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Julie Green Word of the Lord called Great Visitations

I made a useful transcript

Transcript Julie Green Word of the Lord called Great Visitations

Covid news pre-excerpt from Mr G

For some who have been asking what about covid ? This will be wiped off the face of this earth and nothing will be left. It will no longer plague this earth. Man brought it into this earth or into this world, and I am taking it out

Good morning everybody today is November 6th of 2021 and today I have a Word of the Lord called Great Visitations

So at 2mins 59sec Here is the word of the Lord for today

called Great Visitations

In these days of a great harvest a great revival a great Exodus out of the hands of the enemies, great visitations you shall also receive you might ask Lord what do you mean by great visitations ?

I the lord will be visiting you in your chambers, where you live and where you sleep to fellowship with you, and give you wisdom in this earth, in the world has never known yes witty inventions and solving the world’s problems with economy business transportation governments social media cut off the links of the communication where they could spy on you. Yes the world will look uh to my body now to problem solve, to fix what they can’t, my church and my body will be seen differently, because of the wisdom the wealth and the riches and the control on this earth belongs to you, my children. You will soon see how the earth was originally designed for you to live, that was how Satan wanted you to live under him so Not okay I’m gonna go back and read that again my children you will soon see how the earth was originally designed for you to live not as you have, I skipped over that sentence not as you have, that was how Satan wanted you to live under him and under his control weak sick confused poor fearful completely broken from the inside out he used his system to completely enslave you my children why do you think for a short time darkness and judgement had to come to take them all out where they were holding you captive you lived on this earth not knowing the life I had planned for you with great joy and peace and prosperity YES inventions are coming to this earth I have held back for this time I the Lord will visit you to show you things I have for you and things I have for this earth the wealth is coming my church and my children for my word will go forth into all of the earth and I have turned all of this which is mine to begin with you it’s been mine to begin with I am ripping it out of the hands of the wicked , that was used, your money, to bring evil into this earth, hold it up just to hand it all back over to the rightful owners get ready and get ready for this flood of finances, but my children get right before me, come and repent and fellowship with me, so when this comes your hearts are pure and it doesn’t overtake you and evil can slowly creep in to deceive you and the love of money will take over watch this for I the lord am trusting my body with such wealth to bring the lost into my kingdom, and for you to be , to be a blessing, great distribution centres you shall be calling your heart’s desires .YES homes and lands businesses and children in places of power to influence the masses with my words and also your hearts desires and your wants ask of me and think, big no, limitations with me.

This is not for selfishness or greed, no saith the lord this has already been yours and it was stolen from you without your knowing it. Judgement is upon the evil ones in this earth with a judge with this judgement a great transfer will take place

Why do you think your enemies are pulling everything they can, right now to stop this overthrowing of them ,and their power, they are hanging on by a thread, and I the Lord am cutting that thread and that they will have nothing left to hang on to, for I the Lord am moving swiftly and mightily against your enemies of this nation and the nations of the world for far too long they ruled over you they have come they have completed such evil deeds against humanity that I the lord and stepping in and stopping it all overthrow overtake overhaul YES everything will change

The way you see me, and the way you see life, the way you see this earth, and the way you see enemies, the way you see the finances, and the way you see children, the economies and businesses, that all will change for the good

For some who have been asking what about covid ? This will be wiped off the face of this earth and nothing will be left. It will no longer plague this earth. Man brought it into this earth or into this world, and I am taking it out

Great poverty they brought to this earth and great poverty they will experience, now Egypt still has not recovered from the judgement brought upon them, and your enemies will experience the same thing everything they knew and hold dear to control you, and stay in power I am removing it all from their hands. YES ALL a transfer the world has never seen before, get ready for this impact of my goodness, I will leave nothing out for my children, all your wants and harsh desires I shall give to thee. Your enemies are in their final days now of power or so-called power so do not bow now, my children further there shall be a great reward for those who don’t fear or cower to their evil ones and their demands, if you are a part of my body

And they have stolen from you with these mandates Jehovah Jireh will visit your house I will show you that I will provide even greater than the world and the world’s way, I will bring overflow and increase that you have never seen and or experience come out of the world’s way and do not fear what they say, or what they have done. I am the great I am and I can be trusted to take care of you, I have longed for these days that my children look to me and not to the world to meet your needs come up higher there is a better way of living than what you have experienced thus far. Victory prosperity wholeness and soundness whatever you need I will give it to you. These are the days of the open heaven. So receive an experience for me, like never before. I the Lord am moving mightily to save you and to bring you what belongs to you so shout now and write down everything you desire and watch me work as I visit you I will put more in your hearts to desire from me, take it, take any limits off and think bigger think impossible because I am in the impossible and I will show up as a god of the breakthrough, to break you forth into this new way of living and receiving.

Remember my children, you have whatever you say, so get right words into your mouth, and speak to those mountains to move, and move now saith the lord. Nothing will stand in your way of victory because I am with you and nothing can stand against me and when so rejoice I am a sure thing and I am your father and I am absolutely good that is the word of the Lord for today.

Julie And what a powerful word it is

So what is god telling us in this word we should be expecting visitations from heaven we should be expecting inventions call them in write down your hearts desires whatever it is this is not greedy and this is not the love of money evil is the love of money or the root of all evil is a love of money but we are supposed to be blessed, to be a blessing remember what he said ,blessed be a blessing and he’s the finances to transfer over, we’ve seen a transfer of wealth before with the children of Israel when they left Egypt there was a transfer of wealth in a 24-hour period

Why because he took it out of the hands of the evil ones and gave it to the hands of his children that it belonged to to begin with so this is nothing new this is not gonna never happen before but he said this is going to happen in a greater level than the world has ever seen, a great transfer You say Julie it’s going to happen in 24 hour period that I don’t know everybody’s been asking me for dates, Julie do you have a date when all of these things are going to happen ? When the rightful President takes office when all these things come to pass ?

He has not given me a date why would he give anyone a date

and why would he give us every single one of his moves ?

To let the enemies know to let the enemies come in and try to do something to stop it. No, but he does give us times and seasons and he has given it to us, more and more as you can see the prophets are speaking louder and more clear, more prophecies are filling this earth than any other time in history why do you think he’s brought so many prophets together for such a time as this for you, for you to hold on, because there’s so many still that do not , there’s so many still that believe what the enemy is saying and they’re believing what the earth is shouting and what the evil ones want you to believe there is still some that refuse because it hasn’t happened yet how do you know god has said he’s been working behind the scenes it’s been subtle in the natural but he’s been working this entire time so why should we believe our enemy or we believe what we see when almighty god has been speaking through the prophets and saying I am moving for you ?

So visitations to many bedrooms ! Hurrah. Gifts of Knowledge for useful inventions. And an invitation to write up your own wishlist of improvements. Be bold

I’ll start here with my preliminary wishlist and YOU can add YOURS here in the comments. Be Bold he said !

Remove our brain tissue restraining bolt that is normally only dissolved by an NDE.

Enable us to communicate like higher beings, namely by telepathy, which I believe, would make lying far more difficult, and thus purify our society. Rid it of so much suffering. Lying condemns us to savagery.

People need some kind of simple immediate signal that someone is lying. Perhaps tingles ? Picture/emoticon signal in the minds eye ?

Free Energy ! Perhaps like Electric Universe plasma bottle which also remediates nuclear waste. Knowledge of it needs to become ubiquitous. Electric Universe Needs its own University.

Remove the learning disabilities of the loony left which make them pawns of evil. Or Force them out of Politics. Their condition appears to be genetic depression indicated by their anger and lack of humour and shallow grasp of events.

I would personally like to be able to visit internet people who don’t believe, and change something in their house. Like twisting a picture. A permanent marker of a visit. I would be going into the astral to do that.

Though Mr G has already brought his Gavel down on them. They are condemned.

And could OBE’s be made more readily attainable for a lot of people ?

90pc of people cant because they fall asleep at 16 Hz brainwaves

A thousand people daily coming into TBH would be marvellous.

It doesn’t seem too much to ask

We have to get this show on the road.

And Trevor and Adam what would you ask for ? You could write below in the Comments

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website

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