Julie Green Prophecy Fulfilled- World wide Leader Stepdowns Begin

Predicted by verified prophet Julie Green on Rumble. Many thousands more to step down retire and DIE this year. So Justin Trudeau is making similar resignation noises on the BBC. The walls are closing in on the  woke Globalists.
So the  woke globalists leaders are retreating from their public battle against the common sense people. In the case of the Irish PM resigning its just after his woke agenda  referendum was firmly rejected by the Irish people 70pc against. The proposition was to write women out of the constitution and “be more  inclusive” by adding medicated homosexuals labelled as chestfeeders or something. The conservative push back is strong all over the world. Then there are the Euro farmers. Their tractors are unstoppable.

In still more surrender even the CDC have agreed to stop discrediting Ivermectin.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU is also talking about resignation on the BBC  choosing to bale out something like Jacinta Ardern in NZ to avoid a crushing electoral defeat. WEF poster boy Justin has a death sentence hanging over his head from God. The large round of deaths hasn’t started yet. Not sure if it’s possible to get all of the  criminal corruption outed before their deaths, in every case. But in Justin’s case it would be profoundly therapeutic for Canada. Its even rumoured he killed his own brother to ensure  the family fortune  (many millions) wouldnt be split 50-50.

And of course Victoria Nuland –Under Secretary of State– just resigned as Ukraine ran out of young men and lost the war.

She was the architect of the Ukraine lost war that started in 2014 with the US backed coup there. She was born from 2 mentally ill parents and was selected by the state department because of her damaged upbringing. Apparently the State Department (7th Floor) searches out damaged people to staff their organisation. So Hilary Clinton fitted in there very well. She was Senior Secretary of State running a private email server in her home bathroom doing government business like errr……. Killing Colonel Gadaffi for Lady Rothschild

So the predicted worldwide round of leader step downs has begun. Time for celebration !!!!!.

Though we still have to endure another lockdown and the usurped elites, still operating as a private club intend to introduce another Pandemic and WW3 now as revenge for their political defeat to declare martial law to suspend the US election. But God is going to strike first.

God says he doesn’t need one of mankinds “elections” because they just aren’t good enough. Insufficient removal of evil.

So God’s own reset is coming. Yeehaa !!!!!

And once again Trump in New York is winning. Could it be any other way ?

The recent halving of the Trump 450million dollar bond by an appeals court is quite a climb down though its still cruel and unusual punishment violating the 8th Amendment. So it will be appealed of course.

Reactions to Trumps fine halving are unexpectedly revealing.

MSNBC Outraged Never Trumper apoplectic about Appeals court slashing Trumps fine to be nice to him. Which raises the question about Gods infiltrators. God has said there are seldom visible Republicans also masquerading as democrats that could be in the appeal court system, like sleeper agents.

Reaction to the successful appeal is deeply telling.

Unbelievably, another Never Trumper Michael Steele is frothing at the mouth about Trump getting off the hook.

Just another Leftard Democrat ? NO At 12mins into this Steve Turely Video its revealed that this foaming democrat Michael Steele is in fact a Former head of the RNC !!!!!!!! Let that sink in for a bit……….

Former head Chairman of the RNC is rooting for Letitia James

Recall loser Rona McDaniel was recently got rid of as the non–performing head of the RNC ?

An operative phrase then used by Dr Steve Turely is PAID LOSERS

Uniparty is being got rid of but its taking time

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