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Good Morning everybody today is still Thursday March 24th of 2022 and I have another prophecy that has been fulfilled regarding Bald Eagles and what that means regarding the United States of America so first what I’m going to do is read the prophecy. I’m going to give you the date of the prophecy when I heard it and then I will share with you I’ll share my screen of when these articles came out, and show you that God gives us the news before the news and how you should be encouraged today that God always has the final say and in the description box below I’ve shared a link directly to this prophecy, that is on our website, and of course you can also watch the video if you would like as well but I did not share that one but I just did share the actual prophecy itself all right so I’m going to share my screen here it is- it’s from the prophecy- It’s time for the world to know the Great I AM It was heard I heard this prophecy on March 2nd of 2022 to my United states look for an uptick of Eagle sightings Eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers which is another sign I am raising the Eagle this nation will rise greater than before just watch my children I am giving you multiple signs to show I am in control I am delivering you and your enemies never win ! All right now this news article is from Friday March 11 of 2022.look at this increase activity in the sky and there is the Eagle so look at this this is awesome all right here’s more- this is from March 15th of 2022 a viral photo captures DOZENS of Bald Eagles in the last hurrah of Minnesota season now they do have Minnesota has a season between December and March where they have Eagle sightings but this article shows you that there was an increase in Eagles sightings this season, in this year, so look at this. Okay if you miss out on the Eagles perching in the Mississippi River valley this spring the best time to return to look for them is late December through March like I just said all right look at this the number of them sitting in one tree— I think a lot of people had never seen that before and this was uh spoken by the photographer who took it and he said again this photo from the photographer Jen Alms look what he says showing an outstanding number of Eagles and Redwing Minnesota made waves online look at the number- I hope this is big enough for you guys to see look at all those Eagles in that tree so they had an increase, and it was making news because of how much it was and look at this it was an astounding number- they said that’s even a better wor.d All right here is another one. Now this is from a viewer in Cedar Rapids Iowa God bless you fellow Iowan uh thank you for sharing this for us  and to show everybody this is in multiple locations alright  I live in cedar rapids Iowa this year there has been more Eagles than I have ever seen in my entire whole entire life our grandson took this picture by Cedar river the other day. This is only a small fraction of the Eagles that have been here this year again look at all of the mall right here’s another one but look where it’s at again These are multiple states I’m showing you in different days so this is from all right look at this a week ago it hasn’t had a date on this one. I apologize for that New York you may have noticed more Bald Eagle sightings than usual in the Big Apple that’s because America’s bird is making a big and then it goes on with the article now look at this other one This is two different articles this is one and from the Big Apple I do apologize. It was um from a week ago but I apologize it did not have the exact date on there, but you guys can look that up too, so I do apologize for that all right ? Now here is one now this was dated February 22nd because this is just one Eagle but look a Bald Eagle sighting thrills Sinclairville photographer and look what they’ve named him the proud defiant symbol of American freedom has dropped in almost every day for the past month according to resident Ken Smith residents have named him Major Samuel Sinclair after the revolutionary war veteran who founded the village in 1809.We just had to share this one and we have viewers share this one because of how awesome that was they named the bird Major Samuel Sinclair look at how beautiful that picture was. We just had to share it all right. Here’s another one and this one says this photo has been taken in Illinois I love how you can see the fish on the tree branch look at this he’s holding it right there again so this is multiple articles proving to you not only the dates but it increased now this one right here taken from March 11th it’s a Bald Eagle flew over the water near race Race Town lake spillway in Juniper township now because it was cut off. I apologize of where that’s exactly at, but again showing it in a different state -and it’s showing increase in activity and that’s exactly what God said. I want to read this prophecy again – To my United States look for an uptick of Eagle sightings Eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers, which is another sign I’m raising the Eagle. This nation will rise greater than before- just watch my children, I’m giving you multiple signs to show I am in control, I’m delivering you and your enemies never win. So again that was in multiple states and all of them showing and saying that there was an increase in the number and giving them wonderful pictures of how many of them were in those trees and how beautiful a sight is remember God is saying he’s raising the Eagle again that was another prophetic word that had just given out–but he’s raising the Eagle and when he’s raising the Eagle I think it was in this one too, yes he’s raising the eagle but it wasn’t more than just this one, is what I meant to say. But what is that sign for the United States of America it is a sign that we are raising up out of the ashes and all this destruction that has been in our nation will not stand he said your enemies never win. and we all, we know that God always has a final say so no matter what they’ve done no matter how bad it’s been God is saying once you see these Eagles an increase in number and being reported on in multiple states he said it’s going to be “across your land” just know it is a sign that I am raising the Eagle which is this country this is a sign to us even though you haven’t seen certain things politically that you’d want to see — God is giving us these other signs to show you I’m working in the background, where you can’t see- but I want to give you all these other signs to give you encouragement to give you hope to give you something to hold on to, that I’m giving you the news before the news I’m telling you these things before your news tells them to you. And just to be encouraged to know that I am in control that’s what God is saying to us he is in control, and it is exciting I love the sign and the just a picture of a Bald Eagle. It just brings warmth to my heart to know what an amazing country we live in YES we do live in an amazing country and people were just trying to destroy, it but our enemies never went so well I hope this encourages you today. Please like subscribe and share and give us every door who needs to hear an encouraging word you need to hear what God is saying is earth today and who needs to hear the news before the news God bless you and have a wonderful day


Good to see prophecies clearly fulfilled. Its becoming a regular thing.
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Transcript for serious types

Time has come for the world to know the Great I AM

For I the Lord this day and speaking through my prophets to give you hope encourage you and to strengthen you.

 Lord you have spoken these words before !

YES my children I have so you would get these words down on the inside of you further.

Father for your faith to grow to a new level and to trust in me when facing such adversity fear confusion, storms

I’m here to strengthen you to raise you up higher than any attacks from the adversary. My children these are the days for my body to awaken. Arise and receive glory like never before. These are the days of turnarounds breakthroughs and for the world to know the great I AM still lives

I still deliver and save.

I am the same God in the Bible that avenges my children and destroys your enemies.

YES in this time you will see me do more excellent works than I did in the book of Exodus for Daniel in the Lion’s den, for the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace, for David against Goliath, for the widow no oil, for the woman with the issue of blood and raising Lazarus from the dead.

In all these examples my children you have a better covenant with me than they did.

Believe me that I will do far more remarkable works these days, because you are a part of the latter ring (?).

I will show the world there is nothing impossible for me to overturn, destroy, restore even better than it was before, just like with the fiery furnace, I will make you come out like you are never in there.

Yes I am that God. Do not be surprised by all of these things.

I’m about to show the world that I am the Creator. I am the healer and I am the provider.

You are my children and the covenant you have with me is stronger and more powerful than anything your adversaries have.

My children with the Great Exodus your enemies will never forget who is on your side and who is with you. You are all marked with the blood of Jesus. Know this, even when you can’t see this, your enemies can. Have more faith and trust in the blood of Jesus than anything in this world.

Children of Almighty God your enemies will not be able to cross that bloodline. Just like he couldn’t in Goshen on the night of the Passover.

The blood speaks.

The blood defeats.

The blood destroys.

The blood heals.

The blood delivers.

Have more faith in my blood in this hour my children, you are never alone, never forsaken. Despite how your enemies make you feel. I AM is always with you in your darkest hours. I am your light that will destroy and expel all the darkness in your life.

You can trust me I will get you out of every entrapment from the devil.

He can’t win against me nor you when you trust me more than what he is doing.

Don’t just tell me in prayer all that he is doing, I already know my children.

Just raise your hands and say God I thank you that you have defeated all of what Satan has put in my life.

He has nothing that can beat me and he can’t beat you.

I have the victory and I believe this more than what he has done.

I receive Lord my healing deliverance, strength, finances, a way out of all the evil Lord, because you are my waymaker.

My children I am telling you to pursue overtake and recover all that has been stolen from you.

I will be your everything, children of Almighty God

I say Fear not. There is nothing to fear.

I’ve told you my children it is a time for turnarounds, breakthroughs. I am doing more for my children and the world, than at any other time in history. My child in my written word it states if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave and require of necessity my face, turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven.

Forgive their sins and heal their land. I have heard the cries of my people and all the nations of this earth I am healing your lands and destroying all that is against you.

They will call it a monstrous storm. Its about to hit the Netherlands the United Kingdom and France

This storm my children is to prove that a perfect storm is hitting your enemies..

I have told you about these storms earthquakes and volcanoes. Do not fear and be discouraged.

I am moving to deliver you, to trust me more than what you see.

I will protect you.

Brace for impact oh United States. Your supposed government is planning a power grab they are very desperate at this hour to stay in power.

Just stand and pray. You are about to see the works of my hand against them. This power grab and hijacking has gone on far too long.

It is coming to an abrupt end.

My children in the army of the Lord the battle is won and you are on the winning side.

Danger is lurking behind so much in your nation oh United States and the countries of the world, that you had no idea what was taking place.

I will destroy and annihilate anything that is against you

Revival and glory are coming your enemies want so desperately to stop it but nothing will work against me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

News will break out regarding the Grand Canyon National Park look for the sign

Breakthroughs and turnarounds will follow. 2022 is a year for you my United States. Look for an uptick of Eagle Sightings. eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers, which is another sign I am raising the eagle.

This nation will rise greater than before.

Just watch my children I am giving you multiple signs to show I’m in control.

I’m delivering you and your enemies never win.

To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world.

I am shielding you, I love you, I want you to know my hand is moving to set you free. Saith the Lord of hosts     Mar 2

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you.

I am here for you Australia I’m completely setting you free from this tyranny.

Watch Poland a major weather event will take place in your land it will be breaking news everywhere.

My children this event is yet another sign, to let you know I am in control of this hour of confusion and everything will be okay.

A lightning storm will hit your land oh United States in Washington DC

Yes multiple states as well. It will destroy and start multiple fires, destroy things against you.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord in this hour and this is the hour of vengeance.

Multiple exposures of government officials will break out all over the news.

They told you these were conspiracy theories, these exposures are true, but twisted to make people believe they were far-fetched and could never happen.

Every lie will be revealed to the children of Almighty God

so brace for truth you never thought you would hear, an avalanche of truth to this degree all at one time.

But the time has come, for an avalanche of truth.

So watch for more worldwide major events will be reported because the avalanche of truth is not coming, it is here Saith the Lord

The winds of change are here.

Watch for gusting wind reports in the news. They will talk of major unprecedented ratios no way.

They will say that inland hurricane of this magnitude has never been recorded. True, because my children it never has happened before. My hand is swiftly moving across your land oh United States and the nations worldwide to cleanse to heal and to restore. Breakthroughs will occur one right after another.

There will be freedom from all the evil rulers everywhere in your lands.

My children will be placed in the places of power.

Honorable men and women of God who care about people who were handpicked and prepared for this hour.

There will be some who are not children of Almighty God yet, but they will be.

I see their heart and they can be trusted to protect you my children. They will not become unruly like the ones before.

God all this seems impossible ! Well my children it is a good thing there is nothing impossible with me. I will show the world that is who I am You will all see that I AM is your protector deliverer healer comforter protector and soon coming King.

Rejoice in your victories and start to celebrate, the winds of change are moving across your lands, and will change everything you see now, Saith the Lord   

God wants to make himself Known to the world in a variety of ways. Massive record breaking predicted weather events, deaths of enemies,and all lies being exposed. Certainly a good start.

And another useful way to get to know God personally is Laymans Gnosis at as detailed in the bottom panel.

A better covenant with God today than way back in biblical times, when there were NO communications and nobody could read and write. Paper wasn’t even invented. No printing. Today over the NET God reaches millions daily. So he intends to out-do his ancient Biblical achievements on a GLOBAL SCALE. Yahoo !

“To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world “

So golly, what was intended to emanate from Ukraine ? Worldwide genocide ? Smacks of US biowarfare labs (15) many of which Putin has already destroyed. Se we are told. US embassy took down their webpage verifying this. Older web pages support this thesis. So has Putin done us a massive favour by invading Ukraine ? Post script Social media Salty confirms US Ukraine bioweapons discussion has been DEPLATFORMED.

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you”

TWO record breaking floods 24 hrs apart in Sydney and Brisbane. Have never seen this in all my 60 years in Sydney. Still in Progress 9th March. OK we get the message Chief. My district here Bankstown-Bass Hill. Its not due to the rising Georges River its the sheer volume of falling rain unable to runoff to get down to the river.

This flood is longer than 1000 km. Sydney up to beyond Brisbane. Places are flooding that have never flooded before.

Worst of rain over but flood threat remains for NSW | 9 News Australia

600 mm (24 inches) of rain fell on Sydney in 2 weeks. Wierdly complex rain system described here first minute. This has certainly got everyone’s attention Mr G. But I wonder how many will make the supernatural connection ? More strangeness required.

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