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Julie Green transcript A DISMANTLING HAS BEGUN Jun 10 22

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That’s all the announcements I think for today

and here is the prophetic word all right uh

Dismantling has Begun.

Again I heard this word on June 7th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am reminding my children who always wins. Good versus evil. Good always defeats evil. I’ve always defeated your adversary the devil, no matter any time in history, it has been the same and it always will be the same.

I have destroyed his power over my children. My will is always done on this earth, no matter what people your enemy uses, or how much money they have or how smart they think they are nothing compares to me Saith the Lord.

My children get to know me and who I really am. Stop focusing on all that is going on in the world, and all that appears to be going wrong right now. Focus on what I have done for you and that I am trustworthy and I will never fail you nor forsake you Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

This is a great time to be alive in the Body of Christ. You say Lord how could you think that ? Let alone say that ? Don’t you see what is going on and what we’re going through ?

It’s hell on earth Lord. My children look in my written word. My children went through very similar things in the past. I even say in my word there is nothing new under the sun. Same devil same plans. He just uses different people to accomplish his plans, but they will never turn out the way he wants them to. I have to say this again my children so it gets down on the inside of you and becomes a revelation to you, so when the shaking is occurring you will not be moved Saith the Lord. None of these things you see you should be afraid of.

Know I am bigger and I am showing the world who I really am. My children be unmoved and unshakeable. You ask Lord how is that possible ? It’s possible with me and my strength and ability I have given to you it’s time to fight the good fight of faith my children and remember it’s a time you will always win Saith the Lord it’s a fight you will always win Sayeth the Lord.

Hot springs will be in your news.  An unusual incident has occurred that will be reported on, my children, there is definitely more to the story that will be revealed.

Nawasaki will be in your news. Something will be unearthed that has been hidden there. Truth will explode out of places people never thought about.

A dismantling has begun. All that has been against you is being torn apart by me sayeth the Lord of Hosts

Harbinger again I say this word many things are about to take place I told you about, before they happened.

Many warnings I have given out. Shocking things are about to take place, but, my children who are listening and you are paying attention you will not be shaken or moved. Deliverance is coming my children even though you may not see a way. How this could be possible ? But all things are possible with me children of Almighty God.

Stop putting me in a box and trying to figure out all that I will do, or how I’m going to do it, what I’m about to do. You wouldn’t be able to think of how big, how extravagant it will be. I will once again prove myself to my children and this world who I AM really is Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A label will be in question. News reports will start flooding your airwaves about truth that was not told to you, kept from you. They were using it to try to destroy you with it, under your noses where you least expected it.

Another whistleblower will come out with the truth and save the world from the next phase they were just about to cause upon the earth. I’m stopping it Sayeth the Lord.

A famous Benjamin is about to be in your news look for it and is what is being said I told you Truth will expose every lie.

Arrowhead this word and name will be in your news.

Stephen this name will be in your news and the truth that is being revealed will destroy this person’s reputation or any lie that kept this person in the spotlight.

I am destroying their narrative and tearing down their walls to expose the evil and darkness that had been lurking behind them Saith the Lord.

Amateur Hour this phrase will be used in your news to describe as fraudulent government and the constant mistakes and mishaps in this so-called administration. Their stupidity and arrogance will be their downfall and their destruction Saith the Lord.

Lewinsky this name will be in your news.

Truth will yet again come out and will destroy what was covered up. There was more to this story than was being told. Many truths will plague the Clintons. Their takedown will be great, and you will see both Bill and Hillary get the judgement they so deserved. Their hidden lifestyle will be exposed and a life no one thought possible.

How a person or persons could be so devious and evil to this degree.

Bill and Hillary you both will fall together. Frauds you are and Bill what you had done as President that was hidden from the American people I will expose it all. Nothing hidden in the walls of the White house will stay that way. Same thing for you Hillary every email text message and phone conversation you try to hide will all come to the forefront, and the world will see it all. Ahab and Jezebel of this hour Your destruction will be similar to those in the written word, but yours Bill and Hillary will be much worse and you will pay for all eternity, as well, and treason will be written on you forever.

Kazakhstan this country will be in your news. You will know the reason as soon as you hear it Saith the Lord

Outlaw this word will be in your news. Trifecta this word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Hezekiah this name will be in your news and pay attention to this location.

Eric Swalwell your days of being protected are over and the target on your back has grown substantially. You know they could come at any time and YES they are coming for you. Truth will be shown to the world what your assignments were, and what you were supposed to do, that hasn’t been done yet, and it never will be.

Treason is your end Eric and soon and very soon the world will see it Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Substantial evidence is about to be released to the world that can’t be denied and their lies can’t cover it up this time.

Know the Perfect Storm against your enemies is about to strike them in the ways they never thought could or would happen against them. Buckle up again I say, my children, things are about to get very interesting. The things your enemies will try may seem harsh but watch it all fail and fall before your eyes.

I have promised you celebrations this year they will be worth the wait. You will say. This year you will experience them, so hold on to my words and this time you will not lose your joy  and strength.

Overflow is coming and will wipe out the famine they so desired.

I am opening the floodgates of truth and you will see more than enough my children. I am your provider and I will prove that to you Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

What de hell is Nawasaki ?

What de hell is Nawasaki ? Something unearthed ?

Hillary and Bills “impossible private life” Child Sacrifice hobby ? She mentioned a home sacrifice in an email. Ahab and Jezebel. Overflow is comforting to overcome shortages. Eric Swalwell thrown to the wolves. No more protection. His Chinese Spy Girlfriend walking away ? Hope not.

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  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
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Searchable transcript for the serious students

And here is a prophetic word and  it’s called

Days of Deliverance from the Hands of the Wicked.

I heard this prophecy on April 17th of 2022

For I the Lord this day have promised to deliver my children from the hand of the wicked and that’s exactly what I will do. I am not a man that I should lie. I am the same God yesterday today and forever I have delivered my people before from bondage and slavery, and you are about to see me do it  again but in a greater way.

I am saving this world and all the nations from the hand of the wicked. I will restore everything that has been stolen and I mean everything your enemies have attacked you in your minds, bodies, your finances, your jobs, your family and stolen peace and joy, tormented and tortured you in the process.

But I am greater than anything your enemies have ever done.

I will restore it and give back to you what the thief has taken from you even the years so on years.

Lord how do you restore the years ?

My children I can make the years so great and flood you with my goodness, and destroy any damage from what had been stolen from you in the past, and when you were held captive, you will forget all of what was done to you and you will live in glory never known.

Where your enemy has no control over you you will come out of this in the great Exodus like you were never in it to begin with.

I’ll restore your soul, your body, your finances your jobs, your family, your joy and peace like it was never stolen and give you a greater portion.

Raise you up higher against any kind of adversity.

Satan has lost its control over you and over this world and my power lives in you, children of Almighty God so put your enemy under your feet where he belongs.

You are far above principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world. Get up from where you are and I will bring you up higher than you’ve ever been Spiritually. Trust and trust me, and my love for you that destroys any hold your adversary once had on you Saith the Lord your Redeemer

The Alps will be in your headlines.

My children look at what has happened there. I am shaking this earth to shake the chains off this world and everything will be affected. Do not fear my children all of this is for your deliverance Saith the Lord.

Montezuma this name will be in your headlines listen to what just happened there, and what they’re reporting on. Truth is flooding the airwaves and exposures are happening everywhere.

Starsky this name will be in your news listen for these news reports. You will see my children they had their hand in everything and it is now being taken down by me Saith the Lord of Hosts

Wimblington this name will be in your news.

Truth is being revealed and everything hidden will come out in the open.

A Senator from Alaska will be in your news. A scandal YES truth will be revealed and this Senator will be removed from the place of power.

Lisa Murkowski I know who you are and all that you have done against this nation in the United States of America. Treason will be written on you for all eternity and it will be your end Lisa.

You hardened your heart to me and sold your soul for money and power like so many others in your circle. You too chose the wrong side for security, and your ties to the globalists and China will be uncovered. You know about the little children and you sat by and did nothing.

Blood is dripping from your hands and it cries for justice and justice will be served Saith the Lord of Hosts 

Susan Collins  (RINO)   the Angel of Death is about to visit your house for you have given yourself to the other side just like so many others for money and power.

You will pay a high price for your treasonous acts against this nation. You thought you would get by with selling this country off to the highest bidder, along with all who are with you, and that’s a farther saying from the truth. All of you will pay for the damage you have caused against my nation the United States of America and Israel.

You are a traitor Susan and you will reap what you have sown in this hour of judgement Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A well-known governor will be in the news and a scandal will consume them in this season you were in, my children a harvest season your enemies will experience and you will see more fall to the truth, more exposures will consume their lies and nothing will stay hidden from the world.

Arizona more truth will come out of your state. The traitors in your land thought this would stay hidden forever but it’s not to be, for I the Lord am revealing the snake pit of lies in Arizona.

Maricopa will be reported on again. More took place there than you were being told, a truth teller or a major whistleblower will come forward with the truth in this hour that can’t be denied.

Hold on Arizona freedom is coming in this hour of judgement Saith the Lord.

Truth will pour out of Arkansas YES hidden things will be uncovered and war will be exposed regarding Hillary and Bill Clinton. It runs deeper than you think my children of how dirty dark and purely evil these two are. They are being disposed of by the world elites they have become too much of a burden on them in this hour.

Again I told you my children they are all out for themselves, and too many things are falling apart now, so they will let major players in the innermost circle fall, and these two will be some of them.

So look at what scandal is about to break out regarding the Clintons and how many deaths are attached to this name as well and more it is more than you think.

A College scandal is about to be exposed my children, professors will have a lot of explaining to do in this high profile school. Money YES payments were received look between the lines my children there are more to these stories and it will all come out in the end Sayeth the Lord.

Look at the State of Missouri for this state will be in your headlines. And you will know when you see it in the breaking news what I am talking about Saith the Lord.

Chesterfield this name will be in your news look for it my children and know your enemies are all falling everywhere.

Copperfield this name will be in your headlines as well remember this my children I give you these things to show you I know all and see all, and I’m delivering you no matter what things look like right now Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A well-known Justin will be in your news. Listen carefully to his words my children, truth will slip from his lips.

Dante this name will fill your headlines more scandals and things that were covered up are now being exposed in this hour of truth there will be more revealed.

On the Royal Family things are not how they appear. More is being suppressed that will soon be in your news. Nothing that has been done against the people will stay in darkness as your enemies wanted them to.

I am shining this spotlight on all the darkness to uncover the truth Saith the Lord.

Windsor this name will be in your news. Listen to what is being said. There is more to the story than they wanted told, but a whistleblower will tell it all in this hour of justice.

Hanken this name will be in your headlines look to this location. More will be coming out in the days ahead Sayeth the Lord.

Body Parts this will be reported on. Look at this location and who is saying it. All will be told whether they want it or not. Justice will be served this was no accident Saith the Lord of Hosts.

I am raining fire down from heaven upon this earth, against the enemies of Almighty God. They will not be able to stand the power that’s against them. One plague after another will hit their camps and destroy their plans. I will not stand by and watch them control or destroy this earth that I created, and I will not allow them to enslave my children, who this earth was given to.

They are no longer slaves, the price has already been paid for them and nothing can hold my children back from their victories. Shakings will intensify in this hour of judgement hold on my children, embrace the truth I told you was coming.

Well it’s here now, so stand up and take what is yours that I have given to you freedom authority and all of your redemption rights as a child of the most high God Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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I made up this transcript with a few corrections for clarity.

So that’s the announcements for today, so here is the word from the Lord

It is time for a great change my children, in these days of great stress and darkness I have not left you, why do you believe man, man’s doctrines, man’s beliefs ?

Can Man’s way come up higher with me ? Far too long you have been in the world system and you have been enslaved to it, by thinking like them, why do you not do fellowship with me, well, there is peace joy and rest from the world, stress and pressure that they put you wonder yes I am here to deliver you and set you free. The world has been growing darker for most, but not my children,who are about to break forth out of this system, and that dominance of the evil system put in place to destroy you once and for all. Come out now and come to me, come and worship, and fellowship with me, I have so many great things waiting for you, in my presence stop letting the evil deceive you out of these things,with feelings such as unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, condemnation, anger, bitterness. He is cheating you out of your deliverance and your victories, I will give you abundance in your heart’s desires and remove the weights and heaviness this world has put on you.cCme and sit with me, I will give you rest. Most needed and deserved rest, much needed and deserved rest. Your enemies are coming down, now so stop giving them so much attention, and authority in your lives, they can’t control it, dominate you,

Why do you think that the enemy has finally gotten what they wanted ? I have already said this is not the time of the end. This is the time of their end. For your enemies. Not the world. The world system, the world dominance, the world enslavement, the world taxation, and the world poisoning of a population in generations,yes and of all which you see the world’s power and those who controlled it.

Mark Zuckerberg you are being exposed exposed now and changing of your name, the company’s name, you will not stop the exposures, and it will not stop your fall ,your power, and your finances being taken from you, All you know will be taken, for your part in this great reset. Jeff Bezos same goes for you. Amazon will be taken from you, and you will come down, and be removed from your place of power, no longer will you hide behind that name in your company, to use it as a front for what you are really doing behind closed doors. For I have seen and I will expose you now. All will be taken from you, handed over to the rightful owners for too long you hid in plain sight with such evil in your heart toward my nation, and my people. And you will be removed and exposed and embarrassment and shame will befall you.

and you will know poverty in a way you never thought possible. You thought you couldn’t be touched. You couldn’t be brought down, because of such wealth that you had in your possession, you will now know the advent of my children, the great I am, and know that you are nothing, and neither was your power or money.

Jeff Bezos its time of your fall to now cleanse. You are doomed and you cannot hide behind your computers, your phones, your party, or the power, or even the ones who propped you up, and kept you from falling.

No Hillary, the witch that you really are, will be exposed for the spouse, and the chance (chants?) that you have made against me, in my nation, For power wealth and greed is all you desired and that’s your great fall.

Pride, you will never see this coming that you thought you were safe, you never saw this coming, He said, you thought you were safe because of who hid you in your lies and your schemes, they shall give you up to save themselves

They thought, YES Bill will not save you, and Bill will pay dearly for the lives that he also has lived, a great price shall pay for the evil against my children, to the little children and his part of the trafficking of them.

You were exposed in the oval office Bill Clinton and now everything will be exposed that you thought you could hide. Clintons fall and fall now

Kamala knows she has been betrayed in the supposed White House and she’s about to erupt from the portrayal that she has received from her own camp. Things are exploding.

Now the time of great eruptions is here, eruptions of truth and lives to be destroyed and uncovered, things that they can’t seem to hide behind this fake and facade of a government and their power. No they are falling and falling apart left and right sickness is plaguing their camp. Deaths you shall hear more of from them. Deaths they can’t hide. There is no more strategy and nothing else to turn to, they shall overplay their hands for the last time. More power more control of people will, People will not take it anymore

No more.

Will you let them rise up against you, so rise up my children.

Supreme Court I call on you to uphold the laws of this nation

For I the lord and the true judge, and I am calling for justice in this land Again, wake up now, and do your duty, or you will be removed by me, saith the lord of hosts.

I know what they threatened you with, I know what they are holding over you, to get on the right side and I, with the Lord, I the Lord will protect you. I will protect the ones you love. Do it now saith the Lord

Destroy those mandates now before any more damage is done for you will be judged by me.

Do not cower, and hide from your duties and get up now, speak for this nation and uphold MY constitution that has been placed to protect this nation.

Do it now saith the Lord.

I am shaking the Supreme court now. Do not back down from what I am telling you to do. I have come to your rooms and you know what to do, it is now that time. Do it now saith the lord, stay on the right side, stand up for justice and truth I will take care of the ones who threatened you, and if not, they will devour you and you will have no protection from their plans, they were taking you down with them.

So do not believe there is no hope. Without me, there isn’t. But with me, you have hope. I am here.

But this is your final chance. Do as you have been told saith the Lord of Hosts, darkness shall cover the capital, like never before, darkness shall swallow them up. There is no more time to turn back and repent. Time is up saith the Lord

They kept pursuing so judgement shall befall on them like never before. Their government is imploding, walls will come down, buildings will be demolished, monuments and any symbol they’ve erected for evil will be destroyed completely. (Earthquakes , lightning or what ? Angry mobs ? Military ? (Was on the move, we were told)

No evidence left of them or their plans against this nation. I am demolishing it all right now, shortages, inflation, chaos, mandates, fear, confusion, I am destroying it all now saith the Lord. None of them and it will be left. None of this will be left.

Again the Biden, watch him, and on camera it will be revealed who he really is. They can no longer hide. He is falling in plain sight Yes fall, he won’t be able to get up from, no one can save him now, the earpiece will be revealed as the one who was on the other side this entire time pretending and dreaming of this third term and beyond

No Obama you are finished. You thought Biden would take the fall for you, and you could hide behind it. No, you will also be exposed and will fall to the ground and your earpiece ripped from your ear and your shadow government destroyed. I am coming for you now, and nothing will be left standing, you have put into power.

Let my people go. I have spoken it.

Nothing can stop those words from coming to pass and not even you Obama and the ones who are with you.

My children march forward into your freedom and receive your victory now saith the Lord your redeemer.

End message.

Is this the beginning of Kamala’s “eruption” Exposing Vaccine fraud ?

Is this a genuine video ? I left this comment.

So hard to believe this ultra grainy video. Hides editing. Why would she say this and to whom ? Is she trying to rescue her sinking 28pc career by blowing the whistle ? Or what ? Yet she asked a NASA official for satellites to verify whether more trees grow in black or white suburbs ? Is she on drugs or what ?

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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