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Now here is the Word of the Lord

My Days of Vengeance

I the Lord this day in clearing off the stage, it has been on, with their fake power and their fake government, that was put together by the puppet masters to deceive this nation into submission they wanted to bring you to your knees to take you out once and for all in the United States, the trickery and deception didn’t work as they planned.

They thought that by using and controlling all your news networks to spew their filth in deception you would believe what they said even as they hid the real news in the truth from all their mighty propaganda machines of news tv shows and movies were always meant for lying deceiving while distracting you from what was really going on. I sit in the heavens  and laugh at this puppet show they put on how fake it is, and how they use such bad actors to play the parts of people in control of your government.

Was this the best they could come up With ?

Yes, because they don’t have anybody that would play these parts that had a soul left. They were just puppets who sold their souls to the puppet masters and the devil himself for money and for power the performances they put on during the last year have been poorly put together,

And people are seeing through lies and about the power and control they thought they could trick you into believing they actually had. Power and control  let them put this show on, so they could reveal all of them and all that they have done to you. They couldn’t have pulled this off without me allowing it they played right into my hands and which was to bring my children all the evidence, so you could see the full truth of what they had been doing against you.

I wanted them to think they took center stage through their pride and arrogance. They would slip up and more and show the world more who they really were, behind those fake smiles and speeches they gave to you every day the puppet masters are distraught their plans they made were not perfect, not foolproof ,and could fail, because they don’t fail they thought.

Well, some might say it is the time for the world to see what fools they are they will be seen with egg on their faces embarrassment and shame along with their biggest nightmare being drained of all their finances losing their power they never thought was possible.

Hollywood, I am coming for you for your production companies for your directors for your actors for anyone who had part with this propaganda machine used to deceive people into submission and for your arrogance and pride in hiding of their heinous crimes and committed against children you gave them to your puppet masters to feed their lusts of their flesh and their desires for little children to use them sexually and their sacrifices to bail these disgusting acts have been done in the land of Hollywood and also where your production companies filled movies or TV shows they had little children with them so they could curb their desires on set. It has been recorded by me saith the Lord

  I’ll destroy you in your companies and the power and your influence you had in this earth, the Angel of Death will come for many in Hollywood, and for those who made the coup against you, and the damage they caused by stealing the innocents away not only from those you physically touched and , but also from the ones you deceive through the filth that you put in TV shows and movies those who watch these shows and movies because the filth and the subliminal messages demonic spirits were released to specifically change children’s thinking regarding obedience toward their parents and towards sexualities fear and anxiety was brought through horror movies and tv shows I’m removing the movie industry and TV networks that they put in place

YES I am changing it all and I’m restoring morality back I’m destroying all those sites on the internet that lure people in with pornography Yes I’m destroying the industry and wiping it all out and the evidence of any product that they put in the airwaves

I’m destroying those sex stores burning them to the ground, and all the evil that they bring destroying the great power of the air that brought  perversion to this world to destroy so many lives my children when I say I’m making all things new I mean all things in the year of 2022.

All will change in the normal life, or what you thought was normal, will not look the same, even your desires will change. My church, get up now ! Time is running out to choose which side you are on I will greatly distinguish my body from the world with the destruction comes into this earth because you are on the right side you will fully be protected by me the great I am just like the land of Goshen.

Watch the wind and the waves on the seashore

Watch, the winds are changing in some places and the waves are raging and slamming into the shore

Watch the wind

I am moving and changing weather patterns

Unusual things will happen with the weather and it will be known and more people will ask what is going on with the weather ? The weather is changing and it is not normal.

Know my children when you see these things, know that what you know as normal is gone.

This is another sign that I am is in control so don’t be moved.

I will move for you. I will move quickly, so hold on. Things on this earth will intensify to levels never known by Mankind.

My vengeance is here to avenge my children and to restore this earth to its rightful owners and not the ones who hijacked it from you. They are falling falling and their fall is great so start to celebrate my children

Your deliverer is here now saith the Lord of Hosts End message

Mr G is trying very hard to awaken even the dullest people, by gross changes to every aspect of our existence weather oceans rivers flowing backwards and lots of elite deaths etc to join a few evidence dots and realise they are Godlings with a divine spark in each of them and that “something” cares about them very much. This is an attempt to secure the greatest harvest of souls knowing God. What more could be done to get the attention of the millions of sleepwalkers ? Wondering if the wild weather on a massive scale would upset climate models and finally clobber the alarmist and fake global warming movement. By grossly affecting the weather it bypasses the lying MSM who suppress actual global cooling, so that everyone personally experiences weather anomalies and starts to join evidence dots leading them home into the arms of God. So this seems to be the most energetic attempt possible to “reach” sleepwalkers.

Hence also the provision by God of the repeating physical evidence based Laymans Gnosis. that works wonders providing a stream of evidence for anyone who can join evidence dots and form an opinion. Its massive and independent of beliefs, faith or non faith.

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