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Julie Green – Let Freedom Ring

They thought they could hide it in plain sight, Facebook and Amazon, those firewalls have been breached by me, and I am pouring out all this information that was hidden from you, to enslave you with mandates, lockdowns, planned shortages ,and the truth is coming out like a freight train barrelling down the tracks.

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Let Freedom Ring     is what this one’s called

So it says Shout let freedom ring once again !

Fry (?) the Lord this day and knocking your enemies down out of their places of power, many have already been removed, and the new news hasn’t announced it yet. Some have already fallen on their face, like Facebook. And I am moving against them. now I’ll explain that Facebook thank you a minute, and I’m moving against all those businesses that were against you Amazon going down wasn’t by them it was another sign of darkness in the enemy’s camps you will see and hear more about outages as the days grow closer to your Exodus I am tearing down the walls their gates their plans and anything that they had, that they thought they were safe behind, their firewalls in their servers, and laptops they had to protect their businesses and their secrets.

They thought they could hide it in plain sight, Facebook and Amazon, those firewalls have been breached by me, and I am pouring out all this information that was hidden from you, to enslave you with mandates, lockdowns, planned shortages ,and the truth is coming out like a freight train barrelling down the tracks.

Yes, the momentum has been picking up speed with no way to stop or slow it down. For I the Lord am in control of every system in this earth with one move of my finger they will all fall, and not just in Fall, watch the next few months, will bring great celebrations this new year of 2022 which is bringing the great reset of the New. new economies, new governments new jobs, new churches, new businesses, new authority, fresh fire and glory shall um hold on first fire and glory and he says hold on, because you are because you should enjoy your receiving ride it has begun so your receiving ride has begun for I the Lord am moving now to deliver those who are still refusing to believe.

Julie explains –Now there’s people still refusing to believe that he’s about to deliver, so watch what he’s saying, get right before me, the clock is running out for the choice that needs to be made, in which side that you are on to receive all what I’m about to pour out. Some will receive 30 some 60 and some 100 fold but not everyone will receive the same portion depending on what you believe I want all my children to receive all that has your names on it, your entire inheritance package, in my word not everyone saw the promised land, and that is happening once again I have waited for my children to awaken and get right before me.

My grace and love for you is why I waited this long.

So many of my children have asked why Lord are you taking so long ?

One. I do not move by man’s timing.

Two. I was waiting for you to arise in your authority.

This is a time of a great falling away and separation in the body of Christ, and in this time, my Remnant will come out and rise higher and brighter and become who I need them to be in this hour, for the world to know my body is the ones who are the true, who are true to my word and nothing this is who the Remnant is, who are true to his word and nothing this earth threw at them stopped them from pursuing and standing through it all. They fought until I the Lord am stepping in. They have the determination and the fight in them like of Paul, and Jesus’ resurrection. Power is rising in you now, bringing you up above all, which has kept you down, no more hiding no more hiding or holding your heads down, no more enslavement and fear. Come up higher my children, now is your time to come up higher than the evil ones ever thought they could be.

A power none of them could ever have.

Freedom. Say it.

My freedom is here and now, no more waiting, say it every day My freedom is here !  Say it loud ! My freedom is here My Freedom is here. My freedom is here Let freedom ring in my life, and in my nation and you will not be defeated and you will not quit ! These are your marching orders today my children, as I bring all your enemies down now listen what are you saying.

 Explosions will be seen and heard in the coming days for my angel armies and your military have been at work to save and deliver you from this tyranny, and from the pharaohs of this day.

 For this is drawing closer of their Judgment and for the death to the ones against you.

It is far greater in number than you ever thought that it could be when I move against Washington DC and against the elites and against the globalists and against the businesses and the foreign nations that were involved in your destruction. Their destruction will be great. Peace I will bring you in the midst of this calamity. And joy and strength you shall receive, for you are protected by me, saith the Lord of hosts. Julie explains– Now he had all that capitalized, that we are protected by him, transfers removals turn-arounds, miracles healings and signs and wonders will rain down from the heavens, and bring you into a promised land, and a new life where there is no lack of any kind, this is your future and your future and your new is here and it’s here to stay, Saith the Lord End message

Julie now explains how low information people, make pointless complaints. And gives examples.

Now when he’s talking about, and I think it was prophet Robin Bullock that talked about this, how Facebook fell on their face, how they were out blacked out, for so many hours, well they never fully recovered from that. Now all of a sudden they have a new name Meta which in Hebrew means death so they’re proclaiming their own death.

It’s not even a joke.

They don’t know what it means but meta means death and the owners transferred their name right after their blackout. Why is it so important ? Because of what he said in that word about what’s going on with them, and what’s going on with them Amazon servers people thought they just had a fluke thing that happened and they were down for so many hours, No, God calls those blackouts.

He said he breached their firewalls, because there’s things on those servers that people have a right to know, and if you’ve noticed all of a sudden, Facebook is now advertising more than they ever have before, in any of their platforms.

A company that’s supposed to be worth lots of money, why so suddenly after this blackout they change their name and they have to advertise all the time ?

Things are happening in plain sight, but because for some people in the body of christ it doesn’t happen the way they expected, they just fall away.

Julie Explains -There’s one person said in a comment

Nothing’s happening !  What ? Really ?

I want to pray for these people –

What do you mean nothing’s happening ?

Even (Timothy Dixon half fraud) prophesied the Mississippi river was going to run backwards and it did.

We live by the Mississippi river in Iowa, we know how big that river is. It almost completely cuts the United States in half and it was flowing backwards for a time when a hurricane came in through the gulf. It switched the current. Now that can only be done by the hand of God.

Explanation 2 He’s been talking about earthquakes he’s been talking about volcanoes. Well all of a sudden are you seeing an uptick in earthquakes and to volcanoes ? but people are just from food anyway and also you have to understand there’s also people that are suppressing this information of how much is going on, especially in Yellowstone, that will be another word that he gave me this morning pay attention to that Yellowstone is the biggest super volcano in this world

It’s like a thousand miles wide or something and the reason why the super volcano was so massive and so important to watch is because of this magma chamber of this super volcano is bigger than you can even possibly fathom, you see a mountain and you see a volcano and you can see where the hole is, and you can see, you know, it’s not that big compared to how many states wide, this thing is underneath the earth so the magma  chamber’s bigger and I was just talking to somebody on the phone yesterday about the buffalo scattering from there

Now again, that was something that I didn’t get to hear all of one because when they were in an airport, I heard only every other word so I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I’ve had prophetic words I spoke them Here you guys heard about Yellowstone the Hisaka fully erupt if it would fully erupt, it would put us in an ice age because the ash cloud that would go so many miles wide, and go so far it would put everybody in the ice age It would destroy soil, it would destroy the way we would be able to um have any food whatsoever, it would destroy so many things so it’s not going to erupt fully, but it will erupt where you are going to notice it, so be watching for it. This is just another sign of what God is showing that he’s about to do, and the reason why you’re seeing some of these things is, because God is because there’s so many people saying that I don’t believe, he’s long suffering and he’s merciful and what happened even in this last couple days would happen with all those breakouts of tornadoes when do we have tornadoes like this in in the month of December ?

It was wide spread he said a long time ago. Watch, I think it was even uh Timothy Dixon ( half Fraud) prophesied that as well he said in certain states were going to happen and it did.

No nobody was watching for that in December I don’t want because usually okay we’re in the midwest for those who are watching online we’re in the Midwest of the country, and usually our tornado time that we had to watch for, is like between May and July or April and July.

Somewhere in there we  can see tornadoes for the month of December, not like that God is already starting to show and starting awaken people up. The things aren’t normal things aren’t as we remembered. I remembered as a kid, certain season when they started, in how cold certain things were, and all of a sudden it’s just when I’ve grown up in the last couple years, things have just gotten crazy with seasons- seasons are not the same as they used to be. Fall just seems to, you know, go longer than it used to, and then all of a sudden and going into April. We’re still getting snow at times we might say I remember it used to be really nice in spring and you know April and March and April you just get excited about it so the things that are changing, and God is saying there’s a reason why things that are changing is because things are not going to be the way they were.

He said and that word he gave me a long time ago

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

He’s shaking the body of Christ you’re going to hear of more churches you’re going to hear of more ministers this is not just going to affect the evil ones this is going to affect his body, because there are people that are in behind pulpits that are uh not supposed to be there.

They’re in behind pulpits that are not obeying, they’re doing it for their own financial gain (501C3 charity finance scam) and you’ll see them but again we’re supposed to pray, we’re not supposed to be ones who are you know, don’t gossip about it and I will tell you and that warn people do not talk about the prophets do not talk about because they, you can see people get nasty, don’t do that, because all you’re doing is playing into the devil’s hands, and curses come upon you, when you speak against the children of almighty god, especially the ones who are called that’s right they’re talking about big time ministers and I’m like you don’t do that. Don’t do it we pray for them. You don’t, you don’t mock them, there’s been too many being mocked, and too many children, there are too many of God’s people that are taking an offence, and they’re walking out of love, and they’re bashing this person and bashing that person, and they’re wondering why all these things are happening in their life, you can’t do it. We have to come up higher than we were before, now when I get to a couple scriptures, before I get to praying this is something okay so I want you guys to turn to acts three and instead of just me quoting it I wanna read it for you.

Transcript stops here.

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