Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 93 David Attenborough Naturalist on God

This is an LG footprint message I left under this video as a comment —- Attenborough’s profound admiration for animals is his own most Godlike behaviour. He has no idea something else is regarding HIM with the same wondrous affection, as he marvels at the termites. And he has no idea he carries a divine spark. That observation applies to most of us, with our deep love of animals. How do we know ? Attenborough defines himself as Agnostic. ( don’t know) If only he was Gnostic by knowing how to activate his own divine spark. Its quite easy.
Do the 20min BEGINNERS TOUR at
Expect vivid messaging night dreams within a week.
Immediate physical evidence something has changed
Expect vivid messaging daydreams ( visions)
And much more. All questions answered. And its FREEE
So don’t be agnostic be GNOSTIC it only takes 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR

I generally taylor-make these entries to fit in to the context of the video hoping to catch the eye of a calmly curious person. But in these atheist/theist themed videos people are generally entrenched, polarised, their heads filled with baggage which manifests as a learning disability.

I inject this footprint message into a few conversations under the video and the longer the list of replies the more people will see the footprint message. So the top entry has 34 replies. So I paste the footprint in there so that 34 people will be emailed with the message. These are people interested in the subject. I only do this with recent conversations. There is no point in writing to comments from 3 yrs ago.

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