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There is No Way for Your Enemies to Escape.

Once again I heard this on Tuesday April 19th of 2022

For I the Lord this day, have given my children encouragement truth and warnings that things are about to dramatically change for your good what you see now will not stand. All your enemies will fall in everything you thought was a normal way of life was actually slavery and it will be destroyed. You have endured a great deal because this demonic system and the ones who control it, the majority of this world, and my children thought this was “just life” Your enemies counted on this so you wouldn’t fight them back. That’s why your enemies have used so many things to deceive you, so that they could have what they wanted without a lot of resistance from you, children of Almighty God, and the people of this world, the shaking you are experiencing now are making things seem abnormal, and appear abnormal, excuse me, many are asking Lord what is going on ?

This is the wake up call. I told you my children that this was coming, this wake-up call was to help you realize you have been asleep, and deceived by the enemy.

No more will my body stay complacent or enslaved. Arise children of Almighty God and receive these words, and with that you receive truth and freedom which is already yours. There are more of you than there are of your enemies and they are terrified of you knowing this information, because that’s where you will fight back.

But it’s too late for that truth is being revealed everywhere, and my children are receiving these words and are waking up and taking back their authority. With this, my children, you will see more resistance from your enemies. They will not go quietly.

It doesn’t matter how loud they scream or shout, I will shut them all up and take away everything they have and are using against you, no matter what it seems like for a short time, they are all caught in the trap of all their lies deception and judgment and justice will find each and every one of them, and they will all fall for their crimes committed against you and this world. There is no way any of them can escape what is coming against them, for I the Lord and the judge over all this earth and I am passing their sentencing and they will live for all eternity in a place no man should ever go, but they chose this when they refused to turn from their wicked ways and repent Saith the Lord.

Snowden this name will be in your headlines. Another major whistleblower is about to come forward with more incriminating evidence than anyone has ever thought could be brought out, at one time. This evidence will be seen and heard by everyone and every person will be judged by me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children I mentioned this before and I will bring it up again.

The Heart Senate Office building, it will be in your headlines, look at what they are saying took place there, who is involved and just know there is more to the story that will all come out. Nothing they have tried to keep hidden in any building will stay hidden. Know I have all the evidence of everything they have done and it will all be seen by the world Saith the Lord.

Stand By this phrase will be used in your headlines and look at who is making this statement they are trying to buy some time to figure out how to fix these major disasters but they can’t.

A Coliseum will be in your headlines. This location will be heard more in the

News. Many exposures and truth will continue to pour out of this land, more than any thought would have been taken place in this country.

Harsh Conditions this will be used in your headlines to explain what is going on in so many places throughout this earth.

A famous Harbour will be in your news listen to see what took place there and who’s reporting on it, no matter what they have done to cover up their tracks it’s not working for I have people everywhere revealing the truth Saith the Lord of Hosts

Henry Kissinger his name will be in your headlines. The Angel of Death is visiting his house with a blood that has been dripping from his hands, continues to cry for justice and it is being served Saith the Lord

Jen Psaki will continue to look frustrated and be entangled and trapped in one lie after another. She’s reaching her boiling point they will say, and she will step down before that date that was given. She can’t take the pressure and she knows what is going on with the Biden and this fraudulent government and by stepping away she thinks it will relieve the stress and constant fear she is in. But it won’t help for judgment will find her and treason will be written on her for all eternity Saith the Lord.

Listen in the coming days for what Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mean to say.

She’s having difficulty finding her words on live TV and when she finds words they are the wrong ones. It will give a person away. Nancy’s days are numbered and her number is about to run out Saith the Lord.

Israel I warned you of the attempts against you.

They want what you have, but they won’t get it. Israel I will protect you, heal your land and restore what has been stolen. Listen to what your enemies will say. They will lie and say you started this against them but the truth will be revealed that their connections to this fraudulent government of the United States of America. Your enemies were paid to start this war against you. Oh YES the deal is being made to take you out once and for all, Israel but they didn’t count on ME, who is your protector and they will not get what they so desire, wishes to take you over once and for all, and they will not take what doesn’t belong to them.

Palisade this name will be in your headlines and this location will be in many more as well. Something was hidden there that is now being uncovered and the rest of the world will hear and see that nothing gets past me and prospers Saith the Lord.

Caravan this word will be in your headlines. Infiltrators are coming and they want to bring a war to your land O United States, that they will never get by the Lord, and  I will destroy every part of their attack. They are walking right into my trap. I have many set up everywhere that your enemies keep running into. There is nowhere they are safe from me Saith the Lord.

Calloway this name will be in your news. Listen for what is being said and remember what I have said before. Read between the lines more truth will continue to come out regarding this name.

Talladega this name and location will be in your news. I have said my children many times that I give you the news before the news.

Hershaw this name and location will be in your news both are very important in the coming days you are living in children of Almighty God.

A major national park will be in breaking headlines everywhere my children.

Look at what took place there. This was no accident. All will be revealed by me Saith the Lord.

Continue to watch Yellowstone major surprises will keep being reported there.

Casper this name will be in your news.

Truth is seeping out from everywhere.

Crystal Lake this name too, look for it. It will also be in your news.

Apothecary this word will be in your news. Truth was covered up and will come out in this hour of truth and exposures.

My children do you see how I the Lord love thee ? That I will give you these words to hold on to in the days that seem overwhelmingly hard to deal with and hard to bear.

I am bringing you hope in the midst of such hopelessness, I the Lord will show you that I am the one true God and no man will stand against me and win.

I am your deliverer and I am here now to avenge my children and destroy all who have been against you. So lift up your hands and praise the great I AM who is here to stay. This is your time to shine my children in this hour of darkness, to be the light to this world, and to give them good news, which is truth to set the captives free Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

I AM is here to STAY. Which brings a radically new world.

A bigger than Snowden whistleblower is coming ! and I AM is here to stay, no more hide and seek games ! A radical most welcome change that we must become accustomed to. Biden’s Loony Left paying others to attack Israel. Like Iran. Not gonna happen says Mr G. Iran to be put in its place was a previous declaration by Mr G. Henry Kissinger to meet the Angel of Death. He moved all the worlds factories to China. A suicidal world model. Responsible for much death and suffering and strange US capitalist support for the Soviet Union, building car factories for them, that was a New York capitalist created enemy since 1917. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Physical Death is not enough for Kissinger. Undoing the damage done by the evil elites so thoroughly, as if it was never there, is promised by Mr G. That’s a whole New World. A much better kind of reset.

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Julie Green transcript WAR -YOUR VICTORY- THEIR DEFEAT Feb 28 22

Transcript for serious students

Here is the prophecy

for today

War Your Victory and their Defeat. I heard this on February 25th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am making an announcement to my body I win and your victory is at hand.

A major breakthrough in turnarounds is here.

Your enemies all lose and this is a time for their fall and their sentencing.

I have said enough is enough.

No more will I let them stage this world how they want it

War. Yes they want an all-out war. They are thirsty for it- It’s another manouver to control this world.

All they have are lies and false power. You say Lord they do have power over us look at all they are doing.

My children they have played  right into my hands.

They have done exactly what I need them to do and when they would do it for their ultimate destruction and their demise not yours. Yes it’s time for turnarounds. I know this has been hard to deal with, and hard to bear my children, but I the Lord have spoken my words and nothing can stop my words, and my will. What words you ask Let my people go Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Lord, it’s taking too long !

Now there is war. No, there’s not.

This was a strategic attack on things that are going on in part of Ukraine.

No one knows about your nation. Wanted you to believe otherwise. This is not directed at the people of that nation like they would love for you to believe.

Soon you will see why Russia did what they did, in the meantime do not fear it and it can go only so far and not any further. I got this my children, and I got you.

I have said I am your protector and deliverer.

These are your days of deliverance so shout your Exodus is now !

It’s here we declare, we receive our freedom.

Lord we receive our authority and we will not fear.

Jen Psaki found out what’s going on in the W House

Sudden news is about to break regarding

Jen Psaki

Her sudden exit is shocking to some, another sign to you, their plans are falling apart she knows what they have done, and doesn’t want to be a part of it any longer.

Jen, even though you have stepped down and judgment is coming, you know what you have done, against the American people playing into this fraudulent government.

It will be exposed who you actually are, who you took your orders from, and it’s not Biden.

Obama is his name you and all this fake government and fake power will be exposed.

The pressure is building when your days are actually going to END.

You know Jen you can’t take the anticipation of what is about to hit DC.

You refuse to repent and treason will be written on you for all eternity.

An eruption is about to take place in your Congress between house members.

People are splitting apart choosing what side they’re actually on.

Some are scared for their lives and will switch sides.

Others will stay on their ground in defiance and their end is near.

A death blow will rattle DC. Yes a death will rock this nation.

Biden ? you ask.

YES they are finished with the one that’s betraying him. He’s a failure.

They are grasping at straws when to pull the plug on this charade but after this next gaffe of the Biden, it will be their final straw.

Obama wants it to be seen and known he’s in control.

But they don’t know how exactly to make the American people accept that.

A storm is brewing my children. Yes a major storm in the natural, but also in the spirit. A major storm is about to break over DC and many are fleeing do you hear it ?


Yes military marching, but they are not alone.

They are with my angel armies, and they are about to take over and descend on DC.

YES ultimate destruction of that capital, and all who want to protect it, and try to stand their ground against my army.

But failure and defeat they only have.

Yes a major sign to look for— a massive lightning bolt will strike the White House and the Washington monument on the same day.

Watch for a lightning storm to hit your Capital rain and wind and major storm is going to strike there, directed at the ones holding this nation hostage.

Yes a storm is brewing they can’t stop with their money or their power.

Fox news a major scandal is about to break all over. A news anchor will be caught in a scandal along with others in your network. Brace for impact FOX

I’m cleaning house and not many will be left standing.

Only people who spoke the truth and didn’t bow to your every command.

It’s time for a major news break all over, regarding the lies you have been told in your supposed news stations all over the place.

Yes vindication for the ones who’ve told the truth and vengeance for the ones who wouldn’t.

Rudy Giuliani I’m vindicating your name in this hour you’ll be rewarded greatly for standing up for truth. You have what you need to destroy every narrative regarding 2020.

It’s that time to move forward with a plan that you have been given. The walls that have been built up against you have come down.

No longer will they control the narrative so speak, my son and do what needs to be done. I am with you and I have not failed you. I will give you strength to stand and face adversity but this time it will be different. Now it’s time for them all to fall that are against you.

Rudy I have raised you up in this hour and I’ve given you everything you need to overcome and come out victorious in the end. So move my son I will direct your steps.

Donald Trump you have my orders, my son, you know what to do. Remember it is my responsibility to protect the people in this nation.

Don’t hold that care or that responsibility. It belongs to me in the days ahead, when you make your moves that need to be made.

Just remember I have protection around you, and all who are with you, but I also have my angel armies protecting the people of this great nation from their enemies in the attacks against the people of this nation, as you are pursuing them.

Yes I know what they want to do. I know what they are planning when you take these next steps. But my son, it’s my will that will be done. Not theirs So full steam ahead you would say.

Play your next chess move on the board of victory. It’s time to move forward and yes you do have the green light.

Donald Trump you have been chosen by the one true God You are my David. You are also my Moses you’re my vessel sent to help deliver the people out of the hands of these nowadays pharaohs.

The Exodus is upon them now, I will bless you and all who are with you it’s time for the turnarounds so go and do what I need you to do, and I will be with you and I will be with them.

oh United States a uniting is happening amongst you and your states. Things that have been in secret are about to be revealed in this hour great confusion. Yes they are making their last moves on their checkerboard because they are not smart enough to play chess.

Many mistakes they have made and continue to make. Yes they have been caught in everything they have done.

Truth is breaking through all the lies in this hour exposing every player every person what they have done to destroy your nation.

This is the time you have been waiting for my children it’s time to dance and it’s time to sing march forward into your victor. Its time to see turn-arounds like never before

Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Julie Commentary. Now one of the things that he’s talking about, he’s talking about war, Your Victory and Their defeat.

Yes yesterday morning again I recorded this on Monday February 28th but one thing when I heard a word on Sunday February 27th

the Lord had me praying about war, you are going to see it in other nations, they’re going to start announcing it, things are starting to happen, moves are starting to be moved or played I guess in this game they have all over the world right now, to stop what they know is about to come. You will hear of things in Israel you will hear of things in Japan you will hear of things in other nations

Why it’s not just Russia and Ukraine they do want an all-out war

That’s why you are starting to see weather become very erratic and unusual, why God has been speaking so many times before, not only is this a sign to you because he gives you the news before the news, but it’s also to stop the plants and the attacks of the enemies, is to halt things that they want done.

Those weather events will get in their way, they will be there. God is using that to be there, to protect you, not to destroy you, no matter what things seem like this, in this hour. Remember you are on the side of victory and they are the side of defeat.

When God again uses his hand, he references his hand in the bible, he says when I move my hand now look when he moves it.

Judgment always happens to one and justice blessing always happens to the other side.

This is what you’re gonna see, and he’s also given many prophecies about March and how March is going to be Bumpy. March is going to be for some –

Lord they’re going to ask this question what is going on with the month of March ?

The old saying, goes in like a Lion goes out like a lamb –

Weather and many other turnarounds and things are going to happen in the month of March.

So be praying children of Almighty God when things look like what is going on Lord ?

You press in to God Almighty and don’t let confusion don’t let fear and don’t let that spirit of heaviness control you, overwhelm you, get you into the point where you are not trusting and believing God anymore and fear takes over.

God is saying he has this. He has us in the palm of his hand and how many times does he say in his word do not fear?  365 times one for each day of the year.

I think obviously he didn’t do that on purpose there’s no coincidences with God he wants us to know every single day of our life do not fear, look to him, don’t go by your five physical senses, don’t go by feelings, because if you go by feelings, your adversary uses those to deceive you. He uses those to entangle you to entrap you to hold you hostage, and definitely to torment you with it.

God is saying — War Your Victory and Their Defeat

Again all of these prophecies are not only all those are his they’re kids words for you, for this very day and this very hour these words are detailed and they’re specific.

Why because he wants you to know what is going on in the world today, and that he is in control and to keep your faith and trust in him. And these times that we’re living in a lot of times when we go through dark and confusing times. That’s when people will turn away from God but God is so merciful.

Long-suffering he’s given us all these words and of course he gives us encouragement every single day, to be able to say hey I love you, and these words are for you, to be able to hold on to your faith and your trust in me, despite¬† everything you hear, everything you see in your Don’t know what’s going on ! Lean not unto your own understanding but lean unto me trust me.

I can handle it. That’s why he says in his word in first Peter Chapter five and verse seven cast all of our cares upon him, because he cares for us, he watches over us, he never sleeps he, never slumbers, he never takes a break and he knows the end from the beginning, he’s the Alpha he’s the Omega beginning and the end

He is Elohim the Creator of Heaven and Earth

He’s Jehovah rapha our healer Jehovah jireh our provider jovanis our banner or our victory he’s our Prince of Peace he’s our comforter.

He is the great I am, and he is your Father and that’s all you need to know and focus on in these days and in these hours that we are living in today ,that we are on the winning side we always encourage you today I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly father right now in Jesus name I just want to praise and thank you for freeing each and every one of them for the bondage that they have been living in, regarding their mind heavenly father their mind their will and emotions their soul they have been imprisoned in their soul and we thank you father God this is the hour, these are the days this is the year of the great Exodus to free your people so they can freely serve you so.

We thank you that right now Father God, that you are touching him Jehovah Rapha You are their healer, touch them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet where they have pain pain must go right now in Jesus name where there’s any disease during virus infection it must go right now in Jesus name any affliction any ailment anything that has been said to you that the doctors have said and did not give you any Hope God right now is giving you hope and he’s telling you, you choose Life you choose life, life in the death, in the power of your tongue ,and you have a right to choose Life and God will honor those words. Long life will he satisfy you, so you do not give up, and you do not quit just because somebody else gave you a bad report.

You listen to God’s report by Jesus Christ you were healed and every knee must bow to the name of Jesus so do not give up and do not quit because God is on your side and you will come out unscathed you will come out like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego like you were never in this battle to begin with.

So heavenly father I want to praise and thank you for your healing anointing for your restoration for breakthroughs for miracles signs and wonders in the life today in Jesus name Amen Amen. Well again I hope this encourages you today please like subscribe and share and give this to everybody you know, who needs to hear encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth sets you free well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Such a download of events to come

Keynote stuff. Jen Psaki resigns but chooses hell as her final destination.

Serious attempts to start WW Three as a distraction from revelations in the US regarding the election, and the dementia riddled gerontocracy that bedevils the US Gov guaranteeing its mid term destruction soon. Why it’s not just Russia and Ukraine they do want an all-out war

Obama, Rudy Guiliani, Donald Trump making comebacks. Major storms coming to Washington. Massive record storms, also Eastern Australia- Sydney and Brisbane both flooded. Endless rain coming off warm ocean.

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Julie Green Word of the Lord – The Endgame

I made a useful Transcript

Transcript starts at 2mins 37

 Julie Green The word of the Lord called the End Game.

During this short time you have been experiencing what some of the world wanted, and I the Lord allowed it to happen for them, to get a taste of their own medicine. YES for some, cheers and celebration will end now with sorrow and destruction. What they thought they wanted has come and brought destruction upon them, when they thought they could never happen, Not to me ! they said It will affect everyone else, but will not affect me Now they know how it feels to be betrayed, what they thought was great, has become a nightmare. The regret and sorrow they are feeling is overwhelming them. For some they are still blinded to the truth, from the truth, and their supposed “victory”, this will be your enemy’s downfall, the pride and arrogance of this tyranny, hatred and divisiveness, has clouded their minds, and blinded their own eyes, through their own destruction, where there was supposed trust between them, my children, the coming celebration will now be even greater, because the ones that cheered against you will now be cheering with you, as the return and restoration begins. YES even some that were against you, will now be joining you. The massive number of switching sides, will shock most of you. (20pc Steve Turely) This is why I had to allow certain things to happen, so they could see what they wanted, they didn’t actually want at all. This was to bring more people into my kingdom I loved them, and the enemy was destroying them. I had to awaken the people across this nation and across the world right now, as an awakening for my children, and also for the other people on this earth, the End Game is here. The end of the rule of your enemies, the end to their power financially enslaving you, the end to them poisoning you in so many ways, the end to them spewing out such fear to give you stress and anxiety, never seen like this before.

Your bodies were never meant to handle this type of fear in constant torment, fear, stress, was the final end game for you, but it will be their final act against you, that will fail and bring them down. The End, the End game is here, for your enemies yes ! they are falling, they are failing. The walls are crumbling. They had no foundation. Three, two, one, watch as they turn on one, and then another and another, to save themselves from this coming of my mighty army. My mighty army is moving across this land moving to restore, moving to regain power, moving to return my son, your rightful President. YES there has been a plan for the final act to bring the false fake evil show to its end.

Oh how great this shall be the greatest fall to the enemies of my people more than any other time in history. Watch Biden or the one who says he is Biden, watch his words watch his eyes ( mystery blue & black?) the truth shall slip from his lips, they can’t cover this up ! No not this time

It’s gone too far, no more lies we’ll fix this now. Psaki will step down. (Gone from Covid ?) watch for this, she no longer will take the fall for the ones pulling her strings. They all will soon find out the betrayal that happened in the White House. YES the big lie that was hidden from them, the end to the true jackal that had been, hadn’t been seen by anyone, they had no idea someone else was walking in his shoes, a fake a fraud even more than the original Hunter. The life you have lived is coming to haunt you now, the next whistleblower will come for you and you shall not hide or be safe behind your father, and his puppet masters, any longer your days of hiding, others covering up your wicked life is over. This evil that has come from you, and the finances you stole, will be drained from your accounts for the blood that was paid to steal that money, has cried out to me. You are finished Hunter you have become the hunted.

Nancy your power is being stripped right out of your hands. Your lies and cover-ups are coming for you. Truth is finding you, and will spoil all your plans. You’ll be taken from your high and lofty places, then the end shall come. Your power and your reign will be taken. You will experience the humiliation you have caused so many. Then your end will come to all the other ones, who sold out my nation. The great I am is coming for you now. You had your chance. You dug your feet in even more against me. Now your end game is here to end your destruction.

Fauci you will be stripped of any dignity that was given to you Death shall find you. From the death you have caused, their blood is on your hands, and you shall come down from your power. Stripped of your finances. Stripped of your reputation and the rat you are will be completely exposed and your endgame shall befall you. Enough is enough of the death ,the lies, the fear, the tyranny, the stealing, the cheating. Enough ! the Endgame is here today, to end all which stood against my children yes the end of them all

Schiff (Jewish Senator)

You cower behind the puppet master. You shall be exposed for what you have done, what you have done and what you did to my son is nothing compared to what is coming for you. Now a great betrayal you shall see.

They sold you out to try to save themselves. Sons of Ishmael your plans against my nation the United States and my nation Israel, this plan you have against my children, is stopped now. Your end is here you will not kill you will not terrorize my nations or my people. The destruction is for you. Destruction in your land. Destruction in your camps. My mighty army is stripping you of all that you stole. Everything you received from the traders, the government, the United States of America, they paid you with money that wasn’t theirs. I’m calling it back now, saith the lord.

Darkness shall cover your enemies from now, until all are removed. YES darkness they can’t run from, darkness they can’t shake, darkness because I have said it’s the end, the lights have been turned off, and your puppet show has been cancelled. YES cancelled by me, saith the lord the Endgame is here now. And your enemies can’t stop the credit scene that will expose all the names and all the plans saith the lord of hosts

End message

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