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Lay Gnosis 30 Remote viewing and George Lucas’ Star wars

Remote Viewing Envisioning Star Wars Courtney Brown

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Obvious question –Was George Lucas, Star Wars creator a Gnostic, or did he think up Star Wars entirely himself ? We know the answer to this, Adam,. He may not know himself. And he may be semi Gnostic

And Courtney Brown the Remote Viewing team organiser presenter, is obsessed with Aliens. They are in all of his presentations. And he adores black women. Collects them. Dresses them up like dollies. LOL.
Courtney was a TM transcendental meditator, who completed the advanced TM Sidhi course. Which enables yogic flying. Instead of the normal 20 minutes TM program twice daily, it consists of 1 hr sessions twice daily. Its just more meditation with additional secret mantras. That includes lifting off the ground briefly. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Remote Viewing etc They used the scientific metaphor to avoid mention of God because it triggers many people’s forebrains with out of control passion, derailing thought adversely, because so many people have a different understanding of the word. So their science metaphor ideally fits into our modern globalist secular times. And they are using the MacDonalds approach of offending the least number of people where they sell bland tasting foods to maximise sales. So TM people use the scientific metaphor which everyone learns at school. They also have their own jargon not understood by outsiders. Which confuses critics no end.

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