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I heard this prophecy on March 25th of 2022 again it’s called I am Moving Behind the Scenes to Remove them All.

For I the Lord this day, I am telling my children not to fear, not to accept failure and defeat.

Do not give in to confusion doubt worry or unbelief for I am your Father I am the most high God and I will not fail you, I will not let your enemies defeat you and they surely will never defeat me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

I am moving behind the scenes now to remove them all.

They are being judged and justice will be served and justice will prevail. I always have the final say.

Some of my children are still questioning me and questioning my words, and their victory.

You can’t see it and still don’t understand any of this.

My children who are still uncertain of your victory, and these words get into my written word, and I will show you what is real and what isn’t.

I will shield you and give you peace. Many of you don’t know me to a degree needed in this hour, but when you call on me I will answer.

Come to me and I will give you freedom and rest despite what it looks like is going on in this world.

Focus on truth, focus on the blood of Jesus that has already been shed for your victory and your enemies defeat.

I am not standing by and letting them do whatever they want. Things are not how they appear in this world.

No. Many smoke screens and horrible actors that’s all they have is a fake facade of what they really wanted in this world. None of this will continue to stand when I move my hand.

The Smoky Mountains will be in your news once again Watch for this my children. And know I told you this before it happened. Don’t let doubt destroy you in this hour and keep you held hostage. And know I am in control and I am doing something about all of this that is going on in this world.

A warship will be in breaking news and the location of this warship is no accident. A war they wanted, in a war they will not get. Know their plans will sink like the Titanic when in waves how unusual they are, and they will be reported on.

Much is going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans my children you had no idea all these things were hidden underwater.

But my hand will reveal it all and destroy their plans against you.

The island of Oahu will be in your news.

A discovery will be reported. Watch this and know all is being uncovered,  what your enemies tried to keep hidden will be in your news again.

 Trudeau will be in the news again. Someone has turned on him and will cause an uproar in Canada YES a Mighty Whistleblower is moving to tell the truth on what the government has been doing, and had planned in the country of Canada, but also what they were helping the world elites do against the rest of the world.

President Zelinski of Ukraine you are a liar and a snake you cry for help and act like a victim when you are the one helping cause destruction in your own country Oh YES the world will hear and find out the truth on who you are whose side you are on.

Obama YES helped you and paid you for this to take place.

You were well compensated with blood money to cause destruction and chaos on your own people your heinous crimes will be known to the world and Zelinski you are being judged by me and your end is near and you will not survive the fall you are about to take.

Taiwan this country will continue to be in your news.

Watch and listen to why my children things are hidden there China desperately wants, and will try their best to invade this land, but my hand will move and stop them in the act. China you will not get what you want from them, because the great I AM is against you and I never lose.

Argentina will be in your news a major weather event will take place there, not expected and it’s not normal. It’s very unusual you will hear. Just know my children things are not normal right now the shaking that is occurring is to get your attention, and focus on my words that I am giving you to stand for truth and know you will see your victory.

Ethiopia will be breaking in your news devastation in that land. Pray for Ethiopia my children and my children who are there I am your protector and the war they want will not stand it will not last. I’m stopping your enemy’s destruction in your land. I will give you peace and rest in this hour so receive my joy that I am pouring out.

Glory will fill you up and fear and confusion will not consume you anymore everything will be okay I promise you Saith the Lord your Redeemer

Alaska will be in your news an unusually large earthquake.

YES minimal damage but enough to shake the earth to get the world’s attention. My children who are there do not be afraid. It will not destroy you. It will shake your ground and wake up the ones who are still asleep.

Kazakstan will be in your news. Know my children what is being reported is not always as it seems. Your news stations are hiding the truth.

A major sex trafficking ring will be discovered there and who funded this will be discovered even though your

Government is so desperately trying to hide the Truth O United States.

Pakistan will be breaking in your news a devastating dust storm will hit that land.

This is a warning to them the decisions that are being made with this fraudulent government in the United States that is trying to do against you Pakistan and the rest of the world. Truth shall be revealed and our plans will be stopped by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Kuwait a military base will be revealed there that was supposed to be secret. O United States dirty deals your own military officials were making in foreign lands against YOU. Those governments and high-ranking officers will be exposed on what bio weapons were hidden there will be discovered and destroyed.

Obama and all your shadow government I AM is coming to destroy all what you have done and are doing against this land and using other lands to hide your plans.

Nothing and I mean Nothing you have done or are trying to continue will stand when I move my hand, and it is moving against you Obama.

I have planted people in your government you thought were with you and they were actually with me.

You think that can’t be, can’t be because you are too smart to fall for that.

Obama you will soon find out how dumb you actually are You can’t outsmart the Creator of Heaven and Earth I am against you and you will soon realize you lose.

A significant sign will be seen at the Wailing Wall.

I do hear your prayers and I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked.

Israel do not fear what they are about to say and what they are trying to do against you. Remember who I am and how I was with Moses.

I am that same God your enemies will fall by their own swords and they will lose.

I will not allow this war they want to bring to your land with rocket fire.

I’ll protect you as I always have. A great shift is taking place in your land as you see President Trump take back power, know  Netanyahu is coming back as well.

Nothing will stop that from taking place all that has been stolen has to be given back Saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children the mourning in heaviness you are experiencing now, I’m turning it into joy and peace along with your freedoms you never knew existed. I’m the Lord and I’m swiftly moving my hand and when I do celebration will take place so stand and take back what is yours, children of Almighty God. Your enemies lose and you win Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie commentary So something that the Lord had me put into BOLD in this prophecy, as you will see once it’s uploaded to our website now again give it several days in order for it to go through the process to be put on our website but look at this and listen.

Focus on the blood of Jesus that has already been shed for your victory, and for your enemies defeat.

Children of Almighty God you need to write that dow,n I’m going to say this again focus on the blood of Jesus, that has already been shed for your victory and for your enemy’s defeat, and as you can see this was made by a

wonderful subscriber who just had sent this to me last week, and I know so many of you want this. Well it was made for me, and if though you are listening who made this please know that everyone loves it they want this also so this is something that you can sell for sure but look at this. Look what the sign says –

I am

washed by the blood

covered by the blood,

uh saved by the blood,

healed by the blood,

and YOU Devil can’t defeat the blood.

I’m reading this backwards you’re seeing it for what I’m reading it backwards, but listen to this. God wants us so much of us to focus on the blood of Jesus, why focus on the blood of Jesus because it’s washed us covered us, it has saved us, it heals us we are protected by the blood and our enemies have been defeated by that blood, and our victory has already been won by that blood, that’s why God keeps saying and keeps talking about the blood of Jesus, remember the blood of Jesus defeats, it just saves, it heals, it delivers, it completely destroys the works of our adversary, and I know there was another  part of the marching orders that I should have had out, that God wanted me to give you about the blood, so I’ll have to do that in another video but again you can see this on our website just go under the prophetic words and then click search and you can  search blood and it will give you all the prophecies about the blood because God has given us many different marching orders and revelations about the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and why is it so important for us to know about it now? What we need to do because when we know the truth it does set us free and it does give us a new perspective of how we see things in our life how we see the things that are going on in this world today.

I want you guys to know that God still is in control he is the Creator of Heaven and earth look what he’s telling our

Adversaries. That he is the Creator and that how smart they think they are, how can they outsmart the one who created this world ? That’s not a very smart uh perspective, a perspective of what they are seeing things and how they are saying things they are already defeated they may not know it, but they soon will know that God is against them and they will lose. So these are the signs that you need to be looking for.

The Smoky Mountains write this down.

There’s something that will be in that are going on in the smoky mountains. It says the Smoky Mountains will be in your news once again. Watch this my children.

Now I told you this before it happened.

Okay so Smoky mountains ONE.

A warship will be breaking in the news, and the Location is no accident.

So pay attention to a warship and the location.

And they talked about the wind and the waves and something that’s going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans so be watching for news out of both of those Oceans.

The island of Oahu there’s going to be a discovery that will be reported on. So watch for Oahu

And then news coming out of Canada that Trudeau there’s gonna be a (Mighty) whistleblower that is going to expose Trudeau and that government of what they’ve been doing not only against their own country but what they’ve been doing with the elites against the rest of the world.

And then that huge thing that he said about President Zelensky of Ukraine you are a liar and a snake and you cry for help and act like a victim, when you were the one helping causing destruction in your country.

So watch exposures regarding the President Zelensky now God has given me so many prophecies regarding Ukraine and what is really going on there is not how it seems and now he keeps giving us more details on why and what’s been going on and you will start seeing more and more come to pass on the news.

Listen to Taiwan there’s many things are going to keep happening there God says they’re going to continue to be in your news so watch news coming out of Taiwan

Argentina with a major weather event that will take place

Ethiopia will be in the breaking news for a devastation in that land and there will be a discovery that was meant to stay hidden.

um Also an unusually large earthquake in Alaska be looking for that.

But he says it’s not going to come to anythin,g it’s not it’s going to do minimal damage but it’s just there to shake the ground to wake up people who are there.

um Kazakhstan will be in the news or Kazakhstan however you pronounce that, and know my children what is being reported there is not always as it seems your new stations are higher than truth.

A major sex trafficking ring will be discovered there and who funded this will be discovered even though your government so desperately tried to keep that the truth hidden on the United States so look for uh reports out of Kazakhstan.

Pakistan will be breaking news. A devastating dust storm so write this down, a devastating dust storm in Pakistan

Kuwait a military base will be revealed there that was supposed to be a secret and if those generals and high ranking officers will be exposed and what the bio weapons were hidden there will be discovered and destroyed and of course he’s giving warnings to Obama about um how he’s been doing things against him and God’s saying that he’s going to lose.

A significant sign will be seen at the Wailing wall. They’ll be assigned not only to us God’s giving us news before the news but it’s also giving a sign to Israel that God is still the great I AM.

He’s still a protector and he’s saying this is still the same God who uh moved and was with Moses and he is with also with you, so be watching those who are in Israel just know no matter what they say about rockets no matter what they say about a war. No matter who is against you God is on your side and he said he is protecting you so Israel just know God’s saying everything is gonna be okay.

So those are things to look for, to write them down again, because he does give us these signs and to know that  there are so many prophecies again, that are being fulfilled I don’t have enough time in the day to go over through each and every one of them and then make a video.

I’m trying to get these prophecies out I’m doing the best that I can to get these prophecies but if I can this week

I will try to get more prophecies fulfilled if not I will do that next week when I am home before I actually have to leave again it’s going to be another quick turnaround so, I just want you guys know God loves you, he is in control he is the most high God he’s the Creator of Heaven and Earth I hope it’s encouraged you today and I do want to pray over each and every one of you so heavenly Father right now I do pray over every person at the sound of my voice no matter what is distracting them no matter what is trying to destroy them no matter what’s trying to keep them down no matter what’s trying to keep them in depression or um just trying to keep the spirit of heaviness upon them I break its chains right now in the name of Jesus I want to praise and thank you Father God that they are free from the prison cells in their own minds, and their own bodies and any other thing that Satan has been trying to keep them back and hold them down we thank you that your blessing empowers them to succeed excel and to rise above always right try to keep them back and hold them down we thank you Father God that you are working on the behalf you are moving right now to save them you are moving right now to deliver them and I thank you Father God that they have been knowing on the inside of them that they didn’t have before, that you are on the move that everything that we see is going to be destroyed that’s against us and we thank you Father God that you are still a God the Creator of Heaven and earth you are moving and we thank you that you are a heavenly Father we thank you for all this in Jesus name and Amen and amen.

Well hope to encourage you today please Like subscribe and share and give us some of you know who needs to hear encouraging word we need you the truth because the truth sets you free who needs to hear what God is doing in this earth today well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day

The obsession with the blood metaphor I find quite off putting. (Why not just say essence ?) But Mr G is forced to use biblical metaphors to speak to millions of Southern Bible Belt people numbering some 60 million. There are many modern people spiritually minded who will always have misgivings about the great religions. Even Mr G expresses dissatisfaction with aspects of modern Christianity. So that is also being fixed right now like so many other things. And for the very modern spiritually minded people and Christians too, Mr G has provided Laymans Gnosis which provides a Hi Resolution connection to Mr G with physical evidence to suit our secular educated moderns who acknowledge the scientific method but still want to connect to God. Requires no holy books, no pointy buildings, no meditation, no ascetism.

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Transcript for serious students

Good Morning everybody today is still Thursday March 24th of 2022 and I have another prophecy that has been fulfilled regarding Bald Eagles and what that means regarding the United States of America so first what I’m going to do is read the prophecy. I’m going to give you the date of the prophecy when I heard it and then I will share with you I’ll share my screen of when these articles came out, and show you that God gives us the news before the news and how you should be encouraged today that God always has the final say and in the description box below I’ve shared a link directly to this prophecy, that is on our website, and of course you can also watch the video if you would like as well but I did not share that one but I just did share the actual prophecy itself all right so I’m going to share my screen here it is- it’s from the prophecy- It’s time for the world to know the Great I AM It was heard I heard this prophecy on March 2nd of 2022 to my United states look for an uptick of Eagle sightings Eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers which is another sign I am raising the Eagle this nation will rise greater than before just watch my children I am giving you multiple signs to show I am in control I am delivering you and your enemies never win ! All right now this news article is from Friday March 11 of 2022.look at this increase activity in the sky and there is the Eagle so look at this this is awesome all right here’s more- this is from March 15th of 2022 a viral photo captures DOZENS of Bald Eagles in the last hurrah of Minnesota season now they do have Minnesota has a season between December and March where they have Eagle sightings but this article shows you that there was an increase in Eagles sightings this season, in this year, so look at this. Okay if you miss out on the Eagles perching in the Mississippi River valley this spring the best time to return to look for them is late December through March like I just said all right look at this the number of them sitting in one tree— I think a lot of people had never seen that before and this was uh spoken by the photographer who took it and he said again this photo from the photographer Jen Alms look what he says showing an outstanding number of Eagles and Redwing Minnesota made waves online look at the number- I hope this is big enough for you guys to see look at all those Eagles in that tree so they had an increase, and it was making news because of how much it was and look at this it was an astounding number- they said that’s even a better wor.d All right here is another one. Now this is from a viewer in Cedar Rapids Iowa God bless you fellow Iowan uh thank you for sharing this for us  and to show everybody this is in multiple locations alright  I live in cedar rapids Iowa this year there has been more Eagles than I have ever seen in my entire whole entire life our grandson took this picture by Cedar river the other day. This is only a small fraction of the Eagles that have been here this year again look at all of the mall right here’s another one but look where it’s at again These are multiple states I’m showing you in different days so this is from all right look at this a week ago it hasn’t had a date on this one. I apologize for that New York you may have noticed more Bald Eagle sightings than usual in the Big Apple that’s because America’s bird is making a big and then it goes on with the article now look at this other one This is two different articles this is one and from the Big Apple I do apologize. It was um from a week ago but I apologize it did not have the exact date on there, but you guys can look that up too, so I do apologize for that all right ? Now here is one now this was dated February 22nd because this is just one Eagle but look a Bald Eagle sighting thrills Sinclairville photographer and look what they’ve named him the proud defiant symbol of American freedom has dropped in almost every day for the past month according to resident Ken Smith residents have named him Major Samuel Sinclair after the revolutionary war veteran who founded the village in 1809.We just had to share this one and we have viewers share this one because of how awesome that was they named the bird Major Samuel Sinclair look at how beautiful that picture was. We just had to share it all right. Here’s another one and this one says this photo has been taken in Illinois I love how you can see the fish on the tree branch look at this he’s holding it right there again so this is multiple articles proving to you not only the dates but it increased now this one right here taken from March 11th it’s a Bald Eagle flew over the water near race Race Town lake spillway in Juniper township now because it was cut off. I apologize of where that’s exactly at, but again showing it in a different state -and it’s showing increase in activity and that’s exactly what God said. I want to read this prophecy again – To my United States look for an uptick of Eagle sightings Eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers, which is another sign I’m raising the Eagle. This nation will rise greater than before- just watch my children, I’m giving you multiple signs to show I am in control, I’m delivering you and your enemies never win. So again that was in multiple states and all of them showing and saying that there was an increase in the number and giving them wonderful pictures of how many of them were in those trees and how beautiful a sight is remember God is saying he’s raising the Eagle again that was another prophetic word that had just given out–but he’s raising the Eagle and when he’s raising the Eagle I think it was in this one too, yes he’s raising the eagle but it wasn’t more than just this one, is what I meant to say. But what is that sign for the United States of America it is a sign that we are raising up out of the ashes and all this destruction that has been in our nation will not stand he said your enemies never win. and we all, we know that God always has a final say so no matter what they’ve done no matter how bad it’s been God is saying once you see these Eagles an increase in number and being reported on in multiple states he said it’s going to be “across your land” just know it is a sign that I am raising the Eagle which is this country this is a sign to us even though you haven’t seen certain things politically that you’d want to see — God is giving us these other signs to show you I’m working in the background, where you can’t see- but I want to give you all these other signs to give you encouragement to give you hope to give you something to hold on to, that I’m giving you the news before the news I’m telling you these things before your news tells them to you. And just to be encouraged to know that I am in control that’s what God is saying to us he is in control, and it is exciting I love the sign and the just a picture of a Bald Eagle. It just brings warmth to my heart to know what an amazing country we live in YES we do live in an amazing country and people were just trying to destroy, it but our enemies never went so well I hope this encourages you today. Please like subscribe and share and give us every door who needs to hear an encouraging word you need to hear what God is saying is earth today and who needs to hear the news before the news God bless you and have a wonderful day


Good to see prophecies clearly fulfilled. Its becoming a regular thing.
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Julie Green transcript A GREAT CHANGE IS UPON YOU March 23 22

Useful transcript for serious students

A Great Change is Upon You Again

This was from March 23rd or 2022

For I the Lord this day have an answer for the enemies of Almighty God. A new world order,

Yes, you want yours in this hour, but that will not happen.

In this time MY great reset and the greater Exodus will take place Saith the Lord

Things in this world are turning around With this great change the world will be released from your enslavement and thievery.

My children will take their place of authority, and you enemies of Almighty God will lose all authority money power and influence you once had.

The smell of your sins, that stench has reached my nostrils for the last time. I am done with your lies and treasonous acts. Enemies of Almighty God I am tearing your new world order apart, and there will be nothing left of it.

You try to speed up time and you can’t. My body is still on this earth and the one that lives inside of them is holding you back.

Your lust to destroy, your lust to kill millions and billions of people with all your plans you wanted to take place right now, have been stopped by my hand Saith the Lord.

You will not complete genocide or depopulation of this world. All your warehouses will be raided and they will all be exposed. Every underground tunnel every business you hid it behind. The doors are opening wide, the roofs are coming off to expose all the contents inside.

My judgment is hitting you, and it is far worse than you ever could dream up, and at the same time your worst nightmare is coming to pass, your destruction and freedom that you tried, so desperate to destroy in this world failed, and freedom will reign in this earth like never before while you are being destroyed, enemies of Almighty God, and your end has come. The best days it will be for my children and it will seem like a dream.

My glory and goodness I am bringing down on them and all the wealth of the wicked is coming to my children in this year of 2022.

I am shifting the influence power wealth markets businesses and governments over to my children, where  it always belonged, knowing more of your order power influence enemies of Almighty God. It is my will on this earth that will come to pass your world order is finished Saith the Lord of Hosts

All inventions and everything stolen that was meant for my children, it will be given to them. In this great Exodus world leaders are being removed who are against me, and it is sooner than you think my children.

Watch the Gulf of Mexico a major sign will be seen there,

Listen for another cargo ship, yes but what is in this ship ? Pay attention to what they say is on board.

Dubai will be in the news. Listen carefully to what they are saying is happening there my children the dam of lies is breaking and the flood of truth is pouring out from everywhere.

China you have lifted your fist to me for the last time in this hour

Everything you have planned will be stopped and brought to nothing by me, saith the Lord. You are nothing and you are about to realize that.

Watch the Biden he will trip and fall on live TV

After he spoke words of truth he never wanted to say.

Listen for his slips of the tongue they are coming more and more.

Obama and all who are with him can’t control the Biden’s mouth.

YES they are getting nervous to what will come up next, but this time they will never expect this, what he is about to say, no, this will be far worse, their worst nightmare.

Biden will give Obama away, they’ll be forced to do something they didn’t want to do.

Obama is itching to take center stage.

Watch my children for the next moves they will be forceful. Yes they’ll be pushing all boundaries..

Nancy and Kamala will both slip and speak words they never meant to speak.

Argentina will be in your news. Listen and watch there will be weather events.

A weather event there that will be reported on. Unusual they will say, no with this my children, my words I am giving my prophets are true, so stand with me sayeth the Lord.

Your enemies are coming down now.

YES they will all fall before me saith the Lord. The world will clearly see who was all on the side of the darkness. They are all being judged as I speak these words whether you can see these things right now, or not, more things are happening behind the scenes, than you realize.

Some of my children still do not believe after all these prophecies are being fulfilled Open your eyes and see my hand is moving beyond the political realm, to show you that I am the great I AM and I am here to deliver you children of Almighty God out of the wicked hands that have held you. News reports out of Egypt in this hour will come out. look at what will take place there as a sign of your Exodus Yes a great Exodus it shall be.

More exposures regarding the Royal family a split. Yes, there are some on the side of truth but there are liars in the midst of them a line has been drawn and the truth has been revealed there is a traitor in their midst.

Charles is his name.

Charles you are about to take a major fall, a scandal.

Yes you have committed crimes against this world against your country and crimes against your own family.

They’ve had enough.

MI6 you will hear my children, a whistleblower will blow the top off the Royal Castle.

Yes exposures are coming.

Charles had his hands on many things, and they are dripping with blood, and he holds blood money in his hands.

Watch. His fall will be great Saith the Lord of Hosts

Fauci you can run but you cannot hide from me saith the Lord.

You are being let go. You are falling with no one to pick you up. Major news will be exposed about you. I am moving my hand against you. Yes you are part of the days of Haman.

What you wanted for the world will come upon you but not before you lose everything. In the world knows exactly who you are.

Bill Barr will be in the news watch and listen for what he is about to say.

A hint he will give out to you my children, to let you know whose side he’s really on. Some have played parts.

In all of these chess moves that had to look like they were really playing for a different side, when they were actually playing on mine.

Durham will be in the news again explosive intel will be released. I told you my children, rapid fire against your enemies they can’t handle the truth, and a flood is coming their way that will knock them off their feet never to regain their foothold against you, children of Almighty God.

News reports out of Iceland watch for this breaking news unusual weather events and yes I told you this before

I am giving you the news before the news.

A major sinkhole will be in your news.  Watch and pay attention to where the sinkhole is located. News reports will come out of this area and a sex trafficking ring will be exposed and destroyed.

Earthquakes volcanoes, unusual and strong weather political upsets and uproars, removals and more stepping down, more retiring in the coming daysm and you will start to see a great change, a change for your good no matter how it appears.

What about the markets Lord ? what shall we do ? Just pray and obey and all will be well with you Saith the Lord. The markets are for their destruction not yours. So stand up roar like the Lion of Judah he lives in you. Claim your victory claim your healing, claim your redemption rights as a child of God. Claim your freedom, claim your finances. YES it is all yours now Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Weeks later 6-April we find Democrats shunning Joe Biden in his own Delaware house. Visibly on camera. Obama pointedly ignores him. This could fuel Bidens coming “accidental” confession that Obama was in charge from day one.

6 April Tucker: Democrats have decided to replace Biden

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Transcript with searchable keywords

And here is a prophetic word

Destruction and Chaos is filling your enemies’ Camps.

Again I heard this word on March 15th of 2022

For I the Lord this day continue to encourage and anoint my children in this hour, so you can rise above the tests and trials and pressure your adversary is using to completely break your faith, and trust in me along with stealing any joy you have left, so you have nothing to fight him with.

Your adversary is using every tool, every tactic he can so my body doesn’t receive my words strength and restoration that I have for all of you, along with my glory that will annihilate any damage and destruction that you have endured in this time.

My power and my glory lives inside of you my children believe and receive in this, in this power in this hour.

I have spoken in my written word Greater is he that lives in you, than he that is in the world. Who is he ? you may ask. The holy ghost is the comforter I promised you also in my Word he will lead you guide you protect you from all adversity.

I did not leave you comfortless search my written word for who he is and receive this revelation and when you do you will see and experience a greater anointing than you had before. Believe my children and you shall receive from me to a greater degree Saith the Lord of Hosts

Another sign to watch for. A news anchor will get caught lying on live TV for the world to see. They will fall from their position and be fired from that network They will say but he was actually removed by me Saith the Lord of Hosts.

More news reports will come out of Belize. Continue to listen for this. Your enemies walls are crumbling completely to the ground like the walls of Jericho and the whole world will see their destruction.

Another CNN anchor will fall to a scandal. Watch for this my children and no, the snake pit is all being uncovered and they will all be judged.

My children the manipulation of the world’s markets will be revealed. A whistleblower is about to come forward with substantial evidence that cannot be denied. Judgment is coming to those who have manipulated these markets gouge prices, raise taxes, destroyed businesses and use this to break people financially in any way possible.All will be exposed and destroyed by my hand Saith the Lord of Hosts

I will not stand for this theft and enslavement of my children.

The day and hour has come for the world to experience freedom and my will on this earth..

My United States, the world will soon see how precious you truly are and how I will use your nation with my hand, to restore the nations. they wanted to destroy. Your enemies tried so desperately to break you, divide you, tear you apart from the inside out, in every way possible Oh United States, so you wouldn’t be United anymore, but my glory is about to break out all over this nation, to reveal the truth, and to set this nation free once and for all.

I’m not finished with you America Oh how beautiful you are and the world will finally see the country you were always meant to be.

My blessing will be seen in your nation to a greater degree than ever before. Precious metals more gold and silver that has not been uncovered in your land soon will be, by the ones I have appointed to retrieve and discover this in this hour O United States you will be independent on all fronts from the world, including oil and manufacturing YES it will all be done without the control and manipulation from other lands and other governments,

A healing I have promised across your land. A healing you shall receive. I the Lord have need of you, O United States so arise from the ashes and all the destruction that has held you for so many years will not hold you anymore.

My United States you are precious to me, so soar like an eagle above the rest how I designed you to be.

Watch my children for a sign a restoration of all nations.

Breaking news regarding Romania for this is in your news I’m giving you the news before they do.

Trust in my words trust in my true prophets in this hour.

I have sent them here for you O Canada the fall of your government will be great, and you will be set free from them holding your nation hostage. Watch for this to occur in the United States and know this is also coming to your land. Freedom and restoration like never before.

Trudeau and all who are with him are being removed by my hand and all will be judged so don’t give up Canada I AM is coming to deliver you Saith the Lord of Hosts

Australia I am cleansing out your government and making it new for you as you see this in america know the great I AM will overturn and overthrow all those wicked leaders in your land. As well I have not forgotten you or forsaken you Australia.

Im delivering you so lift your hands to me in this hour I have the final say in your land.

Israel listen to these words in this hour your enemies are trying to invade your land but my hand is against them.

They will not destroy you and they will not get what they want so do not be discouraged I am a protector they will not cross my line that I have drawn around you.

A line Lord ? YES a line they cannot cross.

They will try and they will fall by their own sword. So my children in my nation of Israel you are being restored, cleansed, healed by me Saith the Lord.

The Iron Dome they want I have warned infiltrators will be exposed and removed.

Your prime minister will be removed and anyone with him and the rightful one will be restored.

Your elections were also hijacked and stolen from you like the United States when you see the election overturned

There know yours is next, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Jay-z and Beyonce will be in the headlines but not for what you think. I’m exposing every person against you and all who were paid to lead you astray, my children. Watch for this. Singers actors actresses and anyone who made it, would have made an idol in this nation, and others will be exposed and judged by my hand Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Watch for all these signs my children I am moving my hand across your lands and I will restore what has been stolen So rejoice children of Almighty God, things are about to get very interesting and your celebrations and this year will be great Saith the Lord your redeemer.

The Lord is within us. Majority of people don’t know this. All people need to know about their divine spark. In most it needs to be activated to enjoy high res communications. Christians admit to having only Low Res connections to their divine spark. The Hi Res connection only recently made possible by God, is available to anyone visiting and acquainting oneself with Laymans Gnosis in the text panel below.

Rest of the prophecy is detailing the end of endemic corruption in its every aspect especially in leading nations. So Justin Trudeau goes down with his criminal government. Hoorah. Trudeau’s enabling, supporting faction face the Angel of Death also. Entertainers are facing judgement for their part in perverting society. Most welcome is the US will become a nation independent on all fronts hardening it against pernicious globalism, which subverts all sovereign nations. So earlier Mr G said he would destroy the UN. Can’t wait for that.

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Transcript for those who enjoy studying

The Days of Judgement Destroying the Works of Darkness.

 again this is from

March  19 th of 2022  

For I the Lord this day am encouraging my children with these words for this time, where there is so much uncertainty fear and confusion. Know this my children. My word is truth and it will set you free from anything that is in the world trying to hold you captive. I will not let things, these things you see now, stand when my hand is moving against them. More people will walk away from me,  but at the same time more will come running to me saith the Lord of hosts this is a time of the great separation.

 I’ve spoken about the separation of my children from the world in its demonic system, and of my remnant from the rest of the body of Christ.  My children this has been your time to prepare build you up stronger and raise you higher than any adversity you face. Don’t be moved from the right or to the left or be dismayed, focus on me, and my word and I will give you peace and rest Saith the Lord your Redeemer

The news will announce mass shortages, market crashes and possible shutdowns and lockdowns. Do not listen to any of these words. They are just words that won’t go anywhere. They will try certain things but they will not work. My hand is moving.  Protecting and delivering you. They want to cause mass chaos on a scale never seen before. This will not happen. Neither genocide nor depopulation will happen. National shutdowns will not occur again, nor more lockdowns. No because I always have the final say.    

They have gone as far as I will let them go so their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I am here to deliver you.

Watch Yellowstone I’ve spoken about this before things have been going on that were hidden from the public. But they can’t hide them anymore.

Obvious signs smoke and a small eruption nothing major. This earthquake will be reported. They have tried so hard to suppress so much news from the public but the floodgates are now open for the world to see  and hear, again I am mentioning the Statue of Liberty one day you will see it standing but the next day there will be a collapse and then only rubble on the ground      

The same goes for the Washington mMnument and many other monuments and symbols across this nation. The bull on Wall street will be in the news so watch as this is a sign the babbling system will crumble to the ground, and will not control the world again.

Lightning will strike a major symbol in this nation signifying their destruction and demise

Watch the White House, it too will have a lightning strike signifying I am striking them all down, and judgment is here to end everything standing in your way.

Insider trading, manipulating markets ; a whistleblower will expose all they have done for so many years against you in the world, how some of your government officials  were a part of this manipulation, how they use the markets to control bills they passed for price gouging inflation, tax hikes and etc

Many ask Lord how does this all tie together ? Lord I don’t understand soon my children you will see all they have done in every piece of this intricate plan against you. I am telling you this again my children.

Watch Taiwan it will continue to be in the news

Indonesia will be in the news again for multiple reasons a significant weather event and major flooding so watch for this my children.

General Petraeus will be in the news watch for this my children information will show what side he is truly on

A female news anchor will be entangled in a scandal. Also watch as you hear and see more fall for the lies they told, and the truth they purposely never reported. Why ? To save their jobs and receive more cash.

The news industry is about to take major hits one after another.     

These hits will show the world who had integrity that they had no integrity left      

But there are a select few who told who did tell as much truth as they could, they will be rewarded by me, for not bowing to the globalist agenda.

A news anchor will suddenly die. They will start- they will say it was a heart attack but don’t believe everything you hear they are hiding the real reason, but the reason will be revealed.

Mount Everest will be in the news big time. Watch the tallest mountain and the information that comes from there.

No matter how big or small my children nothing is impossible for me.

An avalanche will be seen and heard this is a sign to watch concerning this Mountain.

Concerning the Hollywood elite a high-profile and very well-known actor  for generations will suddenly pass away.

Bob Saggett’s death will be exposed in the circumstances surrounding his death and why there was blunt force trauma YES. This was no accident. Child trafficking will be linked and shocked the world regarding this beloved father on TV.

HaHa inflation they will scream and shout, and Yellen herself will be exposed

For all they paid her to say these things, causing prices to soar inflation shortages and markets, everything done was to cause fear and panic, so their final takeover could succeed. Remember my children who is in control and in charge and it’s not them.

A huge report will expose a pedophilia ring. Yes it will uncover who was in charge in a specific part of the world, then there will be many more exposed after this. Every dirty and dark secret is coming to light and will be destroyed in this time of great change.

My children know who always wins and know who you are on my side.

My children know who always wins and know you are on my side

A thousand may fall at one side and ten thousand at another, but it won’t come near YOU.      study psalm 9 34 and 93 get them down in your hearts stand on my word and it will destroy anything in your way. My word pierces your enemies its a two-edged sword

Shout out my words this will cause the most damage to any plans against you See yourselves as the giants you are, and not he. Your enemy is nothing in your  sight not the other way around.      

He has had so many people believing this and he deceives them out of what is already theirs Lord.

These are my days to destroy the works of the darkness against my children see yourselves as I see you, through the eyes  of Christ and through the eyes of victory so stand and receive these words today. This is your year, its your great Exodus Saith the Lord of Hosts

Julie Commentary Now in this word I want to go over something really quick the lord had me actually put it in bold I want to read this again they have gone as far as I will let them go.

So their end is now at hand so do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking I’m here to deliver you and I know probably some people are asking Why did God allow them to go so far ?

That’s twofold. One he allowed him to go so far for their destruction. Two he allowed them to go so far for our victory, and for our complete healing in our lands, our complete healing in our souls A lot of times people do not turn to God unless they’re in a desperate situation, they don’t wake up, unless they are shaken. So a lot of these things in this time period right now, we are wondering Why God ? Why are these things happening ? Why have they gone so far ? Why have they gone so long ? And the reason why God said is for their destruction and for YOUR awakening. He needed his body to get out of the sleep that we were in, a lot of the body of Christ was asleep to an extent that we were allowing ourselves to be destroyed when God said that we already have the victory we were allowing destruction and chaos in our life, because we didn’t know the authority that we truly had on the inside of us the authority with the name of jJsus the blood of Jesus the anointing that resurrection anointing and power that we have in us, we did not take that into consideration enough some people did, and some people didn’t, and now when they’re under this type of  pressure we’re realizing it is getting us out of like you can say a cocoon, well we are saying no to this depression, no to this fear, no to sickness, and disease no to anything that’s holding us captive, because we are realizing the freedom that we really do have by God because he is the greater one, lives on the inside of us, the he that’s in the world so any way you see these things so destruction to your enemy and victory for children of Almighty God these are the days of our victory so do not lean to your own understanding. God even says that it’s mourning not unto your own understanding and the reason is because we don’t see the whole picture, God does. God sees the whole picture because he sees the end from the beginning.

And he is, he knows, he knew all this before the beginning of the world, before he created the foundation of this world, he knew exactly what was going to happen so that’s the reason why we have to lean upon God we have to get in his presence more on a daily basis so we know it had that discernment of what he’s trying to get to us today and the information look at all these prophecies that he’s giving out what a blessing it is not only to hear them, it’s a blessing to give them but it’s a blessing for each and every one of you to know, that God what does he say all the time he gives us the news before the news and how awesome is that because that’s how we can stay steadfast in God in this time where everything is shaking now. I always encourage you today. I want to pray over each and every one of you, and let you know he’s giving us signs, he’s saying watch for the Yellowstone, watch for the Statue of Liberty watch for the Washington monument watch for them and what they say on the news about market crashes and inflation all these things remember this do not fear and God also says those words we brought to nothing they are just words. They do not have the power to work against our lives so again once you hear all these things remember God gave you this information first so stay steadfast in peace and joy God’s word and his presence and know that he’s got you, know that he has the situation and everything is going to be okay and he keeps saying that everything’s gonna be okay, and do not fear. So I want to pray over each and every one of you heavenly father right now in Jesus name no matter what the situation that they are facing in their nation or in their own life. Father God we thank you that you have the final say, and I thank you and praise you Father God right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I thank you that they are rising above every test, every trial every adversity, and everything that Satan tried to keep them down and use them to destroy them. I thank you Father God that you are rising them up higher than ever before I thank you that the blinders are removed, their hearts are softened, their spiritual ears are open to hear you, and they their victories they hear you, in what you are saying, regarding their life father God that they have the greater one on the inside of them that that’s becoming a greater revelation, than it ever has to them before and I thank you heavenly father right now in Jesus name, that they have that resurrection power that is rising up inside of them that righteous indignation that they will not take anymore of this captivity they will not take any more sickness and disease they will not take any more of this depression they won’t take any more fear and destruction in their lives because they know, because they know that they know, that they know that Jesus is on the inside of them. That he is their way maker that he is a deliverer, that he already destroyed the works of the enemy, so we thank you for these revelations, we thank you for the power on the inside of us heavenly father, We thank you that we are on the winning side and we thank you for all this in Jesus name Amen and Amen we hope to encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give us every one who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth, because the truth sets you free. Well God loves you, I love you, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

So Chuck Schumer dies in the Senate on live TV and its called a heart attack. But its actually the next bioweapon they intended for us. Their scheme is backfiring on the evil elite perpetrators. Goes around the world it seems among the elites. I made a video to this effect that only 10,000 elites need to be killed to remove most evildoers from the planet and it was deleted because one is not allowed to advocate deaths unless its Vladimir Putin – its against community guidelines, or something, though the elites openly plot to kill billions. And never stop trying. Another genocidal bioweapon was intended to start in the Ukraine and spread to every continent.

For your erudition on Ukraine/ Georgia US operated Bioweapons labs here is a short 27 minute 2018 before–the-fuss documentary. It explains why there are so many US bioweapon stations 400. Its because they use different varieties of mosquitos unique to regions to ensure they can kill every Russian in his own home town with a number of hideous diseases.

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Transcript contains details you missed

And here is the prophetic word

The Seal has been Broken over All they’ve tried to Keep Hidden. again this word was from March 9th of 2022 

For I the Lord this day give these words to strengthen your faith and trust in me.

You’ll hear a great war and crashing of markets, fear will grow in the hearts of many, but my children, stand your ground. No, I am shielding you, protecting you from the coming judgment. It will erupt worldwide but only against your enemies. This war they desperately wanted will not turn into World War III, not at this time.

Much of everything is intensifying. The shaking is growing. There are two voices in the world, which report do you believe ? Faith or Fear ? My word or a lie from your adversary ?

Your enemies are trying to take you down once and for all, my children. This is the hour to choose.

Things will abruptly change do not rely on your feelings. They will lie to you every time. Your five physical senses will hold you captive believing a lie and giving into fear.

Receive and enter into my rest at this time.

 I will give you peace when there is chaos or calamity.

No matter where you live, I will provide you with peace and protect you, from this judgement.   

The weather events will be used to destroy their plans. My children. I will again remind you of Goshen. Dwell on that.

 I AM shielded protected delivered healed provided all they needed to give them peace and rest, while the angel of death rocked the enemy’s camps to its core.

 I am still that God and I have told you these things to remind you of who I am, and of my goodness.

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt before I delivered them. It was hard for them to believe they would ever experience freedom. Some held on, some gave up, and said it was too hard to believe in freedom. Some said they were dreaming and it would never come to pass. Some just refused to believe it at all. Joy. Slavery turned into freedom, sickness turned into healing. Yes it was like a dream for everyone.

Lord how can this be possible ?

Is it just too hard to believe? It is just too hard to believe. I don’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed again. My children I am a sure thing and I cannot lie. You say you can’t believe it, but, my children I have given you the ability to fight the strong man trying to defeat you. Break those chains that hold you. Yes my glory lives in you, the resurrection power is on the inside of you. Tap into this my children stand up and now take back your freedom they’re already yours.

 I have been moving behind the scenes this whole time.

You didn’t know this. You can’t see all the moving pieces nor my plan. My plans to save you and set you free, I’m giving you signs that this is the hour for my fulfillment of prophecy.

The pace is picking up if prophecy will be spoken and immediately fulfilled. So march forward in March, and keep your eyes focused on me

Mont Pelier

Watch  for this name to be in your news.

Montpelier is a sign that all of this will change faster than you think my children.

A major university will be in the news regarding a scandal on campus.

Yes watch for this my children, and no, I am the great I AM and I am delivering you.

The changing of the guard will take place sooner than you think possible. In this year of 2022

YES my children your rightful President is now moving to take back when it’s already his, and has been all along. My children the real Biden has been Judged. What you now see is not what it truly is.

You’ll be shocked and awed by what they have perpetrated in the news as real. A fake backdrop of green screens will be evident in the coming days, Fake ! people will shout how can this be possible? More props will accidentally be seen on shows, which the Biden TV calls live shows, but the truth will reveal his live performances were actually pre-recorded.

When you see this, no these things are all the slips of the tongue, and I will remove these fixed sets during this time.

The Biden will be behind the supposed Presidential podium when the fake seal falls to the ground. Know my children this marks the fall of them all. Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Artur Polowski I my glory will fill your cell  I  am pouring my peace upon you. My joy will fill your heart yes people will see my glory on you  I  want you to know my son I  am here to deliver you from that cell.

Continue to praise and worship me. You are coming out by my hand and they cannot stop this from coming to pass. No judge no law no leader can hold this prison door shut, would I  the Lord tell it to open.

Artur  I  AM is here for you.  I  never left you. This time will soon be in memory of what the enemy tried to do. From stopping my glory to fill you, to overflowing and being used in this time as a great mighty man of valor and a child of the most high God.

But your enemies can’t stop my will from coming to pas.sSso stand every day Artur and believe me, you are coming out never to go back there again, remember you are my Joseph, going from the prison to the palace in one day.

The God of the impossible is showing up for you.

So believe this day that I always have the final say.

Saith the Lord of Hosts.

George Clooney will be in the news.

Listen my children. This is a sign that Hollywood as you know it will fall and I will reveal the hidden hornet’s nest.

Adam Schiff will be in the headlines regarding a major scandal.

YES a whistleblower will come forward to release a video and audio on Schiff, and tell all of his lies to the American people.

The seal over everything they kept hidden Is broken.

The news will report a significant flood. This news will show the world that the flood of truth has begun and Adam your days of being in power are over. The Hawk Senate building will be breaking news. This news will be a sign of all records and all things hidden will be revealed.

Montague will also be in the news. Look and listen for this name my children, all things are being restored. Things are coming to a close, my children and one day you will see them and the next day they will be removed.

Stay in my word and do not let fear or discouragement hold you captive anymore.

 I AM  is here for you. Your victories are here and they are real. Your breakthroughs are here and my glory will fill this earth to restore what has been yours all along

So dance and sing your time of celebration is at hand Saith the Lord your redeemer.

A lot to take in.

Adam Schiff betrayed by a whistle blower. It never occurred to these natural conspirator rogues that THEY could be infiltrated and exposed.

Montpelier, capital of Vermont

WW3 NO not yet, we are told…….

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600 mm rain in 2 weeks over 1000 km
short transcript


Good morning everybody today is still Wednesday March 9th of 2022 and I have another prophecy being fulfilled today regarding Australia and the weather that is going on in that country. Now before I end this video we will definitely pray over the country of Australia and what has been wreaking havoc all across your country so I will share my screen with the prophecy. I heard this prophecy on February 12th of 2022 its called Explosions and Eruptions are taking place at One Time. You can watch the video. I made this video on February 15th of 2022. You can watch this video here on youtube or you can go to our website where you can watch the video along with reading the entire prophecy because I’m only going to show you this a little bit.

Love it.

So here again God gives us the news before the news and it says in Amos chapter 3 and verse 7 God does not do anything without first revealing it to his servants, the prophets, and the reason why this is, is because he’s been giving us warnings, he’s been telling us about these weather events, he’s been saying these things were going to take place, he wants us to start praying for our protection pleading the blood of Jesus that no weapon forming against us shall prosper. We can’t stop some of these weather event,s but what he’s saying is we can stop it from affecting you and you can pray and stand on the word of God because you have a blood covenant with Jesus Christ of Nazareth that these things will not harm you okay, so I’m gonna share my screen, so here’s the prophecy February 12th of 2022 Explosions and Eruptions are taking place all at one time A major weather event is about to take place in Australia.

Australia your deliverance is at hand. Your government is about to take a major fall. What you’re experiencing now will not stand so hold on and stand your ground freedom will reign in your land again.

I am putting a righteous leader along with a new government for you in this hour, that will work hand in hand with my son Trump in the United States of America. So this is the first part of this prophecy, and again when all this is fulfilled I will do a second part, but what I’m focusing on right now is what he said was a sign of the weather. There was a massive weather event and when this takes place then you’ll see all these other things take place..

Photos show a one in a thousand year floods wreaking havoc across parts of Australia it’s submerging streets  and homes but the worst is not over yet. This is from March 2nd this was just from this morning.

Headline Australia to declare East Coast Floods a national emergency.

There’s other articles here and this was um I’m going to focus on this one here weather in Australia this was from February 23rd

A person has died at least 10 are missing as wild storms continue to lash Australia’s East Coast with fears the worst of the weather may yet to come. Maybe yet to come. So this is what God was saying that there was going to be a major weather event. They’re calling it an Historic one and a you know, once in a lifetime, a thousand year event, God said that was going to happen He was warning Australia these things were going to take place.

Our God is long-suffering he loves us that’s what he was warning us about. Certain things that will take place because he even said this is a Great Exodus and he said weather will be affected and weather is affected for a certain reason but do not be discouraged when things like this happen.

God will restore God will heal. God will mend your land Australia. That’s what God was saying and I want to pray over you in that country heavenly father right now in Jesus name, I pray over every person in that country, especially your children father God that they’re not only they are protected because no weapon formed against them shall prosper for Father God give them peace, give them comfort and everything that has been stolen by these ravaging floodwaters Father God that it will be restored heavenly Father to them, even greater than they had before we thank you that you are the God of multiplication you are their deliverer you are their healer you are their soon-coming king and we thank you Father God that there is awakening in that country there is freedom that will reign in that country.

Once again we thank you Father God for doing and moving your hand against what is going on there and with that government Father God that you will restore back to them all what has been stolen in Jesus name amen and amen and I want to let you guys know who watched from Australia that are partners with this ministry.

Even our district viewers of this ministry we are praying for you. We love you. We know that God has a final say he will restore to you let me say this again. He wants me to say it all that has been stolen so take courage and what God is doing God is giving us these signs he’s giving us these warnings to let us know things are going to happen before they happen, so we’re protected, and to give us peace in the midst of all that kind of havoc it that one even article said it was wreacking havoc in that land and it is but God is saying he has the final say. He’s your deliverer he’s your protector he’s your soon coming king and all will be okay in your land again.

Well that’s all the update for today giving you the news before the news– updates on prophecies being fulfilled regarding weather in Australia well God loves you I love you god bless you and have a wonderful day

From the middle of the 1000 yr freak rainstorm I can only say thanks for the wakeup call to the sleepwalkers

Parts of Sydney forever dry are suddenly flooded. I have never seen such a sustained deluge. Though I am uncertain about Australia having any righteous politicians. It must mean patriotic new ones, thus a departure from our evil permanent political class.

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Transcript for serious types

Time has come for the world to know the Great I AM

For I the Lord this day and speaking through my prophets to give you hope encourage you and to strengthen you.

 Lord you have spoken these words before !

YES my children I have so you would get these words down on the inside of you further.

Father for your faith to grow to a new level and to trust in me when facing such adversity fear confusion, storms

I’m here to strengthen you to raise you up higher than any attacks from the adversary. My children these are the days for my body to awaken. Arise and receive glory like never before. These are the days of turnarounds breakthroughs and for the world to know the great I AM still lives

I still deliver and save.

I am the same God in the Bible that avenges my children and destroys your enemies.

YES in this time you will see me do more excellent works than I did in the book of Exodus for Daniel in the Lion’s den, for the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace, for David against Goliath, for the widow no oil, for the woman with the issue of blood and raising Lazarus from the dead.

In all these examples my children you have a better covenant with me than they did.

Believe me that I will do far more remarkable works these days, because you are a part of the latter ring (?).

I will show the world there is nothing impossible for me to overturn, destroy, restore even better than it was before, just like with the fiery furnace, I will make you come out like you are never in there.

Yes I am that God. Do not be surprised by all of these things.

I’m about to show the world that I am the Creator. I am the healer and I am the provider.

You are my children and the covenant you have with me is stronger and more powerful than anything your adversaries have.

My children with the Great Exodus your enemies will never forget who is on your side and who is with you. You are all marked with the blood of Jesus. Know this, even when you can’t see this, your enemies can. Have more faith and trust in the blood of Jesus than anything in this world.

Children of Almighty God your enemies will not be able to cross that bloodline. Just like he couldn’t in Goshen on the night of the Passover.

The blood speaks.

The blood defeats.

The blood destroys.

The blood heals.

The blood delivers.

Have more faith in my blood in this hour my children, you are never alone, never forsaken. Despite how your enemies make you feel. I AM is always with you in your darkest hours. I am your light that will destroy and expel all the darkness in your life.

You can trust me I will get you out of every entrapment from the devil.

He can’t win against me nor you when you trust me more than what he is doing.

Don’t just tell me in prayer all that he is doing, I already know my children.

Just raise your hands and say God I thank you that you have defeated all of what Satan has put in my life.

He has nothing that can beat me and he can’t beat you.

I have the victory and I believe this more than what he has done.

I receive Lord my healing deliverance, strength, finances, a way out of all the evil Lord, because you are my waymaker.

My children I am telling you to pursue overtake and recover all that has been stolen from you.

I will be your everything, children of Almighty God

I say Fear not. There is nothing to fear.

I’ve told you my children it is a time for turnarounds, breakthroughs. I am doing more for my children and the world, than at any other time in history. My child in my written word it states if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave and require of necessity my face, turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven.

Forgive their sins and heal their land. I have heard the cries of my people and all the nations of this earth I am healing your lands and destroying all that is against you.

They will call it a monstrous storm. Its about to hit the Netherlands the United Kingdom and France

This storm my children is to prove that a perfect storm is hitting your enemies..

I have told you about these storms earthquakes and volcanoes. Do not fear and be discouraged.

I am moving to deliver you, to trust me more than what you see.

I will protect you.

Brace for impact oh United States. Your supposed government is planning a power grab they are very desperate at this hour to stay in power.

Just stand and pray. You are about to see the works of my hand against them. This power grab and hijacking has gone on far too long.

It is coming to an abrupt end.

My children in the army of the Lord the battle is won and you are on the winning side.

Danger is lurking behind so much in your nation oh United States and the countries of the world, that you had no idea what was taking place.

I will destroy and annihilate anything that is against you

Revival and glory are coming your enemies want so desperately to stop it but nothing will work against me, Saith the Lord of Hosts.

News will break out regarding the Grand Canyon National Park look for the sign

Breakthroughs and turnarounds will follow. 2022 is a year for you my United States. Look for an uptick of Eagle Sightings. eagles will be reported across your land in greater numbers, which is another sign I am raising the eagle.

This nation will rise greater than before.

Just watch my children I am giving you multiple signs to show I’m in control.

I’m delivering you and your enemies never win.

To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world.

I am shielding you, I love you, I want you to know my hand is moving to set you free. Saith the Lord of hosts     Mar 2

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you.

I am here for you Australia I’m completely setting you free from this tyranny.

Watch Poland a major weather event will take place in your land it will be breaking news everywhere.

My children this event is yet another sign, to let you know I am in control of this hour of confusion and everything will be okay.

A lightning storm will hit your land oh United States in Washington DC

Yes multiple states as well. It will destroy and start multiple fires, destroy things against you.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord in this hour and this is the hour of vengeance.

Multiple exposures of government officials will break out all over the news.

They told you these were conspiracy theories, these exposures are true, but twisted to make people believe they were far-fetched and could never happen.

Every lie will be revealed to the children of Almighty God

so brace for truth you never thought you would hear, an avalanche of truth to this degree all at one time.

But the time has come, for an avalanche of truth.

So watch for more worldwide major events will be reported because the avalanche of truth is not coming, it is here Saith the Lord

The winds of change are here.

Watch for gusting wind reports in the news. They will talk of major unprecedented ratios no way.

They will say that inland hurricane of this magnitude has never been recorded. True, because my children it never has happened before. My hand is swiftly moving across your land oh United States and the nations worldwide to cleanse to heal and to restore. Breakthroughs will occur one right after another.

There will be freedom from all the evil rulers everywhere in your lands.

My children will be placed in the places of power.

Honorable men and women of God who care about people who were handpicked and prepared for this hour.

There will be some who are not children of Almighty God yet, but they will be.

I see their heart and they can be trusted to protect you my children. They will not become unruly like the ones before.

God all this seems impossible ! Well my children it is a good thing there is nothing impossible with me. I will show the world that is who I am You will all see that I AM is your protector deliverer healer comforter protector and soon coming King.

Rejoice in your victories and start to celebrate, the winds of change are moving across your lands, and will change everything you see now, Saith the Lord   

God wants to make himself Known to the world in a variety of ways. Massive record breaking predicted weather events, deaths of enemies,and all lies being exposed. Certainly a good start.

And another useful way to get to know God personally is Laymans Gnosis at as detailed in the bottom panel.

A better covenant with God today than way back in biblical times, when there were NO communications and nobody could read and write. Paper wasn’t even invented. No printing. Today over the NET God reaches millions daily. So he intends to out-do his ancient Biblical achievements on a GLOBAL SCALE. Yahoo !

“To my children in Ukraine I am your protector and everything done in your land in the dark of night, behind closed doors will be suddenly ended.

If this didn’t take place there would be genocide not only your nation, but all the nations of this world “

So golly, what was intended to emanate from Ukraine ? Worldwide genocide ? Smacks of US biowarfare labs (15) many of which Putin has already destroyed. Se we are told. US embassy took down their webpage verifying this. Older web pages support this thesis. So has Putin done us a massive favour by invading Ukraine ? Post script Social media Salty confirms US Ukraine bioweapons discussion has been DEPLATFORMED.

Australia another event will hit your land for a cleansing, exposing and annihilating the plans against you”

TWO record breaking floods 24 hrs apart in Sydney and Brisbane. Have never seen this in all my 60 years in Sydney. Still in Progress 9th March. OK we get the message Chief. My district here Bankstown-Bass Hill. Its not due to the rising Georges River its the sheer volume of falling rain unable to runoff to get down to the river.

This flood is longer than 1000 km. Sydney up to beyond Brisbane. Places are flooding that have never flooded before.

Worst of rain over but flood threat remains for NSW | 9 News Australia

600 mm (24 inches) of rain fell on Sydney in 2 weeks. Wierdly complex rain system described here first minute. This has certainly got everyone’s attention Mr G. But I wonder how many will make the supernatural connection ? More strangeness required.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Dynamite revelations
Transcript for serious students

THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE All OVER THIS EARTH for I the Lord this day know the day, in the hour of Complete Restoration, and that time is closer than you think.

Children of Almighty God things have been harsh, have appeared bleak and impossible

I have told you before it’s always darkest before a Breakthrough.

In this hour your lives will suddenly change just like in 2020.

One day things appeared normal the next day it was like a horrible dream.

This will happen again, but this time I have given you prophetic words to let you know this is nothing.

They have nothing that can stop me or my will so do not fear what they do.

This will not last and it definitely will not stand.

You will start to see them fall apart on live TV

They won’t be able to retain their composure not only by being in fear, but the anger and the anguish they feel, because no matter what they have done, their plans are not working.

Yes they know their time is coming to an abrupt end.

That is why they will try everything they can against you.

But my children it’s a slight stress of a passing hour, like I have said before this will not last. Do not give in to what they are saying.

Stand on my word and I will give you peace. Enjoy.

Through it I am knocking down all their walls and their plans against you. Nothing will be left standing that is against you. This is the hour of your victory, no matter how things may appear.

Laugh at your enemies they can’t stand and they surely can’t stand against me in all that war they want in your land, and they will not get what they want, no matter what is said or what they try to do.

Your news stations are about to break out with a special report to bring ultimate fear to stop this convoy, and to stop the rest of you standing against them.

But it’s not going to work.

I have given you the truth to set you free from all their lies.

Your rightful President is on his way back into power, and they are squirming at the thought they have lost against him, no matter what they have done.

He never gave in, and never quit. They hate him and you, for that your love for freedom in this country never diminished like with the rightful President Donald Trump. No matter how much they took from you. You never gave up, and they can’t understand that.

Again I the Lord have said they didn’t count on me, and I am with you my children.

I will protect this Nation of United States, my children in other lands, and other nations. I have not forsaken you.

Once you see how freedom arises in the United States no you are next I am delivering all my people from all these evil rulers and all their governments none will be left standing..

It’s time for turnarounds and breakthroughs like never before.

Watch there will be a sign on the Eiffel Tower YES

I know all who are in France, I am delivering you, and just know all who are in France I am delivering your nation, and my childre,n all over this world. I’m delivering you to this freedom. its worldwide, the Great Exodus so don’t bury your head or give in to anything they do. Stand up and take what I the Lord am doing for you my angel armies are at war for you, and they never lose and neither do I.

My will be done on this earth as it is in heaven.

Shake off defeat, shake off the thoughts and the failures.

Shake off every lie your adversary wanted you to believe.

There will be a major sign in Belize

Look for news out of there. This is yet another sign to show you I am in control and your enemies always lose.

Europe major scandals regarding the Royals not only regarding Prince Andrew, but Prince Charles surrounding the Queen’s sudden death.

Yes, I have said, Watch the clock tower that was called Big Ben. It will fall to the ground and NO Prince Charles is about to take a massive fall for what he has done against the Queen, and against your nation.

He’s a part of those who wanted to enslave you. He’s a thief and a liar and  he will never get that crown he killed for.

A cleansing of your nation has begun so rejoice. Revival is about to hit your land like never before.

Watch news will break out about Tulsi Gabbard

She is changing sides from Blue to Red. She has seen what is going on and cannot stand for what they stand for.

Tulsi is not one of them.

Watch my children. More will switch sides more will suddenly retire and step down. They know they will not win this time. The Democratic party as you know it and you see it now, will be no more.

Yes, this is a time to clean house, you would say.

Spring cleaning of anyone who doesn’t stand with me who doesn’t stand for freedom.

Watch California a major weather event will take place they will continue to say how unusual this is, for this time of year. There will also be snow in places there should not be snow.

There is another sign I am cleaning out the state of ungodly rulers. Their laws their price gouging everything the elites have done to destroy that state.

They wanted to break all the states in this nation so the Federal government would have to step in and take full Control.

YES the states have more power than the people realize.

Each state can stand up against your government body this was set up for what you are seeing and experiencing right now.

These laws were set in place at the birth of your nation to protect you today, from them, and all their plans.

It doesn’t seem like laws or your constitution matters to these people. It doesn’t

If they could have, they would have destroyed every amendment and your complete constitution or at least anything that kept you free from them being able to totally take this country over once and for all..

But your constitution will stand and justice will prevail.

Dominoes are beginning to fall in so many locations your enemies won’t be able to keep up. That’s why their desperation is growing

Watch Japan. A typhoon yes, a large typhoon will strike you, but no my children who are there I will protect you. This destruction is toward the ones who are about to invade your land. I will not let that happen.

China is trying to take you out once and for all.

Yes wars and so many places to bring fear in the hearts of everyone in this world.

Iran is going to try to make a declaration of war

They have gotten a green light from your fraudulent government, and they were paid nicely for it with your taxpayers money.

It will come to nothing. I have told Iran to sit down and shut up.

They do not have power to carry out their threats.

Iraq is the same way they are desperately trying to invade your land, but I will remove all who are in your land now oh United States, from their lands and nothing will come of what their plans are.  

In this hour against you, you’re about to hear news out of Israel yes they are trying to start war there too.

Bombings they will try and start again.

The leader of Hamas will try to declare war, and by saying Israel supposedly started hitting them first.

Which is not true, but I the Lord am against the enemies of Israel I will protect and cleanse my nation of any infiltrators, including people in your government that wanted to take you out.

Israel stand up.

I am is with you.

Your enemies will never stand against you and prosper

Mount Kilauea is about to erupt in a big way a massive explosion it will sound like. Watch it will look like its top has blown off.

More volcanoes will start to erupt on a major scale to show the world truth is erupting all over this world, at one time.

A volcano that has been asleep for hundreds of years will suddenly awake and erupt

Watch Iceland for an eruption.

Yellowstone is about to show its sign of an eruption

But it will not be a massive eruption, just one to get the world’s attention, because it is the biggest super volcano in the world.

A major earthquake then another.

I told you my children everything that can be shaken will be.

New Zealand brace for a major earthquake bigger than what you are used to.

Yes to awaken you out of sleep I will protect my children who are there.

Things will change all over this earth and they will never go back.

My children I am here to deliver you, so believe me more than you believe them.

Everything will be okay in the House of the Lord you are my children, and this is a year for you

Saith the Lord of Hosts

All eyes on China menacing Taiwan but secretly trying to invade/ destroy Japan. By seizing one island for example ?

“Accidental” truth blabs on live TV. And “Joe Biden” to confess his real name on live TV. LOL

Tulsi Gabbard to switch sides ? A lifelong devoted Democrat could only become a RINO at best. Another headache for Republicans. What serious Republican would ever vote for them? Many Democrats to follow Tulsi. Permanent political class is perpetuating their hold. Massive election cheating in Republican Primaries. Texas. Deaths needed urgently. Short video here. Pay attention to Primary Candidate Garcia who finished up with less votes than she started with ! LMAO. Because there has been no penalties for cheating. No convictions. So deaths needed. Weeding the garden. Mr G has a long list. Starting with Chuck Schumer.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green transcript MARCH FORWARD IN MARCH Feb 28 22

Above video was pulled when Julie Greens youtube channel was closed.

And its not available from other places. But the transcript is preserved here

Transcript for those so inclined

March Forward in March

again I heard this on February 28th of 2022

For I the Lord this day and telling my children to brace for the month of March. Things will begin to really shake, unusual weather events, rumours of wars, economies, instability everywhere, and

Everything, but my children, this is my hand moving against your enemies and the enemies against the One True God

Do not fear this earth I have given to my children and every person and everything that they use to control to enslave to take this world hostage, I will destroy. No power forming against you shall prosper. Nothing the enemies have done or anything they will try. It will not work and it will come to nothing.

Mighty earthquakes in the Month of March there will be reported all over, but the eruption of truth that will take place will split the ground your enemies have tried to stand on to tower over you.

YES mighty eruptions in March weather phenomena.

The oceans are raging. I have told you all these things before my children so when you see everything change you’ll be steadfast in my word and you’ll use my authority, and know you are on the side that wins.

Breaking news. Coverage of a Dam that has broken open from flood waters that it couldn’t hold back. As you see this,  this is the same time that things are happening in the spirit.

That things are happening in the spirit, and how quickly my children things are going to change like you have never seen before.

Again watch Iceland major news reported will come out of there this is a sign my children things are going to change.

Watch Asia.

Things in the weather will be taking place all over that continent.

So many things at once.

China this is for you to know I AM is in control not you.

You will not get what you want.

I am destroying your plans against my nation, the United States, everything you have touched, everything you have infiltrated YES all the damage you have done in my nation and everything you had control over in that government, my hand is moving to destroy it all, and remove everyone on your payroll from your nation, and the ones who sold themselves  for security money and power in this fraudulent government.

China your web you have weaved in this nation and every nation across this earth I’m destroying now. I told you before China, I am bringing you to your knees, all who are in control of your country.

Great Death you will hear in China’s government

Yes the President and all who are with him in this hour of their harvest what they have sown in this world, anyone with you from any nation including the United states that helped you, China the Angel of Death is here, with no escaping it. Your fate has been sealed, and you had no remorse.

NO you wanted it bigger. Another sickness to strike this earth and in a greater way.

This time it will come on you and not anyone you are making it for.

Yes my children March will start off with many deaths in many countries of people in power and governments.

Do not fear. This is not for you, children of Almighty God.

Those who are purposely listening to take notes and give them back to your leaders. You know who you are and this is for YOU. If you don’t repent death and judgment will come to you as well, for being on the side of evil. My grace and mercy is more than enough for you, turn away now, stop your assignment that you have been given.

Stop now.

Choose what side you are on.

You know what you hear is truth. That’s why you were listening to give it to them. Turn away and turn now enemies of Almighty God.

Many have already made their choice with no remorse.

Others are contemplating changing sides. Do it now. Your time is closing before your judgment comes upon you.

Every lie that has been said to hold the world in chains will be revealed and every Chain will be broken.

Doug Mastriano

I have you here for such a time as this saith the Lord.

I know it seemed that I had forsaken you and all your hard work and time you had put forth in truth and election integrity.

You know the truth and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It’s time to move forward with the plans you have been given

YES Doug I am here for you. I will not forsake you and this time is coming of their great fall, and the Great Steal will be overturned.

So keep your faith in me. Major news will break out of your state of Pennsylvania

Tom Wolf will face a major scandal.

Yes your governor will be removed by my Hand.

He will say he’s stepping down but he is being forced out by me saith the Lord.

By stepping down he thinks it will save him from judgment that is coming.

But it won’t stop it. Treason will be written on him for all Eternity.

Anyone in Pennsylvania that was and is still against me and the American people, truth is about to erupt out of your state and everything that was stolen will be given back saith the Lord of Hosts.

A sign to look for, my children,

Snow in Africa yes a mighty cleansing of your governments and top officials are taking place to free your lands.

My turn to shout revival. It’s here it’s now glory miracles signs and wonders are breaking out like never before saith the Lord of Hosts

March forward in March to your celebration and remember turn arounds are here and everything is about to change Saith the Lord your Redeemer

China to be destroyed. Just what the world needs.

CCCP Leadership faction dying suddenly. Likewise Elite leaders dying in large numbers all over. Just what the doctor ordered. Pennsylvania Governor scandal fall. Doug Mastriano heroised and urged to continue decertification effort. Extreme weather to pound China. And May 27 CCCP leader has had an aneurism, and has offended India and is going south Biden style.

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