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I heard this prophecy on March 25th of 2022 again it’s called I am Moving Behind the Scenes to Remove them All.

For I the Lord this day, I am telling my children not to fear, not to accept failure and defeat.

Do not give in to confusion doubt worry or unbelief for I am your Father I am the most high God and I will not fail you, I will not let your enemies defeat you and they surely will never defeat me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

I am moving behind the scenes now to remove them all.

They are being judged and justice will be served and justice will prevail. I always have the final say.

Some of my children are still questioning me and questioning my words, and their victory.

You can’t see it and still don’t understand any of this.

My children who are still uncertain of your victory, and these words get into my written word, and I will show you what is real and what isn’t.

I will shield you and give you peace. Many of you don’t know me to a degree needed in this hour, but when you call on me I will answer.

Come to me and I will give you freedom and rest despite what it looks like is going on in this world.

Focus on truth, focus on the blood of Jesus that has already been shed for your victory and your enemies defeat.

I am not standing by and letting them do whatever they want. Things are not how they appear in this world.

No. Many smoke screens and horrible actors that’s all they have is a fake facade of what they really wanted in this world. None of this will continue to stand when I move my hand.

The Smoky Mountains will be in your news once again Watch for this my children. And know I told you this before it happened. Don’t let doubt destroy you in this hour and keep you held hostage. And know I am in control and I am doing something about all of this that is going on in this world.

A warship will be in breaking news and the location of this warship is no accident. A war they wanted, in a war they will not get. Know their plans will sink like the Titanic when in waves how unusual they are, and they will be reported on.

Much is going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans my children you had no idea all these things were hidden underwater.

But my hand will reveal it all and destroy their plans against you.

The island of Oahu will be in your news.

A discovery will be reported. Watch this and know all is being uncovered,  what your enemies tried to keep hidden will be in your news again.

 Trudeau will be in the news again. Someone has turned on him and will cause an uproar in Canada YES a Mighty Whistleblower is moving to tell the truth on what the government has been doing, and had planned in the country of Canada, but also what they were helping the world elites do against the rest of the world.

President Zelinski of Ukraine you are a liar and a snake you cry for help and act like a victim when you are the one helping cause destruction in your own country Oh YES the world will hear and find out the truth on who you are whose side you are on.

Obama YES helped you and paid you for this to take place.

You were well compensated with blood money to cause destruction and chaos on your own people your heinous crimes will be known to the world and Zelinski you are being judged by me and your end is near and you will not survive the fall you are about to take.

Taiwan this country will continue to be in your news.

Watch and listen to why my children things are hidden there China desperately wants, and will try their best to invade this land, but my hand will move and stop them in the act. China you will not get what you want from them, because the great I AM is against you and I never lose.

Argentina will be in your news a major weather event will take place there, not expected and it’s not normal. It’s very unusual you will hear. Just know my children things are not normal right now the shaking that is occurring is to get your attention, and focus on my words that I am giving you to stand for truth and know you will see your victory.

Ethiopia will be breaking in your news devastation in that land. Pray for Ethiopia my children and my children who are there I am your protector and the war they want will not stand it will not last. I’m stopping your enemy’s destruction in your land. I will give you peace and rest in this hour so receive my joy that I am pouring out.

Glory will fill you up and fear and confusion will not consume you anymore everything will be okay I promise you Saith the Lord your Redeemer

Alaska will be in your news an unusually large earthquake.

YES minimal damage but enough to shake the earth to get the world’s attention. My children who are there do not be afraid. It will not destroy you. It will shake your ground and wake up the ones who are still asleep.

Kazakstan will be in your news. Know my children what is being reported is not always as it seems. Your news stations are hiding the truth.

A major sex trafficking ring will be discovered there and who funded this will be discovered even though your

Government is so desperately trying to hide the Truth O United States.

Pakistan will be breaking in your news a devastating dust storm will hit that land.

This is a warning to them the decisions that are being made with this fraudulent government in the United States that is trying to do against you Pakistan and the rest of the world. Truth shall be revealed and our plans will be stopped by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Kuwait a military base will be revealed there that was supposed to be secret. O United States dirty deals your own military officials were making in foreign lands against YOU. Those governments and high-ranking officers will be exposed on what bio weapons were hidden there will be discovered and destroyed.

Obama and all your shadow government I AM is coming to destroy all what you have done and are doing against this land and using other lands to hide your plans.

Nothing and I mean Nothing you have done or are trying to continue will stand when I move my hand, and it is moving against you Obama.

I have planted people in your government you thought were with you and they were actually with me.

You think that can’t be, can’t be because you are too smart to fall for that.

Obama you will soon find out how dumb you actually are You can’t outsmart the Creator of Heaven and Earth I am against you and you will soon realize you lose.

A significant sign will be seen at the Wailing Wall.

I do hear your prayers and I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked.

Israel do not fear what they are about to say and what they are trying to do against you. Remember who I am and how I was with Moses.

I am that same God your enemies will fall by their own swords and they will lose.

I will not allow this war they want to bring to your land with rocket fire.

I’ll protect you as I always have. A great shift is taking place in your land as you see President Trump take back power, know  Netanyahu is coming back as well.

Nothing will stop that from taking place all that has been stolen has to be given back Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children the mourning in heaviness you are experiencing now, I’m turning it into joy and peace along with your freedoms you never knew existed. I’m the Lord and I’m swiftly moving my hand and when I do celebration will take place so stand and take back what is yours, children of Almighty God. Your enemies lose and you win Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie commentary So something that the Lord had me put into BOLD in this prophecy, as you will see once it’s uploaded to our website now again give it several days in order for it to go through the process to be put on our website but look at this and listen.

Focus on the blood of Jesus that has already been shed for your victory, and for your enemies defeat.

Children of Almighty God you need to write that dow,n I’m going to say this again focus on the blood of Jesus, that has already been shed for your victory and for your enemy’s defeat, and as you can see this was made by a

wonderful subscriber who just had sent this to me last week, and I know so many of you want this. Well it was made for me, and if though you are listening who made this please know that everyone loves it they want this also so this is something that you can sell for sure but look at this. Look what the sign says –

I am

washed by the blood

covered by the blood,

uh saved by the blood,

healed by the blood,

and YOU Devil can’t defeat the blood.

I’m reading this backwards you’re seeing it for what I’m reading it backwards, but listen to this. God wants us so much of us to focus on the blood of Jesus, why focus on the blood of Jesus because it’s washed us covered us, it has saved us, it heals us we are protected by the blood and our enemies have been defeated by that blood, and our victory has already been won by that blood, that’s why God keeps saying and keeps talking about the blood of Jesus, remember the blood of Jesus defeats, it just saves, it heals, it delivers, it completely destroys the works of our adversary, and I know there was another  part of the marching orders that I should have had out, that God wanted me to give you about the blood, so I’ll have to do that in another video but again you can see this on our website just go under the prophetic words and then click search and you can  search blood and it will give you all the prophecies about the blood because God has given us many different marching orders and revelations about the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and why is it so important for us to know about it now? What we need to do because when we know the truth it does set us free and it does give us a new perspective of how we see things in our life how we see the things that are going on in this world today.

I want you guys to know that God still is in control he is the Creator of Heaven and earth look what he’s telling our

Adversaries. That he is the Creator and that how smart they think they are, how can they outsmart the one who created this world ? That’s not a very smart uh perspective, a perspective of what they are seeing things and how they are saying things they are already defeated they may not know it, but they soon will know that God is against them and they will lose. So these are the signs that you need to be looking for.

The Smoky Mountains write this down.

There’s something that will be in that are going on in the smoky mountains. It says the Smoky Mountains will be in your news once again. Watch this my children.

Now I told you this before it happened.

Okay so Smoky mountains ONE.

A warship will be breaking in the news, and the Location is no accident.

So pay attention to a warship and the location.

And they talked about the wind and the waves and something that’s going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans so be watching for news out of both of those Oceans.

The island of Oahu there’s going to be a discovery that will be reported on. So watch for Oahu

And then news coming out of Canada that Trudeau there’s gonna be a (Mighty) whistleblower that is going to expose Trudeau and that government of what they’ve been doing not only against their own country but what they’ve been doing with the elites against the rest of the world.

And then that huge thing that he said about President Zelensky of Ukraine you are a liar and a snake and you cry for help and act like a victim, when you were the one helping causing destruction in your country.

So watch exposures regarding the President Zelensky now God has given me so many prophecies regarding Ukraine and what is really going on there is not how it seems and now he keeps giving us more details on why and what’s been going on and you will start seeing more and more come to pass on the news.

Listen to Taiwan there’s many things are going to keep happening there God says they’re going to continue to be in your news so watch news coming out of Taiwan

Argentina with a major weather event that will take place

Ethiopia will be in the breaking news for a devastation in that land and there will be a discovery that was meant to stay hidden.

um Also an unusually large earthquake in Alaska be looking for that.

But he says it’s not going to come to anythin,g it’s not it’s going to do minimal damage but it’s just there to shake the ground to wake up people who are there.

um Kazakhstan will be in the news or Kazakhstan however you pronounce that, and know my children what is being reported there is not always as it seems your new stations are higher than truth.

A major sex trafficking ring will be discovered there and who funded this will be discovered even though your government so desperately tried to keep that the truth hidden on the United States so look for uh reports out of Kazakhstan.

Pakistan will be breaking news. A devastating dust storm so write this down, a devastating dust storm in Pakistan

Kuwait a military base will be revealed there that was supposed to be a secret and if those generals and high ranking officers will be exposed and what the bio weapons were hidden there will be discovered and destroyed and of course he’s giving warnings to Obama about um how he’s been doing things against him and God’s saying that he’s going to lose.

A significant sign will be seen at the Wailing wall. They’ll be assigned not only to us God’s giving us news before the news but it’s also giving a sign to Israel that God is still the great I AM.

He’s still a protector and he’s saying this is still the same God who uh moved and was with Moses and he is with also with you, so be watching those who are in Israel just know no matter what they say about rockets no matter what they say about a war. No matter who is against you God is on your side and he said he is protecting you so Israel just know God’s saying everything is gonna be okay.

So those are things to look for, to write them down again, because he does give us these signs and to know that  there are so many prophecies again, that are being fulfilled I don’t have enough time in the day to go over through each and every one of them and then make a video.

I’m trying to get these prophecies out I’m doing the best that I can to get these prophecies but if I can this week

I will try to get more prophecies fulfilled if not I will do that next week when I am home before I actually have to leave again it’s going to be another quick turnaround so, I just want you guys know God loves you, he is in control he is the most high God he’s the Creator of Heaven and Earth I hope it’s encouraged you today and I do want to pray over each and every one of you so heavenly Father right now I do pray over every person at the sound of my voice no matter what is distracting them no matter what is trying to destroy them no matter what’s trying to keep them down no matter what’s trying to keep them in depression or um just trying to keep the spirit of heaviness upon them I break its chains right now in the name of Jesus I want to praise and thank you Father God that they are free from the prison cells in their own minds, and their own bodies and any other thing that Satan has been trying to keep them back and hold them down we thank you that your blessing empowers them to succeed excel and to rise above always right try to keep them back and hold them down we thank you Father God that you are working on the behalf you are moving right now to save them you are moving right now to deliver them and I thank you Father God that they have been knowing on the inside of them that they didn’t have before, that you are on the move that everything that we see is going to be destroyed that’s against us and we thank you Father God that you are still a God the Creator of Heaven and earth you are moving and we thank you that you are a heavenly Father we thank you for all this in Jesus name and Amen and amen.

Well hope to encourage you today please Like subscribe and share and give us some of you know who needs to hear encouraging word we need you the truth because the truth sets you free who needs to hear what God is doing in this earth today well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day

The obsession with the blood metaphor I find quite off putting. (Why not just say essence ?) But Mr G is forced to use biblical metaphors to speak to millions of Southern Bible Belt people numbering some 60 million. There are many modern people spiritually minded who will always have misgivings about the great religions. Even Mr G expresses dissatisfaction with aspects of modern Christianity. So that is also being fixed right now like so many other things. And for the very modern spiritually minded people and Christians too, Mr G has provided Laymans Gnosis which provides a Hi Resolution connection to Mr G with physical evidence to suit our secular educated moderns who acknowledge the scientific method but still want to connect to God. Requires no holy books, no pointy buildings, no meditation, no ascetism.

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transcript for intellectual types

Well here is the prophetic word for today

No Enemy of Almighty God will Escape Judgement

 Again I heard this on February 20th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am again telling my children to get right before me, get your houses in order, in this hour. Great shaking the world has never seen or experienced quite like this before. I am striking judgment down on this earth to shake your enemies to their core, and destroy their hold and control over you. They never intended to let you go. This is the time they wanted their One World Government and total world dominance. YES they will continue to try for this until I pull the rug from beneath their feet so they lose traction, trying to pursue you, and taking the world over, which I have said many times before, this will not happen now.(?)

No they are too early, it’s not that time. (?) No. it’s my time and your time to rule on this earth like never before.

Rule you asked ? Yes I have given you power and authority to rule and reign and tell your enemies through many  ears and tools of distraction deception and deceived my children out of believing they have any authority at all.

He put rulers and of course religious leaders to make sure they just destroyed any knowledge of that, in this world or in the body of Christ. But it didn’t work for all of you. I have a special remnant on this earth through many past generals, who gave you great foundations of my word to stand on, and when all hell seemed to break loose I gave those men and women revelations for you to use now. No one needs it more than you right now, my children, this hour, to stand against such evil on this earth that has grown to levels all over, like never before, to this degree, but my children you will receive the greatest reward, the wealth of the center which is laid out for the just, and that time has come on this earth. Yes, a great see time and harvest it shall be for you in this hour.

News is about to break that will rock you oh United States

Hard evidence and hard proof of what has happened to you, how you were taken hostage by unruly rulers, who actually had no right or any real power against you, liars cheaters, traitors, the treasonous acts will be aired out on live TV. Body camera recordings are about to explode everywhere.

They know their time is coming to an end, you will hear them cry Emergency orders to try to protect themselves. They will also build up another fortress to protect them in DC but it won’t work.

Where I am coming from and my arm is moving, no wall and no type of weapon can save them.

No. Spiritual war has come to a place where for them nothing matters.

They will try to accomplish it and it won’t work. I’m against them and they have nothing to stop me.

Your intelligence community and all who are with them, you spied on the American people with all types of social media platforms. You tried to discourage them and you tried to shut their mouths. You removed so many voices to try and hide what you have done, to bring them to their knees to bow down to your every command.

Why isn’t it working ? you’re asking, enemies of Almighty God ? Why I live in them, and you can’t kill me or take my power from them they are my children and they will always rise higher than you, or anyone with you. Every platform that took their voices away, stole their freedoms from them, I’m coming for you and your finances will be stripped from you. Every person who worked for these platforms that helped silence my children YOU now will be silenced.

Yes, I have the final say saith the Lord of Hosts

My angel armies are against you and so is my mighty army here in this world.

The rightful military and many of my army of the Lord, the body of Christ Yes they are more of us than there are of any of you, and that terrifies you to no end?

You all feel the power slipping from you. You see your plans are falling apart.

I mean again when Trump’s social media platform hits, it will hit all of you with bankruptcy you will hear and receive. This will come quicker than you think.

Your finances your control are all being taken from you, enemies of Almighty God.

Your inventions will be given to a child of God your worst nightmare.

But in this hour of great change, leaders and business owners are changing hands and I have the final say who gets what, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Unusual weather around DC. Things are heating up and you’re about to see the landscape  be completely different there.

Everything you see they put up will be completely destroyed by me.

I will leave nothing standing that stood for anything that was against me Saith the Lord.

News stations all over will start to crumble. the ratings are about to drop to new lows and some will go off air forever never to return.

Reckoning and my vengeance is now..

March is going to get bumpy so hold on with weather and exposures like never before. It’s coming from all different directions.

Biden will finally have a gaffe that he can’t be saved from. Hunter and jail, along with Kamala Nancy Mitch Chuck Mitt Liz and Jerry and many more of you. Truth is coming to expose you for who you really ar,e and nothing can stop this and no one will escape the judgment that is coming for you.

Merrick Garland United States Attorney General you wish,

oh yes you may have that title, but you never had the power. Scandals they will hear about you. Everything you have done will come out and you will not survive in this hour of truth you will not recover from this Merrick.

Your fail. You will fall and it’s about to be great, you too, are a liar and a traitor and you will not live to see the end of this year.

All who are top generals in the Pentagon who are against me, this is your time to be exposed. Some will suddenly retire and some will fall to scandals, but no matter how you leave, it’s all the same and treason is your end.

Chris Wallace truth is coming for you Yes massive exposures are about hit everywhere about you.

You are a traitor and a liar and you will pay for the crime against my nation, and my children, you are caught in the act of stealing and lying to the American people, the video is about to surface and ruin your career and what you had left.

Chris there is nowhere to run when you are against the one true God.

Iran sit down and shut up. I am removing all of your finances that were given to you, (142 billion) and stripping you from anything you have. Your soldiers you sent to the United States for a terrorist attack, I am giving back to you.

You lose and your plans will not go forth. My angels are standing guard to protect my nation saith the Lord of Hosts.

Istanbul you will be in the news. watch for this my children

This sign is to let you know my timing is now and all your enemies will fall and can no longer stand against me saith the Lord of hosts.

Jamaica revival will hit your land in this year of the new call it in I will remove the principalities and powers that have also held you captive. So rejoice your freedom and this is also in this hour.

Taiwan I am here for you as a weather event will hit your land a cleansing will occur along with a much awaited revival and awakening to me.

Your prayers have been answered Taiwan

so stand for your deliverance.

The United Kingdom an awakening is brewing awaken my children who live there declare your freedoms in your land

Honduras freedom will ring in your land and in awakening it’s starting to spread across your land, so receive it call it in right now

Central America

Great weather patterns natural phenomena will hit your lands but this is for an awakening to get right before me saith the Lord, and all will be okay with you.

Australia awaken unto me, and you will see complete restoration in your land like I have spoken. The time has come to awaken unto me and my word.

O Canada I have not and will not forsake you in this hour I am with you so keep standing. They are losing ground and losing control.

You are about to see Justin Trudeau take a HIATUS they will say.

He’s losing power. He is now seen as a failure to the elites for not being able to stop you with all his power, and his might, no, because I am with you O Canada, and against them they have lost their foothold, never to regain it over you again. Freedom is not coming, it’s here to stay.

Keep fighting your breakthrough is here, says the Lord of Hosts.

Tick-tock goes the clock, your enemy’s clock has run out of time, so watch my children, their desperation will build in this hour with no end in sight.

This is my time to show the world who has always been in control Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

20 pc of Canadians emptied their bank the Banks made ONE phone call. So we know who is in charge. at 4-min 40 in this video

Mr G says the elites are disposing of Trudeau like Hilary is, being thrown to the wolves, because they are failures. HIATUS to become a new buzzword, as Trudeau fades. And Americans just starting their truck blockade and is going to be 10 times bigger. And the strange phrasing “and taking the world over, which I have said many times before, this will not happen now.(?) No they are too early, it’s not that time. (?)means after believers are separated from the unbelievers, Evil will be allowed back for the final war with God. Revelations stuff. Its means unbelievers are happy with the evil corrupt status quo and they will get what they voted for.

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