Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 94 The Qur’an’s Demise in 2020

Fascinating culmination of 100 yrs of western analysis of the Qur’an.

Scholars, even Muslim, have utterly demolished the Qur’an. simply by asking the usual questions historians always ask. What and When and Who and Why ? And what evidence do we have to back it up.

So what to do for muslims who now find their faith is a baseless scam ?

How to get LG to them is a challenge

Maybe – Do you hear internal music ? is the easiest approach. Certainly muslims do hear internal music and sometimes its Ave Maria that they hear repeatedly. Reports from Malaysia. They think its odd. being Christian music But don’t think any further. Everyone’s problem.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website

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