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Good morning, everybody. Today is Monday, July 2022. I know you probably didn’t think you were going to see me again today because I already pre recorded a video for this morning I did last Thursday. But I heard one of the most powerful words that I have heard thus far. All of them have been powerful, but this one is to a different level. I am traveling home tomorrow, and I didn’t want to wait to prerecord this. I wanted to get it out to you right away.

It is called One Government will Fall and Another one will Replace Them. I heard this word, July 23, just a couple of days ago. I will warn you, when I heard it, I cried. And every time I read it, I cried.

This one is imperative for all of us to really get down in our hearts that we are his chosen people. We are the remnant of this very day and this very hour. And God has chosen us to rise above everything that has been attacking each and every one of us all of our lives, especially in these last couple of years. There is nothing impossible for our God. And as I read this word, you can hear the compassion of our Father and what we’re going to experience for the next couple of months and what he is going to do before the end of the year. Again, that’s what it’s called. One Government will fall and another one will replace them.

For I the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to start taking authority over every situation in your lives. So taking authority over the situations in your cities. So taking authority over the situations in your nations. Lord, how do we do that? Some of you may be asking. My children. I have given you my name. I’ve given you my written word. I have given you the armor you needed for this battle and every battle. Get in my presence and I will let you know who you are with me. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. You are not weak. You are not without. Know I have left you with everything you need to defeat your enemy. Anyone he chooses to use, they’re all losers. And they will go down as losers for all eternity. You think it was harsh what I did against Pharaoh and all of his men regarding the Red Sea? What I’m about to do to these world leaders is much bigger than that. Oh, yes. When I am done, everyone will know that I am still the Most High God. And there will be no denying that. Oh, yes, Satan will lie and deceive people, but their blinders are removed, so they will be able to choose what report they believe. My children, things are changing. Things will continue to intensify. Things will occur that will bring shock to most of this world. Interruption is about to take place. But the world has never seen quite like this before. Staggering information is about to be released that will cause an uproar in this nation O United States. One government will fall. Another one is coming to replace them. The government that I have chosen for such a time as this is coming like a freight train to destroy the power of a fake and fraudulent government, says the Lord of Hosts. Chaos will consume some people with fear because of what is going on in this world. A civil war. It will appear like and try to break out, but it will come to nothing, because their power is nothing. For I am the great. I AM, and there is none like me and your enemies. Plans are coming down now, so keep on shouting them down. My children. It’s working. And it will start to speed up in these days. Cry a mighty war cry and watch all these things against you start to turn, shift and turn around will begin. Miracles will start to happen. My blessing will begin to manifest more and more in your lives. My blessing is an empowerment that causes you to rise above everything that would try to hold you down. Remember my words. The principalities in the air over you have been defeated. There is less interference now. So pray like never before. Believe like never before. I am here for you, and your lives are about to change in ways you never thought possible. These are the days you’ve been waiting for. So brace yourselves for what is about to take place that you could never have imagined.

Donald Trump. My son, do not doubt me and do not doubt what I will do for you. I’ll protect whom you love, and I’ll protect this nation from what you are being told is possible. And it could be the worst case scenarios. This will not happen. I will not allow your enemies to go that far. I know it’s hard to imagine less casualties in a situation like this, but I have done this in my ward before. My son. Go to Second Chronicles 20 in my written word and read what I did for my people. The enemies fought each other, and none on my side were lost. This is possible. Get in prayer with me. Surround yourselves with people who can pray with authority, who will lead you in the right direction. Donald, you have had people surrounding you who have purposely given you bad advice. Some know they are sent there to sabotage you. I will reveal the ones who are left. I will tell you who to have near you during this time. My son, it’s go time. So go, and I will be with you. I will be with this nation. You are a part of the new United States. I have called you here for this moment. I promise you, my son, I will not fail you. And I will not fail this Nation.

I love you beyond what you could have imagined. Everything stolen, everything lost. You are about to get back in multiplication my son, beyond your wildest dreams. I will restore and give back more. I will shield your family, and no one will touch them. I have my angel army surrounding you and your family in this time. So go and do what I have called you to do. And I will be with you my son. Thank you for your sacrifice. And thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not backing down and thank you for trusting me in despite what you have seen and what your enemies have tried to do to break you, I will break them and all their plans. This is that time. I will give you peace and rest like you’ve never known. When you sleep, I will come to you and tell you what to do. I am here and I will always be here for you my son. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. My children, your enemies are about to become scatterbrained. Yes, that is what I said. The more you are aligning with me and my words, your enemies will scatter. They’ll become more confused. These are the days of their confusion. These are the days you will see them fall in ways not known to mankind like this. My nation in the United States it’s coming. A takeover, a take back and a restoration and celebration like never before. I told you there will be another inauguration. It is special and you will see why. Oh United States, the walls against you are gone. The people holding you back are themselves being held back. They can’t do what they wanted to do next. My children, listen to my words. It will look darker and more confusing for a short time. Press into my word. There will be a silence when you can’t hear the prophets, but you will always be able to hear me. This blackout is their fall and your victory. So do not fear this time I will bring miracles, my signs, my wonders during this time. This is a time of restoration, healing and refreshing from the effects of the enemy and the damage they have caused against you. Receive from me. Expect more from me like never before. My children. The changing of the guard is about to take place. Get ready for this change. Get ready for the transfer of wealth out of the hands of the wicked. I am giving it to you where it has belonged all along. But I will give it to the ones that I can trust with it and to use to bless the world. You are to separate yourselves from the world and how they act. So do that quickly. Things are shifting now, say the Lord.

Get used to hearing the word unusual in your news. More unusual events will continue to be more common in the next few months. What you know to be normal is gone. In life, as you know it, is about to get so good it will be like a dream. Saeth the Lord.

Jen Psaki is about to be in your news. Oh yes. Great exposures have begun. Thank the Lord.

Adam Schiff is about to be exposed big time. A great fall he will take in front of the world.

The House of Representatives is about to be in the news. A great lie is about to be exposed. The truth is being told and everyone against me will lose their seat they never should have had. I told you before, these are thieves and liars and they are all about to get a hard dose of reality. You don’t prosper when you steal and cheat. They will repay what they have stolen.

Major events are about to take place in Washington DC. And it will never be the same. Saith the Lord.

President Zelensky is about to fall. Oh yes. He’s about to walk away from his powerful position. He can no longer keep it because I am removing him myself. Sayeth The Lord.

Battlefield, this word will be in your news.

All eyes are about to be on Pennsylvania. A major eruption is about to take place. A liar has been caught red handed and is about to shake that state. Pennsylvania. Do not fear. I am here and your enemies will no longer hold your state hostage from the freedom that I have intended to take place in your state. A turnaround is about to take place and you don’t have to wait until the midterms Sayeth The Lord.

Ezekiel, this name will be in your news.

The clock known as Big Ben will be in the headlines. I told you this will be a sign that what the royals have hidden can’t stay that way.

I will say this again. The Statue of Liberty will be in your news. And not in a good way. The monuments and their symbolism is about to fall all over the place. Sayeth Lord.

Something significant is about to take place in New York. Get ready. My time for change is coming like you wouldn’t expect it to change in these ways. Watch more leaders resign and watch some of them will die. This is a time for change in nations around the world. Start to celebrate. My children, you’re about to see me do things for you I have never done before like this in the world. You have been all been hand picked for this great Exodus. So receive what the Lord has already done. My glory shall fill your homes like never before. Yes, changes are coming. Ones you didn’t expect. Because I am the God of surprises and I’m about to surprise the world, saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

Julie commentary And as you can see, why I cried for most of this word, because it is powerful. We have been waiting for a restoration in this nation. We have been waiting for something to change and that change is coming. But until we see it fully, God is saying this to you and I right now. We do have to walk by faith and not by sight. We do have to know who we are in Christ Jesus. We need to get more in His Word so we have that faith. And I’m not crying because it’s bad, believe you me, it’s not a bad cry. I am crying because of what God is about to do for us and how awesome it’s going to be. This is a good thing. These are tears of joy, not tears of sorrow. When you hear these prophetic words in this manner he’s been giving to us every day, it’s awesome knowing, well, right at the end, everything is about to turn around. Everything is about to change the way God has said it for so long. Don’t give up now. He said things are going to get darker. But he said for a short time, it could be a couple of weeks, it could be a day or two, I don’t know. It could be a month. But he did not put you here to abandon you. He put you here because you’re special. And you’ve been hand picked by God Almighty to see something that he has never done ever before, not like this. So if you are about to give up on God, don’t cry out to Him like never before. He promises he’s not going to leave you, but he also promises that he will deliver every person out of every situation. Prophecies he gave me this morning will explain more. I’ll give those to you when I get back home. Just trust in the goodness of Almighty God. He’s bringing our rightful President back. He’s bringing our nation back to a nation that we haven’t seen like this before because we’ve been under such oppression. It’s such a type of slavery, we didn’t even know we were under. We thought this was just a normal natural life. And God is saying, this life is going to be so great for this great time that we’re living in, this great Exodus, the great harvest of souls.

So it’s not time to leave yet. It says, time for us to take what Jesus has paid for us in this earth and taking back our authority as children of the Most High God and taking it back from the hands of the wicked. These people are going down, no matter what it looks like, no matter what they’re going to do in the next couple of weeks, no matter what happens, no matter what they say, no matter what they threaten the world with, no matter what they do remember. But God, he is bigger, he is more powerful, and he will not let them go as far as they want to go. Remember this, he will not let them go as far as they want to go. He is doing something, and it is his will that will be done. On this earth and only God’s will. And I want to pray over each and every one of you, but I want you all to pray over your nation as I’m praying with you. No matter if you live in the United States or no matter what country it is. God is delivering your nation from the hands of the wicked. He’s delivering us from this one world government. He’s delivering us from all these one world leaders. And all their plans that they had for us in this year and what they were going to do, it will not be ushered in. God is going to stop them. His hand is bigger. His power is more than they could ever dream of, they could ever have. They could never have the power of Almighty God. Pharaoh found that out, and they are going to find it out. So, Heavenly Father, right now, in Jesus name, I just looked up every person that is watching this. Father God, how do we thank you for this powerful prophetic word? I know this word is changing people’s hearts and lives as they hear them. Father, thank you for your love and thank you for your goodness. Thank you for what you are doing for us in this nation and the nations around the world. I thank You, Father God, that we come in agreement with this prophetic word. We come in agreement that you are bringing each and every one of them down. I thank you, Father God. They are coming down. They’re coming down right now. We pull down their power. We pull down every person in those positions that have no right to be in our House of Representatives, that don’t have a right to be in our Senate, that don’t have a right to be in our White House or in that government. I thank you, Father God. They are all coming down right now in the name of Jesus. And I thank you, Father God, for the rightful government and the rightful President as they come back. We thank you for the warring angels, for protecting them. They’re guarding angels, protecting them. I plead the blood of Jesus over them. For the blood of Jesus over all the military and all the decisions that they’re having to make right now to take back our country to the countries around the world. I thank you. Father God. Right now in Jesus name. As all these things are shaking. Your children will not shake. But your children will be movable. That they will grow and strengthen you in the time of the Passover. Father God, this is not the Passover, but this is a symbol of a Passover, because you are going to pass us over all these things or judgments are going to go on. Our enemies are going to pass over us all. The angel of death that’s going through our enemies is going to pass over us. I thank You, Father God, because we had the blood of Jesus and nothing, nothing our enemies wanted to do to us this year, it will not happen. By the blood of Jesus, we are calling down every plot, every plan, and every scheme of the enemy. You will not prosper against the children of the Most High God. You will not prosper against our rightful president and anybody who’s with him. You will not prosper against our military. You will not prosper against this country. You will not prosper against the children, the Most High God, everywhere they live in, no matter what nation they live in. I thank You, Father God, that we are seeing revival, that we are going to see your glory fall like never before. I thank You, Father God, that we’re taking back these positions, we’re taking back our authority, we’re taking back our countries, we’re taking back our freedoms. And I thank you that there is this. It is growing around the world. And I thank You, Father God, that you are bringing us to a new level of authority, a new level to live with you. And I want to praise and thank you for the joy of the Lord to touch each and every one of them right now in Jesus name, the peace that passes our understanding. I thank you, and I praise You, Father God, that no up and formed against us shall prosper. And we praise you for these words. We thank you for these words, Father God, that we hold on to, that we are getting a revelation of all these words, it is rising up inside of us. And that we will roar when we speak Your words. And it’s like the line of the tribe of Judah speaking through our mouths. And I thank you that all hell quiver at the sound of these words. I thank you that their plans are destroyed by the sound of these words, that their walls are crumbling down by the sound of these words. And I thank you for it right now, by the blood of Jesus, that we know who we are, that we have our God inside minded, that we know that the greater one lives on the inside of us, and we will not back down. We will not quit. We will never give up and we will never shut up, and we will never give in. We are taking back what’s rightfully ours, and we thank you for that right now, Father God, we thank you for your love and we thank you for our deliverance. We thank you for delivering the nations, for delivering our countries and our freedoms and our children from the hands of the wicked. And we pray the blood of Jesus over all those children that are being released right now out of those sex trafficking rings. Father God. I know it’s happening. I can feel it in my spirit. I play the blood of Jesus over there. Satan meant to destroy them by thank you for their God you’re restoring their soul and you’re restoring a life to them and they never thought they could live. In Jesus name, amen and amen. So I know this is on a different level today and I did warn you beforehand, it is, it’s happening. What we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner and I know some of you have gotten really downtrodden and you’ve been really stressed out and frustrated and upset, thinking nothing is going on, but got to say no, you’re going to see me, just hold on. I’m your Dad and I can be trusted. That’s what he is saying to us right now. So, again, I’m going to remind each and every one of you, I will not be on tomorrow, okay? I am flying back home. So God bless you. You guys know how much I love you. I’m sorry, Paul, for crying today, but it’s just the joy of the Lord and just the compassion I feel in my heart for each and every one of you in this country and all of you around the world. I can just feel his love for you and just know not only that, he loves you, I love you. The whole team loves you. And I’ll be back on Wednesday morning. I’ll be back with another powerful prophetic word and I’m also going to be on with his glory with Pastor David Scarlett at 1130. So I will see you guys on Wednesday morning. So God bless you all and just have a really wonderful and fantastic day, God bless.

After word

Certainly hard not to cry going thru this transcript. The old Wet keyboard trick. And its much about Donald Trump having Gnostic dreams and thus will likely receive an internal mentoring voice and that will be kept quiet to not give enemies an opening. Donald is getting some needed help about choosing allies which is so difficult in the Washington swamp full of chameleons. And the pattern of world leaders being removed and dying will give even militant atheists pause for thought.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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There is No Way for Your Enemies to Escape.

Once again I heard this on Tuesday April 19th of 2022

For I the Lord this day, have given my children encouragement truth and warnings that things are about to dramatically change for your good what you see now will not stand. All your enemies will fall in everything you thought was a normal way of life was actually slavery and it will be destroyed. You have endured a great deal because this demonic system and the ones who control it, the majority of this world, and my children thought this was “just life” Your enemies counted on this so you wouldn’t fight them back. That’s why your enemies have used so many things to deceive you, so that they could have what they wanted without a lot of resistance from you, children of Almighty God, and the people of this world, the shaking you are experiencing now are making things seem abnormal, and appear abnormal, excuse me, many are asking Lord what is going on ?

This is the wake up call. I told you my children that this was coming, this wake-up call was to help you realize you have been asleep, and deceived by the enemy.

No more will my body stay complacent or enslaved. Arise children of Almighty God and receive these words, and with that you receive truth and freedom which is already yours. There are more of you than there are of your enemies and they are terrified of you knowing this information, because that’s where you will fight back.

But it’s too late for that truth is being revealed everywhere, and my children are receiving these words and are waking up and taking back their authority. With this, my children, you will see more resistance from your enemies. They will not go quietly.

It doesn’t matter how loud they scream or shout, I will shut them all up and take away everything they have and are using against you, no matter what it seems like for a short time, they are all caught in the trap of all their lies deception and judgment and justice will find each and every one of them, and they will all fall for their crimes committed against you and this world. There is no way any of them can escape what is coming against them, for I the Lord and the judge over all this earth and I am passing their sentencing and they will live for all eternity in a place no man should ever go, but they chose this when they refused to turn from their wicked ways and repent Saith the Lord.

Snowden this name will be in your headlines. Another major whistleblower is about to come forward with more incriminating evidence than anyone has ever thought could be brought out, at one time. This evidence will be seen and heard by everyone and every person will be judged by me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children I mentioned this before and I will bring it up again.

The Heart Senate Office building, it will be in your headlines, look at what they are saying took place there, who is involved and just know there is more to the story that will all come out. Nothing they have tried to keep hidden in any building will stay hidden. Know I have all the evidence of everything they have done and it will all be seen by the world Saith the Lord.

Stand By this phrase will be used in your headlines and look at who is making this statement they are trying to buy some time to figure out how to fix these major disasters but they can’t.

A Coliseum will be in your headlines. This location will be heard more in the

News. Many exposures and truth will continue to pour out of this land, more than any thought would have been taken place in this country.

Harsh Conditions this will be used in your headlines to explain what is going on in so many places throughout this earth.

A famous Harbour will be in your news listen to see what took place there and who’s reporting on it, no matter what they have done to cover up their tracks it’s not working for I have people everywhere revealing the truth Saith the Lord of Hosts

Henry Kissinger his name will be in your headlines. The Angel of Death is visiting his house with a blood that has been dripping from his hands, continues to cry for justice and it is being served Saith the Lord

Jen Psaki will continue to look frustrated and be entangled and trapped in one lie after another. She’s reaching her boiling point they will say, and she will step down before that date that was given. She can’t take the pressure and she knows what is going on with the Biden and this fraudulent government and by stepping away she thinks it will relieve the stress and constant fear she is in. But it won’t help for judgment will find her and treason will be written on her for all eternity Saith the Lord.

Listen in the coming days for what Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mean to say.

She’s having difficulty finding her words on live TV and when she finds words they are the wrong ones. It will give a person away. Nancy’s days are numbered and her number is about to run out Saith the Lord.

Israel I warned you of the attempts against you.

They want what you have, but they won’t get it. Israel I will protect you, heal your land and restore what has been stolen. Listen to what your enemies will say. They will lie and say you started this against them but the truth will be revealed that their connections to this fraudulent government of the United States of America. Your enemies were paid to start this war against you. Oh YES the deal is being made to take you out once and for all, Israel but they didn’t count on ME, who is your protector and they will not get what they so desire, wishes to take you over once and for all, and they will not take what doesn’t belong to them.

Palisade this name will be in your headlines and this location will be in many more as well. Something was hidden there that is now being uncovered and the rest of the world will hear and see that nothing gets past me and prospers Saith the Lord.

Caravan this word will be in your headlines. Infiltrators are coming and they want to bring a war to your land O United States, that they will never get by the Lord, and  I will destroy every part of their attack. They are walking right into my trap. I have many set up everywhere that your enemies keep running into. There is nowhere they are safe from me Saith the Lord.

Calloway this name will be in your news. Listen for what is being said and remember what I have said before. Read between the lines more truth will continue to come out regarding this name.

Talladega this name and location will be in your news. I have said my children many times that I give you the news before the news.

Hershaw this name and location will be in your news both are very important in the coming days you are living in children of Almighty God.

A major national park will be in breaking headlines everywhere my children.

Look at what took place there. This was no accident. All will be revealed by me Saith the Lord.

Continue to watch Yellowstone major surprises will keep being reported there.

Casper this name will be in your news.

Truth is seeping out from everywhere.

Crystal Lake this name too, look for it. It will also be in your news.

Apothecary this word will be in your news. Truth was covered up and will come out in this hour of truth and exposures.

My children do you see how I the Lord love thee ? That I will give you these words to hold on to in the days that seem overwhelmingly hard to deal with and hard to bear.

I am bringing you hope in the midst of such hopelessness, I the Lord will show you that I am the one true God and no man will stand against me and win.

I am your deliverer and I am here now to avenge my children and destroy all who have been against you. So lift up your hands and praise the great I AM who is here to stay. This is your time to shine my children in this hour of darkness, to be the light to this world, and to give them good news, which is truth to set the captives free Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

I AM is here to STAY. Which brings a radically new world.

A bigger than Snowden whistleblower is coming ! and I AM is here to stay, no more hide and seek games ! A radical most welcome change that we must become accustomed to. Biden’s Loony Left paying others to attack Israel. Like Iran. Not gonna happen says Mr G. Iran to be put in its place was a previous declaration by Mr G. Henry Kissinger to meet the Angel of Death. He moved all the worlds factories to China. A suicidal world model. Responsible for much death and suffering and strange US capitalist support for the Soviet Union, building car factories for them, that was a New York capitalist created enemy since 1917. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Physical Death is not enough for Kissinger. Undoing the damage done by the evil elites so thoroughly, as if it was never there, is promised by Mr G. That’s a whole New World. A much better kind of reset.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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I Know All and See All – they Can’t Hide Anything From Me

Again I heard this word

March 30th of 2022. So it was today but you will see this on April 2nd

For I the Lord this day have spoken words of truth to my body in these hours of confusion, fear and darkness to set you free from its hold on you, and this world, I the Lord have been telling you these things to look for to keep your confidence in me in this hour.

Not a Man or a woman but ME saith the Lord Your Redeemer.

I have said before, these days would be harsh for some but for the ones in my body believing and standing on my words, you will not be affected by what your enemies are trying to do, because peace and joy are being poured out onto you and upon this earth.

Your enemies tone (?) of Almighty God what they are doing will not matter soon.

I will destroy all the effects of their destruction like it was never there.

Some of my children are continuing to say, Lord this is just too good to be true, or it’s just too hard to believe.

My children this has happened before, many times in my word.

Go look to my written word. Look at the book of Exodus read about David and Goliath, read Daniel in the lion’s den

the walls of Jericho Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Also look at the New Testament all the miracles your Lord and Savior had done and how he destroyed all the works and all the power of the enemy.

My written word also states YOU will do greater works because I the Lord go to my father (?). Listen to these words very carefully your enemies are nothing and they have

Nothing. They can’t stand against me or my body and win.

Lord you have spoken these words before haven’t you ?

Yes, I have my children, so get it down on the inside of you, so it becomes a revelation to you that your enemies can’t steal away.

Listen for this in your news. A Sting operation will be in your headlines Exposures are being made and YES they will be reported on. Listen to what the Sting operation was for and know not one will be left unpunished.

My judgment is sweeping through the enemy’s camps to take them down I am moving my hand right now to stop what is going on behind the scenes.

This is the year of exposure and judgment like never before.

Children of Almighty God, listen to who is involved in these crimes and know it goes even deeper than that.

Mad Cow disease will be in the headlines affecting other nations. Look at where it was found and know nothing is how it seems. Truth is coming and destroying all their plans, and your enemies want to distract the world from every truth that is coming out, that will destroy them all.

NO. Distractions will not work anymore. Most of the world will be focused on the truth and more will be set free from all the lies and this tyranny.

Hindenburg this word will be in the news. Remember the name that was linked to a major disaster, and know my children, this name will be linked to another one.

But this time disasters are hitting your enemies not you, children of Almighty God

Paris will be in your news a discovery will be found there a sex trafficking ring so large, it will shock the world

This will destroy the other ones that were hidden. Your enemies are about to scatter in all directions. They know everything is falling apart, and they can’t figure out why,

Because they didn’t count on me the Creator of Heaven and Earth I know all, see all.

They can’t hide anything from me. I know the end from the beginning and their end will be great.

Shout my children for your enemies’ defeat.

Declare that all lies are being revealed. Stop talking about what they are doing and start talking and declaring their Defeat. They are failing right now. YES they are whether you believe it or even understand it. It doesn’t change the fact they will all fall like lightning from the sky.

My children it will be hard for some to believe when judgment and justice fully hits the Enemies of Almighty God and how fast they all will fall.

Hezbollah will be in your news. Listen for the reason and no I am taking them all out, this is the year of their Total Demise. No matter what nation your enemies are from they will not succeed in anything they do in this year of 2022.  

Gold will be in your news listen to what they are saying. They are giving themselves away as they manipulate the Markets an economic crash, a major disaster they want, but my children these are the days of Haman it will destroy THEM and not you. Do not fear this. I am your protector and all your property will be protected.

Oil and Gas prices they are purposely making them skyrocket but my children this will not stay this way.

Look at what my hand does to move them out of the way.

Shortages they are saying, regarding your food supply.

There are no shortages on the most I got (?)whistle blower

I have said this before. There is plenty they are hiding and manipulating these shortages and a whistleblower along with a cargo ship will expose this my children this is a tactic of war to bring you into submission in ultimate fear. But I am destroying this war against you and exposing it all Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A submarine will be in your headlines. And listen to who it belongs to.

Yes, there is more to this than they want to say.

Who are they? Your news stations and the ones that control them the puppet masters, are exploring all options now they are desperate to start something or cause something bigger. They are screaming and shouting –

He is coming. Who is coming ?

Trump. He’s coming after all of us. His God is bigger than we thought so how do we stop him ? We can’t we’ve tried everything but it’s not working.

This God who is with Trump and this army that is with them they are unstoppable they can strike us at any moment.

We will have to sleep with one eye open and always be watching. He could come back and take power any day now. Trump has so much on all of us, how did he get it ? they’re asking, and the answer is ME Saith the Lord of Hosts.

You can’t stop me from hearing and saying what you are doing, enemies of Almighty God no matter how bad you want to stop me.

I knew your plans before this world was formed, and what you were going to do and when.

So know you can’t stop the Great I AM and I AM is coming for you all and so is my army, says the Lord of Hosts.

That is it they are screaming in terror, your enemies no longer have peace or confidence they’re saying This is it ! They are screaming in terror. Your enemies no longer have peace or confidence that they can win now, so they are planning an escape.

But little do they know, there is nowhere to escape to, they can’t run or hide from me Saith the Lord.

My children your enemies are finished, with their next move forward, they will know without a shadow of a doubt they are finished, and they can’t win. Your enemies will try all they have left to destroy you, before they lose, but that won’t work either because I’m protecting you from their destruction. All is well with you children of Almighty God

Just watch and see how fast they fall, and how they fall — it could have only been done by ME Saith the Lord of Hosts

Celebrate now my children. Now Lord ? YES !

Know and YES now, and know that I always win.

I always have the final say and it will destroy any fear that holds you captive, and this revelation will give you peace

Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie commentary Now listen to this. He’s telling us right now to celebrate, and people are asking Celebrate now ? Are’nt we supposed to wait until all this is torn down in order to celebrate ? He said NO. Do it now !

And know I always win, and I have the final say because it will destroy the fear that holds you captive, and it will bring a revelation to you that will give you peace and then he also says just watch and see how fast they will fall and how they fall. It could only have been done by ME.

Something else in this word that he wanted me to go over.

I know all and see all. They can’t hide anything from me I know the end from the beginning and their end will be great.

Shout my children for your enemies’ defeat declare that all lies are being revealed. Stop talking about what they are doing, and start talking and declaring their defeat.

Remember it says in God’s word and I will actually get this out in Mark 11 and verse 23 Mark 11 and verse 23 and I’m going to read this out of the amplified  bible. Listen to this.

Truly. I tell you whatever whoever says this mountain be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt it all in his heart, but believes what he says will take place it will be done for him.

Verse 24. For this reason I am telling you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe trust be confident that is granted to you and you will get it. That is the amplified version.

Here is the new King James – For surely I say to you, whoever says this mountain be removed and be cast int the sea has not doubted his heart but believes that those things he says will be done he will have whatever he says this is written in the Word of God in Mark 11 chapter 23-24  Therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them so God is saying in this prophecy start shouting and declaring their defeat now start celebrating now so it destroys the fear and it gives you peace and when you are shouting, their end is Now, you are declaring and stop talking about them, why,because when we talk about our mountains, our mountains will get bigger, because it says in God’s Word we have whatever we say, and it says by our words we are justified by our words we are condemned that’s in Mark 11

or mar I’m sorry that’s not mark 11. That’s in Matthew chapter 12. But it also says in the Word of God by our words uh yes I just said that Mark Matthew .I will get it right. I promise I know I see I’m doing all these so you guys can have them all,  so I’m in a hurry and I do apologize but it says in God’s Word that we are justified by the words out of our mouth YES by what we say, we have, whatever we say and whether that’s good or bad it says that in Deuteronomy so God is saying to us that we are starting  to declare, decree our freedom. Declare and decree their defeat. We can have whatever we say, and so words are spirit, they are life.

They are powerful. How do you think God created this world ? He created this world by words and he said we are been we have been made in the image and likeness of him that’s in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26 through 28.

We have power and authority and dominion.

It also says in Luke 10 19 that he’s given us power to throw in dominion over all the power that the enemy possesses. Why do you think our enemies don’t want us to know the word of God, because when we get the word of God down inside of us like this, we’re declaring we know the power of our words, we’re knowing what God says in his word we know that he is the one true God, that he is the Creator of Heaven and Earth that he does have the final say, that he is and we are winning because we’re on his side. Look at all that stuff that’s going on right now. It destroys the fear, just completely destroys it. Why would be we afraid when we know we’re on the winning side ? Why are we going to be afraid when we know that our enemies can’t defeat God. Put that in it. Put that into place.

Look, our enemies can’t defeat God, and so no matter how much to how loud they’re screaming , how much they’re screaming, look what he said They know they’re at their end, they’re screaming and shouting, because not only, it’s not just President Trump, but it is the one who’s with them, the God the Creator of Heaven and Earth they know that. Don’t you think the Egyptians do that at some point too ? Or Nebuchadnezzar when Nebuchadnezzar threw at I’m sorry, he threw Shadrach Meshach and Abdenigo into the fiery furnace, he said didn’t we throw three men in there ? And there was four walking around ? He said and the fourth one looks like the Son of uh the Son of God, the son of God, Jesus our Lord and Savior, is with us just as he was with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, just as much as he was with Daniel, when he shut the mouths of the lions.

Just as much as we would David when he threw this little 16 year old boy threw a slingshot and hit Goliath right in the head right there, and indented his head and he fell over and died.

All these people could not have done anything without God. We cannot do all these things without God. But with God we can do all things because it says his word through Christ what we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us so in these prophecies, they are going what his word they’re lining up with what his word is saying. So once we know the truth that’s what he says in his Word, was without the truth, it sets us Free Why do you think religion has done such a wonderful job trying to cheat people out of what this word really says ?

About what God is really saying to you, because religion won’t set you free.

God’s Word sets you free, and that’s why we have to get in it to ourselves. We have to get the enlightenment from God Almighty we have to get um what he’s saying directly to us not from what somebody else is saying when you hear a revelation from somebody else, then you get in the word get into God’s presence and he will give you that revelation too, just because you are not in the full ministry does not mean you can’t have these revelations. You can have revelations from God, so in this day in this hour, no matter how much chaos, no matter how much fear, no matter how much confusion, God is saying when you are listening to these words, you’re getting these revelations you are being freed from all that out there, and you can sit there in the midst of all of it, and have joy and peace. Seriously we can, we can have joy and peace in the midst of all this stuff that’s going on, because we know we’re on the winning side, and we know God always has a final say and he always wins. Hope to encourage you today.

I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly Father right now, in the name of Jesus we thank you for these prophetic words, we thank you for revelation from heaven, we thank you Father God that you did not leave us helpless or hopeless, you left us with the greater one on the inside of us that’s greater than he, that’s in the world, and we thank you for these revelations, we thank you for the truth that’s setting people free right now, as they’re hearing these words that they have to hear for this very day at this very hour, we praise you and we thank you Father God, that you do always win, and we are on the winning side and we thank you Father God no matter what is holding your people back, it will hold them back no more. I break the chains in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth over each and every one of you, who are bound and in captive and enslaved right now to the enemy in any way that he’s trying to destroy you. I thank you Father God that you are destroying the enemy against your children right now as we speak, and we thank you Father God that we are winning and our enemies are all fighting uh falling and failing and we thank you father that it is giving us peace on the inside of us right now, that we know the truth and we know what you are saying regarding this Earth today, and we thank you for it in Jesus name amen and amen. Well I hope this encourages you today please like subscribe and share.

And give us everyone now who needs the encouraging word, you need to your truth, because the truth sets you free. Well God loves you, I love you God bless you, and have a wonderful day.

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Transcript for those who enjoy studying

The Days of Judgement Destroying the Works of Darkness.

 again this is from

March  19 th of 2022  

For I the Lord this day am encouraging my children with these words for this time, where there is so much uncertainty fear and confusion. Know this my children. My word is truth and it will set you free from anything that is in the world trying to hold you captive. I will not let things, these things you see now, stand when my hand is moving against them. More people will walk away from me,  but at the same time more will come running to me saith the Lord of hosts this is a time of the great separation.

 I’ve spoken about the separation of my children from the world in its demonic system, and of my remnant from the rest of the body of Christ.  My children this has been your time to prepare build you up stronger and raise you higher than any adversity you face. Don’t be moved from the right or to the left or be dismayed, focus on me, and my word and I will give you peace and rest Saith the Lord your Redeemer

The news will announce mass shortages, market crashes and possible shutdowns and lockdowns. Do not listen to any of these words. They are just words that won’t go anywhere. They will try certain things but they will not work. My hand is moving.  Protecting and delivering you. They want to cause mass chaos on a scale never seen before. This will not happen. Neither genocide nor depopulation will happen. National shutdowns will not occur again, nor more lockdowns. No because I always have the final say.    

They have gone as far as I will let them go so their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I am here to deliver you.

Watch Yellowstone I’ve spoken about this before things have been going on that were hidden from the public. But they can’t hide them anymore.

Obvious signs smoke and a small eruption nothing major. This earthquake will be reported. They have tried so hard to suppress so much news from the public but the floodgates are now open for the world to see  and hear, again I am mentioning the Statue of Liberty one day you will see it standing but the next day there will be a collapse and then only rubble on the ground      

The same goes for the Washington mMnument and many other monuments and symbols across this nation. The bull on Wall street will be in the news so watch as this is a sign the babbling system will crumble to the ground, and will not control the world again.

Lightning will strike a major symbol in this nation signifying their destruction and demise

Watch the White House, it too will have a lightning strike signifying I am striking them all down, and judgment is here to end everything standing in your way.

Insider trading, manipulating markets ; a whistleblower will expose all they have done for so many years against you in the world, how some of your government officials  were a part of this manipulation, how they use the markets to control bills they passed for price gouging inflation, tax hikes and etc

Many ask Lord how does this all tie together ? Lord I don’t understand soon my children you will see all they have done in every piece of this intricate plan against you. I am telling you this again my children.

Watch Taiwan it will continue to be in the news

Indonesia will be in the news again for multiple reasons a significant weather event and major flooding so watch for this my children.

General Petraeus will be in the news watch for this my children information will show what side he is truly on

A female news anchor will be entangled in a scandal. Also watch as you hear and see more fall for the lies they told, and the truth they purposely never reported. Why ? To save their jobs and receive more cash.

The news industry is about to take major hits one after another.     

These hits will show the world who had integrity that they had no integrity left      

But there are a select few who told who did tell as much truth as they could, they will be rewarded by me, for not bowing to the globalist agenda.

A news anchor will suddenly die. They will start- they will say it was a heart attack but don’t believe everything you hear they are hiding the real reason, but the reason will be revealed.

Mount Everest will be in the news big time. Watch the tallest mountain and the information that comes from there.

No matter how big or small my children nothing is impossible for me.

An avalanche will be seen and heard this is a sign to watch concerning this Mountain.

Concerning the Hollywood elite a high-profile and very well-known actor  for generations will suddenly pass away.

Bob Saggett’s death will be exposed in the circumstances surrounding his death and why there was blunt force trauma YES. This was no accident. Child trafficking will be linked and shocked the world regarding this beloved father on TV.

HaHa inflation they will scream and shout, and Yellen herself will be exposed

For all they paid her to say these things, causing prices to soar inflation shortages and markets, everything done was to cause fear and panic, so their final takeover could succeed. Remember my children who is in control and in charge and it’s not them.

A huge report will expose a pedophilia ring. Yes it will uncover who was in charge in a specific part of the world, then there will be many more exposed after this. Every dirty and dark secret is coming to light and will be destroyed in this time of great change.

My children know who always wins and know who you are on my side.

My children know who always wins and know you are on my side

A thousand may fall at one side and ten thousand at another, but it won’t come near YOU.      study psalm 9 34 and 93 get them down in your hearts stand on my word and it will destroy anything in your way. My word pierces your enemies its a two-edged sword

Shout out my words this will cause the most damage to any plans against you See yourselves as the giants you are, and not he. Your enemy is nothing in your  sight not the other way around.      

He has had so many people believing this and he deceives them out of what is already theirs Lord.

These are my days to destroy the works of the darkness against my children see yourselves as I see you, through the eyes  of Christ and through the eyes of victory so stand and receive these words today. This is your year, its your great Exodus Saith the Lord of Hosts

Julie Commentary Now in this word I want to go over something really quick the lord had me actually put it in bold I want to read this again they have gone as far as I will let them go.

So their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I’m here to deliver you and I know probably some people are asking Why did God allow them to go so far ?

That’s twofold. One he allowed him to go so far for their destruction. Two he allowed them to go so far for our victory, and for our complete healing in our lands, our complete healing in our souls A lot of times people do not turn to God unless they’re in a desperate situation, they don’t wake up, unless they are shaken. So a lot of these things in this time period right now, we are wondering Why God ? Why are these things happening ? Why have they gone so far ? Why have they gone so long ? And the reason why God said is for their destruction and for YOUR awakening. He needed his body to get out of the sleep that we were in, a lot of the body of Christ was asleep to an extent that we were allowing ourselves to be destroyed when God said that we already have the victory we were allowing destruction and chaos in our life, because we didn’t know the authority that we truly had on the inside of us the authority with the name of jJsus the blood of Jesus the anointing that resurrection anointing and power that we have in us, we did not take that into consideration enough some people did, and some people didn’t, and now when they’re under this type of  pressure we’re realizing it is getting us out of like you can say a cocoon, well we are saying no to this depression, no to this fear, no to sickness, and disease no to anything that’s holding us captive, because we are realizing the freedom that we really do have by God because he is the greater one, lives on the inside of us, the he that’s in the world so any way you see these things so destruction to your enemy and victory for children of Almighty God these are the days of our victory so do not lean to your own understanding. God even says that it’s mourning not unto your own understanding and the reason is because we don’t see the whole picture, God does. God sees the whole picture because he sees the end from the beginning.

And he is, he knows, he knew all this before the beginning of the world, before he created the foundation of this world, he knew exactly what was going to happen so that’s the reason why we have to lean upon God we have to get in his presence more on a daily basis so we know it had that discernment of what he’s trying to get to us today and the information look at all these prophecies that he’s giving out what a blessing it is not only to hear them, it’s a blessing to give them but it’s a blessing for each and every one of you to know, that God what does he say all the time he gives us the news before the news and how awesome is that because that’s how we can stay steadfast in God in this time where everything is shaking now. I always encourage you today. I want to pray over each and every one of you, and let you know he’s giving us signs, he’s saying watch for the Yellowstone, watch for the Statue of Liberty watch for the Washington monument watch for them and what they say on the news about market crashes and inflation all these things remember this do not fear and God also says those words we brought to nothing they are just words. They do not have the power to work against our lives so again once you hear all these things remember God gave you this information first so stay steadfast in peace and joy God’s word and his presence and know that he’s got you, know that he has the situation and everything is going to be okay and he keeps saying that everything’s gonna be okay, and do not fear. So I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly father right now in Jesus name no matter what the situation that they are facing in their nation or in their own life. Father God we thank you that you have the final say, and I thank you and praise you Father God right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I thank you that they are rising above every test, every trial every adversity, and everything that Satan tried to keep them down and use them to destroy them. I thank you Father God that you are rising them up higher than ever before I thank you that the blinders are removed, their hearts are softened, their spiritual ears are open to hear you, and they their victories they hear you, in what you are saying, regarding their life father God that they have the greater one on the inside of them that that’s becoming a greater revelation, than it ever has to them before and I thank you heavenly father right now in Jesus name, that they have that resurrection power that is rising up inside of them that righteous indignation that they will not take anymore of this captivity they will not take any more sickness and disease they will not take any more of this depression they won’t take any more fear and destruction in their lives because they know, because they know that they know, that they know that Jesus is on the inside of them. That he is their way maker that he is a deliverer, that he already destroyed the works of the enemy, so we thank you for these revelations, we thank you for the power on the inside of us heavenly father, We thank you that we are on the winning side and we thank you for all this in Jesus name Amen and Amen we hope to encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give us every one who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth sets you free. Well God loves you, I love you, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

So Chuck Schumer dies in the Senate on live TV and its called a heart attack. But its actually the next bioweapon they intended for us. Their scheme is backfiring on the evil elite perpetrators. Goes around the world it seems among the elites. I made a video to this effect that only 10,000 elites need to be killed to remove most evildoers from the planet and it was deleted because one is not allowed to advocate deaths unless its Vladimir Putin – its against community guidelines, or something, though the elites openly plot to kill billions. And never stop trying. Another genocidal bioweapon was intended to start in the Ukraine and spread to every continent.

For your erudition on Ukraine/ Georgia US operated Bioweapons labs here is a short 27 minute 2018 before–the-fuss documentary. It explains why there are so many US bioweapon stations 400. Its because they use different varieties of mosquitos unique to regions to ensure they can kill every Russian in his own home town with a number of hideous diseases.

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