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Good Morning everybody or good afternoon depending on what time zone you live in, today is Wednesday January 26th of 2022  and I have another prophecy being fulfilled I apologize. I hadn’t gotten to you sooner, but here it is now, this prophecy.  I was given back let’s see here on the 19th of January it is called- This is the Hour of Judgments. I gave this video out just a few days ago, so you can look it up and I can prove that it was there. Again this is the Hour of Judgments. It was given to me on January 19th and I put it up on youtube a few days after that. in the uh toward the end of this Prophecy, he talks about, the Lord was talking about Watch the Mediterranean Sea, so he says watch you will hear of reports regarding the Mediterranean Sea, once you see this, all bets are off You would say the avalanche is impacting a nation with an avalanche of truth.

Okay I’m going to read that again. You watch he reports, regarding the Mediterranean Sea. Once you see this, all bets are off.  You would say the avalanche is impacting your nation with an avalanche of truth. You are about to see some explosions, the explosive information uh in our nation. This is exciting okay I know I’m getting tongue tied sometimes but it is exciting to see this okay ! It is exciting now these are the headlines so this one was from January 21st at 4-49 pm and this was from The Hill. US sends aircraft carrier group to Mediterranean Sea as Russian threats loom, that’s from The Hill again, January 21st at 4 49 p.m and I receive this on the 19th I  really do think that I uploaded this at the early morning hours between 6 30 and 7 o’clock in the morning on the 21st so um I’ll have to go back and check that.

Here’s another article from the US Department of Defence

Neptune Strike 2282 kicks off Monday in the Mediterranean and then here’s another one, this is uh from let me get this off here.

Here we go CBS News. NATO kicks off large naval exercise in the Mediterranean sea amid tensions with Russia so when God says, when you keep seeing and hearing the news, regarding the Mediterranean Sea, then he said watch, this as you see this all bets are off, and the avalanche of truth is coming to our nation. So again I had to get back on and give you guys this prophetic word to just know that what God says, he gives us a newsie for the news when he says he is true, he is sure he is a God of Nothing is impossible. And we are seeing him move on our behalf so God bless you God loves you I love you and have a wonderful day

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