Liberal Media FREAKS OUT over MAGA Mike Johnson!!!

Loony left Legacy media is apoplectic about the new House Speaker Mike Johnson

 Insulting term “Far Right” is wrongly used. That’s about  battalions of Jackboots, coal scuttle helmets, screaming Sieg Heil down the mainstreet of Berlin in the 30s And white supremacy eugenics etc etc

Mike Johnson is nothing like that. So its just an empty insult. Like “racist”

He believes in the rule of law and treating everyone the same, and putting America first. Tut Tut. 

And he doesn’t subscribe to the mass slaughter of abortion. (50 million deaths estimated) Adversely affecting the birth rate.

Everything LEFT WING is essentially a death cult with its focus on narcissism LGBTQ suicidal transgenderism, euthanasia. Anything but BREED. Its a genocidal philosophy. As a result western world is suffering a catastrophic fall in birth rate and thus our extinction. The Atheist Left wing will die off first, their colleges are closing, and the AMISH averaging 12 children per family will dominate America. And in childless ageing Japan MacDonalds has suddenly begun advertising family values !!!! Whats wrong with that ?

They call him,  Mike Johnson, to demean him, Fundamentalist, though I prefer “religious enthusiast” and it seems to be a genetic thing from their founding Fathers, the pilgrims, who were expelled from England for their religious enthusiasm. And there was a British civil war between the Roundheads (religious enthusiasts) and the Cavaliers who were more casual. I would measure up as cavalier despite knowing the spirit. Its a gene thing. And also in my first encounter with God he read out my many many past lives and said I didn’t need to reincarnate anymore. And that kind of makes the central Christian theme over coming death via resurrection complicated because the very meaning of death is challenged.

Many Christians believed in reincarnation until it was removed from Christian teachings in AD 553 by Emperor Justinian. For a damned good practical reason. Nuclear Winter caused by volcanoes stalled food production and caused plagues and so many slaves were suiciding hoping to reincarnate to a better venue that the suicides had to be stopped. So the R idea was squashed for very practical reasons of empire. The Nuclear winter starting the dark ages went away, but the ban on reincarnation remained.

So I warmly support Christianity, notice that most of its detractors like militant atheists actually live via Christian values. They don’t practice what they preach. LOL. Western world is built on Christian principles.

I also note Christian principles founded the US thru its revolutionary Declaration of Independence and established freedom of speech and religious freedom as a principle. First Country founded on that. All previous countries were essentially dictatorships.

So I look forward to seeing more exploding leftwing brains as Speaker Mike Johnson preaches bits of the bible to the loony left at every opportunity.

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