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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Friday, August 11th of 2023. And thank you once again for joining today’s live show. I do have another prophetic word to give to you today. Before I get to that, I want all of you to agree with me and stand in prayer for Hawaii. I know most of you probably know that there’s a lot of fires that are going on. There’s great devastation that is going on in Hawaii And I feel like before we start with this prophetic word and get into a teaching. I really feel we need to pray Before we start so Heavenly Father right now by the blood of Jesus we can come boldly to your throne and Heavenly Father We are lifting up all of Hawaii to you right now in every part. Heavenly Father has been devastated by these wildfires I thank you Heavenly Father that you are the great I AM you are everything we need you to be. And Heavenly Father, no matter what it takes to take down all those wildfires and to put them out, we thank you, Father God, even to bring pouring rain to rain down on Hawaii. And I thank you, Father God, no matter what they need, you are their comforter. You are their peace. You are their joy, even in the midst of such devastation and such sorrow, Father God, rain down your glory upon them and give them your peace and everything that Satan is meaning for harm, I thank you, Father God, you’re turning into something good. And I thank you, Heavenly Father, for revival to break out in Hawaii. I thank you, Father God, that people are turning to you and they are seeing that you are a good God, that you are their healer, that you are their provider, that you are everything that they need you to be. And Heavenly Father, no matter what it is, no matter how many people have lost their homes and lost family members, Father God, you are their comforter. So I’m asking you right now, Father God, to be that comfort in the midst of devastation, to be that comfort in the midst of such loss. And I thank you, Father God, that you will show them what a good God you are And that you never leave them and you never sake them and we thank you Father God for all your goodness to be poured out on that Island Father God and in Maui. I thank you heavenly Father that you are Restoring what has been lost and I thank you Father God for it in Jesus name Amen, and amen now again I want you guys all just to keep Maui up in your prayers Keep all of them up that they will be restored of all the loss and devastation that they have been Experiencing the last few days because it is very catastrophic But we know in the midst of devastation in the midst of such darkness that God can and will show up so All right. Thank you all for joining with me and praying for Hawaii. Just keep them up in your prayers Uh, before I get to this prophetic word, again, there are many events that are coming up in a very short period of time. Don’t forget about next week. That’s Mike Lindell’s event. It’s lindellevent.com. You can go there. You can put in the code JGMI when you put in your email, we’re not getting anything for that. We are not getting, I repeat, we are not getting anything for that. We are only doing that to help them see where all of these people are coming from to be able to view this coming event next week because it’s only viewed online. There’s only a select few people that can be there in person. So again, it’s lyndellevent.com and the code is JGMI. Also don’t forget about Las Vegas, which is a reawaken America tour. We will be a part of, and that’s August 25th and 26th of this month. And if you do need more information, you can go and click on the description box below. I do have that link there and I know there’s people that are looking still for tickets I know that there is a phone number that you can get a hold of them and see if there’s any more tickets available For Las Vegas. Also, I’ll be a part of the Exodus next month and that is in Tennessee, so if you want more information, that’s with brother Timothy Dixon if you want more information I think Manuel Johnson is gonna be there too you can click on the description box below or go to JGMI and go to JGMI and go to our website and go to our events page and that’s where you will see where our events are coming up and we will be adding more soon to that page and I’ve seen so many people from so many different countries I just want to do a shout out before I got on because once I get on I can’t see the rumble chat so I know my team my team can I just can’t But I saw so many people from England and Australia Canada Sweden Indonesia the UK and Northern Island And I’ve seen so many people from almost every state in here in the United States of America I do see the Facebook chat. So hello and good morning. Oh and thank you all for oh, there’s some Zimbabwe God bless you and California. You are up really early. So God bless you for being up this early to be a part of this live show. Again, I’ve seen so many different states. I was writing them all down. I was so excited because again, God is bringing his family together. So I do see Virginia and Massachusetts. I see Maine, God bless you. I see Des Moines, somebody else from Iowa is watching. So God bless you. And I’ve seen so many people. It’s so exciting to see so many people from Australia that is watching. God has had so many prophetic words Regarding Australia and we are standing with you just as much I know it feels like you guys are all alone way out there, but you’re not we are standing with you for your freedoms from What’s going on in your government as well? Okay. So now the prophetic word I’m gonna give out today and again, the Lord has given me tons of scriptures I’ll be ready with your pen and your paper. I know everybody’s ready with their coffee I hear it so many times. I have coffee with you every morning, and I’m glad you have coffee with me I’m happy. I have coffee right here. I’m not drinking obviously on air, but one of these days I might do that We might even get a mug. It says something like coffee, you know mornings with Julie or something, but But anyway I want you guys to get like a piece of paper or a pen or Note pad or whatever you guys have and start writing some of these scriptures down because these are the ones that when I’m in prayer God is giving these to me Oh Puerto Rico. God bless you I just seen I just looked down and I seen Puerto Rico. So God bless you, Puerto Rico Okay. Now this is a prophetic word. I heard on the 9th of August So just a couple days ago. All right, because today’s 11th. This was a night So just a couple days ago, it is called THE TRUTH ON WHO IS REALLY TRYING TO CONTROL THIS NATION now again When he says trying that doesn’t mean they are it may look like they are but that’s not what God is trying to tell us He’s just saying hey These are the people that are trying to be controlled to try to steal your name could try to control and steal your nation But he’s also Saying that every lie is being revealed and he’s giving us a lot of pieces to this massive puzzle. So, here is the prophetic word.


My children, For I the Lord this day, am telling you to participate. Participate in the good fight of faith. You have been fighting your enemy, whether you realize it or not, but because you were unaware, you weren’t winning. You weren’t gaining any ground. In some cases, you were losing ground spiritually because your adversary was controlling when you are the ones who are supposed to be demanding him to be under your feet, rebuking him, forbidding him, and denying him the ability to win in your life. So step in the ring today with your armor, with your name, with my name, excuse me, with my name, with my covenant, with my boldness, and knock out your enemy. You have the power that I have given to you, so use it. Use my power that resides on the inside of you to take back territory, to take back your freedoms, to take back the children, to take back your nations, to take back your health, to take back your sound mind, to take back your peace, to take back your joy, to take back your finances. take it all back in my name today. Do not wait my children. This day take back your victories and begin to shout your enemy’s demise. Stop letting him take from you what doesn’t belong to him. This is a new day. Leave your past in the past and receive the future that I have for you. One with joy, victory, and peace that you have never known before. Take what I have for you. It’s already been paid for. Sayeth the Lord.

The Liberty Bell will be in your news for an unusual reason. Unusual forecasts will be in your news. Unusual weather, they will say. So unusual, surprising. We don’t usually see these things like this. Again, I say a skyscraper will be in your news for a shocking reason.

Barack Obama is going to be in your news more and more. Connections to the Biden crime family they will find out who was really in charge and it wasn’t the Biden. Many secrets have been hidden to protect Barack because the globalists don’t want him to lead(?) their one-world government but secrets will be uncovered that they didn’t count on. Big mistake mistakes have been made by the Biden and Barack while they were President and vice President. Doors will be open to the truth on what was really going on during that time and what foreign nations they were all working with and bank accounts will be discovered that will implicate Obama padding his pockets and it didn’t matter whose name they had on this account. It’ll be proven to be Barack’s account and Great Money Trail will show you where all the money has been coming from. No matter how hard they try to hide that, he has been in control and the Biden has been his puppet all along. Well, the day is coming where this puppet show is about to end. Barack will soon realize this is not his nation. It’s mine. More explosive information will come out regarding Facebook. It’s about to fall on the crimes that have been committed on that platform, and Mark Zuckerberg will pay for the crime he has committed and who he’s been connected to and all been paying him to use that platform to spy, steal, and to do horrible, evil crimes for Facebook. It’s all about to be exposed. It’s also gonna show how they interfered in the elections, COVID, and a major propaganda machine and has been for the globalists to control what news can be seen and what can’t be. I’ve said this before, judgment will come to many social media platforms that were against the truth.


Watch the shock that it will bring.

Something significant is about to take place in Brazil.

Wild weather in California. This will be in your news.

A rat’s nest will be exposed in Pennsylvania and evil has grown to completely Suffocate this state and bring it down to its knees never to recover. But remember my children who there Who are there Remember my children who are there. I’m gonna say that again every place Which the sole of your foot shall tread upon I have given to you Take it back Take back your state.

Take back your house. Take back your Senate. Take the seat back of the governor, to whom it rightfully belongs to, and it’s my son. Not the one who sits in that seat, and who stole, and all who stole, have to return what all that has been stolen so my children not only in Pennsylvania but my children in every state in this nation my turn every state sorry my children in every state in this nation my turn in every nation take back your freedoms, take back what has been stolen don’t give up on the justice now when Injustice is just about to be seen because I am justice and I Will not fail you My children this day fight how I tell you to fight and receive the victory that has been paid for Sayeth it the Lord your Redeemer

Thats the end of the message. Correspondence with a regular reader reveals the julie sermons that she tacks on are just too long and exhaust the reader causing Gods message to be forgotten. Interestingly Julie doesnt record her own sermons on her website. I only put them here because using AI I can produce an entire transcript in 3-4 mins. So I can just paste it in here. The only other reason I paste in her sermons is that I was awakened completely without holy books or pointy buildings. 20 yrs ago and thus feel hawfully iggorant of the bible. So I have learned a bit of background from Julie. I must say after 18 months the bible seems to be aimed mostly at sleepwalkers. Endless repetition of last minute rescue themes. Almost Rote learning. Its looking like this will continue until the big powerflip forecast.

So my advice is people dont wear your self out following her sermons to the bitter end. Just stick with Gods message. Thats always a blast.

Julie Commentary

Now again, I’m gonna go back over this prophetic word But there was many scriptures while I was going over this prophetic word and in prayer this morning That he’s given to me to give to you now. The first one is You all will know this scripture. It’s 1st Timothy and it’s 1st Timothy 6 12 and I will read this out of The Amplified 1st Timothy 6 12 now, this is the amp the classic amplified edition fight the good fight of faith Lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and for what you confess a good confession of faith Before many witnesses now with Guinea saying the good fight. What does that mean? It’s a fight you are Guaranteed to win. That’s why it’s good. It may not feel good. Sometimes it may not look good sometimes but the reason why he says it’s a good fight is because you’ve already been guaranteed the win and the victory because of what Jesus has Already paid for and what Jesus has already done for us. Now. Look what he said So we’re supposed to fight the good fight lay a hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned now that word is very Just profound for me in this Scripture because say for instance you were in this country and you are summonsed to jury duty You have to literally go there if you call in and of course your court canceled or your court case is canceled Then you don’t have to go in but if your case is not you have to go in if You don’t go in and don’t abide by the summons You will find out how strict the law is about you having jury duty But God has summoned us to fight the good fight because if we are not fighting, he even said that in the first paragraph, you’re fighting a fight, you don’t even know that you’re in, but it’s not a good one because you’re losing. You’re losing ground. He said you’re losing these things because the enemy is fighting you while you’re unaware. So God is making you aware of not only that you’re fighting a good fight and to start getting it. I love how he put it. I had to ask him twice my what you just say get into the ring. Like I picture like a boxing match between us and the devil. And it was like he said get into the ring. And then the next sentence he said to knock him out. Why? You think about this? We have the instead of like regular boxing gloves, we can put on the armor of God and we also have the blood of Jesus. So say for instance we can’t see the blood but our adversary can see the blood and that’s all it takes is one punch of that power of that name and the authority of that blood that has been shed for you to knock out your opponent. It’s not gonna to take a lot of time. That’s when we have to know the power and the strength of that name of Jesus and the power of the blood covenant that we have with God Almighty. That’s why again, he says fight the good fight of faith and to hold on because a lot of people when they’re fighting that fight, they don’t hold on. they give up right before a breakthrough and God is saying hold on and You’ll see that victory, especially if you don’t give up and quit Now Ephesians 6 now something about this good fight when he’s telling us again He said in these first couple paragraphs and listen my children for I the Lord this day and telling you to part Sorry, my children for I the Lord am telling you this day to participate Now he’s telling you to participate and people think I don’t want to participate in a fight. Well you already are, you just didn’t realize it. He’s saying participate in the good fight. You have been fighting your enemy whether you realize it or not because you were unaware so you weren’t winning. You weren’t gaining any ground and in some cases you were losing ground spiritually because your adversary was controlling you when you are the one who’s supposed to be demanding him to be under your feet, rebuking him, forbidding him, denying him, and the ability to win in your life. Write this scripture down. James, well, I was going to go to Ephesians 6, hold on. I got to go to James first. James 4, 6, 7, James 4, 7, so be subject to God, resist the devil, stand firm against him and he will flee from you. Stand firm against him. That’s that fighting, that good fight of faith and standing up and not quitting. Well, then also in Ephesians 6.10, so that was James 4.7. I’m sorry I quoted that wrong first. Ephesians 6.10, this is where people right now in the body of Christ are saying, I’m too weak. I can’t fight anymore. I’ve been fighting so much spiritually that I don’t have anything left. And this is where you have to have this great revelation of the scripture because some days are hard. Take it from me and I will tell you and be honest with you some days are not easy. But look at this Ephesians 6 10 in the classic amplified In conclusion, be strong in the Lord, be empowered through your union with him. Draw your strength from him, that strength which his boundless might provide. Now it’s his strength. God is not asking us to fight the good fight of faith. He’s not asking us to stand. He’s not asking us to do all these things on our own strength and our own ability. God is telling us to fight the good fight of faith, which he is the one who provides the strength He’s also the one who provides The weapon that we are going to win against our enemy and guaranteed us the victory He’s given us an armor. He’s given us an armor to protect He’s given us the sword to fight back, which is the Word of God. So let’s see here Ephesians 6 and 11 put on God’s whole armor a lot of Christians today only put on one the helmet of Salvation that’s all some churches talk about is just salvation alone. Yes. It’s important to talk about salvation all the time but not only Salvation you got to teach the whole entire Word of God So it says put on the whole armor the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies that you may be able successfully to stand up against all the strategies and deceits of the devil Now all the strategies and the seats of the devil remember God has told us so many times that those While 40s really because it’s the devil the devil deceives distracts destroys That’s what he does and God is saying with all the strategies of the devil put on your whole armor So a lot again churches should be having altar calls every Sunday and every chance you can get have an altar call But what I’m saying is you put on that Hamlet salvation and know that you’re saved But you also have the rest of the armor that you have to put on you can’t go in well, you can I I just would say not to you don’t want to go on the battlefield with just a helmet on and Nothing else protecting you You want to put the whole armor of God on now if people weren’t going to do that Then why would God tell us to put on the whole armor because some people don’t? Then it says Verse 12. Now, this is the key to a lot of things that people don’t realize for we are not wrestling with flesh and blood But contending with only physical opponents but against the deputism’s against the powers against the master spirits Who are the world rulers of this present darkness against the spirit forces of wickedness and heavily supernatural sphere We are not wrestling just with flesh limp flesh and blood it appears that way but we’re not This battle that we are in is a spiritual battle, but it does you see things in the natural So God is saying we have to fight this good fight We got to stand and put on the armor of God and realize that these people that are fighting us It’s not what those people it is. What’s behind them if What’s behind them didn’t give him any power. They wouldn’t be where they were at Just like we can’t do anything without God We would not be able to win this fight without God period It doesn’t matter how much natural power you have natural weapons you have it is God on our side is the reason why we can win Now then it says Verse 13 therefore put on the whole God’s armor put on God’s complete So we’re saying it again, therefore put on God’s complete armor that you may be able to resist You’re in a fight You got to put on the whole armor that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day of danger Having done all the crisis demands to stand firmly in your place So that means if you don’t have the full armor of God on like our prayer team We pray every day for all of you We make sure before we start praying we put on the whole armor of God and we plead the blood of Jesus We also say that it’s God’s word that are spoken over you It’s God’s words that are spoken over our the prayer that it’s not our words. They’re his So it’s important to start your day and put on the full armor of God because you have to resist the devil and you don’t want to resist him without, um, having the full armor of God on and then not knowing how powerful you truly are because you’ll eventually just give in and cave and cave into your adversary and all he’s doing against you. So he says, if you put on the complete armor that you, you will be able to resist and Stand on the evil day. Then he says stand firmly in your place Remember God says that he’s gonna give us the the wisdom and knowledge understanding The power of the name of Jesus denote the knowledge of that blood covenant That we will be unshakable when everything is shaken that can be shaken. We won’t be moved This is how we are not moved then it says in verse 14 stand therefore so he says stand and Then stand there for and a lot of Christians say well, I’ve been standing for a long time How long do I have to stand? We’ll tell you don’t have to stand anymore. You have to stand until it’s done When is it done? When it’s done, I don’t know the end. I don’t know the date doesn’t give me those things I don’t ask for those things because no one knows the day of the hour Why would God give us a day or the hour because their enemies would know and then they would have a plan So God’s not gonna give us that day of the hour So we just got to keep standing until we see the breakthroughs. He said stand therefore hold your ground Because a lot of people will slip and they will give up and quit having tightened the belt of truth Around your loins and having put on the breastplate and of integrity and have moral rectitude and right standing with God Verse 15 and having shod your feet in the preparation to face the enemy with a firm The promptness and the readiness produced by the good news of the gospel of peace So, how do you stand? Firmly footed in this battle that you’re he’s trying to he’s trying to tell you hey Participate in the good fight. You’re already in a fight. You just didn’t know it You were unaware of it and God says how do you firmly stand your feet and not be moved is by putting on what? Produced by the good news of the gospel of peace So how you put on the the shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace is by getting into the Word of God That’s how you shod your feet. You gotta get into the Word of God This says in verse 16 lift up all of the covering shield of saving faith The covering shield of saving faith upon which you can quench all the flaming missiles of the wicked one What is a shield of faith that trust in? God You’re trusting in God. So you have that shield of faith. Just think about it It’s not like a small shield back in the day They the shields were like almost as tall as they were they were absolutely huge And so it would cover them from almost head to toe Maybe it’s massive shields. That’s what God’s saying. You put that shield of faith over you You cover it and trust me and you trust my word And when you have that shield of faith up and you’re trusting in God when your enemy is trying to throw those fiery darts It’s gonna hit the shield and it’s not gonna hit you That’s why it’s important to have that trust and faith in God. Then it says in verse 17 and then take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which wields which is the Word of God again the Word of God is a weapon against your Enemy, so you have to know the word of God. It’s important for you to get in the Bible every single day That’s why I tell you repetitively and I say this over and over like a broken record Get into the word write these scriptures down get into your prayer closets read these scriptures and start praising and Thanking him for the revelation knowledge of what he’s telling us in this day and in this hour now verse 18 Pray at all times on every occasion in every season in the spirit With all manner of prayer and and treaty to the end that will keep alert and watch with strong purpose perseverance interceding on behalf of all Saints God’s concentrated people so Consecrated people, excuse me. So this is what we have to do We have to know that we’re fighting the good fight of faith 1st Timothy 6 and verse 12 Then you also have to know that you have the power to resist the enemy which is in James 4 7 Resist him you’re the power to resist him. You have the power to bind and rebuke and forbid That’s Matthew 18 18 and through 20 Matthew 18, verses 18 through 20. Then, how do you fight all this? By standing on the Word of God with the incomplete armor of God, knowing you have God’s strength, you have God’s name, you have the authority, you have everything to secure you, you have everything to protect you, and you have everything to fight the enemy back with and be guaranteed the victory. I want to show you something else. Colossians 2 and 15, I have so many scriptures, but I got to just pick a couple out now, so I can get them all to you before I go back over this prophetic word again. If I stop, there we go. Okay. I kept passing it. All right. now Colossians 2 15 now again this is showing you how important it is to have a revelation that your Heavenly Father your Savior has already destroyed the power of the enemy Colossians 2 15 and this is also the classic amplified now look God disarmed principalities and powers that were arranged against us and made us bold, a bold display and public example of them and triumphing over them in him in it, the cross. So God is saying, remember he said that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood and if Ephesians 6, 12, but against principalities and powers and rulers are the darkness of this world. Well, right here, it says, God disarmed the principalities and the powers that were arranged against you So he’s disarmed them. And the reason why it feels like they are winning against us is because Hosea 4 6 God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge If you have a knowledge that your enemy is disarmed if you and I have a knowledge that you have God’s strength not your own that you can resist the devil and he will flee it doesn’t say he may he has to he doesn’t say may or may not it says he will that means he’s forced you force him then it says in verse this is Colossians 1 and verse 13 the Father has delivered and drawn us to himself out of the control and dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the son of his love. We have been drawn out. We have, he has delivered. He has delivered drawn us to himself. We are protected by the deliverer who’s already delivered. That means he’s already guaranteed it. Then it says out of the control and dominion of darkness, what’s going on in the world today? darkness so what we are saying is that God has already drawn us out he’s already guaranteed us and he’s already delivered us even though it may not look like it because what he’s already and he’s transferred us in the kingdom of his son of his love because Jesus has already done it all that’s how he’s already drawn us out that’s how he’s already delivered us because Jesus has already guaranteed it now if you look in Hebrews 2 Hebrews 2 and 14 this is the last scripture I guess that I got many other ones but I have to I have to keep going all right Hebrews 2 and 14 since therefore these his children share in flesh and blood and the physical nature of human beings he himself in a similar manner partook of the same nature that by going through death he might bring to Not and to make no effect him who had the power of death. That is the devil not mean zero Jesus brought the devil to zero nothing There’s nothing left of his power that if we believe in the power of the name of Jesus And if we put on the whole armor of God and we’re using the Word of God That’s why even Jesus gave us that example against the enemy and he says it is written if we are knowing that and we trust in that and we are bold in that your adversary is zero because Jesus has already disarmed him he’s already brought him to nothing all right I’m gonna go back over and this says so again he’s saying participate in the good fight you’ve been fighting your enemy whether you were realize it or not because you were unaware so I’m giving you all these examples of what he’s You have to be aware of this and when you are aware of it You put all these things on God has given you every tool. He’s giving you every weapon. He’s giving you everything you need to be victorious But your enemy will pile upon and pile over and over Trust me. I know He will pile all these things on you to feel like you are beat down That you are basically brought to nothing that you are this little minuscule thing Fighting a giant and there’s nothing you can do to fight him back He’s got you pin in a corner and there’s no way you’re gonna win. I Have felt that many times in my own life But God is saying, you know the truth if you know that truth you get that truth down in your heart That truth is what sets you free So then he says you demand forbid and I already gave you those scriptures denying him the ability to win your life All right now This is a paragraph that I love So do not wait my children This day take back your victories. I’m sorry. I I was on the wrong paragraph. Sorry. I scrolled on to love Alright, so step in the ring today This is all in bold. So step in the ring today with your armor So I get just gave you Ephesians 6 10 through 18 and the reason why it’s so important to put on your full armor the full armor of God that he has Given to you and put it on every single day He says so step in the ring today with your armor with my name with my covenant, which is his blood covenant, and with my boldness to knock out your enemy. So we’re already in a fight anyway. What your enemy wants you to believe is that if you don’t fight him back, he’ll just leave you alone. Because when you do fight him back, it seems like sometimes your fight can get harder. Well, most of the time. It gets harder, or it looks more impossible, or it more ridiculous. That’s your enemy fighting you back because he doesn’t want you to keep fighting him because he knows he’s gonna lose. If you just stand and stand therefore, you stand and hold your ground and you have your feet shot with a preparation of the gospel piece or the Word of God, he will lose. He’s got nothing and no power against it to fight it. Then it says again, so he says you step in the ring today with my armor, my name, my covenant, my boldness, and knock out your enemy. You have the power that I’ve given to you so use it. Use my power that resides on the inside of you. Take back territory, take back your freedoms, take back the children, to take back your nations, to take back your health, to take back your sound mind, to take back your peace, to take back your joy, to take back your finances, take it all back in my name Today, why can we take it all back in the name of Jesus because Jesus has already done it all He’s already provided it all so we have the ability to say I take it back. I Take it back now in Jesus name to do I can say that for a week or two weeks But what if nothing happens you keep saying it until you see it That’s the part between amen. And there it is Just like when a farmer Plants a seed at first until I don’t know how long it takes for the seed to pop up to the ground But they’re trusting in Nature, they’re trusting in what God has already designed With the Sun and with water and with the soil the soil knows what to do is to grow that seed but between The farmer has to plant that seed in order for that seed to grow if you don’t plant the seed nothing’s gonna happen but that time of planting that seed and the time of harvest time you don’t know exactly how it’s happening, but it but it just does and God is saying when we plant the seeds of our words you have to plant the first get to plant the seed in order for it to come up and grow and Then there’s eventually gonna be a harvest time But farmer cannot expect the harvest Until you plant something And God is telling us to plant our seed the plant a seed What it what is it the Word of God plant that seed down in your heart plant that seed? So when you’re planting it in your heart, you may not see it at first growing But it will It’s naturally gonna do that So if you plant that seed in your heart and you keep speaking it out your mouth, you’re gonna see it You’re gonna see it. You’re gonna have that harvest just like a farmer does. All right now Then it says do not wait my children this day take back your victories and begin to shout your enemy’s demise Stop letting him take from you what doesn’t belong to him. So he’s taking all of these things that don’t belong to him, which is your health, which is your sound mind, which is your peace, your joy, your family, your finances, your jobs, your nations, your freedoms, whatever it is, it’s already yours. Jesus has already done it. And so God is telling you, it’s your time to take it back. Then now this is what also gets people, he had me put this in bold. This is a new day. Leave your past in your past and receive the future that I have for you. Stop there for a second. The reason why people don’t have a future is because they can’t stay out of their past. Sin conFBIousness and the things that they have done in their past. They can’t get past it. They live in this Unworthiness state of God can’t love me. I remember saying one time the Lord and let me tell you he corrected me. I Said to him one time when I was praying and it was in a very very dark time and I said God I don’t know how you put up with me Think about that for a minute how horrible that is to say to God. He doesn’t put up with us He sent Jesus to die for us. He doesn’t look at us and our failures He doesn’t look at us and our past sin, especially if we repented. He’s faithful to forgive us and not remember it But he’s so good in long-suffering But think about that and he showed me and he showed me when I was kneeling down in that closet. He showed me Jesus was in that seat was right there kneeling down in my closet where I was And I said, what does that mean? He says I see you through my son and what my son has done for you So we have seen ourselves in our past and our past failures and how bad we’ve been and all these sins We’ve committed and all the stuff that we’ve done because Satan loves to pound that down and pound you down on the ground So you can’t receive that you have been made the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus and That’s another way when we’re fighting a good fight of faith. Satan can steal it because that breastplate of righteousness is Not on that’s why it’s important to have the word that have the armor of God on every day and to know the Word of God then it says This is a new day. Leave your past in your past We see the future that I have for you one with joy victory peace that you have never known before Take what it take what I have for you. It’s already been paid for and he had me put that in bold Jesus has already done it So now he goes on he talks about the Liberty Bell He says the Liberty Bell will be in your news for an unusual reason Doesn’t say why you says it’s unusual They talk about unusual forecasts will be in your news unusual whether they will say so unusual surprising and we don’t usually see things like this So watch the news pick up on unusual and Surprising weather in some places that they they don’t usually see things like this in that area That’s what God’s talking about. He’s talking about the weather again He’s been talking about the weather for a very long time the last couple years on and off He’s been talking about unusual. The weather will be this thing called unusual. The weather was in the book of Exodus When it came to the judgments one it hailed and that hail turned into fire. I would say that’s a little unusual. Nothing that’s gonna happen again but I’m just saying he used the weather before to get his people’s attention and get the enemy’s attention against his people. Now again I say a skyscraper will be in your news for a shocking reason. Okay now he goes on in more detail about Barack Obama. He says Barack Obama is going to start to be in your news more and more connections to the Biden crime family, they will find out who was really in charge and it wasn’t the Biden. I think most people who have common sense know that Biden’s not in control. You saw when Barack was, uh, Obama was in the White House. Everybody turned our back on, on, uh, the Biden and he was like left there and no one was talking to him. They had their backs turned to him. He tried to get people’s attention. It was, I was almost in disbelief when I saw that Small video clip of what was going on. Everybody was hurdled and huddled around Obama and nobody paid attention to Joe. That was a signal then it said many secrets have been hidden to protect Barack because the globalists don’t want him to leave their one-world government, but secrets will be uncovered They didn’t count on big mistakes have been made by the Biden and Barack while they were President and vice-President Doors will be open wide to the truth on what was really going on during that time and what foreign nations they were Working with in bank accounts will be discovered that will implement Obama patting his pocket and didn’t matter whose name They had on this account It will be proven to be Brock’s account and great money trail will show you where all the money has been coming from No matter how hard that try they try to hide that he has been in control and Biden has been his puppet all along So what this is saying right here is that they have had? Um, we’re working with foreign countries, they had offshore, probably offshore bank accounts. I’m assuming it’s all short. It’s not. I mean, God didn’t specify, but a lot of these people have offshore bank accounts, especially when it comes to being legal, but they had accounts. And then he says it was in somebody else’s name, this account is in somebody else’s name, but the money trail is going to show you whose account it really is. Then it says in bold, well, the day is coming where this puppet show is about to end. Barack will soon realize this is not his nation. It’s mine. And he had me put that in bold and in catwalks because this nation is God’s. Then it talks about the social media platform, more explosive information. This is not the first time guys talk about it more explosive information will come out regarding Facebook It’s about to fall for the crimes It has committed on the platform and Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg will pay for the crime He has committed and who always connected to him who always paying him to use that platform to spy to steal and do horrible crimes Through Facebook. It’s all about to be exposed and all show how they interfere in the elections and kovat and major propaganda machine It has been for the globalists to control what news has been seen in what can’t be I’ve said this before great judges will come to many social media platforms that were against the Truth and many people say well, why have you been on it? well that’s because other people were on that platform in my name that were really not me and They were using that platform. And so I had to get on it in order to do something to save this ministry and to do something elite or do something legally and to get Legal stuff and to do that to put take to take down these people. I had to get on I didn’t want to So what I’m saying is is that social media platforms all over the place are gonna be judged For the truth that they would not allow out Then it says Australia’s government is about to collapse and watch the shock it will bring So again guys been talking about many different so different governments throughout the world that are gonna collapse He’s mentioned Australia. He’s mentioned France. He’s mentioned Canada. He’s mentioned China. He’s Can’t remember all the other ones. He’s mentioned. Those are the major ones that he’s mentioned several different times is he’s mentioned Australia They said something significant is about to take place in Brazil Wild weather in California. This will be in your news Then he goes into death again about Pennsylvania. He’s talked about Pennsylvania quite a bit actually Let me talk about Pennsylvania again. It’s been a while since he said anything about it A rat’s nest will be exposed in Pennsylvania and a great evil Has it grown to completely suffocate this state and to bring it down to its knees never to recover But remember my children who are there who are in Pennsylvania? He’s talking to you and I seen Pennsylvania in the chat earlier So he’s talking to you. This is what God’s saying who are there? Every place which the sole of your foot shall tread upon I have given to you Take it back. Take back your state. Take back your house. Take back your Senate. Take back the seat of the governor to whom it rightfully belongs to my son and God has said before that That seat was stolen There’s Senate seats that were stolen. House seats that were stolen. So God is saying not only this is in Pennsylvania, there was way more governor seats than just Pennsylvania. But Pennsylvania was a big one and the reason why Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania is very special to God. Now, then it says, but let me go back on it so to whom it rightfully belongs to is my son that’s Doug Mastriano it says not only ones who sit in the seat and you all have who still has stolen hold on and all who still have to return what has been stolen and the reason why I said that it was Doug Mastriano is because God has had two or three different prophetic words regarding him before that even happened and Guys and guy was warning and saying what was going on in Pennsylvania that Was was going on with the elections in Pennsylvania. What’s going on elections all across the United States, especially during the midterms There was a lot of seats that were stolen. It was not just 2020 the midterms were stolen it was a rat’s nest of election fraud And I’m not you know, I’m gonna cower down and not say that because there there was then it says My children not just in Pennsylvania, but in every state in this nation my children in every nation So he’s not just talking about this country. He’s talking about in every nation. Take back your freedoms Take back what’s been stolen Don’t give up on justice now when justice is just about to be seen because I am justice and I will not fail you Remember God’s the God of justice So no matter what happens with the social media platforms again it’s important to get on everything you can just for the fact to get the word out because there’s people that won’t leave certain platforms and That’s the reason why that that’s important And also what’s going on in Pennsylvania and God’s telling them to take back what was stolen from them God’s telling no matter what what state you were living in in this country And you know that you know that you know because we all saw it, you know things were stolen from you take it back Your foot that’s in Joshua 1 3 Write this down Joshua 1 3 Wherever you tread your foot wherever you step wherever you walk. That’s your territory. That’s your property You can declare and decree it for your blood covenant with Almighty God To come to declare your freedom and declare whatever has been stolen has been given back. That’s scriptural That’s Proverbs 6 31 When a thief has been caught he’s got to give it back How many times times seven what does that look like times seven? I don’t know exactly how God’s gonna do it, but God’s also the God of restoration So then he goes on to say I am justice and I will not fail you God is the God of justice This is much on this day fight How I tell you to fight receive the victory that i’ve already been has already been paid for and he says it again The victory that has already been paid for Jesus has already won the victory for us Now another scripture that can back up that every one of these lies all these things that have been stolen Everything that’s been done against the throne of Almighty God is Luke 12 I’m gonna read this before I before I pray Luke 12 People people get upset Nothing’s gonna be done. Nothing’s gonna be done. Nothing’s gonna be done. Nothing’s been done. It’s too far past too far gone Nothing’s been done. Now. We’re looking at 24 20 to 24. Don’t you know, just forget about all these other ones No, that’s not what guy is saying. God did not tell us to forget about what has been stolen God tells when the thief has been caught. He’s got to give it back Then he says in Luke 12 Versus 2 now look Luke 12 verse 2 Nothing is so closely covered up that it will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known Nothing is so closely covered up that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known So it doesn’t matter how many and how dark they’ve hidden these secrets No matter how many how deep and how dark and how much they’ve tried to cover all these things up every lie Will be revealed So it doesn’t matter what they’ve done Every lie will be revealed and a lot of us know we caught the enemies We’ve seen all these things even though the justice system didn’t do anything about it What did God say that he was going to judge the justice system and he was going to cleanse it out We when we see things are stolen out of our own life So say for instance something’s going on in our family something’s going on with our finances, whatever it is. You have the right to Proclaim restoration of what has been stolen. I’ll give us an example really quick Okay, if you had somebody do a hit-and-run and They totaled your car. You were safe. Thank God you were safe But they totaled your car. So you have no car All right They eventually found the person because there was a camera All right, it was caught on camera who that person was even though they fled the scene of the accident They were caught and so you go to court and you demand that person Pay for the damages They had done to your car because they refuse to pay and have their insurance pay and whatever you just There they didn’t have insurance whatever, but they refuse to settle with you. They refuse to pay the damages That’s what every enemy wants to do all the time. He wants to refuse to pay the damages that he’s done but how’s the judge gonna rule if You created that damage and it was you the accident was your fault You were responsible to pay for the damages that you caused God is our judge God sees everything the enemy does The enemy has not only been caught by God The enemy has been caught by you and you say God my enemy has caused me damage Look at what he’s done and just like with a natural judge with like, you know a law in your own country has to make that person pay you damages for what they stolen or what they Wrecked and they wrecked havoc in your life or they destroyed your your car They have to pay for that car. God is saying not only am I gonna make him pay for the damages But I’m gonna make him pay seven times What damages he caused you? So in the natural that’d be awesome because that means that’s a car seven times better than the car you had So most times and like, you know with our natural world It would just be it would they would have to pay for the damage they cause so they’d have to replace your car God is saying my covenant with you is better. I’m gonna make him pay back seven times what he has done. Not just the same amount and make him cover it. I’m gonna make him do it seven times that amount of a damage he caused. But again, the reason why we don’t know these things and we don’t act upon these things is because no one’s been taught it. But this is scriptural. It is in the written Word You can say Father God all these medical bills. This is a part of the enemy has been using to steal from me I thank you Father God that you are the judge you’ve seen the damage that enemy has caused me because of this sickness and disease and because of this illness and it says in your Word that by Jesus stripes I am healed. So the damage that my enemy is causing with my health I thank you Father God that you are not only restoring my health, but you are restoring me back to What what it was before the damage that the enemy has caused and I thank you He’s got to pay not only for what he’s done to my body But now he’s got to pay for what he’s done to me financially and I thank you for it in Jesus name And you give it scripture two scriptures. You can also see that in Matthew chapter 25 that’s what happened with the woman with the issue of blood He made her whole He said your faith has made you whole so she took upon what the Word of God said She heard what Jesus was doing and saying she said if I could touch the hem of his garment I shall be made whole that was not just physically whole that was financially she gave everything she had for these doctors of those 12 years and Jesus not only healed her but somehow he restored all those finances. I don’t know how But making whole is restoring it all not just the physical stuff and so what we have to understand is God is a God of Restoration. So if you know he said you participate now you fight this good fight of faith You realize what you’re what you have on the inside of you You realize the armor that you have you realize the blood of Jesus that it has been shed for you You realize the name above every name and you start fighting back you start saying it is written you start resisting the devil and binding him and rebuking him and denying him and Watch to see what God does in your life for you for you That’s the covenant we have with God Almighty Isn’t it great when you start hearing these truths and start hearing what God is doing and what joy it does bring to you Because you realize I’m not alone you realize there can be something done about everything that has been done in my life All the damage that my enemies caused me God is the God of restoration and He restores what has been stolen. That’s a promise From him to you. So I want to pray over each every one of you Heavenly Father right now in Jesus name I just want to lift up every person of the sound of my voice and I want to praise and thank you Father God that they get the word that these scriptures get down on the inside So deep in their heart I know the enemy immediately tries to steal the word But I thank you Father God that it is on the inside of them so strong that it will come out of their mouth That they will speak it that they will believe you that they will trust in it you they have that boldness that is growing in them that when they speak your word that they know that you are faithful to perform your word that they are not alone that They are not a hopeless case that they are not unworthy that they are not Abandoned they are not neglected, but you are faithful that you will never leave them You will never forsake them and I thank you Father God for truth that is filling their hearts Because truth is setting them free today and I thank you for a newfound boldness in them that we they speak your word they speak your word with that boldness that the enemy is under their feet that the enemy has been brought to nothing that the enemy is Nothing in your sight and he has been disarmed and we thank you for the written word We thank you for the armor of God. We thank you Father God for the name of Jesus We thank you Father God that you have given us a blood covenant that we have with Jesus and we thank you for all of It in Jesus name Amen, and amen You have been guaranteed the victory you have been guaranteed from what Jesus has done for you so when you know all of this truth and you get it down in your heart watch this video more than once go and read those scriptures more than once get it down you can’t get these revelations and just be like oh I heard it that’s great get them down that’s why God has been giving You so many different scriptures. These are not just prophetic words. This is truth. This is revelation This is wisdom and knowledge understanding that God has given to you. So, you know what to do and how to fight back Because your enemy has been fighting you Now it’s time for you to fight back get in that ring with the whole armor of God and knock out your enemy Because that is what the power that Jesus has given to you in his name and in that blood covenant. So I hope this encouraged you today. Please like, subscribe, and share, and give this to everyone you know. Who needs to hear an encouraging word? Who needs to hear the truth? Because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you, and have a wonderful day.



Australia is on the cusp of a communist coup. And the communists are losing.

The plan originated by Lenin himself was to use indigenous people to wrestle control from modern nations and promote revolution by their demands for independence, emphasise fake massacres etc, self rule and even their own armies. The 1917 Bolsheviks were NOT Russians in fact they declared war on indigenous Russians jailing and killing perhaps 66 million Russians. So they have no love for indigenous people.

So the VOICE referendum coming soon in Australia wants to install a 3rd House of parliament with VETO power over our traditional parliament. A resounding NO VOTE is coming as the communist agitators have made numerous mistakes trying to keep the cat in the bag as long as possible. Big tech censorship by the government is blatantly occurring.

Its widely perceived a NO VOTE will destroy our Federal government with only a 1 seat majority. And that is what God is talking about when he says AUSTRALIAS GOVERNMENT IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE

Now here is a frightening insight into why these “Noble Savages” had a lifespan of only 40 years. Brace yourself.

Life and Death in Pre-Contact Aboriginal Australia

When Europeans first settled in Australia in 1788, they encountered an Aboriginal society of almost incredible barbarism and violence. This was the reality of what they found. The reasons for the violence and barbarism of Aboriginal society derive entirely, or almost entirely, from one factor alone. All of the Aborigines of Australia were hunter-gatherers who had not domesticated livestock nor grown crops for food. As a result, the lives of the hundreds of small tribes that constituted Aboriginal society were engaged in a never-ending struggle to find what food they could from what little existed on this continent. Directly because of this central fact, it was absolutely necessary to keep the size of each tribe small enough for its members to be kept alive by what food and other sustenance they could find. It was therefore absolutely necessary for them to avoid adding any excess mouths to feed to the limited numbers who could be kept alive by the methods of hunter-gatherers in the Dry Continent. They did this by systematically eliminating the excess mouths.

This essay appeared in a recent Quadrant.
Subscribers enjoy immediate access

Probably the most important method of eliminating these excess mouths was infanticide, as Ludwik Krzywicki detailed in his 1934 anthropological study Primitive Society and Its Vital Statistics.1 Deliberate infanticide existed throughout Aboriginal society, and it was practised by nearly all of the Aboriginal tribes in Australia. “Horrible tales were told about it. R. Oberlander was shown a woman who had murdered ten children.” Elderly women from the Dieri (Diyari) tribe admitted to South Australian mounted policeman Samuel Gason “of having disposed in this manner of two to four of their offspring: in this way, about 30% of new-born infants perished at the hands of their mothers in the Lake Eyre district”. Among the Narrinyeri (Ngarrindjeri) of the lower Murray district, “more than one half of the children fell victim to this atrocious custom”; the Congregationalist missionary George Taplin “knew several women who had murdered two or three of their new-born children”. Mounted policeman William Henry Willshire:

says of the parts of Central Australia known to him, that at least 60% of the women committed infanticide. He tells of one woman that she had five children, three of whom she murdered immediately after birth, and she explained in her broken English: “me bin keepem one boy and one girl, no good keepem mob, him to[o] much wantem tuckout!” Therefore the women of the bush daily murder their children and do not wish to raise more than two.2

The ostensible reasons for widespread infanticide varied. Victorian government surveyor Philip Chauncy saw a young woman, shortly after her child’s birth, scratch “a hole in the sand behind her hut and having given it a ‘little’ knock on the head, laid it in the hole and kept on crying, the child crying too, till she could bear it no longer, and she went out and gave it another little knock which killed it”. Asked by Chauncy how she could do such a thing, she “replied pointing to the bag on her back that there was room only for one child, and she could not possibly carry another”. When Albert Alexander Le Souef, son of the protector of Aborigines in the Goulburn district, asked a young woman “why she had dashed her infant’s brains out against a tree” she “replied coolly: ‘Oh! too much cry that fellow’”.3

Frail and malformed children were murdered, among other reasons, just because they were frail. A twin was killed (and sometimes both) because the mother could not suckle it … When a mother died while suckling a child, the infant was buried with her, and death often awaited the babe when its father, who as a hunter maintained the family, departed this life.4

Moreover, “sometimes an infant was murdered and cooked for its elder brother or sister to eat, in order to make him or her strong by feeding on the muscle of the baby”. Superstitions regarding twins often resulted in the murder of one or both. There were occasional cases of infants being killed to enable their mothers to suckle orphaned dingo pups instead.5

At base, the reasons for widespread infanticide were the product of the Aborigines’ ubiquitous hunter-gatherer lifestyle. “The natives are generally much attached to their children … and yet there is no doubt that infanticide prevailed to a fearful extent.”6 Krzywicki cites the reasons for this as

connected with the difficulty of bringing up a child in the conditions of native life in Australia, and namely: the long sucking of the child at its mother’s breast, and the necessity of carrying the child on her back for several years during the wanderings inseparable from a roving way of life.7

As Chauncy found, Aboriginal women “justifying themselves before the white men for the murders they had committed, pointed to the bag in which they carry their infants and said there was only room for one child in it”.8 In Central Australia a new-born infant was killed if its predecessor was eighteen months or less; in other places, the new infant was killed if the previously born child was unable to walk; in other places, if the elder child was not yet aged three or four.9

[If] we assume that [an Aboriginal] woman gave birth on an average to five children, then about 20% of the total number of children in these tribes would perish [through infanticide] immediately after birth … In other tribes … it was the custom to murder every child born over and above the three living ones. Here infanticide would dispose of about 40% of the new-born infants … But our percentages are even so very modest ones as compared with those of some observers. Some authorities even assert that 50% of the new-born children died a violent death immediately after birth.10

Some mortality figures may be inferred from these realities. If the Aboriginal population of Australia was 300,000 in 1788—some demographers, rightly or wrongly, put the figure far higher—and if the Aboriginal birth rate was about 4 per cent per annum, and if only 20 per cent of all new-born infants were killed, then this suggests that about 2500 infants were killed every year prior to European settlement, or 250,000 per century. In the estimated 40,000 years of Aboriginal habitation of Australia prior to 1788, it therefore follows that 100 million  Aboriginal infants were deliberately murdered.

But the reality gets even worse. It seems certainly to be the case that many Aboriginal children were deliberately killed to be eaten. The existence of this eating of children is testified by all too numerous facts. A swagman, Phil Moubray, relates that he found in the basin of the River Mitchell the Aborigines roasting and eating their own children:

When a child looks well, is “well-fed,” or “fat,” it may happen that one of the men, or even the whole community, murders it for cannibalistic purposes in the absence of its mother … We do not think that such cannibalism was common, though there are many references to it … It was only in periods of drought and famine that child-eating assumed large proportions … In hard summers the new-born children seem to be all eaten in the Kaura tribe. [Explorer Alfred William] Howitt inferred this from the remarkable gaps that appeared in the ages of the children … [I]n the Birria tribe during the years 1876-77, in the drought, not only were all the infants devoured, but even the younger grown children. However, in some tribes this practice appeared, even in a normal period, not to be so very rare. At least, if the gossip that circulated among the tribes were to be believed, cannibalism was even more extensive than we suppose. For instance, one tribe relates of another that it marks at birth those infants which are to be eaten later on; again the children of some women were always killed and eaten as soon as they got fat enough. According to [doctor and squatter Richard] Machattie, a tribe numbering 250 when the Europeans came, during the next six years ate seven children, i.e., about 3% of the whole population.11

ANOTHER apparently ubiquitous feature of Aboriginal society was the striking majority of adult men compared with adult women:

According to [squatter Edward Micklethwaite] Curr, there was in every tribe when it first came into contact with the Whites “a permanent excess” of men over women, amounting to as much as two to one … [Squatter Peter] Beveridge, noting the preponderance of men over women, declares that this exists not because more boys were born than girls—the sexes equal each other at birth—but because the mortality among the women after the age of puberty is attained is far greater than among men: this is caused by many factors, the most important of which is early marriage (at eleven or twelve years of age) and the treatment of the wives by the men as if they were no more than cattle.12

Apart from infanticide and other factors occasioned by the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, another apparently important cause of death was tribal warfare. “Every tribe dreads a night attack from another tribe”.13

Amongst the whole of the tribes of Australia the cause not of fights, but of bloodshed, was, nine times out of ten, the belief that the deaths of persons, no matter from what apparent cause other than old age, was attributable to the spells and incantations of some of their enemies, their enemies including all Blacks not their intimate friends and neighbours … With the death of women and young children the Blacks generally did not concern themselves, but for every adult man who died from any cause save old age, a corresponding victim was anxiously desired … [This] systematized murder throughout the continent rendered the friendship of the tribes at large impossible, and was the great factor of savagery and degradation.14

That pre-literate societies were not the peaceful, idyllic Edens widely imagined today and depicted in the contemporary media, has been shown in many recent works by franker and more truthful anthropologists, such as Lawrence H. Keeley in his War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage (1996). But “The Myth of the Noble Savage” is a powerful and persistent one, and the present tendency to whitewash and obfuscate the barbaric aspects of Aboriginal society—while depicting European settlement in Australia as genocidal—has only strengthened the force of this image.

A number of conclusions may be drawn from the facts presented here. First, pre-contact Aboriginal life resembled more closely than anything else Thomas Hobbes’s famous description of “life in the state of nature”: “brutal, nasty, and short”. No one in their senses would voluntarily choose to live in the lifestyle of pre-contact Aborigines. Any of our radicals who argues for its merits should be compelled to live in their manner: typically stark naked, with no buildings or more than primitive shelter, permanently foraging for whatever food could be found, illiterate, and, if ill, treated by a tribal witch doctor. Second, it is apparent that the Aborigines had no concept of human rights of any kind, only collective tribal survival, and no notion of any of the aspects of justice which we take for granted, from the presumption of innocence to the sanctity of human life, especially of children and other innocents. Finally, these concepts were brought to Australia, however imperfectly, by Europeans in 1788, but today our radicals are doing their best wholly to reverse the historical facts, branding the Aborigines as innocents and the Europeans as genocidal monsters. As always, it is up to the historian to, as von Ranke famously put it, set out “what actually happened”.

William D. Rubinstein taught at Deakin University and at the University of Wales, and now lives in Melbourne. He has often written for Quadrant.

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