Dr Steve Turely What Elon Musk Just Did Changes EVERYTHING!!!

Nobody calls it better than Dr Steve Turely.

Elon Musk brushing off globalist criticism drops a few GEMS about the nature of reality stunning the progressive interviewer into silence with a few never mentioned FACTS.

Every year, the New York Times hosts what they call the Deal Book Summit, which features a roster of major speakers sitting for interviews with Andrew Ross Sorkin.
This year, the featured speaker was the one and only Elon Musk.
And it was an interview that would prove frankly earth shattering for the ruling establishment so faithfully represented and guarded by the New York Times.

Now obviously, you know that there’s a public perception that and you’re clarifying this now
but there’s a public perception that that was part of an apology tour if you will that this had been said online
There was all of the criticism. There was advertisers leaving. We talked to Bob.

Elon: I hope they stop
You hope they don’t advertise ?

You don’t want them to advertise. No, what do you mean?
Elon If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising blackmailing with money Go F yourself.

BUT….. Go F yourself is that clear ? ………. I hope it is hey Bob ( Iger of Disney)

Elon : Thats how I feel. DONT ADVERTISE
Turely narrates Now that was absolutely amazing.

I mean, make no mistake, no one, no one talks that way in front of our ruling elite.
No one. And Elon was absolutely blunt and direct. He even called out Disney’s Bob Iger,
who was there. He was in the audience, the CEO of Disney, who pulled their advertising from X,
formerly known as Twitter. Elon, in front of our globalist elites, told Bob Iger to go F himself.
And as you could see there, obviously they had no idea how to respond to that. I mean,
this guy didn’t know what to do when someone does the unthinkable.
That interviewer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, he was stunned, speechless.
Musk turned him into a stuttering fool in front of everyone.
He had no idea how to respond to someone who just told the whole of the globalist corporate world to go F themselves.
But Musk wasn’t done.
That’s how I feel. Don’t advertise.
How do you think then about the economics of X? If part of the underlying model, at least today, and maybe it needs to shift, maybe the answer is it needs to shift away from advertising.
If you believe that this is the one part of your business where you will be beholden to those who have this view, what do you do?
F.Y. I understand but there’s a reality too, right?

ELON Yes, no, no. I mean Linda Iaccarino’s
right here and she’s got to sell advertising. Absolutely, so no, no, actually what this
advertising boycott is going to do, it’s going to kill the company. And do you think that ?
But the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail
But there are those advertisers. I imagine are gonna say they’re gonna say we didn’t kill the company. Oh, yeah
Elon: They’re gonna say…… tell it to….. tell it to Earth
But they’re gonna say that they’re gonna say Elon that you killed the company because you said these things and That they were inappropriate things and that they didn’t feel comfortable on the platform, right?
Elon That’s that’s what I’m gonna say. Let’s see how EARTH responds to that

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Turely This is what’s so game-changing about what Musk just said there.
The richest man on the planet just told woke corporations that he and billions of others
along with him, the whole world as he put it, refuse to be beholden to them and their
incessant and pernicious wokeness any longer.
We refuse to bend the knee to your manipulative and frankly cruel tactics that seek to force
compliance with your vile woke sensibilities.
I love how Elon responded when this virtue-signaling peon said,
Well, no, Elon, you’re the one who killed Twitter because of the insensitive anti-Semitic things you did.
And Elon’s like, try telling that to Earth.
Try telling that to a global population that despises and disdains your vile and odious and hypocritical wokeness.
I got the receipts of how disgusting you are.
I’m going to show it to the world.
Now, I think he was alluding there to what recently happened with ultra-woke and repulsive
Media Matters, who ran a November 16th report that accused X of linking together a number
of big-name brand advertisements with neo-Nazi accounts.
So according to the Media Matters report, ads for companies such as Apple, IBM, Xfinity,
and the like, they were displayed alongside accounts that were spewing neo-Nazi propaganda.
And this, of course, caused a number of these advertisers to pull their ad dollars from
Well, as it turns out, it was all a fraud.
It was an absolute fraud perpetuated by Media Matters. (SOROS)

According to Musk, what really happened was that Media Matters (magazine) actually created fake accounts, and these fake accounts followed pro-neo-Nazi accounts, and then these fake accounts kept
refreshing their pages until ads would eventually pop up.

But the problem here is that they claimed it was all organic. They claimed that they did an investigation to how the platform was functioning
Irrespective of any intentional manipulation in other words
Media Matters SOROS made it all up. Defamation Lawsuit coming.
It’s a fraud like the Russian collusion hoax that the New York Times pushed for three years
But I’ve got to say that my favorite here is when Andrew Ross Sorkin
inadvertently stepped in it. When he asked Musk how he felt about his
contributions to AI research and green energy. Check this out.
The approach to some of the stuff you’re doing with with AI has been very specific, right?
There’s not a “let the chips fall wherever they may” approach to those businesses, I don’t think.
Elon No, we focus on making the best products and Tesla’s gotten to where it’s gotten with no advertising at all.
I understand that.
Elon Tesla currently sells two, twice as much in terms of electric vehicles, as the rest of
electric car makers in the United States combined.
Tesla has done more to help the environment than all other companies combined.
It would be fair to say that, therefore, as a leader of the company, I’ve done more for
the environment than anyone else, than any single human on Earth.

Interviewer: How do you feel about that?
How do I feel about that??????
Yeah, no, I’m asking you personally how you feel about that because this goes we’re talking about power and influence and I’m saying I’m saying

Elon What what I care about is the reality of goodness not the perception of it
And what I see all over the place is people who care about looking good while doing evil
F them

What I care about is the reality of goodness not the perception of it
And what I see all over the place is people who care about looking good while doing evil.
F them.

Now what Musk just said there was a paraphrase of what he’s said in the past to define wokeness.
Wokeness gives people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.
That’s a perfect description of the clowns that make up our lamestream media
and the corporate woke world.
Wokeness is divisive.
It is hateful, and it invites others to join in on that hate with the supposedly protective
armor of false virtue.

When all is said and done, wokeness is nothing more than the permission, indeed the obligation,
to hate.

It gives people a shield to be mean and cruel, to shame, to cancel, to excommunicate.
And Elon Musk, there in front of the gathered Praetorian Guard of our corrupt ruling elite,
Elon called them out on it. Elon told the entire globalist establishment and liberal
elites to literally go F themselves. He and the world are no longer beholden to playing
by their rules.
Make no mistake, this summit was a game changer. On that stage, you saw the richest man in
the world tell our globalist elite that he and the entire world are no longer playing
by their rules. In fact, already there’s a mass boycott of Disney after Elon called
out Bob Iger. Again, the sickness of all of this is that Disney can shill for every vile
woke thing imaginable in front of kids. Media matters can engage in all kinds of blatant
deception and as far as our globalist elites are concerned, that’s all fine. That’s all
fine and these virtue signaling snakes have no problem with Disney’s vile antics with
children or media matters outright deception. They don’t care. Precisely because wokeness
invites you to be hateful and cruel. That’s the hypocrisy that Elon called out.
And that’s the hypocrisy that will ultimately destroy our globalist elite.

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