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Julie Green transcript A GREAT SHAKING HAS BEGUN April 30 22

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A Great Shaking has Begun

And I heard this prophetic word on April 27 of 2022 so just a few short days ago

For I the Lord am moving upon this earth in ways you can’t see or understand yet, and YET is the key word.

I will show you my plans were always for your good my children. I didn’t leave you without hope nor would I ever do that I am your hope upon this earth don’t pay attention to your enemies who are trying to make everything seem hopeless remember Satan is a Father of lies and everything he does is through a form of deception.

II you know the total truth he would have nothing to fight you with. That is why in this great hour of shaking and truth being revealed like never before, your knowledge of how much authority you have will grow like never before, and you will fight back and win. 

It is hard for some of my children to believe anything good is going to happen, evil is prevailing and there is nothing that can be done, then just sit back and let them destroy your freedoms this country and the world.

My children that is simply not true and that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

I am changing everything you see now for your good. I am knocking down every one of your enemies from their places of power influence and putting a child of mine in those positions that belong to them to begin with.

I’m not standing idly by just to let them have their way.

Look to my word and see that I never allowed it then, and I won’t allow it now. I have allowed them to go so far to utterly destroy them once and for all.

Their plans have never worked, this is nothing new. Your adversary the devil was a loser  then, and he still is, so do not sit back and just accept everything being done to you.

Stand up and use your voices the power I have given to you, and go get what is yours.

I am with you and your deliverance is at hand.

The Solomon Islands will be in your news. A weather event will take place there, that is unusual to them.

This is another sign to you my children that things are changing everywhere, do not fear what you see. It won’t stand before me and when the Canary Islands will be in your headlines listen for what took place there and what they are saying happened. A Canary will come out in the open and sing for all the world to hear the truth. The name is no coincidence. What will take place is another whistleblower will come and stand for what is right.

Again Whispering Pines will be in your news this name in this location is no accident. Truth will be revealed and the liars will be caught and judgement will take place

Sri Lanka will be in your news there is more that will come out regarding this story. It is not how it appears to be.

Snowden I again will say this name.  A whistleblower is about to blow the doors wide open on truth regarding your nation O United States. Your freedoms are here and no one will steal what has already been paid for by me Saith the Lord

Armageddon this word will be used to describe a situation that occurred on this earth. Listen to who was saying this and why it is so important. All their plans are imploding and they can’t stop it no matter how hard they try.

Tamazuma will be in your headlines look to this location and information will be released that will shock this world Saith the Lord

Chesapeake Bay will be in your headlines a secret has been hidden there that will be revealed. My children watch and see how they all start to fall. Just like their plans against you.

Saudi Arabia will be in major headlines an eruption will take place and it’s not what you think my children, wars raging everywhere  intentions are high they want to make a move to stop the truth from coming out, but they can’t, for I am against them and they will not stand up against me and survive Saith the Lord.

Harrison Ford will be in your news and my children remember I give you the news before the news all the time no matter what it’s about.

Freeman this name will be in your news and listen to the reason why it will tell more of a story, explosive information will come out exposing the IRS O United States a snake pit will be found, of corruption, heinous acts and crimes against your nation. Liars they are all and they will be judged along with the Federal Reserve that was never meant to be in your land O United States.

Oh this Babylonian system is about to crumble to the ground it will not stay this way children of Almighty God. Speak to the mountains of corruption, media, fraudulent governments world leaders and they can’t stay where they are.

I the Lord I’m about to change the scenery of the United States. Soon you will see my children what this means so hold on. Sudden changes are about to occur.

The Australian Prime Minister will have some explaining to do once a new story breaks out, truth is being told and whistleblowers are coming for them all.

The NASDAQ will take a tumble oh yes a bumpy road ahead for the ones who have manipulated and played games against you children of Almighty God and the people of this world for I have seen it all I have recorded it all and all is being exposed in this hour of judgment Saith the Lord of Hosts.

The DOW will go down for them and they will not be able to prop it up or manipulate it like they always have done for my hand is moving against our financial system to take them down once and for all.

Muhammad this name will be in your headlines a breakout and exposures all over this world can’t be held back anymore.

King Nebuchadnezzar made a fool out of himself and stood up against me by going after my three hebrew men. He saw the fourth man show up for them and the ones against my children now will see me show up for you and won’t be able to deny that I am on the throne and there is no one greater than me Saith the Lord of Hosts

Stonewall this name will be in your news listen carefully my children more and I mean so much more will be revealed I have heard the cries of my people and I am delivering you out of it. All that you see and are experiencing right now for I am the Great I AM my children you can and will outlast anything they have done. I am giving you the ability to rise above it all, receive what I have for you this day receive your victory that I have paid for, it’s yours and they can’t take it away from you. This is that time my children dreamed of. I am not done with you O United States and I am not done with this earth. NO just the ones who have enslaved you in it. I am here for your total deliverance in this time and in this year Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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Searchable transcript for the serious

There is No Way for Your Enemies to Escape.

Once again I heard this on Tuesday April 19th of 2022

For I the Lord this day, have given my children encouragement truth and warnings that things are about to dramatically change for your good what you see now will not stand. All your enemies will fall in everything you thought was a normal way of life was actually slavery and it will be destroyed. You have endured a great deal because this demonic system and the ones who control it, the majority of this world, and my children thought this was “just life” Your enemies counted on this so you wouldn’t fight them back. That’s why your enemies have used so many things to deceive you, so that they could have what they wanted without a lot of resistance from you, children of Almighty God, and the people of this world, the shaking you are experiencing now are making things seem abnormal, and appear abnormal, excuse me, many are asking Lord what is going on ?

This is the wake up call. I told you my children that this was coming, this wake-up call was to help you realize you have been asleep, and deceived by the enemy.

No more will my body stay complacent or enslaved. Arise children of Almighty God and receive these words, and with that you receive truth and freedom which is already yours. There are more of you than there are of your enemies and they are terrified of you knowing this information, because that’s where you will fight back.

But it’s too late for that truth is being revealed everywhere, and my children are receiving these words and are waking up and taking back their authority. With this, my children, you will see more resistance from your enemies. They will not go quietly.

It doesn’t matter how loud they scream or shout, I will shut them all up and take away everything they have and are using against you, no matter what it seems like for a short time, they are all caught in the trap of all their lies deception and judgment and justice will find each and every one of them, and they will all fall for their crimes committed against you and this world. There is no way any of them can escape what is coming against them, for I the Lord and the judge over all this earth and I am passing their sentencing and they will live for all eternity in a place no man should ever go, but they chose this when they refused to turn from their wicked ways and repent Saith the Lord.

Snowden this name will be in your headlines. Another major whistleblower is about to come forward with more incriminating evidence than anyone has ever thought could be brought out, at one time. This evidence will be seen and heard by everyone and every person will be judged by me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children I mentioned this before and I will bring it up again.

The Heart Senate Office building, it will be in your headlines, look at what they are saying took place there, who is involved and just know there is more to the story that will all come out. Nothing they have tried to keep hidden in any building will stay hidden. Know I have all the evidence of everything they have done and it will all be seen by the world Saith the Lord.

Stand By this phrase will be used in your headlines and look at who is making this statement they are trying to buy some time to figure out how to fix these major disasters but they can’t.

A Coliseum will be in your headlines. This location will be heard more in the

News. Many exposures and truth will continue to pour out of this land, more than any thought would have been taken place in this country.

Harsh Conditions this will be used in your headlines to explain what is going on in so many places throughout this earth.

A famous Harbour will be in your news listen to see what took place there and who’s reporting on it, no matter what they have done to cover up their tracks it’s not working for I have people everywhere revealing the truth Saith the Lord of Hosts

Henry Kissinger his name will be in your headlines. The Angel of Death is visiting his house with a blood that has been dripping from his hands, continues to cry for justice and it is being served Saith the Lord

Jen Psaki will continue to look frustrated and be entangled and trapped in one lie after another. She’s reaching her boiling point they will say, and she will step down before that date that was given. She can’t take the pressure and she knows what is going on with the Biden and this fraudulent government and by stepping away she thinks it will relieve the stress and constant fear she is in. But it won’t help for judgment will find her and treason will be written on her for all eternity Saith the Lord.

Listen in the coming days for what Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mean to say.

She’s having difficulty finding her words on live TV and when she finds words they are the wrong ones. It will give a person away. Nancy’s days are numbered and her number is about to run out Saith the Lord.

Israel I warned you of the attempts against you.

They want what you have, but they won’t get it. Israel I will protect you, heal your land and restore what has been stolen. Listen to what your enemies will say. They will lie and say you started this against them but the truth will be revealed that their connections to this fraudulent government of the United States of America. Your enemies were paid to start this war against you. Oh YES the deal is being made to take you out once and for all, Israel but they didn’t count on ME, who is your protector and they will not get what they so desire, wishes to take you over once and for all, and they will not take what doesn’t belong to them.

Palisade this name will be in your headlines and this location will be in many more as well. Something was hidden there that is now being uncovered and the rest of the world will hear and see that nothing gets past me and prospers Saith the Lord.

Caravan this word will be in your headlines. Infiltrators are coming and they want to bring a war to your land O United States, that they will never get by the Lord, and  I will destroy every part of their attack. They are walking right into my trap. I have many set up everywhere that your enemies keep running into. There is nowhere they are safe from me Saith the Lord.

Calloway this name will be in your news. Listen for what is being said and remember what I have said before. Read between the lines more truth will continue to come out regarding this name.

Talladega this name and location will be in your news. I have said my children many times that I give you the news before the news.

Hershaw this name and location will be in your news both are very important in the coming days you are living in children of Almighty God.

A major national park will be in breaking headlines everywhere my children.

Look at what took place there. This was no accident. All will be revealed by me Saith the Lord.

Continue to watch Yellowstone major surprises will keep being reported there.

Casper this name will be in your news.

Truth is seeping out from everywhere.

Crystal Lake this name too, look for it. It will also be in your news.

Apothecary this word will be in your news. Truth was covered up and will come out in this hour of truth and exposures.

My children do you see how I the Lord love thee ? That I will give you these words to hold on to in the days that seem overwhelmingly hard to deal with and hard to bear.

I am bringing you hope in the midst of such hopelessness, I the Lord will show you that I am the one true God and no man will stand against me and win.

I am your deliverer and I am here now to avenge my children and destroy all who have been against you. So lift up your hands and praise the great I AM who is here to stay. This is your time to shine my children in this hour of darkness, to be the light to this world, and to give them good news, which is truth to set the captives free Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

I AM is here to STAY. Which brings a radically new world.

A bigger than Snowden whistleblower is coming ! and I AM is here to stay, no more hide and seek games ! A radical most welcome change that we must become accustomed to. Biden’s Loony Left paying others to attack Israel. Like Iran. Not gonna happen says Mr G. Iran to be put in its place was a previous declaration by Mr G. Henry Kissinger to meet the Angel of Death. He moved all the worlds factories to China. A suicidal world model. Responsible for much death and suffering and strange US capitalist support for the Soviet Union, building car factories for them, that was a New York capitalist created enemy since 1917. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Physical Death is not enough for Kissinger. Undoing the damage done by the evil elites so thoroughly, as if it was never there, is promised by Mr G. That’s a whole New World. A much better kind of reset.

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