Julie Green transcript A DISMANTLING HAS BEGUN Jun 10 22

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That’s all the announcements I think for today

and here is the prophetic word all right uh

Dismantling has Begun.

Again I heard this word on June 7th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am reminding my children who always wins. Good versus evil. Good always defeats evil. I’ve always defeated your adversary the devil, no matter any time in history, it has been the same and it always will be the same.

I have destroyed his power over my children. My will is always done on this earth, no matter what people your enemy uses, or how much money they have or how smart they think they are nothing compares to me Saith the Lord.

My children get to know me and who I really am. Stop focusing on all that is going on in the world, and all that appears to be going wrong right now. Focus on what I have done for you and that I am trustworthy and I will never fail you nor forsake you Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

This is a great time to be alive in the Body of Christ. You say Lord how could you think that ? Let alone say that ? Don’t you see what is going on and what we’re going through ?

It’s hell on earth Lord. My children look in my written word. My children went through very similar things in the past. I even say in my word there is nothing new under the sun. Same devil same plans. He just uses different people to accomplish his plans, but they will never turn out the way he wants them to. I have to say this again my children so it gets down on the inside of you and becomes a revelation to you, so when the shaking is occurring you will not be moved Saith the Lord. None of these things you see you should be afraid of.

Know I am bigger and I am showing the world who I really am. My children be unmoved and unshakeable. You ask Lord how is that possible ? It’s possible with me and my strength and ability I have given to you it’s time to fight the good fight of faith my children and remember it’s a time you will always win Saith the Lord it’s a fight you will always win Sayeth the Lord.

Hot springs will be in your news.  An unusual incident has occurred that will be reported on, my children, there is definitely more to the story that will be revealed.

Nawasaki will be in your news. Something will be unearthed that has been hidden there. Truth will explode out of places people never thought about.

A dismantling has begun. All that has been against you is being torn apart by me sayeth the Lord of Hosts

Harbinger again I say this word many things are about to take place I told you about, before they happened.

Many warnings I have given out. Shocking things are about to take place, but, my children who are listening and you are paying attention you will not be shaken or moved. Deliverance is coming my children even though you may not see a way. How this could be possible ? But all things are possible with me children of Almighty God.

Stop putting me in a box and trying to figure out all that I will do, or how I’m going to do it, what I’m about to do. You wouldn’t be able to think of how big, how extravagant it will be. I will once again prove myself to my children and this world who I AM really is Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A label will be in question. News reports will start flooding your airwaves about truth that was not told to you, kept from you. They were using it to try to destroy you with it, under your noses where you least expected it.

Another whistleblower will come out with the truth and save the world from the next phase they were just about to cause upon the earth. I’m stopping it Sayeth the Lord.

A famous Benjamin is about to be in your news look for it and is what is being said I told you Truth will expose every lie.

Arrowhead this word and name will be in your news.

Stephen this name will be in your news and the truth that is being revealed will destroy this person’s reputation or any lie that kept this person in the spotlight.

I am destroying their narrative and tearing down their walls to expose the evil and darkness that had been lurking behind them Saith the Lord.

Amateur Hour this phrase will be used in your news to describe as fraudulent government and the constant mistakes and mishaps in this so-called administration. Their stupidity and arrogance will be their downfall and their destruction Saith the Lord.

Lewinsky this name will be in your news.

Truth will yet again come out and will destroy what was covered up. There was more to this story than was being told. Many truths will plague the Clintons. Their takedown will be great, and you will see both Bill and Hillary get the judgement they so deserved. Their hidden lifestyle will be exposed and a life no one thought possible.

How a person or persons could be so devious and evil to this degree.

Bill and Hillary you both will fall together. Frauds you are and Bill what you had done as President that was hidden from the American people I will expose it all. Nothing hidden in the walls of the White house will stay that way. Same thing for you Hillary every email text message and phone conversation you try to hide will all come to the forefront, and the world will see it all. Ahab and Jezebel of this hour Your destruction will be similar to those in the written word, but yours Bill and Hillary will be much worse and you will pay for all eternity, as well, and treason will be written on you forever.

Kazakhstan this country will be in your news. You will know the reason as soon as you hear it Saith the Lord

Outlaw this word will be in your news. Trifecta this word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Hezekiah this name will be in your news and pay attention to this location.

Eric Swalwell your days of being protected are over and the target on your back has grown substantially. You know they could come at any time and YES they are coming for you. Truth will be shown to the world what your assignments were, and what you were supposed to do, that hasn’t been done yet, and it never will be.

Treason is your end Eric and soon and very soon the world will see it Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Substantial evidence is about to be released to the world that can’t be denied and their lies can’t cover it up this time.

Know the Perfect Storm against your enemies is about to strike them in the ways they never thought could or would happen against them. Buckle up again I say, my children, things are about to get very interesting. The things your enemies will try may seem harsh but watch it all fail and fall before your eyes.

I have promised you celebrations this year they will be worth the wait. You will say. This year you will experience them, so hold on to my words and this time you will not lose your joy  and strength.

Overflow is coming and will wipe out the famine they so desired.

I am opening the floodgates of truth and you will see more than enough my children. I am your provider and I will prove that to you Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

What de hell is Nawasaki ?

What de hell is Nawasaki ? Something unearthed ?

Hillary and Bills “impossible private life” Child Sacrifice hobby ? She mentioned a home sacrifice in an email. Ahab and Jezebel. Overflow is comforting to overcome shortages. Eric Swalwell thrown to the wolves. No more protection. His Chinese Spy Girlfriend walking away ? Hope not.

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