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Julie Green transcript THE EAGLE IS BEING SET FREE June 30 2022

Searchable transcript for the serious

Alright The Eagle is being Set Free

June 28th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am telling my children to get up and to fight with all the tools and weapons I have given and provided for you all hope is not lost. All is not going to stay dark. All is not going to get worse and stay that way. Why would you believe such a lie ? A lie to get you to do exactly what Satan wants you to do ? Give up on everything including hope ? And give up on your victories especially giving up on me, my children? Your enemy has caused a weakness in my body through his lies and deception that has put so many people in the root of hopelessness and despair. But my blood my name my covenant my word and my promises I have provided a way out of that darkness and spiritual captivity. I would never leave you under the control of your enemy, that’s why Jesus came to destroy all that power over this world that would have been able to keep you there. Know I saw all this coming and I made a way out of it. I left nothing undone that your enemies could sneak past me and win. I win. You win my children and they lose every time so shout about that when Satan tries to come with his lies. NO don’t bow and you won’t burn don’t be deceived and you can’t be held in captivity it’s all about to change so hold on my children I am about to show up for the world to see  the Lord your Redeemer.

Indoctrinated this word will be in your news. YES the floodgates of truth are open and it will reveal what has taken place in schools colleges to change the course of this nation. A blueprint has been found and the right people have it. For soon I will be invited back into these places and everything will change sayeth the Lord.

O Disney all the sorrows have just begun for your company. I know everything you have done since the beginning of your time in the spotlight controlling as many things as possible subliminal messages propaganda, yes, but there is so much more you were designed to do to indoctrinate children change how they think and what you do to them behind closed doors, in the tunnels. It’s all being exposed. Even more everything will come out, and nothing in the dark you wanted to stay hidden in those places, will no longer stay that way. Know my light is shining exposing it all Disney your days of judgment are here and the world will watch you all fall Sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

Monarchy look at this word. It will be in your news more and more some headlines will seem unusual until I uncover it all for the world to see  the Lord

Arrogant this word will be used in your news to describe many in this fraudulent government and that they will all and it will be their fall they don’t see what is coming and some refuse to see the handwriting on the wall.

Watch your Capitol building O United States another incident will take place. There this time the world will know what is really going on. January 6th narrative is a joke and the world will see the truth.

Breaking down barriers this phrase will be in your news Resistance this word will be in your news to describe what is going on around the world and in many nations people in this hour will stand up now and fight back watch what people will do to save any freedom they have left.

Dolores this name will be in your news.

Habakkuk this name will be in your news for surprising reason

Tornadoes will break out in unusual places. it’ll be reported in your news how extreme the weather is and how this just doesn’t happen in these locations unusual things are taking place all over the world.

a Mining Location will be in your news. An incident will take place this is yet another distraction and a lie to fit their narrative. See Afterword. Mine Collapse Mongolia world headlines.

Condon this name will be in your news.

A march has begun a march to usher in your freedoms and restoration movements are being made territory is being taken back military advancements are moving forward as planned continue to pray for your military and your military movements around the world. Many are taking place at once. The Eagle is being set free. The Eagle is about to soar to new heights and to new levels of my glory O my United States is rising now.

A death will be told and this death will signal the death of their nation and their one world government.

This death is a very significant person of the elites his name is very well known you will know it as soon as you hear it sayeth the Lord.

A Temple will be in your news.

The Biden is not done falling. another fall will be seen and reported on. This one will be one they can’t excuse away. My children listen to the number 25

Oh yes it’s being discussed on how to do it and when 25 Lord yes the 25th amendment the next moves by the globalists will be obvious they are letting the Biden fall.

Guns in your news oh yes the real reason will be exposed they want more of your freedoms to be taken away but what they wanted they will never get. They are caught in a trap of lies that has been recorded and these recordings will be heard and seen Sayeth the Lord of Hosts

A Reversal has begun. A reversal of what Lord ? Of everything that has been stolen. It will now start to be given back.

Allegiance this word will be in your news. Yes Alliances are changing.

Countries want their freedoms and their rights back. You will see more countries change their tune You would say, and some of these countries will surprise you.

A famous lawyer will be vindicated and their name will be restored. Something major is about to break in your nation Oh United States truth is  breaking through all the lies and nothing can hold this momentum back. The tide has already turned, and yes my children you are starting to see it now in the country but it will become more obvious to the world.

Red Sea moments are on the horizon it will cause great change and great celebrations and a great Exodus. Let the lion roar my children on the inside of you, and the enemy’s plans will begin to fall more and more. Stand up it’s your time to celebrate my children Sayeth the Lord your Redeemer


Prophecy a Mining Location will be in your news. An incident will take place this is yet another distraction and a lie to fit their narrative.

It turns out search reveals mining prophecies are very rare. (2) So don’t be too skeptical.

Julie Green Prophecy  Fulfilled

from June 30 2022

Mine collapse in China. China Mine Collapse News Live : ‘Multiple Dead, Several Missing’, Over 900 Involved In Rescue Op 23 Feb US time 2023 TIMES NOW

This prophecy Feb 23 2023

21,579 views Streamed live 19 hours ago #latestnewslive #englishnewslive #died China Mine Collapse News Live : A massive mine collapsed in China leading to the death of four people and over 50 missing. More than 900 workers were deployed to carry out the rescue operation.

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Julie Green transcript A GREAT CHANGE UPON THIS EARTH April 27 22

And here is the prophetic word

A Great Change upon this Earth

again I heard this on April 23rd of 2022

For I the Lord this day encourage my children don’t ever forget you are the children of the most high God and there is no one greater than me. Your adversaries pretend to have so much power and authority and they don’t. The only authority they have been given is from Satan who I threw out of heaven for trying to overthrow me then Now he is using those you see, in your fraudulent government and the world leaders to try and do the same thing to overthrow me here on earth. They are trying to take me out of the earth that I have created for you my children. Your adversary has yet to realize his power is nothing compared to mine, and his plans never work the way he wants them to.

Jesus has disarmed him and made him powerless against you, when you used the authority of the name of Jesus and when you plead the blood of Jesus that was shed for you your adversary has no power to resist it or to get past it.

He cannot defeat that blood, therefore when you have faith in that blood and you use it along with the name as above. Your enemy cannot defeat you because each and every one of you was bought with that blood. Jesus paid a high price for you to have authority on this earth.

So stand on that name and that blood, and receive your redemption rights. You are no longer slaves of Satan or any of his army or the system they put in this earth to destroy you and your authority, for in this hour my children, you will see this whole earth change, their system, their control, their manipulation, deception, their businesses, their news stations, churches and everything they use against you, I will destroy just like Pharaoh no matter how much power wealth authority he thought he had, he was nothing in my sight and he had nothing to use against my power, the same thing goes for the ones you see today. They don’t have the right to enslave you, hold you captive in the system, they designed to kill you with, for I the Lord am moving my hand against them, and everything you thought was normal way of life that they use against you, I will annihilate it like it never existed.

Everything they have done to your bodies with food, medications, electronics no matter what they did I will reverse it and make you whole like you have never known before freedom healing power energy strength Joy peace and everything they took from you I will give back even greater than you can imagine.

The time you are living in is very special and I have hand-picked each and every one of you to be a part of this Great Exodus you are about to experience. I am moving greater for you now than I did in the book of Exodus there is nothing impossible for me.

I’m about to prove that to the world. Get ready my children for sudden changes for your good Saith the Lord,

Mavis this word will be in your headlines. Lord what can this possibly mean ?

You will see my children, the plots against you are worse than you thought, but I am exposing them and destroying it all.

A well-known temple will be in your headlines. A destruction that took place that people thought was impossible, for I am destroying every symbol every monument every temple or building they used against the little children, and they used to deceive my children, for I am the Lord and I have spoken their destruction and there is nothing they can do to stop what is coming to them Saith the Lord.

Harold this word will be in your headlines. Listen to who is using it and what is being said for I AM the Lord am exposing them, all of their lies and deception and none of them will get away with what they forced on you in this time but also in times past.

A well-known Secretary of State will be in your news exposures and scandals, and shame, this person will be enveloped in. There is no getting away from judgment or justice no matter how hard they have tried to hide their crimes, justice is not coming. it’s here Saith the Lord.

Commonwealth this word will be breaking news and nothing that has done been done against you, will stay hidden.

Marxism will be in your news exposing everything they use against you, to steal your freedoms children of Almighty God. No more what they wanted to stay in the dark will, because in this hour I’m shining my spotlight on it Sayeth the Lord.

Capitalism this word will be in your headlines. What was designed to grow you and help you, they tried to use against you, but I am taking down the companies and their leaders, they try to destroy you and to enslave you with their designs.

Matthew McConaughey will be in the news. He will stand for truth against Hollywood. Just watch there are more from this community that will begin to turn against and speak out with more boldness on what has been hidden in Hollywood

Jezebel this word will be used to expose and describe who is one in this hour. Hillary Clinton more truth will be revealed and more explosive information will be made public, not only with your Treasonous acts but your murderous acts against so many in this hour Hillary, when you didn’t get your way you killed for it, but this is a time when judgement and justice will prevail against you, and you will pay for each and every crime you have committed. The world will see your fate and your death Saith the Lord of Hosts

Anthony Fauci will be in your news again. The truth will come out of China, on what really occurred, and who really paid for what had been done to this world in 2020.

Anthony I have seen all you have done and now you will pay with your life, Sayeth the Lord.

Mount Pillier will be in your headlines. Look at what took place and where this is located nothing is a coincidence my children.

A major art gallery will be in your headlines look at this location and know more will come out of this area

Georgia this will be in your headlines once again. Major headlines and a discovery that was mad.e Truth will be told and heard a great shaking will occur in Georgia. The shaking is not what you think, this is for justice and freedom O United States.

France this country will be in your news. Explosive information will be released from this place for nothing in secret will stay that way in this hour of truth.

President Zelenski of Ukraine you have a lot to answer for your treasonous acts against your own country for money and power you are a liar and a deceiver and I will unmask you in front of this world Saith the Lord.

Obama is about to make another public appearance listen to what he says.

It’s no accident the truth will slip from his lips that he will try and turn it into a joke but it’s too late. People heard what he had said and he can’t change that. Truth will continue to pour out of their lips unexpectedly.

An Archbishop will be in your headlines listen to what was being said. There is more to the story that will be revealed the Pope will be in major headlines once again. Exposing who he really is, a one-world government pawn to destroy as many lives as he could with bare lies, but a high price will be paid in the time of justice and judgement Saith the Lord.

There is more about to come out regarding the Steele Dossier and a Major Republican who deceived many into thinking that they were on the side of the right.

Bradford this name will be in your news. Truth is being told and truth is prevailing Saith the Lord.

Putin is about to come on live TV to release some information that the elites were terrified would get out, and well it’s coming like a freight train, barreling down the tracks with momentum and power they can’t withstand.

Hunter Biden will continue to be in the news and not only to bring him down, but this information will continue to implicate Joe Biden to help the elite state to save themselves from the Biden, and his disastrous numbers and performances  they can’t get away from. It’s worse than they could ever could have imagined and he is bigger problem than they ever thought he could be. Total destruction of the Biden family is coming Saith the Lord of Hosts they will all pay for the sins of the father that they went along with.

Another well-known mega church pastor will fall from a scandal my children, and I warned you even the church was being shaken to awaken my remnant Saith the Lord.

A high-rise building will be in your headlines my children look at where it is located. Justice is being served.

 These were their days of great deception and enslavement of this world but now is a time of reversals and restorations.

Remember these words when your enemies try more attempts to destroy you. They will not prosper and nothing they do will stand in this land or in the nations because it cannot stand against me Saith the Lord.

I am here. I am moving I never fail and I never lose Sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.

Searchable transcript for the serious

This warrants repeatingEverything they have done to your bodies with food, medications, electronics no matter what they did I will reverse it and make you whole like you have never known before. Freedom healing power energy strength Joy peace and everything they took from you I will give back even greater than you can imagine.

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