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Full Justice Rests with Me.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I am moving in this hour to save you and also to avenge my children who have been wrongly prosecuted, enslaved by the world system and your adversary men who used the system to control it, but I the Lord have already defeated the one who thinks he’s in control of this earth. His name is Lucifer and I’ve already thrown him out of heaven, destroyed the power he stole from Adam, and his deception in the garden, which led the earth to where it is today. My children these are the days, my children. I saw these days in advance before the foundation of the world. I knew exactly what your enemies had planned and exactly how long it would take my children to wake up and fight back. I am strengthening you during this time of awakening. I am strengthening you and perfecting your faith and your trust in me, to endure through it all. I’m reversing it all, turning the tables on your adversaries, and their plans to destroy you, and to control this earth. The opposite will take place, because you will be given this power and their lives will be taken for the mass deaths and the chaos they started on this earth, with their plans to take over everything I am here to avenge and deliver my people I am giving back to you all that has been stolen. Yes all finances businesses everything I had for you, will be restored unto you in this year of 2022.

This year is a great jubilee year and a great jubilee debt will be cancelled. bills will be paid in full. Houses will be given unto you. Everything that should belong to you, you will receive in this great Exodus. there will be a shift of all the earth’s goods into the rightful hands. Some scoffers will say how dare you speak of money and possessions ? I the Lord ask Why not ? They are all mine and you are joint heirs with me, the world tricked you into believing this is a love of money. That is the root of all evil, yes? But having money and possessions is not evil, as long as those things don’t have You and don’t control you, nor change your heart for me, or for my people. The wealth transfer is to be able to bless others without limits. It is not selfish to have more than enough, to become a distribution center. Wake up my children there is not much time left before the major shift. During this massive  shaking removals and reversals will overwhelm the earth by what is taking place. Some people shall hardly believe their eyes and some will while seeing, shall find it hard to believe it’s true . Yes, enemies are about to strike the earth with their final kill shot, the final blow to society. Children of Almighty God you can stop the effects of this attack. Get up and use my name and my blood, put on your armor fight your adversary and receive the victory which has already been paid for these are the days of war, but these are the days you will always win. The end is near. the end of the system which your enemies use to control you. Their bondage, their lives are trickery to make you submit to them. My plan will always prevail over the wicked. You will keep having unusual weather patterns, weather forecasters and news teams shall say unusual weather and global warming, just to strike you with fear. Listen to my words, I am telling you this before the news, as a sign in order to show you, that I am in control. Watch for your news about your borders. Watch as your enemies are trying to attack you from all directions. Stand guard. Stand for truth and freedom. My military your angels are ready to move so give them orders to move to guard and protect your countries. I will honor and answer your prayers my children

I am showing you with my name and my authority. Do you have my power to take back what is yours ?

Your enemies lose. say it over and over again.

My enemies lose and my Lord reigns on this earth

A major earthquake will shake the world I’ll state that again. A major earthquake will get the world’s attention because of its unusual location. Everything will shake in this final move which has to be made against your enemies. It will be their final blow which will remove their control over you.

Arise my children all you see belongs to you. Change it back. Take back your freedoms with your words.

Don’t be moved by this new variant.

They will try to lock you down once again, they will use this new variant to distract everyone away from what I am doing. It is my takeover that’s about to hit their doors. I am pounding at their doors where their walls of protection are destroyed.

I am moving now and I will shake this world to its core

YES I will shake your enemies to their core. Shake the world system and the world’s way of doing things without me.

Your enemies times of power has expired and is coming to an abrupt end.

So hold on my children I am here now all will change to my way of order on this earth so you can richly enjoy. Shout out and celebrate as your hour has come saith the Lord. End message.

A few observations here gang.

The promise of financial restoration I have heard internally for 20 yrs. Though the method of restoration was never disclosed.

And after a criminal robbery attack on my jewelry business, my entire jewelry business was taken from me, just a coupla months before we intended to melt the jewelry, and pay cash for a brand new house . So effectively we had our new house stolen. I actually wrote this account to a sentencing judge, and it played a major role in the sentencing of 3 armed robbers, the prosecutor explained to me, in a 1 hour phone call. So this could explain why Mr G didn’t intervene to stop this violent robbery happening, because I had always been assured that everything lost would be returned to us. Finally in this post, Mr G reveals his intention to reverse many millions of evil transactions. to restore peoples lost finances. Though the mechanism remains obscure for security reasons.

A major earthquake is coming and its location will get the worlds attention.

My guess is its Washington DC because Mr G has already talked about DC being so destroyed, another NEW capital will be needed. That’s where Donald Trump’s new Government will be seated. Assembled by Mr G.

The three capitals of the evil system controlling us are London (financial) Rome (religious) and Washington DC (military)

And for average people, if you have a mortgage, you have been robbed and Mr G intends to free us from debt slavery.

Unusual weather patterns to be reported

Entire northern hemisphere frozen with record cold. Must be global warming, eh ?

Here’s my Vancouver relative shooting videos at -50

Mr G – look out for strange weather reports.
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