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Julie Green transcript TULSI GABBARD PROPHECY FULFILLED Oct 12  22

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Good morning, everybody. As you can see, it is Wednesday, October 1222. Now, this is a short live stream that I wanted to do very quickly for you regarding a prophecy that was fulfilled. Now, it’s easier for me to do a live stream because I want to be able to share my screen with the prophecy, the date of the prophecy, and also the article. And I’m going to share the videos. And there’s several videos all over the Internet right now. It’s going viral. But what happened with Tulsi Gabbard ?

Now, I would have done this yesterday, but my son had a procedure done, and I needed to be a Mom yesterday, and I needed to take care of him. So that’s the reason why you were seeing this today, in that yesterday, I was so itching to get this to you yesterday, because this is a huge prophecy that has been fulfilled. The first prophecy that I’m going to show you about Tulsi Gabbard was back in February this year. There were two prophecies regarding her specific name and that she was going to leave the Democratic Party. Now, I want to share my screen with you. That’s the article, but I want to share you the prophecy first. All right? So I’m going to go up here. I’m going to show you the date. Maybe this is the March 1. I’m sorry. Let me show you the February 1, because obviously February is before March. And let me zoom in a little bit here. I can zoom in a little bit more. There we go. Now, as you can see, the date is February 27. Things are about to change all over this Earth. Now, remember, God has been talking to us about change over and over. He’s been saying that word repeatedly to get us to know that things are changing all over this world. So February 27 of 2022. Now, go back. I’m going to go down here, and I’m going to show you. This is a long prophecy, as you can see. All right, watch. News will break out about Tulsi Gabbard. She is changing sides from blue to red. She has seen what is going on and cannot stand for what they stand for. So she cannot stand by and be in the Democratic Party because of her realizing what they’re standing for. Look what happened yesterday. I’m going to show you guys this, but look at this again. I’m going to share this with you. She has seen what is going on and cannot stand for what they stand for. Yes, Tulsi is not one of them. Watch, my children. As more switched sides, more will suddenly retire and step down. They know they will not win this time. The Democratic Party as you know it and see it now, will be no more. So as soon as you see Tulsi Gabbard and her leaving the Democratic Party, then God is showing you what is going to happen after that. Fact. Now let me open up the next 1. March 13 so we mentioned her name twice in less than a month. Your enemies plans are falling apart. Not that prophetic word. Let me go down to that part about Tulsi again. Sorry, this thing can be slow sometimes. All right, I’m going. Oh, I must have on hold on a minute. When I moved it over here, it must have stopped when I highlighted it.

Okay, where did it go? Hold on a second. Let me open this one back up. As you can see, I’m going to go under Tulsi under our prophecy fulfilled. So it’s good to show you how this works. It’s really easy now, I’ve already read that one. Now I’m going to open up this one. Now, I knew I had it on the right one, so hold on. I must have just kept passing it. Okay, hang on. There it is. So let me highlight it for you to show you exactly how our website works. Continue to watch Tulsi Gabbard. In her words, the tide is turning and more people from the left will go to the right.

My children, I know you are asking, Lord, how can we trust anyone from that side? My children, watch

Some have an honest change of heart and not everyone has sold their soul to the devil.

Alright, now we’re going to see what she had come out and said yesterday because she really came out against the Democratic Party. Now, let me zoom this in for you. I wish I had a professional do these for me, but I don’t. You guys have to bear with me. I’m not good at all this stuff, so I do my best. So I’m thanking you for bearing with me here. Zooming in a little bit more than that. All right. Holste again, this is from the Guardian. Now, I’m also going to have in this link, in the description box I’m gonna have for you, Fox News. It is all over the place. I mean, it is all over them sharing the video because she made an actual video herself. And if you guys have that video, I had it and I don’t know where it went if I find it, because this is how I found out the prospect was fulfilled. So if I find that video, then I’m going to share it. Also in that link below, but I have a one from Fox. It was Tucker Carlson shared it. All right. Tulsi Gabbard quit democratic Party attacking the elitist cabal of war mongers. She said this and I want to read to you what she said. Now, the former Congresswoman in 2020 presidential hopeful says party is dominated by those listen to this cowardly Wokeness, she’s talking about God’s in this prophetic word that she was going to say. Why? So listen to this. The former congresswoman and 2020 president hopeful Tulsa Gabber has announced departure from the Democratic party, calling them the elitist cabal of war mongers in a video announced posted on Twitter, I don’t have Twitter as long as that besides me. She said, I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stroking or stoking anti white racism. This is her saying this. She’s part of the Democratic Party. And now she’s saying she left the Democratic Party because of the wokeness and where the Democrats have been. So of course, it goes on and on and on. And I’m not going to read all this. I just want to show you what she said. Now, if you have not seen that video, it was powerful video of what all she said against the elitists that have now controlled the Democratic Party. So again, I want to go back, continue to watch Tulsi Gabbard and her words. The tightest turning and more people from the left will go to the right. My children, I know you are asking, Lord, how can we trust anyone from that side? My children, some will have an honest change of heart and not everyone has sold their soul to the devil. Now, I want to read the other one again, watch news will break out about Tulsa Gabbard. She’s changing sides from blue to red. She has seen what’s going on and cannot stand for what they stand for. She just came out and said they were standing for white racism. Let me go back to that again. They’re racializing every issue in stoking antiwhite racism. This is what she said. God said watch her words. And then she was going to turn and remove herself from the Democratic Party. And that’s what exactly what happened yesterday. And again, all the proxies are going to be in the description box below. I already have them in there for you along with a video from Tucker Carlson. Now, I will show you the video I have up that I have saved and it says it’s called I’m out of here. Tulsi tells Tucker why she’s leaving the dems. So I do have that video up in the description box for you. Now, again, the reason why this is so important is because God does give us an easy for the news. He gave it that first prophetic word on February 27 regarding Tulsi Gabbard and then he gave the second one in March. Let me go back to see what date that was. Just to clarify. I want to see what date that is. So hold on a second. March 13. So February 27 and then another one in March 13. And he actually named her name and said she was leaving the Democratic Party and watched her words. She came out, I mean, blasting the Democratic Party, what they stand for, what they are doing, and what they are trying to cause in the world today. God gives us the news before the news. And I was excited to give it to you. Again, I cannot give it to you yesterday like I normally would have with this huge breaking news report because I had to be a Mom and take care of my son from a procedure he had on his back yesterday. So I just want to share all that with you, that God is changing everything. Now, I want to say this again. Now, when you see a prophecy being fulfilled, and I always look to the title of the prophecy, so the one on March 13 was your enemy’s plans are falling apart. God has been talking about that a lot lately, about how enemies plans are falling apart. And then things are about to change all over this earth. And again, he’s talking about the changes all over this earth and he’s mentioned that more and more. So as we see these prophecies being fulfilled. I really do hope that I encourage you today that God does give us prophecy and he gives us detailed prophecy and those prophecies are being fulfilled all the time. Now I am going to do another prophecy fulfilled video here for you. I don’t know if I’ll do it this week or I will do it next week because I’m going to start pre-recording videos. I’m going to be gone Friday. So I’ll pre record video tomorrow. I’ll pre-record tomorrow’s video along with Fridays. I’ll be back over the weekend and then I’m leaving again on Wednesday for the Reawaken America tour. So I’ll make sure that I have all those proxies and the prostate fulfilled for you. I’ll do those videos. I’m going to do the best that I can to get as many as I can. You guys know that while I’m gone, it’s so important because I have so many proxies to give to you that I’ve not been able to give out yet. So give me time. I will do that for you because I want you to be encouraged. I want you to know what God is saying. I want you to see what he is doing for each and every one of us and how his words are coming to pass and our God really, truly is absolutely good. So again, this is today’s date. Now hold on a minute. I want you guys to see. Here we go. I want to move my clock so you guys can see this. It’s 612 Am on October 12 of 2022. So I want to prove that I just noticed my name was in front of the camera or in front of the cameras view of the clock. So for all those who say that I don’t get up this early in the morning, yes, I do. I already made a previous video that I just prerecorded before I did this live stream. I think that was before 05:00 in the morning. So those of you that no, I do get up very early to spend time with the Lord and to get these prophecies out to you every day. So again, I hope it’s encouraging you today. Please, like subscribe and share God’s news before the news and the truth that is setting people free. Be encouraged that God is in control. No matter what our enemies are trying to say, what they’re trying to do, their plans are falling apart. Well, God bless each and every one of you. And remember, don’t forget, I will be online with Pastor David Scarlett in his glory. Take five at 1130 this morning. That’s central time. So be encouraged today. Everything is going to be okay. All is well and God is in control. And God always wins. Well, God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Certainly future news predicted almost 1 year in advance in February and twice in March. History of being a member of the 90pc depopulation group World Economic Forum with (Klaus Schwab) and reportedly the globalist CFR. Powerful succinct demolition of deranged Democrat values 3 weeks before the election. Tucker Carlson rejoiced at the clarity of her message. It will certainly push more democrats to swing their allegiance to anything-but-Democrat.

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Julie Green transcript A SHAKEDOWN HAS BEGUN July 11 2022

3 world leaders skids under all 3
Searchable transcript here and note the 3 world leaders pictured being removed from power as predicted. Newly elected Macron has lost his parliamentary majority and is thus a dead duck President. Fellow Globalist Boris Johnson has been forced out of Office and Biden is soon to be disposed of and likely Trudeau will be removed before his death. It goes around the world. Evil globalist removals. Stay tuned.

Today is July 9th so um I had to get this out to you before I went on my family vacation because this word is very profound it’s very important and God is giving us instructions to do, not only for the body of Christ but he’s giving instructions for us to do for our Rightful President, and what we need to do in this time period right now. So I want to read this prophetic word to you it is called A Shakedown has Begun I will try to read it as slowly as I possibly can and so you can understand it.

For I the Lord this day am telling my children the battle has already been won.

See everything in the world today that way see it that way Jesus has already defeated all your enemies, all your enemies and their plans are failing and they’re falling apart, You are on the side of the Lord so what can men do to you nothing so do not fear man when the most high God is your God and you are on his side.

If I the Lord had to separate the Red Sea for you again I would, because nothing is impossible with me, say this my children over and over again Nothing is impossible for our God. Say it until you believe it so that much when adversity comes nothing moves you. Believe it, changes are happening and your enemies are falling, the tide has turned and world leadership is about to change in a way that has never happened before my children don’t limit me with what has happened in the past because I am bigger and I am the same God yesterday today and forever. So never back off when you’re in battle, no matter how big how impossible or how hard it may appear, don’t back off and never back down for your victories are assured because I have paid for your freedoms and defeated all of your enemies.

Something big is on the horizon you didn’t even see coming. Oh Yes great surprises are in store for you my children sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.

Spectacular this word will be in your used a lot in the coming days to describe all the mighty things my hand is doing to change everything you see. Removing people from their positions of power it is over for the enemies of my children. Yes it is finished. Their end is guaranteed and so are their removals Saith the Lord.

A king’s eye this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason it may appear at first, but it’ll be more clear when all is exposed Saith the Lord.

Hair pin this word will be in your use near news your enemies are exhausting all the resources and nothing is happening the way they want it to.

Lord they have oodles of money you would say. They won’t run out !

My children a transfer and a shift of wealth is taking place during this great Exodus they will all lose everything they once had and I mean everything Saith the Lord.

Pray for your prophets my children more than in days past.

Their responsibility in this hour is great. A battle they are fighting to keep my truth coming and destroying the lies of the enemy that once held you in captivity. A shakedown has begun. Things are intensifying and it has increased in the last few days and it will keep intensifying until all has been removed and the great Exodus is Completed.

Prepare your hearts for sudden changes, suddenlies, one right after another.

You are at the final days of this empire existing and holding the world with its power.

Shout out my children the war has been won. Claim your victories now !

A major Propaganda Machine is about to take yet another hit, but this time they will not recover from it.

Disney will fall to new lows. They have been caught in major scandal and the world will no longer let them hide things under the rug or let them continue on their way.

There will be many more companies to follow. The walls of Jericho have started to collapse. Keep singing praises, keep believing my words my children, it’s over for the ones against you Saith the Lord of Hosts. These are the days of politicians to fall by their own sword, and by their own mouth, one after another, they will fall, turning on each other now, more than any other time to save themselves. Watch they will be arrested, watch they will step down. Watch- some will suddenly die.

I told you my children your enemies will fall like pharaoh.

No one stands up against me or my children and wins.

Continue to watch the skies above the White House. Something big is about to be seen.

Listen to your Rightful President. His next words are important my children. He is taking back his power and his rightful place. Pray without ceasing for him Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Long-lasting politicians who have taken over the United States.

Watch their next steps, their next falls will be large.

Things they can’t hide or recover from anymore, like they have in days past.

Truth is destroying their lives the truth is destroying their narrative and their power. They’re falling my children they are falling big time.

Keep it up using my word and my authority your enemies are scared for their existence in their New World order. They see it crumbling. They see everything being decimated. They are shocked you are still fighting for your freedoms.

They believed you would have given up a long time ago but they didn’t count on me keeping you and giving you strength to keep fighting.

Your enemies have noticed something is not right but soon they will see why the great I AM is against them and that is and there is no one bigger than me.

A blast is about to be seen it’s a big one and you will know it when you see it Sayeth the Lord.

Hanky panky this phrase will be used in your news to describe many things your supposed leadership has been doing. He’s a liar, he’s a liar remove him !

These words and these shouts will be loud all over the world. Who you may ask Is the Biden and the one who speaks in his ear ?

One will fall, two will fall, and they all will fall, these are the days of major players falling to their own lies. They are caught in their own traps they set themselves but meant for someone else.

They have so much destruction and now they are receiving what they have sown says the Lord.

A mountaintop will appear to have blown off. I told you my children the earth is travailing for you. uh my children to arise, the earth is revealing for you for my children to arise in my glory, so I rise now together in one accord I am waiting for you my children, more than you are waiting on me. Remember I have already defeated your enemies.

Now is the time for you to put them underneath your feet and stomp.

Keep him from rising above you. Again receive all I have for you now my

children these are glorious days indeed Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie commentary  Now in this word it gives us things to do.

First of all he tells us that we have to be in one accord. A lot of the body of Christ has been divided over certain type of religious traditions they’ve been divided because of man’s doctrines and God is saying to stop all the division stop letting your adversary divide us all the time and we have to be in one accord with being one accord in God’s glory his authority and knowing who we are in Christ Jesus, and he also says that we are supposed to arise he said remember I have already defeated your enemies and that’s something that we all have to have on the inside of us that knowing that God is already defeated he doesn’t have to defeat our enemies again he already has defeated the one that’s behind the enemies that we see today and so he said put our enemies underneath our feet and start stomping we have God’s authority we have the name of Jesus that is above every name. So this is what the instructions we have for today he also said pray for the prophets it’s really important to pray for the prophets right now he said because of what they have what the job they have to do because it is they who are getting out the truth destroying all the lies of the enemy. It is waking up the body of Christ, so right now start praying more for the prophets, but he also said pay attention to the rightful President, we all know who that is. It is President Donald J Trump pay attention to his next words what he’s about to do, and what he’s about to say. He’s about to take back his power in this country you can say Julie how is that going to happen God will do things in unconventional ways, that you would never have thought about anything like this happening. God is not a God we’re going to put him in a box, oh this is going to happen and this has to happen no God will do things the way he wants to do that, and when he wants to do them, but he also uses people to do them, but one of the things that is so important, I had to get this out before I left on my vacation with my family we have to pray for our President without ceasing we need to pray for our military without ceasing there is a job that they have, that they have sacrifices that they’ve had to make sacrifices they continue to make and God is saying to us as a children of Almighty God we need to get up we need to arise awaken right now start doing our due diligence and start praying the way God needs us to pray. Start saying things that he needs us to say because these people in this time right now need our help, because the prayer is the most powerful weapon in the world, that we can use against our enemies of course it’s the name of Jesus and it’s a power of prayer, and especially using the word of God, having faith in the word of God and speaking it out. Our angels are arching diligently to the voice of the Lord thy

God we give God a voice in this world so what we need to do is speak the word of God speak truth speak the name of Jesus pray God will give you the right things to pray how to pray for these people, but I’m going to do it right now, as I close up but I want to go over really quick, really quick this is, a this isn’t bold and this is something we have to know — You are at the final days of this empire existing and holding the world with their power. What empire are we talking about ? The One World Government the cabal, the deep state, it has been their empire that has been controlling the world enslaving the rest of the world and God’s saying its their final days this is the reason why we have to be paying attention to what God is saying. Not what the news is saying, not what things look like, don’t look at the impossible, look at God who is nothing is impossible for him, and I also want to read what he said something big is on the horizon you didn’t even see coming and then no matter how big how impossible or how hard it may seem or appear, don’t back off never back down for your victories  are assured because I have already paid for your freedoms and defeated your enemies and then he also said believe it changes are happening and your enemies are falling, the tide has turned world leadership is about to change in a way that has never happened before, so don’t try to look at the days past of all the things that have happened. God is saying he’s going to change it the way it’s never been changed before and then I’m reading what he said about the prophets again. Pray for the prophets my children. More in days past the responsibility in this hour is great. It battled there fighting to keep my truth coming and destroying the lies of the enemy that once held them captive, and then I want to read about the Rightful President again because I think that’s important for me to go over it really

Quick um let me find it —

“Listen to your rightful president his next words are important. Important my children he is taking back his power and his rightful place. Pray without ceasing for him so things are happening right now behind the scenes that you and I don’t exactly know how things are happening.

So right now I want before I close I want  to pray and have you guys an agreement with me because it is important but one can put one thousand a flight two could put ten thousand to flight and the more we are standing and praying together the more damage we do to our enemies camp and God said the walls of Jericho are already crumbling, so let’s pray that the rest of the walls fall down so heavenly Father right now in Jesus’ name we are obeying this prophetic word as you told us to pray for the prophets and we lift up every single one of them to you right now Father God that they are protected their families are protected they are, their whole teams are protected, we plead the blood of Jesus over them and I find every spirit of the darkness of this world that will try to hinder them that try to harm them they try to stop the mouthpieces that God is using right now as vessels of his in this earth today Satan you will not have your way and I thank you Father God that you are rising up these prophets above every single tool, every single weapon every single plan and plotting scheme of the enemy, and I thank you that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and I thank you Father God that they rise above, stronger now than any other time that they have ever lived and heavenly Father we also lift up our rightful president to you there is important decisions that he has to make right now. This is a pivotal time in our nation, and I pray the blood of Jesus over President Donald J Trump I put the blood of Jesus over his family, I put the blood of Jesus over his entire team, and all the government that is coming back with him every single person Father of God that you have put in his path with him I want to praise and thank you that you are giving them peace that you are giving them wisdom and knowledge understanding that you are giving them that joy right now that they have to have during these times of decisions that they have to make that are crucial for not only the United States of America but it is crucial for the world and I thank you Father God that you are protecting him heads of protection around him his guardian angels are protecting him everywhere he goes, everything he does give him wisdom and knowledge understanding and I thank you father God that he is rising up in you as David in this time as that person Father God that you have for such a time as this and we thank you for all the people that you’ve called we plead the blood of Jesus over our military and I thank you Father God not only that we have our military and all the weapons they’re using but I thank you father God as they move closer to taking back this nation and taking back the world that they are knowing you in a greater way that they have the ultimate weapon which is in their mouth and they will start praying and agreeing in one accord that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is a King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and he is on their side and they know that he is on their side and we thank you Father God for their sacrifices they are making right now to bring back peace and to bring back restoration and bring back the freedoms that many, so many men and women have already paid, for this country and around the world and I always want to thank you and praise you father God for rising up this generation for raising up these prophets today for raising up our rightful president and everybody that he has with him Father God you chose us for this time and such a time as this and we get to experience something that you have never done before you said something biggest on the horizon we receive it we take it and we believe it by faith in Jesus name amen and amen well I hope to encourage you today. I want you guys to pass us on. This is not just a prophetic word, this is an assignment this is um something that God is telling us these are marching orders that we have to do we are in the army of the Lord we have our marching orders to protect those people with our prayers so that’s something that we have to do so pass this along and have people start praying all over the world for what they’re doing for each and every one of us so God loves you, I love you, and God bless you.

oh I just want to say if you guys need anything please go to our website at jgm If you guys have any prayer requests, if you guys have any prophecies for being fulfilled go to our website we’re here for you we love you and of course God loves you and um have a wonderful day.

Action is ramping up

For all the people moaning that “Nothing is happening” now is the time to bite your tongue. 2 world leaders effectively removed from Office, Shinzo Abe shot to death, Biden teetering on removal by his own party, globalist President and Prime Minister chased out of Sri Lanka by outraged citizens, that’s a lot of happening ! And they are all major losses sustained by Globalism. Its going to continue and will likely be followed by Justin Trudeau and many many others around the world. CCCP is predicted to lose their leadership faction. So much to look forward to.

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