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Circulating list of the misused “just……….. ” dismissal phrase

I see it as a serious trap we all enjoy walking into, using the “Just………..” dismissal phrase BUT it provides an obvious solution by its active non-use.

Boiling the Frog Slowly
When is it just too much??
It’s just a mask.
It’s just six feet.
It’s just two weeks.
It’s just non-essential businesses.
It’s just non-essential workers.
It’s just a bar.
It’s just a restaurant.
It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
It’s just until the cases go down.
It’s just to flatten the curve.
It’s just a few inmates.
It’s just to keep others from being scared.
It’s just for a few more weeks.
It’s just church. You could still pray.
It’s just prayer.
It’s just until we get a vaccine.
It’s just a bracelet.
It’s just an app.
It’s just for tracing.
It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.
It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.
It’s just a few more months.
It’s just some more inmates.
It’s just a video.
It’s just a post.
It’s just an email account.
It’s just for protecting other from hate speech.
It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
It’s just a large gathering but for protests.
It’s just a few violent protests.
It’s just a little micro chip.
It’s just a blood test.
It’s just a test.
It’s just a scan.
It’s just for medical information.
It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.
It’s just like a credit card.
It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.
It’s just so you can travel.
It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
It’s just so you can vote.
It’s just mail-in voting.
It’s just a few more years.
It’s just a statue.
It’s just a monument.
It’s just a building.
It’s just a song.
It’s just a lyric.
It’s just an anthem.
It’s just a few words.
It’s just a piece of paper.
It’s just a book.
It’s just a movie.
It’s just a TV show.
It’s just a cartoon character.
It’s just a piece of cloth.
It’s just a flag.
It’s just a dog at a protest.
It’s just a clump of cells.
It’s just a fetus.
It’s just a religion.
It’s just a holiday.
It’s just your guns.
It’s just the police.
It’s just the military
It’s just your freedoms….gone forever.

And “It’s just” the way they planned it.
2% of the impassioned can rule over the 98% apathetic.
It’s not like we don’t see it coming.
Please America, collectively as a nation law abiding citizens of the United States… we MUST FIGHT BACK.
BEFORE ITS ALL GONE and we won’t have the ability to get it back.
Feel free to Copy and Paste on your timeline.

Itsa major mistake we all habitually make,  as a quick convenience to get our head around something we dismiss it as “just………..  ” in order to not take  the thing too seriously,  so that it doesn’t affect our Big Picture “take”. Problem is it’s overdone, way too much.  The more widely it’s applied the more it invites its practitioners  to sneeringly dismiss anything out of habit. Hippies did this in the 60s. A quick glib description, a throw away line, was enough for it to catch on as a cool philosophy that doesn’t require any knowledge of reality. Replacing education. Cool phrases are trendy, people like hearing them, so they propagate. It’s crippled France politically because the “intellectuals” the lefties, dismiss everything as “just……….”.  Always preferring to have a trendy minority sneering anti opinion, is what leads to hating one’s society, from top to bottom.  Because its all  “just………..”   I have met numerous french people who detest everything mainstream, they fancy themselves as elite  with their “just…………”  label on everything conventional. Its a natural tendency exploited by  Cultural Marxism  which has done great damage to the western world.  So we invite Cultural Marxism in, with that  ” it’s just……….”  phrase. 
It’s far superior for a society to value things and be thankful for what we have achieved, on the backs of generations of hard working people, than essentially hating everything and dismissing their legacy with that  well worn phrase. Which is what lefties do.   So they most readily fall into the trap of overusing  that  put down phrase. 

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