Lay Gnosis and OBEs

Lay Gnosis and OBEs

Only about 10pc of people can actually do OBEs because they have what amounts to a property (defect?) that enables them to do it, whereas 90pc of people can’t do OBEs because they naturally fall asleep when their brainwaves drop to 16 Hz. The 10pc who do succed , seem to have a slight defect such as insomnia, or mild brain damage from an NDE.

Quite a few advocates recommend getting up in the middle of the night staying awake and meditating. Others recommend sleep deprivation so that one is required to take frequent naps and is always tired. Like a shiftworker who is always tired working unnatural hours, which I did for about 20yrs while doing deep meditation with a mind machine. Not one OBE in 20 yrs.
I can do them but only for short periods. One is usually challenged quickly with a thousand foot drop which causes disorientation and going straight back into body. Which is a shame one of my favourite destinations is Grand Canyon where the Coyote lands.

It has seemed to me that biorhythms have an effect on the ability to do OBEs.

So for me Sunday is the best day of the week the peak and Monday is the worst. So my abilities improve as the week goes on toward Friday.

A further problem is that there is NO one technique for OBEs that works for everybody as in Lay Gnosis.
So for OBEs each person must devise their own method. Its connected to lucid dreaming which is difficult, insomniacs find it easier again to become aware one is dreaming and trope the dream where you want it to go.
Another reason only a few people can do OBEs is that they are helped – yanked out of their bodies by spirits or Mr G. So these people are chosen. They have a job to do. Some on youtube.
I have been yanked out of my body because I wanted to go somewhere. Its quite an experience.
Close, your eyes, calm down and go here F681K

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  • Layman’s Gnosis Regardless of faith or lack of
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
  • 20 min BEGINNERS TOUR.

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