Now Who is pushing all this wokeness ?

In light of this little statement last page from Larry Ballard

“They won’t listen until everything is falling apart

So here we have a Phd clever clogs who quickly explains this wokism herd behaviour in terms of known animal parasites

This subject has been raised here before how parasites can change the behaviour of the creature they infest. Its quite astonishing.

So this “woke mind parasite” is a mental condition that possesses weak people (lefties) to torment conservatives ( normies) who have much stronger common sense convictions partly due to the taunting they endure.

Now see Larry Ballards quip again “They won’t listen until everything is falling apart

So the weaker members of society are being possessed to behave in destructive ways toward mainstream people to refine the mainstream from which the surviving remnant is the desired product. Free of doubts they will know what they stand for after years of leftwing Torment. They are being hardened and burnished. Tempered.

This would explain the well known Trump Derangement Syndrome that possesses weak people.

So who is best placed to possess weak people en masse to behave so hysterically and irrationally towards conservatives ?

Fairly short list isnt it ?

Predicted Microsoft Fall is starting Going full Budlite
What Elon Musk just said about Xbox is DEVASTATING, and this is a Bud Light moment for Microsoft

Xbox is having its bud light moment. Alienating its entire customer base. The head of Xbox’s Global Product Marketing is a woman by the name of Kelly Lombardi. She decided it would be a good idea to post a statement on X saying… “Raise your hand if you’re not a white man and you buy video games.”

But it’s much bigger than Lombardi. Xbox has a culture of being anti-white and anti-male.

Elon Musk fired back on
this today with this post he said quote
“it should not be acceptable for any
company in the gaming industry to be
racist and sexist against quote white

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