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Good morning everybody. Today is Wednesday, April 17th of 2024.
I want to thank each and every one of you for joining today’s live show today.
Now, I was literally just in prayer with the Lord up until seconds before I got on this morning.
That’s why I’m about a minute or two minutes late.
Because I was still writing down what he was giving to me about what is going on right now.
He was giving me another prophetic word. And so I will probably read whatever this is out today
If that’s what he wants me to read or I’ll go with the other one that he gave to me
the other day
Either way, this is exciting times
I want to get in before I get into any prophetic word before I get into the message today
I want to reveal to you how intensifying these things are coming how fast these things are coming to pass
Okay, so just the other day the Lord warned us about an attack an attack from Iran on New York
Or in this country. Okay, God warns about attack from Iran on this country and that same night
There was headlines about Iran Threatening New York City, so they’re on high alert that was in the same day

Now again, what happened, God’s been telling us that our enemy is being
funded by our own government. God told us yesterday in yesterday’s prophetic
word. He told us that Hamas and ISIS and Hezbollah were in this country, okay? He
also told us that the enemies were our government was financing the enemies.
Well that also started being in a headline within an hours of yesterday’s broadcast
Okay. Now this was from the New York New York Post
Okay, New York Post as of 5 27 p.m. Eastern Time
So again, I gave that prophetic word out yesterday morning at 6 30 central time
So several hours later, this was the New York Post and they came out to say let me share this screen with you because I want to show you it’s coming out of the own enemy’s mouth.
So I want to share my screen with you. Hold on. Can you see that? Okay, here we go.
Biden knowingly and unlawfully gave 1.5 billion not million billion dollars
that helped fund Hamas over and other terrorist groups
So what was God telling
us just yesterday? Okay God was revealing to us that we have people in our own
government that are funding the enemy. God’s been telling us this for quite
some time. He said it again and he enunciated it again yesterday on
yesterday’s broadcast and that prophetic word and within hours New York Post
which is you know not you know a right-wing company this is the New York
Post and they’re saying right here Biden knowingly and unlawfully gave 1.5
billion that helped fund Hamas and other terrorist groups. God was telling us
yesterday, Hamas was here, Hezbollah was here, and ISIS was here. How did they get
here? How were they funded? Not only funded to cause damage against this
country, but he also funded, the government funded, to help with that
attack against Israel. What was God telling us? They are providing the
funding for both attacks, for not only what happened to Israel, but also what
they are planning against this country.
You see the protest. God was giving us
all these prophetic words regarding the bridges. Now you’re seeing upheavals and
you’re seeing airports being blocked, bridges being blocked, people can’t get to
transportation, they can’t get to certain places because of these protests. What
What are these protests?
God said a shaking civilly.
Now you can start seeing a shaking civilly.
God also was talking about how they’re going to fill the streets.
Not only are they filling the streets, but they’re blocking traffic so people can’t get
to airports, get to their jobs, or any other place that they can get to.
Just think if there was ambulances, or just think if somebody had an emergency and they’re
stuck on that Golden Gate Bridge, which God told us about the Golden Gate Bridge, and
He’s talked about us in, I think, three different prophecies
about the Golden Gate Bridge to watch it,
to see what was going to shake,
to see what was going to happen there.
You’ve seen what happened there just on Monday,
one week after the eclipse,
when God said that was a sign of things starting to shake.
Now we’re starting to see things starting to shake even more.
So again, you’re seeing these things happen,
but God is the one who’s been giving us
the news before the news.
I also want to share this with you. Okay. This is something that the Lord gave in
About Dubai. So now people are seeing this flooding in Dubai. Now. I want to share my screen with you again for this
Because this is prophetic and I’m going to give you
Encouragement that God has been giving us to us in prophecy
But now we’re seeing it and it’s starting to intensify how quickly these things are coming to pass
But again, this one was from two years ago, but look how massive this one is. Let me share my screen with you
Look at what this says
Remember how God’s been telling us about biblical plagues in massive proportion
That’s gonna get the people’s attention get the world’s attention on these events that are happening now
Look what’s happening right here. Look what it says on this screen
It says Dubai’s flooding prompts orders to stay at home
What was God telling us that they wanted to do but why after city gets two?
years of rain in one day
Two years of rain in one day. I would say that’s biblical if you get two years of rain in
one day
Okay now I want to show you just there’s two prophetic words about Dubai that I’m
going to share with you. Okay right here you can see my screen here is Dubai. Dubai
will be in your news. An event will take place there that will be unusual. Well
again if you think about this for a minute Dubai flooding prompts or to stay
at home after city gets two years of rain in one day I would say that is
unusual. So this prophetic word was, as you can see, from July 19th of 2022. Now I
want to, um, let me see if I have the other one up. Let me see. I don’t think I
have the other one up on my screen. Let me get this other one up because the
Lord had given more than one about, oh yeah, here it is, about Dubai. Let me
share this screen with you hold on let’s see here which one is that it’s this one
okay now this was from March 23rd of 2022 so he had two different prophetic
words about Dubai and look what he says in this one that’s very very
interesting now listen to what it says Dubai will be in the news listen
carefully to what they are saying there well what they’re saying there was rain
That they got in one day. That was two years worth of rain
He said my children the dam of lies is breaking and a flood of truth
That’s pouring out from everywhere. So again, they had a literal flood as well
so God is saying as we see these things it was flooding of two years worth of
water or rain in one day and
And God is showing to us right here. Listen, the dam of lies is breaking and a flood of
Truth is pouring out. Why? He’s telling us to watch Dubai. Listen carefully to what they are saying. What’s happening there?
He told us about an event was gonna take place. That event was the flood. Okay, and
There could be more things that are gonna happen
But what God is doing is he’s getting our attention of saying listen, I’ve been saying these things
I’ve been telling you to look at these things. I’ve been telling you to be aware of these things
Why is he telling us this for us to get our attention and our eyes on him that he is the one?
Saying these words that he is the one giving these truths that he’s one telling us the news before the news
So we are focusing on God and not focusing on the terrible things that are looking like that are happening around the world
We’re supposed to pay attention to him
Not what’s going on be aware of them, but not focused on them
But I don’t know about you but seeing things like this in headlines
It excites me especially when he gave it to us in two days in a row
He gave us a word and then by that following night or that night
I mean there was something in the news regarding what God had said. This is how the pace is starting
We’re starting to see more things are gonna take place a lot quicker now. Now the one from Dubai was two years ago
Yes, but even though and this is something for skeptics of people that say well
She said that nothing ever came of that. First of all, these are not my words
And even though it takes two years or three years or four years or however long it takes
These words will come to pass in the timing of Almighty God
There are prophecies in the Bible that still haven’t come to pass today yet, but they will doesn’t mean those
Prophets or the Word of God is wrong. It just means it’s not for that time yet
But what why prophecy is so important is because God is getting our attention on him
And as you read in Scripture in Amos 3 7 God does not do anything without first revealing it to his servants the prophets
Why? Why does he give it to the prophets first? Why is he telling them this?
Why are there so many prophets out in today?
Why is there so many persecution of prophets today?
Because the enemy knows God won’t do anything without first revealing it to the servants of prophets and God’s people
Will turn to a prophet when they see prophecies
they see them come to pass because they will know that God is true and God is real and God’s still speaking and
And God is still actively doing something to help the world out
But then you have the religious people you have people that are full of legalism
You have people that are well, they are blinded. They don’t understand
They don’t know the truth and that what they’re doing is they’re trying to get people away from the truth. That’s what Satan does He doesn’t want you to know the truth. Why do you think people are taking off social media?
Why do you think things like this happen?
The reason why things like this happen is because the devil doesn’t like truth
The enemies don’t like to try to shut people up to tell the truth
Because if you weren’t telling the truth and if you’re just some crazy wackadoo
Then why would they take your channels down or why would they take you down or why would they shut you up?
He’s like President Trump and try to put a gag order on him. Why would you want to put a gag order on him?
First of all, that’s that’s unconstitutional. He’s a president of the United States of America
He has a freedom of speech
Well, why would you put a gag order on him? Why why would you do that because you don’t want him speaking because what is he?
Speaking he’s speaking the truth
The devil doesn’t like truth. Why I get to the devil like truth because the truth sets people free
So one of the things this morning that the Lord was showing me he wanted me to show you what was going on
Because it’s not me. It’s him
He wants people to have their attention on him and what he is saying and what he is doing
He is the one saying these things and he’s the one who’s faithful to perform his word
He’s the one who will do what he said in his word. He will do
He’s saying it’s causing victory. He will give us give us victory
He’s he’s saying these things to us and people are just throwing the fact that there’s any type of prophecy out of today
at all. It’s like if there was more evil in the world today, if there’s more
darkness in the world today than any other time, even in biblical time, and God
had prophets in the land at the time to direct his people, why would he not do
that now? Well, of course he would. He’s the same. So when you hear people say
that, just know they don’t know, and just pray for them. We pray for people who’ve
come against this ministry, why?
Because they don’t know.
We’re not mad, they just don’t know.
We keep getting back to the fact of,
and what they’re doing to other prophets
and other ministries, attacking them falsely
when they don’t know.
Instead of getting mad about it, you pray about it.
And what did Jesus say when he was on the cross?
Jesus says, father, forgive them,
they know not what they’re doing.
People don’t realize and understand
and know what they’re doing.
So don’t get mad at people when you see them criticized, or you see them getting angry.
Pray for them.
The power of prayer.
That’s the most important thing you and I can do today, is pray for people.
Pray for that awakening.
Pray for them to see the truth, so the truth does set them free.
God is proving to his word that his word is truth.
He’s proving to his word that he’s actually fulfilling his word.
That’s why you see things are coming to pass. No matter what anybody says. I don’t care what anybody says. It doesn’t matter
We should only care what God says
We should only care what God is telling us to focus on
Now what the enemies are wanting us to focus on because the enemies are wanting you to focus on their defeat or their deception
Because remember what the three D’s are deceive distract destroy
So they’re trying to deceive you into believing a lie
So that’s why God is telling us to focus on him
So when we’re hearing these prophetic words and we’re hearing these revelations and you’re hearing these scriptures
Maybe you’re hearing these scriptures for the first time or you’re hearing him like you’ve never heard him before
You’re starting it. I’ve heard so many people we’ve gotten so many again. We read the praise reports
We’re getting so many people that are writing in about praise reports about their closest and relationship with God
They’ve never had that is the point. That is what God wants us to do
And I started pre-recording this morning for Friday because I’m going in into the presence of the Lord this week again. I’m
Leaving tomorrow afternoon and I’ll be with the Lord until Tuesday. I
Have to be he’s calling me out again. Why because we are in a very pivotal moment
Not only as the body of Christ, but as a country
Okay, so he’s calling me out again
But Friday I just pre-recorded this morning before I got on with this one
And it was powerful and the revelation knowledge of him
he gave out so many things that you all need to hear so whether we’ll put it as a
Pre-recorded video or we put it as a live video. I need you to watch that God needs you to hear what he is saying
It’s very pivotal because in that prophecy he talks about the battle is
Okay, that was the name of that prophecy for Friday. All right, the battle is intensifying.
It wasn’t a very long prophecy at all.
But the revelation knowledge of what we do in a time where things are intensifying and how when the enemy is
Intensifying his attacks. What do we do to intensify against him?
What do we do to stay on the Word of God and be able to use the Word of God
Against him to push back to put him under our feet to keep and hold the line to never surrender
This is the things that God is telling us to do. That’s why all of this is important
So again when we see things God has been giving these prophecies. They’re coming to pass
They’re coming to pass very quickly now. Why because the time is getting short
So, what do we do when the time is getting short and we know that things are going to
get and intensify and things are going to look worse than they are now?
Watch that video.
That’s all I can say.
It was great revelation.
It was things that I, there’s certain things that he said, I have not even heard him say
like that before.
So watch on Friday.
The anointing has shifted, things are shifting, I can tell even from the eclipse and what’s
going on from then, last week, to even what’s happened, I told you what happened to me over
the weekend and how God has just changed things even since this week.
Things are changing quickly.
I was going to give out a prophecy this morning that he gave to me on the 6th, I’m holding
off. It may be tomorrow or it may be one that I’m pre-recording, but he talks about it’s
the time of the great shift. We’re in the time of the great shift. That’s what he gave
me on April 6th. But he shifted my attention today, right before I got on, literally seconds
before I got on, I was still writing this and he said, share this with them instead.
because remember how I pray every single day regarding each and every one of you
and regarding these broadcasts is whatever that he needs you to hear for
this very day in this very hour that’s why sometimes if these prophecies are
out of order when I give up it’s okay because it’s exactly when God needs you
to hear them is very specific on times and days this is the reason why now I
I want to give you something right here.
Again, I might give out that one
for the great shift tomorrow.
We’ll see because he may have me give out
something totally different.
I don’t know.
We’ll see how he leads me,
but it’s a time of the great shift.
And then he literally points out,
goes down the line of all the things that are shifting.
It’s a phenomenal word.
I mean, all of his words are phenomenal,
But this is how he changed it this morning. And this is what God’s people have to prepare for
That’s why I said don’t miss because I’ve I’ve I’ve literally seen people say in comment sections or in live chats
I’m not gonna watch if it’s pre-recorded
I’ve seen people say that and
It grieved the spirit Because whether I’m sitting here at this table or at this desk whether I’m live or pre-recorded. It’s still God speaking so whether it’s me sitting here right here live with you or
Or I’m pre recording before I leave under the unction of God telling me
This is when what you need to say to them on that particular day
Watch it whether it’s pre-recorded or not. It doesn’t matter. It’s still the Word of God
It’s still revelations from God. It’s still teachings from God. All right. This is what he said this morning


Now don’t get in fear for some of you that fear is gonna try to grip you when you hear this don’t
Attacks are coming to your minds. Attacks are coming to your bodies. Attacks are coming to your
families, your homes, your finances, your food supply, your peace, your joy, your
strength, your land, your nations. Your enemies are bringing a barrage of
weapons of mass destruction, of evil to a degree. Some are not expecting and some
Some are not prepared for, some are not aware of it to this degree.
The war has already begun to sift you, to shift you, to change you, to discourage you,
to weaken you, to drain your faith, and to trust in me and my words.
My children, your enemies, last attacks, last attempts to try and steal your nations, trying
to deceive you that you are somehow, that they are somehow going to win in you and defeat
you and to defeat you.
Excuse me, I’m trying to read this writing.
All right, this is the last efforts to stay in power.
It may look darker. It may appear overwhelming. It may be very discouraging looking. But you win.
Because I am with you in this battle. And I am with you in this war. And I am your victory.
So shout it out. Shout it loudly. We win. The devil is destroyed and all who are
with him. Your enemies are about to rear their ugly heads one last time against
you, oh United States, like you have never seen before. The attacks, the plans they
have pulled off against you, this is far worse, far worse.
One last attempt to kill the soul of this nation,
to bankrupt this nation, to destroy this nation
to a degree it will never recover.
You are in this time now, my children,
but remember my words, your enemies will never succeed.
They will never continue. They will not take you down. They will not destroy you.
Because I am in you and surrounding you in this nation. I am in this nation and
no plan and no war, no enemy is bigger than me, saith the Lord.

Julie Commentary

So this is what
But why that God isn’t telling us, the first part that he was saying, the reason why I’m
reading it, this is my, this is my prophetic notebook, if you see this writing, that’s
holy ghost writing.
This is not my actual handwriting, I mean, when, when I’m listening to the, to a prophetic
word from the Lord, my handwriting is so much different than it normally is, so it seems
like, looks like scribbles, but this is what God was saying, I had to even read it out
of the notebook because that is that fresh.
The Lord just gave this.
Hot off the press, people would say.
And God is telling us about attacks on the minds, about attacks on our bodies.
Because we have been under attack.
And God is saying, even though the enemies are attacking, and it will start to look like
they’re going to attack even more, He even said a barrage, just like you saw a barrage
of rockets in Israel from Iran.
Look at the significant of that the significance of that I should say there
was a barrage of rockets over that land aimed to annihilate them to wipe them
off the earth that’s what’s Iran said a lot of times about Israel you want to
wipe them off the face of the earth, but God.
With that iron dome, again,
you know that invention came from God, but you know that protection came from God.
So even though there was a barrage of rockets,a barrage of an attack, they didn’t get in.
They didn’t get the damage they wanted.
They didn’t get the destruction, the annihilation that they so desired.
They’re not going to do that with our minds or our bodies or our families or our finances or our homes
or our nation
We saw what God literally physically we saw it
percent of the rockets fell short and did not get what they were there to accomplish
And that was not man. That’s God
And so when you think about it, if you look at what happened with Israel
We say okay God You’re telling us right now this very day this morning. You just literally said that our enemies attacking
Why thank you just like the Iron Dome you protected Israel. I
Thank you father God. We are we have a hedge of protection around our minds
So when the enemy tries to attack, just like Iran tried to attack Israel, it will fall
short and come to nothing.
Even if it was all over the news about how Iran failed miserably, miserably.
Our enemy always fails miserably.
He has never get fully what he desires out of an attack.
So even though there’s not only physical attacks
But you see spiritual attacks either way just like God had protected Israel from those barrage of attacks and rockets
God is telling you what is my literal written written word say it says in Isaiah 54 17. Let’s read it
I quote it all the time. I can’t I
Can’t quote it. I have to read it. All right, let’s go to Isaiah 54
Isaiah 54 17 says
but no weapon
That is formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment
You shall show to be in the wrong this peace righteousness security triumph over opposition
So again, we triumph over opposition
So no matter if it’s attack on the mind and attack on the body and tackle the finance attack on your family attack on your
Home attack on your you know your job or attack on your nation
No weapon. It doesn’t matter if there are arrows, it doesn’t matter if there are
bullets, it doesn’t matter if there are rockets, or it doesn’t matter if there are
nukes that the enemy is using against you. God didn’t say only the little
weapons aren’t going to be formed against you aren’t going to prosper. He
said no weapon formed against you shall prosper. So no weapon that is formed
against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in
You shall be should be in the wrong this peace righteousness security and triumph over opposition is the heritage of the servants of the Lord
Those in whom the idol servant of the Lord is reproduced. This is a righteousness or vindication which they obtained from me
this is what I have in part to them as
Justification so God is telling us no matter what the enemy tries he’s warning you
That’s why he’s telling you to stay alert
That’s why he’s telling us not only about attacks on the nation, he warned us about
Iran, he warned us about Afghanistan, he warned us about China, and he warned us about our
government and what they’re doing inside.
He warned us about an invasion, he warned us about a Trojan horse, he’s been warning
us about these things and he’s saying, hey, even though I’m saying to you what’s happening
in your nations, now I’m saying to you what the enemy is also trying to do to you physically,
spiritually, in every way, shape, or form, and God’s telling you no weapon formed against
so prosper. So it doesn’t matter the weapon that the enemy uses, it will fall
short. It will come to nothing. Just like what happened with Iran in Israel the
other day. Now people asking, well what happened with October 7th? That was a
shaking. That was, there was again infiltrators in their government. There’s
enemies inside of that nation. And God is showing them who they are. So even though
they’re shaking, even though these things are going on not only in that country or
this country or other countries, God is saying, look, the enemy will never get
what they desire. On October 7th, they desired to literally kill every soul. They
desired to destroy Israel as a nation and wipe them off the face of earth. They
did not get it. They got an attack, but they did not get the full-fledged attack
that they desired. The other day, they wanted to finish the attack that they
started on October 7th, and it didn’t work. Because God is saying to us, we need to
see the physical protection that God says. He says, I am the protector of
Israel. I never sleep or slumber. And God is saying to us, He’s the one who
protects us. He’s the one who never sleeps or slumbers. He’s the one who’s put a
protection around us. We have a blood covenant with him and now it’s time to
take him seriously. That’s why it’s important to plead the blood of Jesus.
People ask, Julie, how do you plead the blood of Jesus? This is how you do it.
Heavenly Father, I plead the blood of Jesus over the top of my head and the
soles of my feet. I don’t see the blood, but it’s there. The enemy can see it. I
plead the blood of Jesus over my home. You say over your spouse, over your
children, over your finances, over your vehicles, over your airplanes if you’re
flying on them. Because you know what God’s been saying about airplanes, on
different forms of transportation. What about bridges? What about, you know, cargo
ships? And what about, you know, cruise ships? God’s saying, look, you are covered in the
blood. That’s why he keeps reminding us of Goshen. We’re covered in the blood. We
have a blood covenant. That means a covenant God will not break. He sees what
the blood of Christ stands for. The blood of Christ destroyed the power of the
enemy over those who believed. So if you’ve asked Jesus Christ into your Lord
and Savior, in your heart as your Lord and Savior, you believe in Christ. You
believe that he is the one who died, came here and died for your sins, and you ask
him in your heart to be your Lord and Savior. The ones who believe, there’s
It’s still the curse in the earth, but again, we’re redeemed from the curse, Galatians 3,
13 and 14.
And then let’s read, okay, all right.
I’ve read the scripture many times that he’s unctioning me to, um, to read it again.
In this earth, we are seeing floods.
God talked about unusual, unprecedented, unconventional things that were taking place.
You see what’s going on with weather, like even like yesterday, we had tornado warnings
in my, actually my city.
And I saw even the clouds right, like right before our house, because we have a big huge
window I can look out to the east and I saw clouds that were there that were hanging down
low and they were starting to spin.
And what do you do?
What do you do when you see a final call like that?
What do you do when you see things like that, a storm coming approaching you?
Well, you use the word God. I
Was that bad? I was like, oh, no, you don’t you will not come near my home
You will not touch down
You will not cause any damage because my house is covered in the blood of Jesus and so are my family members
That’s what we need to do when the enemy comes and tries to attack. You don’t get in fear
I was looking at that cloud those congestion. I was looking at that storm
I was here and all things going on and my family sacks me a savior. Okay, like yeah, I’m okay. I pray
I’m okay with praying
Because I know the power of prayer
Remember when Jesus said you’re gonna do even greater works because I go to my father
What was Jesus also do Jesus called he spoke to the storm
If God says we have complete authority and dominion over all the power of the enemy
Luke 10 19 that means the enemy tries to do storms and he tries to do things against you using those storms
You have power against them. That’s not the first time that’s ever happened
With you know spinning funnel clouds right by my house. Well, no
God, I thank you that you protect me you protect my home
It’s covered in the blood and there’s no weapon formed against that
We will not be attacked and we will not be destroyed
By doing or anything else
So I thank you father God for that protection
So this is how in the times where God’s telling us enemies attacking
This is how we stay alert
It’s how we know the Word of God and know no matter what the enemy uses as a weapon like yesterday
You just say today was a weapon. Well, yeah, it is because we don’t kill people as a weapon
So what do you do you use the Word of God against it?
Well guys give me complete authority and dominion over all the power of the enemy over all the power of destruction
So you use the Word of God?
John 16
We have to read these scriptures and I know I’ve mentioned them time and time again
He keeps bringing them up to me time and time again
That’s why the Julie why you keep repeating yourself because guys are repeating it
God is telling us to get these scriptures down in our heart because and that prophetic word. I’ll read again here a minute
He’s telling us listen in
first Peter chapter 5 in verse 8
He says your enemy roams around like a lion
Seeking who he may devour. We’re supposed to stay alert. We’re supposed to stay
awake. We’re supposed to be cautious at all times. We’re supposed to know that
the enemy is doing these things. He’s attacking us. We’re in war spiritually
and people didn’t even realize it at all. They weren’t fighting so they weren’t
winning. So God’s telling us there’s been a war. There’s been a battle. You’ve been
in it but you haven’t been winning because you didn’t know you were in one
And you didn’t know how to fight in it
Even if you do know you even if you do knew that you were in one you didn’t know how to fight in it
So guys not only remember this is our boot camp. God is not only showing us. We’ve been in a battle
We’ve been showing us we’ve been in a war
But now he’s telling you now I’m going to show you how to fight in that war and not only fight
But I’m gonna show you how to win
Because if you know that you’re in a battle you’re in a war and you’re in the military
I my father he was in the military for 31 years. God bless him and thank him for his service
If he knew anytime he was in war, and no matter where he was, because he was deployed everywhere,
no matter where he was, if he knew 100%, no matter the shadow of a doubt, he was going
to win no matter what he was facing, then you’d have a different perspective.
Like I gave you guys an illustration when it came to my children and they’re playing
If they knew without a shadow of a doubt, I saw them.
I saw them when they knew that they were going into a game, and they knew these people are
not as good as them.
You can see their confidence when they were coming out right before and they were, you
know, doing their practice and stuff right before the game started and they were doing
their layups and they were shooting and they were doing the stretching and their demeanor
was different because they knew the team that they were playing was a team they could easily
Well, we’re on God’s team and if we knew we were winning no matter what it looked like,
No matter how bad a team we knew we were winning we would have a different demeanor
We were we’d have a different attitude
We wouldn’t be sluggish and we wouldn’t be depressed and we wouldn’t be overwhelmed. We wouldn’t be you know afraid
We’d be like, let’s go Lord. Come on. Let’s go. I can’t wait for that victory. I thank you for it
Let’s just go toward that victory not put my head in the sand
I’m not gonna sit there and say I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this
I guess I’m just gonna put my head in the sand
I’m gonna bury it like an ostrich until the battle’s over.
Well, that’s not how we win.
You can’t win if you don’t get in.
You can’t win if you don’t get in.
Get in what?
Get in the fight.
The battle is the Lord’s.
If we’re in the fight, we know we’re in the fight.
Know you’re in it, but know you win it.
You’re in the fight.
Get in, start fighting, but know you win it.
John 16, I did not forget, I promise.
John 6, 1633, I’ve told you these things that in me, you may have perfect peace and confidence
in the world.
You may have tribulation, trials, distress, and frustration, but be of good cheer.
Take courage, be confident, certain, undaunted for I have overcome the world.
I deprived it of its power to harm you and I’ve conquered it for you.
I’m going to mention him again because I love him dearly.
One of the best teachings in the darkest days of my life was a teaching from Jerry Savelle called the battle destined to win.
You’re called to battle destined to win.
In that teaching was so profound because when you are called into battle, because there’s even a scripture says you’re summons.
And when we know that we’re called to battle that’s that fight the good fight of faith your summons to fight it
You know, you’re destined to win it your attitude changes
Deprived the enemy’s power to harm you
so if you know
that the attacks are coming and in that prophetic word, I’m about to read and
And people automatically feral grip him. Oh my gosh, the enemy’s coming with more attacks my mind
I don’t think I can handle anymore. Well, he’s not asking you to handle it. He’s the one who’s gives a strength
He’s the one who gives us the ability to fight in that battle. He’s the one who gives us the ability to get up
Like it says in Micah chapter 7 verse 8
Arise not against me. Oh my enemy for when I fall I
shall arise and
God is a light in the darkness. So if we know that God is our light, even when God
says it’s gonna get darker, God is a light in the midst of darkness, what does
light do to darkness? Light destroys it. I said I can’t wait for you guys to hear
the teaching on Friday. I can’t. It’s exciting. But anyway, if God, you know, has
already conquered the enemy. You already know that. This is where every day it’s
important for all of you. Again, in our prayer call, this is what we do every day
on a daily basis. We start our prayer call, we first plead the blood of Jesus
over it, over all of you, over all the team, and we ask Lord to say what he
wants to say and do what he wants to do, but we also plead the blood of Jesus
along with putting our armor on. Because if we’re gonna pray for you, or we’re
gonna pray for the nation, or we’re gonna pray regarding anything that the Lord
wants us to pray, that’s fighting. That’s warring. Well, you need your armor on to
fight. Don’t go into battle without the armor. Wow, I just feel silly putting it
on because I can’t see it. That’s your enemy thoughts. Don’t listen to that. He
doesn’t want you putting it on. He doesn’t want you to be aware of how
important that armor is. You know why? Because the more you are aware of that
armor. The more you’re aware of the blood of Jesus, the more you’re aware of the
power of that double-edged sword, that two-edged sword that pierces everything
of the enemy, destroys him, it’s a weapon. God’s Word is a weapon. If you realize
it and you fully convince and you fully know that God’s Word’s a weapon, you will
hold God’s Word so dear to your heart and you will speak that out your mouth
no matter what you’re facing. Instead of speaking your own words, you’ll start
speaking the Word of God. That’s why it’s important. That’s why when we’re
praying for you each and every one of you whether we know you or not we’re
praying for you we pray for our viewers we pray for everyone and the reason why
we want to pray and how we need to pray with the right the right way we better
put on our armor we better be doing it with power of God not our own ability
not our own strength because that is what changes things when we’re when
you’re dealing we’re hearing and where we’re reading these these prayer
request about death with cancer and terminal illnesses and all these
different things. Think about this for a minute. You’re waging war against death
and if that’s one of you, or we’re even praying against people who’ve had
suicidal spirit, who wants to end their lives. So many people we’ve seen. You’re
waging a war against death. So when you’re waging a war against death, you
better be serious. You better have your armor on, you better know the power of
the name of Jesus, you better know the word of God.
Don’t go into that battle alone.
A lot of people, when they pray over certain things,
they just kind of pray and they don’t know the power
of God when they pray.
That’s why I pray all the time.
God, think through my mind, speak through my lips,
exactly what you want said and exactly what you want done.
Because God’s words are spirit.
God’s words are life.
God’s words are a weapon,
The most powerful weapon in this world
Against the power of the enemy. That’s why you want God’s words in your mouth
Coming out your mouth now your own words
Because you want to fight against the enemy with the power of Almighty God
Let’s keep reading
John 17
Now the reason why I’m reading this again, even though I quote it a lot. I read it a lot
God needs you to know this today
Read these scriptures. Get a revelation of these scriptures. As we just got a
revelation of John 16 33. You’re called to battle but you’re destined to win it.
Failure and defeat are not in your future. Say it. Failure and defeat are not
in my future. The enemy wants you to think that failure and defeat are in
in your future, but it’s not.
Failure and defeat are not in your future.
So if you know that, right here,
you’re called to this battle that God’s telling you,
your enemies are attacking you,
so you gotta do something about it.
Use my word, believe in my blood,
and trust that I’m faithful to perform you.
I put a hedge of protection around you,
I’m your fortress, I’m your helper,
I’m your strong tower, I’m everything you need me to be.
He’s our refuge, he’s our peace, he’s our victory,
he’s our healer, he’s our provider.
You have to know these things so that when your enemy comes attacking then you know what to do
You have confidence in knowing that the greater one on the inside of you that he that’s in the world first John 4 4
That’s why I repeat myself on a daily basis and telling you to get these scriptures down in your heart
Don’t take my word for it. Read them
Don’t just listen to when I’m saying it. That’s why I can’t wait till we get a whole new different
production, and I’ll be able to put the scriptures right below on the screen.
That’s what we’re working on.
I don’t know how long it’s going to take us, I don’t know, but we’re working on it.
So what I want to do is I want you guys to see it.
I want you to read it, not just hear it, but see the word, speak the word, declare those
words, shout those words because they’re God’s words and God’s
words are weapons.
All right, john 17.
And now I am coming to you.
I say these things while I’m still in the world so that my
joy may be made perfect and complete in them, they may
experience my delight fulfilled in them, my enjoyment may be
perfected in their own souls, they may have my gladness
within them filling their hearts.
Jesus was the word that became flesh.
Again, watch Fridays, there’s in-depth teaching about that.
So when Jesus came here on this earth to speak the words of Almighty God,
why was it so important for him to speak those words?
Because those words brought truth.
And those words brought freedom.
and those words changed the mindset of God’s people. Renewed their mind. They
took change of course of action and their lives were changed. That’s why we
have to give the Word of God down in our hearts so it changes our life. You should
never go into a church and walk out the same way. You should never hear teaching and be
the same. Why? Because God is giving you enlightenment, and it should be building.
It should be a foundation that is building, and it should be getting
stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger and higher and higher. You should
never stay the same. You should always be growing in the knowledge of God.
Alright, verse 14, John 17, verse 14. I have given and delivered to them your
word or your message, and the world has hated them. That’s why there’s such an
attack on the body of Christ, even from within, because the enemy tries to divide, but it’s
all about the Word.
He hated them because they are not of the world, do not belong to the world, just as
I am not of the world.
Jesus did not belong to this world.
He was in it, but he was not of it.
And why do you think there were so many people that hated him and persecuted him?
because the enemy was virtually petrified of Jesus because he was
speaking the truth and that’s why the enemy doesn’t like truth because then
the blinders come off you’re not deceived anymore by him and his choke
hold or his chains don’t work anymore that’s why it is important to get into
the Word of God you renew your mind with that word and let it set you free if
If you’re in captivity right now with fear, doubt, worry, unbelief, anxiety, depression,
suicidal tendencies, or anything like that, bipolar, mad depression, whatever it is, mentally,
read the word.
The word destroys that power over you.
If you have something wrong in your body, if you have a terminal illness, if you have
chronic illness, whatever it is that is destroying and damaging your body, get in the Word.
It’s health and healing to your flesh, Proverbs 4, 20 through 23.
It’s health and healing to your flesh.
So if we took the Word of God more seriously, we’d have less problems.
if we made it first priority in our life over social media or over seriously
social media has been a very addicting to a lot of people it’s very distracting
it gets your attention off of God and on to the social media so it’s influencing
you when God’s Word is the only thing that should be influencing you your
thoughts influencing him anything a part of your body in your life because God’s
word brings freedom and health.
Verse 15, John 17, verse 15.
I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but you keep
and protect them from the evil one.
Verse 16, they are not of the world, worldly belonging to the
world is that I am not of the world.
Remember when you start seeing the world grow darker, you start
seeing the attacks on our food.
You start seeing the tax on the economy.
You start seeing the tax with war or, uh, you know, terrorist attacks, whatever it
is you start now.
Father God, I am in this world not out of it.
You say in your word I’m taking you at your word.
I’m in this world not of it I’m not subject to, no matter what terrorist attacks,
no matter what they are doing to our food, no matter what the shortages,
no matter what they are doing to our economy, no matter what they are doing to our minds,
no matter what they are doing to our nation, it will not affect me because I am in this
world but I am not of it I am not subject to it.
You protected them in the land of Goshen Father God,
We have a better covenant with you because we are the blood covenant of Jesus Christ and I thank you father God
We are protected by that blood just as you protect Goshen
This is how you fight
This is how you attack the enemy instead of him always attacking you. We’ve been attacked
over and over and over and over and over again an onslaught of attack and
People thinking that’s just normal and it’s not so God is telling us today
We even though the enemies are on attack
We need to attack back if you’re if I get our military you think just like with Israel the other day you think if
They just sat there and watch those Rockets come
And they just didn’t do anything
You like well, how stupid why wouldn’t you fight back?
But people do that spiritually. They don’t even realize it the enemy is attacking. They don’t attack back
Because they didn’t know
Hosea 4, 6 says, God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
So if you knew, say for instance, you were being attacked, you’re going to fight back
If people are attacking you physically, your natural, natural response is to fight back.
But people’s response spiritually hasn’t been to fight back because they’ve had a victim
mentality that this is just life and this is just what it is.
And they just start feeling sorry for themselves and they just get caught in this rut and they
don’t fight back.
The same thing if you fall down you make a mistake a
Lot of Christians don’t get back up because I just fell down. I made a mistake. I can’t do this, you know
God why would God forgive me? I’m just this unworthy person and God’s saying if you fall down physically you get back up naturally
We’ll do the same thing spiritually get back up
Do something
But fight with the Word of God fight the right way put it on the armor on
Something gave this to me a while ago, and I look at it all the time
Especially when you know, you’re going through stuff. You’re going through a lot of battle
You’re going through things that are just attack after attack and I said all right and I look at this
Look at that and it has my name
It has a full armor. It has my name and I look at it all the time
Because that’s how God sees you God sees you in that armor
Your enemy sees you in that armor
Even though I can’t physically see the armor, that’s why I like having this right here because
I can sit there and I can look at it.
But no, I got my armor on.
I am ready for battle.
And I thank you Father God knowing I’m ready for battle, but I’m going to win in that battle
because you are my victory and you’re with me and you never leave me nor forsake me.
So let’s go back to read that prophetic word again.
This is why the Lord gives us the prophetic word.
This is also why He gives us the solution.
So He’s telling us all the things that will go wrong that it looks like, but He will never
leave you without hope in the final outcome.
There are so many people out there that tell us and write us in.
Again, we read them, and there’s so many people that tell us in our church, they’re not giving
us any hope.
In our church, they’re not speaking these things.
They’re not teaching us that we have complete power and dominion.
They’re not teaching us about all the things that are going on around the world
and what God’s word, as a solution, tells us to do about it.
It’s so sad. Why is the body of Christ
not speaking if there’s a problem
in the world, if there’s a darkness in the world, if there’s an evil in the world,
God will always give you a solution.
you hope in the final outcome always because God is your hope and he is your
final outcome so if you’re if you’ve been listening to doom and gloom people
turn them off turn them off because I’m not giving you the Word of God line upon
line people from precept God’s Word is the good news it’s a solution to every
problem so God even though he tells us there’s a lot of problems he tells us
everything the enemy’s gonna do to attack us, he tells us all these things, then he
gives a solution to the problem. Him. That’s the solution to the problem. Him.
He’s the one that destroys the power of the enemy and he’s our victory. All right.
Now I apologize for the sound of paper, but because this word came to me
literally up to a minute before I got on here, I still have it in my notebook.
so I do apologize for that usually if he gives it to me I try to hurry up and you
know dictate it out really quick on the computer so I can read off the computer
so you don’t hear the noise of the notebook but today I did not have that
time he changed this live show right before I got on so I have it in my
notebook all right this is what the Lord said this morning right before this live
show this is why he gave us all of these scriptures and what he’s given us if you
do not know the authority believer I’m almost positive we have those teachings
on the website if I’m not if I’m wrong I apologize go look on rumble because I
know I’ve done teachings I know I’ve done things about the authority of the
believer and how much power and authority you have the power of words
you need to know the power of your words you know power of God’s Word and why
It’s important to get God’s word in your mouth
Not your own words God’s words because when you are facing
Situations I face life and death situation so many times with not all myself my family members. I can’t even tell you it’s countless
countless times
The thing is you have to know in those life and death situations. You have to know the words
Because I’m telling you there are times where I’ve even said
stupid things
I couldn’t believe they came out of my mouth and I had to repent for them.
So that’s why it was so important to get the word of God deep down in our heart because
out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.
So you want to get God’s word down in your heart in abundance.
So then when you speak it out, when you need times of trouble, life and death situation,
you got something going on, you want the right thing coming out, not the wrong thing.
and you want the right thing coming out.
All right, here’s the prophetic word from this morning,
a few minutes before I got up.
Attacks are coming to your minds,
attacks are coming to your bodies,
attacks are coming to your family,
your homes, your finances, your food supply,
your peace, your joy, your strength,
your land, your nations, stop.
People would automatically just start to wail
and panic and be in fear.
Well God, you’re telling us they’re gonna attack our mind,
they’re gonna attack our body,
they’re gonna attack our families,
they’re gonna attack our homes,
they’re gonna attack our finances,
our food supplies, our peace, our joy, our strength,
our land, they’ve already done it.
They’ve already done it.
They’re just going, it’s gonna be more intense.
So again, he’s always gonna,
he’s telling you how they’re going to attack you.
Not to overwhelm you and not to get you in a state of panic
and start, you know, worrying about it, now it’s time for you to attack back.
Your enemies are bringing a barrage of weapons of mass destruction.
So tons.
And it’s going to be continual.
It’s already been, it’s just going to intensify.
Of evil to a degree, and some are not expecting, some are not prepared, for some are not aware
of it to this degree the war has already begun to shift the sift you what to turn
you away from God so if you have faith fear will try to come in to paralyze it
to destroy it fear destroys faith that’s why God says over and over do not fear
like 600 or 365 times in the Bible one for each day of the year well I think
tells us a fear not because fear will paralyze and destroy your faith or what
what is faith trusting in God fear will come and you’ll trust in your enemies
and his ability to hurt you and believe in his report of what it looks like then
believe God’s report on what it’s going to look like that’s how Satan steals so
many people’s things that God has a line for them because they believe fear over
faith. All right, he’s trying to sift you. He’s trying to get you to be offended
and mad at God, to get into fear, to get into worry, and to start panicking. But
look what also God says. To shift you. So they want to sift you, but they also want to
shift you. What? Shift your attention. Said it on the Word. Satan wants to shift your
attention on his word. There’s only two voices in the world. God’s, Satan’s, faith
or fear. Love, hate, life, death. Polar opposites. So we have to make that choice
which side. You can’t be in the middle. Remember what says in Revelation where
Jesus says if you’re lukewarm he’s gonna spew you out of his mouth. I don’t even
want to know what that means. You need to be either hot or cold. You don’t want to be
lukewarm. You don’t want to be in between. You got to be one or the other. So they want
to shift you away from God. That’s what they want. To change you, to discourage you, to
weaken you, to drain your faith, and to trust in me and my words. So they want to drain
your faith so you don’t trust in God and his word. My children, your enemies, now listen,
last attacks. If you see it as a last attack then you can start to laugh and
you’ll start to change your mindset. If Israel knew, if the Israelites knew at
the Red Sea that was a last attempted attack by Pharaoh and his army. If they
knew and if they had a heads up, they should have had a heads up, with all the
plagues that they saw and all the damage that they saw that God did in Egypt
against the enemies of Almighty God and against them you think they would have
had a clue you think they would have had a heads up but no they didn’t but say
for instance God said through Moses hey this is our last attack against you this
is our last attempt to destroy you they’re not gonna win I’m gonna get you
out of it don’t you think that the Israelites would have changed their
mindset they would have changed their attitude well yeah they wouldn’t have
looked at Moses and go Moses it’s your fault it’s your fault Moses you sent us
here you told us that God’s gonna save us and now the enemy’s gonna come and
destroy us it wasn’t Moses it was God through Moses that’s why a lot a lot of
times I’ve heard prophetic words for people they didn’t come to pass the way
They thought when they thought and then they blame you. I’m just a mouthpiece
It’s like people like even like pastor Arthur
No matter how bad it looked
When the Word of God spoke and he took that Word of God literally and held on to it
That’s why he went from the pit to the palace
So they will hear a prophetic word
Automatically think it’s gonna come to pass
They don’t have anything to do about it and they don’t have to part to plan it and they let it go and
Then it’s not their fault. It’s someone else’s fault. Well, that’s not true
What happened to Israel in the land of the wilderness through the Prophet through Moses Moses said let’s go to the promised land
they didn’t take that word and they didn’t believe God and
They blame Moses and they should have been looking at themselves. It was their fault
They didn’t walk their happy tushies into the promised land where it was their land
They said no, there’s Giants there. So they didn’t get the prophetic word that came to them. They didn’t receive it
A lot of times guys people don’t receive we also have a part to play in it
So that the last attack attacks
So again, if Israel knew right by that Red Sea that that was the last attack attack of the Pharaoh in all of his army
They would have had different attitude God saying to us. He’s giving us a heads up. This is their last attack
This is their last ditch effort
It’s like Pharaoh his army. They’re going to lose
So now if we really take God seriously, we can say okay God
I’m gonna take you seriously and I am not going to fret about it
Last attacks last attempt to try and steal your nation’s trying to deceive you that that they are somehow going to win and defeat you
They’re not going to defeat you. They’re not gonna beat this country. They’re not gonna beat you
Why because God is on the inside of you. That’s why they’re not going to defeat you
Let’s walk our happy little tushies into our victory
Let’s not give in like the children of Israel gave in let’s just be smarter than them
Let’s make a pact with each other and just say hey, you know what?
Let’s be smarter than them and let’s just go and do what God tells us to let’s just move forward
Let’s just keep moving forward and keep being happy and keep receiving the work from the Lord and not getting discouraged by everything
That’s going on. Then he says this is the last efforts to stay in power
What was Pharaoh’s last effort to stay in power?
He pursued God’s people, brought fear, and tried to destroy them through that fear.
That’s what Denim is doing. It may look darker. God said it. It may look darker. It
may appear overwhelming. It may be very discouraging looking, but you win. If you
know you win, you’ll have a different attitude. Right? Right. Okay, let’s keep
reading. Why do we win? Because I am with you in this battle. I am with you in this
war. And I am your victory. He’s Jehovah Nissi, our victory. That’s his name. So
shout it out and shout it loud. Shout what? Shout your victory. Shout your
enemy’s defeat. Shout that you know that this is a last attempt and they are
losers and they’re going to lose shout it and Job talks about when you decree a
thing it shall be established God needs our words aligned with his then he goes
on to say what we supposed to shout we win shout we win and the devil is
destroyed and all who are with him look that’s why he keeps telling us to go
back and look at Pharaoh they says your enemies now he’s warning us this is her
last attempt remember they are about to rear their ugly heads one last time
against you Oh United States like you have never seen before when Pharaoh and
his men that was there rearing their ugly heads against Israel one last time
It was their last-ditch effort. And remember, in that attempt, in raring their
ugly heads and their last-ditch effort, they walked right into a trap and it
completely destroyed them. And God is saying the same thing is happening today.
That’s why he calls them the Pharaohs of today. And these are the days of Haman.
The attacks, the plans they have pulled off against you, he says, this is far
worse. So they’ve already done horrendous things to us and so this is far worse.
One last attempt to kill the soul of this nation, to destroy patriotism,
destroy life, destroy our freedoms, destroy our faith in God, destroy the
strength of this nation. Remember this nation is a nation that brings more word
of God to the nations than any other country around the world.
It spreads the word of God or spreads the word of truth more than any other nation around
the world.
Why on God’s green earth does anyone think that God would let this nation fall?
It’s the light.
It’s the beacon.
It’s the source of truth throughout the world.
God’s not going to let that light out.
He’s going to let it shine.
We have to let him shine that light on all these things and not give up hope on him.
That’s what he’s asking us.
Not give up on him.
Let’s keep reading.
So trying to bankrupt this nation.
Why do you think all these trillions and trillions of dollars are these spending packages from
the government?
It’s absolutely absurd.
They’re printing funny money.
there’s nothing to back it up that’s why they’re on spending sprees and can do
whatever they want in the prophecy I was going to read you out today that the
Lord changed I don’t know maybe I’ll read out tomorrow he talks about the debt
clock and whose debt that really is and he says it’s not yours so we’ll get into
that later all right to bankrupt this nation to destroy this nation to a
degree it will never recover that’s what the enemy plans you’re in this time now
my children but remember my words why does God have to keep repeating remember
my words because people remember the enemy comes immediately to steal God’s
words so they don’t remember God’s words he said remember my words your enemies
will not succeed they will not continue they will not take you down they will
not destroy you, because I am in you. Surrounding this nation, I am in this
nation, and no plan, no war, no enemy is bigger than me, saith the Lord.” So what do we
have to fear? If God is on our side, if we know he’s on our side, then why would we
fear anything? Well, Julie, what if we lock us down? Oh well, God is locking us in,
protecting us. What if there’s food shortages? Well, God is our source of
supply. He promises in his word. He’s Jehovah Jireh, our provider, and he said,
I will liberally supply, fill the overflow in your every need. Philippians 4, 19.
You can look at all the times he multiplied food. He multiplied. He made
water from a rock. There’s nothing impossible for God. Well, what if, oh my
gosh, Julie, what if the economy falls and we’re up by the money? God’s your provider.
He made fish come out or he made gold or the silver
Whatever it was with their money back then he made that come out of a fish’s mouth
He made fish
With Peter when he was trying to fish and he toiled all night long doing it the way he was doing on it
And then Jesus said hey pull out your boat and the depth for a great haul
The fish came from where?
God provides
What if they’re bringing viruses? What’s Psalm 91 say? A thousand may fall at one
side and ten thousand at another, but it won’t come near me. Read Psalm 91. Well
what if there’s no electricity? There’s light in Goshen, even though there wasn’t
in Egypt. See what you said about all these massive deaths? Well the angel of death
couldn’t, he had to pass by. He couldn’t go in the homes of Goshen. It doesn’t matter
of the enemy. It doesn’t matter the weapon they use. It’s not
bigger than God. And that’s what you and I have to know. And you
and I have to take seriously, no matter if it’s a arrow, or a
nuclear warhead, or anything in between. It’s not bigger than
God. It’s just not. So that’s what you have to focus on. Now,
beyond the past of Dave today, and it’s going to be explosive
of show. So I hope you guys all can join us today. I know it. I
know it. I know it. So I’m gonna be on with his glory and take
five at 11 o’clock central time. So just a few hours from now, if
we get the link before that, we will make sure that we spread it
out with all of you all in all those social media platforms so
you guys can join us again. It’s 11 o’clock with his glory take
five at 11 o’clock central time. It’s gonna be a great show. God’s
on the move, there’s so many things that are happening,
breaking news is happening all the time,
and we know that God wins, and so it’s so fun.
I love being on with Pastor Dave, I just,
I can’t wait for it.
So I wanna pray for each and every one of you
before I go today, because it’s important
for you guys to know, again,
God said they’re gonna try to attack your mind.
Well, you say, you know what?
I have the mind of Christ.
No weapon formed against me shall prize me.
They’re not gonna attack my mind,
because they’re not gonna win.
Think of a hedge of protection all around you.
Think of like a dome.
Think of God and how big God is and realize that he’s with you, wherever you go.
So Father God, right now in Jesus’ name, I lift up every person at the sound of my voice.
I thank you, Father God, that we come to the revelation, no matter how big the weapon is
or how small the weapon is, it is not bigger than you.
We thank you, Father God.
Our enemies might have many weapons of mass destruction, but they are not bigger than
your destruction against them because they’re not bigger than your power.
And when they come up against your power, they become nothing
We called down every pot plan scheme and attack of the enemy right now in the name of Jesus against our mind
Against our bodies against our families against our countries against our finances
And we call them down right now like the walls of Jericho and we thank you father
God you said that this is like the Tower of Babel. We thank you that they are being confused
We thank you are cutting the enemy’s lines of communication off. We thank you father
You also said these are the days of Haman so everything they’re trying against us
It will be go like a boomerang back on them because you said in your word. It’s seed time and harvest
They can’t get away from that. It’s a law and we thank you Father God right now in Jesus name
Whenever they are sowing they are weeping if they will not if they will not repent
Father God, I thank you for the revelation of your written word for the revelation father God of your love
They know how they can have a greater and deeper relationship with you.
How they can know your word more.
How they can know the power of your word more.
And they know how special you are or they are to you.
Father God, I thank you that they are not who the enemy says they are, but they are
who you say they are.
And they have a greater revelation of that.
And all the self-hatred we break it the power over them right now in Jesus name
The sin consciousness and the failure in the feet mentality. We break it off in the name of Jesus
Every prison cell that they’ve been in we break them out and break them forth and break them through
Just like you did with Joseph. Just like we did with Daniel
It’s like we did with Shadrach Meshach and Benu. It doesn’t matter the form of cell that they try to use or fire
They try to use or anything they try to use. It’s not stronger than you
And I thank you that it’s becoming more real to them how big you are and you are in
Them you’re with them, but you are in them. We thank you Father God for it in Jesus name
Amen, and amen. Remember that God is with you and he never fails
So I’ll be back on with Pastor David again at 11
And if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports, remember go to our website at JGM international.org
All of our information is in the description box below.
Okay, go.
We pray over you.
We pray over all the prayer requests.
We love you.
That’s why we pray for you.
And we want, we’ve been praying
that we’re gonna get more praise reports
and then prayer requests
because God is answering our prayers
as fast as the enemy’s been attacking
that God is gonna answer your prayers even quicker than that.
So that’s what we’re standing on.
Okay, and if you want any
Julie Green Ministries merchandise,
Guys, go to 3SunThreads.com, okay?
Go to 3SunThreads.com.
All right, God loves you, I love you,
God bless you, and have a wonderful day.


YES its a quote from Gods address that is the title. Such unseemly language hee hee. Julie’s team can take days to put a title on a livestream. So I make one up- just so it can be uploaded with subtitles to Rumble and Bitchute.

I drove across Golden Gate bridge 4 times in a bus when I was there. Saw Rykers island. The bridge also has a memorial to many thousands of US Sailors lost in wars. Now the bridge itself is involved in the great war between the common people and the permanent political class . And the globalist democrats are destroying their own party by splitting over the Palestinian issue. They are at each others throats. It all helps. So there is great value to Hamas October 7 attack on Israel. It basically means the Dems only have losing candidates so they are looking at Martial law and cancelling the election. Hence them paying other countries to Attack New York. But their evil plan wont work. And Vladimir Putin is supplying Iran with much better missiles to attack the Middle east after Iran had an embarassing 99pc failure rate of its home made missiles.

Exciting and frightening times. Just wondering if Biden can buy a missile attack from Putin, hypersonic (Iranian marked) missiles fired at New York just to stop Donald Trump ? Surely New York democrats would pay for that ! The advice is don’t take these scary outcomes too seriously they will come to nothing.

Oh and here’s something to tickle your fancy

WEF Klaus Schwab Is he dead, ill or in prison?

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