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The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to bring the good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that the captains will be released and the prisoners will be freed to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God.

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Actually, good morning. Today is the 9 September, and we had to do this today because yesterday something historic happened. The Queen of England passed away. And some of you might say, okay, well, big deal. No, this is a huge deal, okay? And so I have today one of the key prophets that’s been talking about London, the Queen, the bridge, all of this. So today Julie Green is with us and we’re going to talk about the prophetic side of the royals, of what’s been spoken, and we’re going to overlay some incredible math on this and prophetic scriptures. So let’s have some fun.

Julie, welcome. Thank you for having me once again. Yesterday was a bombshell. Dolores been speaking about a lot about the Royals and all the things that are going on over there in this last week or so. He’s giving me almost every day something about them. Not everybody has seen it yet. They’re prerecorded, and it’s proof because I got my clock in the back there. So I can prove when I record these because I’m actually leaving out of town here in a few minutes. So I had to get this out as soon as you text me, I’m like, even though I have a busy schedule. You have a busy schedule. I’m like, we have to do something about that property that was we’re not joyous over somebody dying, but the fact that God has been telling us about what’s going to happen and it is significant of what she stood for. So it’s significant. And the time that we’re living in right now no, that’s the whole thing, right? When you go back and so when you study scripture, there’s timelines in all of this. That’s the incredible part. So Julie and I’ve done interviews in the past, and we’ve talked about the Exodus. We’ve taught the Red Sea miracle the Exodus. And so we keep waiting. But then God reveals what is revelation? It’s the reveal, right? We’re putting pieces together through the prophets. God is revealing what Revelation actually means because 10, 20, 50 100 years ago, Revelations didn’t make a lot of sense. It was very confusing. But now we’re seeing the pieces come together. He’s speaking through the prophets, Julie, and what we’re seeing is the pieces come together, and so this image is coming to life. And so when you study, when we go back and read Isaiah, right? This is incredible. Isaiah, the prophet talked about what was supposed to happen to Israel. Actually, this is Jeremiah. But then Isaiah read the prophecy to King Cyrus. But what was the Jeremiah prophecy? That after 70 years, Israel would be freed from bondage. Okay, well, Julie, I love having you here, because you have stated the United States and the world has been secretly in bondage. Correct? 100%. Definitely. It’s a system that we’ve been living in under this world economic system by all these governments and stuff like that. We’re supposed to have things like that. But at the same time, it was infiltrated, it was used demonically, and it’s been twisted pretty much since Nimrod. There’s been what’s called a bad loan system in place that really has suppressed God’s people and has enslaved God’s people. And without even realizing, I mean, we just thought this was just how life was. You had to pay taxes. You have to do this, you have to do that. And we just thought if you want to buy something, you have to borrow money, and you pay all these high interest rates and make all these payments. People thought that was normal. And God is saying, this is not a normal system. This system was due. They are now-a- days Pharoahs. He talks about this all the time. We’ve talked about this before, even when we were in South Carolina. These are nowaday pharaohs. They’re the same thing. There’s nothing new under the sun. God always warns that he’s doing something about it. Right? Present day pharaohs. And so the prophetic, when you go back scripturally, this is we’re watchin. We were watching history repeat right here, right now in front of us. Okay, so what was the word of Jeremiah? After 70 years, Israel would be free from bondage by King who? King Cyrus. That was a prophetic word given to Cyrus, read by Daniel, which blew Cyrus away because he actually called Cyrus out by name. That prophecy was 200 years before the birth of King Cyrus. And so we’re watching the prophecies unfold right here. So believe it. This is why I’m bringing up 70 years, because Queen Elizabeth was inaugurated as Queen. She became Queen on February 6, 1952. She died yesterday 70 years and seven weeks from when she became Queen. So that will be seven double seven. A triple seven would be this coming Tuesday. Something important. Is that an important day? September 13? I don’t know. But September 13 will be 70 years, seven weeks, and seven days. She died specifically 70 years, seven weeks, and two days from when she became the Queen. All I’m saying, we’re watching the fulfillment of prophecy because we, the people, have been enslaved secretly. That’s the word, secretly. Israel wasn’t bondage because they had chains on. They knew this time Uncle Sam is a little wiser, and he deceived everybody by creating money out of thin air, and that’s basically been bondage. Right. And so we’ve been secretly enslaved for the past generations. Right. And so the Queen issue is like the marker that we were waiting for, and we didn’t even know it. And now let’s talk about fulfillment of some of your prophecies. Tell us a little bit about what specific are on your heart. What are the key prophetic words that you’re feeling right now?

Julie Okay, well, one was just so September 1, I had a word, and he says, I say again, Watch the Queen. Now, this was September 1.She died on the 8th. He said, something is about to be revealed that the Royals want to keep hidden. Now, as of right now, we just know that she passed away. We have no idea exactly why she passed away. We didn’t even know she was even sick. As far as we knew, she was just hunky dory and fine, but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she was just sick, and they rushed into her side, and she’s dying. So again, that is if you can see here, here is your prophetic word about Prince Charles. Oh, yeah. Okay, so no one knows what happened. No one knows what happened, but Julie had a prophetic word, February 8 and 15th of 2022 this year. Okay, this is the prophetic word. This is for Prince Charles. You will be stripped of your power and will never have the royal crown. You helped with a coup in my nation, and the whole world will know it. Another arrogant pharaoh, and you will fall. Here’s the interesting part. You are your own mother’s murderer. So people think because we were just talking about this right before, people think because, that he’s already said he’s been proclaimed king, that well, that probably didn’t come to pass because he’s already king, where he hadn’t had a correlation yet. And that is when he is designated, which is the professional day or the whatever day, the day celebration where he gets the crown. It would be like an election here in the United States, but it’s not until January, where you actually become president of the United States. That’s the exact same scenario. Yeah. His celebration is so many months out. I don’t know how many months it takes, but it’s not right now. Even though he’s been declared king, he hasn’t been officially, just like you said, with an election, hasn’t been officially designated that yet. It’s just he has that name, and again, he has a name. It doesn’t mean anything. But then one of the things that the Lord had given me was about probably about Big Ben. He said, watch Big Ben. He’s given me a couple of different ones about Big Ben. Well, the day before the Queen died, okay, the day before the Queen died, God had given me prophecies about Big Ben. It was vandalized. Big Ben was vandalized. He also had now watched Big Ben because God said something is going to happen to that. And he says, as you see the destruction of this, he said, that is a destruction in the fall of Prince Charles. So there’s going to be a lot going to be revealed about Prince Charles. And all the royal family guys have been talking about they’ve been hiding things. And so we’re going to start to see that more and more. Then he also gave me a prophetic word and he said about London Bridge. Now, apparently, and I had no idea again, this is several months ago, I had no idea that London Bridge has fallen is the key phrase for the Queen dying. Somebody told me that when I had that prophecy for instance, there’s one about Queen falling, and then there was another one about London Bridge. And they said, Julie, you don’t know what that means? I go, no, what does that mean? And they’re like, well, that means the Queens dead ? The words are London bridges falling down. Falling down. And then it goes My fair Lady. Oh, duh. I never thought about that. This is here saying that I was singing the song in my head, my family. You know who the lady is. This is cool. You know who the lady is. It’s the harlot that’s talked about in Revelation, the prostitute that has run the world. This is what God has been showing me. So I want to show you this because this is really cool. So, first off, the United States okay? The US. President bloodlines to England. Do you understand that every single President of the United States have a bloodline to King John of England, every single president except Trump and Martin Van Buren, those are the only yes, you can Google this yourself, people, please do. A high school student actually put this together, and then it’s been verified over and over and over again. Every single president has a bloodline to King John of England. Wow. So you have to understand the power of what this is. And then the next slide here, I’ve had this on my PDF slide presentation for, I think a year or two now, like a long time. But this face, he talks about the follow the harlot, revelation 17, okay? And so I saw a woman, a harlot, sitting on a scarlet beast that has full of blasphemous names. And it had seven heads. The seven heads. Lance Walnut, who does a tour with us, right? He talks about the seven hills. That’s basically in the nutshell. The church, the family, education, government, entertainment, media, all controlled through what? The finances. So those are the seven hills. So the harlot riding this beast of seven hills just got destroyed. We’re about to see the fall of the harlot. So we’re going to see the collapse with control of humanity through churches, families about to be rebirth. The financial system, this goes into your prophetic word. A new financial system backed by gold. We’re going to see the education system change, the government change, entertainment, media, everything as you know it is about to flip on its head. Just like Christ walk in the temple and flip the tables on the who the money changers because he knew that they were the root cause they love the money and they were the root of all evil for the next 20 years. And so the bloodlines to the king all the way back to England show a clear illustration of how England has secretly controlled the United States. People can do these are factual things and even through the money system, you can do the research and you can find out that your taxes go back to England. Okay? Yes. This is what’s been going on for generations. So we’ve been paying back a debt to England. The United States is a bankrupt corporation. I have no idea in the world I really thought with American Revolutionary War we got away from Great Britain. I had no idea that I did not have a quote. So that’s why the Lord’s been speaking to you about England so repetitively, because a lot follow the harlot. The harlot is running the beast. And we have your melkie goes into what you talk to that pyramid, right. And how they control it through the money. And then the back of the dollar bill, there’s an all seeing eye go look at it, right? That’s the gate to help. That’s their gate to help. The top of that pyramid was theQueen. What? Yeah, that’s all seeing. That’s their pyramid system that they run across the world. So we just saw the Queen fall and that God is not going to let the king this fake, this next King Charles step in. These people are finished. So we’re about to see fulfillment of your prophecies. Last week you actually said you talked about the fall of Babylon. That was your prophetic word. Yeah, that was a word. And I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I’ve been talking about. Babylon, revelation 18. Babylon. Babylon, the greatest fallen, for she has become a dwelling place for demons. Yes. And there is a prophetic word I have up right now. It was, I think in June 16, it said the Queen has fallen. This phrase will be in the news. Well, London Bridge has fallen. Because again, it goes along with that prophetic word about the Queen has fallen. So I had these prophetic words a long time before she was even sick or was mentioned. I mean, she looked like she was a sprite old woman. And again, we’re not like rejoicing over somebody dying. I mean, I don’t know this person personally, but the fact that the Lord has been prophesying and saying this was going to happen and then he revealed what’s been going on with Prince Charles. So just because of King Charles, I say Prince Charles, but whatever is going on, he is going to reveal, because there is a lot of nasty things that have been going on and they let Prince Andrew fall for a lot of things, so they could hide Prince Charles, but all this stuff is going to come out because he‘s just another part of the One World Government. He’s also the part and I’m telling you in my spirit, I know he’s part of that old Epstein and all that kind of stuff. He’s part of the stuff with the children. So there is a lot of stuff we’re going to find out and we haven’t found all of it out yet, but we will soon. And this is an indication of them falling. It really, truly is an indication of everything that they have is falling. And again, the Queen has fallen. That was all over yesterday, like over Twitter and all his news feeds and stuff. It was, the Queen has fallen, the Queen has fallen, because God, that’s what God said, even said with the Queen, it’s not how it seems. A whistleblower will come out with proof that can’t be denied and people will pay for what they have been hidden. And that was another prophecy that I had regarding the Queen on June 2. And this was called, Your enemies are not Invincible. So again, there are tons of them. London Bridge will be in your news. Again, this is also not an accident or coincidence that they’re making it out to me, of course, just a woman who just dies out of nowhere. And this was a prophecy that I had, I think was sometime last year. So, I mean, again, over and over and over again. Watch Big Ben. Watch. More coming out about Buckingham Palace. God even usde that for the word Buckingham this week. Watch what’s going on over there. This is just the beginning. It’s like the prophetic word, right? Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, right? So here’s something to really take notice of, right? That family has what kind of bloodline, the royal bloodline? Are we not all created equal, Julie? Why would that be the royal bloodline? Maybe Satanic bloodline might be better, right? But they hide, they twist the words and everything, just like patriarch. Nothing patriot about it. Their bloodline, nothing royal about their bloodline, you have to understand. So this bloodline goes all the way back to the people that killed Christ in Israel. It’s the same bloodlines. And then that could be construed right down to the word we use the word deep state or Big brother. So this is what’s happening. So we’re at a point in time where we’re going to see your prophecies being fulfilled about the Red Sea, because what happened with Pharaoh in a single day, in a single day, and I’m going to keep repeating that, because in a single day I’ll read Revelation 18, verse eight, her, meaning the Harley plagues will come. In a what single day. The kings of the earth will weep and wail. People were about to see that there are a lot of changes that just gave me prophetic words this morning called the reversals are coming, reversals about to come, or something along those lines, because I’ve done so much in the last couple of days. But talking about reversals, and we are going to see reversals, we are going to see a changing in this country. We are going to see our freedoms back. And people say, well, it’s not time for that yet. It is time because it’s time for the Great Harvest of Souls. It’s time for us to be the light in the world that God always intended us to be, to bring more people into the body of Christ, because that is the heart of God. That is the whole point of all these prophecies, is to really get God’s people paying attention to what God is saying and not paying attention to what’s going on in the world because he says, things are not always as they seem to me. I showed up a prophecy fulfillment video this morning. Took me 40 over 40 minutes and I wasn’t even done. I could have done so many more because they’re happening back to back to back to back. The process has to happen every day because we’re in that time of fulfillment, they’re coming to pass as fast as we’re hearing them. God does nothing before speaking through his servants, the prophets. He stated that. So therefore he must speak through his prophets and then prophecies get fulfilled. It’s scriptural what’s going on right now. So prophecy fulfilled is nothing but scripture, because God’s speaking through his prophets and he can’t do it without first speaking through the servants, the prophets. However, there’s that last magic chess move, and that one is a secret. And that’s what I’ve been told that as well, too, by one of the prophets, Lois Sharp. But basically, the final chest move that God’s about to do on these people is a secret because no one is supposed to know how this is supposed to finally come down the pipeline, right? God’s setting up, like you said, he’s playing chess, they’re playing checkers, but he’s setting up all the pieces he is on. He works on a higher point than anybody does. And so because he’s setting up all the pieces right now and he’s coming in for checkmate, he’s about to destroy these people. And then we’re going to see Revelation 18, verse eight, be fulfilled and the kings of the earth will weep and howl, and this will all go down in a single day. I want to kind of give you some math on when this could happen, because this is kind of freaky. And I think when I show you this, you’re going to go, what? Check this out. Because this is kind of awesome. So Daniel’s timeline is 1250 days. It’s right here. Okay? So you can Google that, but that’s all true. Trump gets elected right here. He gets elected on November 8, 2016. 1260 days forward, oil goes to zero. I knew something was going to happen on that day, because that was exactly a Daniel cycle. And look what happened. Boom. Oil crashed. This exactly happened straight down. We were watching it happen on that day. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But then when you watch oil go to zero, to negative $38 a barrel, that was a historic moment in time. God, recently, that was a marker in time. So a marker in time. This is awesome because you run 888 days from April 2022. This is crazy. 888 days takes up to September 25. That’s rash, hashana, that’s Rashawna two weeks from now,

at the end of shamita. And anytime there’s an end of a shamita, watch out. Yes, shamita is at 24th. So look at this. Childbirth. You’ve stated a new birth, a new era, a new something. Right? Okay. So I initially thought the birth was going to using God’s calendar was September of last year, 2021. I went back and I got to know, you got it wrong. Go use man’s calendar. Right? So I did man’s calendar. I did it yesterday. So January 1, child birth, full term, julie is how long exactly? The actual week is 38 weeks. 38 weeks of September 24. A little 29, the last day of the 50th year, which correlates perfectly with Leviticus. Thou shalt consecrate the 50th year and proclaim livery fucking land into all of its inhabitants. So we are at I don’t know what to tell you. Something crazy is about to happen here. So we’re waiting for this new birth that also correlates with the word given to Lois Vogel Sharp about Hagai, too. The 24th day of the 9th month of the second year of Darius is September 24. So all of this is pointing to something about to blow. And then also, lastly, this is what God gave me three years ago, was this cycle here on the stock market, saying that it’s a four to one cycle. And all this pointing to September right here. This month, a huge market collapse is supposed to happen. This was given to me three years ago. And all I know is that you’ve stated as well, too, about a market collapse or crash that’s about to happen here. And watch it, because I do believe it could happen at the end of this month or really close to it. Now, I’m not that goes by dates and stuff, but I do go by the Lord’s calendar. And I do go by the Lord’s feast dates. And when you have an end of a shamita at the end of a shamita was 2008, and we had a big, huge market crash at that time.

911 was a shamita. Yes, it was. It was an average scheme to so again, there was a lot going on. And even this morning, I actually, right before I got on, I had to have lots of prayer team get on because I just had this Heaviness all over me, and I knew something was wrong. And we had to pray immediately. We started praying over President Trump. We started praying all this nation. We started praying because Lord was revealing things that the enemy was trying to do. And that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to be willing and obedient. Whenever he says a prayer, get ready to pray because God’s saying it’s going to shake before all this outbreaks lose. So even though all this stuff is going to be good, that’s going to happen. They’re supposed to be bad. It’s going to happen first. And that’s what’s going to state is going to try to use it. The United States must die. I repeat that old one. It must die so a new can be born. You’re not going to have a birth of a new unless you have that’s the point of baptism. That’s the point of baptism. That’s why Lazarus was in the tomb for four days only. Why did it take? Because Lazarus rise. And why did you read John, right? It was because the world might see my glory. What’s waiting for his glory. Now, this one actually a viewer of mine actually shared this with me. I think you’re going to really enjoy this, but I don’t know if you ever heard of Azusa Street revival. Yes, I have. I love hearing about Azusa Street. Okay, so check this out. Azusa street revival was the most intense pentecostal movement that has ever hit the world since the apostles. Okay? This is all factual. This all happened because you brought up the word earthquake. And I want to tell you a couple of points, huge, important points. So the leader of this was William Seymour, and this is what his prophetic word was. In 100 years, God will pour out his spirit like the days of Azusa, but greater. So this is what everybody’s been missing, because the revival, it started when was it here? It ended roughly 1915. So everyone’s like, well, 15 years would have been 2015, but this is what they’re missing. This is what the viewer actually sent me. Seymour died September 28, 1922. Wow. 100 years is in like a week and ten days from now, it’s right after the new year, god’s new year. So we’re about to see a historic spiritual uprising an Azusa Street revival. That’s multiple times of what a AZUSA was, because God’s spirit is about to be just immensely powered down upon this Earth. And then right after the Azusa Street revival, it was like a week later, there’s a 7.9 earthquake in San Francisco, one of the largest earthquakes that’s ever hit the US. Wow. And God’s been talking about earthquakes. He’s been talking about tsunamis, he’s been talking about hurricanes, he’s been talking about all these different things. And I’m telling the street was very powerful. And that goes along with Hagi, chapter two. And it says the former reign is greater or that latter reign is greater than the former. Excuse me. So all I know is what the Lord has been telling me about this year. She said the Greater Exodus is going to happen in the year of 2022. So I don’t know exactly what day it’s going to happen in 2022. I just know we’re getting closer to it because we’re getting closer to the end of this year. And God is saying there’s going to be a rebirth. There is going to be the Greater Exodus, there is going to be retroactive restoration. There is going to be of course a market crash. So there’s going to be a beginning of a new market. Things are going to change. And he said so much. It’s going to be hard for people to believe what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing, what they’re feeling. But there are five physical senses aren’t going to believe how fast all these things change. Just like I’m sure the people of Israel, when they were standing in front of the Red Sea and watching it part, they’re probably like, I can’t believe my eyes right now that this is actually happening. It’s not a natural thing, but God is the super above the natural because he is the guy to who’s nothing is impossible. He can do all these things, and it’s impossible for our thinking, it’s possible for our ability. But he is a God to whom is nothing is impossible for Him. So it doesn’t matter how far this has gone. It doesn’t matter how bad this has been. God is saying it’s his timing, it’s his time clock. It is his seasons. It is his time for his Greater Exodus. It is our time to receive. It is our time to get excited. But if you see something, if you see a great silence, if you see the Internet go down, if you see blackouts Johnson talks about blackouts, and all of a sudden blackouts are happening everywhere. Blackouts are just blackouts happen in Ukraine this morning. Blackouts happen in California. All of you are sending me all this stuff because God has been warning about it, warning about blackouts, whether it happens worldwide, I don’t know. All I’m just saying is be prepared for a little bit of this for a short time, a very short time, just like God said, just like with Israel, a very short time. They’re in ghosts with the angel of Death. It’s not going to last very long. But do not get into fear and do not worry about what’s happening because God’s got it absolutely. And let’s finish with this here. So I wanted to share the screen with you and I think you’re going to really appreciate this. Let’s talk about what Rash Hashana really is. I put this PDF together because this is incredible when you start digging into Rash Hashana and the feasts. So Rash Hashanah is a feast of trumpets, right? It’s the first day of everything like creation. It was day one, day one. It was the birth of Jesus. That was the day Jesus was born. It was the birth of Noah. Noah saw the ground dry. It was the birth of a new world. It was the birth of Abraham, it was the birth of Jacob. It was the day that Joseph went from the pits to the palace. It’s a new beginning. It’s a new birth. It is a new era. So all I know is that God is in charge. We’re just trying to put the pieces together. We’re listening to the prophets, Julie. And we thank you, Julie, for everything you do. Your words are truly incredible and just give us all hope. And I hope this video puts a lot of pieces together for people and really shows them the importance of the Feast dates of what’s about to happen here, why September could be extremely important for the world, why the death, not to celebrate, but just why? The death of the Queen is a critical marker of time and it directly relates to the time of Daniel and the prophecies of old of King Cyrus and how this all comes together. So anyways, Julie, any last words? And otherwise thank you and God bless you and your family. Finish with a quick prayer and any last words? Henley I just want to praise and thank you that you are giving us this revelation knowledge in this fresh manna from heaven, all these prophetic words, Father God, and we want to praise and thank you. We do not take it for granted. We want to thank you for your grace and thank you for your mercy. And I do lift up those people in the royal family, Father God, because not everybody is evil. I lift them up in this time, Father God. And you know what? If they don’t know you, I pray that they are send neighbors into the path that they become born again, that they repent, that they turn from their wicked ways, Father God, and they come into the kingdom of God in Jesus name. We thank you, Father God. You know you will. And no man perish. So we lift up those people right now, they turn from what is going on in that area, Heavenly Father, they stop what they’re doing and they repent. And we thank you, Heavenly Father, as all this shaking, as all this goes on, we thank you that you have a hedge of protection around us. We are protected by the blood of Jesus. We’re protected by that name. We have the victory you promise of deliverance. And we thank you for deliverance. We thank you for this Great Exodus and we thank you for encouraging us and being our heavenly Father. In Jesus name, amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you, Julie. God bless again you, your family. Thank you for being here. And I hope the viewers really enjoyed this. So thank you for everything. Have a fantastic day, everybody.


Prince Charles “You helped with a coup in MY nation, and the whole world will know it. Another arrogant pharaoh, and you will fall. Here’s the interesting part. You are your own mother’s murderer”

True. Royal family plotted with Je Jin Ping to take down populist Donald Trump way back in 2015. Elizabeth II read out a speech to this effect at some great dinner. Prince Charles is a sort of Hunter Biden globe trotter and seems to have had serious input to the coup. Of course a British spy helped, Anthony Steele, producing the fake Trump dossier costing 10 million dollars.

Meeting in China to stop Donald Trump includes Mark Zuckerberg. Head of the CIA, former prime ministers, bankers. Jack Ma,

A taste of How British Banks literally made war on America and still do. They tried to invade up the Mississippi river to cut America in half in 1814.But lost a key battle. Came back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve and income tax and WW1.

Opens in new tab. from Info Wars. Wonderful Lectrue

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Searchable transcript for the serious

Good morning, everybody. Today is Monday, July 2022. I know you probably didn’t think you were going to see me again today because I already pre recorded a video for this morning I did last Thursday. But I heard one of the most powerful words that I have heard thus far. All of them have been powerful, but this one is to a different level. I am traveling home tomorrow, and I didn’t want to wait to prerecord this. I wanted to get it out to you right away.

It is called One Government will Fall and Another one will Replace Them. I heard this word, July 23, just a couple of days ago. I will warn you, when I heard it, I cried. And every time I read it, I cried.

This one is imperative for all of us to really get down in our hearts that we are his chosen people. We are the remnant of this very day and this very hour. And God has chosen us to rise above everything that has been attacking each and every one of us all of our lives, especially in these last couple of years. There is nothing impossible for our God. And as I read this word, you can hear the compassion of our Father and what we’re going to experience for the next couple of months and what he is going to do before the end of the year. Again, that’s what it’s called. One Government will fall and another one will replace them.

For I the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to start taking authority over every situation in your lives. So taking authority over the situations in your cities. So taking authority over the situations in your nations. Lord, how do we do that? Some of you may be asking. My children. I have given you my name. I’ve given you my written word. I have given you the armor you needed for this battle and every battle. Get in my presence and I will let you know who you are with me. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. You are not weak. You are not without. Know I have left you with everything you need to defeat your enemy. Anyone he chooses to use, they’re all losers. And they will go down as losers for all eternity. You think it was harsh what I did against Pharaoh and all of his men regarding the Red Sea? What I’m about to do to these world leaders is much bigger than that. Oh, yes. When I am done, everyone will know that I am still the Most High God. And there will be no denying that. Oh, yes, Satan will lie and deceive people, but their blinders are removed, so they will be able to choose what report they believe. My children, things are changing. Things will continue to intensify. Things will occur that will bring shock to most of this world. Interruption is about to take place. But the world has never seen quite like this before. Staggering information is about to be released that will cause an uproar in this nation O United States. One government will fall. Another one is coming to replace them. The government that I have chosen for such a time as this is coming like a freight train to destroy the power of a fake and fraudulent government, says the Lord of Hosts. Chaos will consume some people with fear because of what is going on in this world. A civil war. It will appear like and try to break out, but it will come to nothing, because their power is nothing. For I am the great. I AM, and there is none like me and your enemies. Plans are coming down now, so keep on shouting them down. My children. It’s working. And it will start to speed up in these days. Cry a mighty war cry and watch all these things against you start to turn, shift and turn around will begin. Miracles will start to happen. My blessing will begin to manifest more and more in your lives. My blessing is an empowerment that causes you to rise above everything that would try to hold you down. Remember my words. The principalities in the air over you have been defeated. There is less interference now. So pray like never before. Believe like never before. I am here for you, and your lives are about to change in ways you never thought possible. These are the days you’ve been waiting for. So brace yourselves for what is about to take place that you could never have imagined.

Donald Trump. My son, do not doubt me and do not doubt what I will do for you. I’ll protect whom you love, and I’ll protect this nation from what you are being told is possible. And it could be the worst case scenarios. This will not happen. I will not allow your enemies to go that far. I know it’s hard to imagine less casualties in a situation like this, but I have done this in my ward before. My son. Go to Second Chronicles 20 in my written word and read what I did for my people. The enemies fought each other, and none on my side were lost. This is possible. Get in prayer with me. Surround yourselves with people who can pray with authority, who will lead you in the right direction. Donald, you have had people surrounding you who have purposely given you bad advice. Some know they are sent there to sabotage you. I will reveal the ones who are left. I will tell you who to have near you during this time. My son, it’s go time. So go, and I will be with you. I will be with this nation. You are a part of the new United States. I have called you here for this moment. I promise you, my son, I will not fail you. And I will not fail this Nation.

I love you beyond what you could have imagined. Everything stolen, everything lost. You are about to get back in multiplication my son, beyond your wildest dreams. I will restore and give back more. I will shield your family, and no one will touch them. I have my angel army surrounding you and your family in this time. So go and do what I have called you to do. And I will be with you my son. Thank you for your sacrifice. And thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not backing down and thank you for trusting me in despite what you have seen and what your enemies have tried to do to break you, I will break them and all their plans. This is that time. I will give you peace and rest like you’ve never known. When you sleep, I will come to you and tell you what to do. I am here and I will always be here for you my son. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts. My children, your enemies are about to become scatterbrained. Yes, that is what I said. The more you are aligning with me and my words, your enemies will scatter. They’ll become more confused. These are the days of their confusion. These are the days you will see them fall in ways not known to mankind like this. My nation in the United States it’s coming. A takeover, a take back and a restoration and celebration like never before. I told you there will be another inauguration. It is special and you will see why. Oh United States, the walls against you are gone. The people holding you back are themselves being held back. They can’t do what they wanted to do next. My children, listen to my words. It will look darker and more confusing for a short time. Press into my word. There will be a silence when you can’t hear the prophets, but you will always be able to hear me. This blackout is their fall and your victory. So do not fear this time I will bring miracles, my signs, my wonders during this time. This is a time of restoration, healing and refreshing from the effects of the enemy and the damage they have caused against you. Receive from me. Expect more from me like never before. My children. The changing of the guard is about to take place. Get ready for this change. Get ready for the transfer of wealth out of the hands of the wicked. I am giving it to you where it has belonged all along. But I will give it to the ones that I can trust with it and to use to bless the world. You are to separate yourselves from the world and how they act. So do that quickly. Things are shifting now, say the Lord.

Get used to hearing the word unusual in your news. More unusual events will continue to be more common in the next few months. What you know to be normal is gone. In life, as you know it, is about to get so good it will be like a dream. Saeth the Lord.

Jen Psaki is about to be in your news. Oh yes. Great exposures have begun. Thank the Lord.

Adam Schiff is about to be exposed big time. A great fall he will take in front of the world.

The House of Representatives is about to be in the news. A great lie is about to be exposed. The truth is being told and everyone against me will lose their seat they never should have had. I told you before, these are thieves and liars and they are all about to get a hard dose of reality. You don’t prosper when you steal and cheat. They will repay what they have stolen.

Major events are about to take place in Washington DC. And it will never be the same. Saith the Lord.

President Zelensky is about to fall. Oh yes. He’s about to walk away from his powerful position. He can no longer keep it because I am removing him myself. Sayeth The Lord.

Battlefield, this word will be in your news.

All eyes are about to be on Pennsylvania. A major eruption is about to take place. A liar has been caught red handed and is about to shake that state. Pennsylvania. Do not fear. I am here and your enemies will no longer hold your state hostage from the freedom that I have intended to take place in your state. A turnaround is about to take place and you don’t have to wait until the midterms Sayeth The Lord.

Ezekiel, this name will be in your news.

The clock known as Big Ben will be in the headlines. I told you this will be a sign that what the royals have hidden can’t stay that way.

I will say this again. The Statue of Liberty will be in your news. And not in a good way. The monuments and their symbolism is about to fall all over the place. Sayeth Lord.

Something significant is about to take place in New York. Get ready. My time for change is coming like you wouldn’t expect it to change in these ways. Watch more leaders resign and watch some of them will die. This is a time for change in nations around the world. Start to celebrate. My children, you’re about to see me do things for you I have never done before like this in the world. You have been all been hand picked for this great Exodus. So receive what the Lord has already done. My glory shall fill your homes like never before. Yes, changes are coming. Ones you didn’t expect. Because I am the God of surprises and I’m about to surprise the world, saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

Julie commentary And as you can see, why I cried for most of this word, because it is powerful. We have been waiting for a restoration in this nation. We have been waiting for something to change and that change is coming. But until we see it fully, God is saying this to you and I right now. We do have to walk by faith and not by sight. We do have to know who we are in Christ Jesus. We need to get more in His Word so we have that faith. And I’m not crying because it’s bad, believe you me, it’s not a bad cry. I am crying because of what God is about to do for us and how awesome it’s going to be. This is a good thing. These are tears of joy, not tears of sorrow. When you hear these prophetic words in this manner he’s been giving to us every day, it’s awesome knowing, well, right at the end, everything is about to turn around. Everything is about to change the way God has said it for so long. Don’t give up now. He said things are going to get darker. But he said for a short time, it could be a couple of weeks, it could be a day or two, I don’t know. It could be a month. But he did not put you here to abandon you. He put you here because you’re special. And you’ve been hand picked by God Almighty to see something that he has never done ever before, not like this. So if you are about to give up on God, don’t cry out to Him like never before. He promises he’s not going to leave you, but he also promises that he will deliver every person out of every situation. Prophecies he gave me this morning will explain more. I’ll give those to you when I get back home. Just trust in the goodness of Almighty God. He’s bringing our rightful President back. He’s bringing our nation back to a nation that we haven’t seen like this before because we’ve been under such oppression. It’s such a type of slavery, we didn’t even know we were under. We thought this was just a normal natural life. And God is saying, this life is going to be so great for this great time that we’re living in, this great Exodus, the great harvest of souls.

So it’s not time to leave yet. It says, time for us to take what Jesus has paid for us in this earth and taking back our authority as children of the Most High God and taking it back from the hands of the wicked. These people are going down, no matter what it looks like, no matter what they’re going to do in the next couple of weeks, no matter what happens, no matter what they say, no matter what they threaten the world with, no matter what they do remember. But God, he is bigger, he is more powerful, and he will not let them go as far as they want to go. Remember this, he will not let them go as far as they want to go. He is doing something, and it is his will that will be done. On this earth and only God’s will. And I want to pray over each and every one of you, but I want you all to pray over your nation as I’m praying with you. No matter if you live in the United States or no matter what country it is. God is delivering your nation from the hands of the wicked. He’s delivering us from this one world government. He’s delivering us from all these one world leaders. And all their plans that they had for us in this year and what they were going to do, it will not be ushered in. God is going to stop them. His hand is bigger. His power is more than they could ever dream of, they could ever have. They could never have the power of Almighty God. Pharaoh found that out, and they are going to find it out. So, Heavenly Father, right now, in Jesus name, I just looked up every person that is watching this. Father God, how do we thank you for this powerful prophetic word? I know this word is changing people’s hearts and lives as they hear them. Father, thank you for your love and thank you for your goodness. Thank you for what you are doing for us in this nation and the nations around the world. I thank You, Father God, that we come in agreement with this prophetic word. We come in agreement that you are bringing each and every one of them down. I thank you, Father God. They are coming down. They’re coming down right now. We pull down their power. We pull down every person in those positions that have no right to be in our House of Representatives, that don’t have a right to be in our Senate, that don’t have a right to be in our White House or in that government. I thank you, Father God. They are all coming down right now in the name of Jesus. And I thank you, Father God, for the rightful government and the rightful President as they come back. We thank you for the warring angels, for protecting them. They’re guarding angels, protecting them. I plead the blood of Jesus over them. For the blood of Jesus over all the military and all the decisions that they’re having to make right now to take back our country to the countries around the world. I thank you. Father God. Right now in Jesus name. As all these things are shaking. Your children will not shake. But your children will be movable. That they will grow and strengthen you in the time of the Passover. Father God, this is not the Passover, but this is a symbol of a Passover, because you are going to pass us over all these things or judgments are going to go on. Our enemies are going to pass over us all. The angel of death that’s going through our enemies is going to pass over us. I thank You, Father God, because we had the blood of Jesus and nothing, nothing our enemies wanted to do to us this year, it will not happen. By the blood of Jesus, we are calling down every plot, every plan, and every scheme of the enemy. You will not prosper against the children of the Most High God. You will not prosper against our rightful president and anybody who’s with him. You will not prosper against our military. You will not prosper against this country. You will not prosper against the children, the Most High God, everywhere they live in, no matter what nation they live in. I thank You, Father God, that we are seeing revival, that we are going to see your glory fall like never before. I thank You, Father God, that we’re taking back these positions, we’re taking back our authority, we’re taking back our countries, we’re taking back our freedoms. And I thank you that there is this. It is growing around the world. And I thank You, Father God, that you are bringing us to a new level of authority, a new level to live with you. And I want to praise and thank you for the joy of the Lord to touch each and every one of them right now in Jesus name, the peace that passes our understanding. I thank you, and I praise You, Father God, that no up and formed against us shall prosper. And we praise you for these words. We thank you for these words, Father God, that we hold on to, that we are getting a revelation of all these words, it is rising up inside of us. And that we will roar when we speak Your words. And it’s like the line of the tribe of Judah speaking through our mouths. And I thank you that all hell quiver at the sound of these words. I thank you that their plans are destroyed by the sound of these words, that their walls are crumbling down by the sound of these words. And I thank you for it right now, by the blood of Jesus, that we know who we are, that we have our God inside minded, that we know that the greater one lives on the inside of us, and we will not back down. We will not quit. We will never give up and we will never shut up, and we will never give in. We are taking back what’s rightfully ours, and we thank you for that right now, Father God, we thank you for your love and we thank you for our deliverance. We thank you for delivering the nations, for delivering our countries and our freedoms and our children from the hands of the wicked. And we pray the blood of Jesus over all those children that are being released right now out of those sex trafficking rings. Father God. I know it’s happening. I can feel it in my spirit. I play the blood of Jesus over there. Satan meant to destroy them by thank you for their God you’re restoring their soul and you’re restoring a life to them and they never thought they could live. In Jesus name, amen and amen. So I know this is on a different level today and I did warn you beforehand, it is, it’s happening. What we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner and I know some of you have gotten really downtrodden and you’ve been really stressed out and frustrated and upset, thinking nothing is going on, but got to say no, you’re going to see me, just hold on. I’m your Dad and I can be trusted. That’s what he is saying to us right now. So, again, I’m going to remind each and every one of you, I will not be on tomorrow, okay? I am flying back home. So God bless you. You guys know how much I love you. I’m sorry, Paul, for crying today, but it’s just the joy of the Lord and just the compassion I feel in my heart for each and every one of you in this country and all of you around the world. I can just feel his love for you and just know not only that, he loves you, I love you. The whole team loves you. And I’ll be back on Wednesday morning. I’ll be back with another powerful prophetic word and I’m also going to be on with his glory with Pastor David Scarlett at 1130. So I will see you guys on Wednesday morning. So God bless you all and just have a really wonderful and fantastic day, God bless.

After word

Certainly hard not to cry going thru this transcript. The old Wet keyboard trick. And its much about Donald Trump having Gnostic dreams and thus will likely receive an internal mentoring voice and that will be kept quiet to not give enemies an opening. Donald is getting some needed help about choosing allies which is so difficult in the Washington swamp full of chameleons. And the pattern of world leaders being removed and dying will give even militant atheists pause for thought.

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