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Julie Green transcript World Leaders Time on Center Stage is about to Expire May 17 22

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the World Leaders Time on Centre Stage is about to Expire.

Again I heard this word on May 12th of 2022

So —-

For I the Lord this day I’m telling my children to get up from your places of despair and defeat, get up from that discouragement and heaviness, and come and spend time with me. I will refresh your souls, I will give to you peace and joy and refreshing that you need from the war you have been waging with your enemy. I will restore  everything that has been stolen from you. These are the days of restoration these are the days where I do a new thing in the nations. YES but I do a new thing in each and every one of you children of Almighty God these are the days no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard. What I’m about to do for you.

Say Lord, you have said this and things are getting worse ! Is it the end ?

I ask you my children it’s not over until you win, and I say to each and every one of you, you will be victorious, you will overcome, you will prosper and you will walk all over your enemies.

Remember my word says, Your enemy is under your feet. Keep him there, he is defeated, he has to bow and you don’t. Don’t give up now it’s almost a time for you to see a Red Sea- like moment. Something you never thought I would do and your enemies didn’t think I could do, they are about to see the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the same God that parted the Red Sea that drowned the enemy, is still alive and I’m still in the business of saving and delivering my children, and this earth, from people like them. They will all have to deal with judgement and that judgment day is coming sooner than they think.

Al Jazeera will be in major news stories themselves.

A fallout, a scandal of major proportions you would say.

Liars ! They were caught on video saying things to cover up what they had done, and all that had been hidden, with many news stories they stopped before being released to the public.

A death has occurred someone dug in too deep and they knew too much so your enemies permanently silence them and yes this death will see justice and I the Lord am moving my hand against your enemies, and they will fall and be brought to nothing.

Al Jazeera judgment is hitting you now Saith the Lord Of Hosts.

The Netherlands will be in your news a whistleblower will come forward about the truth and shake things up in this country things aren’t how they seem, in most nations around the world and soon my children you are about to see this for yourselves.

Whitewater I will say this again this will be continually in your news reports and listen to every location and the big players involved. There’s about to be a door open wide, and truth will come from every direction, and your  enemies won’t know what to do and how to stop it, and they can’t, their defeat is inevitable Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Socrates this name will be in your news for a very surprising reason.

Test tube babies this phrase will be in your headlines and truth surrounding actions that have been done by doctors and scientists will be exposed. Some were a part of many scandals and a whistleblower will blow the doors wide open and truth will prevail.

Listen for the Biden in a press conference.

A major gaffe will occur and not like the ones previous this will be a big one that will cause a big stir up in the party of the blue. They will scramble to fix these words and it won’t work the light is shining down to expose everything done in the darkness.

Paleontology will be in your news look to see what they have discovered, or they say they have, anyway.

Australia you will see a big shaking in your politics in your nation.The world leaders were trying to manipulate what was going on there and it will be exposed, and who their pick was, and do not fear, I am going to restore your nation and freedom will return to you like never before.

So lift up your heads and say Lord let the shake-up begin

We want this land for you O Lord. My children just cry out to me, and see what I will do to honor my word and to deliver your nations Saith the Lord.

The Saints will be in your news. Exposures will begin and many in the NFL will also be exposed there has been many things hidden from the world in the sports arena I will expose them all. The NFL the NBA the MLB. A world you didn’t even know existed, behind closed doors manipulations and scandals, will plague the big three, and the major players who took part in all of it will be exposed for I the Lord have said Enough ! and the idols you see now will fall for what they have done, and the ones who were in there for me will be saved from what is coming to the rest of them. Hold on my children  big shakings are about to take place. Here all right you are coming into a time you never knew could or would happen, so settle your hearts before me and know that I am the great I AM and there is no one like me.

A Death of a major world leader will shock or shake up the world elites.

Oh YES they are about to receive one hit after another, and they won’t be able to regain their composure. Big leaks will come regarding Bill Gates a degree of evil people didn’t know existed. He will be caught in things you didn’t know people could ever do to another person.

He is just one of many of the elites who will be exposed on the world stage. Watch the whistleblowers come out from all directions to annihilate the ones who have been controlling and manipulating this world and everyone in it.

My children get ready now. Get ready for their falls and great judgement Your rightful president is on his way back now stop looking for 2024 KNOW that’s man’s calendar and man’s idea. Know 2022 is a great year of truth and restoration. Watch what happens to the internet and cell phone service. Many abnormal things will occur before a great silence. Remember that silence means your great victory. So do not fear the days that lie ahead for I the Lord am giving to you what rightfully belongs to you and I am restoring what has been stolen a great restoration will take place and a great Exodus you shall receive so stand right now, stand together, and pray for the lost and the ones who refuse,… having trouble turning pages so hold on a second I’m sorry guys the ones who refuse to believe what is about to take place I will have mercy on them but my children get ready for a great flood of people, a great harvest, that will flood in to churches. Get ready my children to be the light in this world that I need you to be these are your days, not your enemies’ Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

To remedy the tech giants deplatforming of Julie Green and provide the very useful searchable transcript that youtube does for free, requires a new sacrificial channel called Julie Green Mirror. I managed to navigate the ludicrous 15 minute video limit. It seems to take overnight for this benefit to go thru the system after one has provided identity verification.

So we also now have the benefit of being able to embed her videos into blogs again using establishment procedures. For how long we don’t know. LOL

And I am very glad to hear that a major NWO personality will die, shocking the evil elites. Bill Gates exposed as being more evil than we could imagine. Which brings his death sentence a bit closer.

This is astonishing Watch what happens to the internet and cell phone service. Many abnormal things will occur before a great silence.

AND Your rightful president is on his way back now stop looking for 2024 KNOW that’s man’s calendar and man’s idea. Know 2022 is a great year of truth and restoration.

Seems there will be much evidence provided of God’s existence that even the thickest skeptic can’t ignore. What do the enemies do then ?

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Transcript for serious people

And here is a prophetic word and this one is called

Enemies of Almighty God are in the direct line of Fire.

This prophetic word I heard on March 27th of 2022

Again enemies of Almighty God are in the Direct Line of Fire

For I the Lord this day and speaking to this world, to let you know that I do have the final say and I always will.

Look at your enemies ! Does it look like they are winning ?

Their plans are falling apart and they are failing at everything they are trying. Whether you realize that or not right now, they are not succeeding at anything.

Continue to watch the sign on the Empire State Building this sign will show you, not only that that I am saying through my prophets is true, but that should reassure you that everything will be okay in the house of the Lord.

To those who refuse to believe anything until all the political prophecies come to pass, I am not limited to just the political realm to show you in this hour that I have come to deliver you my written word speaks that I am your deliverer healer provider Prince of Peace and your victory I am the great I AM and anything that is going on that you see, will not stand and you will see it all fall, when I move my hand.

Great is a reward for those who believe that they’re great, as a reward for those who believe that haven’t “seen” by using your faith. I got that right.

Yes a great reward you shall receive peace and joy in the midst of chaos. I will say this again for my children who need to hear this. Confusion and fear are trying to consume you in this hour so get into my presence and in my written word that will destroy both of these attacks and every other one that your adversary tries to defeat you with. Remember he is the one who is defeated not you. I have promise in my word that I will always lead you to triumph in Christ Jesus

I’m not a man that I can lie. Your adversary through deception steals your victories away. This is the hour I am showing my children the authority you have in Christ Jesus

With this revelation of the authority that you have in Christ Jesus through his blood, you will be reassured your enemies are defeated. The greater one does live on the inside of you, that He that is in the world, he is nothing in your sight in this hour my children. This revelation needs to get down on the inside of you, so he no longer deceives you, no longer can steal your victories. He doesn’t have the power or the authority that’s why he has to cheat you out of yours.

Antarctica will be in your news listen for these unusual things happening everywhere. Warmer temperatures are not known for this area. They will shock global warming to bring more fear.

Do not listen to the liars when they open their mouths to deceive the world. This is a sign to you, that I am speaking and telling you the news before the news to bring you peace.

Monkeys will be in your news listen for the words and what they are saying about them. They are giving themselves away.

The death of an Elephant at a major zoo will be in your news all these signs are for you to adhere to, believe these words to give you rest, in this time you are living in my children there is nothing to fear when I am here.

A US Senator from California will die, Yes this very well-known Senator will fall to the Angel of Death.

Judgment has hit their homes the deaths they helped cause to this world.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is her name yes much of a high price your government officials will pay for what has been forced upon you.

Liz Cheney will be exposed. You chose the wrong side for your security they’re letting you go !

Who are they ?

The elites and the swamp that took over your government. They have no use for you anymore.

This exposure you will not recover from Liz. You had time to repent and you refused, so judgment is coming to you. You will not be able to hide from.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing yes but also the Spirit of Jezebel has overtaken you, so you have no remorse for the crimes you have committed, so your fall will be great.

Watch my children a very well-known and respected man, who was thought to be on the side of the Right, in the colour of the Red, is actually a mole, a traitor and a rat.

He will  be exposed. Yes Sabotage will be used as a word to expose this person.

He helped sabotage your rightful President out of what was actually his. He pretended to be his friend when he really was his enemy. This man will be exposed and his name will bring shock waves to this nation in the party of the Red because that person worked for the party of Blue that was against you, O United States.

Jimmy Carter will pass away from covid they will say

but that is a lie.

But the truth will be revealed.

Overturn this word will be heard everywhere my children, Yes an Overturning of not just one election but more than you could have imagined.

So many snuck their way through and cheated their way into power in overhaul the House the Senate and all of your government.

Lord I can’t believe that only an election can change this !

Not true my children, nothing is impossible for me.

Without my hand moving against them there will always be manipulation and they would be stolen from you every time not one person, and not one man could fix this, but I the great I AM this is a job for me to do.

You will see when I move my hand you have free and fair elections going forward because for decades you didn’t. Know all this existed. Your enemies have been doing this for so long before they were caught but now all will be revealed. How this has gone on for, it will shock you O United States

You’ve been infiltrated and stolen from, longer than you thought possible. With this move of my hand I am changing and destroying all, like it never existed.

Look at the book of Exodus it didn’t matter what Pharaoh had planned, how much power he had when I spoke my words.

Nothing could stop them. In the same way that goes for now I spoke in my words and my will is coming to pass in this hour in this year of 2022.

Justice Clarence Thomas excuse me Justice Clarence Thomas All will be well with you.

All they have are words that will not stand.

You will remain on the Supreme Court and those who I want to be removed will be removed.

Thomas that is not you.

Chief Justice will be in your name.

Yes I am promoting you my son. So do not fear what they have threatened you with.

I am moving my hand against those who have threatened you.

These are the days of Haman and what they wanted for you will come upon THEM. Your protector so Justice Thomas (correction) all will be well with you and your house.

Lindsey Graham will be in the news to finally settle once and for all what side he was really on. Yes, a lot of questions have arisen about many in your government. Some were used by me to infiltrate the side of the Blue. Some were actually on the side of the Blue that infiltrated the Red so all will be exposed and released in this year of 2022.

The midterms will look very different than they do right now. A cleansing and a restoration is taking place first.

In your inauguration in the year 2022.Midterms

My children are asking about that answer and it is Yes Another Inauguration, a celebration like no other country’s.

Around the world will be watching and celebrating with you O United States .What about Biden and Kamala what about them ? They’re being removed along with all who are with them, I the Lord have spoken judgment and justice they shall receive Saith the Lord of Hosts

Biblical weather events are about to descend on DC yes lightning hail wind like no other type of event ever, to hit there. News stations all over will be reporting on this. The damage of this storm, a monster they will call it, and it will appear to be that way towards the enemies of Almighty God, it will come out of nowhere no one expected it. They will be in their chambers and their offices, with nowhere to go, and nowhere to escape.

I will shield and protect my children who are there and nothing will touch them.

My glory and power shall surround them like a shield, my angel armies will stand guard, and make sure nothing touches them. Miracles they will say, YES  and expect to see miracles from me children of Almighty God.

Yes this year will be great  in ways you could never even imagine the goodness I’m about to pour out upon this earth. Receive my joy and my peace in this hour my children.

Everything is changing for your good, so receive from me like never before

Says the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie commentary.

There is something that he wanted me to go over with you, so I highlighted it before I started reading this word.

And something that the Lord — it’s right here –

“I have promised in my word”  this is what he the Lord wants you to know. I have promised in my word that I always lead you to Triumph in Christ

I’m not a man that I can lie.  Your adversary through deception steals your victories away.

This is the hour I’m showing my children the authority you have in Christ Jesus with this revelation of the authority that you have in Christ Jesus, through his blood you will be reassured your enemies are defeated the greater one does live on the inside of you, than he that’s in the world.

He is nothing in your sight in this hour my children and this revelation needs to get down on the inside of you so he no longer deceives you, no longer can steal your victories he doesn’t have the power or the authority that’s why he has to cheat you out of yours. Do you see in these prophetic words, not only giving us details about all the signs that we’re supposed to look for, but he’s giving us the encouragement he’s giving us these revelations from heaven to get on the inside of us so when these things do happen we are reassured. Look at this. He is nothing who is he ? Our adversary is nothing in our sight get that on the inside of you see that to the eyes of victories or the eyes of Jesus Christ that your adversary is nothing in your sight. Why ? Because the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth has already defeated your enemies, has already disarmed them, and brought them to nothing he said in this hour my children get this revelation. It needs to get on the inside of you get this revelation of the so your adversary can no longer deceive you, he can no longer steal your victories. He doesn’t have the power or the authority that’s why he has to cheat you out of yours so decree this day no longer will my adversary cheat me, are the victories that Jesus paid for no longer will my adversary defeat me are the victories that he has already been destroyed he’s already been brought to nothing and I will not be a victim I will not be destroyed I will not fear. God has already promised me the way out. I have the way out and Jesus is his name because he is the way maker.

Isn’t that a great revelation because again when you have a change of perspective perspective perspective

I’ll get that word on when you change your perspective and you see things through, what Jesus is doing has already done excuse me what he’s already done for you. You see things through the eyes of victory, you see things thru the blood of Jesus you see things the way God wants you to see them. You will not give in, you will not quit and you will not be discouraged anymore, the spirit of heaviness cannot stay on you because you have been freed from those chains that have held you captive.

Now I want to go over before I go and pray for you, I do want to go over the things to look for because God has me I’m saying this after the prophecies that i’m after I speak them he wants the signs to be written down.

So Antarctica.

Monkeys. A death of an elephant at a major zoo.

US Senator from California who is Dianne Feinstein will die.

um Liz Cheney will be exposed.

A well-respected man who was thought to be on the side of the Red is actually on the side of the Blue. He is a mole, a traitor, and a rat. Then you will hear of SABOTAGE will also be in his name

Jimmy Carter will pass away. um And then you hear the words Overturn and Overturning of not just one election but several

um you will also hear Justice Clarence Thomas Okay ? You will hear -All will be well, within, so no matter what they’re saying against them right now, no matter what they’re threatening him with, what they are threatening his family with, God is saying all will be well with you, and your family and then Chief will be in his name and God will remove all the ones that he wants removed.

And of course we’re going to find out what side Lindsey Graham is really on. Because God said his people have a lot of questions and he’s going to settle what side these people are on. Midterms he said will look very different from now. A cleansing and restoration has to take place first.

And then he says a NEW Inauguration (?) and people are asking Will it take place in 2022 and God said the answer is YES

Another inauguration celebration like no other country’s. Around the world will be watching and celebrating with you O United States. He’s talking about how Biden and Kamala will be removed along with everybody with them.

A biblical weather event will take place in DC.

Lightning will strike like no other type in history ever that’s hit that place they will call it a monster storm, because it will appear that way to your enemies um and that’s all the ones that he wants me to go over. That’s all the ones that I can see even in this prophecy for today. but I want you guys to know again I say this all the time Lord has me repeat this all the time  everything is going to be okay in the house of the Lord because God has the final say and I want to pray for each and every one of you heavenly Father right now in Jesus name I pray over every person the sound of my voice no matter what they are going through no matter what they are facing no matter what their body is telling them with what their minds are telling them, no matter what the world is telling them.

Father God we thank you that they have the right perspective the right perception that you are the one that’s in control that you are the one that has a final saying that you are the one that’s moving your hand destroying the works of our adversaries and we thank you Father God that you have the final say and this is the year of 2022 be like you’re like no other we thank you Father God they had the revelation of the blood of Jesus they were the revelation that our adversary is nothing in our sight there’s a revelation that no longer were their adversaries still their victories still their power still their authority that Jesus has already bought and died and paid for we thank you Father God that this is awakening your body right now this is awakening people who are asleep we thank you that blinders are being removed hearts are being softened the spirit of happiness is taken off of your people right now and we thank you Father God for a cleansing of Washington awakening or rejuvenation or refreshing everything a restoration in anything your people need. Father God right now we thank you that they have it because Jesus has already paid for them to that price for them to receive and we thank you for all this in Jesus name amen and amen whoops encourage you today please like subscribe and share just every now and easier encouraging word who needs to see the truth  because the truth sets you free. You need to hear what God is saying regarding this earth today well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

So we wonder who will be the first to be judged and die ?

Diane Feinstein or Chuck Schumer in the Senate ? (Dying on Live TV)

Same day as Chuck another lawmaker dies on the same day, Lower House.

A massive threat, a huge record busting lightning storm is to hit DC. Ideally that should come first. Its to scare corrupt lawmakers half to death. Pelosi dies from cancer before the Midterm. But she is so affected by dementia/alcoholism she could be removed before that. Deep State is sacrificing the failed operators of the stolen election. That’s why investigations of Hillary Clinton Hunter Biden are gaining momentum. Being prosecuted by even CNN and NYT !. They are being thrown to the wolves. Fink CEO of Blackrock, says Globalism has been killed by Vladimir Putin. Because Putins little war has made it clear we must return to sovereign nations being self sufficient. Putin is winning against the Globalists forcing everyone to start buying Russian Rubles for oil and gas. Ending the US OPEC 75 yr convention to always use the US Dollar.

A huge and fatal blow to Globalism ( Imperialism thru the UN) as the world has now split into two Parrallel civilisations. Though Mr G says America will be greater than its ever been soon via Total Self Sufficiency. Exciting future to witness, much unfolding to see. And Mr G has said he will destroy the UN. I cant wait for that.

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Transcript for those who enjoy studying

The Days of Judgement Destroying the Works of Darkness.

 again this is from

March  19 th of 2022  

For I the Lord this day am encouraging my children with these words for this time, where there is so much uncertainty fear and confusion. Know this my children. My word is truth and it will set you free from anything that is in the world trying to hold you captive. I will not let things, these things you see now, stand when my hand is moving against them. More people will walk away from me,  but at the same time more will come running to me saith the Lord of hosts this is a time of the great separation.

 I’ve spoken about the separation of my children from the world in its demonic system, and of my remnant from the rest of the body of Christ.  My children this has been your time to prepare build you up stronger and raise you higher than any adversity you face. Don’t be moved from the right or to the left or be dismayed, focus on me, and my word and I will give you peace and rest Saith the Lord your Redeemer

The news will announce mass shortages, market crashes and possible shutdowns and lockdowns. Do not listen to any of these words. They are just words that won’t go anywhere. They will try certain things but they will not work. My hand is moving.  Protecting and delivering you. They want to cause mass chaos on a scale never seen before. This will not happen. Neither genocide nor depopulation will happen. National shutdowns will not occur again, nor more lockdowns. No because I always have the final say.    

They have gone as far as I will let them go so their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I am here to deliver you.

Watch Yellowstone I’ve spoken about this before things have been going on that were hidden from the public. But they can’t hide them anymore.

Obvious signs smoke and a small eruption nothing major. This earthquake will be reported. They have tried so hard to suppress so much news from the public but the floodgates are now open for the world to see  and hear, again I am mentioning the Statue of Liberty one day you will see it standing but the next day there will be a collapse and then only rubble on the ground      

The same goes for the Washington mMnument and many other monuments and symbols across this nation. The bull on Wall street will be in the news so watch as this is a sign the babbling system will crumble to the ground, and will not control the world again.

Lightning will strike a major symbol in this nation signifying their destruction and demise

Watch the White House, it too will have a lightning strike signifying I am striking them all down, and judgment is here to end everything standing in your way.

Insider trading, manipulating markets ; a whistleblower will expose all they have done for so many years against you in the world, how some of your government officials  were a part of this manipulation, how they use the markets to control bills they passed for price gouging inflation, tax hikes and etc

Many ask Lord how does this all tie together ? Lord I don’t understand soon my children you will see all they have done in every piece of this intricate plan against you. I am telling you this again my children.

Watch Taiwan it will continue to be in the news

Indonesia will be in the news again for multiple reasons a significant weather event and major flooding so watch for this my children.

General Petraeus will be in the news watch for this my children information will show what side he is truly on

A female news anchor will be entangled in a scandal. Also watch as you hear and see more fall for the lies they told, and the truth they purposely never reported. Why ? To save their jobs and receive more cash.

The news industry is about to take major hits one after another.     

These hits will show the world who had integrity that they had no integrity left      

But there are a select few who told who did tell as much truth as they could, they will be rewarded by me, for not bowing to the globalist agenda.

A news anchor will suddenly die. They will start- they will say it was a heart attack but don’t believe everything you hear they are hiding the real reason, but the reason will be revealed.

Mount Everest will be in the news big time. Watch the tallest mountain and the information that comes from there.

No matter how big or small my children nothing is impossible for me.

An avalanche will be seen and heard this is a sign to watch concerning this Mountain.

Concerning the Hollywood elite a high-profile and very well-known actor  for generations will suddenly pass away.

Bob Saggett’s death will be exposed in the circumstances surrounding his death and why there was blunt force trauma YES. This was no accident. Child trafficking will be linked and shocked the world regarding this beloved father on TV.

HaHa inflation they will scream and shout, and Yellen herself will be exposed

For all they paid her to say these things, causing prices to soar inflation shortages and markets, everything done was to cause fear and panic, so their final takeover could succeed. Remember my children who is in control and in charge and it’s not them.

A huge report will expose a pedophilia ring. Yes it will uncover who was in charge in a specific part of the world, then there will be many more exposed after this. Every dirty and dark secret is coming to light and will be destroyed in this time of great change.

My children know who always wins and know who you are on my side.

My children know who always wins and know you are on my side

A thousand may fall at one side and ten thousand at another, but it won’t come near YOU.      study psalm 9 34 and 93 get them down in your hearts stand on my word and it will destroy anything in your way. My word pierces your enemies its a two-edged sword

Shout out my words this will cause the most damage to any plans against you See yourselves as the giants you are, and not he. Your enemy is nothing in your  sight not the other way around.      

He has had so many people believing this and he deceives them out of what is already theirs Lord.

These are my days to destroy the works of the darkness against my children see yourselves as I see you, through the eyes  of Christ and through the eyes of victory so stand and receive these words today. This is your year, its your great Exodus Saith the Lord of Hosts

Julie Commentary Now in this word I want to go over something really quick the lord had me actually put it in bold I want to read this again they have gone as far as I will let them go.

So their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I’m here to deliver you and I know probably some people are asking Why did God allow them to go so far ?

That’s twofold. One he allowed him to go so far for their destruction. Two he allowed them to go so far for our victory, and for our complete healing in our lands, our complete healing in our souls A lot of times people do not turn to God unless they’re in a desperate situation, they don’t wake up, unless they are shaken. So a lot of these things in this time period right now, we are wondering Why God ? Why are these things happening ? Why have they gone so far ? Why have they gone so long ? And the reason why God said is for their destruction and for YOUR awakening. He needed his body to get out of the sleep that we were in, a lot of the body of Christ was asleep to an extent that we were allowing ourselves to be destroyed when God said that we already have the victory we were allowing destruction and chaos in our life, because we didn’t know the authority that we truly had on the inside of us the authority with the name of jJsus the blood of Jesus the anointing that resurrection anointing and power that we have in us, we did not take that into consideration enough some people did, and some people didn’t, and now when they’re under this type of  pressure we’re realizing it is getting us out of like you can say a cocoon, well we are saying no to this depression, no to this fear, no to sickness, and disease no to anything that’s holding us captive, because we are realizing the freedom that we really do have by God because he is the greater one, lives on the inside of us, the he that’s in the world so any way you see these things so destruction to your enemy and victory for children of Almighty God these are the days of our victory so do not lean to your own understanding. God even says that it’s mourning not unto your own understanding and the reason is because we don’t see the whole picture, God does. God sees the whole picture because he sees the end from the beginning.

And he is, he knows, he knew all this before the beginning of the world, before he created the foundation of this world, he knew exactly what was going to happen so that’s the reason why we have to lean upon God we have to get in his presence more on a daily basis so we know it had that discernment of what he’s trying to get to us today and the information look at all these prophecies that he’s giving out what a blessing it is not only to hear them, it’s a blessing to give them but it’s a blessing for each and every one of you to know, that God what does he say all the time he gives us the news before the news and how awesome is that because that’s how we can stay steadfast in God in this time where everything is shaking now. I always encourage you today. I want to pray over each and every one of you, and let you know he’s giving us signs, he’s saying watch for the Yellowstone, watch for the Statue of Liberty watch for the Washington monument watch for them and what they say on the news about market crashes and inflation all these things remember this do not fear and God also says those words we brought to nothing they are just words. They do not have the power to work against our lives so again once you hear all these things remember God gave you this information first so stay steadfast in peace and joy God’s word and his presence and know that he’s got you, know that he has the situation and everything is going to be okay and he keeps saying that everything’s gonna be okay, and do not fear. So I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly father right now in Jesus name no matter what the situation that they are facing in their nation or in their own life. Father God we thank you that you have the final say, and I thank you and praise you Father God right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I thank you that they are rising above every test, every trial every adversity, and everything that Satan tried to keep them down and use them to destroy them. I thank you Father God that you are rising them up higher than ever before I thank you that the blinders are removed, their hearts are softened, their spiritual ears are open to hear you, and they their victories they hear you, in what you are saying, regarding their life father God that they have the greater one on the inside of them that that’s becoming a greater revelation, than it ever has to them before and I thank you heavenly father right now in Jesus name, that they have that resurrection power that is rising up inside of them that righteous indignation that they will not take anymore of this captivity they will not take any more sickness and disease they will not take any more of this depression they won’t take any more fear and destruction in their lives because they know, because they know that they know, that they know that Jesus is on the inside of them. That he is their way maker that he is a deliverer, that he already destroyed the works of the enemy, so we thank you for these revelations, we thank you for the power on the inside of us heavenly father, We thank you that we are on the winning side and we thank you for all this in Jesus name Amen and Amen we hope to encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give us every one who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth sets you free. Well God loves you, I love you, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

So Chuck Schumer dies in the Senate on live TV and its called a heart attack. But its actually the next bioweapon they intended for us. Their scheme is backfiring on the evil elite perpetrators. Goes around the world it seems among the elites. I made a video to this effect that only 10,000 elites need to be killed to remove most evildoers from the planet and it was deleted because one is not allowed to advocate deaths unless its Vladimir Putin – its against community guidelines, or something, though the elites openly plot to kill billions. And never stop trying. Another genocidal bioweapon was intended to start in the Ukraine and spread to every continent.

For your erudition on Ukraine/ Georgia US operated Bioweapons labs here is a short 27 minute 2018 before–the-fuss documentary. It explains why there are so many US bioweapon stations 400. Its because they use different varieties of mosquitos unique to regions to ensure they can kill every Russian in his own home town with a number of hideous diseases.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green transcript MARCH FORWARD IN MARCH Feb 28 22

Above video was pulled when Julie Greens youtube channel was closed.

And its not available from other places. But the transcript is preserved here

Transcript for those so inclined

March Forward in March

again I heard this on February 28th of 2022

For I the Lord this day and telling my children to brace for the month of March. Things will begin to really shake, unusual weather events, rumours of wars, economies, instability everywhere, and

Everything, but my children, this is my hand moving against your enemies and the enemies against the One True God

Do not fear this earth I have given to my children and every person and everything that they use to control to enslave to take this world hostage, I will destroy. No power forming against you shall prosper. Nothing the enemies have done or anything they will try. It will not work and it will come to nothing.

Mighty earthquakes in the Month of March there will be reported all over, but the eruption of truth that will take place will split the ground your enemies have tried to stand on to tower over you.

YES mighty eruptions in March weather phenomena.

The oceans are raging. I have told you all these things before my children so when you see everything change you’ll be steadfast in my word and you’ll use my authority, and know you are on the side that wins.

Breaking news. Coverage of a Dam that has broken open from flood waters that it couldn’t hold back. As you see this,  this is the same time that things are happening in the spirit.

That things are happening in the spirit, and how quickly my children things are going to change like you have never seen before.

Again watch Iceland major news reported will come out of there this is a sign my children things are going to change.

Watch Asia.

Things in the weather will be taking place all over that continent.

So many things at once.

China this is for you to know I AM is in control not you.

You will not get what you want.

I am destroying your plans against my nation, the United States, everything you have touched, everything you have infiltrated YES all the damage you have done in my nation and everything you had control over in that government, my hand is moving to destroy it all, and remove everyone on your payroll from your nation, and the ones who sold themselves  for security money and power in this fraudulent government.

China your web you have weaved in this nation and every nation across this earth I’m destroying now. I told you before China, I am bringing you to your knees, all who are in control of your country.

Great Death you will hear in China’s government

Yes the President and all who are with him in this hour of their harvest what they have sown in this world, anyone with you from any nation including the United states that helped you, China the Angel of Death is here, with no escaping it. Your fate has been sealed, and you had no remorse.

NO you wanted it bigger. Another sickness to strike this earth and in a greater way.

This time it will come on you and not anyone you are making it for.

Yes my children March will start off with many deaths in many countries of people in power and governments.

Do not fear. This is not for you, children of Almighty God.

Those who are purposely listening to take notes and give them back to your leaders. You know who you are and this is for YOU. If you don’t repent death and judgment will come to you as well, for being on the side of evil. My grace and mercy is more than enough for you, turn away now, stop your assignment that you have been given.

Stop now.

Choose what side you are on.

You know what you hear is truth. That’s why you were listening to give it to them. Turn away and turn now enemies of Almighty God.

Many have already made their choice with no remorse.

Others are contemplating changing sides. Do it now. Your time is closing before your judgment comes upon you.

Every lie that has been said to hold the world in chains will be revealed and every Chain will be broken.

Doug Mastriano

I have you here for such a time as this saith the Lord.

I know it seemed that I had forsaken you and all your hard work and time you had put forth in truth and election integrity.

You know the truth and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It’s time to move forward with the plans you have been given

YES Doug I am here for you. I will not forsake you and this time is coming of their great fall, and the Great Steal will be overturned.

So keep your faith in me. Major news will break out of your state of Pennsylvania

Tom Wolf will face a major scandal.

Yes your governor will be removed by my Hand.

He will say he’s stepping down but he is being forced out by me saith the Lord.

By stepping down he thinks it will save him from judgment that is coming.

But it won’t stop it. Treason will be written on him for all Eternity.

Anyone in Pennsylvania that was and is still against me and the American people, truth is about to erupt out of your state and everything that was stolen will be given back saith the Lord of Hosts.

A sign to look for, my children,

Snow in Africa yes a mighty cleansing of your governments and top officials are taking place to free your lands.

My turn to shout revival. It’s here it’s now glory miracles signs and wonders are breaking out like never before saith the Lord of Hosts

March forward in March to your celebration and remember turn arounds are here and everything is about to change Saith the Lord your Redeemer

China to be destroyed. Just what the world needs.

CCCP Leadership faction dying suddenly. Likewise Elite leaders dying in large numbers all over. Just what the doctor ordered. Pennsylvania Governor scandal fall. Doug Mastriano heroised and urged to continue decertification effort. Extreme weather to pound China. And May 27 CCCP leader has had an aneurism, and has offended India and is going south Biden style.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Hi Richter earthquake to take out DC.
Useful transcript starts at 85 seconds

And here is the prophetic word Calamity is Striking the Enemies of Almighty God

Woe to those that are against me, saith the Lord.

These are your days to fall, your days of judgment, your days of Calamity that will strike every plot plan and scheme you could come up with to enslave the world. You are failing and most of you cannot understand because your plans always worked before.

Well, I allowed you to go so far, and you have hit the point of no return and you will not go any farther.

You are done against me, my nations and my children.

You will all begin to fall at a much quicker pace now. You see the handwriting on the wall. Your plans you made so many years ago for this time are falling apart in front of your eyes.

You couldn’t dupe the American people and the world as you once thought.

They don’t believe everything your news stations say anymore.

Why ? Because I caused an awakening all over this earth

Your worst nightmare is coming to pass because the people are fighting back.

They’re resisting you and your plans. You want martial law to cause your order.

You lust for war to cause a distraction to gain more power over my people and over the nations.

You want more shortages more crashing of the markets as long as you can make money through it all and of course as usual you’re devising plans on how to make more money from the crash you want to create, to break the American people and put them in a position they would have to listen to you out of desperation.

You wanted terrorist attacks to distract from the truth, that is pouring out and all mistakes the so-called President and his administration are making. It’s becoming too much for you to cover up. how to put your president with the earpiece back on center stage.

Since he is controlling everything from his basement with his shadow government he has made since Trump.

Yes I see each and every one of you that were hiding and controlling the narrative, controlling the government officials on what to say, how and when. You want more deaths, so you were trying to figure out how to distract this world with a new virus that would make more of an impact.

I see inside your laboratories where you were concocting such filth to kill as many as possible.

I have put people who are with you that you don’t know about, they are seeing and are secretly recording all of you, taking notes to hand them over to the rightful President and his government it’s time to move forward against you and against all people of Almighty God You should be terrified of what Trump has on you.

He has all the goods he needs to take out all of you now.

He is built of his army and they are ready to take you all out of your places of power.

The ones that will survive the Angel of Death striking your camps now.

A huge blow is about, it’s happening

You can’t figure out what is coming, where it’s coming from. It’s out of your control.

You are not Gods and your money cannot save you from what is coming. These are your final days in the final hours of power, and you see the great I am still lives, and he’s still against you. That I am still against you.

Obama I am lifting the roof off of your plans that you have made and the whole world will know what a snake you truly are, a deceiver, so sneaky you thought to stay in power to have Biden as a puppet.

How well is that going for you ? In your arrogance you thought how perfect of a plan to get away with the third term.

Well everything is about to blow up in your face by me, and there is no stopping the judgment that is hitting you now AG Barr the whole world will know who you really are and which side you are on the whole time.

No more secrets. No more lies and no more back door deals that won’t be revealed. My children get prepared now many things are about to erupt at one time. Get ready for the whole for a sudden impact in your nation, there will be a great falling away and some of my children won’t understand or believe their eyes on what is taking place in the United States, and around the world they believe the wolves in sheep’s clothing more than me, and my written word some will see the light and change their course of action and some will turn away from me forever.

To my remnant that I have put on this earth for this exact moment in time, arise in my great glory that I am right now pouring down no more distractions and stop listening to their lies. Get in my presence I will strengthen you, deliver deliver you, heal you from all that Satan has in hell that kept you bound.

I will cause you to rise up above it all so get ready stop being in fear and get rid of it now.

Fear is a liar. Fear cannot hold you. Resist him and he must flee. Rebuke confusion with my name and don’t let it imprison you any longer my children.

I will give you enlightenment in my presence and in my word. Get my report that is the truth, more of my word and it will set you free. Submerse yourselves in my word.

Turnarounds are coming and get ready what you see now is all about to change. My hand is moving now, their clock is about to strike midnight.

The big earthquake will shake the nations to wake up.

They will call it the BIG ONE the Richter scale will read an astonishing high number.

I will protect my people who will stand and believe in me.

Once you see this, my children,  prepare for mass chaos , or strike with fear, an overturning of an election and the removal of the puppets, and the puppet masters.

Destruction to DC and all what it stands for.

I told you my children that was always THEIR capital

for a reason you will see when it’s all destroyed by me. What they did under those grounds in all those buildings what each and every one of them of those buildings stood for…….

I’ve had enough of them in their plans and death is hitting them who are in DC, that were in your Government

Watch as more, in all three branches of government will die. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

You are some that will fall and never get back up.

Your plans for the 2022 election will not go your way saith the Lord.

Because I am the great I am and I’m putting a halt to your plans that you are devising now to steal that one,

and I will overturn that last one and reveal to the whole world who was all involved, how many elections you actually stole.

Trump squashed your plans in 2016 for the Presidency and  yet you still stole so many seats in the House and in the Senate you had people on both sides to secure your plans and your power.

Well now, all of that will be eradicated by me, and a clean sweep of your government officials is coming, every penny you sold for yourselves, every law you pad your own pockets with, every bill YES all your plans you have done over the course of your existence and my nation, will all be revealed for everyone to see. You are finished and there’s nothing to stop my power against you my Angel armies are in place to take you down.

Your army that protects you, because those armies are nothing for me, to deal with. My vengeance is against you and I will vindicate all who were damaged by you. I win in the end like I always have.

You overplayed your hand and I am done with your game

My hand trumps all of yours.

My Trump and Pence will sound. Retroactive restoration in this land. Arise United States this is your time to shine saith the Lord of Hosts

I suppose so many people who complain that nothing is happening will soon be complaining these happenings are all too much.

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