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Not just a new world, but a new YOU

Transcript for a mind blowing set of pledges starts at 2 mins 58sec

Here is this word called Fresh Fire Flood

Fresh fire I am raining down in this earth, in this hour fresh fire that removes the old,  removes abnormalities and any malfunctions in your bodies, any damage that has been done will be wiped away.

Fresh fire heals restores cleanses washes away purifies strengthens this will bring you out of the old and into the new. Fresh fire will destroy the chains, and free you from any type of slavery and bondage you have been in.

YES freedom is coming to your doors. Freedom that you never knew existed, for I the Lord am pouring out this fresh fire and glory on this earth like never before. It will fill this earth, cover it like the days of Noah, how the water covered the earth, destroyed any evil damage caused and the new came forth, a fresh start and a new beginning occurred, then it’s happening again YES fresh fire is being poured out now. You don’t have to wait for it. Lift up your hands and receive this fire today children of almighty God, its for you, and now, so take what is yours, take this refining fire, your enemies can’t stop this rain, and can’t stop the flood that is about to fill this earth. a flood of my goodness, my glory, that will return everything that has been stolen. A new life that you will live, this hour of the new, will overtake you with such goodness joy and peace, that you have never known, it will destroy and expel fear stress anxiety, and any effects that it was ever there. I am totally destroying every hole that Satan had kept you in. YES every chain, every prison cell, any way that he had you enslaved. I am freeing you in this hour, from it all ,and no evidence will be left of the damage caused by him. In any way that he was attacking you, this fire I am raining down will leave no evidence of the old. Come out of that furnace like the three Hebrew men. No evidence that you were ever in it, my children you may not have seen or have felt me but I have never left you nor forsaken you I have seen it all everything your enemies have done to destroy you I have made a record of it, and making him pay for it all. Making him pay it all back, seven times as it states in my word. I will heal your wounds of all the damage that has been done. And what he has caused to your souls I am the comforter. I will remove that pain, those past hurts disappear, or any past hurts disappointments and any scars left by the ones who have abused you in any way. Yes I am the healer of everything. Not just some things I promise you my children. I will not leave you and I will not leave any scars or any damage done to you. I will move you up higher than before comfort the ones who were at one time comfortless. Satan steals. He kills and destroys, but I am Almighty God that can wash away everything that he has done. And that’s what you have to look forward to, children. My children look forward to your futures. Leave your past in your past and march forward into the new. Leave any sin that you have committed even the sin you thought I could never forgive you of. Come to my throne of grace, my grace is sufficient for you, and it’s new every day my grace is new. So repent and I will not only forgive you but I will choose to forget, and never remember it again. So not only receive your restoration, but receive forgiveness, that I have, that will heal and mend any broken heart, and your soul, that has been damaged by that sin all will be removed by me this is a new beginning a new life a new way to experience freedom, you have never known, so receive this day receive what I have out with the old, and in with the new, that is what I have for you Saith the Lord, your Redeemer

Gee, a whole new society with stolen wealth return which sounds like heaven on earth But wait there’s more — Also coming is a whole new YOU. Minus the scars and wounds and injuries, caused by our former millennia long barbaric existence, that we had to have, to sort the wheat from the chaff. A whole new YOU healed of many illnesses. Hospitals emptied. And enemies removed.

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Julie Green transcript WORD OF THE LORD- Glory Days

Made this little transcript for you.

The one I’m reading to you today Glory Days was from Saturday.

So here is the Word of the Lord.

After the shift of power and great shakings all over this earth, of the enemies and their system, glory days you shall experience, days of great celebration and great glory. I am pouring out into this earth, that no one has ever experienced like this before. I have said this before, and a new level of anointing and a new level of power and authority. You are the head and not the tail. You are the above only, and not beneath.

Too long my children have lived as the tail and they have lived underneath their privileges of the children of the most high god. The glory that is coming will change this entire world, and the way people live, the church will be respected, the church will overflow of people wanting to get inside to experience the glory that is there. Miracles that take place. This glory will empty hospitals .This glory will raise people from the dead.

Yes, glory I have not poured out before, to this to this degree. You shall live in this earth. You shall live on this earth, like I have always intended mankind, like Adam and Eve, they walked with me in the cool of the day, and our fellowshipping together will be experienced by these generations on this earth now. Nations will be different, in your economy, the way you buy and sell will change, for I the Lord am your provider, and not this world .The just will live by faith, a higher level of discerning in the spirit, a higher level of power and authority.

I am love and the reason for this glory and for this great Exodus, is to bring in the greatest harvest of souls and to finance it and bring as many people into the body of Christ for the world to see the great I am. And who I am, and not, the world has betrayed me out to be. I have been distorted to this world by ideology, and man’s doctrines showing me to be someone I am not. The world will be able to experience this glory, and be able to choose which side they want to be on, before your lord and savior returns I need people to see the truth, so all could get a chance to know me, whether they take it or not, it is up to them, but my grace is sufficient for you. I am pouring out my glory my grace and mercy in these days like never before.

I love mankind.

I made them so I could have a family. I love so much I gave my only begotten son to save the human race.

This is another day in an hour I am pouring out such love Grace mercy the world has never seen or known.

My wind of change is blowing across this earth now blowing harder and harder and the enemies cannot stop this shift, and my plans, from coming to pass. Receive my children receive and receive anointings.

Wisdom,  inheritances, inventions, healing, restoration finances like never before, to overtake you. A flood of blessing, a flood of blessings, to your house, so again you take your place in the army of the lord.

Children of almighty god your enemies flags are white, and are about to raise, for they are defeated, and my angel armies have won the battle in the air, so get ready my children, get ready, for you are to see the great shift in a great fall, and great transfer. The year of 2022 will be a great year for my children like a dream everything is about to change, so rejoice and receive what the Lord has done for my children. my church, my nation saith the lord of hosts . End message.

Astonishing promises thru Julie Green. A return to the Garden of Eden fellowship, before the fall, seemingly when everyone was Gnostic, knew the spirit. Hospitals to be emptied. Some dead to be raised. Your lord and savior returns ! Wondering what the format will be for that. 2022 to be the greatest year we have ever had. A fistful of supernatural promises. Staggered I am, Anxious to see this great show unfolding.

So what do think dear reader ? Comments below.

Man’s predictions/guesses include Jesus descending from on high, apparently on a parachute or something, and the most ardent Christians rising in the air to meet Jesus at some altitude. God says man has distorted many things. Such claims by men are off-putting for many. Which leads many spiritually minded people to avoid the great religions.

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