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Well here is the prophetic word for today

No Enemy of Almighty God will Escape Judgement

 Again I heard this on February 20th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am again telling my children to get right before me, get your houses in order, in this hour. Great shaking the world has never seen or experienced quite like this before. I am striking judgment down on this earth to shake your enemies to their core, and destroy their hold and control over you. They never intended to let you go. This is the time they wanted their One World Government and total world dominance. YES they will continue to try for this until I pull the rug from beneath their feet so they lose traction, trying to pursue you, and taking the world over, which I have said many times before, this will not happen now.(?)

No they are too early, it’s not that time. (?) No. it’s my time and your time to rule on this earth like never before.

Rule you asked ? Yes I have given you power and authority to rule and reign and tell your enemies through many  ears and tools of distraction deception and deceived my children out of believing they have any authority at all.

He put rulers and of course religious leaders to make sure they just destroyed any knowledge of that, in this world or in the body of Christ. But it didn’t work for all of you. I have a special remnant on this earth through many past generals, who gave you great foundations of my word to stand on, and when all hell seemed to break loose I gave those men and women revelations for you to use now. No one needs it more than you right now, my children, this hour, to stand against such evil on this earth that has grown to levels all over, like never before, to this degree, but my children you will receive the greatest reward, the wealth of the center which is laid out for the just, and that time has come on this earth. Yes, a great see time and harvest it shall be for you in this hour.

News is about to break that will rock you oh United States

Hard evidence and hard proof of what has happened to you, how you were taken hostage by unruly rulers, who actually had no right or any real power against you, liars cheaters, traitors, the treasonous acts will be aired out on live TV. Body camera recordings are about to explode everywhere.

They know their time is coming to an end, you will hear them cry Emergency orders to try to protect themselves. They will also build up another fortress to protect them in DC but it won’t work.

Where I am coming from and my arm is moving, no wall and no type of weapon can save them.

No. Spiritual war has come to a place where for them nothing matters.

They will try to accomplish it and it won’t work. I’m against them and they have nothing to stop me.

Your intelligence community and all who are with them, you spied on the American people with all types of social media platforms. You tried to discourage them and you tried to shut their mouths. You removed so many voices to try and hide what you have done, to bring them to their knees to bow down to your every command.

Why isn’t it working ? you’re asking, enemies of Almighty God ? Why I live in them, and you can’t kill me or take my power from them they are my children and they will always rise higher than you, or anyone with you. Every platform that took their voices away, stole their freedoms from them, I’m coming for you and your finances will be stripped from you. Every person who worked for these platforms that helped silence my children YOU now will be silenced.

Yes, I have the final say saith the Lord of Hosts

My angel armies are against you and so is my mighty army here in this world.

The rightful military and many of my army of the Lord, the body of Christ Yes they are more of us than there are of any of you, and that terrifies you to no end?

You all feel the power slipping from you. You see your plans are falling apart.

I mean again when Trump’s social media platform hits, it will hit all of you with bankruptcy you will hear and receive. This will come quicker than you think.

Your finances your control are all being taken from you, enemies of Almighty God.

Your inventions will be given to a child of God your worst nightmare.

But in this hour of great change, leaders and business owners are changing hands and I have the final say who gets what, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Unusual weather around DC. Things are heating up and you’re about to see the landscape  be completely different there.

Everything you see they put up will be completely destroyed by me.

I will leave nothing standing that stood for anything that was against me Saith the Lord.

News stations all over will start to crumble. the ratings are about to drop to new lows and some will go off air forever never to return.

Reckoning and my vengeance is now..

March is going to get bumpy so hold on with weather and exposures like never before. It’s coming from all different directions.

Biden will finally have a gaffe that he can’t be saved from. Hunter and jail, along with Kamala Nancy Mitch Chuck Mitt Liz and Jerry and many more of you. Truth is coming to expose you for who you really ar,e and nothing can stop this and no one will escape the judgment that is coming for you.

Merrick Garland United States Attorney General you wish,

oh yes you may have that title, but you never had the power. Scandals they will hear about you. Everything you have done will come out and you will not survive in this hour of truth you will not recover from this Merrick.

Your fail. You will fall and it’s about to be great, you too, are a liar and a traitor and you will not live to see the end of this year.

All who are top generals in the Pentagon who are against me, this is your time to be exposed. Some will suddenly retire and some will fall to scandals, but no matter how you leave, it’s all the same and treason is your end.

Chris Wallace truth is coming for you Yes massive exposures are about hit everywhere about you.

You are a traitor and a liar and you will pay for the crime against my nation, and my children, you are caught in the act of stealing and lying to the American people, the video is about to surface and ruin your career and what you had left.

Chris there is nowhere to run when you are against the one true God.

Iran sit down and shut up. I am removing all of your finances that were given to you, (142 billion) and stripping you from anything you have. Your soldiers you sent to the United States for a terrorist attack, I am giving back to you.

You lose and your plans will not go forth. My angels are standing guard to protect my nation saith the Lord of Hosts.

Istanbul you will be in the news. watch for this my children

This sign is to let you know my timing is now and all your enemies will fall and can no longer stand against me saith the Lord of hosts.

Jamaica revival will hit your land in this year of the new call it in I will remove the principalities and powers that have also held you captive. So rejoice your freedom and this is also in this hour.

Taiwan I am here for you as a weather event will hit your land a cleansing will occur along with a much awaited revival and awakening to me.

Your prayers have been answered Taiwan

so stand for your deliverance.

The United Kingdom an awakening is brewing awaken my children who live there declare your freedoms in your land

Honduras freedom will ring in your land and in awakening it’s starting to spread across your land, so receive it call it in right now

Central America

Great weather patterns natural phenomena will hit your lands but this is for an awakening to get right before me saith the Lord, and all will be okay with you.

Australia awaken unto me, and you will see complete restoration in your land like I have spoken. The time has come to awaken unto me and my word.

O Canada I have not and will not forsake you in this hour I am with you so keep standing. They are losing ground and losing control.

You are about to see Justin Trudeau take a HIATUS they will say.

He’s losing power. He is now seen as a failure to the elites for not being able to stop you with all his power, and his might, no, because I am with you O Canada, and against them they have lost their foothold, never to regain it over you again. Freedom is not coming, it’s here to stay.

Keep fighting your breakthrough is here, says the Lord of Hosts.

Tick-tock goes the clock, your enemy’s clock has run out of time, so watch my children, their desperation will build in this hour with no end in sight.

This is my time to show the world who has always been in control Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

20 pc of Canadians emptied their bank the Banks made ONE phone call. So we know who is in charge. at 4-min 40 in this video

Mr G says the elites are disposing of Trudeau like Hilary is, being thrown to the wolves, because they are failures. HIATUS to become a new buzzword, as Trudeau fades. And Americans just starting their truck blockade and is going to be 10 times bigger. And the strange phrasing “and taking the world over, which I have said many times before, this will not happen now.(?) No they are too early, it’s not that time. (?)means after believers are separated from the unbelievers, Evil will be allowed back for the final war with God. Revelations stuff. Its means unbelievers are happy with the evil corrupt status quo and they will get what they voted for.

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Nasty future coming for the unbelievers specially in Canada
Transcript here with corrections. This slow talker needs speeding up to 1.25

 But this one um it starts with a dream, and then the Lord spoke to me to do prophesy, and after the dream I go into a prophetic prophecy.

What I saw in the dream I was walking through a forest and this forest really looked real strange um I’d never seen a forest like this. Not myself. It was real thick, it was a lot like the tropical rainforest like maybe the Congo, I’ve seen them on television and stuff uh in history books and stuff but I’ve never seen it with my eyes and uh um I was walking through this forest,it was real thick and on the bottom of the forest on the ground it had like um like those fern plants flower like fern piece all over, and vines real thick and I looked up and I saw a waterfall and the waterfall was just coming down off the side of a little mountain. Wasn’t a real high mountain it was more like a hill that I was witnessing water stream down this beautiful waterfall and I was drawn to the beauty of it so I went up and I began to look at the beauty of the waterfall and on the way along I saw snakes uh all through this jungle, all through this land through this thickness and when I looked on my way to that waterfall I saw some kind of uh bug some kind of uh strange looking bug like almost it had a lot of legs on it um it it was it kind of looked like maybe some of the spiders that’s over there, but it was a very strange looking uh bug of some kind  I had no – I knew what I was seeing but I didn’t know what it was but um it had legs and but I knew that this was very poisonous, uh it was very very poisonous, and I knew that if this bug some kind of type bug, uh creepy creeping crawling type, you know some kind of, had a lot of legs uh on it, and they were long, and it was uh it wasn’t real big, but it was uh maybe maybe a couple inches in diameter- length and and um uh maybe a half inch to three quarters over different sizes uh but it was poisonous. It was extremely poisonous. I knew that if it bit you, it came and um and I knew that that this this particular thing I was seeing it was um an ancient prehistoric even I mean it went back years, and it had been laying somehow under the ground in the rainforest, and it had started coming out of the earth. In my dream this thing it was poisonous again. It was poisonous and um I knew that it was coming out of uh the jungles you know, or different places like like um the Amazon or the Congo uh you know, or somewhere through the uh Australian uh or something like this and and I looked and uh this um insect spider whatever kind of thing it was- um it came from a plague and they were– this thing had produced this little insect of whatever it may be, it had produced some kind of blood tick that was poisonous and the blood tick was carrying the poisons of this other uh thing that created the blood tick. I know I’m I don’t have words here for what I saw, but that’s the best I can do.

I don’t understand uh this little bug creature I’d seen but I knew um it was letting me know, that there was a like a blood tick that was coming out of it, that was also poisonous, and I saw that this blood tick little tiny tiny tiny little tiny ticks little tiny  blood parasites, I don’t know some kind of it was Hitting the cattle, and across all countries uh it was hitting sheep & goats. they were dying all over the world, and they got transported across cargo ships and trucks, big container trailers and  that’s how they got into the US and spread throughout the Congo and different places that they had come out of, they spread across the waters inside ships, and uh and stuff and it would hit the United States in other places, but I’ve seen it hit mainly on other places across the world, but I was looking at the United States of America and the cattle began to die uh just dying from sicknesses and uh the sheep uh the goats, and uh any kind of uh uh four-footed type you know, a lot of our food it was, um and because of this uh when I started seeing the animals die I  began to see, you know, things change like, in my dream, it changes like you’re walking through a vision or a story and God’s showing you uh  what’s to come and but I’ve seen a great famine, a great shortage of food a great shortage of food in the grocery stores on beef, and meats, and stuff like that the grocery stores uh was a great  famine um uh shortages in the uh supermarkets, and  then I’ve seen I’ve seen the food warehouses across the distribution centers I saw, people started breaking in to the food distribution warehouses because of the food, and there was a fear that hit people because they thought that this famine and because of the death in the cattle the beef went way up in price, to where that people could not afford the beef, could not afford meats and stuff and that I felt it real close to us, real close to us uh in the next real close future, that these things was gonna come to pass, and um as they broke in to the warehouses I then saw as my vision in the dream changed. I’ve seen people’s feet and ankles was swelling and uh these I knew that these little parasites ticks, blood ticks whatever they were they were biting people too, but you could see and they were getting sick. I see their ankles and their feet swelling and they started losing enormous strength in their bodies, and they began to die. Some people and I asked the Lord I said Lord what is this ? and the Lord spoke to me, and said warn the people of the land, warn the people of the land again. I will pass through the land and the death rattles that you saw in Washington are upon the evil ones that refuse to acknowledge me and repent, and then the Lord spoke to me when I was writing this dream down, and he told me he said prophesy son of man,. prophesy Well, I begin to write down this prophecy, that the Lord began to speak, and it says this thus saith the Lord

I will move through the land and I will stop the evil that is upon America. I will move upon the Generals of the Land, and they shall march side by side and destroy the enemy that is in front of them, behind them shall be a wilderness the reapers has been sent to this great day of harvest, the call at the end of time.

Oh Nancy Pelosi cancer wreaks in your body

saith the Lord of Hosts. Repent of your sins saith the Lord

Death shall claim TWO on one day saith the Lord inside the White House, inside the political offices across the country two in one day saith the Lord God.

Even one that holds the high office, your liver is poisoned by a plague saith the Lord and you’ll die. Death rattles- death rattles is in Washington saith the Lord.

Lord God says I see your deception and how you have hid the deaths of the assassinated ones you have killed. You have been seen, saith the Lord.

You have been videoed of your heinous crime, and know that I also see the liver the kidneys have been compromised because of this disease that is in the White House. I will speak to my prophets and my words shall not return unto me void. Persecution has been on my chosen ones but today my judgment reigns on you, wicked death rattles saith the Lord.

Death rattles saith the Lord God hear me today oh great Country hear me saith the Lord God.

A great explosion of my spirit shall blow through the Evils through them that haunts the land, my spirit shall blow upon you saith the Lord God.

All at once you will see the takedown of the ones that has tried to steal the nation go forth, all ye agents saith the Lord God.

Go forth all you soldiers hear the word of the Lord hear the word of the Lord march forth and go forth to the wicked ones and bring them to justice saith the Lord.

God Almighty the evil ones lock them in the very device that they have set for my people in this country for they have set to take over this country because it is a leading nation.

The gallows are set. All that has left lifted their hands against Thaman. Thaman you will die from your own device

Thaman you will be hung from your hangman’s noose the gallows that you have built for Mauricia

You will be upon before the sun goes down of this day that the Lord High God hath marked you will know that I am the Lord

I am God and besides me, there is none else you’ll hang from the gallows that you built for the country, and the people of this country and Americans and the people that serves me. You’ll stand hanged by your own devices saith the Lord God.

Blow the trumpet blow the trumpeted Zion saith the Lord

Sound the alarm in my holy mountain let the weak say that I am strong. Stand, for this is my day saith the Lord

All eyes will be upon the prophets because of that I am about to bring forth I will take down this system of the Freemasons saith the Lord I will crumble you all at once.

China fall I say, for all I see trying to bring forth saith the Lord. My spirit arrives there in the land

I crush the automotive industry as ice as a sign saith the Lord in China.

The automotives in America will rise in the American automobile I will cause the plants to move back to the states that has based their businesses from elsewhere.

I will bring great revival to America.

Oh Canada

Hear the word of the Lord. You have set out against me, saith the Lord God by closing the churches closing my Sanctuaries and arresting the pastors that I have put in the sanctuary of the most high you’ll pay for the injustice and the deeds that you have caused the cross my people saith the Lord God I am against you now saith the Lord. I am against you Canada I am against your officials saith the Lord. I send a warning saith the Lord God Almighty to your country.

When you see a plague of death and diseases fall among the chickens upon the fowl of the air and the fowl of the grounds you’ll know that the next step of my hands will be a hundred times worse. Repent saith the Lord God for this is the great day of the Lord. In the next coming days I will raise the dead in the service of the ones that is chosen for this hour like Elijah and Moses shall I send my spirit a double portion of the spirit of Elisha shall come and be poured out all over the world. Death has come to the political anointed ones in their great plan of the death of the church, and the followers of Jesus

You have planned to kill the church, you have planned to destroy the followers of me, therefore your death will come upon you all in one day saith God

I bring down the high tower that’s in Washington I bring it down today. I bring it down tonight my word goes out against you politicians, that has stood against the real anointed one I shall bring him back to the office saith the Almighty I’ll stand all in one day and you’ll see the one that I have anointed as Donald Trump saith God you have mocked and you have made fun of them that I have sent forth to speak this word. But you’ll know even as the sun goes down, even as I have spoke upon the anointed upon that day, that I have chosen. When the sun begins to settle you’ll know that my hands are stretched out across this land and the Judgments of God shall lift up across this world and once again I’ll rattle saith the Almighty I’ll rattle the seven continents and know that I the Lord I speak I speak the death rattles is there. Know that the death is rattling inside the chambers of the White House and know that I send forth the White horses that ride through Pennsylvania Avenue saith the Lord God Almighty for the Lord has spoken this hour and this day a day of refreshing, a day of power, a day that I shall spring forth that speedily saith the Lord. Don’t give up my people but stand and believe in my word for just in a few days you’ll see the hand of God you’ll hear a great rejoicing across the land you’ll hear rejoicing in every church because of that that I’m about to do . I’ll hold back I’ll hold back the evil that’s in there I will stop it saith the Lord God Almighty for the Lord of Hosts has spoken.

So they were given freewill and they chose the path of evil. Now its payback time. Unbelievers never expected this. Sounds fair to me.

Quite a frightening scenario described here. Poisonous insects that live a multi stage chimeric existence and spawn blood ticks that kill four legged food animals. Spread by container ships. Accidental or deliberate? Is this what is being hidden on container ships that wont dock ?

Canada massive deaths of birds. And then something worse. For persecuting Christians.

Much damage to Washington. Masonary to be destroyed.

Pelosi to die of cancer after complete exposure.

Trump still the favourite son, chosen, 7 continents to be shaken.

China to be financially destroyed starting with their car industry.

Great rejoicing coming soon. We need some good news.

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  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
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