Lay Gnosis

Pure bloods You’re more than just a valuable sperm donor

One, you’re not a lab rat for experimental gene therapy.

Two, you don’t have a chip on your shoulder, well, quite literally.

Three, you have the intelligence to discern between what is right, and what just isn’t.

Four, you can think for yourself, judge for yourself, and, above all, decide for yourself.

Five, you have the courage to stand up for yourself against all odds.

Six, having enough courage to do the right thing is one thing, having enough courage to stand up even against all types and forms of peer pressure is yet another.

Seven, having courage to not give in to peer pressure is one thing, having the courage to even risk losing and disconnecting from all of your nearest and dearest loved ones is yet another.

Eight, neither of the above mentioned forms of courage even really come close to having enough courage to literally put your very livelihood, your very life at stake for what is right.

Nine, having compassion towards those who shunned you, snitched against you, mocked you, and even backstabbed you, to the point that you’re still willing to assist them out of this all when the time comes…

…that, my friends, makes you a fucking saint.

Which then brings us to…

Ten, You discerned and overcame the very GREATEST brainwashing, gaslighting, hypnotising, manufactured mass consensus generating, propaganda campaign (an information war that literally was WW3) in all of recorded human history.

You displayed everything from courage and compassion to intelligence and seamless adaptability, along with healthy doses of patience, digital warfare skills, research and analysis skills…without losing the LOVE held within your very hearts.

You’re more than just a pureblood sperm donor, fren. Your PRICE TAGS read PRICELESS, and it is apt that you’re the ONLY ONE that is allowed (and even able) to breed hereafter, because NATURE ALWAYS CARRIES THE VERY BEST AND THE VERY FINEST GENES FORWARD.

Steve Trueblue reply to Trevor

Lovely piece that, Trev. At this end in Sydney we have seriously strained family relationships over the covid vax.  Thankfully Mr G says the vax damage, he can fix.  I was just in hospital for two days with sudden onset blood clots in the leg  from watching too much covid politics and Julie Green. Suddenly swollen leg. LOL. Can be fatal they said. I am on blood thinner meds now. Much better. But in the Hospital they still do masks and full PPE and logins at the hospital door. And the Hospital Nurses said I must get vaccinated. Even though both variants Alpha and Delta are now extinct. And the vax doesnt work on Omicron. So vaccination is now utterly pointless. So I despair at the robotic lack of thought in hospital staff.Their disconnection from reality because they are all married to Big Pharma is scary. I asked one doctor who brought this up, How many Australians have died directly from the vax ? Its on the TGA ( Our FDA) website. He had no idea and didnt want to know. Changed the subject. Still, Hospital staff are admirably motivated  but only in the realm of patented medicine.  So married they are to Big Pharma. So that little piece certainly sums up the experience of many today. Just doing the simplest things now can be so difficult. It has made my niece’s wedding celebration and reception almost impossibly difficult. I might put that  prose piece on a blog page.

Trevor replies from Vancouver

I hope you’re ok! Yes, hospitals are so plugged in, it’s sickening.
I have been trying to ignore bad news myself... I passed step 1 of my motorcycle test allowing me to ride unrestricted between dawn and dusk, and step 2 is in July which gives me the full license. Still too cold to ride it much though. Working towards and promotion at work because I’m barely able to live. Gas has gone up to $2+/L, beef is through the roof.

My covid crazy cousin from Ontario was coming to stay for a few days and there was to be a meet / greet at my sister’s with her new baby…. except my brother-in-law and I were uninvited due to vaccine status at her request. So my other bro in law and youngest sister came over to my house for an #everyoneWelcome bbq! My poor sister was stuck having a dinner for our estranged cousin attended by a pile of stuffy older people and wished she was with us…

Steve True blue replies Our little personal  experiences are useful, logging the profound effect covid tyranny has had on the whole western world right down to every family. Certainly we know the covid villains. But they are enabled by the vast numbers of  zealot zombies who want to be told what to do and are unable to change their minds. I classify these people as learning disabled. Their vast numbers shock me.
Fearful of the vaxxed people shedding the spike protein  (most of my friends and relatives) I decided to order another large quantity of Ivermectin. About a years prophylactic supply. I was stopped. Very loudly told 5 times  Don’t buy Ivermectin. Don’t waste your money. You and your immediate family have divine protection. You will never catch any of the variants. This was forcefully put .So this would apply to you Trevor  ! Julian etc. Have you been told such a thing ? The vast number of zealot zombies caused me to reconsider what I said years ago that most people are sleepwalkers. Its not their fault. I thought maybe I was being too scathing 15 yrs ago.  But covid has shown there is far more sleepwalking than I ever thought. Have even seen in Julie’s transcripts Mr G despairing at multitudes of people who can’t evaluate evidence before them to form an opinion and update their attitudes. And some good news Trevor.  Coming Whistle blower signalled in latest Julie vid. Whistle blower to aid the take down of Justin Trudeau. I’ll have it up soon in the blog. I’m still finding it hard to keep up with her.  LOL.

Trevor Replies The comment on Ivermectin — last summer, before the media got a hold of it, I was strongly considering buying horse IVM but missed the boat (or wasn’t inspired enough). Then my attempt in Nov. to order from India was thwarted by customs. I guess I don’t need it – – I have never been this healthy. I now haven’t had a cold since March 2020, after always having 2-3 per year every year. I was really sick that March with odd symptoms so it might be natural immunity.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green transcript A SUDDEN AWAKENING WILL HIT THIS EARTH Feb 16 22

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Here is the prophetic word. A Sudden Awakening will hit this Earth

again, I heard this on February 16th

I the Lord this day am shaking the enemy’s camps, their plans and everything they touched. Anything they use to control you. Enough is enough.

They will start dropping like flies you would say.

They’ll be stepping down, being removed, and some will die by the Angel of Death. This is picking up pace more in Congress along with some in the senate will now suddenly resign from their positions, thinking this will save them from the coming judgment, but little do they know it’s too late for that. They were given time, when they refused to listen to my warnings and turn back and repent, to make things right, so now the ultimate price and sentencing of treason will be forever written on them.


I’m speaking to you dirty deals were made in your state YES against you and this nation, you were Red and they turned you Blue.

Suddenly evidence will appear and be spread nationwide with discussion of what took place in your state.

Truth is coming to light and will no longer be suppressed by anyone and everyone including your AG Secretary of State and Governor were all caught in the act of devising this plan against you before the night in 2020.

oh YES they were caught red-handed by me and there is no stopping this flood of truth from destroying all, and what they have done to enslave you.

oh Vermont I am setting you free from this tyranny.

Guatemala I’m here to deliver you, do not fear what it looks like. I’m setting you free. This weather phenomenon that will take place is a sign I am here to destroy the works of the enemies against you so stand on my word I am your deliverer and I will not fail you.

South Africa I’m moving across your land. revival and freedom will be seen, miracles taking place there will be shown around the world I have not forgotten you or forsaken you I will save and deliver you, so rejoice this is your time for freedom.

India oh India how I love you. What is going on in your nation? I will destroy with one move of my hand I will not let them stand against you, so do not fear what you are seeing or experiencing I am here and I am moving in your land, to deliver you. I will deliver this for you, from the spirits that have kept your nation bound I will destroy them, and their power and influence of Hinduism and Islam that has been plaguing your nation. The righteous cry out and I deliver them out of it all. YES Christianity will reign in your nation for the first time. A cleansing I am doing it now, so speak life into your nation. My hand is moving for you and it will be different in your nation.

Eric Swalwell Georgia you shook your fists against me and stood your ground even after I warned you to repent, you traitor, you sold out your nation for money you gave China intelligence information YES you gave them vital information so they know your weaknesses as a nation. They know exactly where to strike you in this hour. Eric you will pay for which you have done against my United States you are a traitor and a deceiver and I forget about the crimes you committed during the time of the impeachments you helped lie and tried to steal from the American people their rightful president.

Oh YES I saw how you gave them information for the big 2020 elections deal you help them get information on the ballots and how to replicate them you snake. All the money you sold your soul and nation for will be ripped from you.

Iam judging you for your heinous crimes oh I did mention–did I mention they are letting you fall ? To save others they care more about, who you may ask ? The elites they are done with you they don’t trust you not to squeal when you are pressured. Eric video and audio evidence against you is coming out now. You will pay with your life for the crimes you’ve committed against my nation. Every person in your government or United States that were wolves in sheep’s clothing I’m exposing now all who were supposedly Red and were actually Blue I am showing you who they really are.

Durham has explosive evidence Trump knows and soon all the world will too. The green light for exposures is now a line drawn in the sand and all who were with you and all who were against you, shock waves will hit the airwaves and truth exploding everywhere regarding your government.

oh United States they are allowing millions into your border, but do not fear, your rightful government knew this would happen, and already have plans to take this plan down. They have evidence to show where all the infiltrators are. The ones who are here to kill you, where they’re at and they’ll be removed from your nation once and for all. A cleansing of your nation is occurring, and I will not leave that out, so do not fear this any longer.

Video and audio evidence will explode everywhere in all other nations that were part of the stealing from your nation oh United States. Italy you will pay for your part and the actions against this nation in 2020.

the Netherlands I saw your crimes against this nation, but my children in this nation do not fear. I am protecting you shielding you, from what is coming to your government.

New Zealand a major earthquake will rock your nation this is a sign to the world I am continuing to shake all the nations for your freedoms. My children who live there it will not hurt you I am god and nothing is impossible for me I am your protector in this hour and I have promised to protect you and to deliver you and all will be okay with your nation

Guam a major weather event will take place in your country but no I’m your protector and I am protecting you this is a sign to my children I am still in control. Unusual they will shout this doesn’t happen here. No when this takes place justice is being served and I am on your side.

the Caribbean islands a major hurricane is brewing brace for impact I will protect you my children who are there from the storm. I am warning you ahead of time to prepare and to get right before me this is the hour of judgment across this earth my children I will distinguish you from the rest of the world shield you from disaster.

This is shifting so many places I am telling you this not to bring fear, this is hitting so many places I’m telling you this is not to bring fear but to give you time to stand and believe, that I am giving you the news before anything strike,s to save you from it. I am the great I AM. I am on your side and nothing your enemies will do will prosper against you.

In the coming days you will see more filling the streets I told you this before this is freedom all over the world people are standing up against the one world government this resistance is growing and it will not fade away like the world leaders want, to tear you down, to shake you up to stop you.

But it won’t happen every nation will rise up in the streets or in their houses warring in the spirit to take back what is already yours

Oh United states something big is brewing a nationwide movement is taking place that will grow bigger and bigger a massive convoy will start in your land yes bigger and bigger it will grow to numbers no one thought possible. This will grow across your land freedom fighters they will be called .

This will be a thorn in the side of the fraudulent government they won’t stop it or slow it down they will try everything and it won’t work, because my hand will protect them.

My children wake up United States from your sleep become the greatest nation on the earth to rise up and take your place to help restore freedom and liberty across this earth.

oh Israel how I love thee freedom is hitting your nation and tearing down your fraudulent government I will not let it stand what they have done to you no your rightful Prime Minister will be back to take its place Benjamin Netanyahu is his name his name will be vindicated by me. They lied about him and his wife and he’ll be shown this was a plan to take him down to discredit him they were all lies.

Videos will come to the surface vindicating him so stand up Israel for your freedoms are here to stay I’m cleansing your nation of your enemy’s plans against you they wanted you weak to take you over the supposed Prime Minister now is a pawn, a YES man to the elites, he was sent there to give up your secret intelligence to your nation once and for all but it won’t work saith the Lord of hosts.

They were about to invade you from the north but my hand is against them they won’t get what they wanted from you I am your protector and I never sleep saith the Lord. You will come alive once again Israel and I will destroy every law and every mandate meant to imprison and destroy your nation I have said Let my people go and that’s exactly what will take place.

I am the same yesterday today and forever I have not forsaken you.

oh Israel an awakening was needed to occur in your land in this hour it was crucial to completely delivering you this is the year of reckoning and all will be restored to you.

Awaken my children now ! this is the hour to take back your freedoms your governments your lands your enemies are falling right in front of you

Death and disease will strike them down. It will bring great fear to them because they didn’t do it and they know the prophets were right. When death occurs at an alarming rate it will bring such fear they will scatter run and hide they will continue to make great mistakes in front of the world on live TV falling apart in front of your eyes.

The Red Sea moment is at hand now so stand up children of Almighty God and take your freedoms and nations back.

I the Lord have said this is your time your year of 2022 for complete restoration 2022 the year of the new.

New governments, new freedoms, new finances, new and it’s all for you saith the Lord your Redeemer

Unexpected – Christianity to reign in India- Evil spirits bending it out of shape to be dealt with

Death and disease to ravage elites. Ummm…. that’s what they intended for us. Quite a backfire. Unstoppable freedom demonstration in the US to lead the world. Politicians belatedly resigning to avoid the inevitable exposure.

So fascinating to see India mentioned in blue as part of the many world changes being brought in by God in these end times. Currently Christians are killed by Hindus to the tune of 100,000 per year. Hindu police don’t see any reason to investigate. So there is room for improvement.

Eric Swalwell Georgia politician who sold his state out to China thru a Chinese lover will NOT go unpunished. India to become Christian? 100,000 Christians are killed annually in India. Hindu Police dont investigate. Mr G says evil spirits are to blame. A massive change promised. Wondrous times we live in. Have already read of Indians being awakened watching Julie Green. Internal mentoring voice is available to all faiths says the bible. Corinthians 7-11.

Glad to see 1 Corinthians says the Holy Spirit exists in all faiths not just bible readers and Christians. So it exists in Spiritually minded people also. So the clue is the holy spirit is wholly natural and doesnt require a particular brand of faith.
1 Corinthians 12: 7-11
To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge, according to the same spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. All these are empowered by one and the same spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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