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Julie Green transcript THE TIDE HAS TURNED July 1 2022

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The Tide has Turned

I heard this word on June 29th

For I the Lord this day want to remind my children to remember who I really am. I am the judge over all the earth, and you are about to see me pour out judgement like never before. I am not allowing your enemies to keep pursuing you controlling you, dominating you and this world. Know my power will be shown to this world that I am the most high God and there was no one like me Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

The winds of change are here, the tide has turned. My hand is moving. My glory will be seen throughout the world. The nations will know that I am the most high God and your enemies are nothing in my sight. Their oppression will not continue. Their lies will no longer control the airwaves. Their laws will no longer hold you captive. Their governments will no longer exist.

YES the world will know when I move my hand, who has always had the upper hand and who is the most high, and it’s definitely not the ones who believe they have all the money, and all the power, and nothing can change that. All their plans will suddenly backfire, you would say. They will fall to their knees, some will repent, and some will harden their hearts against me even more, and their lives on this earth will be no more. These are the days like Noah and the Pharaohs in this world today. Their judgment will be the same as the Pharaohs in my word. Their judgement will be the same. Sorry for that. One again no one will stand up against me and win. Let me read that again. So the Pharaohs in the world today, their judgment will be the same as the Pharaohs in my word. No one stands up against me and wins Saith the Lord of Hosts

January 6th committee you liars slanders and you thieves. Your mouths will be shut an undeniable proof will rock your plans. You will not continue your charade and your facade. I have all I need. My people have all your blueprints and they have video and audio proof of your plan.

Oh YES it’ll be shown to the world at the right time.

Beware to those who are lying to keep the places of power and are trying to hold on to your influence and your integrity you thought you had.

Know you’ll be proven to the world how evil you are. Justice will be served watch your back. My military is coming for you and they are marching back to take what is not yours, and belongs to me and my children Saith the Lord.

These days will be known as days of great shakings great suddenlies great upsets, great celebrations and a great Exodus. My glory will be seen and known to the world that I am the same yesterday today and forever Saith the Lord

Cascadia this name will be in your news.

A new disease will be in your news. They will shout and they will try to bring much fear but it will not work. The nations will not comply to yet another lie to steal their freedoms away.

Australia a great upset is about to come to your land. Do not fear this great upset. It’s for your enemies. A newfound freedom you are about to experience. I have not forsaken your nation Australia, you will take part in great celebrations that will break out in your land. Tyranny will fall and freedom will reign to a new level you have never experienced, and revival will break out in your nation. Oh YES my glory will fall on your nation and it will never be the same Sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.

Disorder this word will be in your news. Many nations will see disorder and an outcry like never before. The world is fed up with the oppression, fed up with the narrative in their lives, who are they, the world elites that control unGodly rulers all over this world. They will fall in every nation my children. Speak of their defeat now louder, and more than ever before their defeat is inevitable and it’s sooner than you think Saith the Lord.

Procedures are in place this phrase will be in your news. What does that mean Lord ? Your freedoms are coming back and a plan is set, and you will soon see it Saith the Lord.

A separation has begun. My church my Remnant will rise in this hour and it will be known not only to my body, but to the world who you are. The ones that are standing and believing me despite what you see, I will pour out my blessings and you will shine like beacons in this world as it grows darker and everyone will want what you have and that is ME. My children shine, my children receive and take your freedom today, take what I have already given you, it’s been paid for. Arise my children in great authority arise now and my glory will be seen on you.

Every sickness disease plot plan of your enemy will be used against you. You will not be affected or enslaved by your enemy any longer. Know you will arise to a new level where nothing can hold you down Saith the Lord of Hosts

A famous Rock Formation will be in your news.

I the Lord am about to rock the nations to their core. Nothing will stay hidden and nothing will stay the same Saith the Lord.

Clarence Thomas don’t fear what they have threatened you with, I say again I am your shield and your protector. I will not fail you. Go and do what you need to do, and I will be with you. No harm will come to you, and my promises I will not break. All they have are words and those words will come to nothing say the Lord of Hosts.

Paralysis this word will be in your news. A government official will be affected by this and the reason at first may be unusual but the full truth will be revealed by me Saith the Lord.

Sparks will fly this phrase will be in your news.

Asbestos will be in your news it will be found in a very unusual place, but is it really ? Ask yourselves why now ?

Arrogance to a new level. This phrase will be in your news to describe your fraudulent government.

The next big lie and cover-up is on its way, but it won’t work. They have all been caught by me Saith the Lord. These are the days my children to be prepared get prepared. if you are not, if you are not ready for the great change, How ? you may ask. In my presence and in my word. I will show you what to do and when, what to say and how not to be affected by the upcoming judgment that will be seen and felt by the world.

A great rattling has begun and my children great things for you will come out of all of this so arise and rejoice your time of revival has come Saith the Lord your Redeemer

A great rattling has begun. Is that code for deaths ?

Major Political upset in Australia ? Foreign interference in our elections has been mentioned before.

Farcical Jan 6 dog and pony show is to attract millions in donations to the main actors. Trump apparently has 12 foot long arms. Driving from the third back seat. Well explained by Dr Steve Turely

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Hi Richter earthquake to take out DC.
Useful transcript starts at 85 seconds

And here is the prophetic word Calamity is Striking the Enemies of Almighty God

Woe to those that are against me, saith the Lord.

These are your days to fall, your days of judgment, your days of Calamity that will strike every plot plan and scheme you could come up with to enslave the world. You are failing and most of you cannot understand because your plans always worked before.

Well, I allowed you to go so far, and you have hit the point of no return and you will not go any farther.

You are done against me, my nations and my children.

You will all begin to fall at a much quicker pace now. You see the handwriting on the wall. Your plans you made so many years ago for this time are falling apart in front of your eyes.

You couldn’t dupe the American people and the world as you once thought.

They don’t believe everything your news stations say anymore.

Why ? Because I caused an awakening all over this earth

Your worst nightmare is coming to pass because the people are fighting back.

They’re resisting you and your plans. You want martial law to cause your order.

You lust for war to cause a distraction to gain more power over my people and over the nations.

You want more shortages more crashing of the markets as long as you can make money through it all and of course as usual you’re devising plans on how to make more money from the crash you want to create, to break the American people and put them in a position they would have to listen to you out of desperation.

You wanted terrorist attacks to distract from the truth, that is pouring out and all mistakes the so-called President and his administration are making. It’s becoming too much for you to cover up. how to put your president with the earpiece back on center stage.

Since he is controlling everything from his basement with his shadow government he has made since Trump.

Yes I see each and every one of you that were hiding and controlling the narrative, controlling the government officials on what to say, how and when. You want more deaths, so you were trying to figure out how to distract this world with a new virus that would make more of an impact.

I see inside your laboratories where you were concocting such filth to kill as many as possible.

I have put people who are with you that you don’t know about, they are seeing and are secretly recording all of you, taking notes to hand them over to the rightful President and his government it’s time to move forward against you and against all people of Almighty God You should be terrified of what Trump has on you.

He has all the goods he needs to take out all of you now.

He is built of his army and they are ready to take you all out of your places of power.

The ones that will survive the Angel of Death striking your camps now.

A huge blow is about, it’s happening

You can’t figure out what is coming, where it’s coming from. It’s out of your control.

You are not Gods and your money cannot save you from what is coming. These are your final days in the final hours of power, and you see the great I am still lives, and he’s still against you. That I am still against you.

Obama I am lifting the roof off of your plans that you have made and the whole world will know what a snake you truly are, a deceiver, so sneaky you thought to stay in power to have Biden as a puppet.

How well is that going for you ? In your arrogance you thought how perfect of a plan to get away with the third term.

Well everything is about to blow up in your face by me, and there is no stopping the judgment that is hitting you now AG Barr the whole world will know who you really are and which side you are on the whole time.

No more secrets. No more lies and no more back door deals that won’t be revealed. My children get prepared now many things are about to erupt at one time. Get ready for the whole for a sudden impact in your nation, there will be a great falling away and some of my children won’t understand or believe their eyes on what is taking place in the United States, and around the world they believe the wolves in sheep’s clothing more than me, and my written word some will see the light and change their course of action and some will turn away from me forever.

To my remnant that I have put on this earth for this exact moment in time, arise in my great glory that I am right now pouring down no more distractions and stop listening to their lies. Get in my presence I will strengthen you, deliver deliver you, heal you from all that Satan has in hell that kept you bound.

I will cause you to rise up above it all so get ready stop being in fear and get rid of it now.

Fear is a liar. Fear cannot hold you. Resist him and he must flee. Rebuke confusion with my name and don’t let it imprison you any longer my children.

I will give you enlightenment in my presence and in my word. Get my report that is the truth, more of my word and it will set you free. Submerse yourselves in my word.

Turnarounds are coming and get ready what you see now is all about to change. My hand is moving now, their clock is about to strike midnight.

The big earthquake will shake the nations to wake up.

They will call it the BIG ONE the Richter scale will read an astonishing high number.

I will protect my people who will stand and believe in me.

Once you see this, my children,  prepare for mass chaos , or strike with fear, an overturning of an election and the removal of the puppets, and the puppet masters.

Destruction to DC and all what it stands for.

I told you my children that was always THEIR capital

for a reason you will see when it’s all destroyed by me. What they did under those grounds in all those buildings what each and every one of them of those buildings stood for…….

I’ve had enough of them in their plans and death is hitting them who are in DC, that were in your Government

Watch as more, in all three branches of government will die. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

You are some that will fall and never get back up.

Your plans for the 2022 election will not go your way saith the Lord.

Because I am the great I am and I’m putting a halt to your plans that you are devising now to steal that one,

and I will overturn that last one and reveal to the whole world who was all involved, how many elections you actually stole.

Trump squashed your plans in 2016 for the Presidency and  yet you still stole so many seats in the House and in the Senate you had people on both sides to secure your plans and your power.

Well now, all of that will be eradicated by me, and a clean sweep of your government officials is coming, every penny you sold for yourselves, every law you pad your own pockets with, every bill YES all your plans you have done over the course of your existence and my nation, will all be revealed for everyone to see. You are finished and there’s nothing to stop my power against you my Angel armies are in place to take you down.

Your army that protects you, because those armies are nothing for me, to deal with. My vengeance is against you and I will vindicate all who were damaged by you. I win in the end like I always have.

You overplayed your hand and I am done with your game

My hand trumps all of yours.

My Trump and Pence will sound. Retroactive restoration in this land. Arise United States this is your time to shine saith the Lord of Hosts

I suppose so many people who complain that nothing is happening will soon be complaining these happenings are all too much.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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