Lay Gnosis Pineal industry

Lay Gnosis 110 Gnosis the old fashioned way via Asceticism

John St Julien Baba Wanyama youtube channel

Thrilling explanation given here with some tantalising literary and imagery overlays suggesting in the light of modern anatomical knowledge the ancients writing holy books, were surprisingly wise and knowledgeable concerning brain anatomy, which I thought, was a modern lexicon only standardised in the last few hundred years by medical people.

It emphasises religions have two levels of understanding exoteric and esoteric. Exoteric knowledge is literal and intended for the peasants in large numbers. The sleepwalkers. The stories keep them sleepwalking. Esoteric knowledge is for people lucky enough to incline naturally toward higher levels of attunement and via asceticism and some mentoring can access the coded messages the many metaphors conceal in Holy book stories. (Gnostic Socrates educated the children of the elite. Including Alexander the Great) Now John St Julien Baba Wanyamae talks about the mentioned monthly cycle we can’t escape and something about the moon passing thru our birth constellation with insufficient elaboration. The recommended website is broken made obselete by Google changing things. However I have noticed in myself I go thru monthly cycles my best peak day being Sunday nights and my worst day being Mondays. And the peaks vary monthly. My mother always said I was affected by moon madness. So that’s all the proof we need.

Am I supposed to howl at the moon on a certain Sunday night while avoiding meat and impure thoughts to hear a few words of encouragement ? ? It seems like a full time job this asceticism gnosis thing, YES INDEED says my permanent always there, internal mentoring voice. In ancient times asceticism never worked for people with a reasonable delivery time in any large numbers. So Gnostics got steam rollered by the very large conventional religions who just read stories literally and believed them at face value and sold elaborate promises and threats to gain obedience from the peasants for political reasons.

So LG seems much better and quicker triggered in just 20 minutes requiring no devotion to ascetism whatsoever. I have it on good authority it work on fat people drunkards etc Though they have never turned up at TBH. On recreational drug users LG definitely works. Been there seen that. NZ drug user. I don’t agree with the video speaker that plant drugs provide productive religious experiences. Recreational drugs including plant psychedelics have invaded our societies and served only to boost street crime considerably. Australian Police say 80pc of street crime is drug related. And we don’t see legions of gnostics produced.

And what I am looking for in these asceticism videos is any hint of physical signals and its just not there. Which LG has in abundance and suits modern secular minded people today for rapid uptake of gnosis and also suits religious people. And as I’m typing this I hear Ave Maria.

Lay Gnosis Pineal industry

Lay Gnosis 109 renders obselete the Pineal gland industry

Fascinating watch is this video, Adam. Attaining gnosis is here described as requiring knowledge of brain anatomy, astrology, fasting, veganism, abstinence, mind silence, long term dedication etc, knowledge of kundalini. So its almost a full time job. That has worked for thousands of years very inefficiently. Amounting to a virtual lock out of humanity from knowing their divine spark. Eye of a needle stuff.

Laymans Gnosis bypasses all of of this as of recent nowadays, one’s divine spark makes itself physically known to each person. All they need is a 20 minute lesson to reframe their understandings. That’s a radical change in Natural Law of immense proportion. Once again I notice in the comments below this video No mention of physical signals. So its old fashioned Gnosis done the hard way.

Honestly, in all my 15 yrs of doing this I was never asked to acquaint myself with the Pineal gland, to pass on the knowledge. Not once. So LG works whether your pineal is clogged with toothpaste or not.

Of course anyone can do meditation, anytime. It can be a most enjoyable experience and provides measurable physical benefits such as hardening ones nervous system against stress. I have done it for decades and still play with it as a toy. Though I don’t get any of the pleasurable sex like results that others report in pineal videos. So marked is my non participation in pineal meditation stuff I think I have been glasswalled to keep the LG message sweet and simple. Which makes it powerful. LG bypasses esoterics completely. Doesn’t disrupt anyone’s life. So its for everybody. Secular and Religious. I just got a nod to that, as I typed it.

So Adam, might I ask do you get some great physical pleasure internal endorphin reward, doing pineal meditation ? Something like this video describes ?

And the top video has some comments beneath it of some use that might interest you doing your pineal meditation, Adam. Its about cycles and why we are tuned to the moon. I don’t understand the astrology much at all. But I certainly live thru moonth cycles as my best video work happens conspicuously on Sundays my best day of the week. And my worst day is the Monday immediately after Sunday. I detest Mondays. They are a complete write off for me. In modern scientific parlance we call this biorythms. First discovered in typing pools when it was noticed that typos peaked at 90 minute intervals.

My Frequencies 4 years ago
3:31 “There’s a thing in your brain called the Claustrum….” I’ve just googled it & read a bunch of the top hits. For those in the comments querying this; consensus seems to suggest it is produced when the Moon moves into your birth sign aka your Sun sign. (I follow Western, usually if the speaker is referencing Vedic they make specific mention of that fact). The Moon moves through all 12 signs in 27 days 7 hours (or something close to that) so once per month we should experience this secretion. Type m o o n t r a c k s . c o m / l u n a r _ i n g r e s s . h t m l (remove spaces) & there is a breakdown of the Moon’s movements for the next month or two. My Sun is in Pisces so I am going to be extra alert at 21:45 UTC(GMT) on November 8th. I had a bizarre & profound experience involving the Moon a week ago hence I am very interested to learn more! I have been vegan for 1.5 years, teetotal for two years. I am trusting my inner voice (it speaks a lot louder nowadays) so I feel that maybe I’ve been unknowingly preparing myself for this. Thank you John.

4 years ago
Thank you sir for your great work. In the interest of disseminating this knowledge to help all who awaken, I think at this point it would be beneficial to state some of the sources that corroborate esoteric practice. The entire process involving the claustrum and glandular secretions (christos, oil) is described in much greater detail in “Anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, with special reference to mechanism and function, for students and practitioners” by Santee, Harris Ellett in 1907 as flowing down into the olivary fasciculus :”descending with the rubrospinal tract through the reticular formation in the pons and medulla to the lateral column of the spinal cord. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord […] giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem.” Also, Hindu literature describes the Nadi channels, Ida and Pingala. There’s is much to research but most importantly connect within. Peace.

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