Lay Gnosis Pernicious Marxism

Lay Gnosis the Left wing weakness of common sense inversion and the culture of complaint

One Complaint in 11 years and lefty ADL censored Youtube wants to age restrict my video. The usual inversion of common sense calculated to be harmful to the mainstream view. of course. Weak underhanded lefty youtube encourages anonymous “complaints” and restricts the video instantly.

As usual the anonymous complainant’s actual objection is kept secret. If it exists at all. My experience is few people read the guidance notes under a video. Its written there A proffered solution for the deep unhappiness evident in pseudoskeptics. A better internal life for them. They are a suffering demographic group. And I also know many people never watch the full video, and most people don’t understand it all, at first viewing.

So they allowed only insufficient 800 characters for my appeal though it worked revealing the ADL youtube censors didnt understand the video either. Here is the appeal text provided now underneath the video

Aimed at pseudoskeptics The purpose of this video is to raise a particular aggrieved demographic groups personal happiness.*Some underfunctioning dullard complained so youtube incredibly wants this video age restricted* This video simply directs unhappy people to go to Neilslades website to be significantly happier. This is Neil Slades intro Page —

This pseudoskeptics video could have easily prevented suicides, by depressed people. And that was its purpose. So youtube you might reconsider your intended age restriction. Suicides occur at all ages.

  • 20 minutes at BEGINNERS TOUR
  • Expect immediate physical verification that something has changed
  • Expect Vivid messaging night dreams within a week
  • Expect Keywords typed into your mindseye
  • Day dreams (visions) with physical verifications
  • And much more. All questions answered