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Lay Gnosis Dr. Nagase Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Could End Human Race In Three Or Four Generations

Dr Nagase interviewed by Owen Shroyer, explains in chilling detail how mRNA gene therapy covid fake “vaccine” alters our DNA permanently and its likely passed on to our children and grandchildren. Thus it isn’t just murderous, its genocidal for generations. In fact Terminal. And deliberately so concludes Dr Nagase. Most peoples bodies will be manufacturing the injurious spike protein all of their lives. Insurance companies have already noted a steep rise in all cause deaths since the vax began. The only good news is Mr G says the vax damage can be healed.

Because of censorship I am unable to embed Alex Jones videos on this page, but I can provide a Red link which will open up the video in another window for you. Its well worth watching for those who want to know the lethal insidious details of the mRNA fake “vax”. Its basically done by atheists who think they can outwit God.

Click the Red Link.

Dr. Nagase Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Could End Human Race In Three Or Four Generations

Our atheist planned non-future explained by Dr Nagase.
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