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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Wednesday, November 15th of 2023 I want to thank you once again for joining today’s live show I’ve seen so many people in the chat this morning from all over the world. So we just want to say Welcome. Welcome all brothers and sisters in Christ. We just want to thank you. We love you We appreciate you. Of course. I just want to let you guys know once again We pray over you every day by this prayer team literally prays over you Every single day because how much we appreciate either every single one. We don’t we don’t know every one of you But God does and I just want to say thank you for all of your support. Thank you for your prayers Thank you for everything. Thank you for all of our partners We appreciate and love all of you Um, so this morning I was on, uh, just praying with the Lord. I had, you know, my music on, I’m reading my Bible and I’m doing the things that God wants me to do. And uh, he was working on something this morning. Of course I had another, uh, prophecy that I was going to give you the one I was going to give you yesterday. Um, and that’s not going to work today again. Uh, he’s going, I know he’s going to give something else, uh, this morning. So until that until I know exactly when he’s going to do that, but I know he will So again be prepared that he is going to give something Live here on air that I didn’t pre-plan. Okay Before I get to that if you guys do have any per request or praise reports Please go to our website at JGM international org under our contact page where you can write us at Julie green ministries international 4620 East 53rd Street suite 200 at Davenport, Iowa 5 2 8 0 7 now all that is in the information is in a description box below for you and I know people been asking in the chat. I know they’ve been emailing in Three Suns threads is a one This is the company who actually does all of our merchandise so you can click on the description box below and you can see What merchandise? They sell for us And we do have cups available. It’s just a good morning Julie’s it’s not the or mornings with Julie It’s not that good morning. Everybody those are sold out, but there are still cups available And we were told that they were going to get more in so just be patient on when those other cups come in and If you want to know about any events that we will be participating in God is changing schedules So even if I have things on the calendar does it mean I mean he can change it But I’ll do the best that I can but if he calls me away, which I know he’s going to do Here again, so be prepared for that I will be I know I’ll be spending some time with the Lord here pretty shortly and I’ll let you guys know when that is I will be pre recording For you whenever the Lord tells me exactly what day to start that Now, um, also, uh, next week, Thursday and Friday, I will not be live on air to give my team, you know, everybody here at JGMI, give them a Thursday, which is Thanksgiving and Friday off. So I just want you guys know, I will not be on, um, because of a holiday. Okay. I want to give them off. So I, I pray all of you guys here. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, which is again next Thursday and Friday. So if you don’t see me, that is the reason why Now and of course if you check our website our website is also gonna tell you that to any holiday around those times We’ll tell you when our offices are closed So anyway, I was praying this morning and I was really Just seeing what the Lord wanted me to do because obviously you guys know that I do the will of the Father I do what he wants me to do when he wants me to do it the days he wants me to do at the time he wants me to do it in and I was just pressing into him and So, of course I had something planned, but I’m not doing that I am Unctioned by the Holy Spirit to do something different So now I’m just waiting upon the Lord On when he wants me to speak these words But again, I want to encourage each and every one of you if you guys did miss that live show I did not only yesterday morning. There was a very powerful prophetic word that the Lord gave on yesterday mornings That was not a plan, but he did it and then also Alex Stone I had him on yesterday morning He is a great great young man and what he’s doing for the generation Z is powerful I love seeing that and those of you who have children that are in that generation. I would Suggest you to check out that live show It was it was powerful and I was very blessed to have him on and to get to know such a young man Who is on fire for the Lord And who was willing to do and press in I mean doing these things sometime there is persecution There is pushback. There is ridicule and to have something like him just press in no matter what Going on against him is is pretty inspiring. So Anyway the Lord Yesterday when I was He kept having me go back to the Pledge of Allegiance of our country and I started studying it. I started just you know, kind of breaking it apart and I know that the Lord has a word there’s something more in to our nation. There’s something that the enemy wants us to forget. The enemy wants us to to have a different way of thinking and that has been what’s going on in my spirit all morning long. So again, I’m waiting on the Lord and so all of you just be prepared if you guys do record If you guys whatever however you guys do this prophetic word Just wanting to go to get your recorders ready because the Lord is about to speak.


So For I the Lord this day am telling my children to stand at attention Stand guard and watch over your words watch over Your mind and what you are thinking my children I Will tell you to fight the good fight of faith. I have spoken this in my word. It’s not a fight to bring you discouragement. It’s not a fight to bring you overwhelming circumstances and despair. But this fight is a fight to win. It’s a fight to regain, to take back the things that the enemies have been trying to steal from you. I have prepared your hearts. I have prepared you for this time. I have talked to you about a great awakening and during that time of a great awakening yes there’s a great shaking. There’s a great shaking going on. A great shaking among the nations. Great shaking amongst governments. Great shaking in three-letter agencies. Great shaking in the judicial systems. Great shaking, yes, even in my church. Great shaking, mighty shakings, to shake you loose from the power of the enemy to shake you free from their captivity and their mindset and their train of thought how they have been training you and persuading you into thinking things are real or thinking things are true or thinking things great lies and deception yes great lies and deception that has cheated you out of so many things that my son has already paid the price for. Don’t walk away. Don’t walk away, I say. Don’t walk away this day because great is your reward. My children, I have heard the cries of my people all over this world. You’ve cried in torment. You’ve cried in despair. You’ve cried because of oppression. You’ve cried because of pain. You’ve cried because of infirmity and pestilences. You’ve cried because of injustice. You’ve cried for truth. I’ve heard these cries. I’ve seen what the enemy has done. Yes, I have. And I’ve seen what the enemies are planning to do, but it won’t go through. No, it won’t go through because it can’t get through me. I have heard your prayers. I have seen the consistency and how you are pressing in and and you won’t give up and you won’t quit. Great is your reward. I will not fail. I am the deliverer. My children, why? Why do you question my name? Why do you question my willingness to bring you out? Why do you question my words when my words are true? why do you question my promises when I’ve said yes why do you question who I am ? Its because you don’t know who I really am press in to me and you will see what to expect from me don’t get in despair the enemy wants you frustrated the enemy wants you divided. They’ve tried to divide you in so many ways. Remember, I am here to bring unity. Unity, that’s me. Unity with me. Oh my eagle, I see the wounds. I see the destruction of your land. I see, yes I see, what they have done to Remember what this nation stands for. I remember. I remember the sacrifice. I remember those who laid down their life for such a great sacrifice. My eagle, you may be wounded, but remember who I am. I am the healer. You will soar. Yes, you will. There is nothing that your enemies have done. No fraudulent government, no swamp, no globalist has torn you down to the ground that I can’t rise up again. Remember Lazarus? He was dead for four days and people thought it was too late. But no, I am the resurrection. I can restore and make alive and make new anything that’s in front of you. Do you see what they have done? I see it. They tore me, tore me away from you, they thought, from your education system. They kicked me out of your government. They kicked me out of your judicial system. They kicked me out of your media. They’ve kicked me out in so many ways to try to get you to forget, to try to get you to turn away, to try to get you to not know who I really am. The deception has grown so great. Yes, great deception has grown so great in this time. But remember, truth prevails, and truth will always destroy deception. The decrees that have been spoken over this nation, the prayers that have been spoken over this nation, they tried stopping you from saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Allegiance, what for? Unity in allegiance to me. They don’t want one nation under God because that means they can’t control. They can’t control you. They don’t want liberty. They don’t want freedom and justice for all. No, they don’t want these things. They’ve tried to Rip it apart. They’ve taken commandments away from your courts. The Ten Commandments, they thought by removing them, you’d forget. They destroyed monuments and what they stood for. They are trying to change you. Oh, my United States, they’re trying to change you. But remember, who causes the greatest change of all? Who can take something that’s death and bring it back to life? Who can take something that’s so destructed? There’s so much destruction anguish and pain Cleanse and heal and make anew That’s what I have for you. Don’t despair in what you see Don’t give in To their tyranny They’re no match for me They are no match for me. I tell you, my children, there is no power greater than me. So press in this day. This is a time where you need to dig your heels in as deep as you can get them. Have your foundation on me and my word. Don’t move, but push through. Press in. don’t give in, but press in. Shout my words louder. Praise and worship me even more. Your enemies are, it may not look like it, but they are on the run. Yes, they are on the run. I will shatter and scatter everyone against me. I say, I will shatter and scatter everyone against me. The enemies of Almighty God are being shattered and scattered this day. Every plan declare will fail. Declare it loudly and boldly my children. Decree. Decree. Decree these things. Do you hear it? The crumbling of their walls? Do you see it? They’re in confusion and fear. And it’s growing by the day. They are weakening by the day. And I’m strengthening you by the day. Good versus evil, my children, who wins? Good always prevails. So stay the course, stay focused, stay in the attitude of celebration and victory. Expect me to do something that you have never seen. This day, my children, awake, awake, awake, now awake. My glory, my glory is about to fill this earth and the more you are awake is the more that you will partake. So when the enemies fail and when the enemies fall. And you will see it with your eyes. Rejoice. And I, the great I am, am alive. They want me dead. But they can’t kill me. I am life. So remember who’s alive. Remember who’s on the throne. Remember who is the most high God. And remember that I dwell in you. Remember these things when your enemy tries to push you down. Remember these things when they try to get you to give up. Remember these things when they try to put pressure on you to turn your back on me. Don’t do it. And you will see, you will see me. You will see me. I say, you will see me do things for you that I have not done before. Yes. My hand is moving. My hand is moving. My hand is moving to bring great deliverance. The world is about to see that I am still a Deliverer. So rejoice this day, my children, because your Deliverer is not going to come. Your Deliverer is here now, saith the Lord.

Julie Commentary

Praise the Lord. What does he say? The deliverer is not gonna come. He said that he is already here. So instead of giving up and giving in, which is exactly what the enemy wants all of us to do right now. They want all of us to fall apart. They want all of us to be afraid. They want all of us to divide. They want all us to be, you know, crying and depressed and in anguish and despair. They want us weak. They want us on our knees, not to pray, but on our knees to break us fully. What do we do in this time? God said to press through. Press through. Press through what? Press through those bondages. Press through that shackle, those shackles that the enemy has had on you. Press through and break off those chains of despair and anguish, hopelessness and discouragement. Break those things off. Remember, we can do what? All things. God has given us the ability to do all things through Christ. That’s why he sent him. He’s given us the ability to fight this fight. He’s given us the ability. We have been summoned. We’ve been called to battle what did he say we have been called but it’s a fight not to be discouraged by or get upset by it but to know that he’s in the midst of us remember Gideon Gideon’s army remember he had what 30,000 and he ended up with 300 God was in the midst of them and it didn’t matter how much number that they had in that army. It was that they had God first and final authority, that they obeyed God, that they believed in Him, that they trusted Him with all their heart. They might not have understood what was going on. In the natural, it looked like it was crazy because you have, you know, an army of people against you That’s way more a number, but then God tells you to lessen your army Instead of growing it a number. It’s not the number that matters It’s who’s in control so right now I’m gonna go over something that the Lord mentioned and I know he’s been mentioning it to me this morning and I knew he was gonna put it. I just knew it had something to do with that prophetic word. I Knew it Because it kept it since yesterday more yesterday morning afternoon He kept pushing me to look up the Pledge of Allegiance so I got up and I say that this morning and I want to actually say the Pledge of Allegiance and I want to break it down Because this is not just for this nation. I’m telling you There is a reason for this Remember, God, I’m going to talk about decrees and what a decree, okay, a decree, a decree. God’s been giving us decrees, declarations. He’s been giving us words. He’s been giving us marching orders, but do you know what a decree is? An official order issued by a legal authority, a decree, an official order issued by a legal authority. God’s been giving us decrees he’s been giving us something to say every day and What is that decree? God’s been giving us an official order issued by a legal authority God has been giving us what power authority and dominion With a power and authority the name of Jesus and what Jesus did for us on that cross what he did for us He laid down his life for us. He died for us He took back the keys that held us in the grave And he gave us that authority that Satan had over this earth because of what Adam and Eve did And he got it back. But because religion seeped in the devil seeped into the body of Christ and into the churches and Twisted the Word of God Twisted what it means and what it says so people don’t decree and Declare the Word of God, which is spirit, which is life the Word of God, which is the double-edged sword it’s a weapon and The enemy has used it to dilute it like it’s just another book and So God is saying that we need to declare and decree these things and when we speak it know that we’re speaking these words that God has given to us. We’re speaking these words with authority, legal authority, given to us by Almighty God. And when, in the times past, when a king decreed something, when he made a declaration, it was made into law and everybody had to obey it. Remember, our enemy has to obey the words of Almighty God. He doesn’t have a choice. God gave us in his word in James 4 7, resist the devil and he must flee. It didn’t say that he has a choice. It also says in God’s Word that enemy is roaming around like a lion seeking who he may devour. That’s 1st Peter 5 and verse 8. Well we have to let our enemy know that they Cannot and will not devour us No matter who they are Remember, he said like they’re roaming around like a lion didn’t say they were Remember we serve the lion of the tribe of Judah and the lion that power that boldness that authority lives in us today Now I want to say something to you now the biblical definition decrees issued by rulers written commands having the effects of the law and the metaphor of God is king of the world remember God is king of this world he’s a ruler he’s a judge over all this earth he’s giving us the right words to say and I believe even it’s in our nation this Pledge of Allegiance is something it wasn’t just words I remember saying it every day when we were in school they took it out of school because it was, you know, controversy. Why did the enemy do that? Listen to what it says.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

We used to say that every day. We You used to say this Pledge of Allegiance. What’s a pledge mean? A pledge means a solemn promise or undertaking. A solemn promise. So every day we were saying this Pledge of Allegiance. We were decreeing it. We were saying it. We were declaring it. And we were, it was a solemn promise of allegiance. Okay? What does allegiance mean? Loyalty, commitment, subordinate to a superior or an individual to a group or cause. An allegiance is a duty of identity to said to be owed or freely committed to the people. So we were pledging, we were promising, we were in our loyalty and service to God, we were pledging an alliance, okay? We’re pledging The the commitment we have to being one nation under God Okay, we were pledging we were promising God and an allegiance of loyalty of commitment That we were one nation under God now Republic a Republic for which it stands the Republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives in which elected or nominated President rather than a monarch. Now what does it say? A state in which supreme power is held by the people. Do you know why one of the reasons why the enemy doesn’t want us to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day? They don’t want to have us to have a promise. They don’t want us to have loyalty and allegiance to a republic which doesn’t mean that they have they don’t have control. It’s we the people. Our founding Fathers knew you could there I did as just a study on this why is it one nation under God it’s powerful now I’m gonna go on because I’m gonna read that in a minute so also in the Pledge of Allegiance says indivisible indivisible means unable to be divided or separated uh indivisible means unable to be divided or separated what is the enemy wanting us to do why they get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance? First of all, they don’t want us to be one nation under God. They don’t want us to be what? Undivided. They want us divided. They don’t want us as one. When we’re pledging this promise and loyalty of allegiance to the Republic, which again is one nation under God, it’s the people that are letting God be in control. And we are united in the fact that we are one nation under God and letting him be in control. Not a man, not a government that’s supposed to rule over the people and to, what, cause all this injustice. Because another thing that says in the Pledge of Allegiance is about liberty. What is liberty? The state of being free within a society from oppression. Restrictions imposed by authority or on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. Why do you think they took the Ten Commandments away in front of our courts? Why do you think they’ve stopped the Pledge of Allegiance in schools? Why do you think that they took, they don’t want us to know about one nation under God, they took the Democratic Party for sure. And I know this is not just a political thing, But they removed God period from their platform. You have that misunderstanding of the separation of church and state the government was never supposed to control the church and Then you have the body of Christ who doesn’t want to have anything to do with politics They don’t want to have anything to do with it in our governments Why there should be a separation between the politics and and God why? We’re supposed to be one nation under God. We’re supposed to have that liberty and justice. We’re supposed to have the state of being free within a society from oppressive restrictions opposed by authority on one’s way of life or behavior. Look what they’ve done in this past few years. They’ve taken away our liberty. They tried taking away our freedoms. They try to take away what our founding Fathers and what God had designed this nation to be. One nation under Him, that means blessed by Him, that means we were supposed to be, what? Led by God in our government, in our laws, with our freedoms and liberty. He’s the one who gave it, but your enemies want you to forget About why you say these things They don’t want you to know the Constitution of the United States of America They don’t want you to know the founding Fathers and why this country was founded in the first place to freely serve God Okay again one nation under God And with Liberty and justice for all all right justice. What does justice mean? to make right. Justice means to make right. Does it seem to you that everything the enemy is doing right now, these fraudulent governments all over the world, are trying to make things wrong? They’re trying to take all of your liberties and freedoms away. They’re trying to rule over you like there’s some type of, you know, monarch, like a king or a queen, where you’re just their, you know, they’re peasants, you don’t have any say at all. That’s not how God designed government to be. That’s why the Constitution of the United States is the longest Constitution in the world that has survived. But our enemies want us to forget what the Constitution is. They want to forget the Pledge of Allegiance and why we declared it or decreed it every single day. Why is under God so important? I want to read something to you. When they put this in there, Thomas Jefferson explained why being one nation under God is so important. Listen to what Thomas Jefferson had to say. Thomas Jefferson and our other founding Fathers understood that the government does not give us our freedom. Our freedom comes from God. The government was established to protect that God-given freedom. That was their justification for the American Revolution as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson wrote, “‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, “‘that all men are created equal, “‘that they are endowed by the Creator “‘with certain inalienable rights, “‘that among these are life, liberty, “‘and the pursuit of happiness, “‘that to secure these rights and governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers for the consent of the governed, that whatever any form of government becomes destructive of these things, of these ends. Now listen to what he says. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles. Why do you think our enemies want us to forget what we have the right to? We have the right, again, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles. That means if any government walks away from the principles that this nation was founded upon, the people have the right to abolish that institution or that government body, they institute a new government laying its foundation on such principles that this government is supposed to be standing on. That’s why the we the people have been forgotten. And that government tries to Lord over you like you’re just their slaves. You just have to do what they tell you to do. That is not, now listen, it goes on, this is Thomas Jefferson. no king or empire, no President or Congress, no court or crowd gives us our rights. They come from God himself and are unalienable. And the founders built America’s foundation on such principles. That means if they didn’t give us our rights, our freedom, liberty, then they have no power and authority to take it away.

I wanna read something else. Abraham Lincoln also explained why being one nation under God is important, where the enemies, again, are trying to throw it out. He’s put this on my heart to give this today because, again, so many people have forgotten. The enemy wants to deceive you out of what our rights really, truly are, as not only American citizens, but children of the Most High God. Now, Abraham Lincoln understood that the nation’s unity and freedom depended upon being one nation under God. In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln used the exact phrase, nation under God. Echoed in the Pledge of Allegiance, he began his address by referring to the founding Fathers, the foundation in God-given rights. These are God-given, not man-given, NOT government given. these are God given rights and that does and that means even if you are in another country Because I know there’s people watching from all over the world You are a citizen of heaven okay, you if you are a child of God you are a citizen of heaven and I’m telling you no matter what your government says or does Remember who really is in control. It’s God Almighty God is the one who gives liberty. God is the one who gives freedoms. These people cannot take that away. If we realize they cannot take that away then we won’t be so easily to give in to what they’re trying to do.

Now look what Abraham Lincoln says. Four score and seven years ago our Fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation conceived in liberty dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are a great civil war, in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” So again, he was talking about now we’re in a great civil war of what? Testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. Why do the enemy want us divided? It’s why they cause a civil war. Why do you think they wanted us? divided in every aspect of our life they’re trying to get us to not be united as One nation under God because if they know that if we know our rights by Almighty God We know our liberties and freedoms by Almighty God, then we will not be subject to their control’ We will not bow. We will not submit to them and we will push back and we will fight and we will win and The enemy hates it. That’s why they have literally diluted things They have tried to eliminate things. They try to forget it, but have us forget it out of our own memory No, Lincoln also goes on to say more as Lincoln closes his remarks honoring the fallen soldiers at Gettysburg He offered this inspiration inspiring vision and that we highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom and that the government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth. Why do you think Abraham had Abraham Lincoln had to say that. Because the enemy wants it to perish from this earth. They don’t care that people have died for the liberty and the freedoms for this nation. All they want is their one-world government. All they want is their control. They don’t care who loses their life. That’s why we should never take for granted the lives that have been lost for our freedoms. But remember Remember who paid the ultimate sacrifice? Because if you don’t live in this nation, it doesn’t mean anything. Jesus Christ laid down his life for you to have freedom, to have liberty, to have the pursuit of happiness, to be free in every area of your life. That’s what Jesus did. He laid down his life. And that blood, that blood covenant that God has with us because of that blood that Jesus shed for us. He honors it. He doesn’t forget it. The enemy wants us to forget, but we should never forget. Martin Luther King Jr. understood the importance of being one nation under God.

In his Dream I Have a Dream speech, Martin Luther King Jr. explained that, when the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution in the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. So again, the phrase, Honor God, does not make the pledge a prayer. But some people argue that under God is a form of prayer and that’s why they took it out. But we have to remember why it says under God and why that God should always be in every area including our government. God should be the head of everything, even politics. He should be included .I love again what Martin Luther King jr. said that every American was followed the air for fall air

I have a dream that one nation is this nation one day this nation will rise up and live out its true meanings of its creed that it will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed our enemies are trying to stop this at every level, in every way. God is the one who has given us liberty. God is the one who has given us freedoms. God is the one who has given us these nations, not these government officials. We have to, again, realize the God we serve. Think about that do some digging, do some homework on our Constitution, our founding Fathers, what they said, why this nation was ever founded to begin with. The first thing that George Washington ever did as a President, the first President of the United States of America is, he prayed for four hours for this nation. That it wouldn’t turn its back on God. That it wouldn’t forget. They are trying to kill the soul of this nation, but they can’t because they can’t kill God. He is the soul of this nation. He is the one who has given it life. He is the one who designed this nation. He’s the one that obviously helped write the Constitution of the United States of America, the Pledge of Allegiance, our national anthem. These are not just words They were for us not to forget Do you remember what God said in the wilderness or right before they the children of Israel wandered into the wilderness to go to the promised Land, he said earnestly remember this day Earnestly remember why did he say earnestly remember? Because it’s so easy for the enemy to get in there and it changed things in our life To cause distractions to cause pressure to cause discouragement just cause destruction for us to forget We can’t forget that it’s not this government this government or any other government for that matter cannot take What God has given to us as children of Almighty God, they can’t take freedoms away They can’t take our Liberty away again. What is Liberty? Liberty is a state of being free within a society from oppressive Restrictions. What is this? What are these governments doing? They’re restricting, restricting, restricting. They’re oppressing. That’s not liberty at all. It’s the exact opposite. Remember what they’re trying to cause. Division. When we’re supposed to be indivisible, unable to be divided. That does not just mean in the United States of America That all of us citizens should not be divided in any way. That’s why we’re called the United States of America Because we’re supposed to be united I’m not mentioning the names, but there was a certain President several years back What he was stood on was change and what that person did was divide in every walk of our life the church divided the nation divided divided between rich and poor divided with color, divided in this and divided it with that. Divide, divide, divide, tear apart. Because the house divided against itself cannot stand. That’s why the Pledge of Allegiance, and when we’re supposed to be pledging that, it’s indivisible. We’re supposed to be united as one nation under God who is in control. That we are united with Him. That we are what in one accord. That we are making sure that we stand and hold the line, that we have our liberties and freedoms and justice that God has paid for, that God gave us, not man. We have to remind ourselves this day that these governments don’t have the say. They don’t have, they should not have their way. Justice is what? Making or to make, to make right. Justice is to make right. And our enemies are trying to do everything to make everything wrong. God wants us in one accord, together in unity, standing with Him, fighting that good fight of faith that He promises that we win. To stand and fight against injustice. To stand and fight against oppression. To of fighting against anybody who would try to take our freedoms and liberties away when they don’t have the power to do it. But oh, how easily they have led people to believe that they are the ones in control. They are elected officials, elected by the people. Now, what did they also do when things didn’t go their way? They changed the election system. And a lot of people have been discouraged because elections have been unfair everywhere. Not just in this nation. We cannot rely on just an election to save our freedoms and our liberties. In our pursuit of happiness, it’s God. God is the one. He is the one who has given us these freedoms, this liberty, in pursuit of happiness. He is the one who has given us our nations. He is the one. He is the one who can give it all back. And one of the things that he said in that prophetic word was, Do we trust him? Do we know him as the deliverer? Now, again, I want to read this. Why One Nation Under God? And we should be saying it every day. Why is it so important to have One Nation Under God? 1. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, because I’m telling you, the These rights were going to be tried to be taken away from us, so that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles. No king or empire, no President or Congress, no President or Congress, no court or crowd gives us our rights. They come from God himself and unalienable and the founders built America’s foundation on such principles. So Thomas Jefferson wanted us to remind us the governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That would any any form of government becomes destructive of these ends. I would say this government has become very destructive. I would say that they are not Upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. I would say liberty freedom Justice is not being upheld So what what is God showing us today? What do you say in that prophetic word if you guys miss a prophetic word go back? Towards the beginning of this live stream and watch it, but he talked about this. It’s not man That has given us freedom That means that man doesn’t have the power to take it away. We have to earnestly remember this day that it is God. It is God and God alone. And we are to be one nation under God with what? Liberty and justice for all. And that word indivisible keeps like magnifying it’s just magnifying in front of me. indivisible. It’s like a magnifying glass just keeps with that word because they want us divided and a house divided against itself cannot stand. They want the church divided so the church cannot stand against them. They don’t want us to know the God that we serve want us to truly believe that God is dead. They want us to truly believe that God doesn’t belong in politics. God should be in everything. He should be in everything, not in some things. So what is God telling us to do today? He’s telling us to know our rights and our freedoms and our liberties are from Him. To not give up on them so easily. To not let man or a government tell you what your rights are and what they’re not. Or let them take them away from you. They don’t have that authority. Not in this earth, and they definitely don’t have it in heaven. But God, He is the judge and His kingdom rules over all. And when He said, I’m gonna close with these couple scriptures and then I’ll pray. Again, this is important. This is not just for us in this nation. I know a lot of people think, well, Julia, I’m not from this nation, and you know, doesn’t matter. God’s still a God over all the earth, and he should be a God in all governments, not just some. 1 Timothy chapter 6 and verse 12. 1 Timothy chapter 6 and verse 12. Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned, and for which you have confessed and a good confession of faith before many witnesses.” What does summon mean? Okay, he says, fight the good fight of faith, lay a hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned. Now, if you think about this, and if you were summonsed to be in jury duty, you’re summons, you got to go. It’s authority or urgently call on someone to present, especially as a defendant or witness in the law court. Urgently demand. A summons is an urgent demand. Call people to attend. God is saying, I’m calling, I’m summoning my people to fight the good fight of faith. He’s calling us means he’s urgently demanding us fight the good fight of faith. And And again, a fight that he has given to us that says a good fight, that means a fight that we win. We have been called to this battle. We’ve been called to this fight. We’ve been summonsed into this fight or into this war between good versus evil. But we’ve been summonsed, again, urgently demand, God is demanding us to get involved. How do we do that? We pray, we say, we decree, we declare the words that God has spoken. And I would tell people in this nation, you get out the Pledge of Allegiance, read it. Pledge it, read it, declare it every day again. Go back to the Founding Fathers and see why this is so important. Why God today has given us an example of why this is so important. Dig in to the Word of God when it talks about that how God his kingdom rules over all He’s the judge who brings down one and lifts up another Second Corinthians 2 14. So he’s called us into this battle. He summons us into this battle. Okay second Corinthians 2 14 Because a lot of people say well, I don’t want to be in war you already are I don’t want to be in this battle. You already are but the outcome is what you do about it now 2nd Corinthians 2 14. What does it say? But thanks be to God who in Christ always leads us in triumph So, can you imagine this picture this this vision? God is summons us into this battle into this war to fight for our liberty to fight for our justice to fight for for God’s justice to fight for our freedoms and And God summons us, He called us, He’s demanding us to get into this good fight of faith, and He’s saying, hey, you’re fighting it. But in Christ, I always lead you to triumph. So He’s our commander-in-chief. We’re in the army of the Lord, okay? We have the full armor of God on, and we should be putting on every day, that’s Ephesians 6. Put on the full armor of God that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Stand to stand therefore. So picture all of us. We’re in the army of the Lord. We have the armor of God on God is the one who is leading us. He’s marching us. He’s leading us into this triumphant victory a Lot of people think that God’s leading us into defeat. Remember what he said yesterday When he was showing about the example about Joshua and Caleb Joshua Caleb were leading that God’s people with Moses into the promised land Again, God was leading them in that triumphant victory. It’s like He led them out in that triumphant victory of Egypt. Walking out with their freedoms and everything that God had ordained for them to have. But, they forgot who their leader was. Let’s not forget today who our leader truly is. It’s not a President. It’s not. Our true leader is God. God is first, then it’s a President. But God is first. And again, it’s one nation under God. And it’s by the people, for the people. It’s we the people. We the people. Not a government Lording over us when they don’t have the power to do it. I’m asking you to get into prayer and ask God about further revelation of why this is so important for us to know. Because if we know that it’s not a, well, especially what we have, a fraudulent government, it’s not them who Lord over, it’s God who Lords over. He’s the king of king and the Lord of Lords. So remind yourself that the enemy cannot forget. The enemy is not in control. Don’t forget that the enemy is not in control. That’s what I meant to say. Don’t forget the enemy is not in control. They’re the ones who did not, they didn’t give us the freedom, they didn’t give us the liberty, and they didn’t bring justice. God did those things. And we need to be united, indivisible, united together, undivided, undivided. We should not be divided at all. Locking arms and standing and holding that line against evil against tyranny. So I want to pray today that you get this revelation of who God has you to be in this earth today. What he wants you to say. Again, if you’re looking for the marching orders and decrees and declaration that God has given us so far, you can go to our website under our blog post. You can see the marching orders from, I don’t even know how long it’s been, I don’t know if it’s been six months, a year, I think it’s been more than a year, but I don’t remember. But you can see the ones that God has given us already. So again, go back, read them, declare them, decree them. It’s important because you’re speaking the right words. Remember what Job said in Job 6, how forcible or right words teach me to hold my tongue. So God’s giving us the right words to say, the right decrees. Remember what a decree is? I gave you a definition. It’s an official order issued by a legal authority. He’s giving us these words that are, the enemy has to abide by, has to retreat, has to give in to a defeat. Our enemy has to retreat and give in to that defeat because the victory has already been won because of what the Lord has already done. So Heavenly Father right now in Jesus name, I lift up every Purse at the side of my voice and I thank you Father God that we realize that you are the one who is leading us You are the one who is guiding us. It is not man Father God, we thank you for the justice that you have given to us. You are making things, right? Because you are a just God And we thank and praise you Father God that your kingdom rules over all it is not man It is not what man wants, but it is you. We thank you that you’ve given us liberty and freedom. And we thank you, Father God, that these people cannot take away what’s something that the price has already been paid for by the blood of Jesus. I think if it comes a revelation in each and every one of us, Father God, that we are led by you in this battle. You are leading us into a triumphant victory. You are delivering us. You are bringing our nations out of the control and the hands of the evil and all this tyranny that we are seeing before us. We thank and praise You, Father God, that You are moving Your hand. You are defending, You are protecting, and You are delivering us out of everything that we see before us today. We thank You, Father God, that You don’t ever leave us. You don’t ever forsake us. You will not abandon us. You will not leave us oppressed, you will not leave us depressed, you will not leave us in the situations that we are in, because we are breaking forth, breaking out, and breaking through all the chains and all the assignments from the pit of hell that they have had against us. Because it says in your word that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. So we thank you this day that we don’t have to wait to be free. No, we are free now. We are free now because Jesus already paid that price. So we are declaring our freedoms in our spirits. We’re declaring our freedoms in our soul. We declare our freedom in our body. We declare our freedom socially. We declare our freedoms financially. We declare our freedoms in our nations, in every area of our life. So we can freely serve you, Father God. And we thank you for the freedom that Jesus paid for We thank you for it in Jesus name Amen and Amen Remember Jesus paid for your freedom. You have it now It may not look like it. It may not feel like it, but it doesn’t matter It doesn’t change the fact that Jesus has already paid that sacrifice He made that sacrifice for us 2,000 years ago and the enemy has tried to deceive us out of what’s rightfully ours and so today Make the determination no matter what the enemy wants to do no matter what they’re trying to tell you that they will not take the freedom that Jesus paid for and You declare and decree it every day Father God. I don’t have to wait to be free I thank you that I’m free now. It doesn’t matter what I feel like because I am free now It doesn’t matter what things appear to be in my life. I am free now I thank you Father God, but the enemy cannot take the freedom that you paid for me I thank you that you ransomed me I thank you that you paid that price the ultimate price for me and I receive it that’s something declare decree and you fight and When we are in agreement with God and we’re speaking the words of God things change. Remember the people that were in the wilderness, stayed in the wilderness because they kept decreeing, we’re gonna die in the wilderness, we’re gonna die in the wilderness. He sent us here to die in the wilderness. They decreed it, they believed it, and they died in the wilderness. But that was not God’s will. But the ones who didn’t believe that, the ones who believed God, got to experience a promised land. So hold on today to the promises of God and to know that He is your Deliverer, He is your Healer, He is your Savior, He is your Provider, and He is a soon-coming King. So I hope this encourages you today, and don’t forget, I will be live on with Pastor David Scarlett with Take Five and His Glory at 11 o’clock Central Time. I will be back on with Pastor Dave. I am so excited to be on with him once again today, Wednesday, at 11 o’clock Central Time. So I hope to encourage you today, please like, subscribe, and share, and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you, and have a wonderful day.


Wonderful lesson here in US history and what calibre of people forged this unique constitutional republic that includes God in its declaration of Independence from British tyranny.

Lightning struck my optic-fibre box and it took a week to get it replaced. Thats why I was off the air for a week. And I was then forced to watch Television for 7 days which was a painful reminder of what a torment free-to-air TV is. Endless TAX SHELTER movies openly admitted in the credits YES. These movies are slow, dark, short on conversation and big on long long silences to fill in the time with nothing. One also notices nothing happens, there is no story, and thus one has difficulty remaining awake. But that is the big mistake. These movies are not for watching. They are TAX SHELTERS offered to large corporations if they produce any old fake pseudo movie and employ a thousand people to stimulate the film making industry. I had always thought this was a lame Australian idea but it seems to be practised by numerous countries. French openly admit it in the credits. Proclaim it. And I have seen it also from the national broadcaster in Canada a few times. The huge admission that this material is fake and they know nobody is watching it, is that there are NO COMMERCIALS in these long long movies. So free-to-air TV died when it went digital. Too many channels. Too many hours of program time to fill. So governments help out producing junk movies as a TAX SHELTER. Money lost making the failed movie can be multiplied 500 pc or 1000pc or more so they can reduce the income tax they pay.

Thank God on the 7th day my Internet was restored. Helleluiiah !

The other misadventure I had was being too much of a do-it-yourselfer.

City of Sydney is built on clay. Very hard to dig. So I got a large auger and a powerful drill and proceeded to drill holes for planting. The clay soil was so hard the auger got stuck and the powerful drill proceeded to rotate myself instead, knocking me over and injuring me. I spent a day in hospital getting scans and they said the leg pain from thigh to foot was caused by Soft Tissue Injury. NO injury to bone cartilage muscle or nerves. It still hurts after a fortnight though its mending. And the moral of the story is that as gnostics we don’t get divine protection or divine care, or special warnings. If we did we wouldn’t be living our own lives. And I think this caveat will continue thru this next period of the re-appearance of divine magic and the Big Power Flip and the elites take down, and the return of Donald Trump to a new capital after Washington DC is destroyed without an election.

So our self preservational caution will always be needed.

Picture of the beastly boring machine that did me in.

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