Dr Steve Turely You Won’t BELIEVE What Elon Musk Said About George Soros!!!

A background issue to this summary of George Soros evil machinations is that it actually originated from Alex Jones who is still banned off Twitter. Alex has broadcast to a smaller but vital audience which has survived worldwide censorship. Now Elon Musk essentially bought twitter and ended most cesnorship to everyone relief BUT he LEFT ALEX JONES OFF TWITTER.

However Elon musk is an avid Alex Jones viewer.

So is Elon Musk personally censoring Alex Jones ? NO.

Because Elon musk now delivers Alex Jones material almost verbatim to Joe Rogan.

Their combined audience is over a billion people. So Elon Musk is doing Jones a favour boosting Jones Message toward half the planet, awakening so many.

No Joke, Musk is called the Electric Jesus in some quarters so great is his following.

So this marks a quantum leap in the dissemination of Alex Jones wake up material along the likes of Tucker Carlson whose audience went from 3 million up to 100 million when he was fired off FOX.

Alex Jones is Gnostic, talks about intuitions and nudges and messaging dreams.

He is a genetic historian his mother was a published historian and instead of reading childrens books he grew up reading the French revolution.

  • Layman’s Gnosis Regardless of faith or lack of
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  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
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