Why we cant depend on elections for relief from tyranny

Engineers just discovered why Joe Bidens election fraud network boast is literally true.

Fact checkers claim this is just a slip of the tongue.

So while deluded pundits and pollsters claim Trump will be back in the Whitehouse with just one more arrest as his popularity surges God cautions us to NOT invest in mans elections as relief from Tyranny.

Discovery by engineers means no election will ever be honest again. God has mysteriously said HIS election is coming

Gateway Pundit reveals Engineers discovery of an official government vote cheating network that bypasses all machine airgaps using an emergency cellphone network called FIRSTNET. More reliable than the internet. It means no piece of voting equipment is ever isolated in the whole country. Every electronic box in the voting system can be illegally updated by stealth. And it is. So Biden wasnt joking and it wasnt a slip of the tongue.

So we are waiting on God to fix this multilayer cheating. Its beyond the capacity of any White Hat individual or group. Even going back to all paper voting would not be enough to ensure honesty.


Excerpt Election stealing is done all over the world.


The fact that the federal government has interfered in foreign elections is an undisputed fact accepted by the left, the right, and even fact checkers. (https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-interfered-in-elections-of-at-least-85-countries-worldwide-since-1945/5601481) Even the fact that AT&T has worked closely with the federal government for spying operations isn’t much of a secret.  Multiple pieces of evidence were provided in this article that AT&T has had a cozy relationship with the federal government to carry out both international and domestic spying operations going back decades. In 1976, President Gerald Ford blocked a subpoena from a congressional subcommittee because he said AT&T “was and is an agent of the United States acting under contract with the Executive Branch.”

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