have to start living for him, making him number one, repenting and getting rid of all the things that we used to do in the lifestyles, that we used to have and focus on God Almighty and when we focus on God almighty he is our refuge, he is our fortress he is our strong tower, he is our peace, he is our comforter, he is everything in this time, he’s warned not only for you know anything that’s going on between Russia and Ukraine. He’s also warned here in the United States he’s warned us in the surrounding nations that we have to be prepared because they want to distract  because they don’t want you to focus on what is really going on in your nation as well.

Things are coming out and that is the name of this prophecy I’m going to get to right now –

Brace for the coming Nuclear Bombs of Truth against your Enemies.

Now not only with these prophetic words that I hear,

that he gives me, he also gives me the title.

These are not my titles these are not my words and I will not take credit for any of it. These are God’s words and they’re his titles, and the reason why he has a name certain ways, there’s a lot of times I hear a word and for two or three days I won’t know what to name it, until I pray and seek him and he gives me the answer.

Now this one he gave me this morning the title of it, but I heard this prophetic word on Feb 21st of 2022

but I heard the title of it this morning

Brace for coming Nuclear Bombs of Truth Against Your Enemies.

For I the Lord this day have spoken continually through my prophets and have declared this is my time.

This is my show and it has begun. Things are about to get into an explosive place never seen like this before.

The truth is coming from so many places, and it will startle them and bring so much fear to your enemies. They won’t know what to do, which fire to put out first, since it’s all around them.

Nightmares one after another, things they thought would stay hidden forever, someone leaked it !

They don’t know how this could have happened.

They were so careful they are so powerful that things like this don’t happen to them unless they want certain people to fall. How does someone sneak into their camps and inner circles undetected ?

I will shatter their confidence and they’ll be brought to their knees with these explosions.

Some will turn themselves in, thinking this will lessen their sentences or keep them alive.

Some will dig their feet in more against me in this hour they will harden their hearts fully in defiance.

You know who they are. I have mentioned their names more than once.

Your government officials.

It’s now the time for them to start falling, stepping down and they’ll be exposed like never before. Some will be struck down by the Angel of Death suddenly.

Yes suddenlies. I am turning for your suddenlies. I am turning your mourning into joy unspeakable.

So brace for the coming nuclear bombs of truth against your enemies.

They will start to come one after another with no break in between, so they won’t have any time to gain their composure.

Nancy Pelosi

I speak of your name again.

The time has come to fully expose you to the world, who you are, what you stand for, what you have stolen financially, the elections the freedoms and the rightful President.

Yes you are being exposed to the entire world, and your gavel will be ripped from your hands in this hour, finances blasted out of your hands that you stole from the American people, through your bills that you padded your own pockets with, along with the elites padding your pockets for doing their work, insider trading, manipulating markets for your financial gain, you and your whole family, including your NEPHEW Gavin Newsom ( Gov California)

You will all pay a high price for treasonous acts against this nation and the world.

AG Bill Barr the truth will soon be revealed about You. Clearing up the American people.

Why you did certain things not to stand for their freedoms.

Yes, vindicated is your name and what you needed to be done in that time.

All of this had to take place, clearing your name and showing the covert assignment that needed to happen to save them.

Lindsey Graham

I am shaking you to your core to choose what side you are really on.

Choose now and choose wisely, you have information that is needed in this hour. So stop holding on to it.

Do the right thing Lindsay.  I will protect you I will shield the truth for the ones you are afraid of.

Do it now, your time is running out to choose. Truth and Freedom for the American people, or possibly your life and your career.

What is more important to be enslaved to them, with your threats against you, or to do what you are called to do in this hour ? Move forward before it’s too late and judgment comes and it will hit your door as well.

Focus Lindsay on the truth not the threats in this day.

Chuck Schumer you too are being exposed in this hour

You’ll be shown as a serpent, a liar, and your power will be ripped from you. That seat does not belong to you.

Chuck you know it, and you stole your own election, and you helped steal so many others. You are finished and the Angel of Death will come and visit you soon.

You have become cold-hearted and turned your back on me, and I have turned my back on you, for a judgment will hit your home.Treason Traitor and a Murderer will be written on you for all eternity.

No holds barred. Yes this is that time.

Nothing to be held back. They will use all their power against you, and I’ll use mine against them, darkness gross darkness is hitting them right now, with total destruction of your capital, might happen.?

No. It’s happening by my hand. All of you will soon see why you can’t pray for this not to happen.

Know my children this must take place they have military. They’re thinking they can stop its attack from taking place, but this is imminent.

For my children in the military who are there who are made to go, I will shield you protect you from what is coming to that place. It will look like a complete war zone, and it is they who started it all and were  all at war against you, when they stole your elections for so many years, my children.

Yes truth like JFK will be revealed- it was an inside job.

Yes they wanted a YES man, and he wasn’t one of them.

Everyone sits except Ronald Reagan, who blew up their stealing of his election. They couldn’t. He won by too many. They slowed, and he slowed their plans down,

so they patiently waited and tried to even do an assassination attempt (shot 5 times) but that didn’t work either, they needed to figure out another way to speed things up after he left office, since they always had their pick on each side of the aisle, well, until another Ronald Reagan came to the surface again, and his name is Donald Trump. Their worst nightmare came to pass.

You saw they lost control in front of the world. Yes elections haven’t been free. They have been hijacked in this nation for years to control you and enslave you.

They stole from you anything they could, destroying you and your freedoms, along with your nation, they needed to bring it to its knees to control the world you might say. God these are conspiracy theories right ? No they’re not and who says they are?  – them !

My children I haven’t begun to show you all the evil they have done against you. Soon it all will be shown.

But brace for what is coming. It’ll be hard to hear these truths

Bill Clinton the Angel of Death is about to visit you your days are coming to their final end. Hillary will take a bigger fall for you, but your fates are still the same.

You’re in for all eternity and you’ll both be in the same place with no reprieve.

But this was not my choice, this was your choice that YOU made and hell will be your home. I didn’t want this for you. I tried to stop you from going there and you refused my love and refused to repent for money and power so now you will reap what you have sown.

My children, more will come to the surface about this week, and when you celebrate President’s day watch for more extreme weather, it’s coming Yes some will say it’s like plagues in our day, this weather is another sign of your Exodus, so do not fear it. Stand against it my children you have my authority so use it This time you live in it shall be Great YES. Great is your reward for standing my children I am the God and your God and I am vindicating every person and everything stolen from you, vengeance in this hour, like never before, hold on I have warned you of this time so confusion doesn’t control you. I am in control and I am undefeated so look to me, my joy in this hour, like never before your great celebration is drawing near so receive it the wealth and everything that we could have will come into your hands because it has your names on it so don’t limit me and don’t limit what I can do for you Saith the Lord of Hosts

Quite a word YES ?

Julie provided a useful description of how she receives these messages. Which leads to the question from many Why don’t I get these messages and Am I doing something wrong? YES and NO. Awakened people are given jobs to do which can include becoming a prophet on social media, or something else. Julie complains its an awkward difficult stressfull experience for her. Possibly connected to her poor language skills. But if you want a high resolution connection to Mr G try Laymans Gnosis for everybody explained below. Only Mr G can make this possible. Is he allowed to change the rules ? Or do Theocrats rule God ? Christians are asked to consult with spirit on this matter before they start calling this 20 minute natural process Satanic. If you dont know spirit, ask someone who does, to find out for you.

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