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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Thursday, March 21st of 2021 or 2024. March 21st of 2024. I will get that right. I am a little bit distracted this morning because I was in prayer up until right before I got on here. And I, just the spirit of the Lord came upon me And it’s just been, um, yeah, I know he’s going to change things for me this morning. I had a prophetic word up, but I know that I will not be giving that one. Um, the Lord has really put it on my heart this morning. There’s a compassion. The Lord has come upon me and there is a warning There is a time I keep hearing a call to repentance. I keep hearing that over and over and over again. I keep hearing that God’s people are not fully listening and Heeding his warnings and some These things will happen and they will be taken by surprise. And so these are the things I’m hearing in my spirit So I know I’m gonna get through a couple things and then I know he’s gonna speak Something I know I can feel my heart. I just kept asking Lord. Okay, Lord or what do you want me to say a day today? If you want me to change this, then of course, you know, you know as I will. So I’m doing this obviously live show right now here at 6.30, but I will also, just to let you know, I will be on again at 10 o’clock central time with Manuel Johnson. So you’re going to see me right now, but you’re also going to see me here in a few hours. I will be on with Manuel Johnson. I usually do not do always two a day this morning. I just could not cancel this live stream And just do the one for later on. I knew the Lord had something so We’re just gonna go with what the Lord has for me to give to you today and I want you God’s to be prepared For just having your spiritual ears open to hear what God is saying because anything that God is saying right now Um, you know, you might see me cry or you might see me, you know, me yell what is the thorn of, of God and different emotions and stuff, because it depends on that anointing. But right now it is this, this overwhelming feeling in my spirit that God’s people are not prepared for what’s coming. And that’s what I’m getting in my heart. I was like, I was literally praying and I just started tearing up this morning and I’m I’m just like, Lord, what do you want me to do then? You know, anything that I can do to help anything that I will do, anything that you want me to say and whatever it is that he wants, because it really is, you are his children and he wants to get your attention. That’s why I’m so adamant every single day that this is not just, you know, what I pick for the live show today. It really truly is unctioned by God and what he wants me to give out to you because it’s what you have to hear. There are specific words that people have to hear in situations to get him to turn from the you know the direction that they’re on. You know God does give warnings just like I was telling you God’s the other day. If I’m a parent obviously if my kids are going in the wrong direction, I’m going to try to get their attention. I’m going to try to steer them from that destruction. I’m going to try to steer them from hurt or pain. And sometimes you just have to let them do what they’re going to do to learn from that mistake. God has been in the last three years that he’s had me on here, um, been talking about and getting people’s attention to get with him, to get to know him, to get to know his word, to get to know his authority. There’s a reason for all of this. There’s a reason that he keeps talking about everything that can be shaken will be shaken and that’s what came to my spirit so strongly this morning because now enough people are paying attention to the shaking. It’s going to change things and God’s people really truly need to be persistent and consistent on spending time with God, turning things off, taking it seriously, what God is telling us in these prophetic words. They’re not meant to bring fear and they’re not meant to, you know, just only hear what you want to hear in these these prophetic words. They’re here to give warnings. They’re here to steer us in the right direction. They’re here to get us to say the right things and to do the right things. Of course, correction you might say. But some people are just not listening. And that’s just what coming my spirit is, is that the Lord is just he wants his people to pay attention. Because when these things start coming, the first thing people are going to do is they’re going to get into fear and some people are going to turn away from God and that’s it’s so it hurts my spirit and it hurts my heart because I know it hurts him when he does everything that he can to do to us he’s giving us his word he’s giving us prophetic words is giving us revelation knowledge is giving us these teachings he’s giving us signs in the sky the Sun and the moon he’s telling us what’s going on some people are catching on and Some people aren’t, but we have to do is we, I know a lot of you who are watching are paying attention, but I know a lot of you are going to churches that are dead. They don’t teach these things. They don’t teach the power of Almighty God. They don’t teach the authority of God. They don’t teach the end times. They don’t teach revelation. They don’t teach what’s really going on. They don’t teach the Lord’s feasts. They’re not Jewish feasts. They’re the Lord’s feasts. It’s just a lot of times. It’s just the Jewish people who are the ones who are still doing these feasts of the Lord And when you see these things happening the way they’re happening things are gonna start coming quicker. I God keeps talking about things that are intensifying Keeps talking about things how abrupt end of changes great changes the winds of change things that are going from us literally going normally and to not being normal at all. And people are going to question God, and I think that’s just that hurts God because He’s giving us everything that He can. Just like when Jesus was on the earth, Jesus was telling people, He was even telling His disciples what He was here for, and they didn’t get it. They didn’t understand when He was on that cross. didn’t understand his death. You know, Doubting Thomas, he could not understand what Jesus was doing until he saw him, until he could put his finger in his hands or in his side or his feet. He wanted to see for himself in order for him to believe. And Jesus told Doubting Thomas, he said, those are blessed who believe without seeing. This is why God has been warning us to walk by faith and not by sight. There are things coming on this earth that are gonna get to the point where we have to walk by faith and not by sight. And again this is nothing to fear people. This is nothing to fear. Why do you think God keeps leading us back to the land of Goshen? God’s people did not have to fear the angel of death, but they had to obey God. That was their part. That was their It was important to the obedience of Almighty God God was telling them to obey. God is telling us to obey and some people aren’t They’re not taking this seriously They’re not taking you know, what God is saying. Yes. He’s saying we’re supposed to celebrate There’s a lot of times I get on here and I am so full of joy I’m so happy and just because I’m trying not to bawl my head off the entire time that I’m on here It’s not a fearful cry It’s a cry of the Lord to people to pay attention So that fear when fear tries to grip you When all these distractions and all these things come to overwhelm you You won’t be overwhelmed, you won’t get into fear, you won’t get into doubt, you won’t get into worry because you will remember the words of the Lord and what he was saying with these warnings. You will know that truth and that truth will set you free so you won’t be caught in anything that enemies are trying to do to break you or to overwhelm you and burden you down with these cares. we need to go to God on a daily basis and get rid of the cares because we’re paying attention to all of these things that are going on that are not they’re distractions from what God is really trying to tell his people some people are taking seriously I know that the Lord is gonna have something about that eclipse. I can feel it in my spirit because he keeps sending me back to it. He keeps sending me back and wanting me to study it in order for me to do some type of revelation to give to you, some type of teaching to give to you because it is a sign that he’s given to us about what’s about to happen that some people are not prepared for. Remember, he keeps telling us to wake up. He keeps telling us to get up. He keeps telling us to stand up. He keeps telling us to fight the good fight of faith. He keeps telling us to brace for impact or hold on. These words are important. They should get our attention. But a lot of people just think well that was nice. But it’s it’s it’s such a warning from Almighty God to get us to change course, or change our actions, to start reading his word and taking it seriously. There are judgments coming, massive, something on a scale never seen before, not like this. And so if you think about how bad I was in the book of Exodus, you think about that course correction, you think about that shaking. You think about how naturally things started just to fall apart and go crazy. You put yourself in the perception or perspective of what the Israelites saw and what kind of fear it brought to people. What kind of just how much it probably could have shaken them to their core of wondering what on earth is going on. A lot of people thought that in COVID and God is saying this is much bigger than that. Again, it’s not to bring people fear, but it’s to get your attention on God and stop the fear. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming. Just know that God is your protector. Know that he is your ultimate standby. He’s your advocate. Know he’s your fortress. These things that we’re about to see are not something that we can handle on our own. We can’t do it by our own natural ability and our own natural strength. We can’t reason these things out that we are about to see. You can’t. You have to go by the power of God and rely on Him. There are times where people that they go to God as their last result. If something’s wrong in their They try all these different solutions first, and then they go to God and God is saying I have The solution you need I have the answer to the problem that you have I? End that answer. That’s what God is telling us that he’s telling us that he’s our answer He’s telling us that he is a solution to every problem He’s telling us that he’s our protector. That’s what we have to know more than anything right now, is he’s our protector, but also he’s our provider. He’s our healer. He’s our victory. Because again, things are about to happen. God said, yes, we’re supposed to celebrate in the year 2024. But people are looking only to the celebrations, And then when all this will smack them in the face of all these things that are gonna go and I can upheaval and things look Like they’re gonna go worse. They’re gonna go. Why am I celebrating when all hell is broken loose? And they’re not gonna understand why Because they weren’t listening They had ears to hear something But they were only hearing what they wanted to hear and then they were putting natural reasoning on those prophetic words or those scriptures and then they missed it. Even disciples were right in front of Jesus and they missed it. They were missing certain things that Jesus was saying. So what is God telling us? It’s not, again it’s not to fear. And if you have family members that are not prepared, that are not born again, that are not listening or if they are born again, they’re not listening and think that you’re just a crazy lunatic and that you just lost your ever-loving mind, you pray and intercede on their behalf more than any other time that you ever have. Not interfere but use God’s authority that he’s been given to us. We have to stand. This is an urgent request from the Lord. Urgent. That’s what he’s telling us right now. This is urgent. This is something that he told us one minute it’ll be like normal and the next thing you know it it’s gonna be like so unprecedented he keeps using that word and I will go over that word here in a minute but I know he’s gonna give a word because I feel it swelling up in my spirit and he wants to say something but again it’s all the perfect timing of God and when he wanted me to say it but he wanted me to to encourage you first but he wanted me to also say these things first before he said a prophetic word. People’s eyes need to be open spiritually not just physically. You have to have your ears open spiritually to hear God. This is not a usual moment in time. This is not. Things are going to swiftly change. And so what we have to do is guard our hearts. We have to make sure that we are making God our first priority, not third or not fourth or not somewhere down in the middle somewhere or somewhere down at the bottom. This is an urgent request from the Lord that we have to start paying more attention spiritually to what he’s telling us than to just like, that was good to hear. We need to be pressing in. This is a time of urgency. This is also a time of pressing in to God like no other time.


For I the Lord this day am telling you, my children. Pay attention to me and not all that you see. What you see will try to bring fear into your hearts because the judgment that is coming upon this earth, a judgment that will completely shake this earth to its core, a shaking that has never been on this earth to this degree. It’s shaking that will bring a great shaking politically. It will shake economically. It will shake the body of Christ. It will shake you loose from the demonic strongholds and the chains that have been on you, my children. There has been great deception, and there has been blinders on my people’s eyes, where they have not been seeing the real truth, what I have been saying. This shaking is to shake you loose from their grip, but it’s also to shake you awake. My children, what’s coming upon this earth, and my children especially in my nation of the United States, I’m telling you, you will see a shaking in your country that you will not, you will not know why it’s happening. You will not understand, to the degree, why I had to allow certain things to happen. But it is not for your destruction, my United States. It is for the destruction of your enemy’s control over you.

This country is getting the greatest wake-up call since the existence of this nation. My children, it is time for the United States to wake up and to turn, return fully to me. Return to morality, return from your wicked ways, return from believing your enemies, return to making this nation one nation under God once again. To respect my power and my glory in governmental positions and in your government. Your enemies have lied to you for years and that’s why you see the destruction that’s going on in your country and all around the world. This is a time of the greatest wake up call to my children that the earth has ever known. Unusual things will begin to intensify. Life as normal will drastically change. Fear will try to set in, but shut him up and realize that this judgment and all this chaos and all the destruction that you are seeing is not meant for you. It is a time of repentance, yes, but it is a great time, my children, to obey. Obey my word, obey my commands, obey my instructions fully in this time. And delayed obedience is disobedience. And delayed obedience can cost you things.

I am showing you these signs in the sky, study them, get to know my word and what my word says about the sun turning dark, get to know what I am saying to you. Events are about to take place on a scale that no one has ever seen. This is not for bringing fear upon the earth. It’s for people to wake up and return to me and repent. It is time for my children to take a stand. It is time for my children to fully awaken my power that I’ve given to you in my name.

The name above every name, get to know the power of that name. Get to know the power of my blood covenant like never before. It’s important to know how powerful my blood covenant is with you. It’s important to know the power of the name that I have given to you to use. It’s important for you to know right now in this time when your enemies are going to pull out everything they possibly can in a short period of time. To know that you have power and authority and dominion over it. To know that you are not partakers of it. To know that you are separated from it. You do not have to be a part of what’s coming. Learn of me and what I do to protect my children. Know that I am a protector and trust in that. Know that I am a provider. When it looks like the stockpile you had, or some people couldn’t even buy anything else to stockpile their pantries with. They didn’t have anything because of what the enemies were doing to you by inflation, what they were doing to you by taxation, what they were doing to you to strain you financially. It doesn’t matter. I am a multiplier. I am a provider. read those scriptures and my word when I showed up for my children when they needed it and know that’s who I am today because I am the same God so when your stockpile is running low or it looks like there’s nowhere to go you look up to me and remember all these things that you see are definitely not going to last forever, but when this earth shakes, it will shake for an awakening to me. My United States, you will shake politically. You will shake civilly. You will shake economically, and it will shake naturally. There are things coming that will shake you, but look up, because your redemption does draw nigh. It is near. I am going to bring this nation out from the darkness and from the evil and from the oppression and from the corruption, and I am going to bring it into the greatest nation the world has ever seen. And I will do things through this nation to help the nations all the world, all over the world to destroy the corruption in those nations. In all my children who do not live in this country of the United States of America, there are many governments that are about to fall. There is much shaking going on in many governments all over the world to bring the corruption down in your nation. You look up and you trust in me that what you see with this tyranny, it will not stand and it will not last. come to me and I will give you rest. Come to me and I will give you that peace. Come to me and I will give you and show you the authority that you have. Come to me and I will show you how much love I have to give to you and how much love I have for you. Come to me.

My children, things are going to change abruptly and And I’m going to say this again, things are going to change abruptly. It will look like the world has come to another standstill. It will look like the world is coming down where there is lockdowns. It will look like so many things are going on against you. But remember what I said about those lockdowns. Remember that I said I am locking you in. I am protecting you from what they are about to do. But remember, their plans are through. They cannot get to you. I will only allow them to do so much for an awakening. They will not get the devastation. They will not get the corruption to the degree that they want, the evil they want, the damage they want, the death they want. It will not take place the way they want it. Remember me. Remember me that I am that victory. Remember me that I am that deliverer. Remember me that I am the same God in my word and I will not fail. I will not fail you. I will not fail and I will repeatedly tell you that. So when your enemy tells you in your mind that I will, remember these words that I will not. I am faithful to perform my words that’s why you have to get to know my words more get in my Bible like never before which is a weapon which is truth which is power which is joy which is peace you need to get to know it and that’s how you get to know me. So stand. Stay alert. Pay attention. Pray. Ask me. Ask me what to do. Ask me what to say. Ask me where to go. Ask me these questions and I will give you the answer. Make me a part of your daily life. Include me in every every way include me and I will show you how much I love you. I will show you my truth that will set you free. I will show you how you are important to me. So my children look up. Stay up. Stay alert. Don’t give in. Don’t back off. Don’t turn away. Don’t stay in those states of depression. Don’t stay in that state of fear. Don’t stay in that state of worry. Get with me and I will show you how happy you can be even in the midst of the world going and turning upside down it looks like. I am your Father and I am your protector and your provider. I am everything that you need in every time in every situation no matter what it looks like walk by faith and not by sight in this time more than ever hold on because the shaking is going to intensify greater now hold on because things are going to change quickly hold on things are going to become very unusual. Hold on to me and hold on to my words and I will bring you great joy. I will bring you that rest that you will need. I will bring you everything that you have to have in that time. So do not fear what’s coming. Do not fear these warnings for the coming judgment because they are not for you. The only warnings my children I am giving to you is a call of repentance. Stay alert and obey my words and remember the land of Goshen. I will say that again because Goshen was protected, and I am protecting you now, saith the Lord.

Julie Commentary

Well, in that prophetic word, he was talking about something that I need to, I need to go turn to Psalm 19. Psalm 19 and verse 1. Psalm 19 and verse 1, The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows and proclaims his handiwork.

So again, we have to pay attention to the heavens you see the Sun you see the moon you see the stars and it says in Genesis now I will do a probably a bigger teaching on this but Genesis 1 and 14 says and God said let there be light in the expanse of the heavens and to separate the day from the night and let them be signs and tokens of God’s provident care to mark the seasons days and years this coming solar eclipse is also, I just was told, about what’s called a devil’s comet. And the Devil’s Comet will be in the sky the same time as this eclipse of the Sun. Now what does God say? Look what says in Acts. Acts chapter 2. I want to read out of Acts. Acts chapter 2. This is verse 17. Acts chapter 2 and verse 17. It says, and it shall come to pass in the last days God declares that I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy telling forth the divine counsels and young men shall see visions and divinely-granted appearances, and your old men shall dream divinely-suggested dreams.

Verse 18 And yes, my menservants, and also my maidservants, in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy, telling forth the divine counsels from predicting future events pertaining especially to God’s kingdom.

Verse 19, I will show wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth beneath blood fire and smoking vapor.

Verse 20, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the obvious day of the Lord comes and the great notable day and renewed day. So again, God warrants his people with signs the sun and the signs in the moon.

Now I want to read something to you. I was looking this up earlier because it just kept getting me to go back to that all morning long. An eclipse is a warning of impending disaster or a call to repentance. A warning of impending disaster or a call to repentance and God God has been talking about all these disasters coming up. He’s been talking about shakings. He’s been talking about things are going to change. He keeps using the word. Now, I’m going to look this up really quick because he keeps saying it over and over and over again. So, it has to mean something, unprecedented. He keeps using unprecedented, never done or known before. That’s what unprecedented means. Unprecedented is something that’s never done or known before. How many times has he said it? How many times does he tell us that things that are going to happen upon this earth, and especially in this nation, he keeps saying, things are going to happen that are unconventional, unprecedented, and unusual. There’s a reason for that. Because when people are living their lives on a normal basis, everything is normal. They get Too comfortable. So you think about this for a minute. What do you think? The Red Sea was the Red Sea was Unprecedented they had never seen anything like it before They couldn’t say. Oh, yeah, I’m not surprised if God parts the sea because it had never been done before it was unprecedented it was unconventional and it was unusual and God keeps talking you can go to our website Pastor Dave and I were talking about this yesterday on the show it was awesome show if you God’s didn’t watch it I know the team shared links out to it but God has mentioned Red Sea like moments over and over and over again again is to get our attention because Red Sea like moment is something that we could not see coming. There are people that are warning all over. Things are going to happen. Now I’m telling you things are because I see it scripturally but I also have been hearing it prophetically. Now when he says in Acts chapter 2, this is the CEV translation of Acts chapter 2 in verse 17 through 21. The CEV which is the Contemporary English Version. Acts chapter 2. I just write to you I want to read this again when the last days come I will give my spirit to everyone your sons and daughters will prophesy that’s just one scripture right there that debunks anybody that says that women cannot prophesy or it says that prophets aren’t for today right here it says when the last days come we’re in the last of the last days I don’t know how many I don’t How many years or a lot? I don’t know. I’m not trying to predict any of that And I’m not gonna tell you because God hasn’t told me I’m just telling what the Bible says. He says when the last days come I’ll give my spirit to everyone So when people say that women don’t when people say that there’s no prophecy for today Well, that’s not scriptural because right here in the New Testament in Acts chapter 2 said it would happen It says your sons and daughters will prophesy Your young men will see visions and will have dreams in those days I will give my spirit to my servants both men and women. He says it again and They will prophesy Now this is from a prophecy of Joel chapter 2 Joel chapter 2 acts chapter 2 same thing

in Verse 19 it says I will work miracles in the sky above and wonders on the earth beneath there’ll be blood and fire and clouds of smoke and the sun will turn dark and the moon into blood will be as red as blood before the great and wonderful day of the Lord appears and will save everyone who asked for his help.

And the reason why I wanted to read that is because when eclipses happen they are profound. I have not done the total study of this eclipse but I have seen I think Nineveh It’s gonna go through a town of seven different Nineveh cities and I also saw that there was another one called Little Egypt out of I think out of Illinois and then you have Think it’s something to do with Jacob or Jonah Jonah was Jonah and then there was another one Another prominent thing that God was showing us with this eclipse not they are not at all coincidental Nothing. And then you have this eclipse going on. It’s going to be in the United States of America. We’re going to see it on April 8th You know the same time that in the sky there’s going to be what’s called a Devil’s Comet You can’t make the stuff up.

An eclipse is a warning. An eclipse is to get our attention. An eclipse is a call to repentance. An eclipse is a saying hey, events are coming. It is to wake us up. That’s why he gives a sign in the Sun and the moon. He talks about that They’re also Luke 21 He talks about in Matthew Mark and Luke’s account. I’m gonna read Luke 21 Luke 21 and right here it says in verse 25 Luke 21 and verse 25 and there will be signs in the Sun and the moon and the stars upon the earth and they will be distress and troubling anguish of nations and bewilderment and perplexity without resources left wanting embarrassed and in doubt not knowing which way to turn as a roaring of the echo of the tossing of the sea it doesn’t get more plainer it doesn’t get more plain than that right there that was amplified okay I gotta look it up in let me look it up in the CEV Luke 21 25 It says strange things will happen to the Sun moon and the stars The nation on earth will be afraid of the roaring sea and the tides and they won’t know what to do Now usually if you study if you look up eclipses and you look up things like that There’s usually natural disasters that follow it Floods are a major thing Earthquakes look it up. I’m not a scientist. I don’t study these things I only have known and heard Biblically teachings like this and also seen in events and what’s happened right after eclipses It could be within a week two weeks, whatever. I don’t know. It could be Closer than that. I’m not sure. All I know is that God is telling us is giving us a wake-up call He’s giving us a sign of the Sun again the sign of the Sun Of an eclipse which is dark that Sun will turn into darkness or darkness or dark Sun will turn in the dark and the moon into blood Now I know it’s me also show me that there was And I think it’s next week. I don’t know what this means either, but it has to be something There’s a lunar eclipse and that is I think next week sometime It was called a weird name like worm something Um The worm moon I’m gonna look it up. I don’t remember what it was, but somebody was talking about it the worm moon Two weeks before the solar eclipse during the overnight hours of March 24th the 25th It will be the moon’s turns into an undergo and an eclipse during the next two weeks There will be two eclipses and the at of it. Um, so there’ll be two Eclipses one is this worm moon, which is a like a lunar eclipse which is the moon, which will be half red, is what it looks like. And then you have the sun, which turns to dark, which is with a solar eclipse. And so you have these things going on within two weeks of each other. Then you have Passover, again, the Lord’s Feast, the Lord’s timetables. God gives us, he said in his word in Genesis chapter 1, he gives us times and seasons for a reason. We have to start paying attention. And when he gave us this prophetic word, if you didn’t hear it, go back, I don’t know what time he started. I’m not sure. Go back and listen to it because it is a warning of God’s people to wake up. It’s a warning to get to know God because the adversary is going to roll out just like Pharaoh did. Pharaoh rolled out the worst things that he could possibly have done to God’s people before their Exodus. And when God keeps telling them there’s another Exodus coming, he keeps saying a greater Exodus it is coming God is saying hey the enemies are gonna try to do something to you to get you to turn away from me that’s what God is telling us and it’s gonna distract you Deceive Distract Destroy that’s what the enemies do why they do that to get you to believe them and so that is when you are just coming destruction and you will be partakers of it now if you notice in the book of Exodus not one of God’s people, the Israelites, took part in the angel of death. Not one of them died. Why? Because they all obeyed God. So right now God is telling us that we need to obey God. We need to obey God and what God is telling us to do. God’s been giving us marching orders. Go to our website. Go find that out on our blog. We have decrees, declarations, and marching orders that God’s been giving to us through prophecy and then they put it in Um in a teaching form so you can see it and you can read it out But again when I was crying is it’s not I was not crying for fear It’s not crying because I am worried I am NOT But I am concerned for people and the God is love for people who are not paying attention at all.

And this will come to them like it will blindside them and a lot of them will be offended at God now Understanding why God didn’t warn him when God was warning them God is love. He will always warn before something happens. Look what happened with Abraham, with Sodom and Gomorrah, before it was destroyed. God was talking to Abraham and Abraham said, Hey, if 50 people are righteous, if 40 people are righteous, if 30 people are righteous, well there’s a lot more than that in this country. There’s a lot more than that in nations all around the world. God is not doing these things to destroy our nations. He’s doing this to wake people up to him to realize that he is the one who’s in control to turn to him Yes, people need to turn to him now We need to know him more It’s like, you know you may know your spouse or you have best friends and you talk to all time and they’re your confidants and you tell them everything and Tell me all your deep and dark secrets and you tell them things that you wouldn’t want to tell anybody else You wouldn’t want the world to know you tell these people that God say come to me and let him be our best friend Let him be our confidant let him be the one who gives us direction and gives us advice you say Julie How does he does it he does?

Pray to him Say God, I thank you that my spiritual ears are open to hear you now.

I do not hear an audible voice Okay, it comes deep in my spirit. I know when he’s talking God’s people will know his voice And the strangers they will not follow that’s scriptural And so when God is speaking, it will sound like a thought it will sound like, you know, it’s like a whisper Okay, it’s not very loud That’s why I turn everything off usually or I have really on quiet music playing in the back background whatever God tells me to But this is a time of shaking member. He said he’s shaking us loose from the enemy’s control But he’s also shaking his people awake Remember he’s you can look up on our website. God talked about the angel of death Okay, he talked about there was another angel of death coming and he said again This was not for us to fear. We have the blood of Jesus. We don’t have to be partakers of that But when he’s saying these things we have to take it seriously because look what happened the angel of death it killed the first born of all of Egypt Now, Pharaoh wanted the firstborn of all of the Israelites to die, and that’s not what happened. Our enemies are trying death on a massive scale worldwide. Remember God said in the prophetic word, what they had planned for the next ten years, they’re going to do all this year? Again, they’re planning death, they’re planning destruction, but God is saying, remember what happened with death and destruction in the book of Exodus and the land of Goshen. My people didn’t take part in that death. They didn’t take part in that destruction where it was a darkness and all that stuff was going on with the hail and the insects And all these things and all the frogs and the water turning to blood all these different things They were not partakers of their water supply was okay Their food supply was okay why because God was their provider God made sure that did not affect his people for a reason and when he keeps talking about us and having us go back to That he’s having us go back to that for a reason So when all these things Again, he said abruptly in that prophetic word He said things were going to change abruptly and then he said now Lord remind me He said in that word in the beginning the United States. It was gonna shake Economically, it was gonna shake Politically it was gonna shake Naturally, and I think there was another shaking that he said and I don’t remember exactly what it was I don’t know if it was three or four shakings that he specifically talked about. So when you’re thinking about this, a shaking politically, oh civilly, civilly, that’s what he said, politically, civilly, and economically, and then naturally, well, naturally would be like an earthquake. And I think there was, um, somebody, I think the eclipse is going to be somewhere in the United States over like the Madrid fault, um, the Madrid fault line. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I just know that’s the location of where part of that eclipse will go over is, uh, and I, I think that’s like over in Illinois and, and Indiana, and I don’t know where exactly We have the Madrid fault line. I know it’s not over. It’s not very far away from Iowa here Am I afraid of that? No When all these things happen and we have a lockdown and we have a lock-in I’m gonna be shouting for joy I’m gonna be praising worshiping God that we are protected because we were protected by the blood were protected by the name of Jesus We’re protected like the land of Goshen because God is our fortress and he’s our protector So I want you to pray and ask God what he wants to show you in the revelation He wants to give to you that you wake up Not only you you’re fully awake But your family is fully awakened or your friends are fully awakened or your co-workers or whatever it is It’s on your heart that God wants to prepare you prepare them God is saying he will give you the right words to say remember in any life-and-death situation God will give us the right words to say we just have to go to him and figure out what he wants us to do about every situation. Even in 911, you know the reason why our enemies are bringing all these people in this country. I’ve seen it firsthand when I was in those airports. I told you about it. They’re bringing men here, military men. They’re bringing terrorists here. They don’t care because they’re trying to bring something in this in this country. Civil unrest. Terrorists. Why are they doing that? Because they want to bring a war. They want to bring destruction. They want to bring chaos. But God is telling us what are we supposed to do? We’re supposed to, in a time of war, worship and resist. W-A-R. Then the wicked are restricted. And so we have to war in this time spiritually, call these things down, that they may happen to a certain extent Because God will allow certain things to happen But he will not allow the enemy to have what they want to cause the damage that they wanted But just remember in the land of Egypt after God’s people left when they were at that Red Sea moment that was their full freedom from the enemy the enemy pursued them and Satan tried to bring fear He tried to bring that optic that he was in control that the Egyptians were just gonna kill him and they were just gonna take them back to Egypt they were gonna go back to that slavery that’s that optic that is that it looks one way when it’s actually another way God wanted Pharaoh and his men to see that he was the one true God he wanted his people to see no matter how impossible it is that he was a God who nothing is impossible that’s what he is going to show the world now there are things going on right now that are going to happen in this earth and are not to bring fear that are not to bring you into an overwhelming worry and anxiety or anything else, it is to bring in a great awakening to the glory of Almighty God, to the power of Almighty God, to the love of Almighty God. That’s what that’s for. And so again, if you missed that prophecy earlier on, go back and watch it again. Because that’s something again, he’s warning us, he’s giving us signs, and he’s telling us you are listening but you really need to hear and listen and obey God’s commands because you know what you may have plans you may have plans to go somewhere on an airplane you may have vacation you may have you know you’re gonna go see your family or you’re gonna do this or that the other thing and God is saying no don’t go and if he says no don’t go don’t go don’t do it out of fear but I’m telling you there are times even with a what happened in 911 he told people not to go. Some people listen and some people didn’t. So when God tells you and this is how our team and I always pray that we are always at the right place at the right time. That we’re always hearing God’s instructions that if he wants us to be somewhere we will be somewhere. If he doesn’t want us to, I don’t care if I’m at the airport and he said don’t get on that plane, I will walk out of that airport and I will go home. We have to be paying attention at all times because he said it was gonna happen suddenly or abruptly. So before I go, and again, I will be back on with Pastor Dave today. Sorry, sorry, I was on with Pastor Dave yesterday. I’m gonna be on with Manuel Johnson at 10 o’clock. But I wanna pray over each and every one of you that you are ready, that your hearts are prepared, that your family is prepared, even though it may not look like it. This may be what’s gonna wake up your family totally. And we’re gonna pray that you will always be the right place at the right time and so will your families be and you’re not gonna be part of any of this judgment or destruction that’s coming upon the earth. So Father God right now in Jesus name I lift up every person the sound of my voice and no matter Father what the enemies are planning no matter what is going on no matter what judgment that you are raining down upon this earth against the enemies of Almighty God we thank you Father God that we are protected by you that you are our fortress I thank you that their hearts are open and their hearts are ready to receive you, Father God, in a way that they’ve never received you. Their hearts are open for your glory, for your power, for your presence, for your goodness, for your instructions. And I thank you, Father God, that they have willing hearts to be obedient. I thank you, Father God, that they will say the right words to their family members or their friends or their co-workers, anybody, Heavenly Father, that’s in their hearts that has not fully awakened to you, that will know, and they will listen, and they will hear these words, and they will awaken to you. We thank you, Father God, that we are part of this awakening, and we lift up an entire body of Christ to you, and we command the blinders to be removed, hearts to be softened, and the entire body of Christ receive the wake-up call from God Almighty to turn and call to repentance, to know exactly what to do and when to do it, that they will be open to hear God’s Word and that they will not be blindsided, that they will not be caught by shock or surprise to the point where they will not be able to receive from you, Father God. We pray that they will not turn away from you, but they will run to you. No matter, Father God, of what their situation is in their life, we thank you that you are the God who nothing is impossible. And so we Thank you Father God for this warning and for this word this prophetic word for our nation But the nation’s around the world Father God that when people hear they have ears to hear to hear and receive the revelation knowledge that you have And I plead the blood of Jesus over every person that is watching Father God even if they’re watching to mock and to laugh and and to To try to persecute and to try to turn it in the wrong direction. I pray for the end my enemies Because Father God They don’t know Because even when Jesus was on that cross He said Father forgive them, they know not what they do There are so many people out there That they think they’re doing things for you and actually are not So Father God We ask those people forgiveness We ask you to forgive them, we ask you Father God To open their hearts to you That they will repent themselves The ones who have mocked you The ones who have mocked Some of the scriptures that you’ve given your word Father God of the end times and what’s really going on and so I thank you Father God for a wake up in this country a wake up to you this country turns fully to you and away from evil and corruption that we allow you Father get and invite you Father God back into our government back into our judicial system that there is laws and there is justice and there is freedom and And there is liberty, and that goes for all the nations around the world. I thank you, Father God, for setting your people free from all that we see and from all this tyranny. And I thank you for it in Jesus’ name, amen and amen. Again, I hope this encouraged you today, and I will be back on with one of my dear friends, Manuel Johnson. But if you do have any prayer requests, or I really want you to write us at Julie Green Ministries International, 4620 East 53rd Street, Street 200, Davenport, Iowa, 528077. And I also, you can go to our website at JGMinternational.org under our contact page. And again, this is not to fear. This is to encourage you, but this is also for us to take God seriously and what he is saying for us in this time because things are about to abruptly change and become unprecedented or unusual. Um, and, um, unconventional, but what do we know that God’s in control and that God WINS. Also if you do want any, uh, Julie Greer Ministries merchandise, you can go to threesunthreads.com, but I will be back here in a few hours again, like two and a half hours, less than two and a half hours. We back right on here and all these different channels. I just want to say, I hope I encouraged you today. Please like subscribe and share and give us everyone, you know, who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Two attention getting eclipses coming. Julie does a short lesson on eclipses. Quoting from scriptures she explains that definitely this time around, this year, 2024 the eclipses have meaning.

I would add that World leaders are falling off the perch in droves. As promised.

worm moon, blood moon, Devils Comet, lunar eclipse,

And the Devil’s Comet will be in the sky the same time as this eclipse of the Sun.

An eclipse is a warning. An eclipse is to get our attention. An eclipse is a call to repentance. An eclipse is a saying hey, events are coming. It is to wake us up. That’s why he gives a sign in the Sun and the moon.

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