Julie Green Word of the Lord – The Endgame

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 Julie Green The word of the Lord called the End Game.

During this short time you have been experiencing what some of the world wanted, and I the Lord allowed it to happen for them, to get a taste of their own medicine. YES for some, cheers and celebration will end now with sorrow and destruction. What they thought they wanted has come and brought destruction upon them, when they thought they could never happen, Not to me ! they said It will affect everyone else, but will not affect me Now they know how it feels to be betrayed, what they thought was great, has become a nightmare. The regret and sorrow they are feeling is overwhelming them. For some they are still blinded to the truth, from the truth, and their supposed “victory”, this will be your enemy’s downfall, the pride and arrogance of this tyranny, hatred and divisiveness, has clouded their minds, and blinded their own eyes, through their own destruction, where there was supposed trust between them, my children, the coming celebration will now be even greater, because the ones that cheered against you will now be cheering with you, as the return and restoration begins. YES even some that were against you, will now be joining you. The massive number of switching sides, will shock most of you. (20pc Steve Turely) This is why I had to allow certain things to happen, so they could see what they wanted, they didn’t actually want at all. This was to bring more people into my kingdom I loved them, and the enemy was destroying them. I had to awaken the people across this nation and across the world right now, as an awakening for my children, and also for the other people on this earth, the End Game is here. The end of the rule of your enemies, the end to their power financially enslaving you, the end to them poisoning you in so many ways, the end to them spewing out such fear to give you stress and anxiety, never seen like this before.

Your bodies were never meant to handle this type of fear in constant torment, fear, stress, was the final end game for you, but it will be their final act against you, that will fail and bring them down. The End, the End game is here, for your enemies yes ! they are falling, they are failing. The walls are crumbling. They had no foundation. Three, two, one, watch as they turn on one, and then another and another, to save themselves from this coming of my mighty army. My mighty army is moving across this land moving to restore, moving to regain power, moving to return my son, your rightful President. YES there has been a plan for the final act to bring the false fake evil show to its end.

Oh how great this shall be the greatest fall to the enemies of my people more than any other time in history. Watch Biden or the one who says he is Biden, watch his words watch his eyes ( mystery blue & black?) the truth shall slip from his lips, they can’t cover this up ! No not this time

It’s gone too far, no more lies we’ll fix this now. Psaki will step down. (Gone from Covid ?) watch for this, she no longer will take the fall for the ones pulling her strings. They all will soon find out the betrayal that happened in the White House. YES the big lie that was hidden from them, the end to the true jackal that had been, hadn’t been seen by anyone, they had no idea someone else was walking in his shoes, a fake a fraud even more than the original Hunter. The life you have lived is coming to haunt you now, the next whistleblower will come for you and you shall not hide or be safe behind your father, and his puppet masters, any longer your days of hiding, others covering up your wicked life is over. This evil that has come from you, and the finances you stole, will be drained from your accounts for the blood that was paid to steal that money, has cried out to me. You are finished Hunter you have become the hunted.

Nancy your power is being stripped right out of your hands. Your lies and cover-ups are coming for you. Truth is finding you, and will spoil all your plans. You’ll be taken from your high and lofty places, then the end shall come. Your power and your reign will be taken. You will experience the humiliation you have caused so many. Then your end will come to all the other ones, who sold out my nation. The great I am is coming for you now. You had your chance. You dug your feet in even more against me. Now your end game is here to end your destruction.

Fauci you will be stripped of any dignity that was given to you Death shall find you. From the death you have caused, their blood is on your hands, and you shall come down from your power. Stripped of your finances. Stripped of your reputation and the rat you are will be completely exposed and your endgame shall befall you. Enough is enough of the death ,the lies, the fear, the tyranny, the stealing, the cheating. Enough ! the Endgame is here today, to end all which stood against my children yes the end of them all

Schiff (Jewish Senator)

You cower behind the puppet master. You shall be exposed for what you have done, what you have done and what you did to my son is nothing compared to what is coming for you. Now a great betrayal you shall see.

They sold you out to try to save themselves. Sons of Ishmael your plans against my nation the United States and my nation Israel, this plan you have against my children, is stopped now. Your end is here you will not kill you will not terrorize my nations or my people. The destruction is for you. Destruction in your land. Destruction in your camps. My mighty army is stripping you of all that you stole. Everything you received from the traders, the government, the United States of America, they paid you with money that wasn’t theirs. I’m calling it back now, saith the lord.

Darkness shall cover your enemies from now, until all are removed. YES darkness they can’t run from, darkness they can’t shake, darkness because I have said it’s the end, the lights have been turned off, and your puppet show has been cancelled. YES cancelled by me, saith the lord the Endgame is here now. And your enemies can’t stop the credit scene that will expose all the names and all the plans saith the lord of hosts

End message

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