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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Once again, I’m doing a live show and today is Wednesday, July 19th of 2023 and I’m going to give another prophetic word again this morning and it is
called REMEMBER WHO IS STANDING IN BETWEEN THEM AND YOU and I heard this prophetic word. It was on July 7th of 2023 Again, I’m gonna share my screen with you This was a prophetic word that was given to the prayer team once again during a prayer call Again, God has been doing that a lot during our prayer team calls. We’re praying for the viewers We’re praying for different things that God has us for us to pray every single day The team meets every day and we pray again about what God wants us to pray for that very day in that very hour And you guys know because we love you so much. We appreciate each and every one of you He has a standing in the gap and prank for all of you as well. And this this prophetic word again It’s so powerful because God has given us insight of what is going on of what he is Who he is what he is going to do. We may not know exactly how he’s going to do it That’s not of our business about how God is going to accomplish something We just know that God is, that God is faithful, that God is bigger, that God is going to do what he says he is going to do. No matter what our enemies are trying to accomplish, God’s will will always be done. There is no ifs, ands, buts about it. There’s no, well, it might happen. No, it will happen. It’s a guaranteed thing that God’s will will be done upon this earth. Sometimes we don’t understand God’s will. Sometimes we’re like, God, you’re too slow. Because there’s a lot of times, even in my own life, I’m like, okay, Lord, I wish that would have happened about a week or two or three weeks ago. But He always reminds us that even though it may seem like He’s late, God is never late. Sometimes we like Him to be quicker, but He is never late on the scene. There are things that go on in our life that we may not understand We may not understand even sometimes God’s timing, but God’s timing is always perfect He is always perfect. And then you said then you look back at a situation you go Okay, no matter what it was Lord It was you came on time because you are an on-time God our adversary loves to make situations and circumstances look like God’s late or God’s not faithful but remember our adversary is a liar and so no matter what God is an on-time God and when He gave this prophetic word again. It was on July 7th, and I will be sharing my screen with you But it was so powerful because he’s reminding us He is between us and our enemy and just like that prophetic word yesterday if you guys did miss that live stream I would go back and watch it because it was talking about it’s time to fight back and he was showing you you are fighting but you are fighting with ME I go before you it was just a powerful revelation that he was giving to us about how we need to see our situations and circumstances in our life and things that are going on around the nations, around the world today of how God is the one who goes before us and our enemies may come one way, but they scatter before us seven ways. And that is such a powerful revelation that God wants you to get on the inside of you, that you are not alone in the things that you are facing in your life today. God is with you. God is bigger. He has got you in the palm of his hand. He is protecting you. He’s shielding you. And so after this prophetic word, I will go over some scriptures that God has given me today to give to you. Again, I go over these prophetic words and he just, on the inside of me, he just gives out so many of these different scriptures and it’s just, it’s so awesome and it just gives so much joy to give them to you, because it is God’s will, and it is His Word, and it is His revelation, knowledge is given to you of who He is, and how much He loves you, and how important each and every one of you are to Him. Before I get to that prophetic word, if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website at under our contact page, or you can write us at Julie Green Ministries International, 4620 East 53rd Street, Sweet 200, Davenport, Iowa, 52807. All that information is in the description box below for you. And again, there is a very powerful prayer team here at Julie Greene Ministries, and we do pray for each and every one of you, even though we may not know you personally, but we do pray for you. We love you and we appreciate all of you. So, all right. Now, I’m going to share my screen once again, and then I will be right back.


For I the Lord this day say, this is my country. Soon the world will know it, because I will show it. I will show the manifestation of my hand to remove, to judge, to restore what has been stolen. For over 100 years, almost, since the beginning of this country, there had been people already wanting to destroy the foundation, to destroy my plan for this country. A plan so great, a plan so mighty, this country was meant to be blessed, to be a blessing. This country was meant to be a light. This country was meant to be a country to help other countries around the world. It was to be a safe haven, yes. for people trying to get out of the depressive situations that they were in. It’s a place for peace, a place for freedom, a place of joy, but your enemies did not want that. All they wanted was their control and their version of this nation, a nation with socialism, communism, and pure evil reigning, because this nation, and I have said this before, keeps them from their ultimate goal, their one world government, their great reset. You can’t have a nation so powerful and so blessed and have a global government, the plans they have to shred the Constitution before your eyes, the plans they have to destroy any freedom that you have left, the plans they have to put you even in greater bondage and slavery, they were far from done. My children, take back this nation for my kingdom. Take back this nation in my name. Take back their freedom in my name. Man can’t take something that I have given. Don’t allow it. Don’t bow to their every command, to all their threats and their pressure. The threats will not go anywhere. Remember who’s standing between them and you. It’s ME. They will not have this victory. They will not have this nation. So, my body, come in line now with the head. Come in line now. Stand your ground. And I said, stand firm, hold the line, because your enemy is trying to penetrate that line, destroy that line, and cause divisions anywhere they can. To cause upset, to cause an uproar, to cause chaos, to cause confusion. Anything and everything they can to destroy you. They can destroy the church. They can destroy the power. They can destroy that power. They can have it all. So my children this day, remember what I say. I said, this is mine. I have blessed it. I have blessed this nation. This is my nation. Just like Israel. My hand of protection has not come off. No matter what it appears like right now, I had to allow certain things so you would see what was really going on. So you would get fed up and not put up with any of the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes. If the church was awake, the church would have seen, the church would have dealt with it and could have by now, far before this would have gotten to this degree. But with every shaking comes an awakening. With every awakening comes a revival. Revival is my glory being poured out on mankind. So call in and keep receiving my glory. Keep expecting my glory. Keep expecting my hand to move and place judgment and remove the ones that you see before you. Some people say it’s impossible, never going to happen, never going to work. there’s nothing impossible for me. I have waited until my church was awake. I have waited until the right time. That time comes. One day will be one way and the next day will be another. These things can happen. I’ve done it before. Don’t limit me. Don’t limit me by your thinking. Don’t limit me by your speech. Take the limits off of me, and you will see my glory, saith the Lord.”

Julie Green Commentary Okay, one of the things that stuck out at me when I was going back over this prophetic word is he says in that beginning part, and I love, I think it was so powerful. I mean, everything God says is powerful, but he says, this is my country, and soon the world will know it because I will show it. So we have had enemies that have been trying to take over the entire world But try to take over this nation and God says no I’m gonna show that it’s my nation I’m gonna show him that I’m the one who’s in control but my church has a standing agreement with me that he is the Almighty God that his plans and his will will go forth and that nothing that enemies are doing is going to prosper Against us. It’s not gonna come down that light is not gonna go out No matter how try how much they try to put this light out of this country That’s in the world because God is the light and God is the one who’s providing the light to shine and so no matter how much the enemies are trying to dim it or trying to expose it or trying to To suppress that light at all. God is saying I am the light They can’t put out the light because they can’t put me out they can’t destroy this nation totally because my hand is Protecting this nation He said that he’s allowed certain things to happen Because it was so much darker and it went so much deeper than any of us ever knew about So we didn’t even know to pray about it because we didn’t even know what was going on and God’s saying now I’m shining that light on it and I’m exposing all the deep all the dark all the Evil all the things that they were doing not only against this country But how the people that were involved in this government were trying to do things against other countries around the world So again, this is something that God is saying. Hey, I Am here. I am willing I am moving. I just need you to agree with me and Another thing that he said again, if this was this the name of the prophetic word Remember who is standing in between them and you. Now one of the greatest examples of God standing in between his people and an enemy is you guys probably know where I’m going. I’m going first to the book of Exodus. Now I’m gonna give you other scriptures, but I am going to the first of the book of Exodus. When he said that, when I was reading this over again and it just stuck out at me, it was the book of Exodus. It was the Red Sea moment where God was placing himself between the Pharaoh and his army and his people. And it allowed them time to get to that place of what? Of freedom? To get to that place or of safety away from the enemy. So I want to read The first scripture today is in Exodus. It’s an Exodus chapter 13 now listen to what Moses? They were seriously surrounded They had the Red Sea on one side They had mountains on the other side and then they had Pharaoh and the army on another so they were completely surrounded They had no way of escape. They were stuck and this is what Moses said to them Fear not, stand still, firm, confident, and undismayed. You see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians you see today, you shall never see again.” Now one of the things that Moses said, very bold, now remember both Moses was leading Moses was leading the children of Israel out of the Egypt and they were promises promised land and all of a sudden out of nowhere. They’re stuck They’re stuck by the Red Sea Mountains and then the enemy Then I mean just kept pursuing them. I wouldn’t leave him alone. And so as a leader of this Big, you know massive group of people There’s probably I think between two and three million people that he led out of Egypt and he’s stuck now but he had the boldness of Almighty God that came on him and said hey fear not stand still firm be confident undismay and Because what you will see the salvation of the Lord which he will work For you today the Egyptians you say today you shall ever see again He didn’t know how God was gonna do it But he said the words that God needed spoken and that particular day in that particular hour now We’ll also look Exodus 14. This is verse 14 The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest God will fight for you. He fought for them. He’s fighting for you, too He’s fighting for your nation. He’s fighting for you because you are his own You are his child and if he has done it for them that he fought for them that he delivered them that he protected them He’s doing the same thing for us now. He’s the same God remember. He’s the same God yesterday today and forever forever now also I Want to read down and this is what he showed me in verse 18. Now. Look the Egyptians shall know and realize That I am the Lord when I have gained honor and glory over Pharaoh and his chariots and his horsemen Listen to that again. He says the Egyptians shall know what he’s saying this prophetic word He says this country is soon the world will know it because I will show it He did that right here in Exodus chapter 14 and verse 18 Then it says in verse 19 and the angel of God Who went before the host of Israel Moved and went behind them and the pillar of cloud went before them and stood behind them It surrounded them God brought an angel that stood in earth angels and stood around that and protected them and all sides and Then it says in verse 20 Coming between the host Again, it protected them. It came between the host of Egypt and the host of Israel It was a cloud and darkness to the Egyptians But it was gave a light by night to the Israelites and the host did not come near all The other night now all through the night now listen So it said it was light to the Israelites that cloud, but it was darkness to the Egyptians God was standing in between the Egyptians and God’s people why to give them time to get to a safe place To give them time to receive a freedom that they have never known God stood in between them and wouldn’t let the enemy come any closer No matter how close the enemy seems to be appearing right now to us and our nations To us in our own families or our own life. God says, uh-huh. I’m standing in between them and you Remember who I am Remember what I’ve done. He says he’s the same God yesterday today and forever So that means we have to realize now that God is doing the same So we can’t walk by sight if they would have walked by sight. They were panicking remember in the Red Sea They were panicking because they did not know how they were gonna get out. It looked too impossible It looked like there was no way out Until God says i’m showing up Not only am I going to show you that I am an escape I am going to show you that I’m the way out. I am going to show you that I am Your protector I’m going to show you that I am the avenger. I’m going to show you that I’m the deliverer That’s what he said and that’s what he did and so again in verse 20 Exodus chapter 14 and verse 20 Coming between the host of Egypt and the host of Israel It was a cloud and darkness to the Egyptians But it gave a light by night to the Israelites and the one host did not come near the other all night and then of course in verse 21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the Lord caused the sea to go back by the strong east wind all night And made the sea dry land and the waters were divided God did it God stood between the enemy and God’s people until they had that safe place until they had that freedom that they needed that’s God and he’s saying to you he wants you to know him in that way he wants you to know him as that protector he wants you to know him as that deliverer he wants you to know him as he’s the in-between he’s the in-between I’m gonna give you so many examples here this morning and Then of course, you know, I know what happened the Pharaoh and those guys once a cloud Came down that protection came down the Israelites were all on the other side of the Red Sea And then the Pharaoh said, okay the Red Sea is parted for us because they thought it was their God doing it for them and They went to the Red Sea and you know what happened they died So Exodus chapter 14 verse 31 in Israel saw the great work Which the Lord did against the Egyptians and the people reverently feared the Lord and trusted in relied on Remained steadfast the Lord and his servant Moses So they saw so you hear in Moses talked about that in Exodus chapter 14 verse 13 and 14 Moses says you will see you will see the work that God will do for you today You will see him show up. You will see him protect you You will see him give you a way out that you didn’t see before All right. I’m gonna give you another scripture. We’re gonna go to Daniel. We’re gonna go to Daniel chapter 3 Again, thank you for all those you guys always do this for us You always write these down in the description box all these Scriptures, so thank you. God bless you. All right now go to Daniel chapter 3 And in Daniel chapter 3, you’re gonna see God doing the same thing again Daniel chapter 3 and I’m gonna start with Verse 25 All right. Now you guys all know the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. All right I’m not gonna go through the whole entire story for the sake of time because there’s a lot of illustrations I want to show you that God was going between and Saving and protecting his people from the enemy no matter what the enemy used as a weapon against them God proved himself that he was the mediator. He that he was in between God’s people and the enemy and the enemy could not come as close as they wanted to come All right and do the damage that they wanted to do and I don’t know what’s going on with my camera today guys I don’t know what’s going on with it. It has a mind of its own today. Apparently. All right now Now, it says in Daniel 3, now obviously you know King Nebuchadnezzar, he threw them in the fiery furnace, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were in there. They were in there with their clothes. They were in there tied up. And then verse 24, he did ask, Daniel 3, verse 24, he said, we did, did we not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said to the king, true, O king. So when they they threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the people who threw them into the fiery furnace because Nebuchadnezzar got so angry He heated up seven times hotter the men who threw him and died The Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego with all their clothes and their you know, their chains They walked in and they weren’t they didn’t die They literally were in the fiery furnace without it affecting them And then all of a sudden he said we threw three men in there Nebuchadnezzar was looking in the furnace and this is what he says verse 25. Look he answered I see four men loose So they were bound when they first went in Then all of a sudden he said I see four men loosed. So before they were bound in Their arms and in their legs they were bound but all of a sudden now they’re seeing them walking around like nothing He said look he answered I see four men loose walking in the midst of the fire and they are not hurt The form of the fourth is like the Son of God So what did God do God? Protected Jesus was in there. He showed up in the furnace He showed up in the fiery furnace and he protected Shadrach Meshach and Abednego from the effects of the fire from the effects of the damage that the enemy wanted to cause that anybody want to cause to kill him the enemy wanted to prove His point and to show how powerful he was and God was saying, huh? Does that matter what you had planned for my people? I’m gonna show up for that even in the midst of the fire and I’m gonna stand between them and you and whatever you Wanted planned for them. It will not affect them and I’m gonna prove myself to you now I’m gonna prove myself to you. I’m gonna prove myself to my people These stories are so magnificent and they should just get you so excited on the inside that you are realizing that even a fire God can stand between you and the power and the force of the Enemies destruction and God saying hey, I’m right here and it will not affect you now. Look what it says Look at this in Verse 27. This is Daniel chapter 3 verse 27 It says I’m gonna read toward the latter part because it talks about you know stuff in the beginning of the The scriptures, but it says they saw these men on those whose bodies and fire and no power the fire had no power This is the point why I wanted to get you the fire had no power The enemy had no power Against God’s people because God was in there when God is with you The enemy has no power against you Remember, Jesus was out walking with them in the fiery furnace, okay? Jesus was standing in between the fire and them and protected them. He shielded them from the power of that fire, from the power of that destruction. Jesus was there. Remember, Jesus is in you. He was with them, but he’s in you. So Jesus is saying and he’s showing God is showing us Jesus was with them on the outside But he’s given us a better covenant Jesus is on the inside of us standing in between our enemy and us so our enemy can only go so far because we are Shielded by the blood of the Lamb and by what the word of our testimony We are shielded by the name and the power of the blood of Jesus and that authority of that name that it gives God stands between us and them our enemies I’m going to show you another example another example, excuse me, Daniel 6 Daniel 6 22 We all know this same thing. Look what happened God stood between Daniel and the Lions Again, the enemy had trapped the king and Daniel because the king loved Daniel Like again long story. I don’t want to all get into it all But because the king made a law he was believing his you know advisers well, they were totally out to get David on purpose or Daniel excuse me a Daniel on purpose and So they tricked the king and all of a sudden when the king did this and they realized when they said hey Daniel’s not listening to it. He realized that they trapped him and then he had because it was a law he had to throw him in the lion’s den and Daniel was like, okay, I’m protected by God and So when he went into the lion’s den, what did God do another example of God? Standing in between the enemy’s plans and his people God had shut the mouths of the lions So the lions could not harm Daniel. He stood between a fire and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He stood between the children of Israel and Pharaoh and all of his men. He’s the God who stands between. He’s our protector. He’s our deliverer. He’s our everything. He’s done this time and time again. Now you can see what happened with Daniel in Daniel chapter 6 verse 22, and he says my God sent his angel To shut the lion’s mouths So they have have not Hurt me. So remember I just read to you the fire had no power and no power against Shadrach Meshach and Abednego These lions had no power Against Daniel when he was in lion’s den Because God has stripped the power of the enemy away from him, and he’s saying, hey, I’m your go-between. I’m going to stand between you and the enemy. If you just stand, and trust, and believe, and be bold. Look what Moses said. Moses says, you are going to see this. You are going to see the work of God. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego say, okay, whatever King Nebuchadnezzar, our God will save us. And then Daniel was the same way. It was the boldness. It was the trust in God. No matter what it was. I thank you Father. God, I trust you I will boldly stand no matter if they throw me in a fiery furnace No matter if they throw me in a lion’s den I trust and believe you that you are the great I AM that you are the God that has saved so many before us and we Aren’t gonna be afraid and they weren’t and God showed up Look what happened? I’m not gonna get into that one You can read it some more time for yourself. It’s 1st Samuel chapter 17. It’s a story of David and Goliath You can say that’s another example No matter what Goliath wanted no matter how big he was no matter what he was throwing at everybody else everybody else was running scared Dave was like Yeah, I got this because God’s got me God saved me from a bear God saved me from a lion and God will save me from this this giant Who cares? It doesn’t matter how big the enemy is This is what David’s basically saying. I don’t care how big the enemy is. God’s bigger. God is bigger. Remember those two words that I love, but God. No matter what situation you’re facing, it’s but God. So David was running toward. He says, I don’t care how big this enemy is. I know that my God is bigger. This is what we have to get on the inside of us. It’s that boldness like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Even though I look with Moses Moses had the boldness to We’ve got that boldness like Daniel the boldness like David the boldness like Joshua and Caleb when they said hey We can go in the promised land. We are more than able to beat these Giants Think about that the boldness of these people Of God because they knew their God. Where’s the boldness of God’s people now? Where’s the boldness that they can say, you know what? I don’t care what the enemy does I thank you Father God that you are the one that’s standing in between me and the enemy I thank you Father God They can only go so far and they can’t go anymore because you were in between me and them and I thank you Father God you are protecting me. You are holding that back. They can’t go any farther I thank you Father God that your will is done And no matter what they throw at us, no matter what they throw at us you are Protecting us you are bigger. You are greater and you are faithful Where is the boldness of the body of Christ that says you know what Jesus was beside them in the fiery furnace But Jesus is on the inside of me now So we have a greater covenant and I will stand boldly in the midst of the enemy and I will thank God that he will Deliver me out of it all because that’s what he says This is what we need to do every day. This is why it’s so important For you to be in the word every day But you had this encouragement every day for you to get to know the great I am and get to know what his word says because once you know, like I’m sitting there I’m studying Before I get on here before I do these videos every morning That’s why I get up early to get up and study before I do these videos and pray And get with the Lord and seek him to see what he wants me to say and see what scriptures that he wants me to Do with these prophetic words that he’s given Because they’re not mine. They’re his There’s always revelation in his word. There’s always he’s always giving out enlightenment He’s always giving out wisdom and knowledge understanding for you to see a story that’s been in the Bible for all these years and you’re going I didn’t see it that way before it’s so exciting because God’s Word is inexhaustible and you can always learn something from his word And I’m seeing it even today when I was there studying and I was just praising and worshiping it and I’m like This is something I haven’t seen before praise the Lord I just got so excited or overly excited as you can’t tell I’m sure I Got excited because oh my God You’re the you stand in between We can’t see it But we know that you do because you’ve done it before You’ve done it before and they didn’t have a covenant like we do. We have a better covenant than they did And if you did it for them, you said you don’t respect your persons. You’re gonna do it for us If you delivered a nation in a day think about that. He delivered a nation in a day. Why can’t we proclaim? I thank you Father. God. You’re delivering my nation in a day. I don’t care what it takes I thank you Father God that you are able to do it because there’s nothing impossible to you and for you I thank you Father God that you are the God who saved a nation in a day and you are saving my nation That is that boldness that you’re having like a lion because you realize that you have the greater one on the inside of you that he has made You an overcomer and he’s saying I just need my children to agree with me and not to agree with the enemy This is this is this is an example of agreeing with the enemy all hope is lost our Countries are in trouble This country’s dying There’s no way out of this. The globalists are gonna take over. They’re gonna start killing people more and more and more They’re getting what they want. There’s so much injustice. Nothing’s being done. God’s not gonna do anything It’s hopeless That’s agreeing with the enemy and that’s exactly what he wants you to do That’s exactly what our ancestors did in the wilderness when they said we can’t go to the promised land We’re not we’re just grasshoppers in their sight. We can’t do nothing against them the enemy wants you to perceive that you are nothing in the sight of his people of The enemy and all the ones he’s got against you and God is saying Don’t focus on Them you focus on him. Remember the four F’s firm focused foundation on the Father and Then you won’t focus on the enemy. You won’t focus on how big they are. You won’t focus on their threats You won’t focus on the damage that they’re causing Because God can save a nation in a day but he needs us to stand in agreement with him. He needs us to be bold. Again, I gave you all those examples. There’s always somebody who is in agreement with God. There’s always somebody that was daring to stand and bold and say in the midst of the most ridiculous and impossible looking situation and they said I believe God. I believe God has more power than you. So they’re saying to enemy, and God showed up. We have a part to play in this. A lot of people are waiting on God to do all of these things, but God is saying, I am waiting for my people to be in agreement with me, to boldly stand in the face of adversity, and trust me, I will show up. But he needs us, just like he needed the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness. He needed them to walk boldly into that promised land but they didn’t because they were moved by what they saw and God is saying today don’t be moved by what you see don’t be moved by your enemy don’t be moved by what you’re doing you should know that they’re doing that stuff and be aware of it you can pray against it but God is saying I have given you the name above every name I’ve given you a blood covenant that I will Be your defender. I will be your protector and just like the scriptures he gave yesterday. I’m running out of time I wrote him down again, but just like the scriptures he gave yesterday Remember he gave in Psalm 91 the secret place He protects us read Psalm 91 verse 1. I love all of Psalm 91. I told you guys that yesterday and Read Psalm 91 He hides us. He shields us. What? He protects us. He stands between us and our enemy. I want to read another scripture to you really quick. This is Psalm 46 in verse 1 and this is out of the New Century Version. I’ve never heard of this version before. It’s called the New Century Version. All right. I found this again on Bible Gateway. So let’s go through different translations. Psalms 46 in verse 1. God is our protection and strength. He always helps in times of trouble. It didn’t say maybe. It didn’t say every once in a while. It says He always helps in times of trouble. That’s what we have to know is that God always helps in times of trouble and there’s another one that I wanted to read to you I know I’m running out of time here there’s so many let me get this one out for you this is in the New Testament 2nd Timothy 2nd Timothy chapter 4 and verse 18 2nd evil work, and preserve me for his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory forever and ever.” That’s the New King James Version. Now, I wanna read this out of the Amplified, 2 Timothy 4, verse 18. And indeed, the Lord will certainly deliver and draw me to himself from every assault of evil. He will preserve and bring me safe into his heavenly kingdom to him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. So he says right here, the Lord will certainly, he’s a sure thing. He will deliver and draw me near to himself. That’s what he’s done in all these different illustrations I’ve given you. There’s so many different scriptures that I can give to you because I’m running out of time. I can’t give them There’s so many different scriptures that it shows even just look up scriptures You can google it or duck duck go it. However, you want to do with a search engine that you use God’s Protection scriptures. Where did God protect people? I Just knew that some of these because God just brought him up in my spirit other ones I looked him up and I saw different translations and they just excited me because it gives a revelation that God says what’s over here he will draw me to himself from every assault from the evil every assault he will draw you near that means he brings you into that secret place of the Almighty I’m never okay and keeps bringing back up a Psalm 91 this is the last one I’ll read for today Psalm Psalm 91 verse 1 he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable fixed under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no foe can withstand. There’s nothing that our enemy has. No foe can withstand the power of Almighty God. And remember that power is on the inside of you because you are the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. You are his child. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and he’s saying to you if I stood between the Red Sea and The enemy they could not touch my children then if I stood between my Shadrach Meshach and Abednego my children and I was in the fiery furnace with them and the fire had no power against them If I was with Daniel in the lion’s den, the lions had no power against my son. That’s what he’s saying. And he shut the mouth. And then again, we have David and Goliath and God saying, there is no power on this earth. There’s no power the enemy has that can withstand the power of Almighty God and you are his. And he lives on the inside of you. So that’s the thing that we have to remember today when we’re facing all these difficult situations and God’s saying all these shakings and all these things that are going on around the world. And he says it’s going to look worse and it’s going to look like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But God said, remember this, remember these scriptures, dig down deep in his word and He will reveal Himself to you of who He is and what He promises to do for each every one of you. I’m gonna go over this prophetic word really quickly. Again, remember who is standing in between them and you. For I the Lord this day, this is my country. Soon the world will know it because I will show it. I will show the manifestation of my hand to remove and to judge and to restore what has stolen for Over a hundred years almost since the beginning of this country There had been people already wanting to destroy the foundation to destroy my plan for this country a plan So great a plan so mighty this country was meant to be blessed to be a blessing That means all the the blessing of this country wasn’t just supposed to stay it We were supposed to be a vessel to bless other nations around the world And they says also to be a light This country is meant to be a help to other countries around the world Now listen to this. He had me put this in bold. It’s supposed to be a safe haven Yes for people trying to get out of depressive Situations that they were in it is a place for peace a place for freedom a place for joy But your enemies did not want that What? You know how to know Satan has been trying to kick God out of this world since the beginning of time He doesn’t want God’s people He doesn’t want any that why he tried to overthrow God in heaven Why do you think he’s not trying to overthrow him here? He has been since ever and So we have to realize that’s what our enemy’s plan is He says now listen, but your enemies do not want that All they wanted was their control their version of this nation a nation with socialism communism pure evil reign Because this nation I have said this before keeps them from the ultimate goal. What’s their ultimate goal? They’re one world government. They’re great reset. You can’t have a nation So powerful and so blessed and have a global government and that has been their ultimate plan for for however long God even talks about that in the book of Revelation Now says the plans they’ve had to shred the Constitution before your eyes Our enemies have been trying to shred our Constitution for a long time because it restricts them from their control what they have over us They’re not supposed to have any We’re not supposed to be dictators Now this says the plans have destroyed any freedom that you that you have left the plans I have to put you even in a greater bondage in slavery. They were far from done So what we’ve seen so far God’s saying they were far from done my children He says listen, they were far from done, but my children take this nation back for my kingdom Take it back for his kingdom. Take it take this nation back in my name What’s that name the name of Jesus take back the freedom in my name. It can’t take something that I have given It says don’t allow it don’t Bow to their every command through all their threats and their pressure. The threats will not go anywhere Remember who’s standing in between them and you I just read you all those scriptures that God was showing us today About who he is and he stands in between us and them. He says and he’s put behind before there’s a bolt and caplocks. It’s me God is saying it’s me who stands between them and you They will not have their victory They will not have this nation So my body come in line now with the head come in line stand near ground and I have said stand firm Hold the line because your enemy is trying to penetrate that line Destroy that line to cause division anywhere they can They want to try to cause upset to cause an uproar to cause chaos to cause confusion Anything and everything they can to destroy you They can destroy the church if they can destroy the power if they can destroy that power what in the church The power of the name of Jesus at the church for the longest time didn’t even know they had The power and authority dominion that the church didn’t even know had if they could destroy that Then they could have it all and that’s why God is giving us revelation every single day of who we are What kind of power and authority we have in him not by ourselves. We can’t do anything without him Well, we can we just won’t it won’t fair. It won’t be very well for us He says so much on this day. Remember what I said. I have said this is this is mine I have blessed it. I have blessed this nation. This is my nation just like Israel my hands protection My hand of protection has not come off Even though people think so, but it hasn’t my hand of protection has not come off no matter what it appears like I’ve had to allow certain things and listen that yeah allow certain things So you would see what was really going on so you get fed up and not put up with any of the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes the church was awake the church would have seen that in the church would have dealt with it and It could and would have not gone this far as basically what he’s saying. He said with it could have have not gone that far Now he says but before this would have gone to this degree, but every Shaking with every shaking comes an awakening and he says whatever an awakening comes a revival revival is my glory be being poured out on Mankind so call in keep receiving my glory Keep expecting my glory. What’s God’s glory? His manifested power, presence, and goodness. So he says to keep expecting it. Keep expecting my hand to move and place judgment and remove the ones that you see before you. Some people say that’s impossible. There’s always going to be critics. There’s always going to be people that are going to persecute that. And God is saying that’s always been that way. But God has always proven them wrong. But he says, I have waited until my church was awake. The church wasn’t awake before. He says, I waited for my church to be awake. I have waited until the right time. That time has come. That time comes. One day will one way, so one day it’s going to be one way, the next day will be another. These things can happen. I’ve done it before. Don’t limit me. Don’t limit me by your thinking. Don’t limit me by your speech. Take the limits off of me and you will see my glory save the Lord now people say we can’t limit God There are so many scriptures in the Bible. You can even see within the children of wilderness They limited God with their murmuring groaning and complaining They limited God and they also delayed their victory so it can happen delays have happened before and they’ve happened lately and God is saying it’s because my church and my people need to get in agreement with my word. That’s what he’s saying Get an agreement and trust him and rely on him and not all these things that you’re seeing right now Not all your enemies and what the power that they have they have they seems like they have a lot of power It seems like they have exactly what they want. There’s nothing we can do about it God is saying don’t believe that, that’s a lie, that’s a deception. Remember the three D’s, deceive, distract, destroy. That’s what the devil is doing, deceiving, distracting, and destroying. We have a firm, focused foundation on the Father, then we won’t be shaken and we won’t be moved. We have that boldness that we know by all the scriptures I just gave to you, that God God is standing in between us and our enemy. And we have the victory that God has promised us, no matter what it looks like, no matter how impossible it may seem, God is saying, it’s there. He knows the end from the beginning. So how about we take God for His word and not the enemy for His? Now I want to pray over each and every one of you before I go today. I want to pray that you get the revelation of the goodness of Almighty God and the power of Almighty God that’s within you. So Heavenly Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I just lift up every person at the sound of my voice, and I want to praise you and I want to thank you, Father God, that they are here for such a time as this, that they will fulfill their assignments. They will fulfill their calling that nothing that enemy is doing will keep them back and to hold them down I thank you Father God that they are getting the revelation on the inside of them that is growing So strong that they know that you are in between Them and the enemy that you are a big God that you are a great God that you are a good God that you live on the inside of them and that you are greater than anyone that’s against them I thank you Father God that you are showing them the power and authority of the name of Jesus that you are showing them your Glory and the resurrection power of Jesus resides on the inside of them Show them Father God that you have made a way when there wasn’t any way Show them Father God that you are the peace when it looks like there isn’t any Show them, Father God, that you can turn all their mourning into joy unspeakable because you are their joy, because you are their strength. Show them, Father God, how special they are to you and how important they are to this world, how they all have a voice, how they all have a purpose, how they all are loved so much by the Creator of heaven and earth. We thank you, Father God, for these precious words that you give, and we don’t take them for granted. We thank you, Father God, for the revelation and the fresh manna from heaven that you are giving to us every day, so we can persevere, so we can rise above and overcome every test, every trial and every adversity and I thank you Father God that you are showing your glory that you are showing up in their life so strong and they’re realizing they are not alone and I thank you Father God for your protection for them for your faithfulness to them and you show them that you are that same God God that is in the Scriptures, you are that same God now, and you are their Father. And I thank you for it in Jesus’ name, amen and amen. When you know the truth, when you know truly the truth of who God is, there is nothing that you face that will ever run you down to the ground, that will ever get you to wave that white flag again. I promise you God will bring you up out of all that sorrow He will bring you up out of that darkness into such a magnificent light Because he is that light And he has that promise for you. He says he always causes you to triumph. I Want you to read those scriptures today that I gave out that he gave me to give to you read those scriptures get before him today and thank him, that you get to know him, and that you are loved by the Most High God, and he has a plan for you, and nothing your enemy has will ever stop that. Especially if you never give in to it. You never give in to that quit. You never give in. Even if you do every once in a while, get back up. Get back up and you stand. If you fall down, get back up again. God’s right there to pick you up. Well, I hope this encourages you today. Please like, subscribe, and share, and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth will set you free. I love, or God loves you. I’m gonna say that first. God loves you. I love you. God bless you, and have a wonderful day.

AFTERWORD Message is short and sweet and very direct. US cant be allowed to fall because it is the main obstacle to evil. And correction time is coming. When the NWO is politically decapitated around the world.

So usefully evil has risen to the top of the power pyramid to enable it to be removed in a way proving Gods existence after his long absence. For even the dullest materialists. God only made himself scarce for awhile. Amusingly the dullest materialists will find themselves no longer living in a secular logical scientismic world they will have to acknowledge Divine Magic.

Jordan Peterson explains Lobsters 300 million years evolved hierarchical pyramid societies and our physical brain structures are similarly evolved to function in these power pyramid type societies. And since the most evil people have occupied almost every leadership position globally God is about to show who is King of the Castle with sudden resignations, sudden retirements and sudden deaths among the evil elites.

A privilege beyond description it is just to be incarnated here right now to see the END OF TYRANNY on huge flat screens with every secret revealed as promised a long time ago.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Transcript for serious types

Time has come for the world to know the Great I AM

For I the Lord this day and speaking through my prophets to give you hope encourage you and to strengthen you.

 Lord you have spoken these words before !

YES my children I have so you would get these words down on the inside of you further.

Father for your faith to grow to a new level and to trust in me when facing such adversity fear confusion, storms

I’m here to strengthen you to raise you up higher than any attacks from the adversary. My children these are the days for my body to awaken. Arise and receive glory like never before. These are the days of turnarounds breakthroughs and for the world to know the great I AM still lives

I still deliver and save.

I am the same God in the Bible that avenges my children and destroys your enemies.

YES in this time you will see me do more excellent works than I did in the book of Exodus for Daniel in the Lion’s den, for the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace, for David against Goliath, for the widow no oil, for the woman with the issue of blood and raising Lazarus from the dead.

In all these examples my children you have a better covenant with me than they did.

Believe me that I will do far more remarkable works these days, because you are a part of the latter ring (?).

I will show the world there is nothing impossible for me to overturn, destroy, restore even better than it was before, just like with the fiery furnace, I will make you come out like you are never in there.

Yes I am that God. Do not be surprised by all of these things.

I’m about to show the world that I am the Creator. I am the healer and I am the provider.

You are my children and the covenant you have with me is stronger and more powerful than anything your adversaries have.

My children with the Great Exodus your enemies will never forget who is on your side and who is with you. You are all marked with the blood of Jesus. Know this, even when you can’t see this, your enemies can. Have more faith and trust in the blood of Jesus than anything in this world.

Children of Almighty God your enemies will not be able to cross that bloodline. Just like he couldn’t in Goshen on the night of the Passover.

The blood speaks.

The blood defeats.

The blood destroys.

The blood heals.

The blood delivers.

Have more faith in my blood in this hour my children, you are never alone, never forsaken. Despite how your enemies make you feel. I AM is always with you in your darkest hours. I am your light that will destroy and expel all the darkness in your life.

You can trust me I will get you out of every entrapment from the devil.

He can’t win against me nor you when you trust me more than what he is doing.

Don’t just tell me in prayer all that he is doing, I already know my children.

Just raise your hands and say God I thank you that you have defeated all of what Satan has put in my life.

He has nothing that can beat me and he can’t beat you.

I have the victory and I believe this more than what he has done.

I receive Lord my healing deliverance, strength, finances, a way out of all the evil Lord, because you are my waymaker.

My children I am telling you to pursue overtake and recover all that has been stolen from you.

I will be your everything, children of Almighty God

I say Fear not. There is nothing to fear.

I’ve told you my children it is a time for turnarounds, breakthroughs. I am doing more for my children and the world, than at any other time in history. My child in my written word it states if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave and require of necessity my face, turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven.

Forgive their sins and heal their land. I have heard the cries of my people and all the nations of this earth I am healing your lands and destroying all that is against you.

They will call it a monstrous storm. Its about to hit the Netherlands the United Kingdom and France

This storm my children is to prove that a perfect storm is hitting your enemies..

I have told you about these storms earthquakes and volcanoes. Do not fear and be discouraged.

I am moving to deliver you, to trust me more than what you see.

I will protect you.

Brace for impact oh United States. Your supposed government is planning a power grab they are very desperate at this hour to stay in power.

Just stand and pray. You are about to see the works of my hand against them. This power grab and hijacking has gone on far too long.

It is coming to an abrupt end.

My children in the army of the Lord the battle is won and you are on the winning side.

Danger is lurking behind so much in your nation oh United States and the countries of the world, that you had no idea what was taking place.

I will destroy and annihilate anything that is against you

Revival and glory are coming your enemies want so desperately to stop it but nothing will work against me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

News will break out regarding the Grand Canyon National Park look for the sign

Breakthroughs and turnarounds will follow. 2022 is a year for you my United States. Look for an uptick of Eagle Sightings. eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers, which is another sign I am raising the eagle.

This nation will rise greater than before.

Just watch my children I am giving you multiple signs to show I’m in control.

I’m delivering you and your enemies never win.

To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world.

I am shielding you, I love you, I want you to know my hand is moving to set you free. Saith the Lord of hosts     Mar 2

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you.

I am here for you Australia I’m completely setting you free from this tyranny.

Watch Poland a major weather event will take place in your land it will be breaking news everywhere.

My children this event is yet another sign, to let you know I am in control of this hour of confusion and everything will be okay.

A lightning storm will hit your land oh United States in Washington DC

Yes multiple states as well. It will destroy and start multiple fires, destroy things against you.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord in this hour and this is the hour of vengeance.

Multiple exposures of government officials will break out all over the news.

They told you these were conspiracy theories, these exposures are true, but twisted to make people believe they were far-fetched and could never happen.

Every lie will be revealed to the children of Almighty God

so brace for truth you never thought you would hear, an avalanche of truth to this degree all at one time.

But the time has come, for an avalanche of truth.

So watch for more worldwide major events will be reported because the avalanche of truth is not coming, it is here Saith the Lord

The winds of change are here.

Watch for gusting wind reports in the news. They will talk of major unprecedented ratios no way.

They will say that inland hurricane of this magnitude has never been recorded. True, because my children it never has happened before. My hand is swiftly moving across your land oh United States and the nations worldwide to cleanse to heal and to restore. Breakthroughs will occur one right after another.

There will be freedom from all the evil rulers everywhere in your lands.

My children will be placed in the places of power.

Honorable men and women of God who care about people who were handpicked and prepared for this hour.

There will be some who are not children of Almighty God yet, but they will be.

I see their heart and they can be trusted to protect you my children. They will not become unruly like the ones before.

God all this seems impossible ! Well my children it is a good thing there is nothing impossible with me. I will show the world that is who I am You will all see that I AM is your protector deliverer healer comforter protector and soon coming King.

Rejoice in your victories and start to celebrate, the winds of change are moving across your lands, and will change everything you see now, Saith the Lord   

God wants to make himself Known to the world in a variety of ways. Massive record breaking predicted weather events, deaths of enemies,and all lies being exposed. Certainly a good start.

And another useful way to get to know God personally is Laymans Gnosis at as detailed in the bottom panel.

A better covenant with God today than way back in biblical times, when there were NO communications and nobody could read and write. Paper wasn’t even invented. No printing. Today over the NET God reaches millions daily. So he intends to out-do his ancient Biblical achievements on a GLOBAL SCALE. Yahoo !

“To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world “

So golly, what was intended to emanate from Ukraine ? Worldwide genocide ? Smacks of US biowarfare labs (15) many of which Putin has already destroyed. Se we are told. US embassy took down their webpage verifying this. Older web pages support this thesis. So has Putin done us a massive favour by invading Ukraine ? Post script Social media Salty confirms US Ukraine bioweapons discussion has been DEPLATFORMED.

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you”

TWO record breaking floods 24 hrs apart in Sydney and Brisbane. Have never seen this in all my 60 years in Sydney. Still in Progress 9th March. OK we get the message Chief. My district here Bankstown-Bass Hill. Its not due to the rising Georges River its the sheer volume of falling rain unable to runoff to get down to the river.

This flood is longer than 1000 km. Sydney up to beyond Brisbane. Places are flooding that have never flooded before.

Worst of rain over but flood threat remains for NSW | 9 News Australia

600 mm (24 inches) of rain fell on Sydney in 2 weeks. Wierdly complex rain system described here first minute. This has certainly got everyone’s attention Mr G. But I wonder how many will make the supernatural connection ? More strangeness required.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green – Let Freedom Ring

Transcript here starts at 19min -27

Let Freedom Ring     is what this one’s called

So it says Shout let freedom ring once again !

Fry (?) the Lord this day and knocking your enemies down out of their places of power, many have already been removed, and the new news hasn’t announced it yet. Some have already fallen on their face, like Facebook. And I am moving against them. now I’ll explain that Facebook thank you a minute, and I’m moving against all those businesses that were against you Amazon going down wasn’t by them it was another sign of darkness in the enemy’s camps you will see and hear more about outages as the days grow closer to your Exodus I am tearing down the walls their gates their plans and anything that they had, that they thought they were safe behind, their firewalls in their servers, and laptops they had to protect their businesses and their secrets.

They thought they could hide it in plain sight, Facebook and Amazon, those firewalls have been breached by me, and I am pouring out all this information that was hidden from you, to enslave you with mandates, lockdowns, planned shortages ,and the truth is coming out like a freight train barrelling down the tracks.

Yes, the momentum has been picking up speed with no way to stop or slow it down. For I the Lord am in control of every system in this earth with one move of my finger they will all fall, and not just in Fall, watch the next few months, will bring great celebrations this new year of 2022 which is bringing the great reset of the New. new economies, new governments new jobs, new churches, new businesses, new authority, fresh fire and glory shall um hold on first fire and glory and he says hold on, because you are because you should enjoy your receiving ride it has begun so your receiving ride has begun for I the Lord am moving now to deliver those who are still refusing to believe.

Julie explains –Now there’s people still refusing to believe that he’s about to deliver, so watch what he’s saying, get right before me, the clock is running out for the choice that needs to be made, in which side that you are on to receive all what I’m about to pour out. Some will receive 30 some 60 and some 100 fold but not everyone will receive the same portion depending on what you believe I want all my children to receive all that has your names on it, your entire inheritance package, in my word not everyone saw the promised land, and that is happening once again I have waited for my children to awaken and get right before me.

My grace and love for you is why I waited this long.

So many of my children have asked why Lord are you taking so long ?

One. I do not move by man’s timing.

Two. I was waiting for you to arise in your authority.

This is a time of a great falling away and separation in the body of Christ, and in this time, my Remnant will come out and rise higher and brighter and become who I need them to be in this hour, for the world to know my body is the ones who are the true, who are true to my word and nothing this is who the Remnant is, who are true to his word and nothing this earth threw at them stopped them from pursuing and standing through it all. They fought until I the Lord am stepping in. They have the determination and the fight in them like of Paul, and Jesus’ resurrection. Power is rising in you now, bringing you up above all, which has kept you down, no more hiding no more hiding or holding your heads down, no more enslavement and fear. Come up higher my children, now is your time to come up higher than the evil ones ever thought they could be.

A power none of them could ever have.

Freedom. Say it.

My freedom is here and now, no more waiting, say it every day My freedom is here !  Say it loud ! My freedom is here My Freedom is here. My freedom is here Let freedom ring in my life, and in my nation and you will not be defeated and you will not quit ! These are your marching orders today my children, as I bring all your enemies down now listen what are you saying.

 Explosions will be seen and heard in the coming days for my angel armies and your military have been at work to save and deliver you from this tyranny, and from the pharaohs of this day.

 For this is drawing closer of their Judgment and for the death to the ones against you.

It is far greater in number than you ever thought that it could be when I move against Washington DC and against the elites and against the globalists and against the businesses and the foreign nations that were involved in your destruction. Their destruction will be great. Peace I will bring you in the midst of this calamity. And joy and strength you shall receive, for you are protected by me, saith the Lord of hosts. Julie explains– Now he had all that capitalized, that we are protected by him, transfers removals turn-arounds, miracles healings and signs and wonders will rain down from the heavens, and bring you into a promised land, and a new life where there is no lack of any kind, this is your future and your future and your new is here and it’s here to stay, Saith the Lord End message

Julie now explains how low information people, make pointless complaints. And gives examples.

Now when he’s talking about, and I think it was prophet Robin Bullock that talked about this, how Facebook fell on their face, how they were out blacked out, for so many hours, well they never fully recovered from that. Now all of a sudden they have a new name Meta which in Hebrew means death so they’re proclaiming their own death.

It’s not even a joke.

They don’t know what it means but meta means death and the owners transferred their name right after their blackout. Why is it so important ? Because of what he said in that word about what’s going on with them, and what’s going on with them Amazon servers people thought they just had a fluke thing that happened and they were down for so many hours, No, God calls those blackouts.

He said he breached their firewalls, because there’s things on those servers that people have a right to know, and if you’ve noticed all of a sudden, Facebook is now advertising more than they ever have before, in any of their platforms.

A company that’s supposed to be worth lots of money, why so suddenly after this blackout they change their name and they have to advertise all the time ?

Things are happening in plain sight, but because for some people in the body of christ it doesn’t happen the way they expected, they just fall away.

Julie Explains -There’s one person said in a comment

Nothing’s happening !  What ? Really ?

I want to pray for these people –

What do you mean nothing’s happening ?

Even (Timothy Dixon half fraud) prophesied the Mississippi river was going to run backwards and it did.

We live by the Mississippi river in Iowa, we know how big that river is. It almost completely cuts the United States in half and it was flowing backwards for a time when a hurricane came in through the gulf. It switched the current. Now that can only be done by the hand of God.

Explanation 2 He’s been talking about earthquakes he’s been talking about volcanoes. Well all of a sudden are you seeing an uptick in earthquakes and to volcanoes ? but people are just from food anyway and also you have to understand there’s also people that are suppressing this information of how much is going on, especially in Yellowstone, that will be another word that he gave me this morning pay attention to that Yellowstone is the biggest super volcano in this world

It’s like a thousand miles wide or something and the reason why the super volcano was so massive and so important to watch is because of this magma chamber of this super volcano is bigger than you can even possibly fathom, you see a mountain and you see a volcano and you can see where the hole is, and you can see, you know, it’s not that big compared to how many states wide, this thing is underneath the earth so the magma  chamber’s bigger and I was just talking to somebody on the phone yesterday about the buffalo scattering from there

Now again, that was something that I didn’t get to hear all of one because when they were in an airport, I heard only every other word so I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I’ve had prophetic words I spoke them Here you guys heard about Yellowstone the Hisaka fully erupt if it would fully erupt, it would put us in an ice age because the ash cloud that would go so many miles wide, and go so far it would put everybody in the ice age It would destroy soil, it would destroy the way we would be able to um have any food whatsoever, it would destroy so many things so it’s not going to erupt fully, but it will erupt where you are going to notice it, so be watching for it. This is just another sign of what God is showing that he’s about to do, and the reason why you’re seeing some of these things is, because God is because there’s so many people saying that I don’t believe, he’s long suffering and he’s merciful and what happened even in this last couple days would happen with all those breakouts of tornadoes when do we have tornadoes like this in in the month of December ?

It was wide spread he said a long time ago. Watch, I think it was even uh Timothy Dixon ( half Fraud) prophesied that as well he said in certain states were going to happen and it did.

No nobody was watching for that in December I don’t want because usually okay we’re in the midwest for those who are watching online we’re in the Midwest of the country, and usually our tornado time that we had to watch for, is like between May and July or April and July.

Somewhere in there we  can see tornadoes for the month of December, not like that God is already starting to show and starting awaken people up. The things aren’t normal things aren’t as we remembered. I remembered as a kid, certain season when they started, in how cold certain things were, and all of a sudden it’s just when I’ve grown up in the last couple years, things have just gotten crazy with seasons- seasons are not the same as they used to be. Fall just seems to, you know, go longer than it used to, and then all of a sudden and going into April. We’re still getting snow at times we might say I remember it used to be really nice in spring and you know April and March and April you just get excited about it so the things that are changing, and God is saying there’s a reason why things that are changing is because things are not going to be the way they were.

He said and that word he gave me a long time ago

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

He’s shaking the body of Christ you’re going to hear of more churches you’re going to hear of more ministers this is not just going to affect the evil ones this is going to affect his body, because there are people that are in behind pulpits that are uh not supposed to be there.

They’re in behind pulpits that are not obeying, they’re doing it for their own financial gain (501C3 charity finance scam) and you’ll see them but again we’re supposed to pray, we’re not supposed to be ones who are you know, don’t gossip about it and I will tell you and that warn people do not talk about the prophets do not talk about because they, you can see people get nasty, don’t do that, because all you’re doing is playing into the devil’s hands, and curses come upon you, when you speak against the children of almighty god, especially the ones who are called that’s right they’re talking about big time ministers and I’m like you don’t do that. Don’t do it we pray for them. You don’t, you don’t mock them, there’s been too many being mocked, and too many children, there are too many of God’s people that are taking an offence, and they’re walking out of love, and they’re bashing this person and bashing that person, and they’re wondering why all these things are happening in their life, you can’t do it. We have to come up higher than we were before, now when I get to a couple scriptures, before I get to praying this is something okay so I want you guys to turn to acts three and instead of just me quoting it I wanna read it for you.

Transcript stops here.

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