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And morning everybody. Today is actually still Saturday, January 14 of 2023. You will see this on Thursday, January 19. And the reason for that is because I will be at the gathering in Grand Ridge, Florida with Timothy Dixon, Manuel Johnson, Amanda Grace, Robin and Robin Bullock. Jared and the kindred souls and all. Also the Isaacs. And it does start Thursday, January 19, and it goes through January 25. More information on that event, please go to our on our events page. Or you can click on the description box below because I have that link in there for you to have easy access to get that information. Also, I will be at the rewaken America tour on Saturday, January 21, in Nashville, Tennessee. More information about that event, you can also find in the description box below. I did leave a link in there for you, so I hope you can join us at one or both of these events. Our whole team is excited about this and I hope you are too. Guidance on the move, truth is being revealed. Every lie is being revealed, and truth always wins. So that’s all the announcements. Besides, if you do have any prayer requests or prayer reports, please go to our under our contact page. Or you can write us. Edge Green Ministries International. 46 20 east 53rd Street, Suite 200, Devonport, Iowa, 52807. Well, that is all the announcements. And here’s the prophetic word.

And it’s called

More Documents are Coming to Destroy Your Enemy’s Control over my Nations.

I heard this prophetic word on January 12 of 2023.

For I, the Lord this day, am commanding my army to arise, my children to arise, my nations to arise. This is a time for things to change. This is a time where unexpected changes will occur, unexpected events will take place. Yes, sudden things will shift. What you see, my children, you are in the army of the Lord and you cannot be defeated. So start talking and walking and acting like this is true, because it is. Your enemies cannot win this war. Lord, why do you say war? There isn’t a war right now regarding the US. My children, don’t you see? There has been a war. A war on truth, a war on freedom, a war on independence, a war against my church, a war against faith, a war against words, a war against you, my children, a war against all nations of this earth, a war to steal your wealth, a war to bring calamity, a war to bring shortages, inflation, economic disaster. A war to bring everything good down, to destroy it. A war against the body of Christ to fight each other while your enemies were conquering the world, a war to bring the beast system in. Yes. A war to destroy every plan I had for you. But it will not work. Nothing they are doing is working. Most of what you see is a show they put in place for you to believe in their power and to give up yours. Don’t you see now? This is not just a war to take down my United States or Israel but to take over the world. To enslave you, to steal from you in every way they possibly can. To murder you so they can have even more power for less of an opportunity for you to fight back and possibly in the possibility of their loss. Excuse me. They could never lose. Your enemies thought they never could. That could never be an option. But what they don’t see and understand is their defeat is all they will know. They can’t have what is mine. They can’t have what I have given to you. Children of Almighty God, can’t you sense something is about to shake? Something is about to stir. Something is about to disrupt your enemies, and that is me. No man and no plan they have, along with no amount of money can change what I’m about to do. And they cannot change my will for you. I have given them opportunity after opportunity to turn back and they refused. So, my children, it is now. Yes, now. Time for a great fall to take place, for the world to see. No one can defeat me, sayeth the Lord Your redeemer.

Hodgepodge. This phrase will be in your news for surprising reason.

Hypochondriac. This word will be in your news for a shocking reason. Gas chambers. This word will be in your news for a significant and shocking reason. Truth will not be held back anymore.

Hydroxychloroquin this word will be in your news for a significant reason.

The COVID narrative is about to be exposed in a way no one saw coming. A narrative so evil, so heinous, it will be shocking how so many who paid for this all to take place that people didn’t think could ever be involved. Yet the truth is coming to reveal every lie.

A plane will be in your news for significant reason. And this incident will bring more to the surface that has been hidden.

Archives. This world will be in your news for a significant reason. More documents. Oh, yes. Many more documents that were sealed, that were hidden in a place your enemies thought they could never be found. But they cannot hide these things from me. These documents, with proof, will open a massive can of worms, you would say. It will destroy the corruption that has held this nation since the beginning. The liars and deceivers can no longer keep the things they so desire. You can’t finish off my nation no matter how badly you wanted it or how close you came. Enemies of Almighty God, I’m speaking to you. Your end is near. And you will never see it comin. to stop it, and you couldn’t, even if you tried.

A Well will be in your news for surprising reason.

Sanhedrin. This word will be in your news for a surprising reason.

A major event is about to take place in the Middle East. Watch this area. Great judgments are coming that cannot be denied. Judgments are about to fall in China. You will see an economic crash. You will see a governmental collapse. Yes, great judgments are hitting these nations that were against my nations.

Yuval Noah Harari, you are about to take a fall you didn’t see coming. Truth will destroy your narrative. Truth will also destroy any power you thought you had. You are finished. Yuval Saith the Lord of Hosts.

France. Explosive information is about to be exposed and your President will not stay in his seat of power. Sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

Watch my children. Presidents, governments, CEOs, CFOs, and many in Hollywood, many leaders who thought they were invincible are finished and will fall before you. This is a time of the end of the one world government. You will see, my children, the kingdom and the world I had for you all along. Sit tight, you would say. It’s about to get bumpy to end it all, saith the Lord, your redeemer.

Julie Commentary Now, I’m not about to go over this prophetic word, but something. When I was reading this prophetic word, a scripture came up in my spirit that I needed to read. And you will find this in Exodus. I know it’s shocking. Julie, you have a scripture. You’re going to get to us. An Exodus? Yes. The whole thing that started the captivity in Egypt was the fear of a Pharaoh. Now, God also told Abraham this was going to happen because of the disobedience that they were going to be held captive in a foreign nation. Yes. God told Abraham that in the Book of Genesis But you will find in Exodus, chapter one, why this Pharaoh turned on the Israelites. It was fear. There was so many of them. And the Pharaoh feared because of the multitude, because they outnumbered the Egyptians. If they ever found out truths, if they ever got upset at what Pharaoh was doing or the Egyptians were doing, they could easily turn on Pharaoh and Egyptians and take it over. Because of the multitude, they had way more. Now look at this. You can find this in Exodus, chapter one. He said in verse seven, but the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly, multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty, and the land was filled with them. Remember God said in Genesis to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth. That’s what the is Wives were doing. They were multiplying, they were fruitful and they were filling the earth. And he says, and exceedingly mighty. Those are the words, exceedingly mighty. And the land was filled with them. This is verse eight exists, chapter one and verse eight. And now there arose a new king over Egypt. So this king did not know or didn’t even care about who Joseph was. Joseph was the second in command in Egypt after the dream that he helped the Pharaoh with that he could not sleep from and he was being so tormented by it. And Joseph gave him the interpretation of that dream. Seven years of famine or seven years of plenty, then seven years of famine. And so then the Pharaoh put Joseph in second in command for those I know, most of you know that story already. Verse nine. I’m going to finish verse eight now. That what arose the new king of Egypt, who did not know Joseph, just explain that. Verse nine. And he said to his people, look, the people of children of Israel are more and mightier than us. Get to the point why I’m reading these scriptures, okay? Verse ten. Come, let us deal wisely or truly with them. Let they multiply. So they were trying to deceive manipulate them. That’s what that basically is, multiply. It happened in the event of war, they also join our enemies and fight against us and come up out of the land. So he was afraid, but they realized that they were more number. They could get other enemies that didn’t like Egypt, become mightier and take over the land of Egypt. That’s what he’s saying. Therefore they set task masters over them to afflict them with their burdens and they built for pharaoh supply cities. And then look down verse twelve. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. So no matter what they were doing against them, they were still what? They were blessed because they had the Abrahamic covenant and they were a blessed people despite slavery. Look at Joseph. Joseph was put into slavery and despite slavery he multiplied even as a slave. That’s another story that I would love to give it to. You don’t have time right now. All right, now. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiply and grew. And they were in dread of the chone of Israel. They feared Israel. So the Egyptians made the children of Israel serve with a vigor. Or you could say in the amplified version it says and the Egyptians reduced the Israelites to severe slavery. So before I was reading the new King James version and then the last part I just read was the amplified I’m going to keep reading what they amplified. Now, verse 14. They made their lives bitter with hard service and mortar, brick and all kinds of work in the field, and their service was with harshness and severity. The reason why I’m reading that, it goes along with this prophetic word, it came up in my spirit as the more I was reading this prophetic word out to you, the more this scripture just rose in my spirit that I knew that I had to read this scripture. Why you can see now why the severity in this world today, you can see why the harshness of the situations, you can see why they’re taking so much freedom, why they have used so many things to steal so many things, to kill so many things. Why? So you would give in to their power, their narrative, their lives. So you would give in to their slavery. Yes, there’s a slavery going on in the world, but now people don’t even realize it. It’s a spiritual slavery. People wouldn’t see it. They put it in a slavery. They think and this is what they even the children of Israel, they got used to this. This was a way of life. Slavery was just a way of life. Most of them knew who grew up in it. That was not what God wanted for them, but they were disobedient and they put him in that situation. But what I’m saying is, the globalists, the world elites, all these people, the deep state people, all these people in governmental positions right now, God calls them the nowaday pharaohs. Why would we not go back to all the illustrations of Egypt? What happened with the pharaohs of that time? How they not only enslaved God’s people, they deceived them into slavery. They taxed them into a slavery. They had plenty of money, they were fruitful, they were blessed. They had lots and lots of money, and they stole it from stole it from them through taxation. They burden their lives, overwhelmed them, and they eventually become slaves. And then when they were enslaved, then he made it harder for him in the slavery because he was afraid of them. Do you see the parallel of things up happening right now? Inflation with interest rates, with food prices, with taxation, all these kind of things. Nothing new under the sun. Nothing. This is not a plan they just came up with. This is a plan that’s happened over and over and over and over again through the course of time of man being on this earth. Something has always happened that the enemies have always deceived, manipulated, and stole from the children of Almighty God stole them out of what was rightfully theirs. We are being lied to. What does this prophetic word say? There’s a war going on. What? A war of truth they’re spreading out. They control all the news. They control all these massive corporations. They control Hollywood. Yes. The secret societies, the deep state world leads. They control Hollywood. Why do you think so much propaganda comes out of TV shows and movies? Just pay attention. You’ll figure it out. Disney is one of the worst. And that’s the reason why you’re finding out Disney took over pretty much everything. But you’re also seeing Disney fall. Why? I’ve been having prophecies on Disney for almost two years, and you’re now starting to see them come to pass. Why? The Lord warns, he tells, he gives us the news before the news. That’s what prophecies are. And now you’re starting to see these big people who thought they were invincible. You’re starting to see them fall. But the reason why, again, I’m saying this is because people don’t understand. The Lord showed me a vision a long time ago. That’s why he keeps going back to Israelis. He keeps going back to the wilderness. He keeps going back to what happened in Israel or Egypt because of what is going on today. It’s the same thing, but worse. The Egyptians knew they were enslaved. You do not you haven’t even realized you happened. You thought this was a way of life. You thought this was normal. You thought this is how governments ran. You thought this how tax was. You thought thats how medical industry was supposed to be. This about you thought this life was supposed to be this way. It’s not supposed to be this way. And God’s been trying to say that over and over and over to us, I’m sure. He says to the children of Israel over and over and over again. He even said he was going to bring Him a deliverer. Some of them, I would say, who was the ones who truly, truly believed. There was a small portion of them compared to the whole entire amount of the Israelites because there was millions of them. Some of them did believe. A small portion of them did believe. Right now, same thing type of thing is happening. There’s a remnant upon this earth. There is a smaller portion that right now are believing what God is saying over what they’re seeing. They’re believing Him over what they’re experiencing in the world today. Why? Because they trust him. They know him. They’re listening to these words. They’re heeding the voice of Lord thy God. They’re listening to what he’s saying and obeying. But not everybody is, and not everybody will. Not everybody will do it. We know that. That’s why not everybody saw the promised land when they were that’s what God willed. God wills for them all to go there. God wills for them all to go there right away. God will from all that go to eventually after they send he didn’t want any of them to stay in the wilderness and die. They kept kept saying, we’re going to die in the wilderness. We’re going to die in the wilderness. They kept saying that over and over and over. You can read it in the scriptures. They kept saying, we’re going to die in the wilderness. And then people wonder why they died in the wilderness. They died in the wilderness because they said it. Why is God saying all these prophetic words? Say this. He’s giving us marching overs over and over and over again to say what he needs us to say when he has to say it. Because he needs us to agree with what he’s saying. And that’s why he keeps saying there was delays. And God doesn’t want any more delays. That’s not his will. So if we see what these people are doing to us right now, you can see it’s parallel to what happened in Egypt. So what we need to do is realize what God did for them. He’s don’t respect our persons. He’ll do it for us too. He saved that nation. Why wouldn’t he save these nations now? He’s the same god. He’s the same great I AM. He’s the same deliverer. He’s had the same promises. But we have actually better promises than the Israelites did because we have a better covenant. We have the blood covenant of Jesus Christ. They had the Abrahamic covenant. We have both, but we have a better one because the blood of Jesus Christ covers it all. So if we look and we really paid attention to the blood covenant and have and focus on that, then all these things that are going on in the world today, we wouldn’t be afraid of it. We wouldn’t bow down to it. Remember, if you don’t bow, you don’t burn. Look at the children of the free Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. That’s why they didn’t burn us, why they didn’t die, because they didn’t cooperate. They stood, in fact and said, I don’t care what you do to me. How many people would say that today? I don’t care what you do to me. If we had more people like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we had more people like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. If we had more people like David, if we have more people like Joshua and Caleb, if we have more people like that in the world today, in the body of Christ, we would not have the illegitimate governments that are in control today. But people, we have been intimidated by them, just like Goliath was intimidating the rest of them, the Israelites army. That’s why they didn’t fight. The church has been intimidated by these giants. They’ve been intimidated by a lie. They’ve been intimidated. But I’m going to use these people as an example. Look what’s going on with January 6 people. Look what they have. They have unjustifiably put these people in prison when they didn’t do anything wrong. But people won’t stand up, won’t fight, won’t fill the streets, won’t do any of those things because they’re afraid that they’re going to be one of them.

January 6 did a lot more than just try to take our president down. Tried, you know, saying that is an insurrection when they planned it, and that’s going to come out as well. But when they had that, there was not just to shut him up and get him off all social media platforms and try to impeach him again, which again didn’t work, but it was to intimidate. You ever stood up against them? They’re bigger than you. They’re better than you. They want you to think that. So the whole point was for you to sit back, shut up, and take what they’re doing. And this is harsh, but it’s truth. We’ll find out the truth of all that. We will find out the truth of January 6, I promise you. And the reason for that is because the Lord’s been saying this for over a year. He is destroying their narrative. He has computers. He has the blueprint. He’s going to show it video and audio evidence. He’s going to show the blueprint of what they did and how they did it and who all was involved. And all of them will not get away with it. But you pray for the ones that who have been unlawfully imprisoned. Pray for their freedom. Pray for their deliverance in there. Don’t give up hope. And if you know anybody who is in there, you stand praying and know that all of us are going to stand praying with you as well. They will be set free and not just being set free out of prison, but being set free in their spirit and their soul and their mind because that’s something that they also tried to do. They’re trying to just tear them apart. And we really have to stand together and pray for them. And I’m going to pray for them at the end of this video, okay. Because we all need to do it together. And I want all of us to band together for those people who have been lawfully imprisoned in those prison cells from these illegitimate people in the government. Now look what the law said. This is the time of the end of the one world government. This is the time for the end of the one world government. I’m going to keep saying it again. This is the time of the end of the one world government. You will see my children, the kingdom of the world that I had for you all along. Sit tight you would say. It’s about to get bumpy to, it’s about to get bumpy to end it all. Saith the Lord your redeemer. It got bumpy for the children of Israel as well when they were leaving Egypt. It got bumpy for them while they were going toward the land of Canaan and with the Red Sea it got bumpy. But God took care of it. So trust in him. Don’t get in fear about it getting bumpy or about it being confusing or what it looks like because God will take care of it. Now he says, watch my children. Presidents, CEO or presidents and governments, CEOs, CFOs, and many in Hollywood. Again, they’re all connected. I think there’s three major corporations, corporations that control majority of corporations in this world. There are certain families, you can call them elites, you can call them the one percenters, call them the globalists. I don’t care what you call them, all the same thing. They’re secret societies. They’re all part of it and all he says many leaders who thought they were invincible are finished and will fall before you. God has named their names like George Soros, Bill Gates, all these people, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, all these people that have been these multi billion dollar corporations and all these things, they’re not going to stand. They’re not going to stay. God is bigger than their money and God is bigger than their corporation and God is bigger than that. Now look at France. This is not the first time I’ve had many different prophetic words that the Lord has given me regarding France, and not the first time he’s talked about him. The President of France being Macron, I think his name is.

I don’t have that French accent, so I’m not going to stay. Right? But he says France explosive information is about to be exposed and your president will not stay in his seat, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. That’s not the first time he said that. So watch the President of France fall. Manuel Macron is his name. And if I pronounce that with that wrong, I apologize, but that’s how I say it, all right? You guys know what I mean. I’m human. I make mistakes. All right?

Yuval Noah Harahi, if you don’t know him, look him up. He will be considered a false prophet. He is anti God, antitrust anti everything. He is pure evil. And what he says and what he wants to do to people is absolutely horrifying and disgusting. These people are not hiding what their plan is. They’re not hiding who they are. They’re not hiding out any evil. They are they’re pure evil. They’re not hiding anymore. They’re so arrogant because they think they’ve got it all. But God always lets the enemies think they have it all right before he takes them down. So he says, Yval, Noah Harari, you are about to take a fall you didn’t see coming. Truth will destroy your narrative. Truth will destroy any power you thought you had. You are finished, Yval Sayeth The Lord of Hosts. So remember, God always, always wins. These are nowaday pharaohs. You could say the tech giants are the giants in the land. Go back and read David and goliath to get that faith, to get your faith up on what God does. He was like dave was like 15-16 year old boy. He’s a teenage boy. Everyone ran away from a giant and he ran toward he was the only one. That’s why God’s saying, where are my Joshua and where are my Calebs? Where are my Davids? Where are those people who will boldly stand the face of adversity and say, I’m not afraid? He knew his covenant they ever got. He knew it. David knew it. So did Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. That’s why the didn’t back off. So did Daniel when he was lying, then he didn’t back off. Judgments are about to fall in China. Lord has mentioned China over and over again. He’s been talking about plague hitting China or judgments, you could say, not only just with an economic crash and a governmental collapse, which he’s saying in this one, but also weather events. So look for massive weather events to take place there as well. But he says an economic crash and a governmental collapse. Yes. Great judgments are hitting these nations that were against my nations, his nations. He’ll say two of them. It is Israel and the United States of America. Those are two he always talks about. But even if you don’t live in those nations, it doesn’t mean God’s not going to save you. Because, yes, he is. He has a major plan for these two countries to be together and to help the rest of the world out. So do not be overwhelmed by the fact that you do live in Australia if you do live in Canada, if you do live in China, if you do live on. This is about the governments that are against you. The judgments are going to hit your governments and hit the world leaders. Remember Goshen. Think of Goshen and what’s going on right now. God is protecting you with memory. You have a blood covenant with him. He remembers that. Blood covenant.

A major event is about take place in the Middle East. Watch this area. Great judgments are coming that cannot be denied. So watch the Middle East. He’s been talking a lot about the Middle East lately. Something significant is about to take place there.

The Sanhedrin. This word will be in your news for a surprising reason. A well will be in your news for a surprising reason. Not literally. Aww, that’s what he said. A well. He didn’t expound upon any more than that was just a well.

Now, documents we have not even seen. It’s been barely a trickle of what’s about to come out with unsealed classified documents about what the enemies have done, the blueprints of all the things they’ve done against us, even with the election, election frauds. It’s not just about these classified documents you’re finding with the Biden and how he had– this is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s about to come out. And we are about to find out because he says many more documents that were sealed and were hidden in place, your enemy thought they could never be found. So you’re hiding all these things. Why? Because they didn’t want you to know the truth. They had all these plans written out, written down before I had video surveillance and all this kind of stuff, all these things hidden because God says video and audio stuff is going to come out as well. It’s not just about paper and documents, but audio and video will come out of these people. They will come out, the truth will come out. But they cannot hide these things from me. Remember God’s omnibus. They can’t hide from Him these documents, this proof will open a massive can of worms, you would say. It will destroy the corruption they had that has held this nation since the beginning. Now he’s talking about the United States of America. The corruption that’s been holding this country since the beginning of this country, he’s saying is going to be destroyed. Yes, they implicated or infiltrated this country since the beginning. There were Masons, there were people. Now they weren’t all bad, but there were some people that infiltrated since the very beginning. But it just took this long for it to go this way again. We’ll find more out about that. Who was in these secret societies? Who was in the you could say the deep state even back when? And God’s going to everything is going to be found out. Like I said, even the thing he said about JFK is now coming out and we’ll find out more truth about that. We know the CIA was involved, but now we’re going to find out more truth. He’s going to unseal those documents as well. He said it will be destroyed. The corruption. That’s how this nation since the beginning, the liars of Sieveres can no longer or keep the things that they so desire. They can’t finish off my nation. No matter how badly you want it or how close you came. Enemies of Almighty God, I’m speaking to you. Your end is near and you will never see it coming. To stop it and you couldn’t even if you tried. So they’re trying to finish off this nation. Why are they finishing off this nation for one world government just not write the Book of Revelation. Go read it. That is the only book in the Bible that promises you are blessed for reading it. I know it’s hard to understand sometimes, but God will give you the revelation of the Book of Revelation. He will help you understand it more. But why would he say this? There are people question me what it says it, it’s the only book in the Bible. It says this book you will read, you’ll be blessed by reading it says that in Revelations chapter one archives, this word will be in your news for a significant reason.

A plane will be in your news for a significant reason. And this incident that will bring more to the surface that has been hidden. Now he’s been talking a lot about airlines in the air industry. So watch what happens with airlines. And he said an incident will happen with a plane and it will bring things that have been hidden to the surface.

COVID narrative is about to be exposed in a way no one saw coming. So we already know some of the COVID and we’re already finding out a lot about the shots that’s a prophecy fulfill. That’s the reason why I know some of these things is because the shots have already starting to be uncovered about what is they’re causing. Okay, so but now COVID is also going to be completely uncovered in a way no one saw coming. A narrative so evil and so heinous it will be shocking how so many who paid for this to take place that people didn’t think could ever be involved. So there are people that look good that paid to help this be involved or had our governmental money or our tax money go to have this paid to have this be done against us. They use our taxpayer dollars for our destruction in many more ways than one. And we’re also going to find out that out, because God said in many different prophecies to follow the money trail which he will lead us to. Yet the truth is coming to reveal every lie. So it doesn’t matter what they’ve lied. It doesn’t matter how big their lie is or how long it’s been going on for. God will reveal every lie.

Now, hydroxychloroquine, I said, that right. Hydroxychloroquine will be in the news for a significant reason. So watch for that word.

Gas chambers. This will be in your news for a significant and shocking reason. Truth will not be held back any longer.

Hypochondriac, this word will be in your news for a shocking reason.

Hodge Podge. This phrase will be your news for a surprising reason. I think this is the second time he’s used that word, hodgepodge. And I’m like, Hodgepodge, there already was a prophecy fulfilled and I don’t remember how long ago that was, but he said it again, so there’s a reason. All right, now, in this paragraph let me go up here. I got to start from the beginning, because this all kind of goes into this whole page for I the Lord this day, I’m commanding my army to arise, my children to arise, my nations to arise. This is the time for things to change. This is a time where unexpected changes will occur. Unexpected events will take place. Yes, sudden things will shift what you see, my children. You are in the army of the Lord. He’s telling us this. We’re in the army of the Lord. Remember? That’s why we have an armor of Almighty God. That’s why he’s telling us to fight the good fight of faith because we are in the army of the Lord. Yes, sudden things will shift what you see. He’s been talking about sudden things, so that could take a whole bunch of time. Sudden things will shift what you see, my children, you are in the army of the Lord, and you cannot be defeated. So start talking and walking and acting like this is true, because it is. Your enemies cannot win this war. We have been in a war we didn’t even know. Lord, why do you say war? There isn’t a war right now. And people are saying some people in the United States are saying that there’s not a war in the United States. Really? Because there is. There’s a war everywhere, not just this country. And he specifically says that, my children, don’t use tea. There has been a war. And then he explains what it is a war of truth, a war of freedom, a war of independence, a war against my church, a war against my faith or against faith. A war against words, a war against you, my children, a war against all the nations on the Earth. A war to steal your wealth. A war to bring calamity, a war to bring shortages, inflation, economic disaster. A war to bring every good thing or everything good down, to destroy it. A war against the body of Christ, to fight each other while your enemies were conquering the world again, deceive, distract, destroy. So what these things are a war to bring the beast system in, which is the one world government system again. You can find that in the Book of Revelation. That is biblical and it is true. Yes, a war to destroy every plan I had for you now, he says. BUT so we have been in a war, an informational war, we’ve been in a war of all these different things, he says. But it will not work. It’s not going to keep going on. Nothing they are doing is working. Most of what you see is a show they put into place for you to believe in their power. Now listen and to give up yours. Don’t you see? Now, this is not just a war to take down my United States, because now I’m saying it’s not just a war about the United States of America or Israel, but to take over the world, to enslave you to steal from you in every way they possibly can to murder you so they can have even more power for less of an opportunity for you to fight back and possibly of their loss. That is Exodus, chapter one. Explain right there in this prophetic word. It happened back then and it’s happening right now again. That’s why as soon as I read that, he just sprang that up in my spirit and I had to read that to you. So you have left opportunity to fight back and possibly for their loss. They could never lose, your enemy’s thought, that’s going to be an option. Pharaoh thought the same thing and so many did. Other enemies of Almighty God in the Bible, look it up. And they lost every time. But what they don’t see and understand is that is all they’ll know. They, they can’t have what’s mine, what is theirs or what is God. It is the earth, it is his children, it is his plan, it is will. They can’t have it. They can’t overtake, they can’t overthrow. Remember Lucifer? He tried doing that in heaven. It didn’t work very well for him. And he was thrown down in Hell with all the demons, all the angels that went with him. That was what hell was made for, not man. That’s another story. All right. Now they could never that could have every option, but they don’t know and understand is defeated all they’ll know. They can’t have what is mine. They can’t have what I have given to my children of the Almighty God. Can’t. You said something is about to shake. He’s trying to get us to pay attention to the inward spirit. Not here. Pay attention in here, not up here. Something is about to stir. Something is about to disrupt your enemies, and that is me. What the Lord saying? It’s him. He’s about to disrupt our enemies plans. No, man, no plan. They have, along with no amount of money, they can change what I’m about to do, and they cannot change my will for you. I have given them opportunity after opportunity to turn back, and they refused. So, my children, it is now. Yes, now. Time for a great fall to take place, for the world to see. No one can defeat me, saith the Lord Your redeemer.

So watch more documents come out and more things to be unsealed, more things to be revealed. More shaking, more things stirring, more things shifting, more things looking a little bit confusing for some because they won’t realize why is it looking darker, why is it looking worse before we receive our freedoms. But God has already said that. So again, I want to pray each and every one of you, and I want to pray together regarding who are imprisoned unlawfully the January 6 victims. So, Father God, right now, in the name of Jesus, we just lift up every person right now that is unlawfully imprisoned because of the January 6 narrative. I break those chains and the narrative in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I thank you. Father God. There is nothing impossible to you before you. When Paul and Silas were in prison, when they shouted and then they rejoiced, you broke open the prison cells and you broke the chains off of them. There’s nothing impossible. Same thing with Joseph. When Joseph was in prison, you released him from the pit of the palace in one day. Father God, I’m asking you to encourage them. I’m asking you to for a special impartation of your joy and your peace on those people who are imprisoned right now in the name of Jesus that they do not belong there. We command those seals. We command those documents. We command those things have been hidden. We command those blueprints of January 6. We command all the truth to come out in the name of Jesus Christ, to not only free these people, but to free this nation. I thank You, Father God, for the truth to be revealed in every lie to be destroyed. We want to praise and thank You, Father down. We’re calling all of our enemies down. We’re calling all their lie. We’re calling all their narrative. We’re calling all the deception, we’re calling all their power in the name of Jesus will be rendered helpless because you said the name of Jesus is above every name. And I want to praise and thank You, Father God, for bringing joy into the mix of so many people who have honored so much despair and hopelessness. Let their eyes be opened, their hearts to be softened and how big you are, how much you love them. And things that we are going through the harshness of today will not stay that way. I thank you, Father God for the greater one that lives on the inside of us. Father God, you are the way maker. All those people that are burdened with cares whether they’re in those prison cells wrongfully or whether they’re just trying to survive life every day, you are the you the woke destroyer. You are the pertinent bearer. You are their comforter and their prince of peace. I’m asking you to comfort them and then bring them up out of that pit and bring them up out of that despair and bring them up out of that hopelessness and bring them out and freed from that spirit of heaviness. I thank you, Father God for your name. I thank you for your blood covenant. I thank you that your power destroys the power of the enemy. And I thank you that you live on the inside of us. And I thank you that you have conquered the world for us. In Jesus name, amen. And amen. Well, I hope this encourages you today. Please, like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth. Because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Bye.


Biblical Story about the oppression of Jews in Egypt by the second pharaoh was caused by his FEAR we are told. Fear of another ethnic group overrunning Egypt. Possibly a legitimate fear. Taking all the government jobs like they are famous for. Marrying their women into the aristocracy. Yet we know Jews are tragically driven by fear (anxiety) to oppress other ethnic groups and have been thrown out of some 109 countries. Please Correct me if I am wrong. I earnestly await your correction, dear reader. God even provided a new promised land for them only 11 days walk away. But their argumentative groupthink misguided them to waste their lives wandering in the desert for some 40 years.

On the fear problem can I suggest a modern scientific solution? From millennia of inbreeding they have genetically locked in some 25 genetic diseases. Among them FEAR (anxiety) a biochemical imbalance that causes many modern jewish people to suffer high anxiety ( fear of people- other ethnic groups around them) Their fear is sufficient to cause many or most of them to live on PROZAC. So a better anti anxiety drug tailored to their special biochemical needs could greatly alleviate their chronic fear, that ironically also affected the second Pharaoh with possibly justified fear, to oppress the Israelites in Egypt so long ago. And the Israelites just had to have their own country. Makes sense. Their own country from which they were thrown out of later in 70AD by the Romans. (After they asked to be governed by the Romans because they couldn’t govern themselves) So history has been quite a pinball game for Israelites. And right now during these End of Tyranny Times where despised enemies , chameleon traitors to humanity are being removed by God, we will find Israelites likely over-represented among the removals. Meaning that we are judged as individuals not by our ethnic groups.

I got a pass from Mr G as I typed this. Any objections complain to him LOL.

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Julie Green transcript A GREAT SHAKE UP Jun 16 22

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And here is the prophetic word

A Great Shake-up

and I heard this word again on June 13th

For I the Lord this day have proclaimed your freedom your victory your health your deliverance and your restoration. You are no longer slaves, you are no longer victims, when I have not only declared your victories but paid the ultimate price for them. There is nothing more powerful than the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

The damage it has done to Satan and his power, everything he has stolen from this earth, and from my children, is not his anymore it has been given back through the blood covenant my children take it back now you have the authority.

Your adversary is defeated. Get the revelation on the inside of you when he comes with his attacks you will strike him down to the ground under your feet and remind him of his defeat he can’t defeat you when you know the truth. So my children today hold on to the truth. Hold on to my blood covenant. Hold on to my name and resist him. Command what is rightfully yours – your freedom your health, soundness, wholeness, joy, peace, wealth and family. Nothing that is bad is for me.

I am good and all good things come from me and I have given you all good things to enjoy so enjoy my gifts my children take what I have already provided and paid for. Don’t sit by and let these attacks happen to you I have given you the ultimate weapon of Satan’s destruction my children. Use it daily what is the ultimate weapon you may ask the name of Jesus receive greater revelation in that name it will destroy the attacks destroy sickness destroy every lie. Destroy every chain. Destroy lack destroy death. Destroy fear that is trying to attack you. You are my chosen generation that hell will not prevail against, that is why you are being attacked by the world leaders the way you are. Satan knows what is coming – revival and my glory like never before, and it will crush his plans and wipe out all who he has used to help bring this his plans to pass.

George Soros Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Jeff Bezos Klaus Schwab. All the secret societies, all the leaders from around the world heed these words.

My hand is moving now against you. All of you will end up like pharaoh in my written word you refused to listen. You hardened your hearts and you pursued my children with no remorse or repentance your fortunes will be taken from you and death will come to each of you for the death and destruction you have caused my children and the earth that I have created. They were never your property or your slaves, and you will see that before you take your last breath. The freedom of my children and destruction of your empires, your finances and your influence I am ripping the secret societies apart like they never existed.

Everything you have stolen will also be ripped from your hands. This nation of the United States is not yours and it never has been. You are about to experience utter betrayal. Someone on your side you thought, has turned. Someone you thought was on your side has turned evidence into the authorities and your blueprints are known to my side, and the world will see it all. All corporations businesses and leaders against me, you are all about to take the biggest hit to your pride and arrogance that you thought you had against me, and it will not keep you from your ultimate fall from your high powered positions. I say again you are not Gods and you never will be.

I am against you and you soon will see my power on display against you Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children their destruction is at hand so don’t lose hope now. Things you have never seen are about to take place. Get ready my children. Change your lives and your hearts toward me. Make me a priority again. Make me first in your lives, and while great shakings and great destruction take place around the world, you will have perfect peace and you will not be moved. Great miracles great destruction at the same time great death on the other side. Great glory and restoration for my children. A great shake-up is upon you my children. No one could have planned or imagined what is about to take place receive my glory now receive my words receive my grace and my forgiveness I will show up and I will show you my goodness on a level never known to mankind so rejoice everything bad you see is about to be destroyed by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Crenshaw this name will be in your news.

Liable this word will be used often against the Biden. But it’s not. Because he is not making these decisions my children. Something big is about to prove that this is true. He’s a puppet and I will show the world of puppet masters and I will cut their lines of communication and you will see this for yourselves. Obama YES you have to fight me for the last time. Your pride will be your fall and your judgement is great save the Lord.

Pence will be in your news again.

My children I’ve told you things are not how they appear to be I will show you the truth and vindicate his name. Many lies have been told and things done behind closed doors. Decisions had to be made. He’s a hero not a villain. He chose to obey when others wouldn’t have done what I asked him to do. You may not understand this now, because of what you see my children, but you also are not supposed to walk by sight.

Stop listening to a lie. I see all and know all the news stations and they are all liars and thieves. Trust me beyond what you see today. My children confusion will be destroyed against you.

Wake up my children. Chess moves are being played before your eyes. Strategic moves have been made against your enemies they don’t even see it. They won’t see their total destruction coming for them until it’s too late.

Hazmat this word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Fear is a liar do not comply to another lie Saith the Lord.

A Convoy is on the move to take back your freedoms.

YES your military is marching toward your enemies’ camps to take them all out once and for all, so don’t be moved by appearances my children. It’s all going as planned and a landslide is about to take place, one explosion after another to destroy it all. You are right at the door so don’t give up now. You who don’t will receive a great reward Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Evil Oligarchs going down would be more than all our Christmases at once.

Though the damage oligarchs have done is so massive that their mere sudden absence is an insufficient “cure” in a world seriously bent out of shape. But God says elsewhere that oligarch removal will be so profound and comprehensive the result will be as if they were “never there”, never existed. These oligarchs have heirs, siblings, children, understudies, besotted admirers, deputies, enablers, public supporters, and secret powerful supporters, and investors and owners such as Blackrock and Vanguard. Circular ownership they practice to escape culpability. They all must be dealt with. Hard to get one’s head around this.

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Here is the prophetic word

It’s Time to Show the World what your Enemies have done Against you

I the Lord this day and speaking to my children to receive boldness like never before and to stand up in the face of adversity.

I the Lord am on your side so there is nothing to be afraid of things were about to intensify to a point never experienced on earth like this before winds of change are not coming they are here. They are here to blow through the earth mightily to knock down and knock out anything that is not of me or is against my children a great shaking and quaking is happening now in the natural.

The ground is shaking beneath the feet of your adversaries in this hour yes the ground is shaking underneath their feet it is about to open wide and swallow up some of them. The ones that survive this shaking will be tried for treason as I have told you, will be hung in the gallows that have already been built by your military. tribunals, you would say.

I told you my children these are the days of Haman.

This is a time when your enemies will reap what they have sown, say time and harvest and they can’t hide from it

I the Lord have spoken through my prophets giving warnings to my children to choose warning them of things that are about to erupt upon this earth the eruption of truth is happening now and will grow in intensity and when this happens you will see this fraudulent government of the United states go into an all-out panic they will start to turn on you to make your lives harder and to punish you for not bowing they want to take you hostage against your rightful president and government body.

Things may seem dark and some will not understand how things could get so bad because these are the days of glory my children these are the days of glory beside the stress in this passing hour won’t last it will turn into nothing do not faint at what is coming I’m here for you. Look in my word Egypt and Pharaoh tortured and made it so hard for my people right before the angel of death came and they let my people go it was the darkest but in that darkness I showed up and completely set them free from all of that adversity. Pharaoh meant to destroy them but in that time I set them completely free that is taking place again my children is taking place now saith the lord of hosts.

Look for more explosive Durham reports this will be like a nuclear bomb to your enemies video and audio recordings are coming for the world to see and hear regarding the two impeachments who’s behind them, how they did it, who pulled all the strings to the party of the blue I am coming for you every lie will be revealed and those impeachments will be like they never happened. January 6 footage is about to explode all over the internet with Nancy giving her instructions to her friends in congress and in your government along with some top capitol police officers.

oh Yes all was handed down, by none other than Barack Obama and was given to him by the puppet masters the one and only George Soros in all who were with him,

People and my children who were wrongfully imprisoned and wrongfully accused will be vindicated and rewarded financially great is my reward for my children your enemies will pay you a great financial compensation for it has been stolen not only to the January 6 victims but to all American citizens as they used your money to plot terrorist attacks and cause your destruction.

All that money will be blasted out of their hands. All involved who were compensated for their involvement in this entire government body and the ones who are against you.

Watch the credit scene where all the names and I  mean all are shown

during the time has come to let the floodgates fully open to the truth and let them fall. My son and his government are ready to move forward they have everything needed to restore their power hold on my children things might appear bumpy between the natural disasters the weather phenomena and me shaking the ground beneath your enemies these things will happen at one time and destroy every part of their plan against you there will be more evidence coming forward regarding your election in 2020. Hold on my children those floodgates are opening wide and allowing all to come out regarding every nation. Their government officials every person in your government, the election workers, the police, the many states that turn their back to the evidence, and when it came forward to their states some were paid greatly, but for most of them their lives and their lives their families were threatened.

Pray for them as they come forward.

Judges will re-open cases and this will go to the highest court in the land.

They will have to look at the cases this time. Remember my children I am cleansing your highest court all will be different in your land

Your military is on the move as more have come to the right side.

More of your military in the highest ranks have been infiltrated with traitors some generals high-ranking officers know what took place in your nation yet they turned their backs I have told you before that they will be stripped of their medals dishonestly discharged and will be tried for treason yes the military has what it needs to flip the fraudulent government upside down and the power to remove them all the crimes against you.

Watch for there will be massive earthquake that will shake the western part of your nation

Look to the Cascadias yes pressure has been building with no release but now it will be loosened up and a large quake will be felt by so many YES the Big One it will be called when the big one occurs.

Watch out no holds barred your enemies will fall like flies.

Watch Nancy Pelosi on air she’s losing her cognitive function and will continue to slur her words. She is drinking to lessen her fear but it won’t work she knows she doesn’t have much time left.

So watch her start to accidentally tell the truth when she doesn’t intend to.

When concerned when cornered in her press conferences yes she is about to give herself away before major evidence is going to shake her to her core. Watch this evidence.

She knows they have officially turned their backs on her, and she is finished. But what time she has left she is falling with no way to stop it.

Rasheeda Talib

I am coming for you and exposing everything you stand for you also infiltrated this nation and gave away the United States secret information secret protocols to your buddies, to the ones that control you from foreign lands. You are about to be fully exposed and nothing and I mean nothing will be left in the dark about you and who you are and what you stand for you are finished and you will have treason written on you for all eternity.

Aina Presley how dare you come to the people’s houses with your smug self thinking you are high and mighty with your plans and agenda to destroy the American people.

oh yes you want that Chair as a Speaker of the House so badly you will never get it you were behind the impeachments for this ridiculous January 6th insurrection as you call it.

Oh your fall will be great in front of the world you are a liar and a traitor the whole world will hear of your acts against the united states and how all of you were concocting to take away the freedoms in this nation you helped gather intel and national security protocols and gave it to the nation of your choice in order to betray the United States for the next terrorist plot but you didn’t know that I caught you in the act. I had people planted in your inner circle to record you. Your life as you know it is over and the handwriting is on the wall and it says TREASON and you know how that ends.

Eric Swalwell your days are numbered

Explosive information is about to flood the airwaves catching you in the act. Eric you too are finished

the Koch Brothers will be exposed to their part against the United States and how they use their businesses to help finance the big steal that took place in the nation they are part of the puppet masters and the elites who want a one-world government. They will not get what they want and the Angel of Death will visit them both but not before they lose everything they have, every business that took part in the biggest coup in the world will be exposed in the hour of reckoning

Disney played a huge part and they are about to be in the news everywhere for multiple reasons whistleblowers have come forward and their evidence will expose that company and how evil they are on so many levels their 50th will not go as planned because they will be brought down to their knees for what they have done against you and what they have done to help traffic the children.

Amazon I’m opening your books wide and exposing what you were doing in the dark of night and yet in front of the world you traded children for money you also took part and helped trafficking them

Jeff Bezos I told you before you cannot hide and every penny will be ripped from your hands you will also will fall by the Angel of Death your days are numbered on this earth and your number is about to run out.

Mark Zuckerberg

There will be another major drop in your stock but this time it will be a greater drop which you won’t recover from. You are being removed from your place of power by me. You will try and act like you step down but stepping down doesn’t change your fate.

I’m opening up all the accounts showing the world that you were part of the big steal of 2020 showing that your money went to help Dominion which you helped partnered with Oh Mark you’ll be tried for treason my army is coming for you you cannot hide nor can you escape the judgment that is coming for you right now.

Brian Stelter major news will expose you, and you and who you ar.e You’ll be moved from your seat at CNN never to be in the news job again.

You also helped in the 2020 election steal doing everything you could to tear down Trump and his name with your vicious lies.

You are a traitor to your nation and you will fall greatly for that, and for your lifestyle.

You try to keep it hidden on your computer, but the world will know how perverted you are and what you like to watch when no one is around.

You will be exposed in every way and judgment is coming for you now and nothing will stop the major news that is about to break regarding you.

Your time is over Brian I gave you an opportunity to repent but you chose money and your career and that was a bad choice you are about to sink like the Titanic because your sins have caught up with you.

Don Lemon you will take a great fall as well

You will never come back to your position. Yes for everything you have hidden and for what you have done for the lives of the American people you will be completely exposed. The little that has come out to the surface is nothing like what is about to come out. YES you are finished and your judgment is now.

CNN you changed your leaders but it can’t change the judgment thats coming against you. You will take your Final Fall never to get back up again CNN you are finished my hand is moving against you now your lights will go dark never to be turned on again by you saith the Lord of hosts.

NBC oh yes I am coming for you and everyone and I mean every person every anchor man that sat behind that camera and two face lied to the American people.

The Today show you are some of the biggest liars there are. You wanted American people destroyed for your leaders. YES you helped the 2020 election every one of you. You received your transcripts before that night you were given what to do, and what to say when Biden gave all of you the green light that night when he came out and spoke you all knew your plans hadn’t worked. Election had to be stopped that night in order to regain control and buy time to get all you needed. no matter how many days it would take. NBC you will fall by your own sword you are all caught you will all fall. Every network every person who did what NBC CNN MSNBC FOX CBS ABC did, my hand is moving against you in this hour. Judgment is here and now, for the enemies of Almighty God the days of reckoning and retribution are here now saith the Lord of Hosts.

Hold on my children is about to get very dark for your enemies as truth pours out from everywhere this is my time to show the world what has been going on against you these are the days of truth and they are now saith the Lord of Hosts

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Good Morning everybody today is Friday February 11th 2022. I have another prophetic word today called Justice will Prevail and Justice will be Served in this prophetic word I heard yesterday morning February 10th of 2022

Before I get to that this one its a little bit longer than normal they’re usually between four and five pages long,

This one is eight, so I want to let you guys know before hand this is a very long and detailed prophetic word.

So before I get to it if you guys have any prayer requests please email us here at jgm the number four prayers you can also write us at julie green ministries po box one two five two bettendorf iowa five two seven two two also there’s prophecies being fulfilled all the time so if you guys see prophecies being fulfilled email me write it in comment section write us here and let us know what you are seeing in the news that lines up with these prophetic words and you guys are such a blessing and a help to this to all of us here at JGM just want to thank each and every one of you and god bless you.

Okay now here’s the prophetic word for today

Justice will be Served and Justice will  prevail and Justice will be Served Again I heard this yesterday February 10th of 2022

I the Lord this day, I told you my children, there will be signs that the great I am is in control.

There has been many signs and many prophetic words being fulfilled,

while the pace is picking up, and more fulfillment of prophecy.

Just as fast as they are spoken, they will be fulfilled .

A great shift is taking place now, great shaking in this world will take what you see, and remove it all.

These are no longer normal days, or days you will just survive on this earth. No these are days of your freedoms.

You are taking your authority on this earth like a true child of God. No more being slaves no more victims. No more beneath your circumstances, no more being wimpy,

And now there will be boldness.

Authority righteous indignation, it will rise up in you.

You will stand in the face of adversity and shout and praise me without moving an inch ! You are coming to a place of authority you never thought was possible.

Your enemy’s nightmare is coming to pass in this hour.

Your awakening is rattling the gates of hell, so rejoice and spend more time on praise and worship which destroys the powers of the enemy. Get up from your places where you were, and fight the good fight of faith.

Would you win ?

My word promises that. Turn every test into a testimony by standing on my word that is truth, and it will set you free.

Just like Joe said from the pit to the palace in one day.

Yes, that is happening again.

There was a reason what you see now, had to take place.

You will understand more in the coming days and months, how I had to destroy them, the way I did with my timing.

And my timing is always the best, even when it looks like in that time of waiting, all hell is breaking loose, I have been in control this whole time my children, so look forward to your victory.

Say every day I am on the winning side. God is on my side so I can’t lose.

I am undefeated because the great I AM defeated my adversaries and everything they had planned for me, my victory is here, and now the greater one lives in me the line of the tribe of Judah is in me and reigns in my life.

My enemies fall before my face and complete restoration is mine in Jesus’ name and that time is now.

My children the battle has been won by your Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

He bought your adversaries to nothing and to make no effect in your life, so stand against the onslaught of your enemies attacks and no, he is nothing in your sight.

You will hear of a massive avalanche as you see this sign. No the avalanche of truth is at hand.

A major volcanic eruption in the Hawaiian islands

This will be a major news story. this is another sign of an eruption taking place to destroy all the works of your enemy at the same time. A major earthquake

all these natural phenomen at one time and then an unusual hurricane in that hour, and this hour is brewing.

So watch all of this hit.

The perfect storm and the spirit is hitting your enemies.

I have told you this before and I’m reminding you because this is that hour for it to take place..

Great removals great turnarounds these are the days of the Red Sea moment, but what I do is much greater than that the world will be in shock and awe, when they see my hand move against all  their governments in all the nations of this earth at one time.

The one world government is falling to the ground

Many of  the puppet masters will be uncovered and exposed

Big names you will never have thought could be.

It will shock the world

Who was all on the side of the elites, how much money they actually had, how many companies they owned, how they manipulated the entire world system and markets, from our money and power, by doing this they became filthy rich, you would say, to cause more poverty throughout the world to enslave as many people as they could.

I’m blowing the roof off their planned shortages, their economic crash, their wars and their control over the world.

Everything is being exposed with the move of my hand you will see them all fall.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau, and Prime  Ministers all over the world including my nation Israel

You will see them all fall like flies in a fly trap

Where there is nowhere to go. They are trapped.

There are many more my children. They will be exposed and will pay a high price for their heinous acts and crimes on this earth.

Heat in unusual places for this time of year.

Cold in places that should be hot. Even the weather continues to be affected in this time of great shaking, and great changes, overturning of elections.

There’ll be sudden boldness arise coming in your civil courts across this land to restore this nation and bring back justice.

Yes my hand is moving now in your court systems.

Justice will prevail justice will be served once again across your land.

A major death on the Senate floor will rock your Senate chambers on the same day. One will fall in the House of Representatives.

Watch my children I am moving across DC to judge and settle the cases for my children.

Vengeance is mine and the world is seeing my vengeance strike the enemies down to the ground.

More congressmen will suddenly step down, more will say I am not running for re-election. They see the handwriting on the wall. They know justice is going to be served, and they want no part of it.

Audio recordings are coming forward with truth of January 6th.

Nancy Pelosi giving instructions on what to do that day, to make it look like an insurrection took place to destroy any standing up or any changes to electoral college votes

Yes Nancy you can’t stop these recordings from coming into the open it will be heard all over the world.

Some will say it’s like a shot heard around the world

Damning evidence that can’t be undone.

YES Nancy, truth is finding you, not just for January 6th

but for both impeachments and the 2020 election.

Everyone with you has been recorded along with Harris

Biden Obama Romney Schumer MccCnnell

All have been secretly recorded and those recordings are coming into the light. The whole world to see and hear.

Yes my children they are all finished Saith the Lord of Hosts. Their days on earth are coming to an end, and Jesus will be served. Sentences handed down by me, the judge over all the earth, my children great  explosions of truth are great.

I’m sorry I should have added this first. My children great explosions of truth are hitting DC destroying their  narrative and their fraudulent government.

I am taking them down, removing all of their buildings

they will burn to the ground along with any monument

or assemble

The Statue of Liberty is about to fall, the crack is getting bigger, and it will crumble to the ground.

Watch the lightning hit some monuments across this land, to show you I am in control destroying all evidence of your enemies tyranny and control on this earth.

Get ready my children all will come down.

Your rightful President will be back in his seat in full power in a new house that was built for this very day.

You will see him walk down the steps of Air Force One.

Cheers and celebrations never heard to this degree over the earth.

This is about to come to pass so hold on a little longer my children my show has started and great celebrations are breaking out all over this earth Sayeth the Lord Of Hosts

Massive upheavals predicted near simultaneously

And DC is demolished with Lightning fire and earthquake.

Rightful President returns on Air Force One. A New Reality.

Christian Prophets


I made up this transcript with a few corrections for clarity.

So that’s the announcements for today, so here is the word from the Lord

It is time for a great change my children, in these days of great stress and darkness I have not left you, why do you believe man, man’s doctrines, man’s beliefs ?

Can Man’s way come up higher with me ? Far too long you have been in the world system and you have been enslaved to it, by thinking like them, why do you not do fellowship with me, well, there is peace joy and rest from the world, stress and pressure that they put you wonder yes I am here to deliver you and set you free. The world has been growing darker for most, but not my children,who are about to break forth out of this system, and that dominance of the evil system put in place to destroy you once and for all. Come out now and come to me, come and worship, and fellowship with me, I have so many great things waiting for you, in my presence stop letting the evil deceive you out of these things,with feelings such as unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, condemnation, anger, bitterness. He is cheating you out of your deliverance and your victories, I will give you abundance in your heart’s desires and remove the weights and heaviness this world has put on you.cCme and sit with me, I will give you rest. Most needed and deserved rest, much needed and deserved rest. Your enemies are coming down, now so stop giving them so much attention, and authority in your lives, they can’t control it, dominate you,

Why do you think that the enemy has finally gotten what they wanted ? I have already said this is not the time of the end. This is the time of their end. For your enemies. Not the world. The world system, the world dominance, the world enslavement, the world taxation, and the world poisoning of a population in generations,yes and of all which you see the world’s power and those who controlled it.

Mark Zuckerberg you are being exposed exposed now and changing of your name, the company’s name, you will not stop the exposures, and it will not stop your fall ,your power, and your finances being taken from you, All you know will be taken, for your part in this great reset. Jeff Bezos same goes for you. Amazon will be taken from you, and you will come down, and be removed from your place of power, no longer will you hide behind that name in your company, to use it as a front for what you are really doing behind closed doors. For I have seen and I will expose you now. All will be taken from you, handed over to the rightful owners for too long you hid in plain sight with such evil in your heart toward my nation, and my people. And you will be removed and exposed and embarrassment and shame will befall you.

and you will know poverty in a way you never thought possible. You thought you couldn’t be touched. You couldn’t be brought down, because of such wealth that you had in your possession, you will now know the advent of my children, the great I am, and know that you are nothing, and neither was your power or money.

Jeff Bezos its time of your fall to now cleanse. You are doomed and you cannot hide behind your computers, your phones, your party, or the power, or even the ones who propped you up, and kept you from falling.

No Hillary, the witch that you really are, will be exposed for the spouse, and the chance (chants?) that you have made against me, in my nation, For power wealth and greed is all you desired and that’s your great fall.

Pride, you will never see this coming that you thought you were safe, you never saw this coming, He said, you thought you were safe because of who hid you in your lies and your schemes, they shall give you up to save themselves

They thought, YES Bill will not save you, and Bill will pay dearly for the lives that he also has lived, a great price shall pay for the evil against my children, to the little children and his part of the trafficking of them.

You were exposed in the oval office Bill Clinton and now everything will be exposed that you thought you could hide. Clintons fall and fall now

Kamala knows she has been betrayed in the supposed White House and she’s about to erupt from the portrayal that she has received from her own camp. Things are exploding.

Now the time of great eruptions is here, eruptions of truth and lives to be destroyed and uncovered, things that they can’t seem to hide behind this fake and facade of a government and their power. No they are falling and falling apart left and right sickness is plaguing their camp. Deaths you shall hear more of from them. Deaths they can’t hide. There is no more strategy and nothing else to turn to, they shall overplay their hands for the last time. More power more control of people will, People will not take it anymore

No more.

Will you let them rise up against you, so rise up my children.

Supreme Court I call on you to uphold the laws of this nation

For I the lord and the true judge, and I am calling for justice in this land Again, wake up now, and do your duty, or you will be removed by me, saith the lord of hosts.

I know what they threatened you with, I know what they are holding over you, to get on the right side and I, with the Lord, I the Lord will protect you. I will protect the ones you love. Do it now saith the Lord

Destroy those mandates now before any more damage is done for you will be judged by me.

Do not cower, and hide from your duties and get up now, speak for this nation and uphold MY constitution that has been placed to protect this nation.

Do it now saith the Lord.

I am shaking the Supreme court now. Do not back down from what I am telling you to do. I have come to your rooms and you know what to do, it is now that time. Do it now saith the lord, stay on the right side, stand up for justice and truth I will take care of the ones who threatened you, and if not, they will devour you and you will have no protection from their plans, they were taking you down with them.

So do not believe there is no hope. Without me, there isn’t. But with me, you have hope. I am here.

But this is your final chance. Do as you have been told saith the Lord of Hosts, darkness shall cover the capital, like never before, darkness shall swallow them up. There is no more time to turn back and repent. Time is up saith the Lord

They kept pursuing so judgement shall befall on them like never before. Their government is imploding, walls will come down, buildings will be demolished, monuments and any symbol they’ve erected for evil will be destroyed completely. (Earthquakes , lightning or what ? Angry mobs ? Military ? (Was on the move, we were told)

No evidence left of them or their plans against this nation. I am demolishing it all right now, shortages, inflation, chaos, mandates, fear, confusion, I am destroying it all now saith the Lord. None of them and it will be left. None of this will be left.

Again the Biden, watch him, and on camera it will be revealed who he really is. They can no longer hide. He is falling in plain sight Yes fall, he won’t be able to get up from, no one can save him now, the earpiece will be revealed as the one who was on the other side this entire time pretending and dreaming of this third term and beyond

No Obama you are finished. You thought Biden would take the fall for you, and you could hide behind it. No, you will also be exposed and will fall to the ground and your earpiece ripped from your ear and your shadow government destroyed. I am coming for you now, and nothing will be left standing, you have put into power.

Let my people go. I have spoken it.

Nothing can stop those words from coming to pass and not even you Obama and the ones who are with you.

My children march forward into your freedom and receive your victory now saith the Lord your redeemer.

End message.

Is this the beginning of Kamala’s “eruption” Exposing Vaccine fraud ?

Is this a genuine video ? I left this comment.

So hard to believe this ultra grainy video. Hides editing. Why would she say this and to whom ? Is she trying to rescue her sinking 28pc career by blowing the whistle ? Or what ? Yet she asked a NASA official for satellites to verify whether more trees grow in black or white suburbs ? Is she on drugs or what ?

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