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Not just another Julie Green video, but a declaration of war against the Democrats by Donald Trump.

As 2022 year approaches its end God is repeating with greater frequency major predictions of some very dire outcomes for enemies of God. Many Democrat and RINO politicians have been named and are facing the Angel of death.
Washington DC will be ravaged by a severe storm before it is demolished in a military siege and a new Capital’s location will be named. God has boasted he can put Trump back into office without an election. And not to trust men. Only Him.

And so it looks like this year long  show time goes Climactic very soon in this year of reversal and restoration, and Trump is being stoked up enough to produce this scary video. The language of the voiceover describing Trumps elevated standing even uses God’s own daily metaphors in Julie Green lessons. In there God calls Democrats and RINOs jackals, Hyenas, snakes, rats etc.

God has pointed out that some of these jackals have already tried to make secret deals with Trump who they know will soon be back in charge, and will likely be forming firing squads to punish the many treasonous ones in his new capital. Likely to number thousands. Many would like that. Though God may simply want to take them in their sleep when they are least expecting it. This Trump battle cry video will instill fear in the jackals and the hyenas that seek to destroy America.

And finally cleansed of  all the rotten corruption America will rise from the ashes, reborn, greater than ever. So glad I am here right now to see the greatest morality play on earth.

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