Lay Gnosis Pernicious Marxism

Lay Gnosis 65 Karl Marx demon possession– comments supplied by Viewers and BLM

Whether he was truly demon possessed do we really need to know ? But its certainly a very handy metaphor. A most disturbing thing is that Marx was not alone. Not a single one-off psychopath, as we would prefer. There have been millions.

Randolph Scott Comment below the video
1 day ago
Ethnically Karl Marx was a Jew. His father and mother came from a long line of rabbis. His father converted to the Lutheran religion.

Karl Marx’s master and teacher was a little-known Jewish mystic who proclaimed himself Messiah in 1666. “Sabbatai Zevi”, had over 1 million followers, his teachings were” salvation through sin”, although he was excommunicated by the Orthodox , His teachings unfortunately have today become the Spiritual foundation for the elite. Sabbatai Zevi teachings also included retaking the Jewish homeland in Palestine.. Some may think how could such a teaching as” salvation Through sin” ever gain a following amongst the Jews. According to the teachings of Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah would only return on two conditions, first being that everybody became pure and noble and ready for the Messiah, and the other that the world become so wicked that the Messiah would have to come. So Sabbatai Zevi figured there would never be a time when the Jewish people would be perfect, so the only way the Messiah would come is everybody did the opposite of the 10 Commandments and became so evil that the Messiah would have to come. And next century it happened again Some 70 years after the death of Sabbatai Zevi, a new disciple claiming to be the Reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi, His name was Jacob Frank. He gathered a large following also, met up with the Rothschilds and the Illuminati, and they all three devised a plan for world conquest. The Illuminati would infiltrate the free Manson’s, newspapers,creating a religion based on salvation through sin and all financed with money printed out of nothing by the Rothschilds. So if you’re wondering why in high places all the pedophiles, homosexuals, and all manner of moral deviancy, and wondering how this could’ve ever become, look no further than the teachings of Sabbatai Zevi who was the Lord and Savior of Karl Marx 7 likes

Best place to find out about The Frankists, the illuminati “Prophet” Zevi, Rothschilds 1776 Adam Weishaupt etc is subscribe to in Winnipeg Canada. It explains a lot about our Frankist elites today.

What is the Illuminati? Primer

Chris Santiago
4 days ago
Here’s an interesting observation I have just made after listening to Glenn recite a few line of Marx’s poem. The lines sound exactly like the lyrics to any song in a sub-genre of Heavy Metal called Black Metal, prevalent in Europe. It’s very extreme musically and lyrically. All about Satan. Most Black Metal artists are all about overtly celebrating and glorifying satan. I would say Marx is 100% satanic, no question. I know most of you would cover your ears in horror if Black Metal was played, but if you look up lyrics by these bands. What Marx wrote in his poems and what the bands write in their lyrics are 100% the same to me.

I once questioned a young man in a stereo shop why he played so loudly this very unpleasant satanic music that sounded like a direct feed from a torture chamber.

His reply surprised me. He found it soothing and calming. Though it nearly made myself sick. And he agreed that the musical benefit he got from this hellish agony cacophony was a salve for his own teenage aggression and anger.

Early Marx Poem The Fiddler

The Fiddler saws the strings,
His light brown hair he tosses and flings.
He carries a sabre at his side,
He wears a pleated habit wide.
“Fiddler, why that frantic sound?
Why do you gaze so wildly round?
Why leaps your blood, like the surging sea?
What drives your bow so desperately?”
“Why do I fiddle? Or the wild waves roar?
That they might pound the rocky shore,
That eye be blinded, that bosom swell,
That Soul’s cry carry down to Hell.”
“Fiddler, with scorn you rend your heart.
A radiant God lent you your art,
To dazzle with waves of melody,
To soar to the star-dance in the sky.”
“How so! I plunge, plunge without fail
My blood-black sabre into your soul.
That art God neither wants nor wists,
It leaps to the brain from Hell’s black mists.
“Till heart’s bewitched, till senses reel:
With Satan I have struck my deal.
He chalks the signs, beats time for me,
I play the death march fast and free.

“I must play dark, I must play light,
Till bowstrings break my heart outright.”
The Fiddler saws the strings,
His light brown hair he tosses and flings.
He carries a sabre at his side, He wears a pleated habit wide.

BLM founders Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah (LA chapter) recently had an interesting online discussion about Black Lives Matter as a “spiritual movement.” The two described how they invite spirits of the dead to help fight today’s alleged racial injustice. Abdullah says the “Say Her Name” phrase used by BLM was designed to encourage followers to repeat the names of those killed by police so that they will hopefully return in a spiritual form. She even admits to LAUGHING with one of the spirits. But it shouldn’t be too surprising…Glenn, Pat, and Stu discuss how Karl Marx partook in similar practices.

Glenn Beck Listen to BLM founders ADMIT they invite spirits of the dead to help fight racial injustice

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