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Julie Green transcript THESE ARE THE DAYS OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS April 10 22

Here is the prophetic word

These are the days of the Whistleblowers.

Again I heard this on April 10th of 2022

For I the Lord this day, have been telling my children to brace for what is coming. Things are about to shake like never before. But for you children of Almighty God, this is to set you free and to completely deliver you from this demonic world system. The shakings will become intense and startle some of my body. Fear will try to take control over you. Confusion will try and bring your mind to such a state of doubt and unbelief but for some of my children who are seeking me and spending time in my word, peace in the midst of the shaking, and then knowing you are at the end, and your freedoms are being restored. There will be a darkness, a gross darkness for the enemies of Almighty God, but my children will shine brighter on this earth like never before. My glory will separate you children of Almighty God from this world. You will not endure what the world will, No I am your shield and buffer I’m your protector deliverer and soon coming king  Saith the Lord your Redeemer 

I am not standing by and doing nothing. Some of my children and the world thinks this, but I am moving in more ways than you could ever imagine. When I completely move my hand, all will fall into place like it should, and everything and I mean every ruler will be removed and replaced with someone I have chosen Saith the Lord.

Adam Silver I have warned you this time you went too far I am blocking your attempts to the ones who you are threatening, I am moving my hand to protect them and nothing will come of your threats.

Know, for I the Lord am against you Adam and you are paying for the crimes you have committed against the children against this nation and all who live there, heinous crimes and your connections to China, this fraudulent government are all being exposed

Get ready Adam my hammer of judgment is coming down on you, and you will pay for the ultimate price with your life Saith the Lord of Hosts.

 Jack Nicholson will be in your news my children. Listen to the words that come out of his mouth You will soon see why I gave you this news, before the news.

Johnson and Johnson will be enveloped in one scandal after another. YES my children these companies against you that were doing things behind closed doors, are all being exposed by ME Saith the Lord of Hosts. And none of them will survive this judgement Johnson and Johnson all the secret dealings behind closed doors, will all be brought out in the open by ME and there there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Your stocks will crash to a low. You never thought possible. Your bank account ceased and you will all fall for the crimes you have committed against this nation, and against the world. Your connection to China and other foreign nations will be revealed and you will all be brought down to the ground, never to get back up again.

Facebook will be in your headlines No ! Facebook will be in major headlines once again, excuse me, more scandals will plague the social media giant and they will fall like Goliath.

My David has the information to strike them down to the ground. YES evidence that can’t be denied or suppressed. That slingshot is locked and loaded and when that kill shot hits this giant, it will be its end Saith the Lord.

Mark Zuckerberg you have met your match and you have lost. You will fall and lose everything you hold dear to you. You could have walked away turned your back, and repented, but no, you dug your feet in hardened your heart like the Pharaoh of old, and you kept pursuing my children and your alliances with China and the world elites, and they will not save you, because they will be too busy saving themselves.

Mark this as your hour of judgment. Your stocks will fall to new lows, but it will go farther than that, and no Mark, as you see them tumble, you will take a bigger stumble. The whole world will know who you are, and you’ll be tried for treason and hung by the gallows that have been built. These are the days of Haman and you will not escape what is coming for you Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Laura Logan this name will be in your headlines. Remember my children I give you the news before the news for a reason to get you to see that I am in control.

Hof or Huff this name will be in your news look at what the headline says, and it is no accident.

Plagiarism will be in your headlines

Look at who the breaking story is regarding this word. More will be exposed about this person.

My children, a firing squad is ready to take out all who have been against you, Children of Almighty God

Lee Harvey Oswald this name will be back in the news this story is not how it seems the real truth surrounding this. The name will come to light and you will see my children this was an inside job, and the globalists have controlled your government for far longer than anyone realized.

Listen my children carefully. Putin has things on this fraudulent government. They are trying to take him out for, so he can’t reveal the truth to the world. He is a ticking time bomb. They are screaming to take him out once and for all, but they can’t. My hand will stop them and their plans.

Who are they Lord ?

This fraudulent government and the ones that control it, who are the elites. For the truth shall set the world free and they can do nothing to stop it.

Lord why Putin ?

My children I can use anyone who is willing and obedient to my will. Even a sinner can be used to perform what is needed when a child of mine isn’t willing. Putin has been warned to go so far and no more. If he crosses that, judgement will come to him as well.

George Soros will die by the Angel of death. No amount of money or security will save him for what is coming. George the blood pours from your hands and cries for justice and justice will be served you will pay with your life George for all the corruption and the heinous acts, the crimes you have committed in so many nations is beyond human comprehension.

How evil you really are this is a time for you to fall, but first you will lose every penny you have. No secret account will be spared. Some of those accounts have already been seized and frozen.

You haven’t experienced anything yet George Soros you can’t hide from the great I AM you will finally see I do exist and I am coming to judge you and you will pay for All Eternity Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Bill Gates the same thing goes for you. You can’t hide from me, saith the Lord you will pay a high price for what you have made this world endure, no amount of money can save you, no you can’t outsmart or out manoeuver ME. You will lose everything. I mean everything. Then you will pay with your life and treason will be written on you for all eternity.

For I the Lord have had enough of the world elites, and everything they stand for everyone will be judged and sentenced for their crimes, and none will be left standing Saith the Lord of Hosts

Harbinger this word will be in your news this will be a signal to you my children the ones who are against you. Their days are coming to an abrupt end.

Whistleblowers will come from everywhere. It will appear, these are the days of the whistleblowers they have been released from their gag order. No longer will they be silenced, restricted blackmailed or threatened to keep their mouth shut.

A boldness, this will come on them to move forward to say what has to be said to show what has to be shown and nothing your enemies will do will prosper against them Saith the Lord. These are the days of the Whistleblowers and this will be in your headlines again. I say to you children of Almighty God I give you the news before the news, to clarify to you, I’m in control to confirm my words through my prophets these are the days to stand up to praise and worship the one true king, for I AM is here to deliver, to set the captives free and this freedom the world will see and know it was from me Saith the Lord your Redeemer

Rising anger from the Chief

So its no more Mr Nice Guy !

Zuckerberg faces the gallows.

George Soros to be removed.

Firing squads for the evil elites.

That’s my dream come true. I made a video on that very subject, 2-3 years ago, on the need to eliminate a few thousand evil elites to restore earth society. to what it was intended to be. The video was pulled of course because I was “advocating violence” But now Mr G is doing just that. I suggested simply stopping the breathing of the elites because every breath is permitted you know. Mr G has promised that already with some elites, but just now he foreshadows hangings and shootings for treasonous evil beyond our comprehension. All in this tear of 2022 !

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Your Enemies will Find No Peace in these days of Judgement

March 24th of 2022

so here we go

For I the Lord this day am telling you my children, to brace for what is coming on this earth to set you free. I have been warning you this will be the time that confusion will try to overtake you, to hold you so you quit on me, quit on truth, and stop believing there is any hope left to hold on to for I the Lord have spoken to you my children, mourn this hour through my prophets to give you enough time enough signs in words, to give you strength to persevere, to endure to grow your faith, and trust in me. Some have taken these words received hope encouragement freedom, peace and have been blessed by them in the midst of chaos. My children who still refuse to believe and listen very carefully the doors are about to close like in the days of Noah, when the darkness comes it will appear to fill this earth, and that judgement is being poured out everywhere Some of you will fall into despair and fear will consume every thought to break your faith and trust in me. Some of you will turn your back on me for a time until you see my hand move, and all this will be destroyed that you are experiencing right now. YES I will forgive you but you will not receive the same reward as my  children who refuse to quit, who refuse to let go of hope and faith in me. I love you my children I’ve given these words through all my true prophets, to reach you, to free you from the hopelessness you feel, the heaviness that is controlling you and holding you back. These words will set you free if you open your hearts to receive them. I want you to receive my peace, that I have for you this day in this hour, of your enemies judgement. You will not be moved or shaken no I will make you stronger than ever, than you ever thought possible, my children stand and get up, NOW who have fallen, because great is your reward.

Watching for my children is a major earthquake in the waters of the Ring of Fire

Yes watch the Ring of Fire. Tsunami warnings will be given. A new tsunami will be seen yes a big one !

Watch to see where it goes. Watch the direction, and know I have given you this before the news, to help you understand these words are true, your enemies are falling and everything they designed against you is being destroyed by me, now by me Saith the Lord

Listen for news reports regarding the wind YES wind gusts of strong magnitude are moving across this earth. Unusually strong in damage it will cause.will be great in many places, but it won’t touch you children of Almighty God. No it will not affect you, the great I AM is protecting you.

Uganda will be in the news listen for this and listen to what happened there.

Uganda many evil things happened in your land things that were hidden you didn’t know about the elites thought this would be a safe place to hide things, they didn’t want released.

But they didn’t know they can’t hide anything from ME Saith the Lord. A great discovery will be found. YES listen and watch to see what comes out of this.

All enemies of Almighty God your time to fall is now.

Offshore bank accounts are being raided and assets are being seized right now under the radar.

The news hasn’t reported on this yet but they will.

I’m seizing all their assets and all their accounts everywhere. These offshore accounts are just the beginning for those who are listening from the side of the evil. I know you hear these words and this should terrify you. Nothing you have will be saved from me taking it from you. No matter how hard you try, no matter your security to protect your assets.

Nothing can stop my hand from blasting everything out of your hands

Know you are all finished says the Lord of Hosts. Your days have come to their final end. You thought this was your time to celebrate your New World Order, your great reset, and now you see that your plans are falling apart, chaos in all your plans you are putting out fires everywhere, you can’t contain them, as you are trying, fires will begin in other places that you never thought possible YES YOU thought you could stand against me and take over this earth and you are so close to lose it at the very end of your plans.

Not only will you lose everything you will lose your life and spend eternity in a place you never thought you would go because your master promised you heaven. Well he was kicked out of mine and his heaven is your hell.

So enemies of Almighty God this word is for you. I’m coming when you least expect it,

You have no peace and no rest in these days. Fear will consume your every thought and death shall consume you.

YOU chose this, now you shall reap death and destruction that you caused upon this earth Know nothing you do will change what is coming to you.

Children watch the news will break out in England the death of a Royal and YES how it will surprise you, the truth will be revealed, and watch and listen for the news on what was called Big Ben their fall will be great.

Charles that means you. You will not get away with what you have done and the side you chose. Your family will finally know along with the world who you really are, and that evil has consumed you.

Charles you are finished. 

The Atlantic Ocean will be in your news reports more and more listen for this.

There is a cleansing is taking place in your land O United States and what has been hidden in the waters will all be revealed.

Tanker trucks will be in your news watch and see why my children, the truth is coming out from everywhere and nothing can hold this back

Windstrom and Nordstrom these names will be in your news.

Listen for the reason why and know that nothing is how it seems and all is being uncovered

Walmart will be in your news YES a major scandal in their corporate office, money laundering and they were paid by your government during those lockdowns YES plans were drawn up for major retailers that would flourish while others were being destroyed.

They will be linked to the government of the United States along with Bill Gates and George Soros

Target as well as many other companies and bank accounts will be exposed. Know that companies and banks will be exposed.

This is the hour for the walls to come down. he asked for the curtains to be removed that have been hiding, they have been hiding behind, no more hiding, no more of their plans they have designed to destroy you, to be covered up, know the time for all of it to be uncovered is NOW my children.

Brace for shaking it will be great. Their time has come to an end, and your time to celebrate is at hand. So hold on to me and hold on to my words they will set you free Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Some wonderful predictions here. Most exciting times we live in

Here in Sydney the third flood has commenced, as predicted “the third weather event” is coming down in buckets on a sizeable portion of the east coast. Flood warnings galore.

Elites have hidden secrets in Uganda. One would never think of looking there, eh ! Proves again and again that secrecy and lying is a toxic version of government.

Clandestine asset seizure and bank account seizure on a massive scale is a huge amplification of what Donald Trump passed into Law regarding Human trafficking and money laundering that resulted in 200 CEOs resigning.. So Trump was on the money.

Wonderful guessing game about a death in the Royal family. NOT the Queen we have been told. Attitude toward Charles is so dark one wonders if the Royal family will survive as an institution.

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Good Morning everybody today is Friday February 11th 2022. I have another prophetic word today called Justice will Prevail and Justice will be Served in this prophetic word I heard yesterday morning February 10th of 2022

Before I get to that this one its a little bit longer than normal they’re usually between four and five pages long,

This one is eight, so I want to let you guys know before hand this is a very long and detailed prophetic word.

So before I get to it if you guys have any prayer requests please email us here at jgm the number four prayers you can also write us at julie green ministries po box one two five two bettendorf iowa five two seven two two also there’s prophecies being fulfilled all the time so if you guys see prophecies being fulfilled email me write it in comment section write us here and let us know what you are seeing in the news that lines up with these prophetic words and you guys are such a blessing and a help to this to all of us here at JGM just want to thank each and every one of you and god bless you.

Okay now here’s the prophetic word for today

Justice will be Served and Justice will  prevail and Justice will be Served Again I heard this yesterday February 10th of 2022

I the Lord this day, I told you my children, there will be signs that the great I am is in control.

There has been many signs and many prophetic words being fulfilled,

while the pace is picking up, and more fulfillment of prophecy.

Just as fast as they are spoken, they will be fulfilled .

A great shift is taking place now, great shaking in this world will take what you see, and remove it all.

These are no longer normal days, or days you will just survive on this earth. No these are days of your freedoms.

You are taking your authority on this earth like a true child of God. No more being slaves no more victims. No more beneath your circumstances, no more being wimpy,

And now there will be boldness.

Authority righteous indignation, it will rise up in you.

You will stand in the face of adversity and shout and praise me without moving an inch ! You are coming to a place of authority you never thought was possible.

Your enemy’s nightmare is coming to pass in this hour.

Your awakening is rattling the gates of hell, so rejoice and spend more time on praise and worship which destroys the powers of the enemy. Get up from your places where you were, and fight the good fight of faith.

Would you win ?

My word promises that. Turn every test into a testimony by standing on my word that is truth, and it will set you free.

Just like Joe said from the pit to the palace in one day.

Yes, that is happening again.

There was a reason what you see now, had to take place.

You will understand more in the coming days and months, how I had to destroy them, the way I did with my timing.

And my timing is always the best, even when it looks like in that time of waiting, all hell is breaking loose, I have been in control this whole time my children, so look forward to your victory.

Say every day I am on the winning side. God is on my side so I can’t lose.

I am undefeated because the great I AM defeated my adversaries and everything they had planned for me, my victory is here, and now the greater one lives in me the line of the tribe of Judah is in me and reigns in my life.

My enemies fall before my face and complete restoration is mine in Jesus’ name and that time is now.

My children the battle has been won by your Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

He bought your adversaries to nothing and to make no effect in your life, so stand against the onslaught of your enemies attacks and no, he is nothing in your sight.

You will hear of a massive avalanche as you see this sign. No the avalanche of truth is at hand.

A major volcanic eruption in the Hawaiian islands

This will be a major news story. this is another sign of an eruption taking place to destroy all the works of your enemy at the same time. A major earthquake

all these natural phenomen at one time and then an unusual hurricane in that hour, and this hour is brewing.

So watch all of this hit.

The perfect storm and the spirit is hitting your enemies.

I have told you this before and I’m reminding you because this is that hour for it to take place..

Great removals great turnarounds these are the days of the Red Sea moment, but what I do is much greater than that the world will be in shock and awe, when they see my hand move against all  their governments in all the nations of this earth at one time.

The one world government is falling to the ground

Many of  the puppet masters will be uncovered and exposed

Big names you will never have thought could be.

It will shock the world

Who was all on the side of the elites, how much money they actually had, how many companies they owned, how they manipulated the entire world system and markets, from our money and power, by doing this they became filthy rich, you would say, to cause more poverty throughout the world to enslave as many people as they could.

I’m blowing the roof off their planned shortages, their economic crash, their wars and their control over the world.

Everything is being exposed with the move of my hand you will see them all fall.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau, and Prime  Ministers all over the world including my nation Israel

You will see them all fall like flies in a fly trap

Where there is nowhere to go. They are trapped.

There are many more my children. They will be exposed and will pay a high price for their heinous acts and crimes on this earth.

Heat in unusual places for this time of year.

Cold in places that should be hot. Even the weather continues to be affected in this time of great shaking, and great changes, overturning of elections.

There’ll be sudden boldness arise coming in your civil courts across this land to restore this nation and bring back justice.

Yes my hand is moving now in your court systems.

Justice will prevail justice will be served once again across your land.

A major death on the Senate floor will rock your Senate chambers on the same day. One will fall in the House of Representatives.

Watch my children I am moving across DC to judge and settle the cases for my children.

Vengeance is mine and the world is seeing my vengeance strike the enemies down to the ground.

More congressmen will suddenly step down, more will say I am not running for re-election. They see the handwriting on the wall. They know justice is going to be served, and they want no part of it.

Audio recordings are coming forward with truth of January 6th.

Nancy Pelosi giving instructions on what to do that day, to make it look like an insurrection took place to destroy any standing up or any changes to electoral college votes

Yes Nancy you can’t stop these recordings from coming into the open it will be heard all over the world.

Some will say it’s like a shot heard around the world

Damning evidence that can’t be undone.

YES Nancy, truth is finding you, not just for January 6th

but for both impeachments and the 2020 election.

Everyone with you has been recorded along with Harris

Biden Obama Romney Schumer MccCnnell

All have been secretly recorded and those recordings are coming into the light. The whole world to see and hear.

Yes my children they are all finished Saith the Lord of Hosts. Their days on earth are coming to an end, and Jesus will be served. Sentences handed down by me, the judge over all the earth, my children great  explosions of truth are great.

I’m sorry I should have added this first. My children great explosions of truth are hitting DC destroying their  narrative and their fraudulent government.

I am taking them down, removing all of their buildings

they will burn to the ground along with any monument

or assemble

The Statue of Liberty is about to fall, the crack is getting bigger, and it will crumble to the ground.

Watch the lightning hit some monuments across this land, to show you I am in control destroying all evidence of your enemies tyranny and control on this earth.

Get ready my children all will come down.

Your rightful President will be back in his seat in full power in a new house that was built for this very day.

You will see him walk down the steps of Air Force One.

Cheers and celebrations never heard to this degree over the earth.

This is about to come to pass so hold on a little longer my children my show has started and great celebrations are breaking out all over this earth Sayeth the Lord Of Hosts

Massive upheavals predicted near simultaneously

And DC is demolished with Lightning fire and earthquake.

Rightful President returns on Air Force One. A New Reality.

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  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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