Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 107 Hand Reflexology

Surprising little trick with the hand has an almost immediate effect on my pituitary gland behind the nose. It takes a few minutes to kick in. The effect lasts most of the day. In my case I felt a pleasant gooey relaxation that often comes in meditation, a biochemical bliss, due to released endorphins, starting from my face and spreading thoughout my entire body over a few minutes. The gooiness can be felt behind the eyes, face, gums as breathing passages clear. It certainly reduces anxiety. One goes into a pleasant centered calm. Wife tried it and fell asleep. LOL. So unscientific. You must endure a lengthy medical explanation of what you are going to do. And you may be excused for believing he is practising hypnosis on you. It takes a few minutes. But the method is very simple and can be repeated on each hand if you are impatient. Can be done several times a day. Done before bed. It causes me to feel flatter laying down in bed. More jellified. LOL I am wondering if this would improve the life of Shy People. Its a rush of endorphins which might militate against the butterflies that many shy people experience. So I go into a meditational trance even quicker doing this hand technique. Happens automatically when my eyes close. So what if a couple of other people tried this simple technique and reported their results back here in the comments column ? We could do an international study and bignote ourselves. Try it on your mother, anybody. See what they say.

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  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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